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    1. Low Flying Jet and Front Yard Public Parking

      by , 01-20-2019 at 05:35 PM
      Morning of January 20, 2019. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,025-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My conscious self identity is absent. I am unsure of my implied age, but I am back in Cubitis where I have not lived since 1978. I remain in my bedroom. It seems to be late morning.

      A gray military jet flies over the house from north to south. Its flight path is so low that I can see the details of its underside. However, my viewing of it would not have been possible in reality, as I would not have been able to see its path above the roof of the carport let alone through the north windows of my room from a distance. (Only orange trees and not much sky would have been visible.) There is likely the common but indirect x-ray vision perception in dream space. For a short time, there is also the vague awareness of windows to the south (a fictitious feature). This event happens a second time. I have no recall of my parents or their passing or my current life.

      Later, I look out the west windows. There are several random vehicles parked north of the house, moved from their original locations, possibly because of roadwork and perhaps the construction of commercial buildings. (The area is more like part of a city rather than being rural as it was in real life.) The work seems to be occurring quickly, because when I look out the window again, our front yard has a line of vehicles oriented from northwest to southeast, ending close to where the windows of the southwest bedroom would have been. It is ridiculously intrusive, but I do not feel stress.

      The first vehicle (closest to Highway Seventeen) is a white semi-trailer truck with its trailer, facing away from the house.

      A blue USA mail van is one of the vehicles closest to the house (though the closest one remains unseen), facing towards it. There are several other vehicles, mostly commercial, though there is a dune buggy near the mail van as well as a cement mixing truck. I notice that the front yard is completely paved over (as with a parking lot) rather than being a lawn. Although this seems curious and unfamiliar, I do not question anything. I anticipate that the trucks will probably soon no longer be present. In a short time, the work will continue south, and the front yard will likely be lawn again as well.

      Vestibular system correlation is not inherited here but projected, as my infra-self remains passive. The jet flies over my bedroom twice, but the process does not match my illusory state of awareness, resulting in the manifestation of enigmatic space rendering as a parking lot, displaying how my physical body does not move as I sleep.

      The mail van is possibly a factor of the interconsciousness, yet may also only (or additionally) represent communication between my dream self and conscious self identity as showing me my body is “parked” in bed. (I am in bed in my dream looking out my windows.)

    2. 22 and 23 June 2016 - Grandparents, Cars, Truck Driver

      by , 06-24-2016 at 05:52 AM

      >Dreamed I was in a garage and (the height of myself when I was the age of four) was hugging my Grandma around her leg and she said "It's been a long time" or "It's been a while" (since I did so)

      >Dreamed I saw my Grandfather, who passed away 12 days prior - he was in his house sitting down and may have had his younger (dark) hair too.
      >Grandma was also there - twice? (?)


      Dreamed I saw a bunch of my own cars in a garage, some were Wagons and one was a 1991 Ford Sedan in a creamy color. One was a nicely brown-ish Ford with what would have been a hood emblem in the front as a badging like a 1985 Caprice would have.

      While still in the garage, talked with a man in a Semi truck while I was probably sitting in the passenger seat (the perspective was in the cab) The truck driver had dark hair and glasses and wasn't overly fat but was more on the heavy set side (225 pounds maybe?) and he may have been wearing a green T shirt with some lettering on it. I think the subject was about how he died by the right side of his face being ground while his head was outside the Semi window (But how would that happen unless his head was sideways since I'm in America and the driver's side is on the left?) but he didn't notice it at first, then he parked the truck in a Walmart parking lot and fell over.

      The last one may have something to do with my Grandfather as he was a truck driver for many years.

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    3. June Fragments

      by , 06-08-2016 at 05:51 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Semi lucid starts and I'm shouting "you're dreaming" in a city environment but I never gain complete control of the dream. Instead, it's some sort of cartoonish pink white and red animation of a dream.

      Dream where there's a female version of pennywise that I see down the street but as I'm lying in bed she is on top of me.

      Lucid where I notice I'm dreaming after looking at this huge snowy mountain expanse and decide to create my own rollercoasters that I ride for about 30 seconds before getting off. I'm in the station where you get on and look in the mirror. I can't make out any words or features in it. I tell the people around me that I'm dreaming and I yell at someone to tell me a joke but they laugh and shove me.
    4. Purple Semi (looking for directions - and a delivery…)

      by , 12-30-2013 at 06:30 PM
      Morning of December 30, 2013. Monday.

      My dream takes place in a mostly true-to-life version of our house in Brisbane on Stadcor Street in Wavell Heights. We have not lived there for years. My immediate family is as it is now in my dream, though. It is probably mid-morning. There are a few people visiting, but they had all been in the backyard; including my sister-in-law at a much younger age (when my brother first met her), my wife’s sister-in-law, and possibly others. My wife and the two of them are walking around in the backyard without a top on, but this is extraordinarily uneventful, as it solely seems to relate to breastfeeding their babies. They seem to be going around the side via the driveway, though, which would be more in public view from the street.

      I become aware of the noise from a semi engine in front of our house. As I am not fully dressed, I want someone else to check it out while I mostly remain in the small hallway near the kitchen. My oldest daughter Amelia eventually goes to the living room and out to check what the person may want.

      I hear a man talking for what seems like a long time as the semi is still idling. It seems fairly vague in what is implied at that point. I am not lucid, but there does seem to be several “practiced” changes and repeated shorter scenes relating to changing ideas during that time (as with many of my dreams). The possible elements relate to…

      1. A normal parcel post delivery for my oldest daughter.
      2. Some sort of police investigation relating to safety checks of “suspicious packages” during the holidays (of which I have seen a few shows on television where they find and investigate suspicious packages).
      3. A very large delivery for my family and I (filling the whole semi trailer), including a larger Christmas tree, decorations, and possibly furniture, which seems a bit strange and I am somewhat annoyed at possibly having to help move it all, as there is likely only the one driver.& This being the case, it may also relate to some sort of party for lonely single people relative to a charity(?) being at our house for some reason. I guess such is my “duty”.
      4. Someone who is lost and looking for directions.
      5. Someone to collect a package that was recently delivered to our house by mistake and is actually for the next-door neighbors.
      6. An investigation over a package that we somehow (possibly) attained wrongfully, like with a fake or stolen bank account or some such or from a business that is under investigation (for “knockoffs”, that is, cheap fake copycat products of known brands).

      Eventually, my dream becomes more stable and a scenario regarding number one and number four above is what finally “fades in” as the actual continuing dream elements. I look out and see my oldest daughter standing near the semi cab. The man (of about forty years of age) is driving a mostly allover darker purple semi. (Purple symbolically represents the deepest level of conscious awareness, seemingly the portal to the supraconscious, being 400 nanometers at the physical level - so part of this may be about “delivering” forms or ideas from the “darker” less-explored domains into wakeful awareness). The man, as well as giving my daughter her parcel, explains that he is looking for his new residence, as he has recently moved to the area. It is actually Pilliga Street (in exact orientation from our house) that he is moving to, but it changes to Thistledown Street in my dream, which is in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA (possible tentative plays for no particular reason on “down” of Thistledown and “falls” as well as “new” of New Jersey). Apparently there is also a Thistledown pub he will be living near and it seems to be a small apartment for a single male, although in real life, the New Jersey address in the USA is actually occupied by a new condo (built this year) for about $2,000 a month (twice our rent for this dump, ha, but about four times bigger).

      This had a partial layer of precognition (as usual) in that my oldest daughter did get a delivery via truck a bit after my waking (no way of me knowing) and spent some time “talking” and laughing later (on a forum) about a purple aspect of something she got. Also, tonight, my wife ended up talking to a woman she somewhat knows (she calls “the cat lady”) who had gone to a charity Christmas party for “lonely single people”, so that is three minor facets of composite precognition, which is pretty standard from day to day.

      Purple is not usually that dominant a color in my dreams relating to the environment (such as lager objects, houses, vehicles, and so on). However, more developed tulpas and “higher entities” often wear purple and white in near-equal combinations of gossamer (which is my most visually striking color combination). I did buy my wife a purple and white set years ago and she looked fantastic and dreamy.

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    5. April 24th 2013 Semi Lucid

      by , 04-24-2013 at 06:32 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm having a hard time remembering how I got to understanding I was dreaming. I was in some room with many windows and a high ceiling. My understanding is that I'm in some building that is supposed to be recreational for kids 10-18. So I'm in this room, and I realize I'm dreaming and there's no one else in the room. Immediately after I figure out this is a dream, the dream starts to collapse and the room is getting dark. I start shouting "clarity now!" as I'm looking up at the ceiling that starts to get fuzzy and darker.

      The dream exits out and I'm in dark matter alone with my thoughts. I'm thinking to myself 'did I cease to exist? this isn't right...' and then I feel my body land onto something under me. Of course it's me laying on my bed, but I can't see anything and I'm unable to move. I keep breathing heavily trying to wake myself up but nothing is working. Suddenly, I emerge into this really bright room sitting on a bed. The walls are covered with long streaks of blue, red, and orange and the ceiling seems to open up into the bright yellow sky. I take one look at this place and conclude that the last room I was in was simply a dream and that now I'm actually awake. This place seemed too real to be a dream... this is experience was surprisingly very freaky and scary for the amount of stuff that didn't happen.
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    6. March 16th 2013 Semi-Lucid

      by , 03-16-2013 at 04:26 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      This lucid was short but I haven't had one in a while.

      My friends Sam, Moo, and Johnathan were at Sam's house and his parents weren't home. We were upstairs when his mom showed up downstairs so they went downstairs as I was laying on a bed upstairs. Finally, I got up and went downstairs but I was really tired from laying down so I was stumbling around and acting really drunk but his mom didn't seem to care. We go to his kitchen were some overweight man is serving spaghetti but it looks really old and nasty so I tell them that I'm going to go home and get something to eat from my house and the boys say they're coming with me but I yell at Moo to stay for some reason. Then Johnathan, Sam, and I walk outside and it's actually outside of Moo's house but my mind doesn't pick that up. I look up to see the sky is at ceiling level and it's made out of black and white coca-cola bubbling or something like that. Ding!

      That's when I knew I was dreaming. I think 'yes this is a dream, Grey this is a dream!' trying to get the dream to get even more lucid but it still seems pretty dim, so I remember to shout "Clarity now" three times and it gets pretty clear. I look up to the sky to see it's a very vivid blue that I've only seen in other lucid dreams. The dream started spinning for no reason and I couldn't stop to stabilize it so it crashed into nothingness.
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    7. Always Running from Something... 8-24-2011

      by , 08-26-2011 at 11:48 PM
      Sean and I were walking up the main road of the trailer court, dressed in some sort of light armor and carrying small weapons. We were levels 6 and 7, but I don't remember who was which level (I have the feeling he was higher than I, as he is in most games we play together...). We were wandering around, nonchalantly searching for something to do, a new quest or something. We passed by two other people at the front of the trailer court who were also dressed in armor.
      "Hey, more newbies! Maybe we could travel together!" one of them said. I think they were levels 3 or 4.
      "No, Sean said quickly, and kept walking. We already had other high-level characters on other accounts, like in WOW, so we knew what we were doing and didn't want to be held back by new people... I think we were also enjoying our time being alone together, even though all we were doing was wandering around...
      The other two decided to follow us anyway, so Sean and I started sprinting down the street, trying to get away from them . We turned onto the bike path and slowed down a bit, thinking we lost them. Somehow Sean was suddenly on a bike, riding slowly while I walked beside him. We were just casually talking again, but when we looked back we saw the other two had also turned onto the bike path to follow us, both on their bikes. We picked up our pace a little bit, but I could only go so fast in armor.
      "We could go faster if I could get on your bike with you," I told Sean. He was stubborn though, and kept swerving his bike so I couldn't climb on. I don't think he really cared whether the other two caught up or not. "Come on, please?" I begged. "They're going to catch up to us!" He still wouldn't let me on. He pedaled yet faster so I had to jog to keep up. I started to sweat. I looked back, and the other two were still really far behind us. I kept bugging
      Sean to let me on his bike, so finally he did. He had a basket somehow on the back of his bike, really low to the ground, into which I put the backpack I suddenly had; then I stood on the basket and held onto his shoulders as he pedaled. He continued riding very slowly, though.
      "Why are you riding so slowly?" I asked him annoyedly.
      "Because there's too much weigh ton the bike," he replied matter-of-factly. I frowned at the back of his head, huffed, and got off.

      A little while later, the two behind us had disappeared, and then I had a bike of my own. Sean and I were slowly passing by a large blacked house that was hidden behind tall weeds and trees to our left. We could see through the foliage that there was a semi trailer parked next to the house, its open back facing us. There were a lot of men buzzing around te house and the trailer, many carrying heavy crates and boxes into the trailer and going back into the house, only to come back out with more heavy loads. There may have been people inside the crates... Sean and I wondered whether our missing friend was in one of those crates.
      We decided this was our next quest, to scope this house out and rescue anybody inside the crates. Sean jumped off his bike and let it slide into the weeds, then helped me hide my bike in the weeds nearer to the house. Then we snuck through the weeds and down the hill to get closer to the house. We were noticed by a few of the men almost immediately, and they began their pursuit of us. Instead of running away we ran closer to the house and to the right, away from the semi trailer. We tried to find an unlocked door, but the only ones that were unlocked were too dark to see inside. We chose to run into a dark room anyway; it was pitch black inside, and I almost immediately slammed into a tower of crates and boxes... I believe I was beginning to wake up at this point... the dream rewound a bit because I knew that crashing into the boxes would hurt too much, and I would not escape the men chasing us. So it rewound until we were back at the door and I was running in again - the light flashed on and suddenly it was bright as day in there. I avoided the crates and ran to the back wall where there was another closed door, with shovels and rakes propped up against the wall next to it. We ran back to try the door, but it was locked, so I grabbed the first weapon I could - a snow pusher...Sean and I had our backs to the wall as the men ran in after us. There were three of them - The skinny, young-looking Asian man in a grey hat ran towards me, in which case I shoved the snow pusher square at his chest. However, it was too soft, and I wasn't strong enough to do anything but pause his advance for a moment. He grabbed it by the handle, shoved it down, and lunged at me again. This time I kicked out at him, toe up, heel out, using the wall behind me to support myself and power my foot forward. That only sent him back a step, so I punched him in the face. Then I kicked again, and punched again, and kicked again... he tried to hit me once, put I slapped his arm away and punched again. Punch, kick, punch, kick... Everything was in slow motion. The man was a terrible fighter, I noticed. He hardly even tried. Next to me, Sean was halfway-wrestling a long-haired man who reminded me of Liam Nieson, and I couldn't see the third man but I heard him laugh. He sounded like my friend Cody.
      I was still stuck up against the wall, with the Asian man continuing his attempt to grab me while I punched and kicked him. We were at a standstill. I began to realize how odd this was, that these men were so slow. All I had to do was keep this up and he would not be able to get me, but I would not be able to get away either. I had to break the cycle and find a way out... I kicked my leg out again
      - and woke up with a start as my leg made contact with the mattress and caused my bed to shake. I was face-down in my pillow...

      I thought maybe if I don't move anymore and kept trying to imagine the dream scene again, the Asian man in front of me, his nifty hat, the long-haired man next to him... maybe I could fall back to sleep, maybe even have a lucid dream... But I could hardly picture the dream anymore. I knew it was already late morning and I was too awake from the jolt to fall back to sleep for a while. So I got up.

      I realize that I'm beginning to question the oddities in my dreams more often, but I have yet to have another lucid dream after the first accidental one.

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