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    1. 19 Mar: Reality show, whistleblowing, beating the crap of a racist homophobe

      by , 03-19-2019 at 04:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Watching a reality show to find the best tenant for houses. The best judge is an arab guy, super honest and the only non-racist. He expels an Irish girl that others think is the best option, just because of her ethnicity. But she makes the landlord go crazy, feels entitled to everything, thinks she is an artist although been struggling for years to finish one work with dolls made of corn cobs, accuses fellow competitor of not being an artist, although he clearly is better artist than she is.

      Working at a lab that is taken over by bad guys who hide some nasty truth about some product. I sneak in at night to try to prove it. Almost get caught because the big bad boss is visiting. I have to go deeper into lab rooms and end up finding what I want, a room with corpses and samples harvested proving serious damage. I try to examine them, but the visitors are coming and I have to keep moving. They detect someone has been there, I rush to a back exit. There is a guard and a dog, but I have been making friends with the dog who dislikes its owner. So I escape easily and I go to van with my friends waiting for me. The dog actually follows us and wants to come, so we say "jump in" and he does. Then the guard realizes and comes to attack us, mostly wants the dog back.

      Back to my dojo for training and it doesn't go so well, I am out of shape, but doing my best. Then at the end there is some kind of funds collection for something, everybody donates some coins. And then some weirdos are coming for a lecture. They say it's time that we get political and I think that's going to end up bad, because some of us are left wing, others right wing and bringing politics into the dojo will divide us. But their agenda is to brainwash people to be homophobic and racist and so they show some slides and pretend they are backed by science, talking complete nonsense about supposed physical differences that make some ethnicities weaker than others and insulting gays with horrible prejudices. I get really angry, I get up and tell them that's a load of crap and I ain't staying another second listening to it and if this sanctioned by sensei he just lost a student. And then the majority of my colleagues also get up and leave. Only a few stay. Then their leader comes after me, angry that I disturbed their little campaign and he keeps popping up on the corridors that I go through. I try to go around him and ignore him, but he wants to hurt me, so I decide to face him and I kick him in the face. One more kick and he is on the ground. Then I beat him until he is literally squashed and unrecognizable as a human being.

      Outside there is a large running table and I spot some of my cousins and other family members gathered there. My two uncles look angry and unpleasant as usual, but everybody else seems to be having fun. Then they complain nobody takes their orders but all the pretty girls and younger kids and nice people are constantly making requests that are attended. I think that's karma, because they are so nasty and I don't feel sorry for them.
    2. 26 Feb: Sports and art competition

      by , 02-26-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Participating at some kind of triathlon competition and doing very well. I am quite ahead of some men who are favorite. But the tests range from swimming, escaping simulated war games to going to a studio and produce some works of art. I see others painting authentic masterpieces, but all very similar, as if they all came from the same art school. I don't have their talent so I draw a mandala and also make some kenpo fighter doll with materials available. My sensei is in the jury and he is both impressed and amused.
    3. Summer Comp. Day 7 - FA, Sensei summon, TOTM Basic I & II; Advanced I

      by , 08-05-2016 at 01:32 PM
      Got a little to late to bed and had to stand up early. this time i tried the mantra " i will wake up at 5", woke up at 3:30... good enough, did a WBTB and SSILD. Fall asleep and woke up at 5:30 with a lucid in my pocket.

      i´m lying "awake" in my bed and feel not sleepy. i do a nosepinch and i am asleep. i stand up, the quality is not too good. i rub my hands and feel my barefeet on the ground. i phase thru the window and float down to the ground. i only can open one eye and the other feels dry and hurts a little. as i try to open it too i loose visuals completely. i still feel my body and do some swiming motions. at the beginning i do breastrokes but then get a little more energetic and start crawling. i feel how my back gets warm from the muscletension. i (think) to feel my body in my bed and try to slowly move my head without waking because i think i lie on my eye [i think in the end everything was in the dream but i am not sure]. i correct my position and use more tactile senses until i stand again in my room this time with a very good quality. i phase thru the window again and fly down to the ground. there are everywhere bags of different sweets. i think "ah some points for eating, seems to be here because i probably fall asleep with an empty and hungry stomach" and pick up a diam chocolate and take some in my mouth. i feel the consistence but dont pay to much attention to the taste. i cross the street put my hand behind my back and call for sensei. immediately a big hand takes mine and i turn around. an asian looking guy with a bald head and athletic body looks at me. i start to ask "tell me a secret about s... oh damn i wanted to summon FryingMan and not sensei... Nevermind... so tell me a secret about Fryingman" he nods and we start waking next to a construction side and into a building. we hold hands for some time? we phase together thru a wall and i look at him while he phases thru. it looks interesting. he needs some time until he starts talking. he starts and for whatever reason he talks in english and not in german. he talks like he would tell me an epic story. i am confused because of the language and i feel like his sentences dont make sense or i dont understand them. i ask him if he might talk in german plz and he nods again but starts in english again. he says something about 'mind streching' and 'knowing for long time'... i interrupt him and ask if behind me there is a microscope, he denys and i look behind and there is nothing, i say "but there has to be one here" and keep on looking. i think i found one and approach it, put some items aside but notice that its a vinyl player. damn... some meters away sensei says "here is a microsope" i go there and it is a digital one. i ask sensei if he would like to accompany me in my dream and do some tasks but he denys and tells me he cant because soon there will be some fights. i push a latexbutton and the light goes on. on the table there are two smartphone with some picture with woods and people in comic style. i put it under the microscope and see the screen magnified and the colors of the picture fluctuate in waves... i feel a little disappointed because i thought i would see something cool. i move away and tell sensei to look inside. he looks and i see a reflection of the lights at a wall. while i think about what to do next i wake up... i try to DEILD but no chance
    4. Sensei handed me over his "persistent ring"

      by , 12-09-2015 at 03:16 PM
      So some of my actual goals are summon fire in my hand and to teleport.
      i tried both now several times and have more or less difficulties with it. i thought about how to approach this goal or problem and how i could solve it. i longer thought about to ask a dc to help me but i never know who might be a good candidate because either i dont know them or they are not practiced in lucid dreaming so it would be "harder" to convince myself that in-dream this is THE right person to show me something.

      i had some days ago a low level lucid/semilucid where someone showed me how he uses fire with his hands with channeling his energy thru a ring. i liked the idea. but again thought about where to get a ring with a history (not just summon out of pocket and expect it to be special but have a story for it) i thought about an antiquarian where i would "find" one but it was too much incubation and too locationdependend... so i forgot about this for some time again.
      yesterday i talked to Fryingman and how he tried to summon Sensei...
      later in the night i had a micro-wbtb and thought about some goals i want to do in my next lucid. suddenly i had THE idea i could summon Sensei. i had a lot of contact with him so i kind of know him and he is very experienced in lucid dreaming, he can teleport so i dont need a special place for him and so on. he seem like the perfect in-dream-mentor! i was pretty exited so i needed to focus on my mantra and not get too awake from this thought...

      Here comes the dream:
      i am in a university library and have 3 books in my hand i want to borrow. i also have my phone in my hand and read a message. one of my (not so liked) Professors stands at a computer and wants to search for a book? he has some problems. i see it and out of reflex snort with laughter. he turns around and i look fast down on my phone. he starts choleric to complain: "i am sick of it that people are laughing about me, that is it, its enough blabla" i justify myself telling him that i dont laugh about him but i got a message and laughed about that. he dont belief me and keeps complaining. after some time i finally can convince him that it has nothing to do with him and he should stop... i turn around and want to go. i say "have a good success finding what you are looking for!" he answers " yea i need more luck that success..." i look down and suddenly have only two books in my hand. i see the third on a shelf right next to me... wait a minute that makes no sense. i pick it up again and it looks different. i do a nosepinch and i am lucid. my first thought is: "Ah this lucid is not worth it... it is over soon anyway..." but then i am like "wait you dont know you can atleast try."
      i go out of the room put my hand behind my back and say:
      "hey sensei take my hand"
      i nearly immediately feel a small rather soft hand. i turn around and a big guy is standing infront of me. he is atleast 2m big. he has short blond hair and looks rather calm and reserved. he looks younger than me and smiles softly.
      i start right up
      "Hey senei... wait you are sensei right?"
      He just nods and smile calmly .
      "okay so you helped me alot and i know that you have persistent items and among others a ring right? and you now are very experienced and have over 1000 lucids so would you give me your ring please and show me how to make fire with my hands?"
      He nods again and give me a 2€ coin.
      Phone Call WOOHOO!!!!-2euro_a.jpg
      i look at it and i am a little confused because its not a ring but i dont hang up on this thought and look at him. he starts telling me something and says i should put it on. i try to but i cant get the coin on my finger. i tell him:
      "Sensei this is a coin, i cant put it on my finger?!"
      He just answers
      "This is all in your mind"
      i get it and tap some times with my finger against the coin until it feels a little liquid and sticky. i then just push my index finger thru it and the coin/ring sits on my finger. i am exited and tell him:
      "Hey i got it i just need to tap some times on it and it gets permeable"
      He says something like:
      "Yea the frequency and combination of tapping is relevant"
      Suddenly a woman i saw some times IWL turns to me and says:
      "Yea i use tapping too sometimes."
      I turn again to Sensei and say to him:
      "Now show me how you make a fireball in your hand."
      He starts bending is hand and concentrating but i just dont wait and do it on my own and without any effort a little fireball instantly appear in my hand. I freak out of excitement and am super happy and i hear him say something. i dont get the words but i feel like he regret a little he gave me the ring and want it back when i am done with it.

      because i am sooo excited i wake up prematurely like it didnt happen for month^^

      This was sooooo awesome because everything fitted exactly and perfectly together i didnt have to convince myself about anything or belief in the result because it was consistent. sensei can teleport, i know he has persistent items and he is very experienced so he can show me new dreamcontrol and should have no problem with sharing his item with me. it worked like a charm!
      i think i will summon him from now on way more often to show me stuff. he is already my mentor so why not use him as a mentor in my dreams too?
      i also thought now that he handed me a ring and i kind of know it is a "persistant ring" i should summon it out of my pocket and just know that it is THE ring and not just some ring. the only thing is that it is a coin maybe i will use it nevertheless and find someone who can craft it into a ring for me
      but now i have a really good starting point in creating my first "persistant items" and how i can channel my power when i might have some problems with any dreamcontrol i can take my ring and see if i can fix my doubts then and straighten my expactations

      later that night i had another lucid:
      i need to bring two things to someone i go up the street and to a busstop here i need to deposit the things. i did it already once (dejavue) but i cant remember to whom exactly. there is more than one person. another girl seems to need to do the same thing and she asks around. a girl with a cart seems to be the person of interest. i give her my dreamjournal. and say "ah with all this dreamjournals you know a lot secrets about the persons right?" "Nah they are boring" "i dont read my dreamjournal too often" i say. "why not what sense does it have then?" "i just dont have the time but it still helps me LD." i go away with her into some basement. i want to get my botany book back i forgot last year... some book is missing and she thinks someone stole it. they first think it was the girl who asked around whom to give the DJ. she is there and says "i feel uncomfortable hearing you talking about me..." "no we know it was not you we think it was this guy" and they point at me. "he seems poor so probably he stole it"... i tell them "I dont care about fukkin botany at all i did only two semesters my basic lectures i needed to do and i just dont care about your field of science AT ALL!" she is pissed a little because of my attitude but she seems to belief me. i go to a bookshelf and find the book i was looking for. i try to recognize if it is really mine. i look into the pages and on one stands the name of a friend of mine. i show it to her and say "this is my book i taking it. here you can see the name of a friend of mine so cya" she is not amused but dont stop me. i go outside to "my" car with a backpack where i put the book in. i want to open the trunk. i suddenly think wait is this my car? (IWL i dont have a car xD) i turn around and expect the car to be blue instead of wine-red. i turn around but it is still the same car. nevertheless i do a nosepinch and can breath clearly. i already opend the driver door and put in the key. a girl comes and is like "hey this is my car right?" I tell her "yea whatever drive away with it" and go away. i want to summon sensei again but i am not in a relaxed mood. i put my hand behind my back and say "hey sensei take my hand" but i am unsure about the result and fair enough noone takes my hand... i keep going and enter a bar. i go to the counter and see an old friend from school. i ask him if he knows where sensei is and describe him as a big guy with blond hair. he nods and starts walking with me and point on a random big guy at at table. "no its not him" okay we keep going and he points on a lot of guy that are random but tall. we go in the direction of the exit und suddenly a lot of people are coming and all are atleast two heads taller than me. even the girls are huge. i start feeling overwhelmed and pressed. i want to get out of the throng and shout out "Sensei" i hear somewhere a "Wuhu" and i go in the direction but the dream gets unstable and i wake up.

      so here again i was to much in a rush... i sometimes have this dreams where i want something to deperate and it just dont work i get hectic and the dreams get an unpleasent touch. next time i will try to ground myself first and then do it "Zen-Style"

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    5. Pillow Fight of Destiny!

      by , 08-21-2015 at 10:26 AM
      DILD #1:

      I was having some argument with an old man in my class and he started to try to beat me up. I ignored his punches, feeling like he couldn’t harm me, then calmly walked to the lecturer to dibby dob on this naughty fella. The guy kept kicking and punching me in the back of my head as I casually strolled to the lecturer, but it didn’t hurt at all, and I refused to hurt him back. I told the lecturer, this extra muscular, bleach blonde guy in his 40’s. He said to the guy that was still punching me, “Aw, don’t worry about it, I won’t kick you out of the class!”
      The angry DC smiled and said, “REEEALLY?”, and then proceeded to skip off into the distance merrily.

      I started to realize it was a dream but I didn’t remember that I was in a competition, so I just messed around with the DC’s for awhile.
      I stuck my foot into a fish bowl and pretended that gravity was like it is in water. I was taking huge leaps all around and slowly floating back to the ground. My classmates’ jaws dropped to the floor.
      I said to them, “You think that’s cool, well watch this!”
      I then started to fly/float in the air. I grabbed another classmate by the hand and lifted him into the air as though he was light as a feather, then I made him float right beside me.
      I think I got distracted by some school stress themes at this point and lost lucidity. I remember looking at one of my old friends’ grades from undergrad and being very jealous and impressed at the same time.

      DILD #2:

      I was at a park with Dreamer and some of her family. It was a bright sunny day and I was standing on a dirt path, talking with her Dad. Dreamer had gone into a wooden building alone to talk with a relative. I think that the intended discussion had a very sad undertone. I suddenly noticed that her Dad had turned into her Uncle. I was confused and I said to him, “I’m sorry, are you Dreamer’s dad or her uncle?”
      He silently stared at me.
      I spoke again, “I really do apologize if this seems strange, I have trouble telling the difference between being in dreams and being awake sometimes.”
      He continued to silently stare.

      I did a nose plug reality check and air went through, but I still wasn’t convinced that this was a dream. I made a rock fly into my hand. I watched it levitate there for a good 10 seconds, admiring its details and the contrast between the beautiful, soft lighting and the deep shadows. I dropped the rock and flew up to the second floor of the wooden building that Dreamer was in. I broke through the wall by gently brushing my hand against it. Heavy, wooden logs fell all over Dreamer, but I made her invincible so that she couldn’t be harmed. I smiled at her as we locked eyes. I noticed that her green eyes were even more vivid, outlined by teary redness. She had been crying. I gave her a hug and then picked her up. I carried her in my arms while we took off flying to find a concert hall. I saw a couple dream characters that looked similar to Percy and Sensei, so I pointed at each of them and gave them a flick of my finger to let them know that they would do. They both started flying with us. I looked back and there were several clones walking where Percy and Sensei had been. I felt like the dream was in a strange loop back there, like in old cartoons where the background scene will keep repeating itself.

      I saw a concert hall up ahead that looked kind of like the Sydney Opera House, but I felt unsure about the duration of this dream. So instead of going to see a concert first, I said to everybody, “Hold up, we’re going to take of some unfinished business first.”

      We all landed in a grassy field outside of the concert and then huddled in a circle. I summoned a pillow for each person, but they were tiny, SUPER tiny. They actually looked like pincushions. I thought that would be fine. I made mine and Dreamer’s get a little bit bigger and let Sensei and Percy keep the pincushion pillows.
      My pillow ended up being like a couch cushion and Dreamer ended up wielding a giant memory foam pillow.
      The battle began! But it was much less exciting than I anticipated. We all looked like a bunch of 12 year old nerds gently beating each other over the head with pillows. Dolphin appeared, he was a skinny Nigerian guy. He started fervently bashing Sensei with his pillow, yet he was being very gentle at the same time. I said to him, “Hey man, you’re hitting the wrong person.”
      He immediately started to hit Dreamer instead.
      I noticed that Percy was standing off in the distance, watching us battle it out. Typical Percy, playing the tactician and letting us weaken each other so that he could come in at the end and be the victor! I think that I actually noticed him standing to the side because some random DC lady was hitting him with a purse. I held my pillow at eye level and made lightning come out of it, but only a very faint, transparent bolt came out. Percy was unfazed, so I made him catch on fire instead. He stood there with a smug, cocky look on his face that said, “Doesn’t even hurt, I don’t care if I’m on fire, doesn’t even hurt!”

      I then said to everybody else that we needed to work together to take out Percy. We all joined forces and started charging at him, pillows billowing in the wind. I woke up.

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    6. Sensei's DJ nld

      by , 05-19-2015 at 04:29 PM
      There is a scene change and I am now looking at Sensei's dream journal, which is quite a large book, which when opened reveals that for this lucid dream that was 1.10 hrs or 110 mins long Sensei has decided go draw the entire dream. I browse through several large fully illustrated pages. On the first page is Sensei himself like on a large poster, it looks like a mix between a very good drawing and a computer manipulated picture with really cool colors. He is wearing a sort of anime style/futuristic adventure outfit. The whole journal entry comes to life and now looks like a youtube video. In the meantime, the real Sensei comes in the room and starts to voice synch the journal entry that now's playing.
    7. DG Summer Home. ★★★★☆

      by , 02-10-2015 at 11:39 PM (Zödra)
      I am in a snowed over city standing near a road... hmmm... I am dreaming. my goal is... dreamer! I look around for a flash of purple against the white. She is standing in a crowd. I run over and say the line I had rehearsed.
      "Dreamer, take me to the upper league and to where time moves slower."
      "No, the competition is over, I do have something to show you though."
      "Take me there." She grabs my hand and we start running through the city. at first at normal speeds, but then we start moving faster than possible and people are looking at us funny. I want to laugh at the DCs, but I am too busy being pulled by dreamer. We are reaching the outskirts of the city and it seems to end abruptly and there is a huge lake and a big house near it. It reminds me of a lake house that we rented back when my Grandpa was still alive. This didn't seem to be the same though, since it wasn't in a wooded area.

      "What is this place?"
      "A place for the Dreamviews Dream Guides to come for relaxation and an awesome place to hang out!" She says. I notice now that she is in a bikini. I morph my clothes into board shorts and I look down at the water and see dreamy, percy, and NyxCC flying above the water and dipping into it. Dreamy keeps going higher and higher and then just falling into the water and then flying out. Dreamer tackles him during one of his falls and they disappear into the water. I scan in the house and feel ThreeCat meditating in there. I do a bigger scan and notice that there is someone moving towards us quickly from the sky. I look up and see canis waving. What an awesome dream... Don't know if this is shared dreaming, but one can hope.
      I fly into the water and create a huge water vortex and shoot it at canis as he is flying in. It shoots him higher into the air and then he rushes back in at me. Percy runs inside and tells ThreeCat that we are all there, and we all stay outside for what seemed like hours, on, in, and around the water. I realize that canis had been missing for a while and I scan for him inside. He seems to have been doing some lucid cooking and he beckoned me to get everyone inside. I grab everyone with scan and teleport them inside. We all sit down and eat at the table. I don't remember much of what we ate or talked about. I don't know if I had lucidity the whole time, but the feelings were there, I was a little sad the whole time thinking that they might all be fake, but I knew that it didn't matter and I should just enjoy the time I had. I woke up a little after dinner as we were all sitting on the roof watching the sunset.

      I am in a snowy city at night... wait a minute, I look to my left and realize that my brother in law is driving, but I know this city... I am dreaming! I take control of his body through scan and force him to drive like a maniac on the ice (very easy to drive awesome on ice when you decide when it is gonna slide and when it is not). I jump out of the top of the car as we get close to the house and there is a huge spaceship next to the lakehouse. It seems like only Percy is there. I wander where the others are, but then I realize that time has passed since I came there and that the one day that we had was at least a day ago and we all had gone back to our normal dream lives. Percy is standing on the roof and challenging the leader of the ship. An old man that comes out that reminds me of Hades:

      I suddenly realize where this lake house is at. I do scan to check it out and we are at Dreamer's Reach, the whole city and lake are on top of the island. I land next to Percy and say "It is up to us to stop him, really shouldn't be that hard."
      He looks down at us laughs and puts his hands together like he is doing Grimoire Law

      I scan teleport next to him and summon a sword at the same time, with one swipe chopping his arm off before I even fully am teleported there. I look across Hades arm and see Percy has chopped of the other arm. He puts a hand on his back and is getting ready to teleport him somewhere else, but I stop him.
      I create a barrier in Hades heart that will stop it from working if he ever gets near Dreamer's Reach again. I then let him know about this and Percy teleports him and the spaceship away. I don't know if he did this and then came back or if he just did it by touching it. It was quite impressive. I flew down to the house and we talked a bit about how awesome it will be when there are more dreamers there all the time. He mentioned, though, that the lake house should be reserved for DGs and I thought that that seemed pretty cool.

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    8. Dueling Sensei to a "Yugioh the Gathering" duel

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:37 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dueling Sensei to a "Yugioh the Gathering" duel (WILD)


      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      1st WILD (+10 pts)
      RC (+1 pts)
      Advance Flight (+10 pts)
      Teleport (+7 pts)
      Use electronics (+4 pts)
      Advance Summoning/fictional char. (+15 pts)
      Meet teammate. (+7 pts)
      Incubation (+15 pts)
      Personal Goal (+15 pts)

      I decided to WILD and take the gamble of not writing my mini-lucid and hoping to not forget it. The WILD took a bit longer than I thought, but I was able to pull it off.

      I once again had a false awakening and I could see my DJ was gone, so I knew I was dreaming. I still did a RC just to make sure and then I took off to fly. I noticed that I was right next to a massive town, twice as big as Chicago, but with many more and taller buildings. I decided to fly at full speed, as it was night and the city lights were very cool.

      After a while flying, I felt well archored on the dream. I remembered my mantras of dueling Sensei for a Shadow Game so I tried to look for a store to be able to play a game, most likely, a store I play Magic the Gathering in waking life. After looking for a while, I realized that we needed a big place to make a duel since it was supposed to be like the anime. I visualized myself teleporting to a duel arena suitable for Yugioh. I closed my eyes and jumped (I was technically flying, but somehow I landed, or just skipped "frames" in the dream haha) I appeared for what appeared that Kaiba land or some weird place, because I saw a big Blue Eyes statue. There was a ton of people (real people) and a long line, but I just walked through some big doors and the security guard did not seem to care. I found a similar place like this:

      The funniest thing, is how real it looked. It was not cartoonish, it was metallic, like stainless steel and the computers had windows on them. I almost lost lucidity here, as I had to reality check a few times and remind myself it is a dream. I was alone in the room, but I called Sensei out a few times without success. I started to touch buttons on the computer and it made noises, the noises were familiar to some anime, but I believe it was not yugioh. After a few moments, I heard a, "Hey" and I saw Sensei on the other side of the table. I wanted to summon a referee too, because for some reason the computer did not work and I assumed a referee was needed. One sure appeared on the side of the field, but to my surprise, it was a referee from Pokemon anime...

      He looked cartoonish, despite everything else looked real. I shuffled my deck (which I believe it looked like Magic the gathering) and placed it on the computer and it turned on.

      A few more frames skipped or something, but I do not recall drawning and yet I had cards in my hand. Most of them looked like Yugioh. I had one card that said, "The shadow realm" but it looked like the Seal of Orichalcos. I recalled the game needed to be a shadow game
      (my subconscious does not cease to amaze me.) I placed the card on the table, the same way like if it was a Land from magic the gathering (insead of inserting it inside a side slot like in Yugiog) A huge mist surround us:

      I was looking for a photo of the shadow realm, and I just found a card that is actually "The Shadow Realm" WOW... I had no idea that such card existed lmao.

      A voice said, "Lucidity in stake" Suddenly, I saw what I believe was a dark magician, but it was a red one instead of the usual purple one, I believe in the early anime there was a dude with two red dark magicians. I had no idea how or when Sensei brought it out, but it was my turn and I had a Vindicate card in my hand:

      Despite not being a Yugioh card, I said, "Destroy your Dark magician" Suddenly, it exploaded (the dark magician was in front of me like in the anime, but for my Vindicate, I placed it on the graveyard like casting a spell in magic.

      I then looked at my hand and I saw what I believe it was toon world, but the photo of the card was my DV's signature... what a mess lol. I placed it on the table and the actual toon world came out like in the anime:

      For a higher pleasant surprise, it came with a prize, as I had also a toon ryu ran out and he was cracking up in laughter:

      I almost woke up again out of laughing myself too. I told him to attack Sensei and an explosion happened on his end. But after a while, he casted a Damnation (another magic the gathering card)

      And my toon was gone. I wanted to draw another toon, as I believe that my toon world was still out. I tried to see what were my life points with no luck. I pulled out something very weird, it was like the manga of Yugi as it had all these eyes that all egypcian rare cards have, but I cannot recall well what it was, but what i recall is that it shot like a ghost to Sensei and I heard the "ding" noise that the anime plays when someone looses a dual. I was happy because I won the duel and Sensei said something about his lucidity, can't recall well but he wasn't happy
      (Too bad I forgot to summon/draw a card for the Dark Fortress to hit another personal dare of summoning a big castle in the air.)

      Suddenly, the purple mist from the shadow realm vanished and I could see the blue sky (well... we were indoors before, but okay....) And I think I just took of to fly.

      Little shortly I woke up.

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    9. Dizzy dream turns me lucid

      by , 02-04-2015 at 07:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dizzy dream turns me lucid (DILD)


      I can say, I lucked out this one. I am on vacation at a hotel spa. Last night, my wife and I drank a whole bottle of wine and two bottles of champagne... We did not get drunk, but I had a bit of a weird stomatch. I woke up several times at night feeling fuzzy and I had a small DILD.
      I do not want to spend the time uploading everything in separate entries because I had ten fragments. DILD in next entry.

      Full Dream (1 pts)
      First DILD (10 pts)
      Stabilize (1 pts)
      Basic Flying (4 pts)
      Advance Summoning (10 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)
      Meet teammate (7 pts)

      I was walking by a port and it was pretty sunny. However, I was walking around and I was feeling dizzy. Like the whole dream was moving weirdly and I did not recall the reason why. And this is what turned me lucid, I realized I was in a dream, even though I was feeling a little weird and unsure if it was double consciousness from my drinks last night or what.

      I told my dream-wife that I was going to take off and fly. I decided to fly to make my dream stable. I kept flying for a while and my dream did not appear to get any better. I did not feel confident for my personal tasks and remembered that I have been waking up and having tiny dreams for the entire night.

      I focused on summoning Sensei once again to duel him. Someone appeared right in front of me, but he was giving me his back. I asked, are you Sensei? He told me, "Yes indeed."

      From here, I believe I waked up... lost the dream abruptly.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Ninja ambush over Pirates!! New ninja: Vegeta. New Ninja Skill: Fire Energy blasts!!

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:39 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Ninja ambush over Pirates!! New ninja: Vegeta. New Ninja Skill: Fire Energy blasts!! (WILD)


      I was feeling heavy vibrations in my body, and despite I was meditating, I decided to WILD since last night was not very amusing in terms of lucid dreaming. Soon, a dream formed as I found myself in San Diego, near the beach and it was a very sunny day. I felt bliss not only because I got an extra WILD out of a nap, but because the weather was so fabulous (I moved from San Diego to Galicia, Spain, and the weather here sucks) I was glad that the WILD worked easily (+5) and I took a flight (+4) to make my dream stable. The dream quality increased dramatically (+1), to a crystal clear point.

      I decided it could be a good idea to fly to space, and I also thought about the Pandora's box task that I failed twice. I was still flying when I saw a familiar area (Moreno Valley) so I wondered if my friend Fabian would be there. As soon as I landed, I was able to see him and I was happy that the dream incubation task worked
      (+15) He looked a little different from waking life, maybe older and with a little more weight. He had a bag of magic mushrooms and I asked him (+2) how was his experience with magic mushrooms. He said to me:

      "You will see beyond source and know this is a matrix and everything is a lie." For some reason, this shoked me and for a second, I thought I was awake, almost losing lucidity, I felt nervious for some reason and did a reality check to find a missing thumb in my right hand. I wanted to try one, as I once tried mushrooms in a dream and it felt very weird. So I ate one
      (+4) and suddenly the dream went super blurry and my heart raced (as soon as I placed it in my mouth) I felt like dizzy, but not in a bad way, it is a little strange to explain. I decided to fly again because I did not want to risk the dream and wake up. I flew towards the clouds and I lost vision. I felt I was a gonner, but I could still hear the sound of the sea (which is not that close to Moreno Valley) and felt the wind on my face. I tried to slowly open my eyes until I started seeing a lot of light. I knew it could not be my room so I kept opening them until I was back in the dream, with a massive clarity.

      I decided to fly at hight speed, I felt super blissful for some reason, so I took a big while to fly around and I believe (don't recall very well) I said something, "Yeaah... more points because this is advance flying"
      (+6) I was also laughing.

      After a while doing this, I considered into beating my own record of personal dares before Dreamer catched me up. I felt like doing something different, I rarely do naps and I had no idea really how long or short was my dream going to last.

      I decided to land next to a port and I saw some ships. I recalled that I could attack pirates in my dreams and score a huge amount of points. I focused in summoning Sensei in order to fight along side with him, since we were on the same team. He appeared right in front of me, but, it was like he was there already but before I could not see him, a little hard to put in words
      (+10) but he appeared when I wanted him to appear. I told him to fight the pirates (+7) and he said yes. He did not appear to be very talk active, but he was smiling and somehow like pumped. I also called the Nfri and he came (+3), and funny enough, he was dressed like a ninja, but with military camouflage clothing. I could not see his face but he said, "hey teammates"

      We flew to a boat. It looked more like a yatch, nothing close to a pirate ship, but I pretended that dolphin and anotherdreamer were in there. Lucky me! I could see both of them through one of the windows. I knew anotherdreamer because he was holding a photo or something that looked like Dreamer
      (+5) and then, dolphin was dressed like in a vacation suit with a green dolphin on his shirt (+3) and he was making dolphin noises instead of talking. I could not see more pirates, so I said to Sensei and Nfri, "Let' throw energy blasts at them."

      Suddenly, Vegeta came out of the blue, he had the Majin symbol but for some reason, during the dream I interpreted it like it was a ninja symbol.

      Vegeta thew a big energy blast and suddenly, a submarine alarm starte to sound (what the heck...) and then I tried to throw an energy blast myself, without success. I then intended to manipulate the element of fire, because my hands are always very warm in waking life. At first nothing happen, but then a thick blast of fire came out of my hand
      (+8)and i hit a big own that was hanging around there. The owl got pissed and morphed into blobularwindmil (I recall she had an owl in her avatar when I read her first DJ entry) and she started to throw some black stuff at me, even though they hit me, I did not feel pain, just like a small push.

      I then saw Sensei pulling out a very large sword, very long, something like this:

      And he killed dolphin, but it was not gore or anything, Dolphin just fell to the ground and after a few moments, I wasn't able to see him, so he either left or just vanished. Anotherdreamer seemed to be there, but he did not care for the battle. It was an awesome fight
      (+20) Vegeta seemed to have banished also, he was no where around, and same for Nfri. I could assume that they got killed (good job at killing majin vegeta haha) I remember that a pillow fight would give more points. So I grabbed a pillow and just tossed onto Anotherdreamer's face. I think Sensei (or someone else) tossed another pillow, because other pillow moved and I wasn't intending it. Anotherdreamer hitted me with one pillow also (+10) but soon the interest on the pillows were lost, as a blast came out from somewhere almost hitting me.

      From here, it was a little confusing, I cannot recall well what happened (I started writing this out right after my WILD) but I think the yatch exploded or something happened and somehow I got teleported to downtown somewhere, I was alone now and I wanted to got to space, but I woke up instead.
    11. Epic! Where's Sensei? Stunning outdoor scene, bed-eject to the slide (twice), LDs #58, 59, 60

      by , 08-28-2014 at 07:23 AM
      Well this is what happened, none were "attempts" per se:

      I had 3 LDs last night, assisted by galantamine and Alpha-GPC.

      At 4am I took the supplements, along with a banana and a piece of rye bread for "dreaming fuel" (and to help get the 300mg alpha-gpc capsules down, those things are horse pills!)

      I spent the next 4 hours or so in a brain-busting battle to fall back asleep.

      The HI (only blobby shapes and colors) were bursting in front of my eyes like fireworks most the entire time -- if only I could get to sleep I knew those would be awesome dreams.

      My only goal was to get to sleep unconsciously and DILD.

      After about 4 hours (having been in bed for 8 hours) awake, both my hips were getting sore and distracting me (I'm a side sleeper), so I decided to try my back (I don't think I've fallen asleep on my back in years, but I was desperate not to have a wasted supplement night)

      At one point I think I had a near-WILD. I thought I saw before me a small portion of a concrete floor (I interpreted this to be the floor of a garage), it became a bit clearer, but stayed as within a black frame, which did not extend to fill my vision. I thought about rubbing my hands but it didn't seem that I had any dream hands yet, this vision of the concrete patch of floor stayed about 10 seconds and then faded away. I tried to relax and let it form but it just didn't turn into a dream.

      Later I found myself seated in a room and "felt" the dream feeling, I guess that was a start-of-dream DILD, I later flew through a stunningly beautiful dream landscape.

      I "woke up from" (transitioned out of) that DILD and was lying in bed on my back in darkness. I was thinking lightly of the awesome scene that ended that DILD, then all of a sudden:

      It felt like the foot of my bed was suddenly heaved 5 feet in the air, leaving the bed at a 45 or 60 degree angle with my head pointing down, and that I quickly shot out of my bed head-first on to a steep wide slide: head first (pointing down), on my back, going fast down this slide with no visuals. I was fully conscious and thought this was great fun and wondered when the dream was going to begin.

      After maybe 10-15 seconds of this I wondered if this was the dream, or merely a transition and I had to work to make a dream begin. I thought about turning over to my stomach, then I imagined I was in a dark room at the end of the slide, and cut my way out, and began the dream (I lost lucidity or forgot the lucidity, and was non-lucid at the finish of that dream).

      I found myself awake back in bed again on my back, and again in just a few seconds I experienced the SAME transition all over again: foot of bed raised up, I flew out headfirst on my back down the dark tunnel. I do not recall if I simply fell out of the tunnel into the dream or if I willed it, but I found myself in a courtyard and continued lucidly for a minute or so before waking and worked on recalling all 3 LDs and the non-lucid parts.

      As best as I can figure the two tunnel experiences were both DEILDs. I have never experienced anything like that and greatly look forward to it happening again as it was a real hoot.

      I'm wondering if the tunnel experience was a dream or just a transition (or "noise?"). It's conceivable they were FAs instead of DEILDs and it was all a single long dreaming sequence into and out of lucidity, but looking back it seems most like DEILDs.

      edit: I remembered: during one of the trips down the slide I very carefully lifted my dream hand to my dream nose and did a nose pinch, both arm and nose felt fairly insubstantial, not solid like in "full dream" -- proof that the tunnel wasn't just "noise?"

      Interested in any thoughts/comments about these experiences.

      And I'm wondering if it's possible to experience all this craziness without galantamine+choline. Maybe it just takes being awake for 4 hours starting in the middle of the night?



      + I appear in a room sitting at a desk in a chair, I suspect I'm dreaming, check the "dream feeling" for a few seconds, and decide yes, I'm dreaming. I rub my hands and look at them before standing up. I stand up and turn to the left, I feel sort of propelled forwards but I remember: slow down, engage, Sensei! I look around the room and notice a large, bright yellow stuffed pooh bear on the be to my left. I do not look as deeply as I want to my mind is not settling down. I remember Sensei, I go to the door ahead to my right and and look around the corner expecting to see him, nothing except some purple splotches briefly appear before my eyes. I call out "Cmon Sensei, buddy, let's get going!" Should I behind-the-back summon him? I decide to move on down the hallway which is out the door. I reach the next room to my right and enter it, the way is blocked by an office desk it looks like a very cluttered room, I turn to the right, walk around the desk and face the window and look out: I'm astounded at the bright vivid beauty out there: twig trees (no leaves) of brownish color, in a landscape extending into the distance. I decide to fly out and see it better. I fly out through the glass window effortlessly and am outside and I'm blown away: more real than waking, vivid, clear, beautiful landscape, maybe a city in the distance? I fly slowly through it for a few seconds before I "wake up".

      + I'm lying on my back in bed in the dark thinking about the beautiful scene I just lucidly visited, when suddenly the foot of my bed heaves up into the air and my bed is at a very sharp angle with my head pointing down, I eject/shoot out of bed onto some huge slide, I'm head-first on my back shooting down this slide and know this is a dream or a transition into one. It is a TRIP I'm whooping mentally (at least), HELL YEAH this is awesome. After about 10 seconds I wonder where the dream is, do I have to create it myself? I imagine myself in a dark box at the end of the slide and I should cut myself a hole with a light saber. I see a weak translucent thin beam waving around in front of me, I think about cutting a hole on my left side an enter into the dream and lose lucidity (or forget this part if I remained lucid). There are 4 main moments that I recall of this dream, it was fairly long with a number of diferent moments, I'm probably forgetting a lot:

      I'm in an outdoor courtyard there's a large table there I see an old TV there I push/pull the on/off knob a few times.

      I'm among a thick crowd of young people, mostly young women, we're standing at a door, it's a talent show, we can't go through the door because the show hasn't started, someone says there should be more guys here. I just want to get back to my table but I can't because people are blocking the door and I don't want to go through it prematurely. I'm getting anxious about getting through, I eventually decide to grab the door knob and go through the door, saying I just need to get back to my table. (Some announcer is announcing the show?)

      I'm walking/flying through obscure outdoor structures, I hear a female contestant start to sing, her voice is TERRIBLE she can't carry a tune, she's singing for 20 seconds or more.
      I see in the distance my wife scooting off to return to the table? I want to join her.

      I'm approaching a large outdoor field flying up in the air, there are a bunch of people on t he field, I think "Ronald Reagan was insane."

      + I'm on my back in bed in the dark, and before I can think of much of anything, I experience the raised-bed-slide ejection AGAIN exactly as I did before. This is freaking awesome! 3rd lucid! This time the slide ride is short, and I'm deposited into an open area inside a building made of reddish brown bricks everywhere. (semi-lucid) I feel compelled to offer my services, so I say "I can do security work, or entertainment work." I see a man standing in front of a medieval-looking curved-pointy-top door
      CRAP-medieval_door_by_nub4sh.jpg and I'm lucid again and I ask him, "Show me the door leading to the beautiful naked teen girl!" He just stands there looking at me. Another man appears, and I ask him "Show me the door with the beautiful naked teen girl, NO, GROUP of teen girls!" He asks me, "what age range do you want, 20-18?" I say yes that will do, I'm anticipating it and getting very excited and I wake up with an elevated heart rate.

      Spoiler for NSFW, 18+:

      I realize I don't remember much about the 2nd LD, and decide it was mostly non-lucid after exiting the slide/tunnel. I know I had 3 LDs and the first is not immediately on my mind I'm getting nervous that I forgot it but then it comes back to me, whew! I decide the 2 bed-ejection LDs were DEILDs (later decided they were FAs after some feedback from Sageous).

      Trying to get back to sleep. Awake an hour? At some point it's 10:00?

      + I'm in a hardware store looking at a small device hung on a hook on the wall. It's a small batter-operated device and I want to place a battery I'm holding into it and watch it work. A store clerk walk up behind me and says something like "if you touch it you buy it" I wait for him to leave and continue my examination. I'm looking deeply into this device it is a battery of some sort, there is inside of it an odometer-like counter on value "75" or so. I reach for the reset button and the counter goes to zero, I flip a little activation switch and it starts working, I see the numbers on the meter start to increase again. I turn it over and there's a little toy train that starts moving forwards and backwards.

      I look up and I see a young boy watching me pointing something at me (a camera? Looks like a pen?), I turn away from him because I didn't want to be observed, and realize I know him and look back at him, then a middle-aged woman is there and I recognize her she is his mother, she looks older, we start talking about something, I know her from the homeschooling park event. I say I didn't recognize them at first.

      12:30 final waking, I had more dreams! Unaware and non-lucid though

      + I hear a group inside ribbing some girl, they say "You don't live in <my city>, you live in BORING-VILLE!" I arrive at a room they were waiting for me the tell that to a girl. I had been in the room earlier, I was outside picking something up (whiskey?) There was more here, forgot it.

      + young disadvantaged black boys were given hot dogs which they decorated with toothpicks and played pretend-airplane-dogfights with these toothpick-hotdog-airplanes. The man who gave them the hot dogs showed them a video about fighter plane dogfighting, he used to be a pilot. The boys were supposed to line up, raise their right hand ,and the man rhythmically placed the hot dogs into their hands (in buns) and shoot the hot dog forwards. I see several of the "planes" they're bristling with toothpicks. Two boys are playing fighter pilot, one says "turn right 3 degrees!" and makes "boy noise" machine gun sounds, I see a toothpick sticking forwards like a forwards gun.

      The man went into the house and came out with a curious twirly pencil device. It was a pencil with with two broken match sticks placed half-way up broken 90-degrees and placed so that they were little rocket motors propelling the pencil around and around in a fast circle balanced on its eraser on the ground like a top. I thought this was awesome.

      Then I'm standing at the back of a car with a few other guys and we're looking with great interest at the registration sticker on the back license plate in the upper-left-hand corner of the plate. We're looking at the numbers, and there's a transparent stick plastic film over the sticker and we (I?) peel this off and put it back on. I suspect this sticker is illegal. We're talking about the numbers. It's something like "243" with a small subscript 3 at the end.

      I'm under the back of this car on the ground trying to reach for something. I feel a spot of wetness on my shorts on my leg like in a pool of water. I think of some explanation (my girlfriend dropped something and i was looking for it) to give in case the owner of the car comes back and finds me in this position.
    12. Sensei

      by , 07-09-2014 at 10:05 PM
      Date: 8 July

      Wbtb time but I feel so tired, decide to have 1/3 latte nevertheless and do the wrong wbtb - straight into bed. A few mantras but I know this will lead to no lds as I feel super sleepy. I quickly fall asleep and guiltily wake up couple of times to confirm this is the case but am too lazy to wake up more. I decide to experiment with the third eye as a focus point to see if this increases my wakefulness and focus for an ld. Not really increase in wakefulness but it did serve as a sort of anchor.

      LD: The dream starts as I find myself staring at some furniture, while still in sleepying position. One of those moments where you are not sure you are quite in and I concentrate more on the forehead point to get a better grip of the dream, then a bit later start moving my hands, etc. In the beginning I'm gently floating and spinning, it's not unpleasant. I want to make sure that have fully transitioned to this dream.

      I think shortly of the location and wonder whether to do a direct teleport but decide against it. I get up, it's grandma's kitchen and for some reason I decide to take the stairs to go outside. I open the door with tk and also close it and lock it with my mind. It's almost as I could feel grandma's presence doing that. I get down the stairs and tk open the locked building door to get out. As I'm on the street I have a moment of excitement and tk lift a car in the air. Also do very short skateboarding down the street slightly above the ground.

      My mind is very blurry as I try to remember any tasks for the totm. I recall the DV goal and look around to see if Sensei might be nearby. There's an older teenage boy on a bike with a slightly longer hair that could do. But let me try to get Sensei here. It's a whole street full of DCs so one of them has to be him. I concentrate and think about Sensei, turn to the side in the opposite direction and to my surprise there he is - tall with browish hair, etc. He smiles happily.

      We go up the street which turns into a gray building and I decide we will be learning superpowers. I feel that instead of me doing all the controling as in tk, I should try to give the DC more free will and let it demonstrate super powers, while I'm just saying what we are about to do. There is a a pencil like object and I throw it in the air, trying not to hold it with my mind and say that BB should try to lift the object. Before he can react, it falls on the floor.

      "Ok, maybe you can demonstrate fire magic instead", I hint. Sensei takes the initiative and produces a large peach colored napkin, unfolds it, throws it in the air and tries to blow in its direction. I now understand what trick he had in mind, he was going to ignite the whole paper with his breath. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen and the object just remains in the air for a while. I feel a bit guilty because maybe I have sabotaged the demonstration by being slow to understand the procedure and didn't put my expectation into it. I'm saying something mid-sentence when the dream abruptly comes to an end.

      Non-ld: I have an earlier non-ld where BB is on some other platform online and has organized a dream game where we have to gather pieces of a puzzle.
    13. The Sensei channel

      by , 06-29-2014 at 06:42 PM
      Date: 28 June

      Both of us had indigestion that led to early wake and insomnia. After a long time of discomfort, I finally fall asleep for a bit.

      Funny HI: there was this really strange crazy camel monkey face that was shaved like Hulk Hogan.

      LD: Don't quite remember the beginning of the dream, but in the earliest part I find myself on the floor in the same position I was sleeping, topless and staring into a mirror. My torso is that of a ripped man though and I marvel the amount of muscle on the abs.

      As I focus on the abs, they slowly turn into the image of a fortress as my mind zooms in and transforms the scene. Here I have awareness that this is a dream, but no spike in awareness or aha moment. The castle turns into the doors of a fortress and I mentally open them. It looks much like playing a game now and I feel excited, move forward as if playing an rpg game and not moving bodily initially. The doors reveal a tunnel that splits in two sections. I am bodily present now and decide to take the right fork and enter a room. There is an ancient chest inside. This is so exciting, I'm thinking, my awareness gradually going up. I open the chest where there are two pieces of a broken Persian tablet. Lots of false memories come with the stuff - you have to gather the pieces, which fit by some sort of magnetic attraction. Two pieces are missing and I examine the rest of the chest although I know they have to be in the other room.

      At this point, the DC of this person from real life comes. She hasn't featured in many lds, but is usually an irritating DC in non-lds. Now she begins to mess with the chest and stuff and I totally dislike her being around. I try to get her to leave, telling her she has no place here and that this is my dream. She doesn't like it and produces a knife and after a bit of struggle stabs me with it. If I'm not mistaken it's in my palm. This is outrageous, and I decide to use the lucid dreamer's weapon "You are not real, the pain doesn't exist, I'm ok". She just stands there but alas I feel terrible pain. The sensation is so strong and overwhelming, I'm afraid I'm going to go into dream trance (which happened once after an intense bout of fear). Nothing against that, but I wanted to act more in the dream and now one of the effects is that everything becomes blurry and out of focus. This angers me and I tell her "See what you did, you ruined the dream".

      Not quite sure what exactly happened, but I decide to move on and continue walking around and things return to normal. It's a nice apartment now that I perceive as my parents' place. There are lots of DCs here and I interact with them but don't remember all of it. Went from one room to the other and also had some sexy thoughts but then I got annoyed with myself and dropped the matter.

      I go to the kitchen and see a classmate and think this is a good opportunity to talk to his DC and ask him why he behaves like he does. But by the time I reach him, his features change and it's another person. We still exchange a few words. There are about 6-7 DCs in the kitchen I interact with them. The first thing that makes an impression is that after saying something funny, they all start laughing in exactly the same manner, making the exact same movement. I make them laugh some more and then shout out loud to get their attention, they all look at me in the same way. One final attempt, I raise my hand to get their attention as if making a speech and now all of them do this at the same time. I find if weird that all of them do this and think about asking on DV.

      In the living room, I do the raise your hands and shout thing again and get echo replies from the DCs again. This makes me want to have a music experience where all of them sing & shout in the same enthusiastic fashion and decide that it will be cool to play "take a look around" for this effect. Not quite sure if there was previously music playing in the background or false memories, also more false memories about me preparing the place beforehand so that you can use it as desired in an ld. In this case it is possible to leave a device with a song from real life and play it in the dream. But I didn't prepare it, so I have to improvise.

      While I play the song in my mind to check if I know it correctly, I'm not confident that I will be able to fully produce it by singing so would rather rely on an external device. There's a TV nearby and I get the remote and begin searching channels for MTV. The first thing that appears on the screen once the TV turns on is a manga channel, the series they are showing is called Sensei and the whole channel is dedicated to it. I get a false memory that this channel only shows the Sensei series and the series are named after the main character. It makes sense to me now that Boss chose the name of the main character in this series. I continue changing channels, looking for MTV and shortly come across it, but the TV switches back to the Sensei channel. (It doesn't dawn to me at all that I am supposed to look for him even after seeing this! )

      A bit later I decide to give up and go near the window where there is DC. We engage in a conversation but I lose my lucidity. Soon after wake up.

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    14. 25 Jan: Ninja challenge with my Sensei

      by , 01-25-2013 at 12:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm with 2 girl friends at some otherworldly scenario, of giant white sand dunes and an eerie grey sky. There is no one and no sound and we feel like floating on clouds. It's hard to describe the feeling.
      We climb to a dune trying to get a view of what's around but there's even higher dunes surrounding us. They give up and decide to stay in a valley but I feel energized enough to climb to the highest dune around. They look tired and do not follow me. After I reach the top, I still only see more dunes across the horizon, but in the distance, the sky has some weird clouds coming in our direction. When they are closer, lightning starts and 5 or 6 tornados form and I'm like "not again!!!" I scream to my friends to take cover because we're gonna be hit, but when I look at it again, I realize the tornados are the least of our problems. A giant tsunami just appeared out of nowhere and is covering even the highest dunes. It's so fast I only have time to say "f*ck!". I am engulfed by the gigantic mass of water and I say goodbye to life. After a few tumbles on the giant waves, I realize I'm not dead.
      I don't get fully lucid, but I'm a bit aware of the nature of the experience.
      I lay down on the sand, my friends are gone and then I'm surrounded by 10 persons who start throwing ninja knives at me. I only have something like a piece of wood I found on the floor, to defend myself and I throw back the knives at them. I still get some bad cuts, but I keep on fighting until they eventually stop attacking me and retreat. I'm tired, injured and with my clother torn apart. Then my sensei appears and says "Well done, but can you do that in sexy?". I think to myself "What???" Then he hands me a box with what appears to be blue fabric. I pick it up and it's some kind of long tunic. He disappears again, I dress it up and start walking around. I find a rudimentar house and he is sitting on a chair outside. I pull up a chair, sit down, cross my legs and say "Yes, I can do it sexy. And I'm not wearing any underwear." His concentration flicks for a moment and I throw a ninja knife at him. He escapes it, but barely and looks at me like saying "You got it!".