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    1. 04/13/12 Movies and Oblivion

      by , 04-13-2012 at 09:30 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Movies at Home
      I am in my own house, it is pretty late at night. There are no lights on, but there's light being emitted by the large screen television in the living room. I go into the room and look at the TV. It seems bigger than I remembered it being… I see there are quite a few people sitting around the TV, all the seats on the couch are filled, both chairs, and there are a few people sitting on the floor. I see my friend Alicia sitting to the left of the TV, and she is making out with some guy I don't know. I don't want to interrupt. I see another friend Tigress off to the right side of the TV, but she is making out with Silver Wolf. I don't want to interrupt them, either. There is a guy sitting almost directly in front of the TV by himself, just watching the movie. I go over and sit down beside him. I look at the movie and I see it is something I don't recognize. I also have the idea it is something I have no interest in. I look over at the guy to my left. I see that he has long silvery hair that seems to shine in even the minimal light of the room. He must have sensed me watching him because he looks over at me. It's Sephiroth! I sit there and stare at Sephiroth for a bit, drawing a strange look from him. I am about to say something to him to explain my rudeness, but before I can he surprises me by pulling me over to him and kissing me full on the lips! I ignore the movie and make out with Sephiroth.

      Locked Away
      I am in a prison cell of some kind. I have no idea how I got to be there, all I can think of is how my mother is going to react when she finds out I got myself arrested. I have the idea I haven't even gotten to make my one phone call or talk to my lawyer… what is going on here? I try to think of what I might have done to end up in prison. Someone across the hall is yelling rather rude things at me, I choose to ignore him. He is just another prisoner, and probably has no more idea why I am here than I do. Even if he does, he is clearly too rude to help me out. I hear him saying something about magic… about me doing magic to get out of here? Why not? I think for a bit and finally a Harry Potter spell comes to mind… Alohamora. I use that spell on the locked door and I hear a click as the lock disengages. I am about to leave when I hear someone coming. The guy across the hall seems to think the guards are coming to execute me, though I seriously don't think I am in here for anything that serious. I probably got caught stealing something. Unless, of course, I broke in somewhere to steal something and there was a murder that just happened to have taken place at that same scene which I was also being accused of… The guards arrive and someone is complaining that there is a prisoner in this cell, so I step back. Apparently they weren't coming for me after all. So after they're gone, I'll leave. There is a strange old man there who seems to know me, he claims to be the emperor. Emperor? What does he think this is, a game of Oblivion? It turns out that is exactly what he thinks. He says he is Uriel Septim. Um… am I in a game of Oblivion? Cool! I guess I didn't get arrested at all, I just entered a virtual reality so realistic that I forgot it was a game! Harry Potter spells work in Oblivion? I figure it must be a mod. The emperor and the guards leave through the secret exit and I follow them, thinking Oblivion is going to be awesome in virtual reality, but then I wake.
    2. 03/05/02 - Hot, Explosive, Stormy Nights

      by , 03-05-2012 at 10:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a space ship of some kind, and I am holding a very small explosive device. In spite of its small size, I know it will pack a lot of power if it is allowed to explode. I am trying to disarm the bomb, which is quite difficult considering the size and the fact that one wrong move will make it explode. I am moving a tiny wire carefully through a conduit when I accidently touch the wire to the side of the conduit… and BOO… no… I immediately load a "save game" from before the bomb exploded. Basically I go back in time a few minutes to try again. This time I am successful and I disarm the bomb. I hear someone laughing on the communications screen. There is a man there saying it did me no good, he has another bomb. He holds it up to show me, and it is an identical bomb to the one I just disarmed. He is being quite careless with it. He is shaking it in my face when it goes off. The screen goes blank, and I know the idiot just blasted himself into subatomic particles.

      Fight Night
      I am in an underground are where I am investigating a ring of illegal extreme fighters. They are known for getting fighters off the street and having them fight to the death. Some of the fighters are there of their own free will, others are coerced and forced into it. I am watching a fight, and one of the two combatants punches the other one in the face. The punch is so hard that I can both see and hear that the man's jaw isn't just broken, but shattered. I get in the way before the attacker can finish the job by killing the injured man. The man asks me what the fuck I think I'm doing, this is no place for a woman, get out of the way! I tell him if I can kick his ass, he has to let the other man live. He laughs at me and says if that happens, he'll give up fighting for good. I don't think he really expects me to try it… but I do. I fight the man, using the extra strength and martial arts skill I have in the dream state. And I kick his ass solidly. He and all the audience are stunned, clearly they had all set bets against me. I go over and heal the man with the broken jaw, he says he just wants to get home to his family. He leaves quickly. The crowd is still staring at me, stunned, when I wake up.

      Hawaii Five-O
      I am on a beach in what seems to be Hawaii, or at least it looks like the setting of Hawaii 5-O. Complete with Steve and Danny right there with me. I am staring at Steve, who is Alex O'Loughlin, and he is sooooo hot! I'm not sure what has happened to me, but it seems I am in need of having an IV hooked up to me. Danny is the one doing that, and I notice that the needle hardly hurts at all when he puts it in. I am then given the bag of stuff that has to be put into my body. I don't know what it is, but the fluid is red. It looks like red Kool-Aid. I am not paying much attention to that, just holding it up as Danny has instructed me, and I am staring at Steve. He is shirtless. I wonder if I might be drooling.

      I won't go into detail about this one, but I wanted to make note of the fact I had one of the most intense and memorable sex dreams ever! It was a hot and wild one with Sephiroth!

      Midnight Storm
      I am at the house I used to live in about 15 years ago, and I am sitting at my computer writing a program for a game. I am looking at the code on the screen and trying to find the source of an error. Outside, a thunderstorm is raging on. The thunder is so loud it really sounds more like bombs falling outside the house. It sounds so realistic that I finally get up from my seat and look out the back door, which has a nice view of the city below. I half expect to see the city in flames with bombs falling and exploding. Of course it is fine, and there are spectacular bolts of lightning flashing through the night. I look at the time, it is almost 1:00 in the morning. My mom will be home soon, though I don't remember where she has gone at this time of night. But she will come home hungry. I set to making some breakfast sandwiches. The sandwiches consist of toast with a light layer of mayo, a fried egg, a couple strips of bacon, and a small pancake. I make up two sandwiches for each of us. My mom comes in just as I am finishing. I go to cut one of the sandwiches in half with a knife but I discover it has already been cut. Did my mom do that, or did I do it without really thinking about it?
    3. I'm Alive XD

      by , 02-12-2012 at 02:36 AM
      Yeah this is my first DJ in a long time XD

      Last night's dream is little more than a fragment.

      I was in my backyard, I know that... Sometime during the dream I saw either Sephiroth or Vincent Valentine, I can't remember which. All I know is that in the end I got kissed by one of those guys. Then I woke up.

      Fail XDDD
    4. 07/06/10 Close Shut the Book of Abyss

      by , 07-09-2010 at 02:02 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I rolled over and got out of bed. The darkness in the room made it impossible to even see my own hand in front of my face. How could it be that dark? I got out of bed and groped my way through the darkness. The room seemed to go on forever. Far beyond where my bedroom door should have been I was still going. This was clearly not normal. I decided to do a RC, and found out that I was dreaming.

      I summoned a light so I could see the room I was in. Surprisingly enough, the room turned out to be my bedroom. I wondered how I had been walking forever and still not have left my room. That didn't really matter any longer. I looked around the room, trying to remember my goals. The book from the Akashic Records was sitting on my dresser. I remembered my encounter with the evil sorcerer that seemed to live inside the book. He had said he was bound to the book, and had shown clear hatred for all living things and a definite desire to get out of the book. He had said in no uncertain terms that if he had not been bound to the book he would have wanted to kill me on sight just for having light energy in me. I had not seen a single thing about him that I liked. Anything he could possibly have to teach wasn't something I wanted to learn. So instead of returning to the book I wanted to lock it back up and send it back where it came from, or even better, to a place it would never be found.

      I picked the book up off of the dresser and lied it down on my bed. It seemed completely harmless now. There was no sign of the evil contained within. Nothing on the book that could betray that it was anything other than an ordinary antique book. I had a thought in the back of my mind that maybe finding the evil sorcerer had nothing to do with the book… maybe an evil entity had seen me trying to use the book and had teleported me elsewhere to try to use me. Maybe if I was to open the book now there wouldn't be any problem with getting the information out of it. Maybe… maybe… maybe… No… that was way too many maybes. Something about that book intended to get me to go into it again, no doubt the power of that damned sorcerer. No way could he be trusted.

      The locks on the book hung open. They looked simple enough to seal again. I tried to lock the book closed. It wouldn't stay. I would fasten the lock just to have it come open again on its own. Why was that happening? That seemed like a bad sign, like the thing inside had already started the process of getting itself out. I wasn't sure how powerful that sorcerer was, but there was no way that having him get out could be considered a good thing. I tried a few more times to make the book stay sealed closed. Those ideas included different energy flows, including the one that had caused it to open and the inverse of the one that had caused it to open. Nothing worked. Maybe I would have to ask someone about this. I thought it seemed really retarded that I had opened the book and now I couldn't lock it again. I knew it would be a stupid move to go back into the book and end up releasing the sorcerer, but had I already done something incredibly stupid? If I had, then I would have to set it right. No two ways about it. That meant finding out a spell that would seal the sorcerer back into the book or into something similar or destroy the sorcerer or heal him on the off chance he had a spark somewhere in there… But maybe it wasn't down to that yet.

      Not wanting to leave the book alone for some reason, I telepathically contacted Q. I told Q what the current problem was. Q responded by saying that since Sephiroth is part dark energy, I should contact Sephiroth. Q said Sephiroth would have a better understanding of the dark energy at work inside the book. So I telepathically contacted Sephiroth. I repeated to Sephiroth what the problem with the book was. Sephiroth said he would be right there. And sure enough, only a second or so had passed before Sephiroth appeared in my room. Sephiroth came over beside me on my bed and sat down, picking the book up and taking a look at it. Sephiroth turned the book over in his hands a few times, seeming a bit puzzled. He examined the lock closely, latching it closed only to have it come open again. I asked him if he knew what was wrong. He indicated to me to be quiet, looked at the book some more, then finally said that this lock would need a specific flow of energy to seal it, just as it had needed a specific flow of energy to open it. Sephiroth examined the book a bit more and then latched the lock closed. This time it stayed locked.

      Sephiroth got up from my bed, looked at the book a bit longer, then he set the book down on my dresser. I asked him if he wasn't going to take it with him. He said not yet. He said he wasn't sure that book was supposed to be in the Akashic Records to begin with. I said I thought every book ever written was in there. Sephiroth shook his head. He said every piece of knowledge is kept there, but not every book ever written or created. Information on dark energy could surely be found there, including information on how to use it and control it. But if this book was created to house and imprison an evil entity, it surely was not intended to be in the Akashic Records. He said he was going to find out more about the book before deciding what to do with it. He added that since the book had not been bothered in my room so far, it seemed best not to move it. There would be a lot of evil forces that would love to get their hands on that book, either to claim its knowledge or even to release the sorcerer. And that would not be a good thing. I waited there a few more minutes, spent some time with Sephiroth. After spending some time with Sephiroth, I felt the dream slipping. I didn't even try to stop it. I had gotten to be very relaxed while I was with Sephiroth. So now everything in the dream faded to black and I woke.

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