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    1. vii.

      by , 07-25-2018 at 09:08 AM
      Non-dream stuff: Just some non-lucid fragments; initially tried to force recall, which I know not to do, so I quickly stopped trying to remember hard and got up and made tea.

      Fragment 1:

      I remember being outdoors, and this was near the end of a dream sequence; there was grass and a dirt path, and along the dirt path was a concrete cylindrical shape jutting out, it was a sewer entrance, as it had a massive brown-looking lid on top. I was showing it to someone, I think my partner, and said something like "... and this is where we went in.", in reference to something that happened before in the dream. I remember it might have been day time but it was dark, I think the weather was overcast.

      Fragment 2:

      I remember yeast, of the same type used in baking; I remember seeing it, but that's about it.

      Fragment 3:

      I remember being in a dropship of some kind. I think this fragment was actually from before Fragment 1.

      • The sewer lid and concrete structure were reminiscent of what they're like in my native country.,
      • The first dream sequence was actually very long, but I managed to forget most of it somehow. I think my intention to make note of dreams in the morning is being neglected, i.e. I need to start setting this intention before bed.
    2. SA2 And Roaming In The Sewers

      by , 09-06-2017 at 03:33 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      For some reason I'm playing Pyramid Cave with Knuckles on my Wii (With a GameCube controller). The stage is essentially a large halo around two bottomless pits. One in the center and one surrounding the outer perimeter of the ring.

      I'm gliding around the stage, and this one gust of wind keeps knocking me into the bottomless pit as I attempt to speedrun the stage. I eventually get fed up and hop into a yellow toilet with Knuckles still being in control.

      The perspective then changes to first person as I (In my dumb, dreamy state) am holding a GameCube controller in my hand; now controlling Gamma from Sonic Adventure. I'm in a yellow, empty sewage pipe and I'm walking from one side to the other.

      After reaching a dead end, I then decide to turn back where I came from. An air of uneasyness bestows upon me as I look around every corner, as if I was imagining something was gonna jump out and scare me. Gamma disappeared at that point and I was there, alone, in the sewer pipe.

      I make it to the end of the pipe (Where for some reason there is a broken down toilet inside a stall and an unused sink next to it.

      My mom and her 'friend' (Who didn't exist in real life but was just a DC) then open a door. I then breathe a sigh of relief. They start talking to me about something, but I go back out through the door, where the dream then ended.


      1. I seemed to have a dreamlike acknowledgement of the dreamscape. As I feared something would pop out at me because it was a dream and all part of my imagination.

      2. The color yellow was very much prevalent in the dream. Everything in the sewer was yellow, except for the one puddle of water I stepped in.
    3. YES two hazy lucid dreams, a third pseudo-lucid, and a few others!

      by , 08-26-2017 at 04:14 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I need to remember to update my LD count on my profile.

      So last night was exceptionally memorable for whatever reason, and I also was privileged to wake up a lot in order to write them down, but was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly. It's a shame that college is starting up again so soon. Don't get me wrong, I love college, but it's hard to get enough sleep.

      This time, though, it's going to happen. I will figure out a way!

      Okay so last night's dreams:

      Dream 1: A new romance novel is coming out. A middle-aged lady (pale skin, black hair) of about 45 falls in love with like a 23 year old man. She decides to cast a spell to make him a bit older, but only by 2 or 3 years. Hmmm. Non-lucid.

      Dream 2: Non-lucid. I was in some sort of park or playground, by a large open entrance to what looked like a sewer. There was a guy there with superpowers, and a group of friends. I was standing by the sewer entrance, and there were tons of flies and rats. The rats were slowly being driven insane by the contamination of the sewer.

      I watched one panicked rat as it was slowly devoured by the flies. As the illness started to take control of its mind, its eyes started to turn hostile looking. Now, I think that rats are kinda cute IRL, but in that dream I completely flipped out. Turns out, I can fly, so I do, towards the group of people and away from the rats and flies. ._. Someone in the group of friends "fell asleep to see if we truly cared" - I don't recall that though; it's just in my dream journal.

      I also think that I was someone else in that dream, or had a different appearance. This doesn't happen to me too often.

      Dream 3: I became lucid a short while into a dream where some of the people were anime characters and the rest of the people were normal. A friend from college (Dylan) was there - not in anime form though; he looked normal. I got really excited and asked him if he knew that we were in a dream. He said something along the lines of "Well yeah. You know not everything is real right?" And I said "Yep!" and went to the kitchen for some reason. :') Lots of anime people all around~! I think I asked some other people about that as well.

      There was a vending machine by the kitchen, and my mom was there, getting me milk and apple juice. Why, when I am a fully grown adult? I have no idea. But for some reason, I'm getting really annoyed because my mom got like 3 apple juices and 1 milk, but I wanted more milk than that. I was getting confused because I looked inside the vending machine, but the milk was completely gone. I think that this might have been either part of another dream, or my lucidity had faded by this point.

      Dream 4: In another dream, I think I was trying to sleep in some room, protecting myself from spiders and a bear in another room by putting blankets and stuff under my bed so that way the blankets would deter them (underneath my bed, a hole in the wall led to another room where the bear and spiders dwelt). Weird stuff. Non-lucid.

      Dream 5: I was going to be sold into slavery, but I didn't care because I quickly realized that I was in a dream. Randomly. It's weird; I didn't do an RC or have any dream signs or anything. I just knew. I realized that I wasn't wearing any shoes, so I made some appear. They were black and another color; I don't remember which though. A lady led us into a room, into a spaceship or something that was supposed to take us to the place where we would be enslaved. I was there with a bunch of girls and only a few guys. Tess (my tulpa!) was flirting with me and hitting on me, and other girls were there too occasionally taking part. We were all in a really good mood and I think it's because I knew it was a dream. :')

      Dream 6: A split second dream. Tess and I were in front of a revolving door at some mall. I was lucid during this time, but then I woke up before I could do anything.
    4. almost forgotten Storm Megazord dream

      by , 11-10-2016 at 06:33 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at some kind of park like place and was riding on something. What ever it was it tipped over with me on it and now I'm hanging on to a small thing on a rope. I'm upside down and there was water below me. To make things harder I also had one of my Megazords in my hands and didn't want to end up dropping it into the water and losing it. I'm trying hard to get up as what ever it was I was on slowly gave away until I fell completely into the water. It is a pool and I'm swimming around in it and dropped my toy in it. At first it remained together but then it fell apart and the pieces sank down. I was just about to go under and get the pieces when suddenly I began to see at first dolphins swimming around me but then they turned into baby Killer whales (the black and white ones), blocking my view and crowding me. I suddenly became lucid and told the dream that I didn't not want these here and to get rid of them now.

      After that I find myself in another dream with my Lucidity lost. There is some kind of Music playing and sounded peaceful and verse less. The place was mostly dark and looked like it was in some kind of sewer place. The Storm Megazord was there and he had a monster cornered and because of the music I wanted him to get the monster. The zord charged at the unseen monster, grabbing it into its arms and then I woke up just as the Music playing from my Wii U ended.

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    5. Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth

      by , 11-10-2015 at 05:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth (DILD)


      Surprisingly, I had little interest in recalling this dream, but if I keep doing that in general, I probably wouldn't bother to recall dreams that could be really awesome to depict visually in the future. I should continue doing more image streaming sessions during my days off from work, or at least a few minutes, or so for whatever day. I seem to undermine the ease of recalling things, especially ones that I try to capture immediately after experiencing them.

      Iím watching myself play a game, or at least thatís what it seemed at first, where youíre presumed to have to escape from a white dragon thatís hell-bent in killing you with its fangs. Thereís a lot of quick time events that entail having to go left and right along with a third person perspective when you reach certain areas that allow this.

      The quick time events mostly involve you being in a first person perspective being capable of crawling through the sewers with ease, but with ominous music playing, and hearing the subtle nuances of the dragonís breathing, and mode of action as well, it makes the experience horrifying. The white dragon would even declare sardonic statements of how one would be close to his death very soon, and such.

      The overall color scheme within the sewer labyrinth involves green, black, and a swamp-murky gray color, mostly for any water thatís streaming, or standing still. The transitioning from choosing left or right was very fluid, and had the dream-esque quality of weightlessness to it. It almost seemed as if the sewer dungeon itself was tilting, albeit very subtly. Or, it could just be the harsh movements of going left or right, and feeling as if my body is tilting to accommodate for the implication of fluid transitions.

      There were several moments where I was in close contact with the white dragon, but mostly due to me being a bit clever into tricking it into thinking I was at a certain location. I was completely oblivious to the general layout of the sewer labyrinth, and chose left and right in a non-sequential matter.

      Whenever I would partake in events where I visualized myself in a third person perspective with the camera being behind my shoulders, I noticed a sense of urgency to augment my pace in running, as I knew the white dragon would be less restricted in movement as well. I even had the audacity to visually scroll around behind me to see this dragon coming after me, and it was only 20 feet or so away from me.

      For some reason, I felt the environment itself with its ominous setting may have skewed my perception of the white dragon as I would imagine it being just as dark and tyrannical. Though, with a previous quick time event situation where it clamped my body in half, I beg to differ. Thereís one event with the third person perspective where Iím inching my way towards the next hole, or entrance to randomly partake in. Iím wearing a shirt/sweater/jacket hybrid of some sort, and the sleeves are rolled up a bit. Iím wearing black pants as we well with some dark shoes; not sure of the exact color, though.

      The space around me seemed more natural than polluted for some reason, and I started to realize that the general layout of what seemed like an ancient sewer was merely the ancient aesthetics being seen as slightly vulgar to me. There was this large green base for the ground that was surrounded by a stream of water going in a circular motion, or being still for some circumstances. The walls were made of a rocky composition, and for some areas, there would be a faint white stream of light above me. But, because of what I felt were my limitations at the time, and the dragon being able to fly as well, I figured having to muster willpower to escape via flying would be futile at best.

      And with this dragon chasing me while I tried to find an end route from this dungeon, I was predisposed into thinking that it was trying to hide something that I could tap into inwardly for whatever purpose to be cherished, I think. It wasnít the dragon being able to chew, maul, or tear me into pieces that was the issue, but more so having to potentially repeat the whole experience of going through this seemingly grandiose labyrinth.

      It got to the point where Iím almost out of the area, however, the logic of the experience entailed that I had to distract the dragon into going into a large body of water while I would have to land to the left of a nearby cliff that would lead me to wherever. If the dragon comes along with me to the nearby cliff, it would profess that I failed in my escape.

      So, there were several dream equivocations going on with transitioning in and out from this. First, the experience was translated into one where people thought it was some virtual experiential reality that they could treat as a video game. I would even go so far into saying that people would be tempted into making a video game out of it, and I even imagined someone like Markiplier wanting to play it as well. It got to the point where one could acquire a map of the whole ancient labyrinth.

      However, it was more than just simply navigating through the multitude of paths as there were certain switches you had to activate to determine the path you would choose. A lot of the switches, doors, and such were color-coded while the actual paths were mostly a milky gray color. Looking at the map, I could barely find an exit, but I was eventually able to find out since whenever you pressed on the map for certain areas, it would emit an orange trail to one of the exits.

      The two main pairs of switches consisted of a blue and green color. They were outside of the entrance to the labyrinth, and the environment around them had a mťlange of high-tech machinery, and the basic composition of nature. It seemed that this area had connotations of a lost technological community along with some stylizations akin to Aztec, Mayans, and what have you.

      People were navigating around this area, and they all varied in existence. Some were children, some were very old, and they all had varied body weights as well. I was fairly skeptical of some that seemed a bit more grandiose in size as it would probably be difficult for them to enter it in the first place. It bothered me that these individuals treated this experience like a video game of some sort, which may have been an autonomous process set out for me to synch with this treatment of the dream.

      But for me, there was something that the dragon wanted to protect militantly. Some people even tried to go at the dungeon only to be reset back to this location with the main switches being pressed or back to their original position. It felt a bit consoling that there was an imaginative collective effort to figure out all of the intricacies of this area because it seemed like a nightmare, especially without the map.

      For some reason, even with the map, I still felt skeptical of planning out my movements because I inferred that there would be some kind of surprise; difficulty wise, pace wise, and such that would make the seemingly pre-determined paths selected equal in mystery.

      There was a point in the dream, or maybe this is another dream altogether that was sequential to this one where I imagined myself near a region that consisted of bars, fast food chains, and a Starbucks. Apparently, one could access the labyrinth via the manholes set out on the roads. I didnít pay too much attention into wanting to get there through the manholes, but for whatever reason, I guess I was out here for more answers about something that I couldnít remember.

      I eventually transitioned back into the base of the entrance to the ancient labyrinth, and invested a lot of time looking at the map, and figuring out how I should assess myself should I ever want to go back. I would even visualize myself going through a virtual experiential reality within this virtual experiential reality, ironically, and figuring out when the dragon would appear, and what I would have to do. It made me wonder if I spent most of the dream visualizing this in my head without even going through the labyrinth. And thatís why bothered me the most because if this were the case, for all I know, the actual experience would be something completely different from what conjured up in my head even though this would be experienced within my own cognition.

      The inwardness of the dream diluted the nightmare-like disposition of the experience in general, and became something more like a competitive event even though said implication was in guise of wanting to make it as such to again distract myself from thinking it was a nightmare having to deal with the white dragon; kind of like a self-reflection of how my mind would conceptualize certain events, and utilizing whatever autonomous process to suppress, regress, repress, and such to skew the experience in general.

      Every time I felt tempted to have a go at the ancient labyrinth, I would go back to the same circular process of imagining myself doing so, and being dissatisfied at the end result.
    6. Brown Haired Girl

      by , 05-26-2015 at 06:38 PM

      The world is ending in a metropolis of a city full of towering building of hard and unforgiving concrete. I hurried through the city eventually reaching a ďsewerĒ of pipes underground. The sewer was large, tall enough to fit a small edifice and wide enough to fit a group of 10 people side by side. There were people with me, though I donít know whom. I was supposed to stay with them but I wandered off. I emerged in a room, vastly larger than the underground sewer. The ceiling opened up into the sky, with a hole at the top where rubble had fallen, exposing the sunlight. And in the room there was fresh vegetation, green and wet with what looked like morning dew. There I was with two other people. One was DC (not a dc ) and the other was a girl I did not recognize. The girl was skinny in what I recall to be sporty clothes. She seemed to be an explorer. Her hair was brown and cut short to the shoulders. My conversation fell upon the girl. I donít remember what precisely was said, but she seemed talkative and conversing with her was easy. I soon became very friendly, until I was flirting with her, asking her questions, talking with humor, maintaining a flow while avoiding awkward silence. I must have had to go because I was next at a trailer park. Or maybe not a trailer park since there was only one house I remember. It did seem to be a trailer or RV type house. There was a long driveway up to the house. Poor dream recall will end the dream prematurely here.
      Tags: city, girl, sewer
    7. [19-04-2015]

      by , 04-19-2015 at 10:10 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was playing a roguelike game, which had an option to turn on 3D graphics mode. I pressed Tab, to check how it worked. With a press of a button all the models and textures appeared. I ran around for a while, just to see if there are any glitches, and there weren't.

      I decided to stop playing and do something another instead, but then my younger sister appeared, and told me that she wants to play it. I started up a new game, set up skills and equipment to highest possible and let her play. I went to drink some tee.

      Next I decided to check how's my sister playing. She wasn't sitting near the PC. I turned around and saw her in a heavy, plate armor, weilding a huge claymore in one hand, and shield in another. The armor was purple, made from some kind of refined ore.

      She tried to attack me. I jumped on my bed, and started to shout incantation of a spell, and then touched her head, as she haven't had helmet. Then I told:

      - I killed us both. It was rain of fire.

      Then I went to the PC, and started playing again. I watched the surroundings while walking the mountain path. I climbed down to a lake, and swam to a huge square in front of a palace surrounded by mountain peaks. I was sneaking, trying to enter the palace. From the entrance I turned right, and went up the stairs.

      There was a corridor, and wooden door in the end. Suddenly a zombie opened the door. I ran out and jumped into a lake. After a while I swam to the surface, and saw a huge undead army running all around. I decided to run inside the palace, dodging around all the zombies.

      Suddenly a trapdoor opened, and I've fallen into an enormous sewer. The stream of stinking water was too strong, and it pushed me down into a deep chasm. I haven't survived it.
    8. 10-4-14 Get free eggs! Drink earth water!

      by , 10-09-2014 at 05:38 PM
      I saw the earth from space. Millions of blinking red beacons, like cell phone towers, were scattered over the land surface. They reached way up into the sky. I saw the continent of Atlantis, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. For some reason, the area of earth Atlantis was on shifted south, and I could see that another piece of land lay directly underneath where it had been.

      A strange man was feeding a young boy some pink goo that he called earth water. It was actually menstrual emissions. Eating it produced a chicken egg in the boy's hand.

      My mother and her mother were having a dinner party in a sewer system. I set up a disco ball over the table.

      My dead father had somehow been resurrected. He was much different from what he had been. All he cared about were cows and money. I didn't feel like he really loved me.

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    9. 8/10/2014

      by , 09-10-2014 at 03:50 AM
      I was on a plane traveling to a different country. When we landed, everyone waited around for someone to pick us up but we realized that we had missed our train, so we went into a subway that looked like a sewer system. My group grabbed wooden sticks to use as weapons and I had my pistol. As we moved through the subway, one of the team members found a small boat in the middle of the sewer so we got on it. We sailed through the water and started seeing figures that looked like zombies. Since we weren't making noise, they didn't attack us as we passed them. Suddenly, something happened that made me have to use my pistol, which made the zombies attack us. A bear appeared behind us and started charging towards the group. I shot at the beat several times but I knew that I wouldn't hurt it with a 9mm bullet. The bear threw me into the water and that scene repeated twice.
      After the third time, I was able to kill the bear by putting my gun in his mouth, causing his teeth to break. The team kept moving forward while fighting the zombies. We regrouped after killing a large dog. Some girl said I had an ugly cheek and I said "Oh well" The view then changed to a beautiful green valley and it looked like I was flying through it.
    10. Lucky night

      by , 01-04-2014 at 03:51 PM
      Dream 1: [COLOR="#800080"]I'm on the top of a mountain and there is a lot of snow on it. I see a chairlift thingy that you can travel with from cities to cities. I tell mom that we should use it, she's quite afraid but accepts. We get on the chairlift and it's speed is really fast. I fall from it but mom doesn't so she continues her adventure without caring. [/COLOR]
      Dream 2: [COLOR="#800080"]I apparently went to search for that "Aura" again. I'm in a sewer and I look around for some tubes. I finally find them and I go through them even though they're small as hell and I have no idea how I got into them. I keep crawling and there are a lot of challenges that someone forces me to do. I do them but then I suspect that if I do those challenges I'll sell my soul to satan(wut). When I wanna do the last challenge the "someone" transforms into a scissor and it keeps giving me directions on where to go and instructions on what to do. I eventually get out of those tubes and I see a bed but right when I'm about to jump on the bed someone screams loud : "EARTHQUAKE" and the ground starts shaking. I jump on the wall and start running up so I can get to the top. I get to the top and jump out of the building and I start laughing and stuff. I somehow got in the front of my high-school and there are lots of people. One of the girls tells me that her parents are really violent and that they have mental isuess and I get really sad so I hug her.[/COLOR]
      Dream 3 : [COLOR="#800080"]I get out of my school and I find this green turtle. I pick it up and she bites me. I slap her a little and then she starts to get really violent. I run into my apartment complex and I realize that the turtle can't really come up for some reasons. I look at her and laugh then I go upstairs and I see Lady Gaga doing some weird music videos probably.[/COLOR]
      Dream 4: [COLOR="#800080"]I'm somewhere near a river. There are colorful flowers around the river and the place looked just amazing. I ask a girl where we are and the girl says that we are in Japan. She keeps telling me stuff about Japan and then I tell her that there is a huge difference between Romania and Japan.I tell her that I wanted to move in Korea but now I wanna move in Japan. I get closer to the river and there are some weird purple tiny creatures that jump on you. (I also kind of remember something about the cherry blossoms trees, their leaves kept falling)[/COLOR]
      Dream 5: [COLOR="#800080"]I'm at high-school and there seems to be a special actvity. People were crazy and kept doing all kind of weird stuff. The school looked extremely colorful. A girl tells me that we need to exchange classrooms with another class. I run fast to the other class and they have an english lesson going on. I fastly pack up my stuff and then the teacher asks if someone knows what "activitate" means in english(Activitate means activity). I tell the teacher that I know the answer but then I'm like : "Wait, I don't belong to this class" and start laughing. I walk out of the class and right when I'm at the door the teacher says: "Anna, you can tell the answer". I get back but then realize there's another Anna in the class and I run out of it embarassed.[/COLOR]
      Dream 6(fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]Something about me when I was in the kindergarten. I think people were ignoring me and stuff.[/COLOR]
      Dream 7(fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]I was in a house that looked like a mushroom and there were 2 girls in it that welcomed me.[/COLOR]
      Dream 8(fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]Talking with Hathor28 and she is sick.[/COLOR]

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    11. The Black Lady

      by , 12-11-2012 at 09:21 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      8:11 am

      A lady in black dress. Long, curly black hair. Black around the eyes. She has a hole on top of her head.

      A strange place, and we're investigating the sewer area. Probably due to reading Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. It was dirty and filthy. There's a huge, dog-like creature there, and it chased us. I was able to dodge it quiet easily and happily. This is probably due to watching Resident Evil: Retribution and/or Underworld.

      My friends and I are watching the clouds, and commented about how some clouds are actually pollution going up to the sky, and we resolve to not create those kinds of pollution. This reminds me of the time we were on Taal Lake, and I saw clouds from the cities that looked like they're smoke from the ground.

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    12. Fire Escape

      by , 11-17-2012 at 08:33 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #30: Fire Escape

      I'm leading a group of perhaps a dozen small children down a fire escape. We're on the third floor, there's no railing (!), and the kids are wandering everywhere. I'm holding hands with two of them and trying desperately to corral the others with my feet. My anxiety level is out of sight and I don't know how to get them down safely. To my horror, a pair of the kids wander off of the unrailed fire escape, falling to the ground below. One of the fallen kids seems to hurt his ankle and the other gets a huge gash on his arm. I scoop the rest of the kids up under my arms and run down to the bottom, grateful that they're not more badly hurt.

      Later, Wife and I are standing on a viewing platform at the top of a skyscraper. It's night and I'm leaning against the railing, recounting to her what happened, still feeling really rotten. I tell her, "It was like some kind of nightmare..." I get suspicious, perform a nose pinch RC
      and now I have it all figured out.

      I'm overjoyed not only to be lucid but also that nobody actually got hurt and none of that earlier stuff even happened. I float up and then fly off into the night, forgetting entirely to say goodbye to Wife. I fly over the city, circling around another skyscraper before banking left. Ahead of me is an empty bridge that crosses a bay. I fly under it, performing a high-speed barrel roll as I go. It feels amazing, but as I emerge from under the bridge, my vision goes completely dark.

      I'm still flying, though. I can feel cool air rushing past my body, so I just go with it, flying blind for a while. I don't want to lose my lucidity so I start belting out songs that talk about flying. I think that I may have mostly performed Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly" but I sometimes suffer from musical confusion in lucid dreams. Whatever song it was, I was really going for it and I became vaguely worried that my sleeping body might be singing too.

      I suddenly find myself standing in our master bedroom, no longer in flight. The room's dark and Wife is asleep on her side of the bed, but I'm not fooled. Still dreaming. For some reason, I drag our bookcase out into the middle of the room to see how realistic it feels. (Very.) But then I worry that Wife will get up to go the bathroom and run into it, so I shove it back into place.

      I float downstairs and head to the back door. I know that it's deadbolted shut, so I phase through, the glass pane chilling my skin like cool water. I remember that I want to find Purgatory for the Task of the Month. I imagine as Dante described it -- as a terraced mountain located somewhere in the seas of the southern hemisphere. I take flight again and start looking for it.
      I realize now that I flew north instead of south... oops! Somehow I wind up flying into a huge cavern that takes me downward into a sewer, where I'm soon lost.

      Rather than flowing with things, I become alarmed and want to find my way out of this "mess" to get back on track. The ceilings are low so I'm forced to run through the (fortunately quite pristine) sewer water. There's daylight somewhere up ahead and I race through twisting, turning passageways to find it.

      I finally spot a hole in the ceiling up ahead with daylight streaming through it (is it daytime now?) Unfortunately, along with the daylight, a steady stream of enormous, squealing rats is pouring in through the hole as well. They come right for me, and I'm not thinking clearly enough to come up with a clever plan. I punch the rats in the head or their potato-like bodies when they draw near, and each time I do the rat flops limply onto its back, not moving.

      I'm almost to the hole when Erik Estrada himself steps in front of me, telling me to stop. I've unfortunately gotten swept up into caveman mode and I summon a weapon with which to fight Erik Estrada. Fortunately, I look at my right hand and discover that the "weapon" I summoned is just a modest zucchini squash. As the dream fades, I tell Erik Estrada that I am "really sorry about that", but he doesn't seem to hear.

    13. 3/6/12 Traveling to a Circus

      by , 03-06-2012 at 01:24 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was with my friends. We were walking down down to a train station, I don't know where. Once we arrived, I noticed that you had two type of passes to get on the train. The "poor" pass and the "regular" pass. Regular passes were much more expensive than the poor passes. So we just bought some poor passes, thinking, this can't be that bad. So we walked to where we were supposed to board. A sign above us said "poor". To the right a little ways was the "regular" sign. We walked under the poor sign and sighed at the scene ahead of us.

      A gaping sewer was in front of us, with only a narrow walkway to use when walking through it. The walkway was positioned attached to the sewer wall, and it was like a ramp. Once you got to the end of this ramp, you had to jump over a small gap (sewer water filled this gap), if you missed, you fell in. And you don't want to fall in.

      I carefully walked down the ramp with my buddies behind me. We inched along the wall, trying not to make any sudden moves. When I got to the end of the ramp, I crouched down for some reason. Looking into the water, I see tons of small greyish-brownish things. No, they're not what you think they were. I looked closer and saw their ears, whiskers, and tail. It was rats! Hundreds and hundreds of rats were being swept about this sewer!

      Disgusted, I decided to jump. I made it across gingerly, but one of my friends fell in. He immediately hopped onto where I was standing, and he was okay. We all made it safely to the train. I bet we stunk though.

      When we got to the circus later on, my friend told me she was one of the ringleader's biggest fans. I told her to go talk to him. After a while, she came back and told me that he had given her a regular pass for the train. I got jealous.
      Tags: sewer, train
    14. Pizza catch

      by , 06-30-2011 at 01:04 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in a huge sewer. One part sloped upwards and was filled with pepperoni pizzas and beach balls. I saw my mom. She asked if I wanted to play catch. Oh, not with the beach balls, with the pizzas. After a while I said I needed to go, because I had to collect the pizzas for something my mom got really mad, saying the only reason I played pizza catch was so that I could take the pizzas after.
    15. April 10 2011: Insert unimaginative title here

      by , 04-11-2011 at 07:10 AM (The path to Lucid Mastery)

      The reason I chose this title is because this dream is too weird to give a matching name. It includes princesses, sewers and theme parks.

      When the dream started I was in our school with another guy I didn't know. I hardly got the time to look around as we charged into a classroom that was empty save for a girl in a wide, pink dress. She started mocking us about how we'd fallen into her trap (wait, trap?) and then some guys armed with close-combat weapons (swords, maces, etc) came in through the door we just used and drove us into a corner. The guy who was with me jumped through a hole in the ground and urged me to do the same.

      The unfriendly looking guys with weapons were enough encouragement for me so I jumped into the hole as well, landing in water. I looked around and noticed I was in the sewers. Nobody came after us so I assumed we were safe and I started swimming in the direction the other guy was swimming. I quickly caught up to him and overtook him because I wanted to get out as quickly as possible. But then I noticed something in the distance; we were swimming straight towards a waterfall! I turned around and luckily the current wasn't strong enough to pull me towards the waterfall. I kept swimming backwards on my back and entered the larger space we were in when we entered. The other guy had climbed onto a metal chain hanging from the ceiling and I soon noticed why.

      Behind me were a lot of machines in the water, apparently for cleaning the water. Because I was lying on my back I noticed them too late and when I got up straight in the water to prepare swimming forwards on my belly my left shoulder got caught inside of one of the machines. The machine didn't hurt me when I got caught in it, but if I'd get any further in I'd be crushed. Lucky for me, the other guy had gotten to me already and quickly pulled me out. I decided it'd be better to climb up one of those chains as well. While hanging there, I noticed the ceiling was made of loose rocks. I started pulling the chain and some rocks began to get loose. The other guy started too and I hoped somebody at the top would notice the trembling.

      So it did as a few seconds later an excavator came through the ceiling and picked us up, placing us safely above the ground again. When I looked around I noticed the other guy was gone, as was the excavator. I was standing in the middle of what appeared to be a large theme park, with a lot of canals running through it. It looked a bit like Venice. I walked to the shore of the nearest canal and climbed into a boat my parents were in as well. They were all sitting at a huge table loaded with all kinds of food. I sat down as well and dug in. When we were finished eating a waiter appeared out of nowhere (we had already set sail) and asked us to pay the bill. To my horror, I had to pay my own share! I tried to ask my parents about that but they were suddenly gone, leaving me in a restaurant (the boat and the theme park had vanished completely) with the waiter. I paid him the money, walked out of the restaurant and woke up.

      I missed a lot of chances to become lucid in this weird dream, but I did gain something from it! So far all of my dreams had my parents in them, so now I can safely assume they are a dream sign. Hopefully that will help me getting a succesfull DILD!
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