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    1. mmmm....

      by , 06-30-2010 at 09:35 PM
      I went into some sort of moving vehicle/ride thing... 2 attractive women were in there. One of which was reluctant at first but then let me fondle her breasts ..
      Tags: boobs, sex
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. First Lucid of the Journal and a Fragment

      by , 06-30-2010 at 08:45 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm walking on the halls of the research station, and I see V coming back from a lover's tryst. As she climbs the stairs, her low-cut shirt reveals her cleavage, and I am overcome with jealousy. I then catch a glimpse of MB, living in a different room, and my vision zooms in on her computer, where she's texting a new interest.

      2. V and I are playing D&D on the overpass of a local highway. Each of us pulls out a D20 and rolls, heedless of the cars streaking past us. I'm low to the ground, and as the dice stops, I notice the cursive 11 on its side slowly morphing into a 7. I PASS this reality check, and realizing I'm lucid, I manage to resolve the scene around me into waking-like focus and feeling. The pavement feels grainy and coarse, the sun is mildly hot, and I feel in perfect control of my arms and legs. Suddenly, she tells me to run for a football pass, and as she does I feel the ground beneath my legs and run. I feel the impact of the ball in my hands, and somewhat inspired by this, I do the turn-summon to place her in a cheerleader's outfit. It's blue and gold (colors with no particular importance) and very revealing. Confidently I stride up to her, and we engage in a passionate kiss. It feels just like waking life but when I try to turn things towards actual intercourse, I lose lucidity and fall out of the dream.
    3. Old House Fragment

      by , 06-21-2010 at 12:46 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      I false awaken into my bedroom in my old house. I know one of my friends is taking me to a concert later in the day, but it's really early, and my first instinct is to jack off and kill some time. I grab a porn story printout from my bedstand and go to my basement, but I can't focus due to all the the noises and creaks down there. I spend the rest of the dream trying to stop those noises, turning various switches on and off to silence the washer, dryer, and buzzing fluorescent lights. Here are about ten consecutive failed RCs, as I realize these switches seem to take random effects on the machinery.
    4. Two Types of Sexual Frustration

      by , 06-17-2010 at 07:19 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      V and I are attending a movie, a biology documentary about wetland habitats. The screen is huge and very high-definition; underwater photography, alligators, and birds are all shown in stunning detail. After watching for a while, we move closer and closer, and finally close to kiss. The ensuing makeout is full of energy and passion, and I vividly feel both tongues writhing. There's so much energy, in fact, that she knocks out the filling from my front tooth. Its texture, hard and ugly, now enters the dream, and my brain pulls me out presumably to avoid that feeling.

      I wake up (IRL, not a false awakening, thanks to RCs and my own dream journal), but when I go back to bed the dream has continued with a shift of scenes. We're now in the bathroom of the movie theatre, preparing to have sex. I try to hurry up and begin to piss... and I keep pissing. I notice, too late, that the urinal I chose has someone's shit blocking the drain, and soon the water starts to overflow. I have no choice but to continue, but as V knocks on the door to check on me the urinal breaks out of the ground! Water, piss, and shit start flowing everywhere, and she steps in the refuse with her heavy boots. The mood is, to say the least, ruined. I stumble out of the toilet trying to clean myself up and salvage the night, but another student from the research station, S, is crying to herself and washing glassware in the sink. I have no peace and wake up very frustrated.
    5. #56. A cat!

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:06 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I feel a steady pull somewhere, like I'm being summoned. Images of an immense stone cavern, alive with a bright blue energy.

      I seem to be on a road trip with my family. We get mixed up with the local vampires, and I have half of the population out to kill me. I'm standing in a hotel room with off-white walls and a duvet on the bed, talking to a woman with short blonde hair. She's an important figure to the vampires, and she's giving me information that might help me survive. We're planning something.

      Memory of a red metal door and what might be a gymnasium. Being chased by the vampires, slamming the door into the face/arm of one of them as I run outside. It's daylight, but I'm not sure if that bothers them. Outside a brick building, patches of green grass growing weed-like in the gravel.

      Space dream. Mentions of Kyle Katarn. I'm in a ship, dark metal interior. A DC thinks he's intimidating, but I don't feel the least bit threatened. Semi-lucid, I'm thinking about writing things down later. Sex dream.

      Weird FA. I still feel half-stuck in the dreamworld, but not immersed in it. I think about waiting at the Twin Towers that Walms mentioned as a possible meeting place, pull up an image of what used to be there. I'm standing on top of the north tower, beside the antenna. I think about the Task of the Month, jumping off a skyscraper. I watch my dream avatar jump from the building and land on her feet, as if I'm watching a video clip. The scale is all wrong; the DA is too tall in comparison to the building beside her.

      I'm Neal Caffrey from White Collar, helping to catch people. The dream-plot is nonsensical, and my surroundings are wavy coloured lines over white. I talk to Peter Burke about the people we caught by running into them with more wavy coloured lines that might have been a car.

      "OMFG A CAT!" I shout, pointing. A cat walks along the driveway. I have no idea what context could turn this into a momentous event. Maybe all the animals are dead?

      A CAT! Scare Factor: 3.
    6. #30. Dude, Where's My Car?

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:29 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm wandering around a casino parking lot, looking for my car. Two other people are there, one of whom I met at a first aid course a couple weeks ago. The other one might be my friend Miranda. I think I spot my car, but it turns out it belongs to Mel, the first aid girl. It looks remarkably similar to my car until I realize that the plates don't match. My plates are --- ---, I remember with perfect clarity. Also, she parked rather crazily, and apparently I consider myself the better driver. We then find my dad's car close by. Maybe I drove this one? No.

      Making out with a girl in a bathroom.

      Having a conversation on another forum about whether I can be considered bisexual if I'm pansexual. Um... yes.

      Dude, Where's My Car? Scare Factor: 1. Reaction: There goes a dream-sign.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. #25. Nitwit Protagonists Take 2

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:16 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Perspective switches like whoa.

      Mad Scientists in Halifax. There's a pool ready for some Olympic event, and there are a lot of people crowded throughout the room, but no one in the pool.


      I'm travelling through a Middle Eastern country by car. Two families are in the car together, neither is mine, and the characters who are sitting in the 5-person capacity car keep rotating out on me. We/They are passing farms on either side, scattered across the hilly prairie like they are, well, on the prairies. The hills are practically mountainous, they're so steep, and the grid road has been built up a lot so that it doesn't have to follow such a treacherous path. I see people wandering the hills on camels, and wonder if I'm driving through a stereotype. Miranda's driving. I collaborate with a girl in the backseat, trying to find a way to make bread on the road. Just... because.

      We/They are walking into a tourist trap.

      "McDonald's!" I cry with faux glee. They really are everywhere, goddamnit.

      The group heads to a sign that says bathrooms, and also has baths. We've been on the road for a while, and would really appreciate a chance to get clean. These are public baths, divided by gender. The group crowds around the front desk, looking at the signs on the desk for how much it would cost them to use the baths.

      Somehow, this represents prices.

      One of the girls catches up just as the rest of the group goes in. She doesn't have enough money? So she/I go(es) into one of the unisex bathrooms that are supposed to be private. Some random freaky guy shows up and she/I kick(s) his ass in a fight and then she takes off. Then I'm collectively the entire group of girls trying to figure out what happened and making up the story as they go.

      Someone who looks like Cordelia Chase shows up and starts insulting everyone who works at the front desk no matter what their nationality is. DC behind the desk shifts into four different people.

      I might be in an episode of a made-up season of Digimon, except there are no Digimon. There is an attempt to peer and squint at my handwriting, before I give up and just make shit up a group of characters that are replaced by new people when the original characters are taken out of the game die. A girl named Risa Cooper becomes the new Joy to much fanfare. She might be the girl from the previous dream.

      There are two boys who seem to be best enemies. I alternate between their points of view for a while. Apparently, one of them is destined to kill the other, but neither of them wants to very much. They keep getting near to finishing the other one off, then backing off and doing it all again. They work together to defeat a monster. Then they put the eggs of the monster in the ground with the body and a bunch of fish or something. Then they bury it and decide that will hold them for a few years. Zooming back into a view of the desert.

      I'm watching the episode online, and think about leaving a review via Stumbleupon along the lines of "You fucking idiots, why do you not smash things to pieces then bury everything in separate fucking places so they do not immediately have something to feed on upon hatching."

      Nitwit Protagonists Take 2. Scare Factor: 3. Reaction: WTF.

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    8. Research Station Fragments

      by , 06-10-2010 at 09:02 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I go to visit my friend P, who is living at the rural research station I currently live it IRL. We talk of nerdy things and eat cake in the library, nothing outrageous or illegal, and then my mom comes to pick me up. Out of the blue, P asks where we should do weed next time; I fear for my mom ever letting me visit the kid again, but he seems nonchalant.

      2. While talking with P in the library about applications of force, I find a rocket launcher and use it to bring down a nuclear-armed helicopter. I go back in, then realize another chopper is on the way. This time the rocket fails, and I see the chopper fly up to drop its nuke. Not wanting to die alone, I tell P I have to go do something, and climb the steps to seek out a crush from the research station named V. She's walking to her car as I climb up, and from the stairs I call out for her to wait. When I get down, I explain the situation, and she agrees to let me not die a virgin. There is some confusion as to where we'll do it, but the dream ends before anything,

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    9. Raging 69 (24 August 2004)

      by , 06-05-2010 at 12:44 AM (Way of the Lizard)
      Wow. Best dream sex ever. Raging 69 with someone I should pro'lly not be dream-banging....but what the hell, that was nice.
      Tags: sex
    10. *LD*LD*LD*--we have a weiner (23 July 2004)

      by , 06-05-2010 at 12:16 AM (Way of the Lizard)
      I was snooze-alarming before work, so I noticed right away when I went from laying in my bed to being in a room full of people. I looked around at all the dream characters, and decided to talk to someone, so I went up to the cutest lady in the room (who else?). She was very friendly, and shortly things got down and dirty. My lucidity was spotty from there on, then I woke up rather happy.
      Tags: sex, snooze
    11. School sleepover, brought to you by the number 7.

      by , 12-07-2007 at 01:17 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream takes place in my grade 7 classroom at my old public school. While architectually the same, the teacher's desk is in the south side of the room, rather than the north, and a large chalkboard hangs on the east wall. The class has many students in it, but everyone is in their late teens and much too old to be attending public school. I do not recognize anyone in the dream from waking life. The teacher is not my grade 7 teacher, Ms. A.J. but an aging lady that looks very much like the librarian from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, played by Alice Drummond, though she is short in stature and condesending in attitude.

      The students are scattered about the classroom, or sitting outside in the courtyard, reading books. The teacher is going through papers on her desk and ignoring the students. I am sitting outside, away from the other students, under the large tree in the courtyard, enjoying the bright sun and warm breeze. While every other student seems to be reading fiction novels, I think I am the only student to have a non-fiction book (something about nature, but I cannot recall about what exactly). A young woman with long, dark brown hair sits beside me under the tree. She asks what I am reading and when I tell her she becomes elated because she has a book on the same subject. We discover that we have a lot in common. I am very happy to have a new friend, as I seem to not be able to get along with the other students, and the two of us talk for a long time.

      The sky turns orange as the sun begins to set and the warm breeze suddenly carries an uncomfortable chill. The students in the courtyard are called inside and told, along with the rest of the class, that we are going to spend the night in school. The students are divided up into groups and put in different classrooms for the night. I am put in the group that gets to stay in the grade 7 classroom and I am happy to learn that my new friend is also in my group. I never learn her name in the dream but she looks exactly like Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7 so that is what I will call her from now on.

      There are seven people in our group; three female students, three male students, and the teacher. Buy the time we move the tables to the south end of the room it is dark outside and we are instructed to go to sleep. I place my dark blue sleeping bag along the west wall, so that I may tilt my head back slightly and gaze at the stars through the window, and Tifa takes a spot on my left. The other female student places her sleeping bag on my right, while the boys line their gear along the east wall. The teacher sets up her stuff near the door, in the northeastern corner of the classroom. While everyone has flannel pajamas, the only night clothing I can find in my backpack are a bright red, short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of white panties. I crawl into my sleeping bag and change clothes under the covers, much too embarassed to expose any skin in front of the others in the room. I am feeling extremely self-conscious and not only zip up my sleeping bag all the way, but pull the covers over my head. I eventually fall asleep.

      I do not know what time it is when I am awakened by Tifa leaning up against me. I think nothing of it because I know that many people kick and flop around in their sleep, so I roll over on my right side and try to go back to sleep. An arm wraps itself around my waist underneath the covers and I am surprised and confused because I am positive that I completely zipped up my sleeping bag before falling asleep. I roll over on my back, to see if I can push Tifa in the direction of her spot, and it is only then that I realize my t-shirt and panties are missing and I am naked. Feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness flood back and I am paralyzed with anxiety. I am aware that Tifa is awake at this point, because she discreetly slips into my sleeping bag with me. Though it is pitch black and I cannot see anything, my other senses are picking up on everything that my eyes fail to catch in the dark.

      The following portion of this dream becomes very sexually explicit - and some parts have been... watered down, so to speak - because I do not wish to be banned from DV for obscenity. It has also been hidden just in case. Please do not click the "Show" button if you are offended by sexual situations.

      Spoiler for mature content. (Not actually a spoiler, I just found this option convienient for masking mature content.):

      That was a mistake, because several of the other people in the room stir. Tifa and I both panic. She scrambles off me and dives back into her sleeping bag. Feelings of self-conscious anxiety and fear of embarrassment threaten to paralyze me once again, but I am able to move my arms around in a desperate attempt to locate my missing night clothes. I cannot find them, as it is far too dark, and instead bury myself in my sleeping bag. I cannot sleep because anxiety keeps me awake and I instead wait for the crack of dawn to lighten the classroom, at which time I dig my day clothes out from my backpack and fully dress myself in a heavy sweater and jeans. Even several hours after the panic of being caught set in, I am still feeling expremely nervous, as well as feeling worn out after spending those many waking hours berating myself for being a fool. I am fully convinced that not only were the other people in the room awake, but they had been listening to Tifa and I the whole time and knew exactly what had been going on. I had no idea how I was going to face the embarrassment of the on coming school day.

      I eventually fall asleep again and when I wake up the first thing I do is look at the clock on the south wall. It is exactly 7 a.m. The teacher rouses the students not long after that and my 8 a.m. the sleeping gear has been put away and the classroom returned to normal. Though no one said anything to us, I got the impression that some of the students either knew or suspected something because I caught several of them throwing glaces in my direction or snickering when I waked by. I was hoping to draw some comfort from Tifa, but she, just as embarrassed as I, distanced herself and sat on the opposite side of the classroom as I, though she did throw me the occassional sympathetic glace. I was not angry with the way Tifa chose to deal with the situation, though I was feeling a little hurt (though I probably should not have been feeling so, since it is unfair to expect emotional reliance from someone I just met).

      The teacher brought out art and craft supplies and told us to make something reflecting how we were feeling that day. I wasn't sure what I was feeling, though I knew I was upset, I just did not know how to express it. The teacher also put on a movie for us to watch while we worked on our craft projects. It was the old black and white film, the Seven Samurai, by Akira Kurosawa. The teacher than glared at me for a moment, before leaving the classroom to do whatever she had to do. I was not interested in either the craft project, or the movie, and just sat their for the whole time staring out the window. I still felt embarrassed about the night before, though it was occuring to me that the likelihood of people knowing what happened was very slim and I was just being paranoid.

      When the film credits were rolling, a man of about thirty years of age, carrying a clip board and wearing thick, black framed glasses, came into the classromm and asked Tifa and I to join him in his office. As we got up to leave the rest of the students began jeering at us openly. At the man's office on the otherside of the school, he got right to the point and asked each of us if we were sexually active with each other, or anyone else in the school. Tifa and I blurted out our answers at the same time: she confirming it, and I denying it. The man then sarted asking us details of what was done and though he said it was for our health's sake, my suspicion that he was just getting off on listening to our encounter was confirmed when he asked us to demonstrate. Tifa seems prepared to do so, but I felt uncomfortable and unsafe and ran out of the office before anxiety could overwhelm me again.

      The dream ends there. This is the most vivid dream I have ever had. I tried to get as much detail in without being too "wordy." I have major body issues and sexuality has always been a huge source of anxiety and insecurity for me, so it is unusual for me to have not only a sexually explicit dream, but one that was so vivid. Though they are far and few between, all of my conscious sexual fantasies have involved men, as I have never found myself sexually attracted to women, so I do not know why I was comfortable with feeling sexual towards a woman in the dream.

      I did not realize it while in the dream, but the number 7 seems to appear quite a bit throughout. I have no idea what to think of this dream, let alone how to interpret it.
    12. Pegasus Chariot and Candy Cane Canopy

      by , 04-09-2006 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of April 9, 2006. Sunday.

      How wrong can a partly scripted and incubated lucid dream go of indulging in lovemaking while in a flying chariot (pulled by bronze winged horses) above an endlessly continuing large city? Well…guess. Try it, and you will probably see what I mean.

      My wife Zsuzsanna as Vulnavia and I are in a partly undefined area. This area of course starts out as the bed in light sleep paralysis but has motion and movement over time into a cityscape. Regardless of the recent romance in reality (which automatically triggers this form of light sleep paralysis and blissful lucid dreaming in the first place), that only makes my dream’s essence more soothing and “realistic”. Well…make that in some ways.

      I look ahead at the “realistic” rendering. At times, other than the regular team, I see a few stray horses at quite a distance ahead, yet somehow I know they are still pulling our chariot (which I seem to know has the Roman numeral for six on the side; VI). (For some reason, this scene of a horse being way ahead of our vehicle yet still guiding it somehow, has occurred a few times though in different context. Added August 11, 2015; for example “A stolen candy bar wrapper and a girl with golden skin” from May 15, 2014, which also ended with a play on “golden calves” and as with that later dream, I am concerned about “how we will make the corner properly” at one point, though relating to the tops of buildings in this case.)

      There is a strange physical awareness that the chariot cannot maintain horizontal orientation, though that is more of a benefit in this scenario than a distraction. There are transitions in setting between bed and chariot, a bit like typical in-dream environmental bilocation. Mouths press together sensually and at times, there is a sense of slight vertigo at being so high in the sky. I have to check the horses now and then to make sure they know where they are going. A large flock of birds disrupts our otherwise smooth flight and wild lovemaking at one point. Well, I suppose that was almost a certainty.

      After a time, in getting closer to clock towers and whatnot, I accidentally perceive the notion of supposedly linear time and how to “properly” perceive time. Of course, in dreams, that can be an attention-altering mistake.

      We are still having fun. “Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.”

      (Who said that?)

      Of course, a chariot and a sleigh are two completely different things (try telling your dream-self that). Unfortunately, the power and speed of self-as-dream-maker thought simply does not care. Thought does not wait to check itself for logic or run self-diagnostics (other than in apex lucidity I suppose, but this is a level down from there).

      Thus we are now making love in a bed on a raised platform under a candy cane canopy in a Christmas display (in April, yet) - Gimbels I think (though not extant in reality). I am concerned about visitors though there is only one male who vaguely reminds me of Phil Silvers, but I know many more people are going to be coming in soon. My wife is up and out and in Vulnavia’s white fur outfit.

      “Have you seen Santa?” he asks. Oh, how stupid. I have to remain under the sheets, completely undressed, as I cover my head as much as possible. I feel him tugging on the sheet near my feet and lower legs. It is very clear. “Santa? Santa? Come out of there Santa.” I need to teleport back to our “real” bed and I do. (Apparently, Zsuzsanna had been lightly caressing my leg with her foot in reality in her half-sleep.)

      Update August 11, 2015. I just realized that “Phil Silvers” is possibly a play on “Feel Shivers”.
    13. Old Dream: Kermit and Dragons

      by , 08-19-2002 at 04:04 AM
      Original journal entry dated Aug. 18, 2002:

      I had a dream that I made out with Kermit the Frog (?!). I hope this doesn't indicate some sort of weird Muppet obsession on my part. And then he changed into somebody else.

      Then, I was fighting these dragons that were attacking me, only I had to fight them with chi as well as with my sword, and they were REALLY powerful, and I killed the strongest one by chopping his head in half.
    14. "The Liberty Bell is Cracked"

      by , 09-11-1974 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1974. Wednesday.

      I am physically involved with a Latina classmate who is lying on her back. There are two older female classmates on each side seemingly giving her instructions as well as holding her legs so that she does not roll over or kick on a large platform holding the hanging Liberty Bell. Her blue jeans tear off like tissue paper. This takes place in the southern area of my backyard in Cubitis, very close to the southeast corner of the house. The cubic platform seems about three feet high and probably has room for about five people in side-by-side lying-down position. I am facing north.

      • This was partly influenced by the television movie “Born Innocent”, seen the night of September 10th.
      • This dream is an excellent example of a metaphorical rendering to halt the waking transition even though my lucidity is minimal. A bell symbolizes the waking prompt but because it is cracked, it is associated with the symbolic pause of the waking prompt to make the dream last longer as a result. (This is not by active dream self will but by native dream state metaphor).
      • This was precognitive in being based on the exact location of my first real intimate experience in Cubitis.
      • In real life, this classmate often wore blue jeans with a large stop sign patch on the bottom. Her last name ended in “bell”.

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      Tags: bell, sex
    15. Sea Serpent Interruptus [dual narrative form]

      by , 07-08-1973 at 01:08 PM
      Morning of July 8, 1973. Sunday.

      [I willfully enter into what I consider may be my last dream of the morning. I maintain my lucidity, perhaps only losing a thread or two of my conscious self identity. The essence of my neural activity becomes the more tangible form of water, as it most often does, and the water expands to form a lake. I welcome the presence of female genitalia, and it is rendered as a canoe, which floats on the shimmering lake in mid-afternoon].

      I look upon Lake Katherine. The area seems more rural than it is in reality. I gaze upon the beauty of the reflected trees, downwardly mirrored in the lake’s surface around its perimeter.

      [I desire female company and physical pleasure, so I choose to become fully integrated within my dream self’s imaginary body.]

      I am sitting in the canoe facing my dark-haired green-eyed gypsy dream girl. We begin to become intimate. My sense of touch is augmented. We mostly kiss for several minutes.

      [I am enjoying my dream very much. My dream girl is passive and welcoming. I begin to become distracted by some sort of ambiance that extends beyond my will. It sounds somewhat like hissing.]

      A large green sea serpent rises up out of the water on my left in somewhat of an “S” shape, hissing at us. It is not that close to the canoe but displaying at least ten feet of its body from the lake’s surface to the top of its head.

      [The preconscious is warning me that I need to leave my dream even though I do not want to. Still, the preconscious’s lake denizen is rather silly-looking, modeled after the one in the Carl Barks “No Such Varmint” Donald Duck comic book story, though slightly more realistic and menacing, though I do not feel that threatened because I am lucid.]

      I want to be more intimate with my dream girl but upon touching her, the tangibility of her forearm seems to dissipate. My dream world starts to dissolve.

      [I float horizontally and upwards, my back downwards, in the higher mental realm of dissipating liminal space, annoyed by my dream being over. I can still hear the hissing to my left. The hissing turns out to be the real sound of the garden hose as my mother is watering the front flower box in real life at this time, some of the water spraying onto my closed jalousie windows.]

      My spoiled dream is of no consequence. I married my dark-haired green-eyed gypsy dream girl on April 9, 1994.

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