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    1. Zelda dream

      by , 12-17-2017 at 04:28 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      This dream kinda went all over the place...

      The earliest part I remember was that I was programming a video game, but I was at the very beginning of development. Instead of seeing code, my work was visualized as a physical construction I was floating around in. The program was in such early stages that the construction was just sort of a skeleton made of copper wire and fragile cardboard. I was stuck thinking on some problem, something very technical, like a threading issue. I got kinda lost in my thoughts there and felt stuck and a little frustrated.

      Some time later, I was playing a video game, presumably my own game in a later stage. It looked like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Link's hat was alive, like Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey. I went to a dungeon. The dungeon was like a grid of very large and empty rooms.

      One of the rooms contained a guy with some sort of a "bonus shop" or whatever (that's what his stand said). I paid him 10 rupees and the room got filled with a puzzle minigame. It was strangely easy and I completed it in like 5 seconds. The guy gave some golden reward item, the item that I went into the dungeon for. Then however, Cappy warned me that he was a scammer, and he gave me fool's gold. I searched for another room, and there I found the REAL bonus shop. Now this guy asked 300 rupees and it was a hard minigame. He gave me the true reward. I guess there's no free lunch in life...

      As I was trying to look for the exit, I came across another room, and this room has a cute black prostitute in it. My dream went quite into detail for this part, but I guess I won't go into that much detail in my DJ entry... well, let's just say I spent some more rupees and my HP got refilled.

      Then I found the exit. Since I found the item, I could now complete the quest. I brought the item to some sort of a shrine. Cappy got a little sad and said goodbye forever to "the old link". Link came out of the shrine, and his gender changed! It's like Link changed into Zelda but it was the same person. Then the game continued as female Link. This part also felt oddly sexual.

      Then I was in some platforming part where I had to climb up some platforms in a jungle-ish area. When I finally got to the top, I found a box. Inside the box was my cat, together with 3 colored packets of wet food and a manual, as if she was a boxed market commodity. I read the manual and it said "Please feed the cat. Open the 3 packets and let her smell them. Figure out which one she likes the most. Then feed her that packet". But I ignored that manual because I know of my cat that she doesn't care what food she gets, so I just gave her one of the packets and she ate it. This is where the dream ended.
    2. Various LD snippets during Thanksgiving break (Mornings of Nov 23 - Nov 27) Part 1

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:24 AM
      Unsure what happened before becoming lucid. My field of vision is flat like a computer screen, alternatively flashing between blue and red flashing (like a computer screen) - there is a thin white rectangular border. Centered white or black text reads "Obek" (may have been in Cyrillic) and another word, but each time I read it the word changes. I can feel myself sliding along a fixed path. I pass into a small office building with a desk and a man to my left - reminds me of college. The man sitting at the desk has a scary face, not just intimidating or creepy but instilling great fear. I overcome it and reach out to touch his hand as I pass by him in the way I'm being pulled. Can feel the sensation of touching it distinctly. I slide through an open doorway and to a hallway leading left and right, the track takes me left. I am then turned around and taken backwards (in the same direction as I was coming from while going through the office) and I pass into a warehouse/art studio/garage type building (lots of stuff here - canvas draped over boxes, easels, concrete floors, foggy windows with light coming through). I go forward until I stop at a distorted mannequin standing up against some stacked crates. In retrospect the face was disturbing, but I didn't think about it at the time. I use my hands with pinching gestures to change the facial features into an attractive female (her body changes from mannequin to living flesh). She is wearing a tee shirt and panties. There is a brief sexual encounter and then I wake up promptly (after a feeling of closing my dream eyes).

      I'm with my girlfriend at a party and we're holding a balloon that's shaped like lips (one of the shiny ones you get from Dollar Tree) and arguing. It's an outdoor party and it's night time. There are snakes on the ground and in the trees. The non-lucid portion of this dream lasts a while and I'm separated from my girlfriend. All of the sudden I sit down, touch the grass, and become lucid. Visual clarity intensifies, and I examine the dream characters more closely, especially a girl with black hair which seems to have this hazy red aura (as if it was a red underdrawing). I am looking around at all the characters when I look past the back fence at a house with a light on in one of the windows and the outline/silhouette of someone. I'm transported there and I continue to observe. It's a small room with a raised stage with white linen borders. There are several people in the crowd standing and watching, a lot of them dressed in white (not all though, some in normal clothes). On the stage there are three girls dressed in white. They begin to undress and I wake up.

      I'll add more tomorrow, trying to scrounge through my notes from that time.
    3. Competition night one

      by , 04-11-2016 at 09:47 AM
      Went to bed at 23.30 and tried to meditate a bit. Don't think I stayed awake very long. Woke up at 3.00 to go to the toilet, remembered nothing. Stayed up for a WBTB, probably not long enough this time, but I'm afraid to stay awake way too long if I stay up to long. WBTB didn't work because I woke up from the alarm at 7.10.

      Room in the attick
      I'm in a house (not ours) with my husband and we go into the room in the attick. It's cleaned up now, before it was so messy that you could hardly enter it. Along two of the walls are large dressers (I'm not sure if this is the right word in English) Both wood, but different colours. Two drawers of the left one are left open. I pull my husband on the bed and we make out a bit. He gets up and starts collecting things to go and have a shower. Two (young) men enter the room. (I think "I'm glad I'm decent"). One of the men is the owner of the house, the other one (to whom he's showing the house) is a young version of Darrau. The owner, a long and skinny guy, tells Darrau about the room. "Over there we used to have the trains, and there the Playmobil". They speak French. At a certain moment one of them uses the word "relance" in a way that I don't understand. I ask for an explanation. "But a 'relance' is asking for something again if there is no reaction to the first time you've asked?" Darrau answer that in fact it is that, but sometimes it's also used in another way.

      Wrote this dream up, went to the toilet and tried another WBTB. I got a lot closer but woke up again from a non lucid dream.

      Another room in another attick
      My husband and I woke up from the alarm. He had to get up to go to work. My best friend (from the period 13 to 17 yrs old) was in the room with us. Without saying anything he made it clear to me that I had to get her out of the room because he had something in mind. I told her that she could go down to the bathroom, she'd find a towel in the narrow high open cupboard. She left and my husband started unbuttoning my jeans.

      Then I woke up, there were noises in the house (holidays, the kids are there). I tried to go back to the dream but the noises prevented that.

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    4. Private

      by , 04-09-2016 at 02:38 PM
      Well, I hope that this is not going to happen too many times in the coming weeks (with regards to the competition). I remember two dreams that I'm not ready to share in public....

      There was also something, I can't really call it a fragment, it's in between a feeling and a fragment, about me hardly using my native language (Dutch) anymore, but only French and English.
      Tags: language, sexual
    5. Mcdonalds, Parties, and being an accomplice to armed robbery

      by , 12-13-2015 at 08:08 PM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      I used zzzquil because i had to get to sleep, Its gonna be unhealthy if i keep using it.

      First dream was at mcdonalds, and it was very crowded, people were going to stay there the whole day for some reason, others were popping by like it was one big party or reunion or something. I met Jennifer, an old asian friend I had calculus 1 with back in college, I met Priscilla who I knew for a long time when I was a waiter, gave her a big hug and lifted her off the ground. I think she was single so she was acting a little flirty. Among many other people there and I was drunk at mcdonalds too. I tried to go outside and drive but I was too drunk so i decided to eat somewhere else. Nearby was a few restaurants that looked combined together like they would be in a city, although the mcdonalds was a standalone restaurant in my suburban hometown. I go and eat at a place that sells Shrimp and Boudin balls and other really tasty things. We eat get desert which was really a pan, with aluminum foil on top, and happy birthday was written in chocolate icing with star sprinkles on it and we just ate the icing but somehow it was still really good. After that me and my family got in a car and started driving, I was still drunk but was watching the car move and wondering how many times i would have fucked up along this drive if i was the one driving instead. Soon enough everyone in my family gets in a different car and I have to drive even though I'm drunk. I can't even figure out which pedal is the gas or breaks, and I have trouble working the gears because its manual for some reason, and its like I'm in some racing game in an old european city. Theres brick streets, old buildings and the sun is shining. I go up a hill under a building that arches over the street as a bridge, so im shadowed under it, I try shifting gears at the top of a hill and go real slow, I end up getting 5th in the race just trying to figure everything out while drunk and my family abandoning me. I see people waiting in a little area next to the finish line as everyone finishes and goes to join them. Dream ends around there.

      Second dream was the shortest one, I was in some apartment and there was a few people in there. This girl walks up to me like I have finally arrived and tells me to take off my clothes and there is a platinum condom waiting for me. Theres supposed to be a muslim girl thats supposed to walk in and I have no idea whats going on. I take off my clothes and get in the bed and theres a platinum condom under the pillow. I get kind of excited im about to have sex. thats where it ends.

      Third dream, there was a big house party in some sort of four level house, this was a long dream. Long dreams like this i forget the chronological order so I try to guess. There was a part where most people were in the pool area, some people were in a room outside my room to sleep in and get changed. I talked with Russel and we had some kind of RC device we were playing with. I was nude and went into a small pool next to some stairs on a multilevel porch system. I realized there were kids nearby so I took a towel and wrapped myself up under the water before I came out, somehow the towel was not soaking wet. I went upstairs to change and for some reason I was going to go with two guys on an errand. We end up stopping by somewhere and they beat up and shoot a black man with stubs for legs. They shoot him in the abdomen and hes squirming on the ground, they take his wallet and phone and everything and leave him lying there. We drive back to the house and I decide not to go with them on their "next errand". They give me a clicker that has something to do with their errand, I go up to my room and take a nap. I wake up and the rc car is doing something against the door, I open it and there is a wasp doing something, I tell the cleaning lady but she doesnt care. I go downstairs and everyone has left, few people left say I took a long nap. Im in the kitchen eating with people from the party, the clicker starts clicking rapidly going higher and higher but I have no idea what it means. Dream ends.
    6. November 10th 2015

      by , 11-11-2015 at 07:20 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      So today I had to wake up way earlier than usual to watch my friend's dog. I went back to sleep at around noon and set my alarm for 1:30PM. The first half of the sleep was very frustrating because I didn't think I had really slept at all but was thinking about a lot of things. Then, I was in sleep paralysis for a couple of seconds before waking up. Out of nowhere, I become determined to lucid dream. So, I lay on my back and start thinking 'Okay keep your mind awake.' My eyelids showed a light blue scene. My imagination brings me to this open field with green grass and an expansive light blue sky in the background. In the distance are rows of houses. I try to imagine my house and spin right to see it before me, but I don't see it and I fall a bit. I float down to the ground as two tall men dressed in flannels approach me. For some reason my mind thinks they might have a gun and sure enough they both do. One of them shoots me in the right hip and I fall back onto the ground. They come up and start talking to me before my mind is focused on something else, the moon. I've always wanted to go hangout on the moon in a lucid. My mind pushes the thought away before I decide I really want to do it. So, I tell myself I'm floating upwards to the sky where I can see the moon in the distance and sure enough I float away from the field. Now, I'm surrounded by black space as small star-like figures pass by me quickly, 100s around me. As I get closer to the moon, it turns out to be way different. The moon is a sphere but not solid. It has silver streaks coming from inside the core of the moon and around it. It was actually quite empty besides the 5 or 6 streams of silver making up a sphere shape. I float over it before falling into another scene.

      I start at the ceiling of a large middle school-like gym as I think to look at my hands. They are very real to me. I sort of spin down onto the floor so I see the entirety of the room. There are about 15 people in this pretty big gym. It's a school dance happening before me. Young kids are dressed up with their respective dates. It's weird because I've actually come to this gym before in another dream but didn't remember it until I was there again in this semi-lucid. So, that thought hits my mind as I look around the room. Red ribbons decorate the outer edges of the room, even going over the basketball hoop that is still down. For some reason, my mind thinks it knows the plot to this story. Suddenly, I'm next to these two middle school girls. One says to the other, "the only reason I'm going with my date is because he's cool." My mind knew she was going to say something mean before she said it. Then, I'm part of their conversation. The girls are different now. I get a good look at them to see one of them is holding close to her date on the right, while the other is very close looking at me. Turns out, I know this girl in real life. I have 4 classes with her and kinda have been crushing on her for the entire semester. I grab hold of her and we start to kiss.

      My mind turns to sexual things. Her and I are suddenly swept away into my bed. We continue to kiss as she's in my bed on top of me. We start to go into other things for about 20 seconds before we sit up and talk. I don't really remember what was said, or if anything was said, but then I go down on her. She starts to moan very loudly.

      I have a false awakening where my friend walks in and I realize the girl isn't there with me. Disappointment strikes me as I lay back down. Then, I hear the girl from the left of me go "phew, he didn't see me."

      Another false awakening happens where I hear zipping. Like someone zipping up a jacket but it was very loud right next to me and continuous. I sit up to see this older deformed man looking at me with a jacket on. He tells me "I live in your closet."

      Third false awakening, all I remember is there are bunk beds in my room and my friend and I are yelling about each other stealing things. I end up with a notebook in my hand walking in some park towards swings, before thinking that I'm too young to be there so I turn around and walk down these steps that have handrails and people laying on them.
    7. The LD Fail

      by , 09-17-2015 at 02:05 PM
      After writing down the dreams from earlier I took a nap. Note: The dreams from earlier happened in five hours, and the nap occurred ninety minutes later.

      I don't suppose that I have been working hard enough to set a lucid dream intention, because even though I had a LD it was disappointing, in a way. Almost because of my nightmarish personality in it, and not because I didn't get done what I wanted to (I can do that good stuff tomorrow).

      I'm not sure how I became lucid; all I know is that I was in the dream and just was. In the dream my mother, Dakota, and Jon all lived together (which is correct). I was in my bedroom doing . . . something, but then the rest of them all went with one of Mama's co-workers for their birthday party. When they were leaving out I looked out a window and Dakota had nailed a fake book to his finger (it was like a piece of jewelry, so imagine it like a very little book that was a ring) and wrote a long message on the ground. I don't remember what it was, but I remember that Jon was telling him he should probably be really careful to make sure that the "ring" didn't get infected.

      When they were gone I proceeded to choke a cat. Seriously. The poor kitty was terrified but I kept going . . . and then when I guess it just got too scared for me and I felt guilty I turned it into my own dog and kept holding him. He was scared, too, but I kept trying to hold him and comfort him. It worked a little bit, but not much.

      I believe it was at that point when I wasn't quite sure if I was dreaming anymore. I knew all of that had been real, but I wasn't sure if I had woken up. The more I walked around, however, the heavier I felt, and the more convinced I became that I was indeed still dreaming.

      I went back into my room to put on a skirt so I could be a whore outside ???????, but instead I went into the girl's bathroom. It was fairly big and was more like the kind of bathrooms that schools and Wal-Mart have. There was a sign at the door that was written to parents about their children acting up, but I didn't pay too much attention. My mother called me, and so I woke up.
    8. September 13, 2015

      by , 09-13-2015 at 06:44 PM
      There is little I can remember about my dream, unfortunately, and it doesn't help that I decided to wait for a while before writing it down. That being said, I do remember Dakota in my dream, and my mother--she had just had another child. We talked to her for a short while before turning to another girl that I sorta-kinda (but not really) used to be friends with, and she had a child as well.

      Later on I was taking a shower, but when I was finished and opened the curtain I realized that the door to the bathroom was wide open. A Japanese man named Nekomata was standing in the room across from the bathroom, staring. At first I didn't realize what his problem was, but then I remembered that I have boobs and quickly tried to cover them up with a towel.
    9. I Just Want To Party, Offered Some Work (18.8.15)

      by , 08-18-2015 at 01:20 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I Just Want To Party
      I'm outside and I see that PT trainer on my FB. Her body looks pretty damn sexy. I walk inside, and it seems to be a bit of a gathering. I think it's a new year party. I can see food.

      I'm now in bed with Joelle. I'm looking at her naked body, and notice that her body is not as toned as it usually is. I'm still attracted to her. I want to have sex with this girl.

      I'm walking around and see that Dave and Trev are in a factory with a lot of people. They're celebrating the new year with them.

      I'm in a warehouse. I'm in an area where it's higher up. I recognize some people. The PT is there I think. Dave and Trev seem to like it here, but I'm wanting to party a bit more harder, and this isn't the place to really do it in my eyes. I probably would have liked to be at the factory instead.

      I see a scene of a natural disaster. It's water going through a town, moving buildings down with the flow of water. A guy sitting down was telling me that something like this was going to happen.

      Offered Some Work
      Dave offers me work. He changes his story on what I had to do at work. I try and dig for more information on what I'm doing.

      I arrive at the worksite with Dave. It's a pretty busy area with other workers doing different trades. In front of me, I see two men, each next to a huge stump, wrapping a chain around it. The chain is wrapped from one to the other. I take a closer look, and notice that the chain has moulded itself into the top of the stump.

      Not too far away from the guys that were at the stump is the worksite I'm meant to be situated. It's pretty much just a frame of a house that's up. I see a couple workers on there. I go up a level and am confronted by a 4ft nothing guy. He asks how tall I am, but quickly realizes I'm taller then him and would be allowed on the site. I tell him my height anyways. I notice that the floor is weird, and that it's not the most solid flooring. I feel like something to eat and make some toast. The bread slicers have been broken into halves. I think about cooking some sausages up also. I ask the guys if they want some sausages cooked up. One of the workers thought I was going to cook up his sausages for everyone, and said its cool if we use his. I was going to cook mine anyways. He goes on about his dog and the sausages. He starts acting weird and dancing.
    10. (8.7.15) That's A lot of Cake, Big Ben Bucks Headache, That's Not My Car, My 2 Second KO of Shonnie

      by , 07-07-2015 at 11:38 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      That's A lot of Cake
      I'm lining up somewhere with a couple guys. One of them is Andrew gaze. We're intending to buy 2 cakes, and will eat a quarter each. It's our turn to be served and one of us orders. I laugh as he orders, cause it's going to look odd walking off eating a quarter of cake. The lady hands us the plate and its a pretty big slice. Not only is a got a lot of width, it's got height too. We take the cake into another room to taste it. One of the guys is having a hard time eating it. He is trying the sauce, mixing one with the other. It seems sour or acidic to him. I reckon eating the cake itself would be more ideal. It would mix all the flavors together and could compliment each other.

      Big Ben Bucks Headache
      I'm with Ben and I ask him how the engagement went, but correct myself and say bucks. He says he fucked up a bit with the pool cleaners. He explains that he had them going in the wrong direction. He points out a ventilation system for the shower fan. He says this is the most simple and less effective system. I explain its use to him. I walk inside with him but have dirty feet. He offers me his thongs, so I slip them on. They're dirty too, so I have to walk in them funny, like on my soles. I picture Ben being a big black guy for a moment.
      I'm back at blaxland and I see Kayley at the door. I hug her and kiss her on the cheek a few times. I think she is with Ben.

      I'm looking at someone with a small growth hanging from their nostril. They're able to hide it if they please. A dr is having a look at it and says there's some good news about it. He's getting at that he will be able to burn it off. He also checks another of the persons issues, which is a long latex looking material that's stuck down their throat.

      That's Not My Car
      I'm out the front of a house. I may have driven there because I'm looking around for stuff in 2 of he guys. It's night so it's hard to tell. I mistaken one car for the another. I see a man walk towards me and soon realize it's Gary Craig, founder of EFT. I say "Hi Gary, how are ya?". I feel a little odd saying that because he doesn't know me from a bar of soap. He mentions a few things to me. Eventually he leaves and I say bye. I felt great that I met Gary. I begin looking through one of the cars thinking it's mine. I soon realize it's not the right car. It looks like an expensive car. It has a nice look to it, and long. I quickly get out of the car in case the owner sees me going through it. I would find it hard to explain what I was doing. Shortly after getting out of the car, I see it beginning to roll. I don't think quickly enough to jump in and stop it. It rolls into a house at slow pace. I don't think it damages anything, but would have got the attention of who was inside. I walk up to the house to see if I can see anyone. I see a person move off their chair which makes me a bit nervous. I realize that the car has disappeared, finding this odd I decide to do a RC. I count 6 fingers, instantly knowing I'm dreaming. I walk up to the door of the house to see if I can find someone. I see A girl walk towards me and I grab her. She is all for being man handled. First off I do some EFF on myself but seem to be just rushing it and not putting any thought into it. I'm too distracted by this girl. I hold onto her and do as I please. I feel her body and move her next to the wall where I pull down her pants. She has a nice Ass, which promotes me to eat her pussy from behind. It tastes like I remember it. The dream begins to fade due to body clock.

      I have this girl in the bed with me and I'm treating her a helpless innocent girl. I think she likes this. I'm sitting on top of her and move closer to her face. I begin slapping my dick on her face, teasing her and getting her worked up. This may be the girl from lucid dream.

      My 2 Second KO of Shonnie Carter
      I'm in the UFC as one of the fighters. I think I'm Ricardo Lamas. I'm standing across from UFC vet Shonnie Carter. The fight starts and I knock Shonnie out within a couple seconds of the fight. I decide to perform a RC and realize I'm dreaming. I notice that the fight is about to replay itself again. I try to rush the process and knock Shonnie out before the fight even starts. I do this and rock Shonnie. It doesn't feel right so I let the dream run its course. As soon as the bell goes I run towards Shonnie and KO him in the same fashion. I couldn't really feel the punch connect. I jump up onto the octogen and look into the crowd. It's not the biggest of venues. It is only a single level seating. In my view I could see around 200 people. I decide to jump off the octogen and fly, but the dream fades. I brace myself for a DEILD. I wait in the blackness and try and bring on another scene. Now that I think of it, I felt like I was laying in bed at my old house in blaxland. Possible FA.

      Side Notes: EFT doing it's work for me. Reality checking upon awakening without an issue.

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    11. The Chosen One (28.5.15)

      by , 05-28-2015 at 12:49 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Chosen One
      Im on a beach and I can see a old style ship. It's decent sized, estimating at around 20x10. They seem old school in the way they operated the ship. It was all powered by man power. Two men were rowing at the front side of ship, and the controller was around the middle. Majority looked of Asian descent. I must have got there attention. I had a talk with someone on the ship about something.

      I'm now with another male, being lead by a female. We reach a house and I'm chosen out of the two of us. I'm unsure what's going on at this point, but start to realize that I may be able to have sex with her. We're in the bathroom and I really need to have a poo in the toilet. Eventually she leaves the bathroom and I get to business. I make sure I spray near the toilet as it smells pretty bad.

      I'm walking towards the lounge room, where I see her on the couch, I've gotta mention that she's pretty good looking and I want to please. I begin doubt my performance, and panic that I may blow my load too quickly. I see her with a blanket over the top of her and decide to start from the bottom to the top. I'm naked at this point and begin to suck her toes, but I seem to have trouble doing so. I seem to be rubbing my face on her foot instead of sucking on her toes. Some sucking and some face rubbing going on. I think about mounting her and tease her a little.

      I see either another female or the same one i was with, not sure. It seems that another scenario, like the one I was in where 1 was chosen, except both guys were chosen by the looks of it. They seemed pretty happy guys.

      Side Notes
      Even though I only remembered 2 dream last night, I deeply and completely accept myself, and i remember all my dreams tonight

      Even though I forgot to recall majority my dreams upon awakening, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I recall my dreams upon awakening tonight

      I think I need to simplify these mantras in a different way, but will continue with them for a while.

      Had a massive anxiety attack when waking up throughout night. Also felt as I was going to choke when I swollowed. I did some EFT which took the edge off the anxiety.
    12. 50 Shades

      by , 02-21-2015 at 12:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      [sexual content]

      I was walking along the street. Daytime. It felt like that area in Quiapo with the plaza. (Not Plaza Miranda) I was thinking of watching a play/movie because my crush plays in it. (Justin?) The play/movie is 50 Shades of Gray. (Interestingly, I don't plan to watch it.)

      I thought of what it's about and then I was in the "movie." (It's probably not how it is. I don't know the plot.) I was a woman who has a child going to see the doctor in his house/mansion. ("Mr./Dr. Grey will see you now" probably got confused in my mind.) I think I couldn't pay the fee for the operation (for the child, I think), so I was suggested (not sure by who) to see the doctor to see if he could waive my fees, particularly the operation fees. The person I was talking to (not sure who) said he waived what he could, but he has no control over the doctor's fees. So I went to see him. The doctor is Matt Bomer (yay!). I think we talked about the fees but not directly about sex.

      Somehow, I ended up in the shower area. The rooms were separated by walls that don't reach up to the ceiling. There was a naked guy there. I think I was still a woman. I was also naked. I sat on the toilet seat. After a while, the "doctor" arrived. He doesn't look like Matt Bomer this time (boo!) but he "felt" familiar. He looks Filipino. He's also naked. One of us asked if the other is a virgin (not sure who). It was a "duh" moment since I had a child. The doctor sat on me, which felt awkward since he seems bigger and more muscled than me. I ran my hands down his torso and down his crotch. His penis is so small that I could cup it in one hand. Maybe he just wasn't hard? I think the guy in the other shower room offered soap.



      - Well. 50 Shades keep popping up on my news feed.
      - I think the guy that replaced Matt Bomer is one of the porn "stars" I've seen. Or maybe a local actor?
      - Saw photos of the Quiapo area today because of the Chinese New Year festival.
      - Slept on Dr. McGonigal's default mode meditation
      - Alarm set at 6 hours and 16 minutes.
    13. 10-6-14 Hedonistic feet

      by , 10-09-2014 at 05:46 PM
      Without getting into too much detail, a boy sexually assaulted a girl with his foot.
    14. Motorcycle Rampage in the City *(Lucid + Basic Task Attempt)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 02:39 PM
      Monday, 25th August 2014

      Moon Cycle:New Moon in Virgo

      Tarot card of the Day: Ace of Cups

      Mayan Calender:Blue Cosmic Storm

      Nostril less blocked on awakening: Right (Masculine,left brain,logical/analytical)

      This dream occoured on the start of the New Moon on Monday when my girlfriend,myself and two other friends (another couple) decided to hike up one of the nearby mountains and camp out in a secluded cave for a night of shamanism and star-gazing.

      As the clear,still night fell we all consumed a small amount of plant medicines in the form of a tea (San Pedro and Psilocybin).
      The effects where felt, although very mild.
      We made a fire and began telling stories,playing music and chanting before falling asleeping just before the crack of dawn.


      I'm speeding through a city which resembles my hometown on my black Enfield motorbike, still on the initial lucidity realization high. I feel confident and invincible...there seems no reason to stabilize the dream.
      (ln retrospect I should have, as I only maintained a surface level of lucidity)

      I weaved through traffic, knocking pedestrians and cars to pieces knowing that no real bodily harm could transpire.
      Or could it?
      I asked myself the question while taking a particularly long and wide corner and the mental doubt caused the tires to slip from under me .
      I began to slide with my right leg being dragged underneath the bike.

      Swiftly I jumped up and let my bike continue to slide away while i scurried to my feet.
      "it's just a dream,its just a dream...",I reminded myself.

      There was a feeling of angst that the dream was about to end, which caused my behavior to become erratic and crazy to say the least.
      Even though I was conscious and somewhat lucidly aware,it was as if my primal male instincts took over and I was observing my dream body on auto pilot.

      I saw a frozen yogurt cafe on the sidewalk where I just had crashed and sprinted into it in a frenzy.
      Jumping over the counter where various cakes and sweets where displayed, i proceeded to stuff as many flavors of frozen yogurt in my mouth using the cooling dispensers which lay along the far wall.

      "What are you doing?",the cashier shouts from across the other end of the room.
      "Whatever I want!" I reply in a commanding tone.

      I double take at the cashier and notice she is extremely attractive.
      Curly brunette hair ,deep brown eyes,olive skin, curvaceous body and full lips.

      My "cave-man" mentality at the time gets the better of me and I grab her by the arm and pull her into the back room.
      Strangely she complied without any resistance.
      The erotica that ensued was very intense,fast paced and primal...with ripping off clothes, loud shouts and groans and the collision of sweaty bodies... often being thrown around the room.

      Then she uttered something in my ear...
      "Remember what you are here for...."
      I was struck by a sudden clarity and lucidity again.
      "The dream task!"I exclaimed.
      I left the sexual escapades in the back room and ran outside.

      Many dream characters where sitting on the sidewalk in the sunshine drinking around round white tables.
      I took a seat at one of them and asked a chubby short man to tell me a foreign word and its meaning.
      He replied in something that sounded similar to Spanish.
      I then asked a middle aged lady sitting adjacent to him the same question,and she replied in what I could make out to be a French accent.

      Upon awakening I was unable to recall the words or their meaning...only the unique accents in which the DC's spoke.

    15. Breaking Her (26.8.14)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Sammy K, and we're both walking on the footpath leading to the park near the skate park. It's night time, and I see that people have locked up their trailer and bikes at the skate park.
      We reach Jamie Smith's house and we begin to make our way into his backyard, when I am approached by their dog. I think it's a Rottweiler or Labrador, it's hard to see in the dark. I hope it doesn't start to bark or attack us, but ends up being friendly enough to let us pass it.

      Spoiler for Mature Content:

      Before I could really get into the massage, I can hear noises and voices outside the garage. I thought it may just be workers coming in to feed the horses or something.

      I see the door open to the room we're in and see two men who look to be twins or brothers at least. We have a brief convocation,

      Man: ''What are you doing in here? you better not of had sex in here''

      Me: ''Sorry, I didn't realise this was your room, and no we're friends, we didn't have sex. I'm Jamie's friend and needed a place to stay for the night''

      I get out of bed and continue having a convocation with one of the men. I get a close look at them both and they're ugly looking. The man doesn't really come off as a friendly guy, probably due to sleeping in his bed.

      Dream Fragment

      I mention about the best part was when you were bring attached to the car.

      Side Notes

      I've decided to change to a more basic lucid dreaming technique which is MILD. I'm going to be consistent with performing MILD before bed + MILD with WBTB + Dream Yoga during the day. A fair bit to do, but I will fit it in.
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