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    1. July 2013, 14-29th

      by , 05-02-2017 at 07:55 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      7/14/13 (L) Value: 1 | “I’m Safe”
      There was one scene lucid, but it was a new way to fight nightmares. I can remind myself that I’m safe over and over again.
      Time: 15-30 seconds

      7/25/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Dream Sign: Large Animals
      I can’t remember the beginning, but the world looked similar to Minecraft. I became lucid right near the beginning, and I stabilized the dream. There was some disaster simulator. I hit the flood button, and some water came onto the beach. Then there were some giant animals running onto the land from the water. Every time I saw one, I told myself that I was lucid. I don’t remember anything after that.
      Time: 20-40 seconds

      7/29/13 | Lake Shack, Driving Off a Cliff
      Some cool stuff. West of green mountain (had this in a previous dream) there was a lake and a shack. I remember part of the road to it. It had snow, very thing, and drove the truck down. Don’t remember much here. [New Scene] Dad, Grandpa and I were driving up some cascade mountains (imaginary scenery, but amazing). As we were driving alongside a cliff, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to go off the edge.” Turned a corner at high speed, barely missed a pile of wood. Next corner, too high of a speed, and we drove straight off a cliff, with me flying into the air outside the truck, plummeting to the ground. Then I died. Dad came out and locked on to my tricorder signal. He said, “Yeah, he’s dead.” [Skip][Back at Home] I looked west, and saw smoke from a fire that I previously saw at the shack at the lake. I woke up here.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. 16-07-09 Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

      by , 07-13-2016 at 06:14 PM
      This dream took place in some kind of large wooden shack. It was quite dark. *REDACTED* Sylar, another character from "Heroes", was raping her (Claire). This was an event I was "tasked" to prevent. He was doing this to her, but to my confusion, Claire seemed to be enjoying it. To my shame, I was turned on by the sight. *REDACTED* I traveled back in time. I closed my eyes and envisioned the shack in the past. I started "seeing" and hearing input from the past, while my senses from the present went dull and eventually disappeared. I was back in the shack, but before Claire and her female friend (?) arrived. I think I managed to convince them to leave. At some point in the dream, I remember thinking (or whispering "save the cheerleader, save the world", the show's catchphrase.

      I somehow got into a fight with Sylar. I could freeze time, just as I was about to throw in a punch. I realized that if I unfroze time for too long, he would no doubt destroy me using one of his many powers. But if I kept it frozen, I could never defeat him, or escape. I decided to freeze and unfreeze time every second or so, so my fist approached his face bit my bit, but he was unable to use focus and use a power in the short timespan between "freezes". I hit him right in the face, and he was defeated. My allies came in, several men of whatever faction I was with. They congratulated me for my deeds, and apparently saving the world. I wasn't interested in the world, though - I was madly in love with Claire, and I wanted her to love me back. At this point, my behavior mirrored that of a character of a book I'm reading - Raoul from "The Phantom of the Opera". In true 19th century style, it was as if I expected her to have some kind of obligation to love me because I saved her. I spoke to Claire, who was also in the shack all of the sudden, standing by wooden workbench. She no longer looked like herself. I told her the truth, that I loved her and that's why I "saved" her. She just kind of nodded "uh huh", and that was it. I was heartbroken. I was mad, and I think I drew my sword in anger (it was a katana). One of the guys in the room was Asian in origin, so I noticed.

      In the next scene, I was sitting in a chair, in an opulent Victorian palace. It was a celebration of my "heroics", because I had saved Claire and saved the world from evil while doing it. I was still in a foul mood. I cared more about conquering her heart than the world's safety. I stood up, and said "forgive me, friends". I took my swords (they were two golden ornamental swords, in a very unusual shape), and held them up while preparing to travel back in time. The idea I had in mind was vile, and beyond selfish. I would go back, but arrive just too late - when Sylar was already having his way with her. I would then save her, and in doing so she would see how much I loved her. I was prepared to allow her to get hurt and abused, just so she would love me. I was sitting again, still "casting the spell". I noticed Claire standing on my left with a few other people. I lowered my arms so she would not see me "cast". Much to my frustration, I failed to travel back in time. My ability simply refused to work. Begrudgingly, I accepted this outcome. As I started to wake up, I somehow felt like this story would have a happy ending still, and "knew" she would come to me and we'd somehow end up together after all.
    3. Zombie swarm, shack at an island

      by , 09-01-2015 at 03:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in an office inside a skyscraper. It was on a really high floor. In my office, I had a desk, a wooden shelf loaded with books, two file cabinets and a flower pot with strange tall plant. Through a window, I could see people wandering the corridor.

      Suddenly the skyscraper trembled and something on the corridor exploded. I quickly hidden behind a desk, just before glass shards flewn through my office. I heard screams - people were hurt, and some of the dead started to move.

      When zombies started to run into my office, I decided to jump through the window - I was falling down at high velocity, with no chance to survive. Suddenly I found myself inside a car, and decided to drive through the city. For some reason I had problems with driving. After a while I left the car and entered a building - it was a school of hand-to-hand battle. After a while of talking, I went back to the city, found another car and drove away.

      Finally I have reached my destination - a seaside cliffs. Watching the sundown, I moved closer to the edge, and jumped down into the water. Next I swam to a nearby island and entered a shack. I met a zombie there, this one was carrying a tower shield and a battle axe.

      I took a stick lying on the ground, and avoiding the his hacks with battle axe, I beat him into a bloody pulp. I took his shield and the battle axe, and went outside. I saw a huge swarm of zombies, jumping down the cliff to reach me.
    4. Dragon Bridge - Encounter

      by , 05-28-2014 at 09:23 AM
      In all my life, I can recall two dreams about dragons. The first was in childhood and the dragon was something more like Godzilla. The second is the following dream I had a few months ago and neglected to post to Dream Views.

      I was walking across an abandoned bridge. It was clearly abandoned as there were broken down cars and a number of makeshift shanty homes on it. It was day light and the sky was bright but completely overcast. I didn't see a single person on the bridge. As I walked along the bridge I looked over the edge. Below, on the shore was a forest and more shack-like homes. I saw this rouge-ish looking woman with red hair standing with a rugged looking man.

      They spotted me and started anxiously motioning to something in the woods behind them. Out from the woods, crawling on all fours was an enormous gray dragon. Around its neck was a frill of flesh like a lizard. It was around the size of a full sized bus. As soon as I got a clear view of it, I took off running further down the bridge.

      I recall thinking, "I doubt it can make it up here quickly." It looked too massive for much speed and it wasn't walking particularly fast. I got to section of the bridge that actually had multi-story apartment-like buildings. I ran to it, turned the corner, and hid behind a cement support column. I thought I lost it. I waited a few moments and peaked around the column.

      Rounding the corner, completely silently was the dragon. It was opening its mouth, which looked like an enormous black beak. Its eyes were black with some white showing and it looked intelligent. An enormous burst of flames came steaming out of its mouth directly at me. It was a furious fire filled with wind. The wind generated by the breath, apart from the fire seemed dangerous and absurdly powerful.

      I pulled back in time to avoid the flames but the cement column I was standing behind was breaking apart like cheap plaster.

      I suddenly had the sense that I was not just confronting a dragon. But something very evil. Perhaps even the devil. The fire was still blasting past me. Some strength started building inside me. I felt the power to strike back even though I was unarmed.

      I looked into my right hand and concentrated. A black energy started to draw inward to a single point in the center of my palm. An energetic black sphere started to form. It grew to about the size of baseball.

      As soon as the fire stopped, I leaned out from around the corner and threw the black fireball as hard as I could directly at the dragons face. It exploded with such force the dragons head violently flung backwards and it made an expression of shock. I took off running into the apartment complex. I came to a wood door which I entered and locked behind me. The door lock was very old fashioned, and weak. I looked around and was in a run down bathroom. I could hear the dragon forcing its way into the hall way. The flimsy wooden door trembled with its footsteps. I recall thinking, if it can smell me in here I am caught for sure.

      -Then I woke up.

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      memorable , side notes
    5. FPS-esque dream & Romance with Sarah B

      by , 01-03-2014 at 03:01 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      FPS-esque dream (DILD)


      • Sneaking behind enemy spawns points and killing or immobilizing them
      • Inside some kind of large shed or shack
      • Atmosphere has a turquoise color

      Romance with Sarah B (DILD)


      • With Sarah B again and it feels really awkward for the dream character to have feelings for me.

      • I'm wearing a gray jacket

      • Military related boot camp?
      • Expansive log cabin house
    6. Zombies and Pine Trees

      by , 11-17-2013 at 09:41 AM
      Original journal entry dated April 28th, 2002:

      I woke up with blood under my fingernails, and all over my blankets for that matter. I don't remember any of my dreams but I guess I must have been having more nightmares. In any case, I tore my face up but good and was hoping that nobody would notice this morning, which they didn't, which is good.

      The first dream was about a city. I think it was in England. It was old, and I was in the past, maybe Puritan times, I dunno. It was somewhere cold, rocky, and misty.
      There was a plague in the village, and there was always a procession of corpses being carried to the graveyard. I suppose, then, that the plague was bad, but not so bad to the point where they couldn't bury all of the bodies.
      And yet, everybody was dead. Maybe not DEAD dead, but dead inside. Except that one man murdered his wife, and then the Priest came and they took away the body... one more dead person, despite the cause, didn't matter... and then, either I died or my wife died, but I can't remember which. But there was a crazy, crazy old lady in one of the more dilapidated houses, and she wielded an axe... nobody went there, and maybe she died of plague, or maybe she DIDN'T die because nobody went there. But my wife died (I was male in the dream). Or maybe I did. And they said a few prayers, and everything was washed over with gray... there was an old stone building, it was haunted... come to think of it, the whole town was haunted... and all muddy... it was miserable.

      And then the other dream. My brother and mother and I were living in bare shacks high up on stilts, in the mountains. It was snowy and windy and very cold. They had wooden planks for floors, and the wind whistled through the chinks. When I looked out, I could see the tops of pine trees.
    7. distracted probe; space shuttle crew and probe

      by , 07-15-2011 at 12:07 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A probe of some kind was going up a wide, grassy hill. At some point it crossed a barbed wire fence. The fence was the boundary for some secret government area.

      Apparently I was watching the probe's view on some kind of video screen with a group of other people. But the view was really clear, as if I were there myself.

      I'm not sure who was controlling the probe. It seemed like we were all yelling at the probe to get out of the government area. But it wouldn't. It just kept going straight forward.

      The probe went up a really steep slope that may have ended in dirt and a rock ledge. It then hit the crest of the hill. The probe began to go over the hill. The view below was pretty vast, like a brown or red desert, but I couldn't make out much.

      Then a drone came along. It was a small, grey, flying vehicle that looked like a mix between a drone jet and a helicopter. It distracted the probe and may even have made it fly away in the direction of the drone, i.e. off to the left.

      Dream #2

      I stood with a group of people who were either astronauts or actors playing astronauts, or both at different times. It was either dawn or dusk. The sky was a dim silver-blue. Before us lay a huge rocket, like for the old American space launches. But the rocket was actually the shuttle itself.

      I was now suddenly walking out behind some big, wooden shed with someone else. We were talking about one of the astronauts and what a great person he was. For some reason our discussion made me think either that the launch wasn't going to happen or that the whole thing was just a production, for a movie, all fake.

      But as we rounded the back corner of the shack I saw the rocket standing upright. The rocket was so huge that I had to believe it was real.

      I now stood back with the astronauts. They were all climbing into their vehicles. The rocket was back to laying on its side. The side of the rocket was open, like a hatch. A woman who looked very much like a young Raquel Welch with Barbarella hair and a dark blue jumpsuit jumped into the hatch. She then jumped into a smaller structure that itself looked like a rocket.

      I understood that the big rocket carried everybody into space. The big rocket then fell away from or released these smaller rockets that were packed inside of it. Each astronaut had his own rocket.

      Another astronaut stood outside the rocket. I kind of saw from his view. He was tall, white, and blonde. He held a grey sweater made of some kind of rough wool. He placed it inside his jumpsuit, against his chest. He then made some weird comment. Apparently a worker, like a maintenance worker, maybe an Irishman, had made this sweater for him. The astronaut commented on how only maintenance workers knew how to use good old material like this for clothing.

      The crew and I were now all being led to a subway train that was arriving to take us to our launch site. As we got on the train, I became another one of the astronauts. I was a young man, blonde, tan, with beautiful eyes and face and sweeping hair. I and the rest of the crew wore grey, as if it were our uniform, though none of us wore the same thing.

      As I sat down in a seat perpendicular to the wall, a black girl behind me said to her friend, "Do you see all the people who got on in the grey? They're all from Group 60." I understood that Group 60 was the name of the astronauts' crew.

      I was now walking through some kind of suburban neighborhood. It was like I was back in my hometown, visiting it for old times' sake before I went on my mission. It was a sunny day and hot.

      I then walked along some road going up an incline and under the shade of a lot of trees. I was kind of worried that I wouldn't get to the launch in time. Then two guys came up to me. One of them, white with a kind of reddish-tan face and scraggly, blonde hair and beard, approached me as if to ask for money.

      I didn't want to hear the guy, so I walked across the street. But he seemed to be following me. So I moved faster by hopping up in the air and flying (even though in the dream I wasn't quite aware that I was flying). The man called after me with some cuss words.

      I now had the view of a probe, either a flying probe or a rover. I was going up a wide hill that seemed to be all brownish-red soil and rocks. I passed some kind of barbed wire fence, which was the boundary for some kind of government area. I then climbed up an extremely steep slope, which was topped with a rocky outcropping.

      At the top, I saw down the other side. It was a vast view, but I couldn't make anything out. Suddenly a flying drone approached the probe. The drone looked like a dragonfly. It had two headlights (?) that looked like eyes. It also had something that looked like either a helicopter propeller or dragonfly wings. The vehicle had blue, red, and white markings on its tail which made me understand that it was South Korean.

      The drone had scrambled the probe's system and was now carrying it to Korea. I could see a map, like a satellite image, of blue ocean and some green landforms. I understood that I was looking at the probe's view of Korea. We were almost there.

      I, as myself, though still as the probe, tried to figure out how to explain who I was. I needed to get to my space shuttle launch. But I had a feeling that the Korean soldiers would just be a bunch of hard-headed guys who wouldn't listen to a thing I had to say.

      I now saw an alert that a male Korean jet fighter was sending down to some base. The message alert (like a telephone ring) was actually a strange video. It was of some kind of claymation girl representing a big, fat Korean girl (who was supposed to be hot) in a pink bikini. She was getting a phone call, which she knew was big news, and which she assumed was tragic. So, even before she answered the phone she broke out into floods of tears.

      I understood from this that most of the people down at Mission Control were women, and that their boyfriends were mostly pilots. The girls had this alert screen "ringtone" as a reminder of how much they loved their jet fighter boyfriends.
    8. Cheaters and more cheaters... Erm.. Ya. Issues.

      by , 03-05-2011 at 07:45 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      The last two nights have both brought dreams of cheaters and cheating again. I can definitely chalk up "Cheating" as a dream sign, though I really wish it wasn't. I don't like having these dreams at all.

      Dream 1

      I find out that my Man is with some other woman, and that he is spending most of his free time with her. He refuses to take proper precautions in his "dealings" with her, and is overall being really hurtful and selfish, proclaiming that he will continue on doing just whatever the hell he wants with her, neglecting me and the kids in the process. I am overwhelmed and find it hard to cope with taking care of the kids. My 4 year old son ends up playing in a muddy field while I am forced to listen to my Man's groupies, who are all clustered on a bright red fire engine, go and on about how hot he is. He makes me watch a short trailer type movie about him and his new girl. I just ache with the hurt. I tell him how he's heartless and put me at risk.
      I am then scolded by some social services type of woman for the lack of care I am giving my son.

      Dream 2

      An old instructor of mine has come into town after many years (Actually this is based in reality, this person from my past recently contacted me on facebook). He taught me when I was much younger. He is still married to the same woman, whom I don't know so well a part from knowing she is shy and quiet. I'm at my Mom's house, upstairs in her old bedroom before the renovations she did a few years back. I'm just laying around reading a book. He comes into the bedroom and flops on the bed beside me, spewing his usual witty and entertaining banter. After a long time talking, he suddenly makes a pass at me, grabbing me really inappropriately. I am totally confused, but somehow not surprised.

      Flash forward to another woman, who, in my dream, looks exactly like Kim Raver from Gray's Anatomy, that he used to teach as well. I know that she used to have a huge crush on him, and I become aware that she feels very competitive towards me, vying for his attentions. She is acting very slutty and suggestive around him. She is sitting with her legs spread eagle, drawing attention to the "damage" to her jeans that apparently my instructor and I were responsible for "all those years ago". She is pleased with herself that she can still fit into the jeans, but I wonder how the hell she can be seen in public with them and not be thrown in jail for indecent exposure. All the areas that are supposed to be covered are very visible through big gaping holes. I notice my instructor is enjoying the show, and I wonder about his wife and where she is.

      Some questionable stuff happens against the outside of an old shack, then the dream ends.

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    9. Lucid Dream #17

      by , 10-12-2010 at 02:29 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 2/10
      Vividness: 4/10
      Length: ~10 Min.

      I was bouncing around on a basketball court since I was one of those flame things from the T-shirts and then I went into this shack and shape shifted into two different people. I tried to change into Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. I tried a lot of them and I was able to Earthbend, Waterbend, and Airbend. Just not Firebend. The End.
    10. Liquor Store

      by , 03-02-2008 at 02:30 AM
      This dream occurred in March, 2008:

      I had a dream that my mother and I found an old, run-down liquor store that was two hundred years old (or something along those lines) and looked like it was going to collapse or something. It had a big Jack Daniels sign outside, and there were a bunch of busted barrels outside that were falling apart. It was a cool old store, so we debated buying it and renovating it. We went inside, and the inside was much nicer than the outside. It was being run by two guys, who owned an old black-and-white dog, which rolled over on its back and begged for me to rub its belly. I did, and managed to hit the spot that made its leg thump.

      Then, I dreamed I was driving around with Eli and some other friends on a tour of other buildings. One old building in particular was historically significant, but it looked like a stark, lonely shack, and no plants grew around it. Then, we were boating down a wide, slow, blue river with lush vegetation on its banks. I was telling Eli about how I had a dream about a liquor store. I was watching large gears float down the river. They had blue glowing runes inscribed on them, and belonged to some other civilization. After this, I woke up.
    11. The Old Shack (long-term precognition)

      by , 08-24-1970 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of August 24, 1970. Monday.

      This dream, I consider one of my most significant and “unexplainable” childhood dreams, as well as it being one of the longest of the time period. I called it “The Old Shack” in my original childhood journal. My dream’s back story started by three classmates and I (Tina L, Brenda W, and best friend Toby T) doing a real-life-based childish routine on the song “Sugar Shack” and pretending to mess up in timing, and going “whoops, it exploded… boom!” …“accidentally” (on purpose) flowing into the Nancy Sinatra song “Sugar Town”. School had gotten out June 5th this year.

      My dream featured a strange old (fictional) wooden building (a “sugar shack” I had supposed - but not really - one room had an old bed we all “slept” on which seemed to be oriented from the middle of the south wall) where one room on the north end of the main room seemed sort of “burned” or dark, with very loose and missing floorboards as well as missing wall and ceiling parts - and appeared in different ways at different times (in terms of age). The only other feature in this shack of note are ragged curtains with only about fifty percent of the cloth left. There was a strong emotional focus on my dream at the time, but I did not know why. My dream also had typically recurring elements. The juvenile (in this case) “four in a bed” concept likely but innocently could have been inspired by promos (or newspaper theater advertisements) for “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, though I had no idea what the movie related to other than from the Mad Magazine parody us four read in real life (and of course did not really find that amusing - and it certainly did not encourage us into looking forward to being “idiotic” adults, though I usually enjoyed most features in Mad Magazine), though I do not know the day it was bought - the cover date says September 1970, but it likely was available in June 1970 or earlier. The hair color (three dark, one blonde) matched, and I had a brother-in-law named Bob and a sister (not Bob’s wife) named Carol.

      In my dream, a normal rabbit (possibly modeled after my mother’s pet rabbit Cindy, though it seemed wild in my dream) had gone through the doorway that led in and out of the unusual room (though the floor did not seem strong enough or complete enough to walk on or even to actually enter the room). Later, it was a giant rabbit (bigger than a horse), but was not dangerous in any way. There is also a part where a snake grows larger but does not threaten us - though we do see it crawl past the open front door (on the east side of the building - the back door being on the west side), being about half the height of the doorway and this concerns Tina. At one point (when events are getting to a point where we need to leave), she says (in her “fake” British accent) “…but what about the rabbit?”

      Tina had placed a sparrow with a broken wing through the doorway at one point, and it had begun to grow larger. It eventually becomes a pterodactyl after flying over the shack and she seems a bit concerned about what she did. She also puts an old wilted bouquet of flowers (from the southwest dusty corner of the large room) through the doorway and the blooms become fresh. I am not sure how the room works at any point. Does it move through time (thus causing other things to change), or just make things bigger at times? I can understand how the sparrow became a pterodactyl if prehistoric “throwbacks” (as well as futuristic ones) are implied with time shifting, but that does not explain why the rabbit (and snake) - as well as my thumb near the last scene - just became larger.

      My friend Toby (who is wearing a cheap wristwatch) sticks his hand through the doorway to “test” it somehow (based on curiosity about how other things that had happened - such as the restoration of part of the torn curtain to becoming complete and like new) and ends up with a changed watch that is complex and computerized - there even seems to be a miniature slot machine video game on it (before I ever saw or heard of computer games as such). In real life, years later, such things actually existed as seen in my dream years before, which I found quite interesting.

      Near the final scenario, I had placed my right hand through the doorway and my thumb cramped up in great pain and grew nearly twice as large (I do not typically experience this level of pain in a dream).

      My dream had ended by me trying to reach an apparently known “portal” after running out the back door (though I am not sure what influenced this - possibly a “Star Trek” episode) and across a mostly featureless large grassy field, around the same time that the reddish pterodactyl (that had transformed from the sparrow) made a shadow on the ground near me as I was running (and I assume that it was ready to attack me) and I just made it through the old isolated trellis which was being used as an arched gate as part of a broken fence - which was supposedly the “portal” from my dream into reality (and probably the “cure” for whatever the room in the shack had changed) - though I am beginning to only become slightly lucid at this point (the situation nearly identical in mood and physical awareness to the event in the “Dogpile” dream of 1972 where I leaped through the front door of my Cubitis home) as I saw the pterodactyl become a sparrow again, and fall to the ground just after crossing above the supposed “portal”. (The pterodactyl shadow is likely a replay of a real-life event concerning a buzzard flying over me, of which numerous dreams were influenced by.)

      The outcome:

      Exactly six years later in real life (August 24, 1976)…I was in the hospital, my right thumb enlarged to nearly twice the size (exactly as in my dream) due to a completely unexpected medical condition, caused by an unexplainable series of four (and a half) cysts, all the same size except for the new one just starting, which all apparently had embryonic properties as if my body suddenly decided to grow a few other siblings from my thumb (though this followed other dreams which were also precognitive to this event). There was not the slightest indication of this until the summer vacation of 1976 when I first noticed the first one growing (with no hints or known causes beforehand), but did not get it checked out until there were four in a row, and by that time, a fifth had started closer to my wrist.

      The CBS late movie that was playing the night prior to the morning of my operation was “Night of the Lepus” from 1972 - about giant rabbits of the same size orientation as the one from my dream. There is more, but the detail is minor compared to the significance of the two main synchronous links.

      Though this pales in comparison to nearly endless unexplainable “mystery girl” associations and numerous other mysteries (including my present knowledge of fractals in the language and certain types of patterns), I still find this one interesting, all in all, relative to the main reason I started paying attention to my dreams when very young and why I started dream journalism in the first place - because no adult could be honest or tell me how dreams continuously “echoed” into reality, often with precise visual detail of something not seen (or even existing) until later. There is no excuse for such ignorance or denial (or replacing personal experience with incompatible religious beliefs) - as each person has a will to make a life for himself - and to validate his own understanding successfully.

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