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    1. Meeting another dreamer ?

      by , 01-02-2018 at 10:05 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      In an american like city in winter I've been walking around , I met a guy, he looked like the chubby average gamer guy , then we made eye contact and started to walk in circles like if we are about to fight. I asked who is he to which he said that he wont let me know who he is ,and ran away, he threw objects mostly clothes at me as a distraction , I tried to chase him but he got away. He got me inside this weird little room full of rugs and other objects, I tried to break out of it using the force, I concentrated, thing started to float around me , but it didnt work . I lost my lucidity then shortly after that I woke up.

      He was pretty swift, knew how to use telekinesis and summoning objects.
      When he answered my question , it was like a mix of speech and thoughts. It felt so weird like if someone says something into your head and you can sense it ,hear it.

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    2. Shared Dream w/ KestrelKat 8/31/15

      by , 09-02-2015 at 03:35 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Graveyard Party

      I was with my family in the middle of a field/forest. We had bought a very old house and were renovating it. I was hanging out on the front porch, but I think I was having a problem with bees. The house gave me a creepy feeling. There was also a basement and a hall in the basement led to a large wooden door and opened up to a big, old lecture hall.

      Later in the dream I was back at my family's house. I had done something very wrong, and my family decided to perform an honor killing on me. I wanted to write out some last things before I was killed. I quickly got a pen and paper and wrote out that the old house that they were renovating was very haunted. I had felt the presence of an evil black figure. The black figure was ruling over another spirit, who I felt to be a girl (who turned out to be Kestrel). I was worried about their renovations and how the spirit could hurt them.

      I told my family that I would like to be buried in the backyard next to our dog. My sister shot me in the head and I was buried. I tried to stay conscious for as long as possible. I wanted to avoid losing consciousness forever and so I tried to remain 'lucid' throughout the process of dying.

      After some time, I was able to separate my spirit from my body and I drifted back up above land. I figured some time had passed since now there was snow on the ground. I stepped on the snow and it was warm yet crunchy. It was like walking on rice krispies. Everything was uncannily crunchy. My consciousness even felt crunchy.

      I went inside and turned on the TV, still holding onto my pseudo-lucidity. I started wondering about who else I would find on the astral plane. And then I wondered if I had a formal gravestone. I put two and two together and realized it would be a great idea to visit the graveyard. Maybe I could find other spirits there too, like me?

      I zoomed through the TV and into the graveyard. The graveyard was grassy and hilly. I saw a young couple walking and I followed them closely, but they couldn't feel that I was there. I followed a lot of people but none of them could sense me.

      I walked up a hill and found several other spirits sitting. I touched them, and it felt as if where I had touched them my fingers were extremely tingly/pins&needles. I thought this was really interesting, but the other spirits said that they didn't like to be touched for this reason. It felt too inhuman to them.

      Lastly, I went to a classroom and messed with the students in there. I probably scared the shit out of them.

      Quote Originally Posted by Kestrel
      Annnnd, the dream I had last night:

      I was in an old house, living with a bunch of other people. It was being renovated, and I was looking through the bottom storage rooms to see if there was anything I could take up to my room on the very top floor. It was like a GUFF pile (General Unrestricted Free (Food), I believe it stands for; it's a word we use at the coop I lived at with Zukin that means it's free for the taking/using), and I wondered what kinds of things people had put down there. There were lots of colorful sheets, and I would have taken one of them if I didn't already have nice sheets. I left, and when I came back again there were boxes of lots of different kinds of cookies, and three people in the room. There was an older gentleman who looked like a janitor, and a couple, the woman crying and eating cookies. I overheard the conversation; the man had cheated on her, and was breaking it off with her. I felt for her and wanted to treat her to something nice but something told me not to meddle. They both left, leaving me with the older gentleman. He seemed really friendly, a bit odd, but really well-meaning. He asked if I wanted any of the sheets; I said no, because I had a star trek patterned set upstairs.

      "Oh, you like Star Trek? I have just the thing for you!" He opened a drawer in a nearby desk and ruffled through some papers. He handed me a visibly old piece of card-stock with an image printed on one side of it and writing on the back. I don't remember exactly what the image was at first, but the older man said it was a picture of Spock. I looked again, and it still wasn't Spock but the image changed! Every time I looked at it, the image on the paper was different. It eventually did show Spock; it was a black-and-white image, pretty old looking. I was super thrilled with this piece of paper and wanted badly to find Zukin to show her this supernatural thing.

      I ran up flights of stairs to try to find her, looking down at the sheet to make sure it was still working every now and then. I noticed the images were always black-and-white, and always had that old high-contrast-y quality to them even if they were modern things. About half-way through the house I felt this evil, dark presence. I turned away from where it was, but I kept running into it and I felt like it was chasing me and I kept getting glimpses of this black, shadowy figure. When I got to the ground floor of the house (there were apparently lots of basement floors), the image stopped changing. It was also in color, now. It was an image of an old wooden door, very intricate and really quite beautiful. It was at the end of a hallway or something, like a door to a closet or stairs to the basement. I kept looking back at the paper, trying to get it to change, but it wouldn't. And then, there was a banging at the front door. I had to cross right in front of the door to reach the stairs up to the top floors, so I ran. When I got to the top of the first flight of stairs I turned and saw the black figure (I could now tell it was a woman, and she was pure evil) phasing through the door and floating up towards me. I ran the rest of the way to my room without looking back.

      Spoiler for unrelated bits:

      When I felt like I was far enough away, I stopped, closed my eyes and just sort of let myself grow. I grew taller, wider, rounder. It was such an awesome experience; I was just a simple round hunk of rock, so I sped up time (lol I forgot this was my third task, too, WOOT!) to let myself grow fully and get some lifeforms on me. I could literally feel mountains, oceans and forest growing on various parts of my body. I could feel living things start to evolve, and then people building huts and villages, migrating, and building their societies. It was like I WAS physics, geology, history... I could feel all the forces of gravity pulling things to my center, I could feel the pull of the sun and I could see the path of my orbit.

      I wanted to know what kind of life existed on myself, so I focused my consciousness on a point at my edge, extended out just a touch more and detached myself from myself. I was in a hilly place, with lots of grass. But where I detached was a crunchy gravel path. I realized I was in a sort of graveyard, and suddenly I felt Zukin's presence somewhere behind me. Like, not just Zukin's DC. This was HER presence. I looked around for her; I saw a few other people but I didn't see her, and yet I could still feel her and she was moving around. I kept searching for her but
      woke up...
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    3. Discovering connections

      by , 06-10-2015 at 07:54 PM
      Astral travel to find a relic... Connecting with many people telepathically, lots of shared dreaming... Have animated, agreeable conversation with a young man about what is authentic native teaching, and what is not. Another man, talking about how to move things around in my store for better energy flow... More connections, lost a lot of it when my son came bouncing in at 5:20am
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    4. Corridors of Dreams

      by , 06-10-2015 at 04:03 PM
      This a weird one.

      I met someone from a previous dream last night. She was sitting in her apartment, which I have no memory of entering, and did not appear in the least bit surprised to see me.

      She told me that it's very rare for us to meet, as dreams take place in many worlds - so many that we were unlikely the exact same people who met in the previous dream despite the both of us having memories of interacting with each other. With this in mind she simply wanted to enjoy the pleasure of my company while she could, which we did: we talked and played and looked out of her window and generally just enjoyed being with each other for an indeterminate length of time. When time came for me to leave, I requested that we exchange details so that we might find each other later, which she agreed to despite acknowledging the futility of doing so.

      I can't remember her name.

      It's difficult to describe this experience except that it felt like I was a non-lucid part of someone else's lucid dream , her lucid dream specifically. I was in my standard non-lucid haze, but she seemed entirely more in focus and more real.

      After leaving her apartment, I found myself in what I'm going to call the Nexus: a long corridor of doors, somehow with the implicit understanding that each door lead to other dreams. If I were lucid I would have taken full advantage of the possibilities as I've been attempting to replicate a similar effect in what little lucid dreams I've actually had, but as the situation was, I just went directly for a door that felt vaguely familiar.

      What was inside was a tortured, mutated, horrifying version of someone else I'd met. So I closed the door, and sometime later I woke up.
    5. A visit from KristaNicole

      , 04-12-2012 at 02:49 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      After waking up from the last dream and failing to DEILD, I notice that it is still not time to get up.
      I decide to go back to sleep in the hopes of landing back in my old dream.

      I'm walking on a beach.
      Except... it is not really a beach.

      I am in fact in one of the classrooms at my uni, and the ground is covered in sand,
      and the walls are painted with ocean an palms.
      Many led's on the ceiling make it appear as if there was a night sky.
      It looks as if someone tried to reconstruct a scene that occasionally appears in my dreams:

      Realizing that I am dreaming, I check how stable it is.
      I grab a hand full of sand and let it slowly pour down back onto the ground.
      It feels very real, and even though it is dark inside, the contrast of my vision is so strong that I can see everything clearly with ease.

      My thoughts on where to go are interrupted by a female voice behind me.


      I turn around and see a familiar face.


      She holds out a hand to me.

      "Come with me?"

      Which is similar to how I invited her a long time ago:
      Taking KristaNicole to Teraluna - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I grab her hand and follow her out of the room.
      There's a portal on one of the walls which I assume she has created.
      We go trough it and are sucked through a tunnel, full of odd lighting effects.
      There appear to be insect-like creatures on the outer walls, but they don't seem to take notice of us.

      We come out on the other end, and fortunately for once I don't land on my face like an idiot.
      I don't know what it is with portals, but I have a tendency of coming out upside down on the other end.

      We are on what appears to be a set of floating islands.
      It's beautiful, and there is some type of temple not far away which looks very interesting.

      "I've been thinking about you yesterday, I haven't heard from you in a long time."

      She doesn't look like she heard what I said.

      "Aww, I wanted the portal to lead to the temple."

      I pick Krista up, which clearly confuses her.

      "... What are you doing?"

      I concentrate on the temple and blink both of us towards it.
      I put Krista back down.

      "What was that?"
      "I call it blinking, it's a short range teleport kind of thing."
      "You call that short?"
      "Yeah, I can basically blink as far as I can see."

      "How does it work?"
      "Uuh, it's kinda weird. You concentrate on the spot where you want to blink to."
      "Then take a single step towards the location, but at the same time land a second step in the location where you want to end up."
      "That... that doesn't make any sense."
      "I told you it's weird, you basically take a single step but end up taking two."

      I see Krista concentrating on a location not too far away. She is trying to blink.

      "Hey, be careful, it's easy to loose your orientation and end up in a..."

      I hear a loud noise as Krista crashes into a thick decorative pillar.

      "... wall ..."

      Small bits of the pillar are falling off as she peels herself loose.
      I can't help myself and I start laughing.
      Krista does not seem to be amused.

      "It's not funny!"
      "Actually it kind of is."

      On a second thought, she's finding it amusing after all, but she doesn't want to show it.

      "Let's go to the center of the temple."

      She starts walking towards what appears to be the main building.
      I feel like fooling around and start hovering over the ground, and enter her field of vision, floating on my back just a few centimeters above the ground.
      I wave at her as I slowly pass her.

      She starts laughing.

      "What the hell are you doing? You are insane!"

      She grabs me and turns me upside down and sits down on my back.

      "Much better."
      "To the temple!"
      "I ain't no taxi service!"
      "To the temple!"

      Fine, I fly us both to the center of the temple.
      This would look absolutely ridiculous to an outsider.

      We end up in a really amazing location.
      There's a pool in the middle of a platform, with a few holes in the ground, creating waterfalls that go all the way down to the surface of the planet.
      The water source appears to be infinite.

      "Did you make this?"
      "... Yes."
      "It's beautiful!"

      I start walking on the pool.

      "Hey! How do you do that?"
      "What? Walk on water?"
      "What do you mean? I just do it."
      "But... you're supposed to go under."
      "No I'm not."
      "Tell me how it works, I want to learn how to walk on water."

      "You don't need to learn how to walk on water, you need to forget how to fall through water."
      "What? That doesn't make any sense."
      "Sure it does, think about it."

      She's saying something that I cannot quite comprehend.
      I turn around to look at her, but I cannot find her anymore.

      "Hey, where did you go?"

      No answer...
      I notice my vision is very blurry, the dream is falling apart.
      I wake up.

      A month of near zero recall and then two cool lucids in a row.
      Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my brain.
    6. Totm attempts / Hibiscus girl / Destiny

      , 09-13-2011 at 02:51 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I wasn't really able to write these down until now, I just had lots of things to do.
      I have noticed that my dream recall has been acting a bit weird over the past few days.
      I just seem to remember a ton of dreams, though most of them are very vague and fragmented.
      My dreams don't seem to be more vivid or any longer though, so I'm not really sure if it's "better".
      Nevertheless it feels weird remembering like ~10 different fragments a day.
      These are a few interesting ones.

      Totm Attempt #1: Butterfly
      I WILD during an afternoon nap, trying to complete the Totm.
      I'm quite confident that I'll manage to succeed on the first try.

      My dream starts on "the beach".
      For some reason some of my WILD's randomly seem to start out on this beach.
      It always looks the same, and it is always dusk.
      I remember the Totm and approach the water in order to walk on it.
      This is going to be easy I have done this many times before.

      But as I approach the beach I suddenly spot a butterfly.
      It is extremely colorful, with very colorful and vivid patterns on its wings.
      It's emitting glowing particles.
      I follow it, intrigued as to where it is going and completely forget about the Totm.

      Totm Attempt #2:
      I have another dream of being lost in an unknown hotel.
      I become lucid and remember the Totm.
      The dream is unstable and I'm not thinking very clearly.
      Instead of stabilizing, I start running around aimlessly, attempting to find a water surface.
      The dream quickly fades to black and ends.

      The hibiscus girl:
      I had another dream about the hibiscus girl: Another mysterious woman / Emotional and sensory overload - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      Unfortunately my recall of it is quite bad.

      This time we are on the surface of another planet.
      She has a red hibiscus attached to her left ear, looking very similar to the one drawn on her bikini last time.
      We're having a discussion, I demand to know who she is.
      She refuses to tell me though.
      It seems clear by now that she is reading my DJ, I'm considering that she might be a DV member.
      I make the comment that she has an "unfair advantage" over me, because she's able to read my DJ, yet I know nothing about her.

      But she keeps denying my requests, and says that she likes being in control.
      I remember that last time she was able to drag me to another place by simply looking into my eyes.
      I attempt to do the same thing to her, and manage to drag her to the beach.

      This surprises her quite a bit, but it also seems to amuse her.
      I say that I never stated that I write everything down in my online DJ, she might be in for a few surprises.
      She makes a comment that makes me believe that this is some sort of game to her.
      I somehow understand this reasoning though and begin to share it.

      Totm Attempt #3:
      I decide to attempt the Totm yet again. I'm determined to complete both tasks.
      I do it during an afternoon nap yet again since I had some success last time, except that I got distracted.

      Surprisingly, I enter the dream on the beach yet again.
      This time I decide to stabilize the dream though, and calm my mind.
      I rub my hands and slowly approach the sea.
      I feel the sand beneath my toes. It's still moderately warm.

      For some reason I'm a bit nervous as I start walking on the water surface.
      Oddly enough I seem to be afraid to fail, even though I've done it many times before.
      Fortunately, it works flawlessly.
      I walk on the water, deeper into the sea with my arms stretched out for additional balance.

      Alright, so far so good, controlling elements is next.
      I look at my right hand and make it catch on fire.
      This is quite straightforwards as I have manipulated fire many times before.
      But what other element could I possibly manipulate?
      Water...? No. That's probably too hard.

      I create an arc of lightning between two of my fingers.
      I think that I have completed the Totm for a moment, but then realize that lighting isn't exactly one of the 4 elements.
      What were the other ones again?
      Fire, Water... Earth? I wouldn't know what to do with earth...
      Wind it is.

      I compress some of the air around me into my right fist and release it forwards.
      This creates a shock and air is propelled forwards.
      The pressure upsets the water surface.

      I'm not really satisfied with the result though.
      I do the same thing again, this time compressing much more air.
      This time it creates a small tornado, that runs flat over the water surface.
      It lifts some of it up and sprays it all over the place.

      I'm quite satisfied, and happy that I managed to complete both tasks within a single dream.
      I decide to dive into the sea to see if I'll find something interesting, but it doesn't take long until I wake up.

      After a long time, I've started having dream fragments of "Destiny" yet again: Recurring dream about a spaceship mission to find extraterrestrial life. - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      None of them drove "the plot" forward though.
      I was always on board the Destiny completing a random task.
      My memories of the dream fragments are quite vague.
    7. Another mysterious woman / Emotional and sensory overload

      , 09-04-2011 at 04:00 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I wake up after about 9 hours of sleep. (weekends ftw)
      I remember a mess of short and unstable dream fragments, but none of them seem interesting...
      For some reason I feel like if I try to fall back asleep I might have an awesome dream though,
      plus I'm not in the mood to get up yet whatsoever.
      It doesn't take long until I fall asleep.

      I'm at some kind of hotel, searching for my room, but I'm a bit lost.
      I wander around hoping to randomly find it. I cannot even seem to recall what it looks like. (This is a recurring dream scenario)
      The only way to a new corridor is to walk through a gym shower room which I find a bit odd.
      I enter it but accidentally hit a lever on one of the walls.
      All the showers turn on at once... oops?
      I turn the lever back down but it won't stop... shit.

      I start to become confused and slightly scared, why does this not work? Why can't I turn it off?
      I try other levers at random, but it just makes things worse.
      A few people are starting to notice, and are staring at me from the corridor.
      There's that scary sensation you get when a nightmare is about to start...

      But this gets me thinking. Lost in a hotel... searching for my room, this is a dream sign!

      I RC and sure enough, I'm dreaming.
      I casually walk out of the room, not really caring about it or the looks on the DC's faces anymore.
      They all look very confused at what they're seeing, except for one girl.
      She seems happy, even excited? Like she's about to engage me in conversation?
      But she doesn't, and I walk right past her... weird...

      ... I'm outside of the hotel. I sit down at the last free table to have dinner.
      I look at the menu and order something.
      Whilst I hand the menu back to the waiter, I see that it was hiding the fact that another person had joined me at the table.
      It's the girl I've seen earlier when I was exiting the showers.

      "Can I join you?"

      Her having seen the shower thing makes me uncomfortable, but there's something about her that intrigues me...

      "Sure... I'm Hyu, nice to meet you."

      Wait... Hyu? Did I just tell her I'm called Hyu? ...
      Oh well, let's just leave it at that.
      But then suddenly the realization comes that I was lucid at the end of the shower scene.

      I'm still at the same hotel, which means I must still be dreaming.

      I look at the girl carefully, trying to find... something out of the ordinary I guess?
      But the scene is darkening... shit. Stabilize!
      It's too late, the scene vanishes...

      ... I'm at my hotel room with 3 friends. We want to go out.
      I open the door to leave the room but I am greeted by a... grizzly bear?

      I casually close the door again, seeing as I must still be dreaming...
      A bear? ... Seriously?
      My friends are freaking out screaming things like: "It's a bear!!! We're all going to die!!!"
      How annoying... I unsummon them with a wave of my hand.
      Much better!

      The room is quite dark... not good.
      I start rubbing my hands, hoping to stabilize the dream, but it's not working.
      I rub them more vigorously, but then they nearly catch fire and I burn myself.
      What the heck? Well... this is obviously not working.
      I try to summon the small phoenix wings on my left arm to teleport myself to Teraluna...
      ... But all I get are a few sparkles shooting out of my arm, like the wing summoning procedure is sort of broken.
      I've had this happen before, I can't teleport if my dreams are unstable...
      I don't know what to do and I'm afraid I'm going to loose the dream.


      That startled me. I turn around. It's the same girl yet again.

      "Who are you?"

      Maybe it's Faye playing another of her pranks?
      I probe her aura... nope... there's no way this is Faye.
      But it's not the aura of a DC either, it's way too strong and vibrant for that.

      She holds out her hand to me.
      I feel adventurous and grab it.
      I look into her eyes and I am dragged into them...

      Suddenly I'm blinded by intense light.
      As my vision normalizes I see that I'm in... a rather special room?
      It's a very big apartment room, with glass walls.
      I must be in a skyscraper considering how high I am.
      It's night outside, I can overlook a rather big city.

      The room itself is very weird. It's like an insanely huge bath/pool room?
      There are pools, everywhere, connected by small waterfalls.
      Water is flowing pretty much from everywhere, showers integrated in the walls / ceiling, waterfalls somehow starting at the top of the room.

      "You like it?"

      The girl is now wearing a white bikini with a red flower drawn on it.
      She's beautiful... She has brown curly hair and bright white eyes. She's about my age.
      I'm still holding her hand and she's dragging me towards one of the smaller waterfalls.
      It smells great in here, and that watery breeze is just amazing.
      She takes a quick dive under the waterfall and comes back out.
      She clearly enjoys the water, you can easily see the passion in her eyes.

      "You haven't answered my question..."
      "I won't... I thought you had a thing for mysterious women?"
      "I do... but that doesn't change the fact that my curiosity is endless. But how would you know that?"
      "Hmm... isn't it obvious? I read about it."

      Hold on... did she read my DJ? Is she real?
      I'm not going to ask her, that would just be awkward, clearly she knows exactly what's going on.

      "I'm assuming your name is top secret as well?"
      "Haha, it totally is!"

      She runs one of her hands up my arm.
      Suddenly I get goose bumps. The feeling is EXTREME.
      What is this? It feels so insanely good.
      I brush over her cheek with two of my fingers and I see arcs of electricity moving between my fingers and her cheek.
      It feels so good, and I can clearly see that she's enjoying it was well.
      I can hear music playing... something electronic, ambient and calm.

      (something a bit like this)

      She hugs me and starts running her fingers down my back.
      I get a complete sensory overload.
      I can feel her fingers with every single skin cell in my back.
      I can see every single fiber in the iris of her eyes.
      The colors are so strong and vivid that they would burn out my eyes in a split second in waking life.
      It's like looking straight into the sun, except you are not blinded.
      I can hear every single drop of water in the room, I could pinpoint where exactly each one is, even if I was blind.
      I can even hear both of our heartbeats, our breathing, even her hair brushing over her shoulders.

      I have no idea what's happening, but I don't care. I'm enjoying this way too much.
      I can clearly feel the arcs of lightning everywhere our bodies touch.
      I mimic what she's doing and run my fingers down her back.
      She shivers with pleasure. It really turns me on.
      This is so intense... I can't believe we're doing nothing but touch each other.

      She's moving in for a kiss.
      I wonder what it's going to feel like...
      We're really close now...

      But then of course... I wake up... -_-

      This was rather overwhelming...
    8. A quest of sorts / All dreamers can fly

      , 08-14-2011 at 09:23 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      My recall for this night is rather fragmented.

      I am in Italy on vacation. For some reason I am trying to rent some kind of special room to hold a big dinner and invite a lot of friends.
      Then I remember that I'm on vacation, so my friends are actually far away, but somehow I don't consider this an issue...

      ... I'm having said dinner, however I'm on some kind of cruise ship.
      After the dinner I'm walking through the corridors of the ship, trying to find my room.
      Somehow I don't know where my room is at all, but I seem to believe that I'll find it by just randomly walking around anyways...

      I wake up and attempt to WILD but I fall asleep too quickly.

      I am with other people in an unknown location. There is some sort of meeting.
      Why am I here again? It feels like I was drawn to this place by a higher force.
      I gradually become moderately lucid.

      The people I'm meeting with claim to be dreamers. I must have somehow stumbled into a shared dreaming experiment...

      ... Some of the people, including myself, have gone on some sort of quest.
      We're walking a path which supposedly leads towards our goal, though I have no idea what it is.

      There's a guy in armor leading the way.
      Then there's a girl who caught my attention because she's wearing a rather revealing outfit.
      Another guy is walking with us. He's very talkative and seems to be very interested in me.
      He keeps bugging me about Yuya, which I find sort of annoying.
      There's two more guys, but I can't remember anything about them.

      The girl is trying to show me how she can create ice crystals at will, but the annoying guy is heating up the spot where she tries to create ice crystals
      with fire magic every time she attempts to show me.
      I find this somewhat amusing.

      The guy in armor is acting quite weird.
      He has long black curly hair, and has a tendency to come very close to you when he's talking with you, opening his eyes widely.
      At one point I tell him:

      "You're weirding me the fuck out mate"

      He just laughs...

      ... We reach a tower on top of a cliff and climb all the way up.
      Apparently the goal was to come here, I don't really get why.
      Everyone but the guy in armor, the girl and me have disappeared by now.

      The guy in armor starts swinging his arms around wildly making magical noises and finally vanishes.

      "Right... now that was properly weird."

      I look at the landscape. It is very beautiful.

      "Hey. Wanna fly?"
      "Oh... no. I can't fly."
      "What? Bollocks, all dreamers can fly."
      "Well maybe, but I can't fly yet."
      "Sure you can, it's easy."
      "For you maybe..."
      "Well listen, with that attitude it's no wonder you have trouble flying."
      "Come here, I'll show you."

      We approach the edge of the tower. It's a very long way down from here.

      "Now what... don't tell me you want me to jump!"
      "Free your mind."
      "Free your mind!"
      "It's safe... it's all safe"

      I gently push her off the edge and as she realizes she's going to fall she starts screaming.
      Somehow I find this funny. I know she isn't in any real danger.
      I jump after her and catch up.

      "You fucking asshole!"
      "Haha, calm down"
      "Then fly?"
      "Fuck you!"
      "Aww come on. I'm not gonna let you fall all the way down."
      "Now what?"
      "What did I tell you?"
      "Free my mind..."

      The air surrounding her suddenly becomes turbulent and she starts slowing down.
      She's very occupied with slowing down, and we come to a full stop about a meter over a lake.

      "See, that wasn't so bad!"
      "You could have said something instead of pushing me..."

      I drop down onto the lake and walk on the water.
      That clearly makes her curious and she stops flying assuming she'll be able to walk on the water as well.
      But she drops right into the lake, which I find quite funny.
      She flies back out and gives me a very accusing look.
      I say laughingly:

      "What? You asked me how to fly, now how to walk on water!"
    9. Shared Dreaming Attempt #13 - Mancon's Dream

      by , 08-02-2011 at 06:15 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Mancon's Dream

      I woke up around 5 AM to attempt a WILD. My HH was extremely weird! I heard marbles rolling around, and I could see feet floating by me.
      Anyway here is my dream:

      I was looking up at Chichen Itza. I stabilized the dream. Chichen Itza seemed oddly big, too big. I looked around and figured out I was really small. I touched my nose and imagined myself becoming bigger. Everything looked normal now.

      I made a box appear and grabbed a bright orange top hat out of it, and put it on. I saw something on the ground and went to grab it, it looked like a Harry Potter wand. I pointed it to the sky and imagined the beacon coming out of it and shooting into the sky, right above the pyramid.

      There was a huge flash, and I could see green colors floating above the pyramid. Good enough. It was dark out, but not too dark. It seemed like night was going to rush over the sky any minute, but it didn't.

      I decided to go to the top of Chichen Itza, and look for anybody else. There on the stairs was that same girl that dropped the baby in my other dream.

      She had a dark green hoodie on, lightish brown hair, and blue eyes. "Puffin? Is that you?" I said. She looked up at me, excited.

      "Your dreaming!"
      "Really?" She looked around, excited.
      "Yes. It's Mancon Puffin!"
      "Wow.." she exclaimed.

      Suddenly she looked a bit alarmed.

      "There's something I have to show you grab my arm! Oh my gosh, this is so cool! Grab my arm!"
      I grabbed her arm, and she looked really concentrated. There was a white flash, and we were standing under a cliff.

      The cliff was really tall, and made of rock, some parts covered in dark green moss.

      In front of us was water with huge waves. You could see the cliff reflected in the water, with the reflection of the mossy parts, standing out the most.

      We were standing on a sandy beach, with some crabs walking around. It seemed like there would be a storm coming soon.

      "Is this really a shared dream?" she asked me.
      "I don't know, if it is it is my first one! What do you want to do?" I asked her.
      "I read your skating on ice dream, and though it was really cool! We NEED to do that!"
      "Oh you did? That sounds like a lot of fun actually!"

      I used waterbending to shape boards out of water, and then freeze them.

      "Here you go," I handed one to her, "Just step on it and go! Like frozone!"

      We both shot off at the same time into the air. A frosty blue ice trail shot behind us. We did cool tricks, and kept going higher and higher. Everything got foggy.

      "Let's try to make it to the moon!" I told her.
      "Okay!" I heard a faint reply.

      I shot up until I could hear my board cracking. No worries! I remembered I can just fly. I jumped off my ice board and flew straight at the moon. I landed, and dust flew up everywhere.

      I looked around.
      "Puffin?" I asked.
      She was no where in site. I flew all the way around the moon looking for her, no Puffin!

      I woke Up

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    10. Chichen Itza + Shapeshifting 7/14/11

      by , 07-14-2011 at 06:37 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I went to bed at 12 and attempted a WILD at 3:10. Puffin and I are part of the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project and have been trying to meet up at Chichen Itza. Unfortunately, we have not been in an LD at the same time yet.

      I was looking up at the sky and saw birds circling over me. I stood up and looked around. I was in the middle of a desert and it was daytime.

      I wanted to teleport to Chichen Itza to see if Puffin would be there. I had been thinking of cool ways to teleport lately and decided to try this one.

      I imagined the sun sucking me out of Earth extremely fast, towards it. I was shooting up into the air going so fast everything was a blur. I saw Saturn, Mars, and then I could see myself shooting into the sun. I imagined the sun was a huge teleporting device, and would take me wherever I thought.

      I imagined Chichen Itza in my mind and collided with the sun. I felt tingly and like I had just cliff jumped into the ocean. I saw my self rapidly falling towards Chichen Itza and slammed into the stairs. The stairs bent back and shot me back towards space. I quickly imagined a barrier in the sky which shot me back towards Chichen Itza. I stopped myself right before I hit the ground.

      That technique was a little more rough then I thought . I stood up and looked around for Puffin, or anyone else. I didn't see her, and I waited for about 5 minutes, then I started walking around Chichen Itza.

      I focused on everyone I knew in the project, and saw an owl staring down at me. I imagine myself switching places with the owl, and I was looking down at my body. I was the owl. I jumped off the branch and started flying around. I watched the owl trapped in my body stammer around, and try to fly. I decided to fly up as high as I could go and slam into the top of Chichen Itza.

      I dove rapidly and collided with the top. Instead of hitting it, it kept bending and all of a sudden I was flying on top of a mountain. my senses were heightened, and I could hear people walking. I was about to go find out who they were when I woke up.

    11. Chichen-Itza Lucid 7/12/11

      by , 07-12-2011 at 09:46 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I did KingYoshi's WILD Technique last night after my first lucid dream and it worked!

      I was sitting by the base of Chichen Itza and started to look for people who were in the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project. I saw a person at the top staring down at me. I went up to them. I couldn't really remember people's description since there were so many, so I had no idea if this was just a dream character or perhaps another person in the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project!

      It was a girl who was wearing a blue hoodie with a quicksilver logo on it, had brown hair, and blue eyes. She was holding a baby, but it didn't look like hers. She looked maybe 16-20. I haven't had a chance to check the description of everyone in the project to see if there is someone that actually looks like her.
      I told her she was dreaming and she stared at me with a blank expression.

      "Dree...what?" she said.

      "Dreaming." I said.

      She smiled and dropped the baby. She jumped of Chichen Itza and landed on a bed. The bed disappeared. Right when she touched it.
      That was weird. It was probably just one of my messed up dream characters. I was about to grab the baby but it disappeared too. I looked around a bit for more people but nobody was there.
      Suddenly the dream started to fade and I woke up.

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    12. First Shared dream!

      by , 04-21-2011 at 12:21 AM
      Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-dream

      My Dream

      I am at a weird Model Train place, I'm standing on top of a garden train layout (about G gauge). I'm careful not to knock it over, but a person near me says its fun to knock it over, and he does. I see the fun and cause the train to pile up.
      I become Lucid and now on a stair case with the piled up train below me. I pick it up, it is now the size of a proper train, and then I throw the train away. I walk up the stairs and come to a closed door. I think to myself "JH will be on the other side of the door, JH will be on the other side of the door" I try to face through the door, but it doesn't work, so I just open it up and walk through.
      I'm now in a garage, I see a chocolate brown dog, with Golden retriever type fur lying on the ground. I instinctively knew where JH was. I walked through some hallways and found her in a room. I look at my watch and it is distinctively 8:50am (I didn't get the date). I walk into the room and give JH a hug, she is sitting on a bed and Her mum is to the side of us. JH is in winter pajamas and So I lie down with her. I Tell her she is dreaming. JH and her mum burst out laughing at the idea. I am a little disheartened by this but start saying things like "How could this be real?" "how am I logically here?" JH starts pondering these ideas, and realizes what I'm saying is true. She stands up and looks weirded out by the feeling of lucidity (she hasn't had a proper lucid). Suddenly the dream destabilizes, everything goes darker and less vivid, I knew the dream was destabilizing so I grabbed onto JH, I start feeling around and yelling at JH to stabilize "JH!, Stabilise!, Rub your hands!" The dream comes back but is less defined, my memory goes blurry here,(I think she woke up here, and my brain recreated the scenario) something about me trying to get a password from her and I also mention flying. The dream scene changes and I End up in a Non-lucid with a dream character version of JH.

      Her dream

      The first thing I know is im in my bedroom with James and we are on my bed. I am wearing my winter pajamas. Our faces are really close when he says "You're dreaming". He is extremely calm and chilled. I dont believe James when he says I am dreaming. Suddenly Mum is beside my bed, and Mum and I look at eachother and burst out laughing at the thought of this being a dream. James seems awkward at this point. Then suddenly I realise what James said is true. I get freaked out by the fact that it is a dream and jump off the bed quickly. It feels really weird so I start to freak out. Then, the dream starts fading away. James grabs my arm and says my name, but I know I aam leaving the dream. I feel really sad for some reason. I think I woke up for a very short period of time and the dream didnt continue.

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    13. April 16/17 Shared Dream - Who are you?

      by , 04-18-2011 at 06:09 AM
      So apparently what I have been having lately are vivid, and now as recently as last night, spontaneous lucid dreams. Both dreams drain me and I do not feel like I am getting alot of sleep. However with the lucid dreams, I kept waking up and then going back to sleep just to continue dreaming again hoping I could change things. Nothing changed, all I did was extend the dream and then entered the appearance of a man who I am now calling my "soul mate". This is also where I believe my shared dream experience started.

      Here's how my dream the night of April 16-17 started: It was a nightmare type scene incorporating some of my usual scenery:

      • the ocean, usually with wild with tsunami-like waves approaching inland
      • a building with basement apartments and the higher ones having balconies facing the ocean
      • the presence of people trying to hunt me down when I am hiding in an apartment (or in other cases I will be in a house and people will be trespassing and trying to steal what I have for their survival)

      Aside from those usual events/views, this dream added a whole new twist. I was in a hotel instead of an apartment building. Again, there were rooms at a basement level. I start realizing this was a dream around this point as I said in my dream, "great, I have been here before, now what do I have to face?" Well, boy did I bring on a challenge! Characters came out of the woodworks to befriend, then betray me, actors and actresses were my friends, at one point we were even filming a movie, then it turned sour. The waves starting picking up near this hotel which was on a hill right on the ocean. There were open structures with high beams and above ground walkways as part of the hotel facility. I was confronted by a team of "Charlie's Angels" type women who kept coming after me with intent to kill me. But interestingly enough, one of them took the seducing approach to try to kill me and we even had a lesbian experience, hahaha! But that was before I got rid of her when I knew what her agenda was. So, one by one I cleverly outsmarted them and didn't use one weapon. Then, when I was really exhausted and starting to get really scared as the daylight passed and the night fell. I started feeling nervous as I was anticipating who was going to come after me next.

      Soon after, my "soul mate" lovingly comes to my "rescue" and says all the right things, like: "I was searching for you, I am here, we're going to be OK, etc.". I felt so safe in his arms and can vividly recall the warmth of his slightly hairy chest as he hugged me with a sincere feeling of commitment, faith, hope, strength, and love. From there, we battled whatever we had to and he took the lead in taking me out of my nightmare. However, where we ended up next was crazy! The next thing I know we start out on top of these slides, bouncing off objects like we were marbles going through an obstacle course. As soon as we got there, we didn't have to speak to each other, because I just knew... this was "his" nightmare. Right before our journey I even said aloud, "damn-it, now we have to face your nightmare... OK, we can do it." So there we went on a wild ride down slides, with weird tunnels, amusement park lights flashing throughout, and sometime after that I just woke up.

      Now this isn't the first time I have dreamed of this "soul mate". In fact I can remember that he has made 2 other appearances in 2011. I see his body type on the larger side, at least 5'11, darker short hair, partial facial hair, white skin, and of course to me, he felt like home. He always does. It's as if we BOTH have been waiting to find each other, but somehow we meet in this dream world, always battling or investigating something together to bring out the truth about something.

      Something else just occurred to me that may be of importance to note... In the second of part of the dream where we are in "his" nightmare, I also realize that I have had this nightmare myself. The "decor" of the slides/tunnels/bouncing objects, etc. looked differently (this time it was all in the color brown, where in my nightmares it is full of circus type colors and lights). In any event, I state that this may be important, because I said it was "his" nightmare, but it is also one of my mine. The main difference being I wasn't as scared as he was. I believe I led him out of his nightmare. Well, actually, I hope I did. The way he did for me.

      Well, that's it for now. This is my first DJ post and I am looking forward to capturing more dreams here and making new friends.

      Love and blessings to all! <3

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    14. Helping someone to face her nightmares

      , 04-05-2011 at 12:21 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      My dreams start getting more vivid again, even though I'm still quite stressed and I don't have enough time to sleep properly.
      I didn't believe that my dream recall would improve before I have more free time, but I am very happy that it seems to do so.

      I am walking through the city. I become lucid for no apparent reason, I just know that I am dreaming.
      For some reason I feel the urge to use some form of dream control.
      I look up into the sky, there isn't a single cloud. It is a very nice day.

      I point my right hand at the sky and command it to rain with my mind.
      It starts raining, even though there are no clouds.
      The DC's around me realize what I have done and become pissed.
      I don't really care about them and just start dancing in the rain whilst creating background music for the dream.

      I am quite impressed how easily I can control the dream, it is so stable.
      Some DC's approach me with an angry look on their faces.
      What do they want?

      "Go away."

      All DC's around me cease to exist. This is an intriguingly good feeling.
      I should probably do something more productive though, even though this is a lot of fun.

      "Excuse me."

      What the hell?
      I turn around. There is a women standing in the rain. Didn't I just remove all DC's?

      "Hello friend, what brings you into my dreams?"

      (I have no idea why I feel the urge to talk like this, but it is not the first time this has happened.)

      "I'm sorry, I do not mean to intrude."
      "It's quite alright."
      "I need your help."

      I look at her closely. I'd guess that she's in her late 20's, maybe early 30's.
      She has natural curly red hair and very dark eyes.
      I approach her with confidence.

      "What is it you need help with?"
      "There is darkness within me, darkness which I cannot face alone."
      "I need help Hyu, I need help facing this darkness."

      "Do we know each other?"
      "You do not know me, but I have read many things about you."

      I feel the sudden urge for an adventure.

      "Lead the way, friend."

      She opens a portal, using the hand flicking trick I have used before.
      I find it somewhat impressive, then again, why would she not know?
      I form an energy shield around myself and follow her through the portal.
      Somehow I just understood that using a shield can prevent some of the portal trouble I have encountered before.

      We are in a very big room. It looks absolutely amazing.
      The architecture is absolutely blowing my mind, everything is so detailed.
      It is a blend of old japenese, victorian but also futuristic design.
      The neon-stripe lighting and the heavy usage of glass gives it a bit of a Tron-look but for some reason it blends very well with the older elements.
      The windows are very colorful, like in Christian churches, except the drawings are clearly not religious.

      I realize I'm getting distracted. I follow this women over a marble path.
      There are doors to the left and right of the path, but they don't lead anywhere.
      There are no walls or anything, just doors.
      I get the impression that I am in the dreams of this women and that she created all of this.

      "This is highly impressive!"
      "Do you like it?"
      "Absolutely. Have you created all of this?"
      "I have indeed. I'm an architect, I have let my inspiration run wild for a few weeks, and this is what I ended up creating."
      "Wow, this is really impressive, so you can create persistent scenes?"
      "Yes. If I want to keep a scene I save it behind one of these doors."
      "Wow... I'm speechless."

      She seems to be very experienced with dreaming.
      She laughs.

      "Says the guy who can step through the fabric of space."
      "I'm an architect, this is what I do, it's not really that hard for me."

      "I see..."

      The marble path ends before another door, but this one is very different.
      All other doors were white stone with beautiful carvings, this one is pitch black.
      There are many Japanese seals attached to the door.
      I've seen them in manga before.
      Some of them look very recent, others slightly older. All the older ones are destroyed.

      "This is where I have sealed my nightmares... the darkness."

      She sealed them away? I didn't know anything like that was possible.

      "I can no longer contain them, I need to face them and destroy them."
      "I have no doubt that I will manage to destroy them, but I am too afraid to face them alone."

      I was wondering how I could possibly be of help to someone who can do all of this.
      But I suppose this makes sense.
      I power up and draw a protective energy bubble around us using my phoenix wings.

      "Let's do it."

      With a wave of her hand all the seals disappear and the door opens.
      There is nothing visible inside, it's just darkness.
      But even though I cannot see it, I can feel it, VERY clearly.
      Fear emits from this room, just pure fear.
      The women starts shaking.
      I grab her hand.

      "You can do this."
      "Yes... SHOW YOURSELF!"

      The yelling was unexpected.
      A ball of pure darkness comes out of the room and hovers in front of us.
      She grabs my hand strongly and I reinforce the protective bubble even further.


      Her voice is very powerful, I can feel it resonating in my body.
      She then speaks some sort of incantation in Japanese which I cannot understand.
      The darkness catches on purple fire and disintegrates before my eyes.
      As the last bit of it disappears, the Door that was housing it turns into ashes.
      How impressive!

      The women drops to her knees.

      "Are you alright?"
      "Yes, now that the darkness is gone, I truly am."
      "Thank you for you support young dreamer."
      "You're welcome."

      She summons a small engraved stick of wood and hands it over to me.
      It is immensely detailed and very beautiful.

      "A gift for your troubles."
      "Thank you!"
      "I am very sorry, but you must leave now."
      "I don't usually let others into my dreams, please understand."
      "Of course."

      To be honest, I don't, but it would be disrespectful to say otherwise.
      If these are truly her dreams than she deserves privacy whenever she so desires.
      I draw my phoenix wings and prepare to teleport to Teraluna.
      I feel that I am no longer welcome in this world, I will not be able to visit it again once I teleport away.

      "Goodbye friend."

      I step through the fabric of space and the dream ends.
    15. 03/13/11 Going Clubbing

      by , 03-14-2011 at 05:44 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I am in a place I don't recognize, but somehow it doesn't seem strange that I'm there. I am sitting at a bar and drinking a beer. This is odd since I don't even like the taste of beer, but again, this strangeness doesn't seem out of place to me at the time. The bartender comes over and starts hitting on me, and I am able to milk his interest enough to get a free beer out of it. A little flattery, a bit of flirting... I am drinking this second beer when I do something else I never do in my waking life. I bum a cigarette off of a guy sitting near me at the bar and then I bum a light off of him as well and I start smoking. I have never smoked in my life! So there I am at a bar I don't recognize drinking beer which I don't like and smoking a cigarette when I never smoke, and it doesn't occur to me to do a reality check. As I am sitting there, I hear a bit of an argument going on. I am unable to hear exactly what is being said, but when I look over I see a couple of women getting into it with each other. It quickly escalates with one of them throwing something at the other, and the other breaks out with some karate moves. One man looks like he's going to go over and interfere, but a second man blocks his path but physically and with a plaintive whining argument, "But it's a girl fight! You never break up a girl fight!"
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