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    1. 4 Jan; A gang, Daniel Craig, porn and a sheep

      by , 01-04-2019 at 10:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at some event or meeting, people are sitting in an amphitheater, some audience being presented. My friend Evangenlion is said to have been promoted to some political role and some people are debating whether or not he has acquired more power. I make a small intervention, where I use augmented reality to present a message. Older people can't understand it, how it works and they miss the point. Anyway, it was a warning of a "storm coming", not necessarily literal.

      Later, people on the road are leaving their cars and running in panic. Some gangs now fight over controlling people and certain areas and apparently some gang is now raiding through this area. I could also run, but I need to get something vital from somewhere back. I leave my mom and her friend Analia in the car, that we hide under a crossover bridge. I tell them to run if I don't return at a certain time. I try to be on time but I get late. It's already dark and I get lost and confused. When finally I think I found the place, the area has already been taken over by this gang and they even set up tents to spend the night, They have torches to light up the area and somehow I need to go across. They actually catch me and question me and my motives to be walking around alone over there. But they let me go. I take a piss behind some bushes and they catch me again and feel grossed out. Don't ask any more questions, just ask me to leave. When finally reach the point where I left my mother, the car isn't there. But I find a police car with the door open and keys in it. I decide to take it and go find them, when my mom waves from behind a small car and we reunite in tears. Then we depart on the small car instead.

      They are taking people away. Some Ukrainians were took and people say it is my fault or that I could have prevented because I work as an interpreter and they were taken because of something I said or didn't say when translating to the captors. Out of guilt I take a chance and I go around the trains at the station looking for them. I am told I won't find them because they were already taken to somewhere in the mountains, but I am not certain and keep looking for them.

      Going to my childhood friend Carla's attic. I don't have the keys, so I have to wait for her. Riverstone also joins us. She flirts with him shamelessly. She goes answer some phone call. Daniel Craig appears and opens the door. He is trying to lose someone who is chasing him. The attic is a labyrinth of door and cubicles, I follow him around. We end up crossing a door and being in some middle eastern country. He disguises himself and then goes look for some guy he wants to surveil, but I don't disguise and I am spotted following him and almost endanger his mission. But to minimize damages, I leave Craig and join a group of women, pretending to be with them. Strangely, they are street hookers. Now I can't expose my cover, so I pretend to be one to. Some old fat guy comes to hire me and I can't say no, as I am still on that street where Craig surveils the other guy. I follow him and end up in a hotel where some actors I know from a comedy show are filming what appear as a porn. They tell me it is not porn, that it is meant to be just some raunchy comedy sketch for a late night comedy show. But it is pretty much porn. They don't shoot the sexual act, but all their dicks are out and erected and one other woman is naked too and a guy puts his finger inside her and tastes it. They hired me to join the film. I'm somewhat shocked and aroused at the same time.

      I go to some gift shop where everything is super expensive but I only want to take a look. The girl on the register is foreign, she hardly understands me, but she realizes I don't need help and she disappears. Then some guy comes in, he also looks around, but after a quick look he finds a cage with three animals all tied up and unable to move: a sheep with two babies. I am shocked. Like, why would they have sheep in a cage? He wants to make a complaint but the girl is not back yet, so he unties the animals and provides them food and water. Then takes one of the babies on his lap and brings in a bucket with water to wash the animal. He intends to do the same to the other, but as he gives back the first ship to the cage with his mother, the mom rejects the baby, no longer recognizing its smell. I pick up the poor thing, and hold it in my arms. I confirm it is a girl sheep and cuddle her. She looks so very happy. I tell the guy she can't go back to her mom unless we find a way to make her smell again like before. The guy says forget about it, he will adopt her, he says he was planning to adopt a dog anyway.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Disturbed Sleep zzzZz

      by , 11-01-2015 at 11:11 AM
      D1 - Different people are practising dream incubation, involving visualising large vivid colourful png. I can recognise frames are from anime I know. The faster people can do it the higher the score. Background images are also switched in for bonus scores.
      The soundtrack from the opening of Noragami Aregato was playing throughout dream, I have never recalled/noticed sounds before in my dreams.
      (I did actually think about doing exactly this in the day, didn't intend for it to become a dream)

      - Insomnia, there followed me worrying about things for approx 3 hours :/

      D2 - We were trying to escape a large mangy black dog. On a grassy bank, the dog was standing baring its teeth. Someone unknown, sent a big white sheep past at high speed followed by a long heavy wooden plank, tied to the sheep by a length of rope.
      This had the desired effect as the dog looked on in disbelief and while it was still in shock we made our escape. The person who sent the sheep got in trouble when it was later found in a broom cupboard , they lost some of their score and had to do 48000 hours community service.

      D3 - On holiday in England. P is little and holds my hand, we go to visit a church. We are visiting famous churches with high towers on a tourist route ( as you do :p).
      The churches all have hollow towers. The height in feet is shown as 38 for first tower.
      When I step into the tower a float up to the top, then down again upside down. I do this a few times calculating the height of the tower. I dont really like the feeling of disorientation and leave the church. Outside P want to go to a nearby alternative attraction, probably toy shop or amusements. An Uncle is with my parents, he has a serious moustach and tries to get us to come back into the church with them. Despite his continual attempts we leave.

      - laying in bed completely still, I am trying to recall D3. I notice the a feeling and instinctively think it is my wrist, which I hurt. But it is not, it is the sensation or feeling that my arms are either slightly longer than they really are or in a slightly different position. In my minds eye I can make out an x-ray blue and white outline of my bones, as I try to wiggle my fingers slightly. I do this several times, it feels as if my thumb is not really moving but I have sensation of it and in my minds eye it is moving, also my other arm is moving slightly and fingers. But mainly one thumb which I concentrate on. Most weird. Then I can sense things as normal again in the room, without opening my eyes still. All is normal again.
    3. #126 - 3 dreams

      by , 10-10-2015 at 04:01 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - cute girl
      It's either me or this other girl in the dream who are weak. The girl is great at manipulating men, she sells her looks so well to get what she wants. I see an online panel and there's a dialogue playing about me or something? It almost feels like we're creating the comment section for this website and that we're reading the opinions of multiple people. I remember there being something mentioned about how the girl manipulates men, and she gets compared to Miley Cyrus. Miley is apparently really good at manipulating people too by saying cute things. The girl says things like "Hey, I'll see you later *winks with one eye and pokes her tongue out*" but Miley Cyrus is apparently even more pro at it... I feel like this dream makes no sense.

      Dream 2 - Wood lodge field trip
      I'm in a wood lodging hut with a group of other students, the place is quite large and can accommodate lots of people. It seems pretty rustic but really cool. I decide I want to go shower, I step outside and walk down a path to a large plastic circular watering tank. This tank was apparently the shower.. It has a door on the side, the scenery around the lodging appears to be forest and it's night time so it has a sort of sinister appeal. I open the door and head inside, taking my time to shower in the incredibly spacious area. The sinister forest makes me momentarily paranoid as I think "What if there's a serial killer around?!?!", I peer out of a window and spot someone walking up a pathway towards the hut. I know it's a student though and the thought of a serial killer disappears. I decide to stop fooling around and finish showering. I wrap my clothes around my waist and put my towel over my shoulder (it should be the other way around O_O). The person walking up is a cute girl and I want to look good or something -.-... Anyways, so I step outside of the shower all casual-like and walk towards the hut across the stony pebble pathway. I glance around at the girl and see her walk and turn right, into the shower I had just stepped out of. I pretend to have just noticed her, she smiles and waves. "Hi" she says in a sort of fluttery voice (she looks like this brown haired girl who kind gives off the impression that she's a bit stuck up). I politely say "Hey" back to her then turn away all 'casually' and cool. I walk inside the building and end up in a hall, but I'm still outside on the pebbles (this shouldn't make sense as it doesn't make sense ). I feel so lame after that encounter. Pushing it from my mind I realize I'm faced with a problem, how the hell did I get outside? There's so many doors along the corridor, I head right instead of left (which I believe is where the door I came from is). I'm still half-naked and I have a towel wrapped around my waist and and a towel on my shoulder now. Another girl I encounter tells me that the towel I'm using is probably the lodges, I realize that she was telling me that as a hint that I should go put it back - but she did it so as to force me to take off the towel in front of her and expose myself
      "I know" I say, and just continue walking past her.
      I come to the conclusion that there's an entrance ahead of me I can use to go inside that will loop around and allow me to get back to my room. I finally make it inside and am on the right track. I pass by a room of students, there's a girl I recognize who is in a relationship with a guy from my class. She seems to be cuddling up with a different guy though which seemed weird. I head back to my room and see the guy who she was meant to be in a relationship with. I jump onto my bed which is right next to his, I tell him that I think his girl is cheating and I don't really know what the circumstances are but that I hope things are okay with them.

      Dream 3 - Primary school playground
      I'm at my old primary school on the lower playgrounds with my daughter. I think we see some puppies come along and I show them to my daughter, she loves them! Then some cute lambs run up and we pet them too. A woman then comes along, following her is a plethora of various animals. They come out from the bushes she seemed to have emerged from, me and my daughter follow her closely with intrigued. I spot some lions a little further behind us among the other animals which gives me a bit of a shock. I tell her about it and she says "Yes there are lions, they are animals too", she is really composed and sort of mystical. I see another little girl quite a bit older than my daughter (maybe 7?). I jokingly ask her if she is an animal, she replies seriously "Yes, I am. And I'm tall". Me and my daughter think this is all a bit weird. Where are they going? They are walking out of the playground and into the bottom carpark of the school. To my left where there is the typical New Zealand green bush there is instead a more red fog covering the area. It slopes downhill steeply, and there are a few large trees that spike up through the red haze adding to the mystical scene which seems to be popping up. Okay stop, this is weird. I think to myself it has to be dream (becoming lucid at this point) and look at my hands, making sure to properly confirm it. I start a reality check by pulling my finger back which absolutely freaked me out because I felt like I tore something in my finger and that I should do it anymore. I also seem to be spinning around at this point. I then push a finger into the palm of my right hand and it is strangely elastic. "Hmm so it is a dream" I think to myself, I stop spinning around now as I bring my attention back to what's going on around me. Shit, it's all fading away... I wake up
    4. Send Back the Sheep

      by , 05-11-2015 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2015. Monday.

      I seem to be in a cold region in a mostly featureless building with little or no furniture. There are more children than adults and it illogically seems to be near either Antarctica or the Arctic region, though that is not certain. Most people seem seated and leaning against a grayish inner wall. The setting remains mostly semi-dark. There seems to be a concern for an unknown length of time about having warmer clothes or more food just to survive from day to day, though the setting does not really seem apocalyptic.

      A man who reminds me of Nixon makes a brief (at first) appearance. However, the face is not very realistic, even being somewhat plastic-like, like a mask, and quite pale. It is not a mask though; it is just a “frozen grin” over a somewhat grotesque, almost sadistic visage. At one point, the man lifts his arms up as Nixon used to do but for no particular reason, it seems, though he seems to automatically do it when approached or addressed.

      The “Nixon” man seems to be the main authority around the warehouse-like refuge. There is a small plant nursery but not nearly enough to feed the residents. At one point, a ship arrives, requiring certain males to go out and chop away at the ice until the ship gets through in a rather time-wasting zigzagging route. There are mostly only sheep aboard the ship (probably some sort of word play going on here).

      The Nixon man goes close to some of the sheep and holds their “chin” to look into their eyes. He tells the captain of the ship to take them all back and I see a rather odd cartoon balloon fading in and out that shows sketchy sheep drawings - they are sitting in chairs and playing cards. “Send back the sheep,” says Nixon, “so that they may fulfill their dreams of white houses and picket fences” (“white house” likely a play on “White House” and “picket” related to picketing/protesting). I see a one-panel cartoon of a sheep mowing the lawn in “Far Side” style (possible reference to sheep shearing - not sure if it came from an actual cartoon image I once saw - I know there were a lot of “sheep as humans” gags).

      I am aware that all of the adults and children will die, but there is a strange focus on whether or not it will be by starvation or lack of warm clothes. I also have a brief thought that they may be the last humans on Earth, even though, again, it somehow does not seem apocalyptic (at least not a major event).

      Similar to another recent dream, I only see a head floating near my dream’s final segment. In this case, Nixon’s entire body and much of the head vanishes, leaving a Guy Fawkes mask that moves side to side in a corner of an empty room (in midair at head height) as if to say “no” (although I do not get the impression it is saying “no”; just a result of some sort of momentum with no intelligence of any kind being present). I am trying to “remember” if the whole Earth is frozen.

      There is a sustained hypnopompic focus on the misuse of the word “carnivore” to describe non-vegetarians or to describe anyone that eats meat at all. (I do not eat much cooked red meat and do not care much for steak - did not eat hardly any steak prior to around age nineteen. Also, lamb meat makes me immediately ill due to its horrid greasiness and I cannot understand how people can eat it unless in a survival situation.) The ridiculous misuse of the word “carnivore” (in the uneducated colloquial sense; in the same light as calling a turtle a “gopher” or a skunk a “polecat” as they do mainly in the south in America) makes me realize how critical thinking skills are completely lacking in some people just to serve a fringe agenda and to continuously belittle or troll others. A vegetarian does not usually eat meat (and I have nothing against vegetarians), so a carnivore would technically not ever eat vegetables or in fact, anything but fresh uncooked meat. Reason does not dawn on such people, though, even in diverse situational examples related to survival scenarios and it is quite unfortunate. This is something that sometimes goes through my mind, this time influenced by a few things I recently saw on the media related to the supposed torture of all sheep by all shearers (notice I said “all”) when sheared, which was rightfully discredited and debunked by the news staff (though certainly not to imply that the media is always honest or that all shearers are competent).

      Ironically, sheep are used as an argument for sentient beings and their (animal) rights while some of the same mentalities call people “sheep” in a very negative context; hypocrisy at its finest. I pointed this out back in 1991 to penfriends from California and it actually dawned on them that my commentary was correct and that the realization caused them to feel a bit strange and less “militant” and “anti-human” in their views.

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    5. #56 - Choose a dream/Fish & Chips/freaky WILD event

      by , 11-18-2014 at 10:40 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Choose a dream (3:09am)
      Vaguely remember this dream, something about choosing which dream I wanted to go into next, there were sheep involved and I think someone I knew was playing a guitar and the started playing a song that I've been learning, but they were showing off about it or something.

      Dream 2 - Fish & Chips
      I'm walking through my hometown at night, I'm in the parking lot and I see my friend D. He seems to have a job at the local fish and chips shop, he offers to make me a meal but it wasn't fish and chips, it was like some crazy dessert pavlova-look-a-like that was super extravagant and exotic.

      Dream 3 - WILD (closest thing I've had to a WILD success)
      I'm trying to go through my SSILD cycles, I start to notice a WILD transition come on (vibrations and hypnogogia). I try not to focus on them too much like I did the other two times this is happened to me (which I screwed up >_<) and nearly lost it at one point. But then I realized I could egg the vibrations to intensify by using my jaw, tensing it or something. The vibrations intensify to an extreme level, my jaw is buzzing and grinding and vibrating so much the I feel like my tooth is about to break. I make it to the dream, but as I do this my tooth shatters.
      I think "Oh ****, my tooth!" My first instinct was to wake up, so I do this and hop out of bed, I spit the tooth into my hand, I can feel the missing slot in my mouth where my tooth was... I stare at the tooth in my hand in disbelief...
      I wake up. I had been in a false awakening
    6. Love Story at College, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sheep Farm, and Chaperone

      by , 06-22-2013 at 10:43 AM
      I was a smart young man at a university in this dream, and I was in love with a young woman who clearly was not as smart, but liked to steal the show, but I loved her, and let her. So we were doing this very important presentation in class, which I think was "Mary Had a Little Lamb", and the presentation was supposed to be mine, but I let my girlfriend be a part of it, and she insisted on being the lamb, and that was the starring role so she pretty much took over. In mid presentation, the professor took her out of class, and told her she could no longer participate, but I got mad at the professor and insisted that was not fair and participate she must because we were a team.

      After all that, I suggested to my love that she and I move away to raise sheep. Apparently a cousin of mine had won a lottery, and she bought this farm, and we could go there as long as we would take the elderly cousin with us.

      The cousin was not that elderly after all, maybe on the early side of retirement age, and she proved very useful as a chaperone, because along with us there also came two unmarried young women. All day long young men who lived in the area would drive up in their cars to take a look at, wave at or chat up the two maidens. The young men strangely would not even get out of their cars. The chaperone would then be with the two unmarried young women.

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    7. Batman, Storms, Farm

      by , 04-17-2013 at 10:23 AM
      #1 - First, I dreamed about... it was weird, some kind of Batman-like character, in his "Bruce Wayne" mode. I was hanging out with him and some other people in a restaurant who were supposed to be friends. We had a few drinks, got up to go - I thought one of them had left their coat, wallet, and keys, but it was actually someone else's coat, so I had to go place it back on the seat where I found it.

      Then we went outside. We were on some kind of structure in the middle of the ocean, and it was super stormy. It was raining, and the wind was blowing hard. The deck we were on (more like a balcony than a ship) had extremely slick tiles on it, and I started sliding across them because I was wearing heels. I fell over but couldn't get a grip on them either, I was hanging off of the edge by my fingernails and yelling for help, terrified of being swept out to sea, but everybody else - who didn't seem to be having any trouble staying upright and in place on the deck - wasn't listening to me. Bruce Wayne dude now looks like a combination of Eddard Stark and Aragorn and is giving some kind of speech, but I can't really hear him above the wind.

      Dream rewound before I got swept out to sea. Now I'm hanging onto a pillar.

      We return home, everybody goes to bed but we're all in the same bed, it's just weird.

      #2 - I have a farm. It's more like a video game, and a really glitchy one at that. I'm trying to gather wool from all of my sheep but for some reason, when I try to take them outside, the game glitches out and replaces them with Redwood trees. I'm trying to expand the farm and dig irrigation ditches, I have 2 cows but the game is glitchy and won't let me put them in the barn, and I'm irritated that now my vegetable field is full of redwood trees.
    8. The crazy old man's sheep

      by , 10-09-2012 at 03:29 PM (Pruzel's Dreams)
      Finally I have had a dream! I haven't been able to sleep for 2 days!

      I wasin a lodge right by a very snowy mountain getting ready to go out and play in the snow. This old guy, you know the sort, bald with a bit of hair on the sides, hair is white, wearing villager clothes came in. I was instantly teleported without the man onto a bare, stone mountain without snow. A loud voice from nowhere told me to destroy the stone so that it would be flat in the area. The world became minecraft(everything turned to blocks) for a few minutes while I destroyed the stone then I had to destroy some gravel too. After that the old man came and dug out a small hole and put some fake grass in the hole. 90 sheep came hurdling to get onto the giant cliff that was now suddenly above us.
      I was told to take the elevator that magically appeared right next to me to gather up all 10 of the remaining sheep. They followed me back to the old guy and I saw that he had started a fire. He yelled "boo" and all the sheep jumped right into the fire and disintegrated. I then woke up.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. The flying cabin and the tree parents [Non-Lucid, 6th June 2012]

      by , 06-06-2012 at 09:51 AM
      I'm in some sort of cabin. It's quite small and the bedrooms are elevated above the rest of the house in a loft-style area, reachable only by ladder. I have a little brother, who doesn't exist in real life, and my parents happen to be tree-ent creatures. The cabin we're living in is floating on clouds, with small cloud-like sheep creatures pushing clouds underneath the cabin so we can travel through the skies.

      One day, our tree-ent parents married, which of course everybody knows allows the sky cabin to take new heights in the sky and travel the world faster.

      We land briefly in this field, the cloud sheep were exhausted from chugging the cabin along and required rest. During our time down here, my little brother started attending a nearby school and everything was going great. We spent our days training the cloud sheep and even recruiting new animals, which we morphed into cloud creatures to help us once we set off again. The most notable one was a platypus, who also seemed to develop the ability to talk once he was transformed into a cloud creature. He was sarcastic and incredibly funny, yet loyal to my tree-ent parents who granted him his new cloud powers.

      This was until my little brother never returned home from school. I went looking for him, wondering where he had gone, and I soon discovered that he was being held hostage by one of the teachers at the school. He was not being allowed out and I couldn't get in because of the bodyguards the school had.

      Each day I would return to the school, looking for a new way to try and enter. Soon they started construction outside the main entrance, and I figured that this would be my chance. I manage to track down the teacher who had held my brother hostage and kill him, but my brother is nowhere to be found.

      I head to a nearby street, which shockingly reminds me of the street I live on in real life, and walk up to one of the houses there. It was made entirely of glass and you could see there was some sort of party happening inside, I recognised some of the people from the school and figure these would be great to question as to my brother's whereabouts. I knock on the door, but seem to be completely ignored. An old man walks up to me and informs me that I wouldn't get an answer there, as the party is invitation-only.

      I seem to lose hope, I head back to my cabin house and climb into the loft area where my brother's bedroom was and sit on his bed, wondering whether I would ever see him again. I apparently also have a little sister now, she climbs up into the bedroom with me as I start searching through his drawers for clues as to where he may have disappeared.

      In the top drawer I find a collection of stones, pebbles and shells. All of them are intricately designed, big and small. Some were hung on string which I assume my brother used as necklaces. My little sister asked if she could have one, but I refused telling her that I wanted to leave the room the same for my brother's return.

      The second drawer down was pretty empty, I begin wondering where my brother's dream journal was as I knew he was a lucid dreamer. I thought I may be able to find some clues in there. I look around and notice the journal on the other side of the room, but continue looking through the drawers anyway.

      The bottom drawer was filled with giant fruits & vegetables, mango, watermelon and squash were some that come to mind. My sister's still requesting to take stuff, and I permit her to take these, saying that they may as well be eaten before they go bad. She runs off happily biting into some watermelon.

      Downstairs we hear our tree parents discussing, apparently there's some issue with the cloud creatures and they won't be able to sustain flight at the high altitudes that are required when tree-ents are married. They decide to get a divorce so we can continue our journey and both of them leave.

      At this point there's some weird scene transitions, my little sister disappears and I never see my tree-ent parents again. I'm now with a party of people, exploring the world in our floating log cabin. I decide we can now leave the field, hoping that we find my brother on our travels. We take to the skies again with our newly trained cloud sheep and cloud platypus commanding them all.

      After a long period of flying we begin running out of food in the cabin, we land hoping to find work that can earn us some money so we can buy more food. Conveniently, right where we land on this street there's an old lady at the end of the dimly road, caused by the surrounding trees on either side. She calls down to us, asking if we mind helping her out. We offer to help for a week in return that she pays us. She agrees and leads us to her farm.

      We're told to wait momentarily while she discusses with her partner, we overhear something about not eating our new guests. I'm slightly confused but she walks back up to us and says that everything's fine, before she starts developing huge dark circles around her eyes, laughing and starts licking one of my friends. We're all really freaked out by this point, but we back away and just get started on the job as we really need money.

      We grab the nearby tractors and one of my friends hops on his quad-bike, which he just happens to be carrying around with him. We're harvesting her crops when this old lady starts galloping towards us on all fours. She's ranting about the use of the quad-bike and how we're not harvesting her crops to her standards. She begins leaping at us as we try to race away in our tractors. Most of us manage to escape in time but we fail to remember that one of our party was manning this small booth just outside the farm, counting up how many crops we harvested.

      I head back and the old lady is there along with some other woman I assume she was originally speaking to when we arrived, they're grasping in through the cabin, trying to eat bits of flesh from the guy inside. I kick them out of the way and pull the guy out, only I trip and fall in the booth instead. Before I can get up and escape, the zombie women get back up and start attacking me. I feel around inside the dark booth and find a gun on the floor, I start shooting at one of the woman while holding the other back with my foot but she just keeps on coming.

      I feel like hope is lost and that I'll never see my brother again, until I find another gun on the floor, a mini-gun. I unleash the round of bullets on the woman, filling her with holes, although this still doesn't seem to phase her.

      I'm unsure of what happened next, maybe just a drastic scene change, but next I know I'm now in my normal real-life house with my little brother. We were talking about where he had been for so long and I notice he now had short hair whereas before it was long and he was starting to grow a beard. I wonder how long he truly had been missing because last I knew he was really young, maybe around 12-13, and definitely not ready for growing a beard.

      As we continue talking about how much has changed since he disappeared, the dream slowly fades to black and before I know it I'm awake again. Laughing to myself at how long and real everything felt in the dream despite the absurdity of everything.
    10. Sheep Pants

      by , 05-03-2012 at 06:37 PM (Dream Tales)

      I was a member of CSI, analysing a crime scene in the warehouse of a nameless store in Town. The body was gone but Warrick, Nick and myself were scoping for evidence. Nick was in a wheelchair and Warrick appeared to be in charge as Grissom was nowhere in sight.

      Suddenly the doors burst open and a man ran in with blood all over his chest. He collapsed in front of me and as I stared I heard someone call for an ambulance. Seconds later Nick and Warrick arrived, hauling a stretcher between them. The man was placed onto it and then the pair made to take him away. Nick's parting words to me were to go find the suspect and try to get some evidence from him.

      The 'suspect' just so happened to be Greg.

      I saw an image of him leaping from the top of an insanely tall skyscraper, plummeting downwards for several seconds before releasing his black, circular parachute to drift safely to the ground.

      Meanwhile I had now arrived at HMV. I stepped inside and suddenly Greg was with me and we were examining a shelf of novelty pants.

      "I want that one, that one and that one", I said in an Andy Pipkin voice, pointing to three pairs of pants with WWE's Kane depicted on them.

      "Noooo", said Greg. "You want that one, that one and that one".

      He pointed to three more pairs, one being pastel green with little sheep all over it. I couldn't help but laugh.

      "You know", I said, "Nick is gonna be mad with me".

      "Why?" Greg asked.

      I opened my mouth to tell him how he was supposed to be my suspect but at that moment Warrick appeared behind us.

      "Uh...you know what?" I stammered. "I gotta go know. I need to...collect...evidence".

      And I scuttled out of the store.

      "Hey!" Greg yelled after me but I was already long gone.

      Or so I thought anyway. As I rounded a corner I found myself back outside HMV only it had somehow morphed itself into a furniture shop.

      "There you are!" came Greg's voice from behind me.

      I turned round to see him drifting gently to the ground. He was in possession of a certain pair of pants.

      "You got the sheep pants", I stated incredulously.

      "Yup", he said with a huge grin.

      I shook my head with a smirk and together we set off down the street. Eventually we ended up outside an electronics store that was loaded down with games consoles.

      "Shall we?" Greg asked.

      "Lets", I replied and we stepped inside.

      The first call of business was having a go on the Nintendo Wii. Even though I protested I was crap at it I still beat Greg at the racing game we played. Then we moved on to the Playstation 2, though it wasn't plugged in. Greg moved to set it up and ended up unplugging a video player.

      "Watch it!" the guy at the till warned. "You break my stock you buy it".

      Greg and I nodded in a way that suggested we really didn't care and I continued to wait for him to set up the Playstation whilst browsing the games.

      "Wallace and Gromit's Big Rabbit Adventure?" Greg said in a questioning tone when he saw what I was looking at.

      "It's a good game", I defended. "I loved the film".

      Greg shook his head. "So what game do you wanna play?" he asked.

      "How about Sonic the Hedgehog 2?" I suggested.

      He nodded but just as he finally got the playstation going and the title screen appeared before us I woke up and we never got to play.
      Tags: csi, dream, sheep
    11. Cuddly Sheep

      by , 01-22-2012 at 09:07 PM
      I was walking with my dad, and I looked over to my left. I saw a small lamb. I went over to him and picked him up.
      He was SO CUDDLY.
      I asked if we could keep him, but he said no. I didn't listen, and took it with me.
      I thought about when he would grow up, and I'd have to shear it.
      Dad and I were walking around where I found the lamb, and the grass was Minecraft grass. It started raining, and I saw some blocks that had turned to hydrated farmland, and some crops had grown on them.
    12. Herding sheep.....WITH GUNS

      by , 02-15-2011 at 02:31 AM
      I'm in the army. My squadrons task is to herd sheep every day. We do this for a bit, then suddenly one day we come out and there is another group of sheep at the end. Immediately i start moving down the side to get a head start to herd them back, but my squadron commander blows his whistle and everybody sits down and all the sheep turn into kids. One of the kids raises his hand and asks "Does anybody ever try to invade your fort?". For the first time I notice a fort off to the left of us. Our leader says "Yes, but we have to shoot them". Suddenly, I flash To a scene of somebody running towards the fort and being shot down. I view that scene like it was in a movie, with the perspective being on the ground and to the left. Suddenly I'm back to the field. The same kid raises his hands and asks "How old are they?". "usually about 70-75, guess they just can't resist the treasure" says my squadron leader.
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