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    1. Person fragment | [10.08.2020]

      by , 08-10-2020 at 02:17 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Person fragment
      There was some person, I see some red, maybe a shirt, maybe at my home. Maybe the person was kidnapped at some point in the dream plot.
    2. Life Lesson

      by , 12-05-2015 at 11:07 AM (Lucid Lucy's Dream Explorations)
      Prelude: I'm subscribed to someone called Tom Scott on youtube who has made the type of videos that have literally saved my morale, my sanity, and my life. (Seriously, if you want a good laugh, search for "Tom Scott Citation Needed" on youtube. You won't be disappointed!)
      Also, Tom is a lovely person, great personality, great presenting skill, frankly someone I look up to.
      Now, Tom always wears the same kind of clothes in their videos: grey hoodie over a red shirt. This shirt will become important in

      the dream:

      I'm at boarding school again, like, living there again. At my current actual age. I'm in the TV corner, chilling with some random girl, and Tom.

      Tom is playing some video game, and the girl and I are watching. She's sitting between Tom and I.

      Tom's shirt changes colour every time I look away and back at them. The first time it happens it's khaki green. I comment on it, no reaction. It happens again a few times, so I comment again, and without warning Tom suddenly points a precision knife at my head, reaching all the way behind the girl between us. Who doesn't react whatsoever btw.
      "Do you know how close that is to my head, Tom!?"
      No reaction, but there's a warning look in Tom's eyes as the knife is retracted.

      It happens again, this time it's a lighter shade of green, with white cuffs at the sleeves.
      "That's a nice colour on you, though."
      Again with the knife and the look. I suddenly feel really bad and apologise softly, to which there is again no reaction.

      Then Tom gets up for a toilet break and leaves the room. I get up to get a glass of water (we're suddenly in my parents' living room) and vent to the girl about how bad I feel now.

      As I'm getting water, Tom joins me in the kitchen.
      Me: sorry. I'm so sorry.
      Tom: (now smiling) I think you got the lesson?
      Me: (embarrassed) ..Yeah. I'm undoing society's social training, slowly but surely. I'm sorry.
      Tom: *laughs and hugs me*


      ..this was an incredibly vivid dream, and frankly I'm surprised that the changing shirt didn't make me lucid XD
    3. Part of my image, demons

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:18 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in school, waiting for classes to begin. There were other classmates waiting too. Some parts of this I seen from different perspectives. I was wearing an ugly gray shirt abd black trousers. A girl from class told me "This ugly shirt looks bad as a part of your image." Everybody started laughing, including myself. I replied "Everythinhg does!"

      Second dream

      Demons wanted to free an ancient god, to wreac havoc and destruction. To do this they had to take a crown of some wizard-king, and use it's power. I tried to reach it first, running through demon ridden drawbridges. When I finally got it, the ancient god wanted to tell me story of the crown.
    4. Not Quite Movie Night

      by , 09-29-2014 at 04:03 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #241: Not Quite Movie Night

      I wander into a still-lit movie theater and see my cousin “SU” sitting next to one of his close college friends on his right, his two children on the left. How cool that they’re here! I’m looking forward to joining them for the movie, and the positive emotions remind me of dreaming, making me lucid.

      Even though I’m lucid, I still want to walk down and join them for the movie just the same. As I’m about to head down, though, I realize that I’m not wearing a shirt. This bothers me, so I turn around, expecting to find a shirt on the seats behind me.

      And there it is, a black polo shirt! Unfortunately, there’s also a discarded condom lying next to it. It doesn’t look obviously “used” but still, eww. I force-push it away with a wave of my hand and it sails out of sight. Unfortunately, even though I don’t physically touch it, I still feel it slap the back of my hand. Gross, glad that’s over!

      I grab the shirt and put it on over my head. It’s getting hung up on my big head and just generally twisting around and seeming to go on forever no matter how much I pull it down. I remember my intent to perform a Task of the Month with Dreamer and start getting really antsy that I’m stuck doing this silly errand instead.

      I address Dreamer, saying something like, “I can’t believe this! I’m really trying to find you!”

      I flail around in the shirt and Dreamer’s voice responds: “Relax, stop struggling…” Yeah, she’s right… I relax my mind and put my arms up in a confident show-off pose and the shirt slips right on! The theater is still the same, but feels a little less stable now. I lunge for the back of someone’s seat, feeling a little worried about how stable the scene is, and the dream darkens into the void.

      I open my eyes and see a dresser with a strange shape on it. Even closer to me is Wife, the two of us lying on our stomachs, facing one another during the nap. (I’m still dreaming, but this is precisely how we fell asleep together for this nap.) Wife looks completely lifelike, but I know I’m still dreaming and that this is a false awakening. I try to move my left arm, but I can’t... my mind has even simulated REM atonia! I marvel for a moment at the deadened feeling of my left arm before attempting an OBE-style roll out of my body. The dream doesn’t hold together through this, though, and
      I wake up.
    5. Shootout For the Pink Shirt

      by , 06-24-2014 at 05:09 PM
      The dream consisted of a series of fragments as follows:

      - I was updating Firefox? I also wrote down "rock climb" but can't remember it now. I do know I woke up in the middle of the night remembering this, and could still remember it when I woke up before work as I associated an image of a stretchy Firefox logo, and me climbing it. I should've been more detailed

      - I was in my kitchen, and these two girls stood next to me by the chair. One of the girls was feeling uncomfortable because the other kept touching her butt. I also touched her butt, making the girl think it was the other friend. I remember feeling bad about this.

      - I saw Angelina Jolie running around; she was being chased by a giant creature of some sorts. Armed with guns, she would run through some ruins and hide behind parts of buildings as the creature ran by. My view zoomed in on her eyes, which started flaming around, similar to the aura of a person in Smash Brothers Brawl. I knew she was about to go hamm on this creature.

      - I was with two people, and we drove up to a building. We parked in front of another car in the parking lot where two guys were lounging around on their pickup truck. We were on a mission to find some secret object that belonged to someone I can't remember. We walked into the building, making sure to be quiet, as it was populated with a lot of people. I managed to find a pink shirt with my job's logo on it, and grabbed it, noting its weight. It turned out this object was the secret, as determined by its weight (it was not made of cotton as I originally suspected).

      We moved the shirt back to our vehicle, and I guess the people we stole this from noticed, and began shooting us. I was hiding behind the car, scared of getting shot, but noticed my two partners were in the open. I pulled out a machine gun turret out of the back of our car, and placed it next to the car, still taking cover. The turret looked like this:

      So glad I found this place!-getcrossplatformimage7.jpg

      The turret was manually controlled by a small knob on the side that I continued turning. It started shooting, moving the head side to side as it did. I noticed though that the bullets were not hitting the targets as I would've liked. I ran out of ammo, and pulled out a pistol. I noticed that the two guys in the pickup truck turned out to be on our side, and was shooting the others as well.

      At this point I realized I was dreaming, but I wasn't quite lucid. I did know though that I could control the turret. I started rewinding time, so I could have more bullets and hit the guys this time. I also decided to amp up the turret, as I didn't want my friends to die. I imagined the turret had 3 layers of 5 barrels each. While I was rewinding though, a DC appeared to me and told me that I could potentially have a lot of power if I wanted, but if I wanted to get anything out of dreaming, I had to present myself with challenges. He was telling me being completely lucid wasn't the right path, but instead I should try and aim for semi-lucidity and place myself in positions where I had to try harder to get out, as opposed to using my potential power to easily get out.

      I took away the layers of turrets because of this, and instead just added more ammo. Time started back up, and I aimed again at the guys I initially aimed at, hitting them this time. At this point my dream ended.
    6. Excessive Craziness X 3

      by , 01-31-2013 at 04:54 PM
      What a morning of dreams!
      It started off with me meeting up with a guy I really liked. He looked like Peter Schilling who sang "Major Tom" in the 80's - cute, but a little creepy. He seemed interested and asked if I could help him. He had a white tee shirt he wanted to decorate in a Monty Python style. He grabbed my right wrist and slit it vertically with a razor blade. It started bleeding profusely, so I wiped the blood on the shirt. Oh, I thought, this is the killer rabbit tee shirt! Then when the bleeding had all but stopped, this guy caught my left wrist and slit it! Again, I wiped the blood on the shirt. I was scared now because I didn't know who the razor blade had been used on previously, and I wondered if I was contracting HIV doing this. The guy kept fingering the razor blade and sticking his own fingers. I wondered if he was healthy. Not mentally, I assumed, but I still liked him. We went to a drug store and while in line at the pharmacy, I gave him a big hug. He winced and said I shouldn't do that, his ribs on his left side were very tender.

      Next dream, I was back at my childhood home. I was getting it on with a young Chris Tucker in the living room. Then I went to my room and closed the door. Suddenly my family barged in wearing hoods. Kind of freaky. I had not put my turtleneck back on yet, and I wondered if my mother would figure out what I'd been up to in the living room. She didn't seem to notice though, and she didn't say anything.

      Next dream, I left the house to go to the store. As I drove down the street, my car shrank so small I could barely fit in it. I made it to the store though and went inside. Everyone was really friendly, saying hello, good to see me etc, and then as I walked up to the counter in the back, I realized to my horror that I was not wearing any pants. I had my pants with me, so I took them out and tried to figure the most discreet way of putting them on. I sat down in the floor and then thought how dirty it probably was, and I was in my underwear! So I stood and leaned against the counter, slipped the pants over my feet, and finally got them up with much struggle. I wondered why no one had said anything about me wandering pantsless through the store.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    7. "One Can't Maneuver!"; OGFJ-1; OGFJ-2; In The Water; Car Problems

      by , 01-21-2013 at 08:18 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      "One Can't Maneuver!"

      I think I forgot the first part of this dream, or it started with a false memory that there was more of a beginning.

      I am walking down to a street in the dark. I'm looking at a t-shirt being put on a hanger by only a set of hands. Something was wrong with it and it was going to be returned to the store.

      Then I decide to take the shirt to someone, or simply that it was a good opportunity to go to this person. Now it is raining, and very dark. I say, "One can't maneuver!" and I hear this refrain echoed by someone across the street and to my right. I shouldn't keep saying this, but I do. I'm intrigued by the sentence and that someone is repeating it. It is like a chant.

      I turn to the left and start flying. Now I'm evil because I'm not supposed to be going where I'm going and saying what I'm saying, and I'm flying to get there which somehow adds to my lack of concern. I see a car coming from one direction so I fly to it and figure on scaring the person in the car, when another car comes around the corner from the other direction. I manage not to get hit, and I'm now across the street.

      I fly a couple feet above the sidewalk and approach a witch of a woman lying on the ground, but moving forward. She is lowly and evil, but I encounter her as a reflection of myself. My own "evilness" is a self-imposed view.

      I continue flying down the sidewalk feeling a sense of power, but end up flying to a place that is narrow, and like a tomb. It isn't really a tomb, but there is nowhere else for me to fly. I do more self reflection and consider that I am here because of my evil nature.

      I guess I shouldn't have crossed the street saying "One Can't Maneuver!" That's "very bad"!

      The End


      I am with my OGFJ. She is in a weird metal suit that shows her body. It is designed for me to take her, though I never did.


      I am with J again. At first we are in at my dad's house, though it isn't necessarily his real layout and all. She is naked. I am going to take her, but then she is outside on the street naked. It is purposeful for some reason, like that is how we are going to get together. I'm supposed to see her outside naked, and then she will walk up to me and finally in the house. It was like foreplay.

      Finally she was in the house, but now she had her clothes on, and she was asleep. I started to take her clothes off when she woke up. It was as though this scene was repeating itself even though this was the first time it happened. (?)

      In The Water

      I have a jar with a fish in it. There is sand and a plant at the bottom, and there is barely enough water for the fish to swim. I put more water in the jar but it is warmer than the water already in the jar, so I'm worried for the fish. I put more cold water in to even out the temperature.

      Now I'm at a creek. I may have been at the creek the first time I put water in the jar, but why would the water have been warm? I was trying to get to the creek for more water though, so now I'm there in any case.

      All of a sudden I'm lying in the water. It's not really gross, but I'm a little concerned for what I can't see. Mostly, I'm not thinking about it though. I look up at the leaves on a branch of a shrub hanging in my reach and realize I'm dreaming, but only kind of. It feels more like I'm aware that I'm awake in this dreamy world rather than realizing I'm dreaming in my asleep world.

      I put my hand behind some of the leaves and see shadow. I find the view really dreamy. The leaves are foggy green, and the sun in the sky is not bright. It looks like the sky in the beginning of "Tales from the Dark Side" when they show the creek.

      I see that I am next to a big, black cloth thing in the water which makes me nervous. I have no idea what is living under it.

      I begin to figure out that I am dreaming, though it is kind of an FA. I try to imagine my self sliding down a slide to start moving, and sure enough I start sliding on a curved slide.

      Car Problems

      I'm in an old, 70's green car. I think it is a Mercury, though it isn't the shape of a Mercury in my dream. It is a great car, but the transmission is out. It won't go. I press the accelerator but slide backwards.

      I decide to put it into Park and hope that will reset it. I then put it into 2 and it does start to go.

      The End

      I'm categorizing this as lucid because one of my dreams was pretty much lucid, but I'm not tallying another lucid where I keep track of them.

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    8. Little Girl Tears My Shirt

      by , 11-30-2011 at 04:54 AM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      So the dream started in some sort of underground city. Suddenly it started to flood and we needed to evacuate. We eventually reach a carnival and this little chubby girl walk behind me. I think she looks annoying and she suddenly grabs my shirt and starts to pull. I attempt to get her hand off my shirt, but nothing works. Suddenly a section of my shirt rips off.
      I would never do this in real like, but in anger I grabbed a book and began to hit the girl. She was no longer laughing at the fact she just tore my shirt. People I knew in real life began to gather around as the girl grabbed my shirt again, but I just hit her in the face. Soon it was over. I woke up and felt... good.
      Probably not good when you have some sense of joy after waking up from a dream like that. Oh well... nothing to be worried about.
      Tags: bitch, chubby, girl, hit, shirt, tear
    9. Lots of Fighting

      by , 11-29-2011 at 06:38 PM
      Dream 1
      I remember being on a long train open flat trucks I spoke to a girl I knew "Do you remember when we had a thing". There were loads of people fighting for no reason and I spotted an old guy he was black and wearing a shirt with a really small mohican. I started fighting him and loads of people started fighting, it was really dark and the train was at the station.

      False Awakening
      I was at the gate to college and one of the guards was checking my ID.

      Side Notes
      I've been wanting to fight in my dreams for a while so I'm glad I got this one.

      I was lucid at one point and told someone. "I'm dreaming right now."

      "No you're not."

      "Yeah I am, look I can change my clothes."
      I changed my shirt but I don't know if I was legitly Lucid or I was unlucidly? saying it.
    10. India (between 7th December 2010 and 8 th December 2010) --- First Dream

      by , 10-16-2011 at 04:20 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I dreamed I was somewhere in India, and was preparing myself for a long journey around the country.
      I began to walk the path ... there was some obstacles involved, some natural and others not.
      I was jumping a yellow wall between two gardens of a poor Indian neighborhood, and when I landed on the other side a bag with food, water and some other belongings was ripped, dropping food and other goods.

      Suddenly a typically Indian-looking kid (dark skin) appeared, he had a dirty white shirt, and helped me get the things that had fallen from the bag. He built a cardboard box, and he put it all the food in that box and gave it to me ...

      I started thinking about the difficulty that I would go to cross the country with a box and not a backpack.
    11. Lucid

      by , 09-27-2011 at 05:49 PM
      This LD was pretty boring.


      I woke up and went to the bathroom, while there I was noticing the surroundings and thought I might be dreaming I did a RC to verify first I plugged my nose, I could breathe then I looked at my right hand it had a thumb on the left. I knew I was dreaming my first thought was "WHAT DO I DO!?",WHAT DO I DO!?".

      I thought I should go outside but I was in my PJ's so I went to get changed, and he is where it slowed down to a halt, I COULDN'T DECIDE WHAT SHIRT TO WEAR" so I'm trying to pick what I should wear. I started to think that I'm losing Lucid time so I went outside.

      I don't know if this happened before or after but I remember walking out and heading to the high street when I saw people fighting skinheads naturally I joined and started fighting them till police broke it up (I think).

      I also flirted with my next door neighbour, this probably happened before I went to the fight.

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    12. My soccer team shirt changes!

      by , 04-28-2011 at 07:26 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      My soccer team shirt changes! (DILD)


      I was in the Pata Negra store, ready for the Madrid - Barcelona soccer match. I wore my Barcelona team shirt. I talked to my boss about the restaurant being ridiculously crowded with employees.

      I entered the walking-fridge and a female employee took my cell and hided it somewhere. I was looking for the employee who hided it and suddenly, realized I wore the Madrid team shit. I was wondering why I had that shirt on, instead of mine. I took it off.

      I went outside, the place was huge, was different from reality. I met with Hanna, a co-worker from a job I had in the past. She escorted me to the fridge to find my cell. She kissed me.

      I turned lucid realizing she was not my wife. My dream quality was extremely low and I realized it was almost time to wake up. While the dream was getting obliterated, I tried to project, but before I even attempted, I woke up.
    13. computer games, bar scene

      by , 03-06-2011 at 08:19 PM
      The first dream was probably because I've started playing a new MMO called Rift. Also, I had a dream earlier in the night, but the last few days I've been so tired that I don't write them down many times. Hopefully it's just a phase

      3/5-6. 3. Playing WoW on dad’s computer on the couch. He comes in and says, “Are you at a stopping point? I need to get on” “Yah, I just have to loot these guys.” Get off. Dad gets on and logs into HIS WoW account (he plays in the dream). His character is lv55. “Wow, you’re 55, huh?” (graphics look amazing). Then I want to show him my character when he’s done. Use his computer, but ends up taking too long and he doesn’t care anymore. I start to play a racing game. Cars are based off of Toy Story characters. A setting was set to “real” so if you crash, you blow up. I make a racer blow up in a pile of rocks

      1030. Theresa and I are in a hotel in Amsterdam. Take out the keycard and our room is 17. We walk by a door with 2 girls. Look on the wall and there’s a 17. They had just opened the door for someone and I peek inside. One of the girls at the door gives me an odd look like I shouldn’t be looking. “Oh, this is my room… 17.” We walk in and it’s huge and open(50-75’ ceiling at least). Girl shows us around the place. Starts with the front and there’s a heart shaped bed. Then an open space and the lady starts to dance. I think to myself “I hope I don’t have to dance with her.” Then the room is a bar and lots of people. We find Michelle Xxxxxx and hang out with her. See a Kelly Xxxxx guy around. We go to some table with a few guys and talk. Guys start to act like dbags, so we kindly leave and get our own table. Theresa is now StacEy, but named Brianne. Another girl is Brianne Xxxxxx. StacEy is now Theresa again. I’m sweating a lot for some reason and trying to use my shirt to wipe off the sweat. Shirt is long sleeved and light blue. We then start to leave. Kelly guy seems mad at us. We decided to head up some stairs and go to our room. I’m back on the 1st floor and some guy bumps me. Then Kelly again. I head to the room since a big fight seems to be brewing
    14. Too Many Fingers

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:39 PM (My Sleepy Mind 2010/2011)
      Original Date: 3/6/2011
      Type: New - Lucid

      I was in my living room (not exact, but it was mine) and everything was so realistic, like no dream I have ever had (and mine are usually pretty vivid, yet a bit cloudy), so crisp. I suddenly thought about dreaming and how I might be, my body felt weird in the dream, like tingly and light. So I actually remembered to do an RC! (This has never happened to me!) So I did the one I like the most, I looked at my hands and counted my fingers. At first, there were 10, so I was going to stick my fingers through my hand, but decided to count again... and this time there were 11, my pinkie finger on my left hand had an extra finger!! So then I knew I was dreaming.... I was trying to get a handle on it, and stabilize myself, but I was so excited, I could feel myself sort of getting pulled in and out of the concentration of the dream. - Now for some reason, this is the part of my dream that confused me. I went to the kitchen and decided to "roll out of my body" and rolled onto the floor (and I could hear my real body falling on the floor in the bedroom. I wanted to go look at my real body sleeping, but I got distracted with something else.) and then the last thing I remembered was going back into the living room, laying on the floor face down, and closing my eyes. I could then hear someone walking/stomping their feet and coming closer to me, I was terrified, and then (still with my eyes closed) I could feel them grabbing and pulling on the back bottom of my shirt, trying to yank me. I was really freakin scared at this, I had the urge to twist around and kick them away from me with my leg, but I was so scared that I woke up.

      Excitement, experimental, memory, fear, scared

      Objective Context:
      A week ago I was reading "School of Out of Body Travel - 1 A Practical Guidebook" and wasn't really having success and was busy throughout the week, so I stopped my attempts. I have also been getting into the habit of doing RCs all throughout the day, usually counting my fingers and sticking them through my hands.
    15. Red Shirt Dreams = Reality

      by , 02-24-2011 at 12:54 PM
      Note: The past two nights I've had dreams about red shirts. My old job dream two entries ago, I was wearing one particular red shirt I own. Tonight, and after I recorded this entry, my girlfriend came over. She brought with her the very shirt I had dreamed about. I had no idea she had taken in it, or that it wasn't in my laundry basket.

      It's possible, even likely in this instance, that subconsciously I was aware it was missing.

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