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    1. A Shitty(har har) LD

      by , 01-10-2018 at 07:17 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      my sleep patterns have been all kinds of messed up recently, so while I'm trying to fix that here's a short, sweet entry:

      I was being chased by this person in this maze of a thousand rooms. Each room was completely different from the previous, and it was actually pretty cool. I was going so fast, opening a new door that would lead to a new room each time. I stopped in one room, and there was a table with a bowl on top. This is when I kinda had to take a poop, and I sorta realized I was dreaming. I thought to myself, "hey wouldn't that be funny if I took a shit on this fancy ass table?" So I got up on there but I think I woke before I did the deed.
      Tags: shit
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. 3/26/15 "Intercepted" (SLD)

      by , 03-27-2015 at 09:55 AM
      I'm walking along the street when a shop catches my attention and I start to browse what they have on display. The shop interior is open to the street, separated from the sidewalk only by a waist-high display counter—it's peculiar that storefronts in my dreams are so frequently based on the Bangkok model, even though there may be nothing else distinctly Asian about the products or proprietors.

      On the display counter facing the street is a variety of small bottles of essential oil. I examine the labels, and recognize a few types that I had purchased online recently. Would it have been better to buy them here and save on shipping? But I then I would be stuck with the sales tax, which might work out to even more.

      From the conversation between the couple running the place, I get the impression that business has been slow today. I've spent enough time browsing that I feel like I ought to buy something, if only not to disappoint the proprietors. Besides, it will be good for the local economy. There's nothing in particular that I need, but I'm sure I can find something here I will use or enjoy.

      Looking up from the essential oils on the counter, I see that there are several shelves of shampoo and conditioner on the side walls in front. That would be a practical purchase... but when I see the prices I hesitate. I don't like paying through the nose for bath products. I venture inside the store to see what else is available. The back wall contains a display shelf for books and magazines. Most of them seem to be about yoga. My eye falls on the title of one issue in particular: What Are the Benefits of Yoga Even When Doing it For No Reasons? I reflect that the title is biased; it implies that there is benefit. And the "no reasons" thing reminds me about the attitude so often demonstrated by American Buddhists regarding meditation, the idea that having any kind of reason suggests attachment, so one should meditate without a reason or goal... with the vague assumption that it is somehow good for you anyway.

      Well, I'm not interested in yoga, and I'm certainly not interested in practicing yoga or meditation for no reason. My priorities are quite different, and very well-defined: I'm interested in whatever can help me improve my dreaming.

      Gradually, I make a counter-clockwise sweep of the small store interior. On the left wall, a variety of objects are hanging on display. One catches my eye, a rectangle of black silk printed with a delicate pattern of flower buds. I take it down for a closer look, and note that the silk is pieced together in a curious, distinctive way. "What is this?" I ask the proprietors.

      The man of the couple says, "You could use it for anything. You could even tear it up and just use the cloth."

      I think—but don't say aloud—that the price tag is $90, an awful lot for a piece of scrap cloth! I take another look at the unusual stitching, and it reminds me of something. "Isn't it one of those Japanese cloths used for wrapping?" I'm sure I remember reading about these.

      The woman affirms that it is, and seems surprised that I know about it. She clarifies that it is designed specifically to go around a 10x10x10" package. The art of making them is hardly practiced anymore, she says. I wonder if she means doing the wrapping properly—if the cloths were so rare, why would there be a random one for sale in this shop? And I'm sure I've seen them for sale before, if only in a catalogue.

      I decide not to purchase the cloth as I don't have an appropriately sized 10x10x10" box to go with it. I'm about to peruse the essential oils again and pick something at random, when we are interrupted by a government raid. There is a moment when I wonder if I should avert this plot point entirely, but I let it happen—after all, what is the worst they can do, try to lock me up? And that won't amount to much. Instinctively I am aware of my invulnerability.

      The scene shifts here, and now we are outdoors on a paved area, like a wide driveway, on top of a hill. However, I am aware that I am not far from the shop I was visiting; it is right at the bottom of the hill.

      That agent is back again. What is this, the third time? He has threatened me before, but it has not gone well, so now he is threatening my host, the male shopkeeper. "I'll investigate every client," he warns. "No one can stand up to that kind of scrutiny."

      I feel obliged to defend the poor guy and intervene. The agent should be dealing with me. I'm the real target; he has no business taking his frustrations out on random people who are accidentally associated with me. I get in his face and confront him.

      "Why do you keep getting involved?" I still remember distinctly that this is the third time we have met, and that the previous two encounters have not ended well for him. This won't, either. I conclude my train of thought aloud: "You like it. You must like being humiliated."

      The agent lies down on the ground, as if in demonstration of my point. I am annoyed and start berating him. I forget what I said initially, but I conclude, "And there's your shit-kicking foot." To make my point perfectly clear, I enact the metaphor literally. The agent's left leg extends to impossible length, his shoe and sock disappear, and his bare foot kicks a shit in a high arc away from us. To emphasize what has just happened, I ensure that it leaves a stain on his foot.

      Afterwards the agent gets up to go, and I re-emphasize the pointlessness of his continued investigation of me. "My activities are confined to this circle. I'm not involved in anything in the wider world." I am aware that the 'wider world' is not even real for me; that I exist here within the circle of my own attention. This doesn't fully manifest as dream awareness, just the sense of my ontological difference from everyone else in this environment.

      The agents, about four of them in total, all turn to go. They have three dogs with them. I laugh when one dog darts aside, seemingly smelling something in the bushes, and scarfs it down. Knowing the appetites of dogs, I assume it must have found the shit that was kicked.

      I want to get back to the narrative from which I was so rudely interrupted; I still have business in the store at the bottom of the hill. I decide to fly for speed—and figure if the agents see me flying overhead, they might take my arguments more seriously and think twice before trying to interfere again. I swoop downhill at great speed, thinking about how I use the word "swooping," but when birds of prey dive like this, it is called "stooping." I realize I'm not sure precisely how such birds break their fall, so when I reach the bottom of the hill, I circle counter-clockwise twice to regain control before lightly letting my feet contact the ground again. The whole flight felt very graceful, and I am proud of myself, convinced that I am starting to get good at this. I'm not just flying anymore, I'm flying with style!

      I momentarily wonder if the proprietors of the store will be startled to see me flying. As I reach the ground, however, I realize that I have lost interest in the original narrative—which was incredibly mundane, let's admit—and now want to write my report on what just happend. I still don't have a clear sense that I'm dreaming, as such, yet I understand distinctly that I need to wake up. It takes a bit of deliberate effort to push through the layers—they feel almost like a physical fog—that divide me from waking consciousness, but I persevere until I am sure I am definitely awake... at least as sure as one can ever be.
    3. Dirty Bathroom

      by , 02-19-2015 at 02:54 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in some sort of building. Hotel or restaurant, not quite sure. I lost a lot of the dream when I woke up.

      I was looking for the bathroom. I found one but was afraid that the place is dirty. Turned out it is. The toilet still has crap in it that the previous person didn't flush. It seems the flush does not work.


      - Slept during the afternoon, no alarm
      - Took phenylephrine because of the annoying sinusitis
      - Kept waking up and falling asleep
      - Went to sleep listening to meditation from default mode
      - Watched "Trick" before sleeping so that might have affected the crap part
    4. SHIT and Pitch Black and Blitzball, OH MY!

      by , 06-22-2014 at 06:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 19, 2014


      I was pregnant in this dream. I don;t remember if I was in my home-town or my college-town, since the main streets from both cities were definitely in the dream... Maybe I was in both cities at some point in the dream.

      So I had no idea who the father was, for some reason. Everyone at the office at which I worked assumed it was my coworker, who said he loved me. But I'd refused him because I didn't love him. In my dream, the part I remember most was in the car on the way to the hospital for a checkup in the last few weeks before I was due. I was asking my mom, who was driving me, if it was okay to use an epidural. She said it was fine, and I was relieved because I didn't think I could handle the pain (though IRL, I probably can. I'm always hurting myself and get migraines so natural childbirth should be a piece of cake ;D *bricked*) I remember that my mom started ranting about all the shit (literally) involved with childbirth, and I was laughing.

      Light Switch

      All I remember is that it was pitch black, COMPLETELY pitch black (like a complete blackout in a cave. NO. LIGHT. AT ALL) and I was trying to find a light switch.


      I vaguely remember being immersed in water. I may have been playing Blitzball.
    5. Swimming Through Layers

      by , 02-14-2013 at 09:38 PM
      It was a partly cloudy day, the air was thick, and I was in a swamp. I stood in front of a stream of water, and I had to get to the other side. I jumped in the water and became completely submerged. The water was green but clear, enough for me to see about 20 to 30 feet ahead of me and wasn't tainted, so I swam. As I continued swimming all was normal, fish were swimming by me going with the flow of the water, was clear. I swam further and reached a part of the water where crocodiles were relaxing. I felt no fear for none were paying attention to me so why bother them. I continued to swim, as I was swimming one humungous crocodile swam really fast, chewed up a smaller crocodile and dragged it away, "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself.

      After leaving that area of water snakes were swimming by me, there were many. So many that as I was swimming in front of them, they were bumping into me as they were swimming by. I thought quickly as they were going to slow me down. I covered my head and spun my body like a drill so the snakes would swim around me like Hydrodynamics. After I was past the snakes, next came shit. Shit was now flowing through the stream of water, the water was still clear but there were many large long clumps of shit going by. At this point I became very disgusted, I thought to my self "Fuck this!" and started to swim to the surface. I wasn't drowning nor was I struggling I just didn't want to swim through shit. As I reached the surface I was met by a bright light, then I awakened.
    6. Jumbled lucid, fairly long tho

      by , 08-26-2012 at 07:32 PM (Zack's dreams)
      DILD 8-25-12
      I became lucid Randomly at some point. I was in a store, people were All around. I had in my mind the objective to write a waking life journal for TOTM for some reason. I wrote some stuff down on something I can't remember. I wrote down how I performed ADA like 7 times the day defore. Next thing I remember I was outside of store next to a creek, I was feeling the pavement hard rough surface with my hand and flowing across the pavement was a thin layer of cool water which I felt too. Some time went by in the dream ( such a long dream I can't remember much ) I was in a field next thing I recall feeling the grass with my hand, trying to lift off to fly. I flew to another field abs I spotted a vehicle in mud, I easily lifted it out (telekenisis) so the car could keep driving. Looked up and noticed a tornado. Some more things happened as well but can't recall nearly anything.
    7. Fragments

      by , 07-20-2012 at 02:26 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) some sort of quest. I am at work. I talk to Michelle and Joyce. Something about my daughters. I inspect a crimp termination.

      2) I am in a bathroom stall. The toilet over flows when I flush. Shit water to my waist. My wife tries to help but I send her out.

      # Why am I dreaming so much about shit and bad bathroom experiences? I vow to RC every time I go!
    8. Trying to LD, I Don't Want To Die!.

      by , 07-18-2012 at 10:41 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Aids:1/8 tea peppermint oil WBTB
      Methods:MILD - Half assed
      Morning Supplements:500mg L-Lysine, 500mg C, 595mg Potassium Gluconcate, 1 Super B-Complex
      Sleep Quality: Felt refreshed in the morning. Slept solid. Solved pillow issues.

      Trying to LD 2:00AM
      I am jogging down a familiar street. I see Jeremy and Becki. I invite them over. We are now in my house. But this is my first house. Jeremy talks about how he can tell me how many ghost are here. I tell him I don't want to know. I feel happy and safe here and I don't want to ruin it.

      Then I am in my first truck. I am in the passenger side trying to sleep. My wife is in the driver side sleeping but tossing and its bothering me. I am trying to WBTB. I have an audio induction and I want to hear it. I adjust my headphones and try to sleep. I couldn't help but notice that my headphones feel like underwear on my head. Then notice that is light outside and rainy. I see Chris driving up to her daughters house who happens to be my neighbor. I am a little surprised. I hope that she doesn't notice me and my underwear. She is all but starting at me now. I just sigh and close my eyes. All I want to do is have a lucid dream and If I have to do corny things like listen to my underwear then who cares. I actually hear some music. It is a Ke$ha song believe it or not.

      *I hear the intro music*

      "Maybe I need some rehab,
      Or maybe just need some sleep
      I've got a sick obsession,
      I'm seeing it in my dreams"....

      (Very appropriate! Except Lucid Dreams is my drug. Bahahahaha LOL)

      I feel irritated and tune the music out. I feel like I am being watched and I just want privacy. The truck drives around the block. I don't notice it but I am driving it with my mind. My wife is in the driver seat but I am controlling where to go. Then I remember we left the kids in the house alone. And I think we should hurry even though we are just going around the block. I look out the window to the right and see a distorted iPhone. It says Brooklyn on it. The woman in the truck with me is now my ex-wife and she starts bitching about how much money she spent on that phone for my niece and now its ruined.

      Now I am in a bed trying to WILD. Something wakes me and I look to the left and see my sisters husband with a bed pan under him. He is squirting shit through his clothes.
      He jumps us and runs to the bathroom. He slams the bed pan on the floor and I see chunky shit splatter up on the wall. There is shit on the bed. I am disgusted but I feel sorry for him at the same time. I know he is sick and can't help it. Then my dog goes sniffing at it. I grab her too me and hold her. I lay there not wanting to deal with the mess. I half expect to smell something horrid but there's no smell. I close my eyes and wake up.

      I Don't Want to Die!
      My wife and I are in a hotel. She is not pregnant and we are partying. We are drinking and she starts to smoke pot. I am shocked but I'm like well we don't do this often. She leaves the bong on the couch and my dog daisy starts to hit it. She runs through an open door into a yard. Then she howls as she ex-hails. I find it strange that I see really black smoke come out. I am surprised at the color of smoke but I just laugh. She is trying to get more. I hand the bong to my wife who is in the recliner watching TV. Then I say wait let me. I take a long drag. I notice that there is no smell no burring in my throat and no taste. Then I ex hail. I instantly feel fucked up. I make a comment about how fast that hit me. She says she knows.

      I leave the room for some errand. I walk outside and see a nice area with a pool. There are only a few people. I jump in and then leave.

      I go inside a bar and walk through to the bathroom. I notice a bartender and a dart board in my periphrial vision. I sit down to shit in a stale but the toilet is so high people can see me. Some take notice and just sigh and finish up. When I walk out of the bathroom I am now in a church and service is about to start. I take in the whole scene. I notice people to my left conversing and greeting. I see a crown scattered about and people in various conversation. I see all the pews and the stage up front. The stage is blurry and I dont focus on it too much. I see another bathroom down a ways and too the right. For whatever reason I walk to that. I walk past the womens and enter the mens. It is dimly lit and there is one toilet on the right and a sink on the left back wall. The entire right wall is glass. I can see through into the womens bathroom. The bathroom is identical to the mens and I see a large woman pulling her pants down and sitting on the toilet. It seems that she cant see me and it think it must be a two way mirror. I try to respect her privacy and advert my eyes and quickly leave the restroom.

      Then I am in an elevator. The interior is minimalistic, plush and cream color. (now that I think about it... like a casket!) I push a button. The elevator begins to malfunction. I feel it tilt back and get smaller. I an now lying at an incline. I push some other button. Then it compacts into a ceiling with metal beams. I hit the stop button. I am so stuck I can't move.

      I quickly WILD to have an OBE to go get help. I see a lady at a desk. I tell her my body is stuck in an elevator and I need to get it out before I die. I move out of my body. It feels so natural and familiar to do this. I go through the wall and see a lady at a help desk. She is an African American woman in a red blose. I quickly explain to her that my body is trapped. She tells me a bunch of instructions. I dont remember. Maybe I am still stoned?

      I go now to do whatever it is she told me. I am now walking through the spot where the pool is. I see a lot more people there and I don't bother to take a dip this time. I walk to a concrete walk and spot an elevator door. I feel that this is where my dying body is. I pry the door open with my hands. There are more doors behind the first. They are red with purple trim. I get through a total of four doors and my body slips out. I catch... me. My body is limp and cold. I find it very odd to touch my body from outside of myself. I drop... me. And I try to use my mind to enter back into my body. It does not work. I am getting panicky.

      I scream, "I don't want to die!"

      I lay down next to myself and try whatever I did to exit now to re-enter. Nothing is working. I look to my right at myself and see a hand with a respirator to my body's face. I see hands doing chest compressions. I am still not back in my body. The light fades and everything goes dark.

      *Holy Shit. I think I will avoid elevators for a while.

      Updated 07-18-2012 at 11:46 PM by 5967 (I forgot to mention the song. I had to look it up to be sure.)

      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Lego, Hospital, Paper

      by , 07-12-2012 at 12:43 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Another Lego Dream
      I woke up with the words solid gold in my mind. I everything looked like the real world but I could break it like lego and lego studs came out.

      Shitty Bathroom
      I was in a hospital trying to take a shower in a bathroom with shit all over. I thought about leaving but I was determined no matter how long it too. I had a shower head and was trying to put it on the sink. Nothing worked right

      Paper is Illegal

      I was in a medieval setting. I was posing as a city guard. Someone kept sending me paper messages. I had to crumpled it up and put it in my pockets for later. A woman heard the paper noise and said "I thought paper was illegal." I told her that I confiscated it.
    10. Unsanitary Airport Bathroom Search

      by , 01-22-2012 at 11:58 PM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Finally some more recall - At some point this DJ will be all current dreams, but for now well still keep at times returning to my most classic dreams. Today though I'll go through the last night's dream. This is pretty unsanitary and has a lot of shit in it, so if that offends you don't read along. I wonder what it tells about my subconscious that I have such dreams.

      Unsanitary Airport Bathroom Search
      Date: January 22th, 2012
      Lucid: No.

      I was in an airplane, and I needed to get into a bathroom. Some butler-type guy with a neat uniform directed me to corridor to the left. That's obviously not possible in a plane so I just smoothly transitioned into what seemed like an airport terminal. There were some stalls all around the terminal were people were selling some stuff to the tourists.

      A guide who looked like Mansa Musa from Civilization IV tried to lead me to a bathroom. He was really friendly and I immediately developed trust towards him. His name, as I found out later, was Navi. He said that there was a bathroom behind a stall that had turkish flag in it.

      Well we went there and it turned out there wasn't any bathrooms. Darn. We ended up working with some other black dude in some kind of... Well, it seemed like our barn with it's concrete floor and wooden walls, but also it seemed like some sort of sewer. So there I was indeed just working. We were along some pipe that was spurting water full of... erm.. excrement. I had my hands full of shit due doing such dirty work. I accidentally stained the unknown worker's shirt with my shitty hands. He didn't seem to mind at first, but as I apologized he noticed the stains and seemed to get a bit upset. He splashed some shit on my face from his fingers. What was really weird that I wasn't really all that disgusted.

      Dream transitioned again and this time I was wandering the city streets. I still remembered being in the airport and all that kinds of things and thought I was in some African country. Oddly enough the streets were full of white people who seemed really well off anyway. The city looked like a standard Finnish city anyway. I thought I was behind my group, or something and I ran. I ran until I saw the back of one guy I sort of knew ten years ago. I presumed it was him and at first thought that I was chasing him.

      Then I got confused. He couldn't have been a part of the group I belong to. I ended up just walking behind him with no destination and with him not noticing me.

      Dream transitioned again and the landscape started to look more like Finland. Land was wintery and full of snow and now I was walking along the road alone. There were woods alongside both sides of the road. I felt tired all the sudden, and some voice inside my head said that falling behind was one of the main reasons that people die in the army. Not much logic in that ending, but whatever.
    11. Toilet dream

      by , 01-04-2012 at 07:05 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am somewhere outside, I think I am cycling. I need to go to the toilet. Suddenly I see Charman's boys cycling outside. I start chatting with them and ask them if I can use their toilet. They sure agree and take me to their house. The toilet has kind of glass door, but one cannot see through completely... milky glass. I do what I do... but I cannot wipe my ass properly... hahahahaha.... I'm taking more and more paper... its taking loads of time. Then Henry comes to the door and tries to look through... calling on me.. why am I taking so long. Its really taking ages... so I decide to finish it at home. LOL

      When i get home, I look for the toilet in "besidka" then I realise that its not there. I go to the place where the toilet is normally and finish the job! hahaha what a dram.
    12. I saw my grandma's cooter

      by , 11-30-2011 at 05:09 PM
      Some other things happened, but god damn.
      Of all the things to be imprinted to my memory...
    13. Fight with Emil in Pavel's grandma hose

      by , 05-05-2011 at 02:04 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am at Pavel’s or Barbara’s house. The whole setting is about me having some arguments with Emil, Barbara’s uncle. At one point I want to go to the toilet (number 2). The bathroom is where the bedroom on the first floor is in Pavel’s grandmother house. I go there and lock the door, but I can’t. I can hear Emil coming downstairs so I pretend that I am not going toilet and start having a go at him. So as we argue, I try to sort it out psychologically, to find a common way. But he is stubborn and aggressive so I punch him several times in the face. I can feel how nicely the fist landed on his face. (This is different from most of the dream fights, as I normally feel as if I missed or so). Even though he is aggressive, I can sense good deal of respect from him. (What I like about my dream self that I have no fear at all and react fairly masculine to situations like this.)
      Tags: emil, fight, pavel, shit
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Cathedral and a shit on my shoe

      by , 01-26-2011 at 09:45 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am inside of a huge cathedral. It seems its just being renovated. I walk upstairs and walk out to the balcony. Its a huge balcony. There I see some paintings of large doses filled with food. I am admiring it greatly. Suddenly, I realize I still have long hair. I ask if they could heat some food for me, as I got hungry. There is some dark dude...

      There is some cooking competition taking place. They are all cooking soups.
      I couldn't find matches. Then I see a beautiful black girl, but there is also some black guy, just showing off, wearing some red see-through t-shirt. They go together.

      I run to my grandma for some food. On my way, I see the black guy again. I know that he is well known trouble maker. He drives a yellow truck with a front crane. He drives quickly by and flies off the road into someone's garden. He jumps out of the car and starts swearing. I laugh at it and hide in a shadow. When I came to my grandma's house, I see a small shit in front of the house. And then I notice I have stepped into it. Its all over my shoe! Grandma says that its nothing, and not to worry about it.
      Tags: cathedral, shit, shoe
    15. Complex-Ass Nightmare APOCALYPSE :(

      by , 08-05-2010 at 07:44 PM
      This is going to be difficult to explain but here it goes:

      The dreams were heavily centered around my brother. There was so much about him I never learned but I know that he is an alien that is the key to life on Earth. I'll get back to this later though. My brother is sick in bed at a luxurious hotel, looking at pictures and videos on his laptop and tv and projector and so forth. There is an evil figure in the room with him. I don't know who, I think he works for the Google corporation but he isn't letting my brother know the truth about anything. This is night time and it is the last night on earth before the apocalypse. I can't remember what happens, maybe I wasn't supposed to, but it results in someone killing my brother. With his death dies the good in mankind. All new souls are forever evil. But the thing about my brother is that he's somehow not fully dead. He comes back to life in the hotel, but weaker than ever. His "guardian" from Google is there there and he asks him to stay, completely unaware that it was him that was responsible for his death. I also come into the room after hearing news of his death and resurrection and stay to watch over him.

      Days have passed at this point. The man starts talking to us but he only cares that my brother hears it, "Things have gotten worse since. Look at these drawings from the children". He shows these pictures of faces painted in black. all of them look scared. angry. like they're dying. It was gruesome in a simplistic way. With this my brother grew colder. For just a second, his eyes had dark rings around them. I rushed over to him to console him and he returned to normal. It was then that I realized that the man was evil. Somehow my brother was connected to Earth and if he grew evil, so would life. What I didn't understand was that somehow, this man was planning to use the Apocalypse to bring forth a revolution in which Google could run the world. Operation Google Control.

      So remember that whole Alien thing? Well I know this because I remember when things on Earth just started to get worse, and I was speaking to my neighbor at my apartment. He was telling me how all the kids were acting terrible, swearing and seemed to be lacking that innocence about them. Behind us was a wall of action figures, one of them was his Alien with a large head and coloured veins traveling down from it's brain. The moment I saw it I had instant flashes of my brother and I knew that it was in some way related to him.

      So flash forward again >>

      I'm traversing through a shattered world with a companion trying to reach a destination to stop everything that has been happening. Around us, the world is in terror. Everything is a mess. People are few and far. There are 3 Tornado's in the distance. One of them is huge and though they are far, they don't seem so by their size. I remember screaming and begging my friend to turn the other direction because I cannot handle my fear of the Tornado's.

      There is so much more but it's all too scrambled. I don't know what to make of his.

      I don't remember a whole portion but now I'm walking through a ruined earth with a friend trying to find answers.
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