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    1. Saturday, March 30

      by , 03-30-2019 at 06:28 PM
      I am at work with Lainey. We have stopped a teen girl right outside the mall entrance. I think it’s the same girl that she stopped in Sephora and had me be a witness for. Her mom happens to be right over here, so we have her come over. I kind of explain what happened and tell her it’ll be easier since she’s here. The mom seems pretty understanding. I am holding a shoe box that is apparently what she stole. I start to go through it, and I find ear buds (which I think could’ve been hers since they’re a little tangled and not exactly brand new looking) and a smaller pair of shoes shoved inside a larger pair of shoes (they’re like a converse or something with a high ankle area that allows this to happen). I noticed that the box did feel a little heavy. I talk to just Lainey for a second - she wants to let her go, but I really don’t since the shoes are around $100.
    2. 5 Dec; Shoes, shoplifter and a Korean movie

      by , 12-05-2018 at 10:00 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Once again at my friend Zilla's home, actually her mom's. I go outside on the neighborhood for a walk and find lots of new shoes from a shop discarded by the dumpster. Some are still in the original boxes, but I will need bags to carry them with me. My friends, Zilla and Licas, they come by and we arrange to go get bags at home to rescue those shoes. At some point I am there guarding it so that no one else takes it and a couple of policemen comes ask me what I am doing. They think I am responsible for all those shoes on the ground and I could get a fine for it. But I explain what I am actually doing and ask if they can wait for my friends to come with bags.

      Later on a department store, a vintage thing, looks like it's the 1930's. I am with a friend, a cute curly blond lady. She sees another lady she dislikes, paying for some very luxurious towels and leaving them unattended at the cashier's balcony. In a moment of distraction of the cashier, she steals the towels and runs towards me, so we go away before anyone notices. I become accidentally involved. We head to an elevator and she acts all paranoid as we descend to the garage level. I actually think she might have gotten away with it. I feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie. I go home by train. Unfortunately there must have been witnesses or something, because days later I receive a notification to pay for the towels she stole - they considered me accomplice - and they even charged me 9€ for a pen I took by mistake that I had used to sign a cheque.

      Some epic story, I think in China , but could be in Korea, Mongolia. This one felt a bit like a Bong Joon-ho movie. It was about some invaders, from another kingdom or tribe, and some people being driven out of their lands and persecuted. Their rulers are probably dead but there is a prince and a princess whom they believe are still alive but were captured. They escape through the mountains and reach an arid plateau. they are walking in two parallel lines along a path crossing the plateau, when their prince and princess appear at the end of the lines, running, looking beaten down. They rejoice, happy that they escaped. Unfortunately they were being followed by the enemy army, which is coming ready for an ambush. They have like a giant white sleeve-like trap they pull along the line of people, capturing them like fish in a net. I don't know how it is possible, but it works. And I am trapped with them.

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    3. Not closing your velcro shoes

      by , 12-22-2017 at 04:12 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      This dream was so bizarre that I wasn't sure if I was even gonna journal it. But I remembered it, so...

      It was a dream that was all about the concept of "not closing your velcro shoes". I was in a train station with 2 friends of mine, and the 3 of us were wearing velcro shoes, and they were open. The train arrived, and the front looked like a big unclosed velcro shoe on a railway. We went on the train and the train conductor warned us not to close our velcro shoe, or else something bad might happen. We went on the train, left our shoes open, and nothing bad happened, we were just talking about not closing your velcro shoes.
    4. Dream - Hospital Confusion

      by , 08-23-2017 at 08:57 AM
      Date Of Dream: WED 16 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 179 - Hospital Confusion

      For the first part of the dream, I was at some unknown athletic reserve with my family, I forgot what I was doing there. Next we were going to see grandma, from my dad's side, in hospital. Apparently her room was number 611. My parents wanted to ask someone where the room was but I wanted to find it on my own. The doors had heaps of numbers on them but I took a guess as to which was the correct room. I eventually concluded that I couldn't find the room. My parents started walking off and so I ran after them.

      They told me to stand with them on the lookout. I was right not to because it was a lift that shot them up super fast. I stood with my arms folded and a closed mouth smile and then continued to walk off somewhere else. My parents eventually came back down to where I was and told me off for not going with them. We ended up climbing heaps of flights of stairs but never found grandma's room. The dream then shifted to me being at the shops and looking at all these fancy pairs of shoes. This scene was short and I can't remember anything else about the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    5. Dream - Owner Of The Mall

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:09 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 19 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 156 - Owner Of The Mall

      At the start of the dream, I remember telling Mr. Hickey and a whole group of Killester girls that I owned this shopping centre. I then went off by myself to look in this store that looked like Dangerfield but wasn't exactly. As I progressed through the shop, the layout of things started becoming more unusual and almost distorted. In the main part of the mall, I eventually found my family who were doing their own shopping and I also told them I own the centre. I ended up taking them on a tour around some of the shops. I ended up in the food court and noticed that an ice-cream place wasn't doing so well in business performance, so I asked the worker man there what was going on.

      I was then in David Jones and was looking at shoes, sighting a pair that cost around $600. There was a label at the bottom of the shoes though which said that the price was now $139.87. Still, those shoes were too expensive and so I didn't buy them... But then I also wanted them. I went into Kmart and found the exact same shoes for $3.33, the shoe sizes were 107, 109, 110, 112 and 114. I first tried 114 but they didn't fit my feet and then I found out the right shoe for me had a size 112.45 printed on the label. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    6. Sad Cell and Entertaining Exchanges

      by , 06-10-2017 at 04:40 PM (The Secret Life of Demons)
      Cell Fragment of Sad Place (nl)

      I'm viewing an odd-shaped hairless humanoid figure sitting in a cell. It is sad. A man is with it and he's concerned about her wellbeing. Few thoughts in my head: is that me? why is it sad? what happened to cause this? was she locked up? am I being emotionally distant or is this really someone who is not me?

      Some moments later after intense and focused staring I conclude that the person is not me, that it was locked up and now it's not, and that likely the person only feels trapped and the cell is a creation of its mind to demonstrate internal emotions. There is some sadness from me for it; imagine being free but not feeling free, that must suck. That is worth feeling sad about.

      Neither seems to notice me and I don't want to interrupt their exchange so I slip out, seemingly unnoticed.

      Bed Play (ld)

      I'm in some room that I don't recognize. Rectangular, nothing noteworthy. I'm trying to make it a comfortable environment to sleep, but there's no curtains, too large an entry point, it's just ... not conducive to my sleeping preferences. A bed appears I lay on it to sleep. A man appears from nowhere and belly flops on me. He laughs. He's definitely not a threat, but his goofiness is almost contagious and I need to stop this emotion before it gets out of hand. After shoving him off, he flops on me; more laughter....and the comforter is blocking my annoyed facial expression and I don't say anything because I don't talk a lot. I send him thought-daggers instead because somehow that makes more sense to me. He's still trying to wrestle so I manifest a secondary bed and head in that direction, but the dream shifts instead.

      Woman (DawnEye?) (ld)

      I'm with a woman I've never seen before, but she's adorable. We're at the mall, I think, and she wants to shop for shoes. I'm not doing anything in dreaming and I guess the bed wrestling wasn't worth managing, so--shoe shopping it is. I try on some shoes while she and I chat about stupid stuff. It's not really stupid stuff, it's important to her to communicate and talk and this sort of talk is easy. She reminds me of a younger sister; a simple and enjoyable relationship where the only pressure is to hang out and laugh.

      I put a pair of platform shoes on--they're surprisingly comfortable. She approves but isn't excited. I don't even think she's shopping for shoes as she's just sitting beside me watching me put on pairs, haha. This is HER dream, she wants to dream of being in a shoe store but has no interest in trying shoes on. How weird is that? I'm not shopping for shoes either, but if we're going to be in a shoe store, I can't escape putting shoes on my feet. I take off the platform pair then reach for a pair she's sitting in front of. A colorful butterfly sequin pair. They're quite beautiful, but not as shoes. I point to them as I raise my eyebrows at her, clearly asking for her opinion on the pair. She giggles and I can tell she's trying to be polite by not saying they're hideous. Her concealment is hilarious and eventually, she leaves.

      There's a small fragment with her where I think we're also looking at keyrings but I can't remember what we were saying about them. Basically, I think she was moving the conversation into an interesting direction as she was holding a couple of keyrings. I don't remember if the dilemma was about the keyrings themselves or if they reminded her of something. We chatted a bit about it though. She was pleasant; an easy person to talk with.
    7. Shower Imposers

      by , 02-17-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 17, 2017. Friday.

      During water induction (my most consistent form of autosymbolism for dream state entry, as water is autosymbolism for sleep and the dynamics of the dream state), I find myself in the shower on the second floor of the King Street boarding house. I get the impression that I am still living in the L-shaped room at the end of the hall (though I have not lived there since the 1980s). A young version of Zsuzsanna (who has never been to America let alone King Street) is in my apartment at the end of the hall. The opaque sliding door of the shower is halfway open. Zsuzsanna walks around in my apartment. Curiously, both the south bathroom wall is missing as well as my apartment’s north wall, so the shower can be viewed directly from that apartment. (Missing walls as well as the ability to see through otherwise solid walls is a fairly common feature in my dreams and has been since early childhood. This is associated with the “mystery girl” of my dreams having lived in a house with missing exterior walls. This turned out to be true regardless of its high unlikelihood; that is, Zsuzsanna lived at one time as a child in an incomplete house with missing exterior walls in an area of New South Wales called Heaven.)

      I realize that I still have clothes on. This is very annoying and I take them off, but they are somehow on again later. I also notice a pair of tennis shoes near the end of the bathtub. These apparently belong to a very old man who comes in to get them and he soon leaves without speaking. While still showering, I begin to get more annoyed at having to remove my clothes more than once (but that does not trigger the realization I am dreaming).

      Somehow, several unfamiliar people end up in the shower with me (though of course there would not be enough room in reality), and I can barely move. This soon changes though, as part of the typical illogical sequencing of the dream state. I eventually notice that part of the east wall (directly beyond the end of the bathtub) is also not present. An older version of Zsuzsanna is making sounds of arousal but I can only see her from just above her knees and downward.

      The north wall (adjacent to the bathtub) also seems to not be present. There seems to be a mostly featureless room, but which may also be part of the same bathroom as there is a drain in the floor.

      Becoming annoyed in a dream at the realization that I am wearing clothes has occurred since childhood (not just with shower dreams or those where I am in bed, though my non-lucid dream self most often does not focus on whether I am dressed or not anyway). There are a number of reasons for this. One, the association with being embarrassed with the idea of “sleeping in my clothes”, which is proof of liminal dream state awareness (as why would my dream self associate with the idea I am sleeping unless I was somehow liminally aware I was in the dream state, even though with liminal dream control I do not even remember what a dream is). Two, this sometimes throws off my association with phasing through walls or flying up and out of a dream (only being aware that it is a dream in the last moments - though as if I subliminally knew the entire time). The idea I am wearing clothes occasionally interferes with my association with being incorporeal, or in some cases, even with a greater corporeal full-body flying ability. There are other reasons depending on the dream type. In the majority of my more vivid flying dreams (not always lucid) I am only in a bed sheet or cloak. Ultimately, it is natural to have dreams of not wearing clothes, as I do not sleep in my clothes. Wearing clothes in a dream is an unusual distortion caused by the lack of awareness of the self in unconsciousness and its actual physical status (unless one is dressed while sleeping, though the weight of a bed sheet probably causes this distortion in most cases).

      Regarding my dream’s cause and meaning, this is simply a typical form of RAS mediation and modulation as the waking alert factor, often activated by way of the preconscious and its personification and the sense of intrusion. As my dream self in non-lucidity is a fictitious entity, any perceived link to my conscious self identity in waking life in some levels of unconsciousness can potentially be viewed as an “intruder” (just as someone half-asleep might perceive an environmental sound, even a noise made by a family member, as liminal evidence of an “intruder”). This is one of those common factors of dreams of which many people cannot grasp at all.

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    8. [28-10-2016: PE lesson, a favor, waterslide & mall DILD, mirror DILD]

      by , 10-28-2016 at 06:12 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      PE lesson

      I was in my old school, I left changing room and went to sports hall. We had a new PE teacher. I was just about to enter the sports hall when I noticed that I don't have one of my shoes on, and the other had an enormous hole in it. I passed by students from other class and entered the hall. The teacher took some old shoes from a cardboard box and gave them to me. I took them on and started tying them.

      Failed WBTB attempt

      A favor

      With two classmates we were in a city, wandering around blocks of flats. It was a sunny but cold day. We were going to a house of some girl one of classmates wanted to invite to a prom. We got outside her flat, there was some dark haired girl outside, standing with her mother. Classmate asked me to do him a favor and ask her mother if her daughter will go with him to a prom. I went to that mother and asked "Could your daugter go on a prom..." She cut in and asked me about her name. I didn't knew it and stood there in silence. After a while I explained "Well, I'm doing a favor for a friend who is too shy to ask her out." She said "I see..." I went back to these two dudes and suddenly we heard a voice shouting through megaphone. Her mother was angry at us.

      Waterslide DILD

      I woke up in a bed in other room than usually, confused. I felt as if I wore a jacket, but when I moved my hand over my body but haven't felt any jacket. I started suspecting that this might be a dream and made a nose-plug RC. It confirmed that it was a lucid dream. I got out of the bed and moved towards doors. I used them to teleport outside. It was really early morning but it wasn't that dark. I was standing on the middle of the road, completely naked. Staring at the way the road led, I got an idea to make a waterslide. I jumped on the ground and created a wildly flowing stream of water flowing along the road. I slided across whole village, increasing or decreasing flow of water until I got close to my friends house. There was an enormous shopping mall in the middle of the road. It looked like it was just recently open for business. I entered it, it was really dark inside. In the darkness I could see all the clothes shops - there were only clothes shops with mannequins. I clapped my hands expecting the claps to turn lights on, but it wasn't working. I got a wild thought that these mannequins could turn alive and attack. I immediately got a feeling that I'm surrounded, that thousands of them stare at me at the same time, I felt lost. I managed to calm myself and stabilise the dream a bit, thinking "Wait, they can't even turn alive if I don't allow them to do so!" I continued along the shop. Suddenly I lost lucidity.

      Mirror DILD

      I woke up in a bed in another room again. Immediately I realised that it's a dream and made a nose-plug RC to confirm it. I got out of bed and moved to hallway, there was a huge mirror hanging on a wall. I waved my hand in attempt to telekinetically smash it, but it only made the dream much less stable. The reflection in the mirror showed the hallway in strong moonlight. I woke up.
    9. Crow, Campus Outcast

      by , 07-21-2016 at 09:01 PM
      I was standing outside on a sidewalk in a small unfamiliar town. I saw a guy on a roof above me. He had a crow sitting on his arm, one he was rehabbing. Although he crow wasn’t doing tricks or talking, it seemed significant. There was a crowd of people around him on the roof.

      Later, I was in a campus atmosphere. I felt awkward, was by myself. A kid I went to school with [F] walked over to me and sat close to me. He put his arm around me in an indirectly threatening way. I was afraid of him, but also was happy to get attention. He commented on my cool red combat boots. Strangely I wasn’t wearing them, they were sitting on the ground next to me. F then moved to smell my hair and started to kiss the back of my neck. I was paralyzed with fear even though we were out in the open. He had a power over me that I can’t explain.

      In the same campus atmosphere I went to steps nearby and sat there and then pulled my panties down and peed in what I thought was a discreet manner. People saw me I thought, including my professor. I suddenly realized that I should stop doing this, I’m not being as discreet as I thought.
      Tags: campus, crow, fear, shoes
    10. 07.16.2016 I hate Kanye West

      by , 07-19-2016 at 05:12 PM

      After a bunch of family drama on Saturday night, its only fitting that I should have some pleasant dream activity.

      DR 1

      I at a dinner party in a foreigner's house; a couple has invited me for dinner. It seems as if I am on vacation. The walls and floors are white, and the house has a calm color scheme. I go down a hall to the bathroom, but I never make it there. I am compelled to go outside.

      I walk outside of the house to the parking garage. It seems I am in an apartment or townhouse community. I go to find my bike (motorcycle) and its parked next to another way cooler looking black motorcycle. I look to my right, and there is a handsome guy standing next to me. He is tall, with black hair and brown eyes. He has some facial hair, which I find sexy. He tells me that he was going to leave, but that I'm beautiful, so he wants to stay. I laugh because whatever he is saying sounds cheesy. I look down and I notice that I am wearing tight black fake leather pants and high heeled ankle boots. I keep kind of looking down, because I feel shy talking to him. I smile a lot and he invites me out. I'm about to get on his bike, but I remember that I left my purse inside. I tell him that I have to get it...I then say,"let's go" and he follows me back into the dinner party house.

      The couple is pleasantly surprised when they see us enter and they show me where my purse is. They admit to me that they have gone through the purse in an attempt to try to contact me, and that they have seen that I have four tickets to the Kanye West show (they are obviously good seats because their eyes are gleaming). I tell them, "you know what? You can have all four because I hate Kanye West!"
      The guy laughs. The couple gets so excited and thanks me. I leave with the guy.

      A guy for once! And a motorcycle! ( A wild side, I like it.)
      Again with the color white, and relaxing surroundings.
      Also the color black..last time it was my friend with the black mink coat and today its me with black pants.
      Black shoes, which i hardly ever notice.
      I do really hate Kanye. Not as a producer, but as anything else, including as being a human being.
    11. Apt #4 and Lucidity

      by , 06-29-2016 at 12:41 AM
      I was entering an auditorium for some kind of job-related announcement/seminar. Donald Trump is there. The crowd was told that they can’t stay unless they are wearing a certain kind of shoes or attire. I looked down to see I am wearing a pair of strange high-top black with white markings canvas tennis shoes. I had to leave. Someone tells me I should have worn my silver shoes and I feel irritated by this remark.

      I went to my apartment, which is similar to an apartment I rented in waking life over 10 years ago. My mom was there, she tells me that Donald Trump has bought the company I work for. I told her he did not, I don’t even work for a company, I work for one woman who calls herself a company. My mom laughs at me, telling me Im wrong. The way she is treating me made me angry. I asked her where are her facts?! And she sort of went catatonic, looking off to here right, not acknowledging me. I yelled at her but Im confused why she isn’t answering me now. Then I realized I was dreaming. I still felt angry so I pushed her and then I decided I was going to through the television out of the window. We were on the 2nd floor, but since I knew I was dreaming i knew there would be no consequences. I did this, and then I left. I was outside on the drive with my dog and I decided to fly. (ho, hum) I had my dog under my left arm and I was holding sandals in my right hand. Once I was floating I realized I didn’t need to hold onto my sandals and I could let my dog to the ground as well. I thought about running with my dog too. The outside of the apartment and the street are almost identical to the apartment I rented over 10 years ago. (#4) My husband wakes me up to tell me he is leaving for work.

      This apartment seems to be an important location. In waking life I lived tree for only a year. When I moved in things were great- I was dating a new guy, I had just started a career I loved, I could pay my bills and I had friends that I went out with regularly. Over the year that I lived there my drinking became out of control, my closest friendship enabled my bad habits. We were robbed together at gunpoint down the street from this apartment while walking to a nearby shopping center. I starting dating a drug-addicted-sociopathic-compulsive liar. I lost more than one good friend and a good job. I ended up moving out of the place and into the house that my crazy partner lived in with some friends. This was the beginning of one of the roughest periods of my life, but that ended up teaching me a lot of valuable lessons. Maybe the apartment symbolizes a transitional period between good and bad?
      The dreams where family members hate me or treat me horribly are so common now that I have decided to really focus on becoming lucid in these moments. Instead of throwing things out of a window and flying off though I would like to do something else. Something to break this cycle. Maybe just tell them I love them?
      Shoes were a theme in this dream too. I guess they must symbolize how I feel about myself compared to others.? And how dare Trump invade my dreams!
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. 04.22.2016 Project X

      by , 04-22-2016 at 04:13 PM
      I did some different type of awareness exercises yesterday. No mantras, just awareness. Being, and breathing. Interesting...as I was able to recall one really long dream, instead of a bunch of different ones like usual. I think I like this.

      DR 1

      So I am in a HUGE, really nice house. I am supposed to be house sitting in my friends' absence. Some not so good friends of mine have convinced me that I should have a house party. Not just any party- but a huge party- (In my mind, its a huge party, like the one form the movie "Project X"). I am weary, but my girl entourage goes about making plans in the background. The place slowly starts filling up but I am not into it. I'm looking a t a bookshelf of encyclopedias, which I haven't seen in ages. I'm kind of taken by them. One of my guy friends is carrying on a conversation with me but I'm only half listening. He's holding a collection of about 8 bandannas, all different colors. I halfway wonder what he's going to do with those, but he keeps talking about some girl he is interested in. I'm not really listening because I am too busy looking for the encyclopedia that would have Belly dance in it. Its missing. So I skip that and look for Dance. As I'm looking for it, the guy kind of tells me that he's not going to pursue the girl anymore..and out of a kind of disappointment, gives me a pink bandanna. I'm like, ok - did i miss something? He is my friend, but I feel that I know he goes through that kind of stuff all the time so I am not concerned with how he feels about some random girl.

      Meanwhile, people are partying all over the place- drinking alcohol, dancing and getting wild. I'm totally not feeling it, but I'm also not caring. Just letting people do whatever, and... walking around like I have all the money in the world, so I care less what is being destroyed. Then I come to one of the master bedrooms, and its COMPLETELY trashed. The level of trash finally upsets me and I start telling my entourage that people need to start getting the f*ck out of here. Its all done so politely and is hilarious to me in my mind. When most of the people are gone and the bedroom is empty, there are shoes- loads of shoes everywhere. The bed mattresses have been derailed and they are on the floor. I remember telling the girls that they will have to clean those and then replace them because I need a place to sleep tonight.

      There is so much trash everywhere that I can hardly walk. Loads of trash and shoes, all kinds of sizes everywhere. I find a trash bag and I start to try to collect all of the shoes when I see these two guys and a girl taking pictures. That's when I get rude and tell them they have to leave now. I'm really pissed because I am so angry at the amount of shoes people just left here. I am walking behind them and showing them out. The go outside and I notice a painting on one of the walls beside the kitchen back door. Its periwinkle blue with a dainty flower. Someone has spilled some kind of concoction on it so I think I should fix it. I magically get a paintbrush and paint, and start to paint. I fix the periwinkle color so perfectly- it goes on well and I don't need to retouch the flower. I am happy with it- the content feeling I got from last night's dream is back.

      Side Note:

      For the past two nights I have been content doing things...crafty projects and such in my dreams. Yesterday it was the Christmas tree decorating and today its painting. I am getting this content feeling, like I have a flow of energy while doing something. This seems really nice. I also get this feeling when doing these kinds of things in real life.

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    13. Weird fragment

      by , 07-29-2015 at 11:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall only one, weird and convulted fragment. I was in the toilet of my house. When I finished using it, the toilet seat started to fill itself with water, which slowly started to flow out of it. I felt the water touching my feet, and I saw that I have no shoes on. I went to find my shoes, which were outside my house, swimming in the sewage waste flowing out of toilet window. I got them and went back to house, so I could clean them. Everything started to look weirdly stretched, but it wasn't a change in the world. I saw that my neck is getting weirdly stretched back.
    14. Boring frags

      by , 06-19-2015 at 07:45 PM
      Me, F and my parents are having lunch and a brasilian guy that I see sometimes where I work is serving us water. I thanked him. He walk aways and I tell them of something (don't know what but it was positive) that he used to do before (? I don't even know him in RL) but he doens't do it anymore.

      A blue and orange cat under a couch, he couldn't move his rear legs, and he was crawling with his front legs. He didn't see me as I tried to reach him and he got scared and scratched me.

      Some girl on a bike. A really ugly Audi, kind of looked like a Smart (in size) but really weird.

      Looking for my velvet high heel shoes for a wedding. Found some boots (that I don't own) with a broken heel. I found the shoes I'm looking for, no wait, these heels are weird, actually really ugly. Oh, here are the shoes I'm looking for. There's something wrong, the velvet fell off and the shoes are now just clear plastic, kinda of remind of cinderella shoes.

      Something about guinea pigs.

      My bedroom (but didn't look anything like it) full of junk and piles of paper and I think "thats weird, since I'm a minimalist and I've been decluterring my bedroom for months now. How could so much junk have passed unnoticed for so long? (cuz I'm dreaming -.-')
    15. [07-05-2015]

      by , 05-07-2015 at 12:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      FA - Night of the rats

      Midnight. I went out of my bed and took some clothes from wardrobe. Next, I went to the kitchen and looked at shelves. They were occupied by hordes of rats. When I came closer, thay started to make squeaky noises and chased me. I ran outside through the door.

      It was dark and cold. The weather was rainy. I decided to go for a walk onto a hill that's just behind my house. I got to my destination in a few seconds. When I turned around to look at my house and it's neighborhood, I saw sun going up.

      I told to myself "It took me much longer to get here before." And ran towards the house. When I walked through the door, everything looked like a 3D animation. I entered the kitchen and saw my siblings sitting on chairs, and a weird man. He had burned face, and was wearing black leather cape. He looked like Freddy Krueger.

      He moved to the shelves, opened them and got attacked by rats. I asked siblings "What's going on?" And my sister said "It's the night of the rats... now animated in 3D!" Then the doors opened and a girl from my class appeared.

      She asked me if I can go with her to her birthday party at my neighbor's house. I told her "But I've got no shoes!" She said "Don't worry, I'll give you mine!". She gave me shoes with spike heels and we went to the neighbor's house.

      At the entrance I met with her boyfriend, gave her shoes back and stayed outside with him. We talked about nothing in particular. After a while she came back with other girls from my class. I told "Oh, I've got to go now. Bye!" and went away.

      When going straight the wet, cold road I heard them saying "Is he drunk?" "No. He just appeared... and went away.". I entered the kitchen and looked at the shelves, witing for rats to come.
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