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    1. Thursday, October 17

      by , 11-02-2019 at 08:36 PM
      I pull into the parking lot of a shopping center that seems to be on a slight hill. This store - Walmart? - is at the top of the hill. It has a section of close parking and then more farther down. I take a left towards the closer lot even though it looks pretty full. Not that far in, I stop because I see one slanted spot open right before a backed-in truck. It looks like a man is unloading his family, but Iíve stopped at just the right distance to back in, so I do so. Inside the building, it looks more like a used book/record store. It is slightly dingy. There are bins scattered throughout without much reason as far as I can tell, so I start thumbing through a random one. There are about two employees talking to each other. The atmosphere is not exactly inviting. I know Scott works AP here and I wonder what the chances are that heíll see me on camera. There is a separate room here, but itís more of the same.
    2. Friday, June 28

      by , 06-29-2019 at 07:24 PM
      I am at a castle on a hill. The hill is small yet steep and very green. The castle is also rather small yet still imposing and impressive. It is in two parts, with a pool between the two. The pool actually looks more like turquoise ocean water gently lapping up against a thin strip of sugar-fine white sand. I think that someone lives here as I look up to a window in the dark brown stone. I imagine looking out the window as the person that has to live in this place that seems so secluded without all the tourists that visit. I think I (and Makayla?) might be staying here. Iím in the pool now, and it seems more like a regular in ground swimming pool. There is also a circular hot tub that looks just big enough for literally one person to sit in. I think about going in it, but am not sure because of how small it is.

      I am walking through what seems to be an outdoor shopping center. The buildings are sort of laid out awkwardly and at weird angles in relation to one another, and this is not helped by the trees all around as well as all the cars, parking spots, and people walking around. It also seems to be on a slight hill. I am looking for a certain bookstore and think I have spotted it, the building furthest from me, tucked in amongst some trees and other stores. I walk up to it, but stop and set my huge Forever 21 bag on the sidewalk. I also take off my small backpack and put it into the bag, not wanting them to think Iím going to steal when I go in. I then realize I donít want to just leave them out here, so I leave the backpack in the bag and carry it in. Inside, this place looks more like a house. I notice a large staircase to my left. It all seems to be decorated for Christmas. There is also some sort of (Girl Scout?) event going on; there is a sign in sheet on a long end table (the one at Momís?). I see Mom at the far end of the long room.

      I am on a pretty full school bus. I think we are stopped and about to disembark. There is some guy with foreign currency, and I see another guy calling me about it (like Iím at work). I find it humorous that heís trying to call when Iím right here, but then announce myself and say Iíll check it out. I grab the little maroon drawstring bag. It feels like it contains coins as well as paper bills. I have no idea how Iíd check a coin, and Iím not even sure how to verify if this foreign money is real or not. Iím not even sure what it is or where itís from. The bill is about two times the size of a credit card and feels somewhere between paper and a credit card. It is an off white and has different numbers all over it. I check another one, and it has a few words on it that are indented (I feel it first). One word is Ďreceiptí and the others must say when it was purchased. I get the idea to go up to him (he looks familiar) and ask how he got these, holding my finger slyly over the Ďreceiptí part. I ask if he bought them with another currency, hoping that will just validate that these are real. He says almost what I want to hear, but itís good enough.
    3. Old Mate Robot (31.7.15)

      by , 08-01-2015 at 08:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Old Mate Robot
      At a Shopping centre. I see Dennis, and try to avoid him. I see Brodie, and seem to be talking to him from a distance.

      Im standing around in a car park. I'm at my old house, laying down on my front lawn. I see Roberts sis walk over to dons, with one of her friends. Someone tells me robot is coming. He greets us with weird hand shake. He Pretends to root dads hand.

      I'm in a car park and I'm spying on robot playing on computer. I thought he may be wanking. He's playing game that's soccer as I see reflection. He's playing against another guy. I got confused, as I thought robot was the other guy. Other guy has a girl with him. I tell robot about seeing his sis and that I jokingly liked her. I sense he's not happy with it. I cOntinue to stir him up. Dave thinks I'm gay. I try to prove to him that I am straight. I wipe ass with toilet paper then put in bag, then wipe it onto clothes.

      Dream Fragments
      1. Flashing dick in front of girl. Is bigger then normal or just looks it from my view

      2. I let my dog sleep under my blankets

      3. Some of my walls on coc are pink.
    4. 1/26/14 - grandparents car trunk

      by , 01-26-2014 at 07:14 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm with mt mom, she's driving my grandparents redish orange car. For some reason I can't go in any of the car seats, I just assume because they have too much stuff in there. So I have to lay/sit in the trunk with the trunk hood up, and I have to hang onto this hinge thing to keep balance. My mom drives us to this shopping center. She's driving by all the store super slow, and I hear this loud ass girl about 13 years old with her mom, she's being loud so people think she's interesting or some shit. I'm displeased by the rashness of her voice and pitch. My mom parks and we get out of the car, and the girl and her mom are just walking up and down the side walk of all the stores. Me and my mom quietly go into an Albertsons and come right back out. I guess we are done with whatever we went here for. Then we head back to the car, and I hear that loud ass little girl coming, now she's talking to a friend who is only slightly less loud then her. Me and my mom begin to run to the car, she hops in the driver seat and starts the car, and I hop in the trunk and lay down and grab the hinge and we drive off and I hear that girls blabbering the while time.
    5. The Search For My Bag (28.10.13)

      by , 10-29-2013 at 02:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a Safeway shopping center and a lady comes up to me and asks if I'll be much longer, cause the shops are about to close.

      I see a back pack which isn't mine but I take it.

      I've now realized that i lost my real back pack and try and find it.

      I'm home now, and I feel gutted that I lost my bag again, which means I lose my wallet again! I look around my house with no luck. I'm searching through something and its my brothers ex girlfriends stuff. I see some kind of device which is like a vibrator. Dad thinks he finds my bag and points at it. It ends up being that bag I picked up earlier.

      I walk back towards the shops and I see 2 cars. I see a piece of paper which has some stuff written on it. It's like a message board about lucid dreaming and people dare each other to complete something LD related.

      I'm in a car with Josh D and we're driving somewhere during the day. I notice that the scene is very weird, as if its bugged. As Josh is driving, we loop through a glitch. I think to myself, wtf am I dreaming, and think it may be a dream. I get scared as Josh is driving blind through the glitch. Josh tells me Jessie James broke out of prison and is on the run. I think he was the reason why the scene was fucked up, by using a smoke appear through out the dream. Josh shows me a video of Jessie James. Its news about him getting out of prison.
    6. Kidnapped

      by , 10-13-2013 at 05:22 AM (Casting Shadows)
      Jason is a relative to the Davis'. He and I are in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and are about to go in. Jasper and David are inside and we are supposed to meet up with them. There is a little man with brown hair and a great bushy beard inside of a box (sort of like a small vending machine), and on the top is a sign in great neon colors, "SOCIOPATH." I pass him by but Jason, who is carrying a small pack (that looks like a pack of matches) of some sort of illegal drug offers it to him. For one second, Jason is there, and the next, he is gone--the little man kidnapped him!

      I dread telling Jasper and David that their brother is missing. Will I be blamed for his absence? Probably. I don't like the thought. I know that I have to tell them, though, and so I march forward into Wal-Mart.

      Perhaps there is some sort of time skip, or perhaps I simply can't remember what happens in the in-between, but it's at night and I'm on a car with the Davis', heading for Oklahoma. It's late at night and there is a giant billboard sign that has a crude picture of a lake, and then an arrow pointing to a spot in the southern part of the body of water. A "you are here" type of thing, telling us that we are at our destination. We drive by the sign a little and when I look back there is a small island (again, where we are) that is clearly visible.

      At some point we stop and climb on a cable car. According to the dream, I didn't just ride all the way from Mississippi to Oklahoma. Both Jasper and Payton were curled up on the floor of the cable car, asleep. I don't know where Samantha is, but David is the one directing the car. I tell him about Jason; he seems mildly disappointed but otherwise unaffected.

      Riding the cable car is a scary experience, but I remain calm.

      Once we get off of the car, we are all on a little trail in a rural area of the island. At the very end of it are bleachers where several people are staying. Jasper and I walk the trail a few times back and forth, talking. I steel myself in preparation of telling him about his brother's kidnapping, but he tells me that he was only pretending to be asleep.

      At the end I (and perhaps he along with me) come back to the bleachers. Guess who's here? That's right, Jason. I ask him to come back with me (a small celebration is due, since he has turned up), but he tells me that he wants to stay for a bit longer; he needs to speak with Jarvis before leaving.

      At this, I look behind the bleachers. Jarvis is standing there. Wyvern approaches him and goes in for a kiss, he kisses back, and then--as if he realizes what he's doing--breaks the kiss and storms off, angry. I know that he's angry with Wyvern for kissing him and himself for kissing her back. Wyvern sits down and cries, and I try to console her. "He enjoyed. He enjoyed it and if he wasn't already dating Paramore he would go out with you."
    7. Stretchy finger, two worlds, chase at the shopping center

      by , 11-05-2012 at 08:35 PM
      After the vibrations I try to roll out but there is a powerful resistance. I try harder and I manage to leave my sleeping position. I do no RC. I go into the kitchen. I pay attention to the sensation of walking. I go into the kitchen. I put my hands in front of me. I look up and I notice my fingers had no end! My fingers became longer as I looked up. When I clench my hands into a fist my fingers return to normal. I then try to see if I could extend my fingers at will. I try to extend my fingers to reach the file cabinet at the other side of the kitchen. I try two times before the dream ends.

      I do a DEILD chain. There is a subtle change in my bodies position on my bed. First, my tongue which was lying at the back of my mouth was now sticking out and my teeth were clenched on it, second, my leg was slowly falling off of the bed even though it was in a secure position. These were not physical sensations, these sensations were my dream body but at the time I thought they were real. I move my leg back onto the bed and I then rolled out a few minutes after that. My phone is ringing so I pick it up.
      It is my friend. I say "Did I call you early" "yes you did". While talking I was trying to do the digital clock reality check. I notice the time was 4:72. I know I am dreaming now but I wake up.

      I stay still to do DEILD again. This time I am in a void but on both of my sides there are two portals that lead to different dream scenes. To my left there is a cartoony world, to my right is a more mundane shopping center.
      I roll to my right and end up at the shopping center. I get the feeling I must now run. As I do run I notice a man chasing me. He throws stuff at me. It doesn't hurt but I can still feel it. Though I am being chased I find it surprisingly fun. I then jump in between two gaining height each time. I land on the floor and look at my hands to maintain lucidity but the dream ends. I try to do DEILD again but couldn't get into the right state.
    8. Dogs, Dinners, and Hidden Chronicles

      by , 09-23-2012 at 04:41 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      I adopt a large, black dog from a shelter, and take him home to my apartment. I find that the responsibility of taking care of him is more than I can stand, and I don't enjoy it at all. I feel like a horrible, awful person, but I decide take him back to the place I got him from to ask them to find a different home for him. He's too big for me to pick up and put in my truck by myself, though, so two of my neighbors help me.

      I get back to the shopping center where the shelter is located and walk through it, but by the time I get to the shelter, the dog has wandered off on his own, and I don't know where he is. I was such a lousy owner that I didn't even get a leash for him.

      [This dream stemmed from an ad I heard on the radio yesterday for a kennel that really does find new homes for dogs. By the way, I don't even have a truck in real life, just a car.]

      [Different dream, later in the night.] I'm playing Hidden Chronicles and I notice, for the first time, that the river on the main map continues further up than I had thought, and there are all kinds of buildings on the other side - a whole town for me to explore. There's a sailboat dock across the river from my estate - obviously, you're supposed to get to that part of town by sailing across the river - and a second bridge for me to repair.

      Suddenly, I'm standing among the buildings of the town on the far side of the river. When I turn and look back down the river, I gasp - from this ground-level point of view, looking in this direction, I can see that there's a whole city over there to explore, complete with its own skyline of skyscrapers. I'm really excited to explore it, but I think, Looks like I'm going to keep playing this game for the next couple of years.

      [Different dream.] I'm with my parents, and my mom needs me to translate some text from Japanese into English [or vice versa, I don't remember] for her. She needs it right away, and all I have is my phone, but I plug away at it anyway. We're visiting the home of some friends, and we're sitting down to have dinner with their large family around the light-brown, round table that my parents have in their house.
    9. Tuesday 8th May 2012

      by , 05-08-2012 at 10:10 PM
      Last Nights Dream

      I'm in the social club and I'm hungry, my Dad is doing the disco here. I see my Dad and he's holding a plate of food, I say "what you got?" he says "looks nice doesn't it, it's a beef stew, go and get one and tell them I'm paying" I say "ok" I walk to the food area by the stage and look at all the pies and stuff, there's no stew ones left so I have to take a beef pie instead, I also take a few other things aswell. I go and sit down at the table next to my Dad, I pretend i've got a stew or I know he will give me his and I don't want to take his food

      This morning I decide to WILD using the lucidology alarm

      I count from 1 to 10 over and over again and nodded off just like I wanted to. I wake to hear the alarm and know its working, I relax and feel the vibrations and hear the noise in my ears. I feel myself being pulled into a lucid dream and can hear people talking, it's still black and can feel myself moving into my dream. I am now still so I open my eyes and I'm in a big building, it's a shopping precinct. I am conscious and I look about my dream and see my Dad and his brothers around the precinct. I look upwards and I see a few school kids in uniform above us on the next floor. My Dad is looking for something and I say with a giggle "what are you looking for, you look lost" he says "ahhh, just some school kids that are messing about here" I say "they are up there above us" he now runs after them because they need chucking out . My dream now starts to disappear so I relax and wait.

      Dream 2

      I feel myself back in bed, I keep my eyes closed and feel the vibrations etc. again. I go with it and feel myself being pulled into my next lucid, I can't see anything but I can hear music and it sounds like a party. I am now in a room, it's a party with a disco and I see the flashing lights and everything, I'm really pleased I'm lucid again. I make my way to the stage where it is higher up, I say "scuse me" as I push through everyone. I'm now on the stage and decide to fly off it into the air, everyone is looking at me and I decide to try out some somersaults while I'm in mid air and it feels great, I am just showing off really. I now feel myself waking again so I keep my eyes closed and get the vibrations etc. and feel myself being pulled into another lucid dream.

      Dream 3

      I'm in my dream and I open my eyes and it's just all black. I wait for a few seconds and suddenly I see a reddish light in the sky and my dream slowly appears around me. I'm thinking "where have I ended up now?" I look about and I'm in like a big shopping place again, I'm indoors. I hear a buzzing sound behind me so I turn around and I see a few bee's flying around by me. I hit them away but they keep coming back by me.. I now walk up to an open area as I explore my dream. This area is like a small stage area, it has flags hanging about it and there's a music station there where the DJ would work. I notice a lot of bee's in the corner of that area so I decide to get away from it. I open a door and bump into 2 lads who are dressed up in army gear, they both have these electric guns that they are using to try and kill the bee's. The guns aren't working very well and have little effect on the bee's. I now think "right let's see what I can do!" I push my hand forward towards a bee and nothing happens. I now think "hmmm...how do I get powers?" I try again and still nothing, I now think "ok I must truly believe it will work and I'll say it out loud" so this time I push my hand forward and shout "fire ball" and a fire ball shoots out of my hand and hits a bee. I am so amazed and think "this is so cool" . The 2 lads with me are really impressed and say "come on over to the bee's" they run towards where the nest is by the DJ area and I decide to fly there so I jump up into the air and fly across to them. I point my hand towards the nest area and shout "fire ball" and a fireball shoots towards the nest area and sets it on fire as it hits. I keep firing fire balls at the whole stage area and I set the flags and everything on fire. I say to the lads "well that's sorted them!, they won't bother us again! Again I feel myself waking so I stay still and feel myself being pulled into yet another lucid dream.

      Dream 4

      It's black but I can hear the sea and kids laughing. I feel myself come to a stop so I open my eyes and I'm in the sea, it's warm and there are kids and families around me. I see a small boat in the shape of a cute dragon that has children in it who are laughing, they are riding round in a circle. I see a woman holding onto it and it's taking her around. I panick now a little as I hate the sea and don't want to tread on the sea floor because I don't know what's in there so I think "great, perfect opportunity" and I grab onto the boat which takes me along. I see people on the beach drinking and having fun, I can also see punch and judy and the kids are laughing at it. I now loose the boat and swim a little. I steer myself towards an area between 2 big rocks but I see that the water between them is brown and dirty so I steer myself away from it again. I swim to the sand and see 2 small ponies buried up to their necks in the wet sand. The bigger grey one of the two quickly scrambles out of the sand and runs off. I walk over to the small brown pony and it's really scared of me and backs away a little but I still put my hand to it and stroke it. It's fur is a bit wet but I keep stroking it and say "it's ok, I won't hurt you" and it calms down for me. As I walk off I want to see if it will follow me so I say "come on" as I click my fingers to it but it says "I'm a water horse!" and I laugh because it speaks it now hides itself back in the sand up to its neck.
      I again feel myself wake a little and I get the vibrations etc. and feel myself being pulled into a lucid dream.

      Dream 5

      I'm now in a street and it's night time and the street lamps are on. I need the toilet and think "jesus I haven't got long before I wake up!" so I rub my hands together and shout out "clarity now" and it echoes as usual but it does brighten up so I can see more. I think about my dream guide but before I manage to shout for it I feel myself wake up a little again .

      Dream 6

      I'm now back in a lucid dream. I am outside and there are lots of tents around me. I wonder about for a short while and then I enter 1 of the tents. I see 2 people in there, a man and a woman. I see a mirror next to the woman and I say "pass me the mirror quick, I need to try something" she looks at me with an odd expression but nether the less still passes me the mirror. I think to myself "I've always wanted to try this but I keep forgetting so now I'll do it!" I push my finger against the mirror trying to make my finger go through it but it doesn't. I try again but this time I truly believe it will go through the mirror and voila my whole hand up to my wrist goes through. My hand feels a little cold now from the mirror. It Is as if the mirror is made out of mercury, it's really weird and a very odd sensation when I put my hand into it.
      I now decide I want to take a look at my reflection. I'm a little apprehensive about looking because I've heard that people see horrible things when they do this but my curiosity gets the better of me. Slowly I move my face towards the mirror and I see myself but my face is really gaunt and thin and also really pointy, it's very weird and I'm really fascinated by this. I tell the 2 people that are with me that I've always wanted to try this with the mirror and I say to them "you try!" but they both shake their heads while saying "no".

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    10. The epic quest for pizza! 8D

      by , 10-22-2011 at 10:59 AM
      Umm hai there Dream Journal, this is my first DJ EVAH so I might not know EXACTLY how to do this but umm.. I'll start out slowly ^^;

      Anyways, this is the longest dream I've EVER had to be honest. I didn't meditate or anything, I wasn't even trying to be lucid or remember dreams, so this came as a big surprise for me. o.o Anyways I'd better start before I go off topic too much xD;

      It started off at school. Apparently it was last year, since I was still in the class from then and Darjee and Crazy Joe (Nicknames for two of my best friends, both of them changing schools this year. xD) were still there. one teacher told us that apparently the fridge was scared (lol), so we had to go and buy our own food. I went down towards the townsquare (Which is usually just a few shops and restaurents, but now it was a biig building, kinda like a shopping center o3o), where I met Darjee and Crazy Joe and some other guy called Joachim who was also at my school before, nice guy lol, anyways they asked me if I wanted to buy pizza with them. Being their good friend (and liking pizza), I said yes. So we went inside the building to get some pizza.
      Suddenly it all changed to us being in a house where a cat randomly got inside. A woman came out of a room screaming that that cat is IMPOSSIBLE to get out again, so we spent LOTS of time trying to get it out, but in the end we gave up, not because of the cat but because of something else..

      Apparently our school and all was in a valley of mountains, a BIIG grassy valley that was its own "land"(It usually isn't, Denmark has absolutely no mountains), and apparently some titan had awoken, and was now turning everything into stone and making lava appear everywhere o.o We were all scared by this HUGE titan, so we parted ways and I was fleeing to get everyone I knew in safety, went over a mountain, and saw that in another "land", there was some ice-titan instead who was wreaking havoc. Everything was in chaos o.o
      So I was fleeing over many grassy mountains, while getting updated on the chaos the titans made somehow (and yes I was fleeing alone, but it wasn't bothering me). After a while, I think I meant some bad guys or so, I don't remember clearly but I remember that I wasn't feeling good about it, I had no way to fight back. But suddenly this HUUGE robot, which looked like a gigantic cockpit with arms and legs and LOTS of heavy attilery, suddenly came out of nowhere, scaring them away, a legendary robot I think o3o, one called "The Hunter." After the Hunter scared the bad guys away, the cockpit opened up and I was honestly shocked yet relieved to see who really WAS the Hunter; Crazy Joe. Anyways he helped me up, and the robot itself was for some reason carrying a big stick, anyways he got out of it, walking on the big stick (was a very clean one, one that had been cut out) and helped me up on it, and we ate some small lunchbags, while watching a stampede of cows or so run by, we were mostly relaxing. ^^
      I had problems with actually staying on the stick and in the end I slided down to the end. Crazy Joe was apparently alot more mature and chuckled, going "Want me to carry you back to our land?"
      "Sure, and I know how to stop the titan~", so I got carried by him back to the valley where almost everyone was turned into stone. o.o


      Crazy Joe went out of the robot as we reached the titan, got a guitar, while I got a drumkit.. And we started playing bangin' Techno to scare the titan away and making everything good again! (Don't ask, just don't..)
      Afterwards, Crazy Joe fled with the robot, he didn't want anyone to know that he was the legendary Hunter. And me? I was celebrated as a hero! 8D

      -Non-lucid again;

      So anyways, I went BACK to the center to get pizza again 8D, with Darjee this time. We went into where I thought a pizzaria was, and apparently it was a Pirates of the Carribean shop or so (loool), I went "..This isn't a place where we can get pizzas. o.o;;" So we parted ways to find a pizzaria, and I went through many places, the center becoming more and more weird, in the end it looked more like a cave with 3 portals that I could go through and some weird elf or so who was telling people to "choose wisely." I was like "Wow, there's no pizza here o.o", and went all the way back.
      I and Darjee met again, and I said "Well.. Maybe we should find Crazy Joe?" Darjee said silently "I know where to find him" (He's always quiet and a bit shy, so it didn't surprise me. =p), and we went out of the center, and walked towards a border to another land, The land of the Hunter! (Dun dun duuunnn!)
      We were standing at the border and some orcs or so were in front of us, and we called for help, being scared as heck and hoping that The Hunter (Crazy Joe) would come and help us. Darjee suddenly did something I didn't think he'd EVER do; To make sure the Hunter heard us he started.. Singing Opera (And this is a silent guy who's been growing up with staying silent almost all his life, and now he's singing opera. I was shocked, and right now I can't help but think it's hillarious XD). The orcs were actually singing with him! I was thinking of singing too but I didn't, because I couldn't sing opera (Amazingly enough.. lol) Anyways after a while the Hunter came, and scared them away without even firing. (Idk how Darjee knew that Crazy Joe was the Hunter by the way, but apparently he did. =o) After that, we talked a bit and I and Darjee took a ride with the Hunter to another city, where we FINALLY found a pizzaria (HAA-LE-LU-JA! 8D)! And when I finally took my first bite, I woke up.

      I'm honestly REALLY surprised and excited about remembering so much from a dream. I've been focusing ALOT on remembering dreams for over a year with my lovely Lunary, but this is the first time and I wasn't even trying. But I have no idea what this dream means, can anyone help me? o.o
    11. who crapped all over the house?; vietnamese bands

      by , 09-17-2011 at 02:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was coming up toward a house. It seemed like something bad must have happened there. I came up to a black iron fence surrounding the house. It was only a few meters away from the door.

      Just inside the gate, on some kind of stone walkway up to the front door, were the remains of a squirrel that had been killed. I thought the squirrel had been killed by a human. The squirrel had probably been beheaded and then sliced up the middle, on its underside, like a fish being gutted.

      Just in front of the door was a mailbox. The mailbox either stood alone or stood out against the wall. The mailbox itself was really thick and wide.

      On top of the mailbox were parts of the killed squirrel. It was probably the squirrel's head, but the head seemed really skinny, and it seemed to be attached to a long, bony thing, covered in fur, and which I thought of as an arm.

      I was a little scared by the sight, as if the squirrel pieces meant that some bad scene of carnage was inside, maybe even a human murder scene. But I also thought that perhaps the scene of carnage was what I was here for -- what I was here to see.

      I went into the house. The door was a side door, and it opened directly into a side hallway of the house. The floor of the hallway was made of white linoleum tile. I passed a couple rooms that seemed half-finished, kind of like laundry rooms. The hallway was shaped like an upside-down "L," with the base of the "L" turning off to my right.

      At the intersection there was a huge pile of crap. The pile itself was huge, but the pieces of crap themselves were enormous. I thought that only an animal would crap on the floor like this. But the crap looked too huge for any domestic animal to make. So I thought maybe a human -- a big human -- crapped on the floor.

      I walked into the living room and saw a smaller pile of crap on the pale beige carpet. But the pieces of crap were still so huge that I thought only a human could have made them. I walked around a coffee table and stood in between the coffee table and a couch. An old, clunky TV stood on a TV stand off to my left.

      Suddenly a big, black poodle (!) jumped at me, to attack me. It got good height as it jumped over the coffee table, and it would have bitten me in the face. But I slapped it away, knocking it to the carpet, in between the coffee table and the TV stand.

      The poodle was no longer vicious. It was like it was my friend, or my own dog. I considered that this dog may have made all the crap that was all over the floor. The dog was huge, especially for a poodle, and it had a kind of fat body. So maybe it could have made huge pieces of crap.

      I tapped the dog sharply on its flank with some kind of stick -- maybe a dried, tan bamboo stick? I said, "Turn around!" I wanted to get a look at the dog's anus. If the dog's anus had crap all over it, I'd know that the dog had crapped all over the house.

      The dog turned around. I noticed that a lot of the fur all over the dog's body was grey as well as black, as if the dog were getting older.

      I spent a couple seconds looking at the dog's anus. It was completely naked, barren of fur, so I saw it alright. It looked totally clean, and pretty small. I thought there was no way the dog could have crapped all over the floor. It's anus was too clean -- and too small. So I still didn't know what -- or who -- had crapped all over the house.

      Dream #2

      I was possibly watching some sort of television show. There were three Vietnamese or Vietnamese-American children. They stood in some strange, half-indoor, half-outdoor area.

      The space felt like a living room somehow, but it also felt like the corridors of some kind of shopping area in a big, Asian city. There was a lot of warm, orange, red, and pink light glowing into the atmosphere.

      The children themselves stood behind some kind of wooden bars, like the bars of a nice crib or playpen for babies. The bars met a carpet floor, which stood up on a tiny step, maybe 20cm high. The floor before the step was possibly also carpeted.

      The children were a musical group. They had won some kind of singing contest on a Vietnamese talent program. They now had to go to some further kind of televised championship.

      But the children were all worried, and they called out, "No! Wait! We can't do it yet!" It was like they'd forgotten their song, or gotten stage fright. They felt like if they went to the championship (which may have only been down the hall) at this moment, they'd screw up their luck and totally ruin their chances.

      I was half in the scene and half watching the scene on TV. I wanted to tell the kids that there was no need to worry, that plenty of groups had felt the same way before they'd gone on to their championship performance, but that they'd done just fine.

      In fact, I could remember one specific group that was actually Vietnamese as well and had gone through the same emotional difficulties as the children were going through right now. But I couldn't remember the group's name. I tried really hard, but I couldn't remember.

      I was now in a big room with my mom. The room was like a living room, but the floor was white, linoleum tile, like in a kitchen. The light was bright and white. The room was huge, and there was barely anything in it except a couch, a TV stand, a TV, and some random clutter, like blankets, so that the place felt very barren.

      My mom stood in front of the TV, messing around with something, like she was trying to run a tape in a VCR. I told my mom, "You tell those kids there's nothing to worry about. I know another Vietnamese girl that had the same kind of worries. But she ended up winning. She actually had a great song. I'll show it to you."

      I couldn't remember the Vietnamese singer's name. But I pulled my phone out of my pocket, as if I could find her on YouTube and show her to my mom. I thought that, if I just looked for the singer in some random way, I'd probably find her. I could remember the singer's song, and the video, which had a lot of pink, orange, and red atmosphere.
    12. painting bench and brother's death

      by , 08-14-2011 at 04:10 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark bedroom. The door was open a crack, and there was also a slim window running along the right (my right) side of the door. The door and window opened out to a hallway full of fluorescent light. It was like I was in a dorm room. There was a bed against the wall to the right of the door.

      There seemed to be somebody walking out in the hallway. He didn't seem to trust me, or else he didn't seem to like the fact that I was around. I myself didn't quite feel like I belonged here. I may have been hoping I could get out of here soon.

      I was pacing back and forth in the bedroom. I paced toward the door and turned around. I was about to start walking away from the door when the man somehow got a hold of me. He either told me or handed me a note saying that I needed to paint a bench.

      I knew what bench the man had been talking about. I realized I had forgotten to paint it. This was somehow a relief to me. I felt like now I had a task I had to take care of, I really had a reason to stay here. Before, I realized, I had been almost arrogantly insisting that I didn't have to be here, as if I was better than this place. But now that I had a task, I could focus on the task and keep a humble outlook on where I deserved to be.

      I was in a living room with a few other people, some of whom may have been my family members. The living room also felt a little like an artist's studio or workshop. The floor were concrete and paint-spattered. The walls were bare white plaster. The light was a very harsh, raspy incandescent. There seemed to be a TV blaring somewhere. And everybody either seemed to be busy or distracted.

      I knelt down to a wooden bench about knee-high and maybe three meters long. The bench had been painted white. But either the paint had started chipping off or else the paint job I had given the bench had been so bad that I'd missed patches of the bench altogether. So I needed to fill in the unpainted patches with white paint.

      I was painting the bench and thinking about painting. At first I may have been doing a good job of painting the bench. But at some point I may have wondered if it really was a good plan to put new paint among all the stretches of old paint. I didn't think the old paint and new paint would look very good together.

      Then I realized that the paint I was laying on the bench wasn't actually "sticking." It would disappear only a while after I painted the patch. It seemed like either the paint evaporated away or like the paint just sank into the wood. I then realized that I had forgotten to lay a coat of primer before I lay the coat of white paint on the bench. But I didn't have any primer here.

      I stood up. I had to head out and grab some primer. For some reason, Lewis Carroll was in the living room. He may have been the last person I said goodbye to before I went to grab the primer. He may have said something encouraging about my painting job so far.

      I was now walking around in the parking lot of some huge shopping center or mall. It was either late night or early morning. Some of the stores were open, including a huge grocery store that didn't have any doors on its front, just a huge opening.

      I walked past a few huge stores. I seemed to be confused about what I needed to get. I either couldn't quite remember what I'd needed to get, or else I couldn't figure out where I needed to get it.

      I now remembered where I needed to go. But the store was closed, and it wouldn't open for a couple of hours. But I needed the stuff now. I needed to get back home and paint the bench for something like a birthday party. But I wasn't going to be on time. I somehow knew this.

      I suddenly remembered that I needed primer. It suddenly dawned on me that I could have gotten primer at any time during the past few days. But I'd waited and waited and never gotten it. Now it was too late. I was desperately disappointed with myself. I had done stuff like this before in my life. Would I ever learn how to just do things on time, instead of always waiting until it was too late?

      I was about to start crying, I was so disappointed with myself. But, right then, I got a call on my cell phone. It was my mom. She very quickly told me she'd speak with me in a moment. I then heard her getting on the phone with someone else. I dropped the phone from my ear and thought, Oh, god. Here's another one of these calls where my mom gets all dramatic and then tells me something that isn't bad or dramatic at all.

      I put the phone back to my ear. I was walking past a store, another store with no doors, just a huge opening. So I walked inside, thinking I might be able to find something, maybe primer. The store actually looked like some kind of home improvement store.

      My mom appeared to be talking to some kind of hospital, even though I couldn't hear the person my mom was talking to. My mom said something about trying to get information about my brother. He had been taken to the hospital for some emergency.

      I thought that this sounded serious after all. My mom had some information on my brother. She gave it to the operator, to find out where my brother was. The info was like a room number or something. The operator put my mom on hold.

      My mom came back to talking to me. She said, "Your brother has thrown himself to the ground." I understood this to mean that my brother had attempted or committed suicide by throwing himself off a multi-story building.

      I said, "No," in a flat, but panicked voice. I was about to lose control of myself and start pleading, "No, no, no!" into the phone. But I didn't I was too afraid that the hospital operator would hear me (even though I couldn't hear her), think I was being disruptive, and hang up before giving my mom any information on my brother.

      I walked over to an ATM to get some money to buy whatever it was I was here to buy. As I walked over to the ATM, I pulled the phone away from my ear. I had some web page regarding the hospital on my screen. The text was black, with some passages of text in tan-orange lettering. The screen was kind of like visiting or facilities information. I kind of got the impression that this place wasn't a hospital in the conventional sense.

      As I got to the ATM, before I could even slide my card through, my mom was back on with the operator. She said something like, "He did? When? Well, it would have been really nice if someone had told me this earlier." It was obvious my mom was terribly sad and angry. She wanted to burst into tears. But she kept her temper with the operator, sounding pretty well composed, though slightly irritated.

      I understood, before my mom even got back on the phone with me, that my brother had died. The hospital really only called to tell my mom this because they couldn't hold onto the body. They needed someone to take it away. Otherwise, they might never have called my mom.

      My mom told the operator she'd be right back. She put the operator on hold. She got back on with me and said, "Your brother died at 4:15 AM this morning."
    13. A Notable False Awakening (Night of July 23-24)

      by , 08-07-2011 at 07:22 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up post. These dreams are from the night of July 23-24, 2011.]

      Awake, Non-lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm in [what I believe to be] the real-life hotel lobby where the hotel scenes from Inception were filmed. I'm appreciating how special it is to be here, in one of the filming locations for my favorite movie. [But totally failing to make the associative leap to the fact that I'm actually in a dream, myself. ] I even see Leonardo DiCaprio walk past. [*LOL* I fail at recognizing dreams...] I know that this building is located on the campus of a local private university. I look through a window and see a sign above the entrance to another building. The sign reads ď(Some last name) Library.Ē

      I proceed through the interior of the building I'm in to the entrance of somebodyís dorm. The dorm is themed to resemble ancient Barcelona, Spain. In the dining area, I meet up with a group of my friends from real life, including SS and SH
      [who I know from completely different social groups and who don't even know each other in real life, by the way]. They're all sitting at a table, eating, and I sit down and join them. It's a Mimi's Cafe table. Several of my friends order my favorite chicken and pasta dish, the one I always order when I'm at Mimi's. Sean has to leave the meal early because he has other plans, so I get to eat his chicken. (I've just sat down, so I haven't had a chance to order my own meal.) Our conversation over dinner is being filmed for TV, and we all know it. We all get separate checks at the end of the meal.

      I wake up in my current room to light coming from under my sleep mask. I'm still sleepy, and I don't want to get up, but I get up in order to check the time. I check my watch, my cell phone, and my desk phone
      [from work], which is on my dresser. They all show the same time: it's 10:39 AM, which means I'm late for my pre-church-service choir practice. I think, It can't be that late already!, but I reason that if all three timepieces agree, then it must actually be that late. When I checked my cell phone, I saw the numbers in the hour field counting up from 2 to 10 at a rate of about 1 number per half-second, but now I rationalize this observation: It must only update the display to the current time when you pick it up and look at it.

      I go out of my house, still wearing the clothes I was wearing on Friday.
      [I had this dream on a Saturday night/early Sunday morning, and I was wearing the outfit I actually had been wearing on the Friday immediately before in real life.] I'm going outside to take out the trash. ďOutsideĒ turns out to be a narrow parking lot that surrounds a shopping center. A mother calls to her daughter, Johana. I think, That's a pretty name.

      I find a trash can at the outer edge , and empty my trash can into it. I catch a cold container of french fries as they fall from my trash can, and eat them, because I'm still running late for choir practice and don't have time for breakfast. I walk back home through one of the stores in the shopping center, past racks of CD and DVD cases.

      ...And then I woke up for real, and was pretty embarrassed. I realized that, indeed, it couldn't be that late in the morning already. If it had actually been time to get up, I would have heard the alarm on my cell phone go off, and I hadn't heard it yet.

      Side notes:

      This was my first false awakening in my new room, at my new house. It was totally convincing, especially given the fact that I really am usually a few minutes late for a lot of things. The way I totally failed to catch it, even though my phone from my desk at work was in my room at home and the numbers on my cell phone were changing, just goes to show how strong our tendency to rationalize things is. However, on a more positive note, I had this highly convincing false awakening in my new room only two weeks after I had moved into it. I think this bodes well for my mental and emotional state. It may well mean that my unconscious mind has accepted the new room as the place where I'm supposed to be when I wake up, which is great.
    14. What's under the wig?

      by , 05-30-2011 at 03:46 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: May 30, 2011 Ė 8:30AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: ∑ NON-DREAMNOTESDREAMLUCID

      I am driving into a shopping center parking lot to meet up with several friends. It is a large strip mall with a grocery store on the right side and several smaller stores on the left. A few friends are already parked in front of the grocery store and are standing around talking behind their cars. I drive through the parking lot and select a front row parking space a couple of rows away from the grocery store.

      As I am preparing to back into a parking spot, this old guy in a Buick jumps into my parking spot. I stop and yell at the guy for stealing my spot. He just looks at me with a puzzled look and continues to back into my spot. I put my truck back into ďdriveĒ and floor the accelerator to do a power slide, turning around to face the guy. I use psychokinesis to push the car out of the way, then I pull into the parking spot. After parking, I decide that I don't like this spot anymore, so I back out and drive over by the grocery store where my friends are at.

      I park in the end row near where my friends are parked at. We bullshit for a little while then start walking toward the store. As we near the store, I see a guy wearing a giant fro-wig. He looks a lot like this guy Moritz who does an awesome synth jam-out session on YouTube (LINK). As I'm watching, he takes the wig off and reveals medium-length blonde-streaked hair underneath. I think to myself, ďYay! The mystery of what's under the wig is now solved.Ē

      We all walk into the store and I retrieve a shopping cart. I walk through the second set of automatic doors and wake up.

      While making this DJ entry, I realized that I completed the basic task of the month a second time in the same month. Now, if only I could get the advanced task.