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    1. Reluctant Sorcerer

      by , 06-13-2020 at 12:54 PM
      Morning of June 13, 2020. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,535-03. Reading time: 2 min 56 sec.

      Although parts of this dream have influences from coronavirus associations as read in the media in waking life, there is, as usual, no dream self recall or concern about the pandemic, only three compartmentalized threads unlinked in my dreaming experience. The first is a reference to someone having a sore throat, the second relating to the claim I read in an article that bugs in a dream are “symbolic” of COVID-19 (and yet people have always dreamt of bugs long before this), and the third relating to stores being abandoned and boarded up (associated with media reports about rioting and looting as well as COVID-19).

      My dream self is a sorcerer in this imaginary scenario. My waking-life identity is absent even though I am in what is possibly a variation of the Hinkler Centre shopping mall though it also has the vague, ambiguous essence of my middle school and a shopping mall in La Crosse. An unfamiliar man and woman approach me. The man claims he got a sore throat from me. I tell him, “I never had a sore throat in my life.” (My dream self has no recall of ever having one, anyway.) I had supposedly been in service to them as a sorcerer, though I am unsure as to what he had wanted from me. He reminds me by giving me a card (about one and a half times bigger than a business card) that supposedly has their requests on it, though I do not read it.

      Even so, I am annoyed. I do not want to deal with these people, so I summon scarab beetles in their direction, though only a few crawl towards them. (This event is similar to one in a dream from April 14, 2020, though that was with comedic, sarcastic intent with ants.) I decide to leave the scene, now recalling I should be wearing different clothes (instinctual awareness of being undressed as I sleep).

      I walk out to the parking lot (liminality management) and notice most of the windows of the shopping mall are boarded up (another type of dream state liminality management, though with a more defined division between dream space and wakefulness). I want to get something from a store. I eventually find one store at the other end up the shopping mall that is not boarded up and is open. It is a grocery store with many shoppers. After I go in, I look around and realize I am not here to buy anything but to retrieve my clothes. (It makes no sense other than as specific co-occurrence with preparing to wake by being near a checkout with the association of getting dressed after getting out of bed. Once dreams are understood for what they are, there is no doubt as to their translation.)

      Instead of waking with this otherwise familiar process, my dream becomes exponentially more vivid. The vestibular-cerebral handshake kicks in to an extreme degree, and I find that I seem to be a young boy scout (and dressed the part, including with khaki shorts) even though I also have the recall I had been a sorcerer in the previous transition. Three men tower over me like giants, though I do not feel threatened or insecure. They are going on a fishing trip and are waiting for the man I wanted to avoid in the first dream segment. He eventually arrives and is huge. However, I summon a fireball and disintegrate him. The other “giants” do not seem to care and behave as if they are glad to be rid of him.

      Even so, I decide to instinctually initiate the next process. I turn and walk through the wall of a nearby building into a dark bedroom. However, one of the men from the previous scenario walks in, though he is now normal size, as I am. He is thankful for me getting rid of the other man but patronizes me by giving me a card addressing what he wants from me by way of sorcery. Soon, another man comes in and also gives me a card with his requests.

      I am then on the porch of my present home (liminality management) and wonder if I should wait for the third man to approach me in case he also has a card. Even so, I begin to feel that my dream is too ridiculous to continue, so I wake myself.

    2. Green Lantern at the Mall

      by , 11-18-2019 at 11:54 AM
      Early Evening of November 18, 2019. Monday.

      Dream #: 19,327-09. Reading time (optimized): 30 sec.

      In my lucid dream, my dream self is in a shopping mall in the main area, probably Hinkler Central. Green Lantern approaches and hands me a rough sketch of an Angry Bird. When I look at it, I wake with an intense but brief hypnopompic abdominal spasm.

      Despite my imaginary experience starting with lucidity, my instinctual modulation of vestibular system correlation (as a result of the lack of discernment of my physical body while in the dream state) resulted in transferring falling start anticipation and its dynamics, typically lighter and whole body, into jolting where instinctual modulation originates from, around my belly button. My dream’s content is otherwise incidental to the processes other than most often having flight associations despite this trigger being a static image.

    3. From the Year 7230

      by , 07-25-2019 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of July 25, 2019. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,211-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      I am in an unknown location watching a video of Ray Romano cheerfully shopping in public. He keeps making puns. He picks up a can of peas, places it near his left ear, and talks about “finding peace.” He picks up a pear and talks about “finding a pair, yet there is only one.” He picks up a comb, talking about his “parting.” He picks up a can of beans, mentioning something about not “spilling the beans.” He picks up a packet of tea bags, saying, “I found the T before you (U).” There are more puns I do not recall.

      Eventually, I am at the location with an unknown female who remains on my right. I try to recall what he said, writing it down on a sheet of paper. When I try to read what I wrote, some is gibberish, some scribbled out, some clear. I had gone back to the beginning of the event, except now it is “real” and not a recording.

      I meet Ray before he starts making his puns. I realize that I have altered the timeline by being present while he is shopping, as my presence redirects his attention. Still, I talk about the puns he will be making. I tell him about one he made about a diaper (and where it was in the store), but I cannot recall what he said. I explain to him that I am from the future. He repeats the pun about “finding peace” but not much else.

      Ray leaves. An unknown male is now present on my right, and I tell him I am from the year 7230. He doubts me. I lead him out to the parking lot to show him my evidence, and it seems to be the afternoon. On my left wrist is a watch with a dome atop it. Under the wristband, held by it, is a long scrap of thin cardboard with writing.

      The small dome contains images that I project as a life size monochrome hologram into the parking lot. We walk to it. There is a statue of a female angel or goddess (with wings) on a high structure. It is Nike. There is a holographic image of a 2018 Lamborghini.

      The male seems amazed as we approach the holographic dome. Soon, it becomes “real.” The car, now mostly blue, moves out on its own (with no driver). Everything now has color. There is also what looks like a Cessna cockpit. A dark-haired girl (about ten), who sits in the right seat, turns her head toward us to happily talk about the equipment and life in the future. (An unfamiliar woman on her left does not move or speak.)

      We walk through the mall. The male asks me about how people think in the future. I tell him people have minds that contain much knowledge in a “holographic matrix” that surrounds their brain (and location). He asks me about crime. I tell him that they eliminate criminals when found, without trial. I wake.

    4. The Arrival of Chub

      by , 05-23-2017 at 11:23 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2017. Tuesday.

      In the first scene, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna at the front of a large shopping mall. It seems to be at night. There are only a few cars in the large parking lot. She is seated and I am standing closer to the parking lot. About five unknown people are also in the area.

      Our new baby is walking around. He seems about two years of age even though he has been born just recently. I do not question his appearance. Apparently, his name is Chub. I tell a few strangers about our new child. I walk closer to Zsuzsanna. A bright light, seemingly the headlights of a car, shine on Chub, though for a moment, I consider if it is some sort of latent divinity in him that causes the light. I want to see his eyes to check, but he does not turn around.

      Zsuzsanna and I start to walk home with Chub. Some of our other children are also with us. Three unfamiliar people decide to walk with us as well. An unknown young female is walking a few feet behind me. I tell her that her viewpoint is that of thousands of people around the world simultaneously seeing my dream from her position (even though, oddly, I am not lucid or actively aware that I am dreaming in any way, thus how does this dream self viewpoint even exist?). Soon, I start to rise in the air to her right, above the parking lot (common liminal space setting often in the last stage of the waking transition), maintaining a vertical position, half-flying, half-walking in the air about ten feet up. She remains on the sidewalk looking up at me.

      Later, Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in an unknown room with several other people (though I soon stand up to speak). I start to realize that Chub’s existence seems highly unlikely, yet I do not become lucid at any point. I start to tell others that this scene is not possible (yet my dream self has no memory of what a dream is at all). I explain that Zsuzsanna having a C-section would mean that Chub is only five months old and yet he seems like a two-year-old. I see a dark scar on Zsuzsanna’s abdomen, more on the left side. Even though I continue to explain how certain things cannot be real, I never grasp that I am dreaming or have any association with what a dream even is (even though earlier, I seemed to know what a dream was).

      There are a number of dream states that I have experienced continuously throughout my life which I have never known of a single other person even mentioning once. People write about “non-lucid” and “lucid” (as well as partly lucid in some cases), yet I never see details of the various hybrids of dream self identity that I have often experienced.

      For the record, here are just a few dream states that I have identified, only a few that I can seem to typify feasibly:

      Instinctual dreaming (non-lucid dream cnotrol): This is a state where I, as my dream self (and usually inclusive of at least some of my conscious self identity), know that I am creating everything, changing settings, putting words into people’s mouths, bringing about events with pretense (such as saying “I have identification” to get into a restricted area, and it just appears), yet have absolutely no memory of what a dream is and no idea I am dreaming. (As such, I seem to be a combination of my personified subconscious and inactive threads of conscious self identity that would otherwise be lucidity triggers in other dreams.)

      There is also a state where I “know I am dreaming” yet I am not my conscious self identity at all. For example, I may be a teenage female who “knows she is dreaming” yet, “knows” from her perspective, not my conscious self identity.

      A type of false lucidity appears in the first part of this dream. I talk about dreams and even explain dream events in real time, yet have no viable focus on the fact I am dreaming at the time (though the fact I am talking about dreams at least indicates I have some idea of what a dream is, unlike certain other states).

      There is another type of state at the end of this dream, where I “narrate” my dream to other dream characters, explaining how a scenario is not possible, that what I am seeing or experiencing is not real, yet have no memory of what a dream is (or any idea that I am dreaming at the time).

      Of course, scripted dreams (both types, real time, and previously programmed) are primarily lucid states. (Waking symbolism must be correctly utilized or nausea sometimes results from the waking mechanism, or sometimes occurs when there is a gap in the script.) Dreams can be scripted visually, based on situation, or have base affirmations (such as “I am the continuity of maximum well-being”). Although scripted shared dreaming can be utilized, that is not really genuine shared dreaming where each person is actually present to some degree in the same dreaming space with each individual’s intent (whereas, with scripted shared dreaming, there can be ways to validate if real shared dreaming is occurring - for example, have one of the dreamers do something random or think of a precise image that is not in the script and see if it occurs in both dreamer’s dreams, but such methods might cause a gap and a possible jolting into premature waking, also sometimes inclusive of circadian rhythms based on the dynamics of the sleep cycle in proportion to healthiness.)

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    5. Airships in the Cloud House

      by , 09-12-2016 at 06:44 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Lately I've been changing up my sleeping routine and just not setting my alarm. It seems to be helping with recall...so far.
      I was in a little house that rested on top of the clouds. The house wasn't any that I recognized, but the sight outside was beautiful. Strangely, our house was the only one like this; no others were in sight, just an endless sea of clouds.
      In the house with me were my dad and my aunt. We were all gearing up to ride on some airships to this festival that would be taking place down on the surface, beneath the clouds. While we were preparing, multiple people I knew IRL also came to visit, popping up through the clouds on their own airships. The airships themselves looked like motorcycles without wheels. One guy who I didn't recognize popped up and laughed loudly, cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting towards us, "ARE YOU GUYS READY YET??"
      Eventually my grandpa appeared on his own airship, parking it on the house's balcony and coming in to chat with the lot of us.
      Unfortunately, if we did go to that festival, I certainly don't remember it.
      The next dream recalled was much smaller, and I think I had it after going back to sleep when I woke up to write the previous one.
      Me and my friend AJ were in this strange place that looked like a combination between my high school and a shopping mall. /for some reason, quite a few of my dreams feature warped or weird versions of shopping centers or my high school. I don't recall much from this dream, just that AJ was trying to lead me to some place, but I ignored him, as I had a bad feeling about it. Instead, I went upstairs to check the lockers, for some reason expecting to find something in them that was apparently very important.
    6. 16-07-29 ISIS Terrorists

      by , 07-29-2016 at 02:21 PM
      I was in a sort of shopping mall. The section I was in was a narrow-ish corridor, possibly with shops on both sides. I felt it was a dangerous area as it was full of Muslims. No native people anywhere. Luckily, most of them were neutral and did not attempt to harm me. I tried to walk out of there as quickly as possible, until I noticed two (or three) Muslim men walking in front of me. They wore a white T-shirt with ISIS-propaganda. I realized they had to either belong to the terrorist group, or at least sympathize with them. I stayed behind them and kept a low profile, scared that they would notice me. Entering a larger area, I saw a desk with a mall security officer/cop. I went to her and wanted to explain what I had seen. She looked at me, terrified, and backed away. She said my name, recognized me, and said I was never allowed to come back here. She acted like I was wanted and had been arrested before, or something. I for one did not remember such an incident. Either way, the real terrorists were walking away, while the useless cop was cowering in fear of ME! Frustrating! In a later memory, I think I assaulted the terrorists myself and somehow set them on fire (fire-breathing, perhaps).

      An earlier memory was of a city, possibly a GTA city - I think it was supposed to be Carcer City. There was one region that was entirely unexplored (no missions there), so I wanted to go there.
    7. Legacy

      by , 05-29-2015 at 02:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With my school class we drove on a school trip. On the way we stopped in a shopping mall. Everyone ran around looking for something to do, I just walked around and looked for something interesting. Suddenly in the antique store I saw a kitchen cupboard.

      It was made of dark, oaken wood and ornamented with brass, silver and gold elements. There was something wrong about that cupboard. I came closer and started to search through it. Inside I found pans, pots and other various kitchen equipment.

      Then in one of the shelves I found some old documents, and old money. Suddenly I realised that it belonged to my grandma, and it was my legacy.
    8. [16-05-2015]

      by , 05-16-2015 at 07:35 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Argue with father

      I was in the kitchen. There was my father and mother inside. I was holding a shovel, and my father was holding a much bigger shovel. We were arguing, it almost got to a fight. I went outside and met some classmates. They gave me a note about someones birthday and I signed it.

      In the shopping mall

      With family we drove to a big city. After finding a suitable place to park in, we went inside a shopping mall. I searched through the stuff available, but I found nothing. Short while later classmates appeared, and I felt a angry at them. I went out of the shopping mall, and saw a weird guy going in the middle of the street, jumping between cars.
    9. [29-04-2015]

      by , 04-29-2015 at 09:09 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Stolen wallet

      I was on a school trip to a huge metropoly. On the spot, I saw that it was only one shopping mall surrounded by wilderness. I could see huge mosquitos flying all around, and there were other animals too. With group of classmates from previous school, we went out of a bus, and headed for the shopping mall.

      I went there with my friend. We took some baggages, as this was a trip for a week. We entered the shopping mall, which was relatively small place. We walked the stairway, it was really crowded. Suddenly I felt that something is not right. I put my hand into the pocket and saw that I have no wallet.

      I told my friend about it, but he told me that I surely have it somewhere in the baggages. We went to the meeting spot. We waited for someone to tell us what to do next. I looked at the classmates, they were watching us and laughing for no reason.

      I went outside, and saw my wallet lying in a little valley. I took it, and checked if something was taken from it. There was a picture of an ugly woman inside, and all the documents too. I checked if I still have my money, and someone took it. Suddenly two of the classmates appeared, and told me who did it. Angered I went on a rampage against the thief.


      It was during some kind of a holiday. Everyone was celebrating. I went to the kitchen and saw some pies and bottle of wine standing on a table. There were also some fruits. I took a melon with a hexagonal shape, and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and ate it while friend of my brother was preparing to go. He looked a bit different, and was wearing black suit.
    10. lucid #26

      by , 02-12-2015 at 02:48 PM
      I woke up a 4, struggled with recall, got nothing. I got up for about 5 minutes, did some state tests and set my intent to recognize my next dream. I went back to bed and practiced MILD. I tossed and turned for what seemed like a very long time. I checked my phone and the time was 4:58. I realized I still had an hour to sleep so I rolled over and tried to get to sleep. Almost immediately i felt the "sleep onset body buzz" and started to see some mild HI, mostly lights and simple patterns. The dream follows:

      i am at a run down strip mall. most of the storefronts are abandoned and on my left. there is an ice cream shop at the far end of the stores. i am on my bike riding slowly. i see a woman who i think i know (middle school girlfriend all grown up?) drive by as a passenger in a silver sedan. i keep riding and ahead i notice the silver car drive off, the woman is not in it. the driver is an overweight man with round glasses, wearing a faded red tshirt. i ride past the ice cream shop and see the woman seated at a little round cement table at the end of the row of stores. i ride past her and make a little left turn , headed up a concrete switchback ramp. The ramp looks like it would lead up to a second level of the strip mall. I see the first turn in the switchback and know that i am dreaming. "im dreaming, im dreaming." i say i decide to ride into the wall, everything gets bright and clear, very defined, i wake up.

      I rolled over and checked my phone, it was now 5:05. The interval between falling asleep and recognizing the dream was probably about 3 minutes! Unfortunately the dream was very short.

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    11. 7-22-14 pea soup duck warrior cannibals!!!!!

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:59 PM
      I dreamed about the largest shopping mall of all time. It was terrifyingly large. It was so huge it had to be built underground.

      There were these three "people". I say people because that's the only way I can describe them. They were more like weird human-animal things. Anyway, these three people broke into the mall one night. There was no one there. It was creepy and huge and fancy. They split up because they wanted to see different things.

      My dream mostly followed the female character. She was either part duck or part chicken. She wandered about aimlessly till she got to the end of a hallway. At the end there were several elevators and a door. She tried the door first. Inside it, there was a huge room, with the floor covered in expensive white marble tiles. But just as she was about to step out onto the floor, it disappeared, revealing a huge chasm that dropped down for miles. She gasped, ran away and closed the door behind her.

      Then back in the corridor, she tried the elevators. But they kept doing weird things. Like the doors would only open part of the way. Finally she gave up, but thought she'd look into the huge chasm room once more. The floor was still gone, but she felt a strange urge to walk over the edge into the depths. She tentatively put a foot out, and her foot stepped on something solid. The floor was invisible! She could walk! She giddily ran out into the middle of them room, when suddenly an army of pea-green duck warriors came out of an invisible hole in the floor and hauled her under.

      They chopped her and sliced her and sent her remains down a brass chute. The remains came out where her two companions were, and they promptly made the remains into crab cakes shaped with cookie cutters and dipped them in pea soup and ate her.

      Then there were ghost hunters. One of them was explaining to me the functions of different flashlights they carried. He showed me a black light and turned it on. Suddenly, wherever they were, his companions turned towards the light and came to it. He explained that humans have an irresistible attraction to black lights, and they will come to it against all odds.

      Then my grandfather was trying to cut down the largest tree in the world. It was like several miles high.
    12. 5/6/2014

      by , 05-08-2014 at 02:20 AM

      I was with people I knew and we were all planning an event where we would spend a few nights at a hotel. I was shopping around a mall that was pretty crazy because of the amount of people. I remember talking to some hair stylist.

      I was at a big supermarket and was shopping around, pushing a shopping cart. I went through a group consisting of a mom and a few kids and she got real mad when I just cut in between them. I kept walking and talked to a group of friends. We decided to go work out and went to a pool. We looked for a place to start working out where there wasn't water and picked between the edge of the pool and on one of those stands where swimming races start. I did a few pushups and then a girl did them too. A woman showed up saying her husband was at the beach and that we were gonna go there. I told her I haven't swam in ocean water in a long time so it might be hard for me. Someone told me that my alarm was going off and that made me wake up immediately.

      When I woke up, my alarm had just barely gotten started and I was actually hearing no noise coming from my phone. The person who told me the alarm was going off seemed to be a man. I thought it might of been my girlfriend but she said she didn't tell me it was going off. I believe I would of become lucid if the dream kept going, since the dream started becoming more vivid and I could remember things from the waking world.
    13. Stopping a Time Traveling Killer and Harry Potter in the Heroes World

      by , 10-28-2013 at 02:41 AM
      10-27-2013 -- Not quite sure where I am, as the earliest part of the dream is fuzzy. Might be at the house on Hickory, might be at the Buena Park Mall. Running around, chasing and being chased in the earliest bits. Eventually come across a halfway cute, but young lady (15-16 I'd guess) who seems to be trying to get together with Larry, a roommate I had at the Amidon house. They are in love, and determined to stay so, but her father (who looks like the evil Mexican bandit from the original A-Team pilot (which I watched on Netflix the other day)) seems to intensely dislike the guy, and just glares at him for several seconds, then Larry just disappears into thin air.

      The bandit starts bragging about rewriting time back in 1964, to cause Larry to never have even been born, and the girl is devastated. I can't believe this heartless jerk thinks he has the right to wipe out somebody's very existance just because he doesn't like him. That's just not kosher! "Well, at least you mentioned when you wiped him from existance, so I know when to go to, after I kill you, so I can fix things," I say to him, and I reach for him to kill him with a touch, but he disappears. I hear a slight pop behind me, and start to turn, just to see the bandit reaching for me, and I disappear.

      We have a weird sort of chase around the mall, appearing here, disappearing there, each of us trying to catch the other, but as time goes on, we start to realize that even when we don't actually see the other person, we find ourselves disappearing if they get close enough to touch us. It seems we are not able to use our powers against each other directly. Finally, I give up, and just end up strolling through the mall, though I am still keeping an eye out for the bandit, because he will probably try to kill me in another way.

      By this point the mall has changed from the Buena Park Mall to a strange dream mall I have frequently dreamed of. It has a layout very similar to the Westminster Mall, with it's three 'wings' and three anchor stores, but I always seem to refer to it as the South Coast Plaza, and it's physical location is more like the South Coast Plaza, as well. I am walking to the western end of the mall, which is where I most often seem to enter and exit this mall (odd, since the bus stops are over on the south eastern corner.) I find myself walking through the mall talking with Steve Robinson from PCUMC, while we kind of half watch Bing Crosby, who is dancing through the mall singing to people for some reason. We wander into a clothing store deep in conversation, and don't even notice Bing singing to us until he turns around and starts back out of the store. I turn to Steve and say "Was that ...?" "Yes, it was," he replies. And we call out a belated thank you to him. I decide I have had enough, and walk out the anchor store, planning to catch a bus and go home.

      It's late at night, and I walk out of the mall and am heading toward what is sometimes the Sears auto center, but in this dream, there is a big pizza parlor there, lots of customers, bright lights, and a big lit up sign with a slice of pepperoni pizza on it. As I start walking, I remember my popping around, trying to avoid the bandit guy, and I think if I am able to do that, I ought to be able to teleport, so try to concentrate on teleporting myself home to Buena Park, but it doesn't work. Darn! (That's OK, I end up having a better time where I do end up in the dream.)

      I walk south to the street, near the southwest corner of the property, then start walking toward the southeast corner, where the bus stop is, but as I am passing a driveway a big rig is pulling out, and half runs into me. It is trying to make a left turn, but is making it too tight, and is almost hitting a smaller truck (along the lines of an armoured car) that is trying to turn in to the same driveway, and I am just kind of riding on the front of the truck until it is past the armoured car and I can safely jump off. Then I continue along. There are a couple of guys that are hassling a lady walking toward the bus station, but they see me coming and run off. Unfortunately, she decides she is afraid of me, as well, and is running in terror, even when I call out I am not after her and don't have any desire to hurt her. She doesn't believe me, and there is nothing I can really do but ignore her.

      I walk up to the bus shelter, and as I enter, I see three women standing there, one of them a slightly older, slim, attractive blonde. She looks at me with a desperate longing in her eyes and asks "Can you see me?" but as soon as she asks it, she disappears. I think back to my teleporting, and the bandit traveling through time, and assume random people are developing weird powers, kind of like on Heroes. I figure this woman is turning invisible, and doesn't seem to have any control over it. But she seemed so very afraid, so I just start talking to the air, hoping she can here me. "I'm guessing that usually nobody can see you. The funny thing is, I could, until you spoke, then I no longer was able to." The woman starts laughing almost hysterically, and the others are laughing as well. It seems I have been pranked! Too bad my teleporting is not working!

      Instead I get on a bus. Things are kind of hazy for a brief moment, then I am getting off the bus again, and as I exit I look around, and I have only traveled a block from the bus stop. I didn't actually know where I was going, but it seems I am here. I am at a large apartment complex (or perhaps fancy housing estate) kitty corner from the mall, and while I have never been here before, and don't know any of the details, I know somebody has a room for me to stay at here, and I am kind of drawn to it. The area has a sort of castle-like motif to it, and I walk right into a large mansion that seems to be owned by a nice, mild fellow who looks kind of like Pat Boone, that clean cut sort of look.

      We walk down a hall, and he is asking himself "Now where should we put you?" He starts to open one door and I catch a glance of a bunch of cool balloon sculptures in Qualatex's neon assortment, and some aliens made from lime green balloons, and I find myself remembering my last year at Hogwarts, and how I taught Hermione to twist figures much like that. I miss Hermione! Wouldn't it be a hoot if ... but no, I'm not that lucky. He walks me down a couple more hallways, and opens a door to a large room with a set of bunk beds in it, and a third bed off to the side. There are three guys here playing loud music. They ask me what's up, and I explain part of the dream to them (from about the point of Bing Crosby to the bus trip) and they explain that they only have one more song to reherse, then they'll shut down for the night, and I can get some sleep on the non-bunk bed. Somebody also says something about the new girl with the bushy brown hair. "Is she going to Harvard by any chance?" I ask, and a voice that sounds very familiar comes from the doorway "Well, actually, yes." I can't see her from where I am at, but I jump to my feet and turn to the door to find I'm looking at Hermione!

      She calls my name (though I cannot tell if it is MY name or Harry!) and launches herself at me, crushing me in one of her patented Hermy-hugs. I just wrap my arms around her and hug her just as tight. I didn't quite realize just how much I missed her until I found her back in my arms. I find myself just standing there hugging and kissing her for about five minutes, while the guys playing music get more and more uncomfortable. Then we finally part, and she starts to lead me out of the room and over to hers. (Those were her balloons.) Guess I am going to be staying in that room after all. Hope nobody minds. Wherever we are, whatever this place is, there are a bunch of people staying here, and there are lines three or four people deep waiting to get into either of the restrooms. Hermione needs the restroom, so I just lean against a wall to wait.

      I find myself looking out a large picture window, a huge sheet of glass, overlooking what seems to be a bit of a swamp. I see a swamp boat sitting in the corner with almost a sort of step ladder on it, and on top of the step ladder, Jed Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies) looking much like Granny in her rocking chair on top of the packed truck. I hear this evil cackling, and look up to see a stereotypical witch that looks like she could be straight out of the Wizard of Oz on a collision course with the air boat. So I wave my hand and teleport Jed and the boat somewhere safe, and missing him, the witch crashes into the swamp. Seems I have ticked her off, and in a flaming rage, she throws a large fire ball at me, but I wave my hand again, and cause a portal directly into hell to appear, and it sucks her fire ball and herself into it, and disappears with a pop.

      I find myself really hoping Hermione gets finished with the bathroom quickly, because I'd really like the help of her mind to figure out just what is going on here!
    14. Looking for a Pair of Wrangler Jeans

      by , 03-24-2013 at 07:07 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: March 17, 2013 – 3:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I'm walking around in a large shopping mall with my brother looking for a specific pair of Wrangler jeans. We check out a couple of stores through their front window, then walk toward a Sears. I say, “Let's go in here.” As we walk through the mall corridor, I see that there is no 'grand entrance' into Sears, but only a single small door. I open the door and we both appear in the middle of the store like we just teleported or something.

      I walk toward a display rack full of jeans and see that there are no Wrangler jeans on it. I walk over toward a corner of the store where I somehow remember there being a shelf of jeans, but there is nothing there but some seasonal items on the shelves. I walk to another area and find some more jeans, but they're not what we're looking for.
    15. A Huge Shopping Mall / Thailand Food Market / Smelly Shoes

      by , 01-07-2013 at 06:32 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: January 7, 2013 – 7:15AM (USA Eastern)

      I am walking around with a friend in a huge shopping mall with multiple floors and wings. He stops in at a store with a delicatessen next to it. I tell him that I'm going to find something more substantial to eat and I'll meet him back here in a while.

      I walk around for a while and check out some of the food stands. They all seem to have nothing but chicken for sale. I don't eat chicken, so I keep walking past them all. I walk down one of the wings and stay to the left on all turns so it's easier to find my way back to the store my friend is at. I walk for a while and find this store called Thailand Food Market. I stop in and check out all the food, but don't see anything interesting. There is a reefer cabinet full of all kinds of strangely shaped vegetables. I can't seem to find any meat, so I decide to leave.

      I walk further and end up near the end of the wing. All of the stores here are vacant and have 'For Lease' signs in the windows. I pass a small restaurant and there is a table in the front window which has utensils and wine glasses at all the seats and a candle burning in the center of the table. There is a 'For Lease' sign on the door. I stare in the window for a while, hoping that someone is inside and will invite me in for some food. There is nobody inside and all of the lights are off.

      I walk along a bit further and arrive at a store with all kinds of random junk all over the place. It looks like a flea market of some sort. I walk around through a section of antiques, then into a section with piles of old electronics. There is another area which has shelves full of old smelly shoes. * End of recall ability *

      (Note: My brain was emptying itself as fast as I could talk into my recorder. I have zero recall of this dream now, 14 hours after awakening. The best thing I ever did was put a digital voice recorder beside my bed. I can speak much faster than I can write and I don't need to open my eyes to push the record button. This has helped me DJ more dreams recently that I ever could have before with only a notepad and a pen. Sometimes, I get recordings that are only 2 or 3 slurred words, then just snoring for 2 hours. Though this is kind of a fragment, I'm not categorizing it as such since I was able to write a few paragraphs...)
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