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    1. Night 2 of SpellBee's Competition

      by , 04-16-2017 at 08:39 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      -Small red spaceship orbits some planet. I watch it as a DO. Nothing happens, no sound or signs of life.

      -Sex fantasy. I'll leave the details out.

      Dream 1 - Zooming and Shooting
      I'm in a game of Overwatch. I first play as Ana and switch to Tracer when an enemy Tracer kills me. I zoom around the map really fast and kill the other Tracer several times. We win the match. The dream shifts to another kind of shooter. The setting is now a dark WW2 battlefield. I have a sniper rifle and spot some enemies. I drop to the ground and take aim. Aiming is difficult. I miss three times. I start to suspect something at this point. I keep observing the target. He appears to be a doctor. In which case I shouldn't be shooting him. That's a war crime I forget that it's a war game and the doctor starts selling some meds to me.

      WBTB, 5:45 - 7

      Dream 2 - Showers
      I suddenly find myself in a public sauna. I'm a little confused. I get out and see a large room with showers. Naked men and women walk by. There's only men in the showers and all of them are gay couples giving each other a BJ. Yeah, this place is definitely not for me. I don't want someone surprising me from behind, so I quietly navigate my way out of there.

      I find some sort of changing room and meet two waking life friends. One of them asks my help with something, but I said I was looking private shower before I was leaving. My friend had a sleeping bag in the dressing room. He was apparently spending the night here.

      -Weird microwave oven. The bottom of it split in two and since the oven was raised up with some bricks, the bottom had split accidentally while my mom was heating something and the food was all over the table.

      Dream 3 - Simpsons and stealing
      In my apartment. There's a tv on my nightstand. I watch Simpsons. The scene suddenly changes. I'm stealing some candy from the backroom of some store. A large lady sees me and stops me. I go back in time. This time I buy the item and go get it from the backroom myself. I wait around for the fat lady to notice so I can have the satisfaction of her wrongly accusing me of stealing and then correcting her. By the end of the dream I'm unsure what I got. It was either candy or meds.

      Another WBTB. 7:20 - 8:27

      Dream 4 - Car ride Really inspired title, lol.

      I'm in a car with two friends, mom and my brother. Brother is driving. We are in my hometown. I start telling them about the weird dreams I had this night. As I list things that happened, my brother starts talking over me and listing things that happened in my dreams. He actually lists what happened. It felt like my dreams are predictable and my brother was making fun of me. I was mad and just sat silently until I woke up.
    2. Laura the Monster Slayer?

      by , 02-16-2014 at 08:08 PM
      It's a little unclear, especially the beginning, I'll try to see what all I can remember...I was at my place of work (Alamo Drafthouse Cinema), I guess in the main hallway because there were lots of lockers. Some of my co-workers were vampires. I wasn't really afraid, I didn't see them as a major threat, they weren't trying to attack me. I'm not sure if I realized it at this point in the dream, but later on I was aware that I was a vampire slayer. However, in the beginning, I felt like I was friends with them or maybe even a vampire also. But apparently one of them (Andy?) had been bitten by a werewolf and was turning into a weird hybrid. That I was afraid of.
      Somewhere along the way, the dream scenery changed briefly. One of my co-worker's mother's was throwing away... a model window? It was like a miniature version of the big window in my bedroom, even had the colorful cloth with the Ajna symbol above it like I do IWL (in waking life). I couldn't believe they were throwing it away, I wanted to keep it for some reason. Then I realize there was a smaller one stacked inside of the bigger one. Felt like I couldn't take them both? So I decided to leave the smaller one and take the bigger one. It felt sturdy, like it was made of metal.
      Back to the work scenery. My were-coworker had bitten someone else before I could stop him! I felt like the werewolves were more dangerous - faster, stronger, more primal - than the vampires, and the were-vamp hybrids were even more-so. Very quickly more and more people were being turned. They wanted to turn me, like it was their mission. I became lucid at some point around here, and was trying to take complete control to fight them. I couldn't make the things I wanted to materialize come about. I wanted a flame thrower, I figured it was the fastest most effective way to fight them off, so I started pretending like I had one in my hands trying to set them on fire but it wasn't working. I did have a steak from the first part of the dream and was fighting them with that, but it was difficult, there were so many of them. I decided since I couldn't make a better weapon just appear out of thin air, I would find one. Began trying to open the lockers to get better weapon. I thought for sure that would work, but locker after locker I just kept finding shoes. =| Really cute shoes I wanted haha. Most of them were browns and blacks, with heels. Finally I called out loud something like "Why do I keep finding shoes?" to see if my subconscious would tell me what they symbolized/why I kept getting them instead of a weapon. I got an answer, just a voice going through the hallway (which I think now more resembled a school hallway) but I couldn't hear the answer clearly (I've had that same issue before in past lucid experiences when trying to ask my subconscious questions). I tried asking for the message again more clearly, but it didn't come. I felt like the answer I didn't hear well was a bullshit answer, something like "Because it's just what you do"? Whatever. Thanks for nothing, subconscious. Still fighting off were-vamps and checking lockers when I'm able, I finally come across a straight razor, like for shaving. Also, since I became lucid I tried doing some really bad-ass fighting moves, like back flips and other gymnastics type stuff. It didn't feel like I had total good control so I was sort of able to, but it felt slow and sloppy. I tried slitting someone's throat with the razor, it didn't work out that well. It was like it just made a little cut. Hmph. I ended up in a "locker room" in a part with a bunch of showers. There were a few girls showering in there. I felt like all of my co-workers had been turned but for some reason I wasn't worried about all of them attacking me, just most of them. I think I was trying to hide in one of the showers? But they didn't have curtains and weren't really good for hiding so.. yeah, they definitely found me. Around this point, I was frustrated with trying to fight them all off and it not really working and I finally realized maybe that wasn't the point. I remembered something I had read before about dreams where people are being chased, confronting what's chasing them. I decided maybe I had to just let them get me to understand the meaning of the dream, and I wasn't afraid since I knew it was a dream. I was ready to surrender. So I told them "Ok, I'll let you guys change me if it's done by Garret and David" (two guys at work I think could be different sort of people from everyone else, and I'd be most likely to be interested in if I weren't already attached to someone). I think they went to get the guys. Very fuzzy here, I may have changed my mind and said Andy can just do it to get it over with already. Then I guess I woke up before it happened.
    3. 7-4-2013 The hidden skulls

      by , 07-04-2013 at 06:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream, Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I'm in a room , my cousins mother is there, it's about 3:00 in the dream, we're talking about something and trying to fall asleep at the same time. I don't remember much else.

      7th construction:
      I'm playing the character of Zero ( from code geass) and i'm checking progress of construction on something called the 7th. As i watch, i see a worker placing a self down somewhere and i ask jeremiah ( another character from the anime) if that self was supposed to be placed there. He then gets mad at me for doubting his ability to build. Next thing i know, i'm inside a room and i throw up two times, something had me sick xD.
      Also while i'm in that room , i remember being in third person and viewing a lake of blood with jeremiah in his spinning mech outside coming to attack me.

      A dream with showers in it. I remember being in my house, i really need to take a shower , but there's lots of strangers in our showers. I decide to go down the hall and use a different bathroom but there's people in that too. Darn!.

      The mysterious skulls:

      In this dream, i remember being on a foreign planet digging up piles of skulls with a team of 3-5 people. We eventually find what we're looking for. It's a skull with magical powers, but it's only one of many different skulls out there that are unique like this, and each skull has a different power. I also remember in this dream, having my car parked in the middle of a road.
    4. 30 Aug: time travel and karma

      by , 08-31-2010 at 05:26 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:20 GMT - Sleep

      Continuation of my day
      I had some dream that was prolongation of my day. I had been with some Buddhist friends, doing some practices and then we had a dinner party. So I dreamt about it with some dream twists on it.

      2:39 GMT

      A very bad after party
      I am at some people’s house along with some others – I guess the dinner party from the dream before continued – and we have to sleep over. Unfortunately I am told I have to sleep in the kitchen floor over some blanket. If that wasn’t bad enough, the floor is inundated and I think to myself they must be crazy. So I leave the kitchen and guess what, I find a room with small beds, maybe of kids. Not the most comfy either, but better than a wet floor, so I lay down there, a bit upset that the house owners didn’t offer me that option. A friend of mine (G.T.) enters the room, also looking for a place to crash and I manage a way for him to also sleep there – I find some extra mattress or something. I think we had no blankets to cover and that we felt cold all night.

      Meeting a friend at some show
      I just have this image that I arrived at a place with long continuous concrete seats in rows and that I sat in a row behind this group of people, which then I realised was my friend R. and her family. I think we were watching some show.

      Waiting for an earthquake
      I was on my way home with my boyfriend and when we were right in front of our apartment building we got some warning that an earthquake was about to shake the ground. I think it was some sort of intuition, because other people were just doing their normal life. I asked him not to go inside, that we should look for an open space, so we went to the middle of some square, far away from the buildings around and we waited.

      Ladies’ showers
      I am at the shower at some public pool or gymnasium. Many ladies and girls are taking shower, dressing, etc, when an old guy comes in looking distracted and tries to cross it to the exit. The ladies react very calmly but fast and put the guy out. They comment they are sick and tired of guys excusing themselves, saying they mistook the men shower for the women’s. There’s just too many “accidents” happening to be fortuitous.

      Really old digital clock
      I am at my deceased grandma’s home, in the living room, waiting for something and watching TV. I get bored and look at the nearby desk. I spot this really old digital clock. Probably one of the firsts, but were there digital clocks already on my grandparents time? I don’t think so! Still, this one really looks old. It has some old label saying 30 EUR (almost illegible), which is even more bizarre, considering that the euro is around only since 1999.

      5:29 GMT

      The red hair boy that travels in time
      I would like to remember more of this one. I can only remember from when the action was already in the middle. There was this young boy, maybe 10 years old, red hair, who was being accused of murder in a past life. There was this kind of karmic court where he was being summoned for trial but he was totally absolutely convinced that he was innocent. So he gathered a team and planned an expedition to the past. He somehow travelled back in time, looking for himself in a past life. He managed to find that he couldn’t have possibly have committed the murder he was accused of. On this village where his past rebirth lived, he was told he had been away on the mountains and didn’t come back and people worried. He then went to the mountain looking for “himself”. He found “himself” frozen in an ice block, under piles of snow – he looked exactly the same as he looked: around 10 years old and red hair. It had happened recently, so he was like dormant but not yet “irreparable”. As in the future there was the technical means to unfreeze and relive the boy, the future-boy took the past-boy with him. He managed to save him and took him to the court, along with all the evidences that this boy was dead at 10 years old if he hadn’t save him, therefore he couldn’t possibly have committed the crime as an adult.
      Some judges agreed but others were not so sure. After all, there he was, alive, right? What would stop him to go back to the past and kill someone? So the proof of innocence was also the murder weapon. Tricky.

      Deported Russian lady
      Also in a court. This time there is a Russian lady, called Tania, being trialled. I am one of her friends watching the trial. She risks deportation. On some other day – the day of the judge decision – I’m not there and two other friends come to tell me the news. They are crying and I also shed some tears. We then decide to go meet this one other friend of us to also tell her.

      Expensive outlet
      I am with some lady friends in this clothes shop. It looks a bit like a gipsy market but all the clothes are damn expensive designer clothes. Still, they are supposed to be on sale. I pick this very tiny skirt in a very thin fabric and I tell my friends: “In the real gipsy market this would cost me less than 5 EUR”. Then I check the price tag and it says 75 EUR. I say out loud that it’s really absurd and some lady by my side says “No, it’s not. It’s not the fabric that counts, what counts is that it is designer’s clothes.” OK, ok, go on with your shopping, I can’t even find anything that actually looks good.
      Then I find this corner where they serve coffee and cookies. I wonder if a cookie costs 100 EUR and decide to just eat this cookie I brought along with me. Then this guy appears out of nowhere and I throw a bunch of cookies on the floor. Luckily these cookies were wrapped up in plastic, so I just picked them up and put them back on the table. Meanwhile I am still chewing my own cookie and this guy starts accusing me of having eaten one of the cookies. I said no, I didn’t. But he kept insisting I had eaten of the cookies and had to pay it. He made it look like a big crime. I had to pull all my tricks, until I found the package of my own cookie to prove its origin. Then he backed off. Then for curiosity I asked how much the cookies cost and he said 50 cents and he laughed at me. He was just mocking me all along.

      Stealing on a hardware store
      I am in a hardware shop and for some reason I am determined in stealing something. I know I don’t need it, that it’s not cleptomania and I also don’t wanna be caught – so maybe a bet I made with someone?
      I look around really looking for something and so far the best I think of is a tube of super-glue. Really? Then I see this supports for pictures on the wall and I remember I actually need some,so I start comparing models. I even call my boyfriend asking for his opinion. In the end I just give up and don’t steal anything at all.

      8:00 GMT – Wake up

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Road trip

      by , 06-26-2010 at 07:43 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Apparently Arizona, India and Japan all border each other. I know this because I decided to go on a road trip. I ended up going to India, but the people/culture was more like South America (except they ate a lot of gumbo and jambalaya).

      I ended up staying on a farm with a family for a while. I'm not precisely sure what I was doing there. We went on a boat made of glass that sunk deep into the ocean. I pressed my hands against the glass and stared at the fish, whales, and weird creatures swimming past.

      I drove to some sort of rest stop. They had a huge room where you could take showers. I figured since I was on a road trip and broke that I should take one. The showers were in stalls, and this maze of them seemed to go on for a very long time. I was trying to find one private enough. I did and then someone jumped into the stall so I left. I recall talking to the woman behind the counter about how messed up it was that since all the Americans were coming there they weren't allowed to put up their national flag or display their art. There were a lot of outlines of murals, half painted hands that they said they wanted to finish but since they were so busy they weren't able to get around to it.

      I contemplated driving to the grand canyon but decided that I didn't want to go south.

      I ended up at a house that a lot of people I knew were there. Robin Williams was sitting on the couch. He was very young and had spider bites (piercings) on his lips. He was wearing a large trench coat. I stealthily followed him outside where he killed a woman and scooped up a bit of her flesh into the front of his trench coat.

      I think that's about it. I'm sure a lot of other stuff happened.