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    1. Dream #57

      by , 10-19-2018 at 05:27 AM
      I am walking with some books, a few girls all in black are passing by, I feel out of place, accidentally I press a button on my keys and the car truck opens just when they are passing my car. I feel embarrassed to make it look intentional I go there and put the books into it... I am driving the car through bazaar through narrow passages asking them to make way.

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      Tags: driving, girls, shy
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Working at the Adventurers Club and Avoiding Supervisors

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:31 PM
      07-03-2017 -- I'm headed to the Adventurers Club for the evening, as I always do, and have a small part to play in the show (kind of like Margaret had one line she always threw in at Preston's, just to give them the start of a joke, if nobody else did), but tonight it seems someone is missing, and Graham decides to use me to solve the problem. He grabs me, pulls me back stage, and starts throwing me into a costume, planning to make me a larger part of the show.

      Meanwhile, I am being forced to swap out some of my regular clothes for the costume parts, and getting ready, and I run into Anne (who is doing Pamelia for the first part of the night), who sees I am helping out, and decides to apologize for the way she's been acting to me the last few years, which kind of blows my mind. Anyway, I'm now dressed in a bit of a pirate costume, and am being dragged through some of the backstage passages and the off-limits cast elevator that I've known from multiple past dreams, while I'm keeping my head down so that the wide-brimmed hat I'm wearing hides my face, in case the Disneyland supervisor who was always trying to cause me trouble happened to be around.

      Anyway, I'm walking along with several of the guys, including Glenn, Jay, Karl, and Joe (as well as Graham). I soon find myself being kind of forced into the Beezel 'mask' and being told to read the prompts that are being projected in front of me, but the mask is blocking my vision almost entirely, so I just can't read it, and I'm stumbling along, which is ruining the show. They pull me out, and ridicule me slightly, but it's still friendly and good-natured, and they just cancel that Treasure Room show.

      I'm trying to get back out of the mask and ready for the Hoopla, but unfortunately it is taking time, and I end up missing it. I'm just reaching the area when the other performers come running backstage. It must be some sort of Halloween show or something, because all the ladies are kind of half-wrapped up in bandages and wet plaster, and Fairies (one of the female performers whose name I don't know, but she used to sing a song about fairies in her garden) is kind of freaking out an urging people to get the stuff off of her. It seems she is kind of claustrophobic or something, and having all this stuff stuck on her is really difficult for her. I'm commenting on not having realized just how much the ladies had to deal with, while wondering what happened to Anne, since Fairies only plays the Pamelia role.

      Soon we're all back in the dressing room, and I'm being told to take off all the costume bits, including the slightly lacy/ruffled undershirt that was comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing it. Meanwhile, it seems the female performers wanted to thank me for helping out today, so they all decided to flash me for just an instant, but somehow I just knew what they were going to do, and at that particular moment it didn't feel right, so I turned around at just the right moment to miss it. Meanwhile, I'm still struggling to get out of my tights. Sheesh!

      Soon we're all in our street clothes, and ready to exit the dressing room, and moving on we're going to have to pass through a gauntlet of fans, and the others have decided to stop and pose for some photos, just so they can pull me into them and make sure I'm credited for my evening's work, seeming to not realize how much I have having my picture taken. Meanwhile, I somehow have a basketball in my shirt, and I am trying to get rid of it. I pose in the back, where I am mostly blocked by the others, and give a little wave at people, and then we're about to move on, heading to the employee exit. The problem is, I glance down at my feet and realize I have no shoes or socks. I must have left them in the dressing room. I tell the others I'll be right back.

      So I make it back to the dressing room, and I manage to quickly find both my shoes and one sock. But the other one is missing. They are the short ankle socks, in the dark grays. I also explain to Andre, the wardrobe guy, why I am back, and that I am not trying to steal any of the costume bits, just get my shoes. Soon I'm heading back out, and trying to catch up with all the others. I hurry through a backstage section that I am not at all familiar with, and eventually catch up with a couple of the ladies in a bit of an obstacle course kind of area, and they are forcing me to swing on a bit of a trapese (half trapese, half zip line) to cross the room. Since it is only about a foot above the floor, it is no big deal, but I land on a trap door which drops me down to the next room, so its still a bit startling.

      In the new room, the third female performer is complaining that the other two forced me into using that method of getting through the room before I was ready, and goes back to give them a piece of her mind. Meanwhile, I continue forward through what almost seems to be a warehouse of magical props, as I am glancing at sponge balls and colorful cups and linking rings and scarves and the rest. Cool dream, overall.
    3. Avoiding The Neighbor (9.6.15)

      by , 06-09-2015 at 03:45 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Avoiding The Neighbor
      I'm walking home from around Daryl's old area, clairmont. I think I get offered a lift from the girl next door, or maybe I just avoid her from seeing me, not sure. As I'm riding home on my bike, it's night time. I see the girl next door driving my way, so I quickly get off my bike and lay down near a fence to try and avoid her seeing me. I believe this worked. I do this cause I'm shy.

      I'm in a house now. I forget why and what I was doing in there.
    4. Ball in the Air Game

      by , 10-16-2014 at 03:12 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Playing a game of "keep the balloon ball in the air" with a couple girls, we volley it around the living room for a bit, trying to hit it as few times as possible as we pass it between us, and keep it off the ground.

      I fall down as I dive for it, managing to keep it off the ground. They are amused by this. One of them is really shy and goes to the top of the stairs. The ball is slowly settling toward the floor. I use telekinesis to bring the ball directly to my hand, hold it there for a few moments, then send it against gravity up to the shy girl.

      They are both really surprised by this, and ask how I did it. I try to hide the fact that it was telekinesis and tell them it was just static electricity. The non-shy girl tells me to do it again. I tell her I probably shouldn't show off in public.
    5. One More for Old Time's Sake

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:45 PM
      I fell back to sleep at around 3 AM in the morning.

      I'm back at the preschool classroom I used to volunteer in a couple months ago. The lights in the classroom were off, so I assumed it was nap time. The classroom didn't look like the real one, though it did feel a lot like it. I was sitting on the far right side of the classroom watching the children napping while I was talking to one of the teachers - Mrs. B.

      Mrs. B and me didn't talk so much in waking life but we did a lot of it in this dream. I didn't know what my intentions for being here were, but it made more sense when I asked her a question. I asked her if she knew the person who signed the certificate I got in the mail(in waking life) and who got the gift card for me. She didn't know who. Despite not knowing who the generous person was, I thanked Mrs. B for also having her name signed on my volunteering award. I was telling her how great it felt to receive this gift. I felt honored that they would do something like this for me.

      I sat still on the chair I was sitting on and I noticed a child in front of me trying to catch my attention. It was M. He probably just wanted me to talk to him seeing how he wasn't feeling sleepy at the time. I stopped and tried to get him to stop talking(talking wasn't allowed at the time). Because I was a very timid person in waking life, even in my dreams I had the fear to go beyond just telling him to stop talking. I hoped for the best and maybe he'd stop after I ignored answering him. That is when another child to my right, gets up from their bed and walks up to me and laughs, almost as if I was being taken advantage of seeing how I'm very shy. She then walked back to her bed and the dream was over from there.
    6. Talking in Public

      by , 01-07-2013 at 12:05 AM
      Back at Pacific a same night, I was in Ms. Kelly's science class. The classroom was dark and only half of the students were there. I knew some of the students but I could remember them all. One of them was Adrian and of course, Ms. Kelly.

      Kelly was lecturing us as she walked around the classroom and pointed at things. She didn't look much different than she did a few years ago I saw her. After all this time passed, I can still look at them the same.

      Ms. Kelly brought something up to the class and see if anyone would respond. She pointed a stick somewhere on a board in a back and after a few minutes of waiting, no one responded. But just about when she was going to walk back to the front of the classroom, I opened up a few words out of my mouth. Now the only reason I thought this was strange was because I never talked much in the classroom when I was in school. I was always the shy one and only spoke up when someone asked me a question.

      I asked the teacher a random question. "Do you think I'll get married some day?" She looked at me and tried to answer. I asked her another question, "Do you think I'll make a great husband?" The whole class were just listening. I stared back at the teacher and heard Adrian's voice whispering out, "He talks." The teacher responded, "Well, I don't know, do you like boys or girls?" I smiled and brought my hands up in the year in a sign of confusion. The students laughed at my response. I cannot remember anything else.