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    1. Time Travel in my Neighborhood

      by , 12-22-2015 at 08:45 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a . )

      * I am in my neighborhood. Apparently, I've travelled back to 1987. I am accompanied by a DC, and we go explore the end of the cul de sac. I apporach this grey house with a very steep driveway and a sign on the front door. The sign says that any person who wants to live in this house must eat dinner after dark.I try to read the rest but I get too dizzy. There are signs on other doors but we don't bother to read them because the driveways are too steep and one house requires you to climb a ladder before you can get in.

      NOTE: I tried FILD and I saw a "dream jumble" (basically a bunch of dreamlets spinning like clothes in a clothes dryer).
    2. Anti-Rape Movement, Tornado at Disney (Lucid), and Zoning Out at Work

      by , 10-03-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was outside somewhere in a parking lot. I noticed a car with lots of little signs propped up on the hood that said things like "Blow me!" and other similar statements. Upon further examination, I noticed it was an anti-rape thing that people did. It was like you'd put all these vulgar statements about oral sex on your car while it was parked, and it was supposed to be an anti-rape thing.

      The things were then on my car, though in the dream, I had a mini-van or an SUV, not the car I currently have IWL. Dallas didn't like it at all. It made him mad. At one point, I believe he was taking the signs off the car.

      Then, we were inside a mall. There was a table that had all the signs on it. For some reason, I went to go pick the signs off, and noticed there was a necklace at each place. I started to pick up all the necklaces. Some were gold, some silver. I particularly liked one with a large elephant pendant on it, but I knew it would be way too long on me. I then noticed that the table was set for a dinner that was going to take place that had something to do with the anti-rape thing. The necklaces were gifts. I started trying to put all the necklaces back.


      I was at Disney World at Hollywood Studios, though it didn't look like it at all. I was with my mom. We were walking when I looked behind us and saw that The Tower of Terror was collapsing! I also saw other tall buildings collapsing. I thought maybe it was a tornado. I then saw one off the the right destroying more buildings. At this point, I started to question where we were. Was it Disney? It must be. My mom and I started to run the other direction, and I was thinking to myself that you probably shouldn't try to outrun a tornado. We then came across some tall grass and somehow figured that was the best place to go.

      I then was walking towards the ruined Tower of Terror, thinking about how many people had died in the tornado, when I figured out I was dreaming. I did some finger counts, and only came up with 6 once. The rest of the times I came up with 5. I also noticed that my nails were painted. I then tried to stick my finger through my palm, and it went through.

      I knew I didn't have much time left for this dream, so I decided to fly a little. I was right next to the ruined Tower. I was jumping, trying to get into the air. I then remembered to just let myself float, and it worked. I floated effortlessly into the air. I didn't go very high, but I wasn't trying to. I did let myself float a tad higher, and would start slowly sinking down again, so I'd have to do the floating thing again to gain my height back. I floated into the ruins of the tower; it was literally just the base that was left and nothing more, not even a ton of rubble or anything.

      I then couldn't think of what else to do. I decided to talk to my mom, whom I suppose was nearby somewhere, though I didn't see her. I said
      "Hey, you know I'm lucid dreaming, right?"
      She said
      "Yes, but only for like 5 more minutes!"
      "Less than that!" I said back.

      Nothing else exciting happened. A few minutes later,
      I woke up.


      I was walking through a mall, looking for a particular clothing store. I walking through this laser tag place where kids were running around. One little boy was trying to shoot me. I don't even have a vest on, I thought to myself. I then walked out of it and back into the mall. I was at a dead end. I felt as if this is where the store should be, but it was the same stores that I had already passed. I felt silly for going in circles.


      I was at the bakery. Barry, an older man who works there, was in the freezer getting something. I was standing in there as well in front of the open door. I was messing with my phone and just plain zoning out. I then walked out of the freezer and Barry followed. He was carrying a box. Had he needed to get out of there this whole time? I then wondered how long I had been standing there. He hadn't said anything to me about moving, though.

      I then was in a room that doesn't exist IWL. It was dark in the room, but only the colors of everything around me; there was enough lighting in there. There was a chair in the middle of the room. On it, there was a box of what looked like donut holes. It should have been in the freezer. I picked it up, and it was room temp. Wow, it had been out for awhile! I went up to Barry to ask him if I should put them back or what he was doing with them. He told me he was going to eat them. When he said this, along his bottom teeth, I could see this whitish cream that I could only assume was the filling of the donut holes.

      Shannon, my manager, was then there talking to someone, telling a story, but then she switched her attention to telling the story to me. I couldn't really hear her or understand what she was saying, but she was smiling, so I assumed it was a funny story. She then pulled her phone out to show me something on there. I wasn't sure whether I should just go with it, or tell her that I couldn't hear her.

      I then was out in front of the counter. There were these velvet line dividers up like you see at the movie theater that were leading up to the bakery. These two teenage/early 20s guys came up and were asking me something about getting hired, but I couldn't understand them either. I said
      "I'm sorry, what? I can't hear very well."
      They smiled, and I then quickly added,
      "But you don't have to yell." to make sure they weren't going to start talking too loud. My hearing isn't THAT bad.
      They started to speak again, and I still couldn't understand a word they were saying, though I could hear them. I just felt so zoned out. So, logically, to escape the situation, I just fell onto the floor, knowing that it would actually work and I would be somewhere else. I somehow had an inkling that this wasn't reality, but I wouldn't say I was lucid.

      I then woke up.
    3. Dec 5, 6 Dream Journal: No details, thank you.

      by , 12-06-2013 at 10:43 PM
      Wasn't able to recall the night before. There was a bit where I think I'm in spectator mode, and I'm looking at people eat in a diner setting. Eventually my brain says I'm at the diner from Nighthawks. Either way, crummy night's sleep then.

      Last night, I dreamed seeing a busy, modern-day Japanese city. It's a lot like those fast-cut montages you'd see in the 80's, where you'd see stock scenes of "oh look, here's a lot of people!" "look, now it's a shot of buildings," "now we are showing you Mt. Fuji from afar!"

      Anyways, the "last" cut was a bunch of signs on the side of buildings, and the one sign that's the focal point (though it was not nearly vivid enough to see) was for some sort of English-teaching business, only it was made for weeaboos, by weeaboos. Goddammit, SAF.

      Another scene involved me untangling stuff? That's all I can remember.
    4. HEY! Hours Of VIVID Dreaming

      by , 06-13-2013 at 05:07 PM
      Level of Lucidity: 0
      Level of Clarity: 7
      Level of Realism: 2
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      At first I could only remember the second half of this dream, and as I was recalling it I remembered the first half, which is quite remarkable for me. I only remember the following beginning to the dream, but not how I got there:

      I drove my car to a gas station at the end of this road in LA, it didn't look like anyone had been there. I was running late for my class, and something was wrong with my car. I pulled up next to a gas tank on the side furthest from the road, and got out. I noticed that where the headlights were, they were raised up and out like a 90's Nissan 300zx. This was strange because I drive a BMW, but a few years ago I owned a Datsun '82 280z. I didn't think much of it, but knew I had best fix it while it was on my mind.

      I realized how late I was for my class, and decided to leave the keys in the ignition, car running, and walked into the gas station. After a few minutes I realized it had been a couple of hours that I had been inside in my class, even though it only felt like a short time. My class was now over but there was another class immediately after mine. The owner of the place who told me her name was Laurie was holding a folder and asked me to stay to help with the second class. I then see my friend Andrew, who teaches another class that I assist with sometimes walking through, and he's talking about how he has to start his class right at 8 PM for the kids, and he wished that he could have the class be two and a half hours long instead of four.

      It was also very dark in the gas station, and there was gym equipment all round, but people used it like normal furniture. Andrew walked out and Laurie came over to me and showed me to the other room, where there was a class about to begin for little kids, and all their parents were sitting around the room. The teacher, who is a casting director that I seem to know, begins talking to the parents, telling them what the class will be about. Laurie tries to ask me several times if I could assist the teacher for the class today, but I keep ignoring her. She asks a final time and I tell her that I can't because I have a meeting at a studio to go to.

      She said "now?"
      I replied "not this second".

      She then tried to find a volunteer to assist the teacher. A boy I know that commonly attends these classes in the real world named Stewart stands up and says he will do it, then the casting director says "OK yeah I love Stewart".

      He then said something cocky as I'm walking out the door about being the best assistant. I said something in reply to him, and returned my car.

      I see my car with the engine on which worries me because I had been inside for too long and had forgotten about it, and thought someone may have stolen some of my things from inside, but the door was locked, and I had another key in my pocket. I unlocked it and got in the driver seat but the car was driving like a cylinder was misfiring. It was a narrow and hard turn to pull out of the gas station, and I almost hit the wall with my front end. I backed up, and completed the 3-point turn.

      As I'm going down the street for about 3 seconds, my car disappeared and suddenly I'm on foot. I didn't have far to go to wherever I was going. I was walking down a street in Hollywood, it seems like a normal studio I was passing, but then I started to notice weird statues ahead, and trucks on both sides of the road with lots of large 10 gallon buckets (The kind you would get from Home Depot to fill with paint or cement or something) filled with white liquid. I heard a voice talking to me as if I was on a tour of an old factory, it was telling me that it was milk, and this was a dairy factory. As I continued walking up the street, I noticed the statues on my right again. They were behind a tall white fence, and they were statues of cows. Most were brown, and were being milked by workers. It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I continued walking for a minute until I got to a small side of the road kind if pub.

      I walked inside and it was very dimly lit. Brown walls, with no posters or advertising. There was a long counter/bar like at Subway when you tell the person what you want on your sandwich. There was a man about in his 20's on the employee side of the bar, and he began to make me a sandwich. We were talking for a bit, and then we began to jokingly arguing, and he began to pick up food from the Subway bar and threw it at me. He then threw more and I started to pick up some and we had a food fight for a minute. Then his co worker said something to him and we stopped. I sat down in front of the bar/counter at a table and chair and waited for my sandwich to be finished. I looked up and to my left as I heard someone walk through the door, and it's two large guys who walk right up to me and look mad, like they were sent there to collect some money from me for some reason and I was late on a payment... like I was in a Godfather situation.

      I have a friend who lives in Canada who I talk to regularly but haven't seen in person since I was little. The guy on the right looked just like him, and I called out to him using my Canadian friends nickname. He looked down at me and I realized it wasn't him. Then my dream fluttered for a second, and I awoke to my alarm clock.

      All in all it felt like this dream lasted about 2 hours, which is abnormally long for me.

      This dream doesn't worry me at all, but what could be some of the possible dream signs from it? I'm trying to learn more about my signs or tells that I'm in a dream so that I can recognize them more often. I saw quite a few things in this dream that I regularly interact with in the waking world, such as the class, I regularly attend these classes and assist the casting directors. I know Stewart, even though I've not seen him in a while. Same with Laurie, and Andrew. My old car, and my new car, and Subway, which I eat at regularly when I'm in LA. (Currently in Georgia for the summer)

      I'd appreciate any and all help since I am new here! If it's any help, I just started setting alarms to go off every hour so that I can perform the "nose plugging" reality check, and get into a regular habit of doing it. I also sometimes in between alarms randomly think of it, and perform the reality check then too, just in case I'm dreaming. (Which of course I'm not). I also check my surroundings, because it seems that having poor lighting may be a dream sign...? And I'm also starting as of today using the All Day Awareness technique.


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    5. Beautiful lake

      by , 11-17-2012 at 07:17 AM
      Year of two ago

      There was a beautiful mountain lake with nicely groomed park trails wrapping around it. There were wooden signs marking the trails giving historical and naturalist information. A few people and I were out by the damn but still on one of the trails. Across the water I could see a resort. It had a nice restaurant attached to it that overlooked the lake and had a decent sized patio for dining. We walked back and forth on the trails a bit. I think we were trying to get to the restaurant.
    6. Dream Signs

      by , 10-29-2011 at 01:10 AM (TwinkleFairy Tutu)
      These are some of the dream signs I have discovered by going over my dream journal.

      1. School (This is very common in my dreams and I graduated over three years ago.

      2. Snakes (Usually a large number of them and all tiny. I am usually expected to take care of them but they escape and/or go all over the house.

      3. The Girls (My two pretty bearded dragons. I often dream of them talking, being out of their home or being hurt unintentionally by me.

      4. Strangers Wanting sex (Self explanatory really. I just often have horny strangers in my dreams.)

      5. Kink (The sex is usually kinky.)

      6.Losing her ( I used to dream every single night that my common-law wife left me, cheated on me, and did other extremely hurtful and scary things.

      7. Video games (I often dream that instead of realizing I am dreaming, I am convinced I am in a video game. Because of this I have limited control and no fear of being harmed. It is sort of like lucid dreaming except that I am convinced that I am in a game.

      Those are the main signs I have noticed so far. A big list? A small list? Please comment if you have any opinions on this. Thank you.

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    7. On The Bus...6/5/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 06-05-2011 at 11:32 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: My new dream sign along with Lauren is school because it's over now.

      So, right now I'm on a school bus(DS) with some schoolmates(DS). I'm sitting by Lauren(DS) and my good friend Eternity. Lauren(DS) is being random, while Eternity is being quiet. Soon, we get off the bus(DS ) and see the school(DS). I look at my watch, which says 1:23. Oh shit! Time to go to 8th Period(DS)! Odd, it's 1:23 P.M. but it's evening skies. Weird. So, we all start running. I'm running like a total queer. Then, I awake. Dammit! Do a fucking RC!
      Tags: dream, missed, signs
    8. Housefinding in an unknown city

      by , 08-11-2010 at 03:02 PM
      Tonight, I only got 7 hours of sleep ... I only remember one dream, and it wasn't lucid. But I'll post it just for fun.
      Didn't spell-check.

      I and my parents drove around in a city. We somehow got out of the car, I dont remember, and walked
      past by some houses. The entrances were under the shade of some trees and it looked pretty nice.
      I remember being afraid that something like bugs fell down from the trees. My parents kind of discussed
      how nice it would be to live here, and I responded that I am not sure. When I looked at the top of the
      building, the building#s architecture was kind of blocky, with some kind of ring under each window and
      red bricks, there was some sun. Nobody quite seemed to live there, tho.
      Later, we were in some kind of area that was full of old, graffitti-painted buildings, kind of like
      "Alsen". It was like a space, surrounded by all these buildings, with one entrance. It was a sunny day,
      we were waiting for someone, a woman I think, she came later to talk to my parents. I think it was
      about buying an estate. I looked around, being my usual self, I heard some music coming from one of the
      buildings, hiphop-like, so I suspected somebody must be spraying in there. I don't remember if I saw
      anyone when I looked in that direction. But after I looked around more, there were several people.
      One of them, I think he had black long hair and wore glasses, warned me about something that left
      me confused. Something like "don't go into the school building(s)"... My parents then were kind of done
      here, and we went to our car. I, confused as i were, said goodbye to the woman, and turning back,
      I waved my hand at the guy who warned me about whatsoever it was. After that I remember we somehow
      got into the car. Then came a scene were we parked at a parking space, there were several together,
      each with signs. Two people who looked chinese came over, they hung out nearly, and had some worker
      suits that made them look kind of official. I had the feeling we were not allowed to park there.
      Maybe it was some parking slot for handycapped people, I thought. But moving over just a few spaces
      would be troublesome somehow, so I had the idea to swap the parking space signs. Actually it was
      a very deep-thought thing: We were blocking a space for handycapped people. If we swapped the signs,
      there would be a reserved slot again. I stared at the parking signs. I couldn't recognite the symbol,
      it was some kind of closely connected dots, two or three. White, on blue background.
      When I got out, I dropped my mp3-player into the sand. Okay, parking on sand, wtf? I dunno.
      I was in kind of a hurry to swap the signs, so i just quickly pulled it out, although my damaged
      ear-buds might have fell of. I didn't care, I could check it later.
      Then the dream kind of sucked because suddenly there were more cars parked there, I didn't know which
      signs to swap and the cars totally parked at the wrong positions. Everything was really messed up.
      The dream ended here.