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    1. Simpsons

      by , 03-19-2018 at 05:07 PM
      Had a dream that Marge Simpson ran off and joined an Oceans Eleven style heist team. One member of the team was a dashing pirate, and she started a fling with him. Homer tracked her down, kids in tow, and she wanted nothing to do with him.
    2. Night 2 of SpellBee's Competition

      by , 04-16-2017 at 08:39 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      -Small red spaceship orbits some planet. I watch it as a DO. Nothing happens, no sound or signs of life.

      -Sex fantasy. I'll leave the details out.

      Dream 1 - Zooming and Shooting
      I'm in a game of Overwatch. I first play as Ana and switch to Tracer when an enemy Tracer kills me. I zoom around the map really fast and kill the other Tracer several times. We win the match. The dream shifts to another kind of shooter. The setting is now a dark WW2 battlefield. I have a sniper rifle and spot some enemies. I drop to the ground and take aim. Aiming is difficult. I miss three times. I start to suspect something at this point. I keep observing the target. He appears to be a doctor. In which case I shouldn't be shooting him. That's a war crime I forget that it's a war game and the doctor starts selling some meds to me.

      WBTB, 5:45 - 7

      Dream 2 - Showers
      I suddenly find myself in a public sauna. I'm a little confused. I get out and see a large room with showers. Naked men and women walk by. There's only men in the showers and all of them are gay couples giving each other a BJ. Yeah, this place is definitely not for me. I don't want someone surprising me from behind, so I quietly navigate my way out of there.

      I find some sort of changing room and meet two waking life friends. One of them asks my help with something, but I said I was looking private shower before I was leaving. My friend had a sleeping bag in the dressing room. He was apparently spending the night here.

      -Weird microwave oven. The bottom of it split in two and since the oven was raised up with some bricks, the bottom had split accidentally while my mom was heating something and the food was all over the table.

      Dream 3 - Simpsons and stealing
      In my apartment. There's a tv on my nightstand. I watch Simpsons. The scene suddenly changes. I'm stealing some candy from the backroom of some store. A large lady sees me and stops me. I go back in time. This time I buy the item and go get it from the backroom myself. I wait around for the fat lady to notice so I can have the satisfaction of her wrongly accusing me of stealing and then correcting her. By the end of the dream I'm unsure what I got. It was either candy or meds.

      Another WBTB. 7:20 - 8:27

      Dream 4 - Car ride Really inspired title, lol.

      I'm in a car with two friends, mom and my brother. Brother is driving. We are in my hometown. I start telling them about the weird dreams I had this night. As I list things that happened, my brother starts talking over me and listing things that happened in my dreams. He actually lists what happened. It felt like my dreams are predictable and my brother was making fun of me. I was mad and just sat silently until I woke up.
    3. 231115: Morbid Mittens, Jeffrey Dahmer in the Trunk, Semi-Sleep Paralysis?!?!?

      by , 11-23-2015 at 09:59 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Only recall some pretty vague dreams as I punched my alarm clock into snooze mode...

      I see Bart, Milhouse and Nelson from The Simpsons in a metro tunnel. They all have super powers. Bart starts showing his stretching ability until he is electrocuted by Milhouse's electric ability that is then absorbed by Nelson's super strength.

      Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is playing bad cop as he interrogates a prisoner in a children's clothes department. I see mittens meant for children, colorful, with words like "dying", "cancer" and "paralyzed" knitted across them. Pretty morbid.

      Nick Fury and his partner are outside an American suburban house. They throw Jeffery Dahmer in the trunk of the car, they finished interrogating him. I don't want to sit in the back seat in case he starts stabbing me through the cushion. I go to the front seat thinking Fury's partner is going to sit in my lap (or I'd be sitting in his) but to my surprise the seat is not taken.

      I have a false awakening, I get up and I'm walking in my old childhood home. Where is everyone? Did I sleep past my alarm and miss school? I'm pretty upset. I try to make out what time it is by looking out at the grey sky outside.

      I wake up in my real bed, but my body is very heavy, can barely swing around and get my feet on the ground. My body suddenly collapses into itself, I'm back in bed again. I try and try, never getting further than my feet onto the floor. How can this be so hard? I then wake up for real.
    4. 041115:A Party With Cake, Prophetic Dream of Eating Ice Cream with a Spanish Guy?!?!

      by , 11-04-2015 at 09:11 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm at a party, the girl is a friend of a friend who is hosting it. I eat cake as other people get wasted. I eat a chocolate mousse cake followed by another fruit cake. They are excellent. A kitten comes up and rubs up against me. It is doing it really hard, it must really like me. As it rubs its nose into my eye socket, it starts getting weird, it this cat sexually attracted to me or something?!?

      At a McD's, a Spanish guy I know from school orders a sundae, I look into it and see it barely has ice cream in it, let alone sauce. The staff mustn't like him much. Suddenly he becomes the shift manager, uniform and all, and we sit down and start to talk.

      Like in a real-life Springfield. Maude is there, no one likes her, she is very crabby and petty. No one likes Ned Flanders either, he is a religious nut. Bart, looking like a real person, says that Maude should be dead. There is a vibe can Bart can see the future.

      *Note: Today in school we had ice cream. The Spanish guy from my dream, someone I've never talked to, comes up and talks to me at my table. If I were more of the free-minded type, I'd be calling this a prophetic dream.
    5. 251015:Funeral Home and Some Weird Spirits

      by , 10-25-2015 at 08:09 AM (The Dream Journal)

      Outside the old apartment I lived in childhood. It's dark. I see a leather jacket on the ground, looks like a biker jacket. A spirit lives on it?

      In a funeral home, it's very shadowy. It's a place where you can leave your bodily fluids on the coffin to feel closer to the dead. I go down a cramped elevator, my hand it wet with goo and it feels disgusting.

      I see Homer and Marge from the Simpsons and an alternate version of them. They are a lighter color and have totally different personalities.

      In a hypnogogic state, I feel a cat jump on my back and walk up to my head and falls asleep on it.
    6. Pictures of the Simpsons

      by , 01-06-2015 at 05:38 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I take a picture of my mom's dog and cat as they are both sitting in the kitchen right next to each other. They both smile and look at the camera. The perfect shot. Funny how both the dog and the cat look alike, and also look like my dad's weird dog he has. My sister wants to see the picture, but when I look at it, they aren't looking at the camera anymore, even though I already took the picture. I look for another picture, but all I have are photos of the Simpsons in real life. Mostly weird ones, like a tiny animated devil sitting on a chair, with Maggie poking her head around the side, and Marge in the background. Or a photo of Mr Herman.

      Suddenly I am on an airplane right next to an animated Mr Herman. Apparently he's a really fat guy, I'm not sure where his character comes from. He says, "I'm Mr. Herman!" and suddenly we're both falling from the plane. Now I'm watching us fall, hit the ground, but all cartoon like.

      I stand up, the cartoon effect disappears, and there is a big bottle of whiskey in front of me. Kind of like Goldschlager, but with red bits instead of gold. Must be cinnamon flavored... An old friend next to me tells me I should have drank it earlier, but I can still drink it now. It seems like a tasty idea, so I reach for it, but wake up because I can't feel my arm, and my shoulder hurts. Arm =/= shoulder.

      ...All of this in an unplanned nap on the couch with the cat on me!
    7. Backlog, 11/27: WILD #6, 2 DILDs + DEILD

      by , 12-14-2014 at 08:51 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Feel WILD set in, roll off of the mat. Am falling/flying for some time, but keeping my mind blank as I do. I am soaring around a house (my mom's house?), and the characters from the Simpsons live inside. I try to enter via a window, but accidentally break a window with my head. Scene instantly becomes hyper-realistic (not cartoon-like anymore) and the characters vanish. I have the feeling that, like a big oaf, I ruined this part of the dream. I walk inside the house.

      Inside, I try practicing my dream control via perspective by crushing my bedroom door frame top to bottom. Nothing happens. I attempt a few more times, but still am unsuccessful. I leave the house and wander about. Yep, it's out in the country, just like waking life. I think how I will write down in my dream journal that this was a very long, very stable, very boring LD. Not much going on, and no DCs around. I decide to relax and see what "dream memories" come up (such as why I might be here, etc.). I
      wake up. Do some MILD and back to sleep.

      Walking with my sister-in-law to a school for young kids. I am examining a wall mural the kids have done. I realize that it has something to do with Theravada Buddhism. I suddenly think, "The girls go to a Buddhist school?" I nose pinchand can breathe. My sister-in-law confirms my suspicions and says that the curriculum here is inspired by Theravada Buddhism; the kids are taught to be mindful of their one precious human life. Excited, I decide to see what the inside of the school looks like. I find a door and open it. Behind it is another door. This is funny to me, and undeterred, I open this door as well.

      Inside, people are eating food and talking. I see a coworker eating. I look around, trying to decide who to talk to. There is a large man, with no shirt and a hairy chest, sitting in a sauna-like area and talking on a phone. This guy seems fairly impressive, so I decide to talk to him. He sees me waiting, then puts his phone away and greets me. I say I have a question about dreams, from a Theravadan perspective. He nods, then seems to consider my statement carefully. He then says,

      "Well, suppose you have a tikkoku. That's kind of like a cocaku. You see?"

      I say I don't quite see. I then think that I will tell him he is dreaming. He tells me he is unable to lucid dream.

      "Pinch your nose!" I say. He shoves his finger up his nose perversely, and then begins tugging at his nostril. He becomes smaller and more imp-like. My own nostrils start to feel affected, and I realize he is just my own mind being overactive. My body unaccountably becomes aroused, and seeing this, the DC lunges at my crotch. Sigh. I hug the DC and tell him it's OK. He calms down quite a bit. I blank my mind and he stops moving altogether. Can't remember how but I soon
      wake up. Lie still and DEILD into next dream.

      Mario Bros. screen with Bowser, too. I know it is a dream, and begin my slow fall (something that happens often to me during WILD and DEILD). I hear water (currently in darkness) and begin imagining a beach (trying to create scenery). I also begin imagining the opening scenes of FFVIII, along with the theme song, Liberi Fatali:

      Scenery generates into a desert canyon (pretty close, sand, right?) with shallow water flowing along the sad swiftly. I am carried along on into a gorge/cave. Above, I see a hole in the ceiling, and fly up to investigate. Halfway up, I realize I am effortlessly flying, and begin to fall; I climb up a bit, and then fly the rest of the way. The hole is too small to get out of, so I begin scooping the rock away with my hands. I hear an evil laugh above; outside, there is a stormy sky, with a gray dragon flying above me. I feel terrified--at the dragon, at the feeling that the dream wants me to fight the dragon, and that the floor of the cave is so far below me. I remind myself that this is just a dream but it is not helping much. However, I decide to fly up and face the dragon. I am trying to get out of the hole when I wake up, heart pounding and very relieved. MILD and then return to sleep.

      I am at work. A coworker comes up to me and asks me if I got an email. I say I did not, and ask what it was about. He says something that I can't understand. I ask him to repeat, and while I understand more, I still can't quite catch his meaning. I say, "something else someone wants me to do, right?" concerning the email. He looks embarrassed. Turns out the email concerns him getting promoted. Whatever. I reenter my work area, and food is laid out for everyone. A coworker has already begun eating. This seems vaguely against the rules, and I am about to reprimand her when I realize I'm dreaming. Sweet! I pop a piece of fried tofu into my mouth. I also shout, testing out my dream voice. It re-echoes oddly in my head. I wake up.
    8. LD #116: Perverted School Janitor, Battle with a Daiper, FA chain.

      by , 09-22-2014 at 12:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I seriously wonder what is up with my brain sometimes.

      Some long and very dull dream about some activity night going on at my dorm room. Most of it already slipped through my memory anyway. Skip.

      Spoiler for Proceed at your own risk:

      I can recall in being what felt like my cousin's sub. I was walking down the street. I had become partially lucid.

      My recall is more than a little patchy but I can recall at one point, I went inside of a house. The first room had a bunch of doors in it. There is also a bed and a dresser. A small piece of wallpaper peeled off from between two doors, entirely by itself.
      The wallpaper then folded itself into a diaper. Parts of stretched out to become small legs and part of it ripped to become a mouth. Oh yeah, and because it was a diaper, it was full with crap that came out of nowhere. It had basically become this little monster thing that I wound up fighting.
      The diaper had some connection to the house. Like the family that lived there had a baby and they made diapers out of wallpaper or something.
      So we ended up having the worlds longest fight. I held the upper hand being... well a human and not a diaper. I can't recall the fight play-by-play but there was a part where I was whacking it with a big stick that I found under a bed that was in the room. There was a part where the diaper climbed onto the ceiling and tried to jump down on top of me.

      There was even a part where I used firebending and the 'Fus roh dah' shout from Skyrim to blast it into a corner.
      Eventually for whatever reason, the diaper monster became a squirrel. At this point I stopped fighting it and turned to walk back outside, only to find that the door that had led me into this random room led back out into my bedroom.
      I looked outside. The weather was cold and grey. A rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. For whatever reason I decided I wanted to try flying. I opened the window, forced out the screen. I then did a last-minute stabilization by rubbing my hands together, and saying 'I'm dreaming!'
      I then jumped out the window, and fell like a rock into the bush below my window.

      Then I suddenly thought "What if this is real life, and I just jumped out of the window in real life?!" I did a nose pinch. I could breathe.
      "Wait..." I said to myself. I forget what indicates being in a dream. Being able to breathe or not being able to breathe? Because I can most defiantly breathe." I then remember, being able to breathe means you are dreaming.
      For a few moments I managed to anchor myself on the cold wind that was blowing in the dream. I start to become very lucid when I lose the dream.

      FA in my college dorm room. I have peed in the bed. I get up and start changing out of my clothes.

      FA in my home bedroom. I have peed in the bed here as well. I do a reality check and become lucid momentarily lucid before FAing once more.

      FA. Something to do with the Simpsons of all things. Bart is buying these special schoolbooks that come with cereal. Supposedly these were supposed to help improve his grades because if you read the books while eating the cereal, you remember them better. Bart his happy because the cereal is dinosaur shapes.

      I wake up into WL. Reality check and fortunately, I have not wet the bed.
    9. Simpsoms adventure

      by , 11-21-2013 at 01:23 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      16.11.2013 4/4

      Esse sonho foi bem longo e vívido, mas como demorei pra escrever, esqueci muita coisa. Eu estava jogando um jogo dos Simpsons e entrava nele. Lá eu estava em um navio atrás de alguns itens, resolvendo alguns puzzles. Depois de uma determinada missão eu encontrava um item que estava procurando. Parecia uma folha de sulfite, mas quando eu a segurava ela disparava um tipo de "raio" de uma das pontas que grudava nas coisas. Eu lembro que eu a testava disparando no teto e brincando de "Tarzan". Meu pai estava nessa parte do sonho. Minha mãe e o Cássio também estavam no sonho, mas não me lembro em que momento. Havia algo sobre uma festa e um banho, mas não me lembro mais. Dentro do navio, em uma sala com várias pessoas eu via um mural de acrílico com algumas coisas escritas nele. Eu tentava ler mas não conseguia entender nada.
    10. Knott's Golden Horseshoe, Simpsons Computers, and the FCM Convention

      by , 01-17-2013 at 05:51 PM
      01-16-2013 -- [Two dreams, one night, at least slightly connected, so I am going to list them both in one post.] For some reason I am in Melody's room in the Hickory house, and trying to go to sleep, but really having some problems with insomnia. My body just doesn't want to sleep, though it is the middle of the night, and I am afraid mom is going to come in and give me problems.

      There is some very strange evil-Harry fan fiction that seems to be hanging on the walls, and near the ceiling, there is all kinds of stuff lining the walls like my room at the Moran house. Mom walks by and asks how I am doing, and I try and indicate I am all right. There are huge yearbooks from Melody's time in school that are about the size of the bound volumes of the Hornet, so the yearbooks are full-sheet newspaper size, which seems quite large for yearbooks.

      Suddenly I find myself in Knott's Berry Farm, walking from the wild west section into the Roaring Twenties section over by the Knott's Berry Tales area, and walking back along toward the Good Time Theatre. The area is completely deserted, and there is nobody around, but that doesn't seem to stop them from doing a scheduled show.

      I am outside, and though it is in the Roaring 20s section, the buildings seem to be very Wild West area, with balconies and such. I hear a voice call "Hello!" in a very familiar way, and a can-can girl opens a door, steps out onto a balcony, and hangs a leg over the railing. "Hello!" and there is another one doing the same thing. "Hello!" and again. This is seeming very familiar. Especially since as I look, the can-can girls look like Lana, Arlene, and Jill. Band members start to play, and I recognize Vince and Chris. The main performers come out and it is Jay Meyer and Betty Taylor.

      It is suddenly looking like when Disneyland closed the Golden Horseshoe Revue, the entire cast just picked up and moved over to Knott's Berry Farm. They even seem to be singing Hello Everybody, though they fall silent or whisper every time they have to say the name Golden Horseshoe, and I am thinking it is probably because Disney owns the copyright to the name of the place ... but I am getting to listen to the show I love, performed by the people I love, even if it is at Knott's, and I am suddenly very, very happy.

      I have a soda, which kind of gets knocked over, and I am running to grab the cup before it manages to roll on stage, and I manage to succeed, so I'm doubly happy.

      Suddenly I find myself waking up again, back in Melody's bedroom. The lights are off, and I can barely move. Feels kind of like what I would guess sleep paralysis might feel like. It is dark, the lights are off, and my eyes are closed, but I can see almost a sort of after-image like the light was just turned off the second before I started to wake up. I'm struggling to my feet, and find myself standing between two beds. There is stuff dangling from the ceiling, like Christmas tree ornaments or something.

      The shirt that the Harry Potter fan fiction was written on is now a weirdly folded envelope that I am starting to write down the Horseshoe dream on, and time is starting to go all over the place. I went to bed at two, and it is now five, or maybe three, or one (yes, before I even went to bed) and it is all very strange. And then I really wake up.


      01-16-2013 -- Starts with hints of the last dream, sleeping in Melody's room, then starts to turn in to a sort of a roommates in the house dream (even though it is still taking place in the Hickory House), and then shifts even further to a dream where we are still in the Hickory House, but we are the Simpsons, who live here, but film the Simpsons TV show on the set for Evergreen Terrace.

      So I'm in the Hickory living room, kind of watching the last episode, and Russi Taylor (voice of Minnie Mouse) was a recent guest star, but has never gotten to see the episode she helped us film, and since it is just about to come on the TV, we call her to come out from Melody's room, and come watch it.

      Oddly, it seems to episode she helped us with, Frick was building large old fashioned computers (the kinds with the huge tape drives) and somehow putting them on human legs so they could run around. Russi's character was a female computer with really sexy legs, but they stuck out at an odd angle, which made her a freak, and nobody wanted anything to do with her, even though both her legs and voice were really, really sexy. Very strange!

      Meanwhile, things shift, and I suddenly find I am with a roommate in the dining hall at Indiana Wesleyan University, attending an FCM convention. The roommate is not actually anybody I know, though it kind of looks like Meeks from Dead Poets Society. They are telling us that we have been invited to attend a couple of normal college classes while staying here, as part of the convention (which makes no sense, but hey ... dreams.)

      The physical campus looks very much like Brookhurst Junior High, though a slightly larger version. We're standing near room 66, and the class we get to sit in on is in room 33B or something like that. We're walking down corridors, and it seems the room we are looking for is past the office area and further south (we'd actually be in the middle of Brookhurst, the street, except in the dreams there are more classrooms).

      We find the right area, and I walk into what I am hoping might be the right room, to find myself facing what looks like a younger version of Ducky (from NCIS ... but looking more like his Man From UNCLE days). The room is along the lines of a huge lecture hall, and the professor looks quite nice, but he turns out to be a rude, insulting nightmare. I walk into the next classroom over, hoping I might have the wrong room, but the next room over seems to be a business class, and every single student is dressed in the exact same business suit, and we sure wouldn't fit in, in that room.

      So I come back to the room with Young Ducky, and he is insulting one student on his appearance, telling me to use soap next time, and insisting that a third needs to mess up his dorm room a lot more, just insulting everybody in the room, being miserable, and not teaching us anything. Finally, I just stalk out of the room, deciding I am not going to bother with this 'benefit', trying to make my way back to the cafeteria, and thinking this convention is really going to the dogs.
    11. 12/12/12 Once Upon the Simpsons

      by , 12-13-2012 at 12:10 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a toy store of some kind. I look around and find the store seems to specialize in Simpsons items. I also realize I have no money. But I want to get a present for my friend who is really into the Simpsons. So I find a container of small Simpsons figures and I figure I can help myself to them. They aren't very expensive, and they are small, and the container is on the lower shelf of an aisle in the back. So I dig through the toys and pocket one of each of the Simpsons figures except for Bart.

      I am having trouble finding Bart. I keep digging and I finally find Bart. I have just slipped Bart into my pocket when I see the store owner is right behind me glaring at me. Shit. I should've been more careful. He says I have to pay for those. I tell him I have no money, hoping that if I return them and never come back to the store that will be good enough. He doesn't give that as an option. He says I have to work it off. We go to the back and it turns out he has been making pirated Simpsons merchandise. I have to help him make illegal Simpsons rip offs. That or he calls the cops. The fact that calling the cops would be worse for him than for me doesn't occur to me. So I start painting small Simpsons figurines in the appropriate colors. I get bored with the proper colors, and I am painting Bart blue when I wake up.

      Once Upon a Beach
      I am on a beach. There are a few other people there but they aren't bothering me at all, so I start walking on the beach. It is a very relaxing scene. I soon find I am alone on the beach. The sand is surprisingly soft on my feet. It feels more like flour than sand. I keep going, watching some colorful birds in the sky. I look out over the ocean and see there is one strange person there with me. It looks like Rumplestiltskin from the Once Upon a Time series. I stop for a minute, thinking, then I remember getting a potion from him that was supposed to help with depression. Since it has been an epic failure I wonder if it might have been a scam of some kind. I tell him his potion sucks ass. He says his potion can't possibly work when I want so badly to be depressed. I tell him no one wants to be depressed. He says I do. Otherwise why would I keep bombarding myself with negative comments even if I'm not feeling that way? It's a bad habit. Besides, how would he know about my negative comments? He says if he didn't know before he knows about it now! I just give him a dirty look. He says he has a stronger potion. If I'll stop attacking myself maybe it can work. He takes out a potion that looks like a disgusting black fluid. What the fuck is that? He says it's a concentrated form of the first potion.

      He holds it out and then pulls it away. He says nothing is free. I am not in the mood for games. I tell him to fuck himself. He asks if I'm not even going to hear the price before deciding against it. Some prices are very reasonable. I ask what the price is. He seems to think about it for a minute… then says a hair. My first thought is a hare. I summon a rabbit. Not a hare, he says laughing, a hair. My hair. I look around for a bit trying to think of what he could want with my hair. I turn back and see he is right in front of me. He plucks a hair from my head, apparently taking my silence as an agreement. He hands me the potion and slips the hair carefully into a small vial. The potion smells like chocolate. Well that settles that… I drink it… it tastes like liquorish… I hate liquorish… I almost puke it back up. But instead I wake.
    12. Bart Simpson Plays Football, Cat Huffing

      by , 12-09-2012 at 09:19 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      Dec. 5, 2012

      I was Bart Simspon from The Simpsons. I went to a school I didn't know. Bart (me) was on the football team at that school. I (Bart) was pretty good at it. I saw Ralph (the kid from same show who says "Ha ha!" to everyone) bullying a kid on a basketball court. The kid was sitting there, getting bullied next to Ralph. I went over there and I saw that the kid had a "revelation", and he stood up and acted all happy.

      Later in the dream (or a different dream, I have no idea), my nose was bothering me.
      It probably was in real life while I was sleeping, too. I wasn't Bart Simpson anymore, nor was the dream in first person anymore, either. It felt like I was watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There was some mention about cat huffing, whatever that is, and the dream ended.
    13. Yesterday and last nights dreams

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:48 PM (Pruzel's Dreams)
      I forgot yesterday's dream until I was almost asleep so here it is:
      I was playing on my iPod with my nose. I was crosseyed while doing so, so I don't know what I was playing.
      Here's last nights:
      I had to many dreams so I will write one.
      Homer from the Simpsons was in a small igloo with 3 underground rooms. There was two random people in the other rooms and his was to only one on the right side of the hallway. There was a big fat, drunk guy across from Homer so he left into the arctic. A few steps away though it was a sunny, bright plain with children playing and everything, wildlife. He ran over there and the was a kid with a laptop playing some kind of game. Homer pushed the kid away and sat down at the computer. He was playing a game where you choose to either play as a wolf, rabbit, bird, fox, or rat and you are in a really big forest here predators try to eat you, you have to find food, and you can unlock more animals like falcons, deer, etc. Homer played as a wolf but hunters kept shooting him, I watched him play from a distance and the graphics where amazing. I walked home and found out it was a brand new game that my best friend played. She told me how to unlock all the new animals and how you play. There is no lag and it's free.
      I woke up though before I could start playing...
    14. TWO in ONE

      by , 03-25-2012 at 04:13 PM
      I had 2 dream, wich i dont think they are related.
      the 1st ona:
      There was a "race" of beings wich i can compare to the Behemoths of FF-XIII. there was a Alfa Male that was Blue coloured, and his wife/women was Red coloured. they had a son that was Grey.
      Some kind of catastrophe happened and they had to abandon the place they were resided, and becouse of that they left. i have a hole here, and the next time i remember something is that Blue, Red and Grey (im going to reffer them as that, for i do not know their names) were in a glacier that was breaking. i do not remember if there was more of this "behemoths" with them. Grey was in the water, and his father and mother tell him to come back but he keeps swimming to the center of the glacier.
      Grey is in a COMICBOOK-STORE(i assume the one from the simpsons, i never been in a real comicbook store), with 2 humans. someone arrive screaming that X person(i do not remember his name) transformed himself. Grey asks him what X has become, and this man showed him a picture in wich you can see a human/behemoth (2 stripes going down from his head and back, big hands, etc..) that was BLUE/RED coloured, like those colours shifted all over his body. Grey get's angry and starts running to find X.
      There ended the first dream.
      The 2nd one starts like this:
      There was a group of people in the top of a mountain. They went down from that mountain and went trough a path, in wich i started to remember (or i was showed) who they are and what they did.
      The only one i remember clearly is the one from the "old man". i remember he entered a crypt, in wich he fought against skeletons and that sort of things with a sword. this goes on for a while until he reaches a grave, in wich he fights "death" and steals his Scythe.
      next thing i remember, a little kid from the group starts to run and get's into a sort of abandoned factory, half of it in still hearch and the other half in the water, with beams holding it. the kid started to move through this beams.
      i do not remember anything else.
      Thank You For Reading
    15. The Crazy Fragments, DreamViews Academy and Homer Simpson...

      by , 01-15-2012 at 11:55 PM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      16th of January, 2012

      HORRIBLE night’s sleep. I was literally waking up every 45 minutes or so. I suppose it was an excellent opportunity for some WILDs but they didn’t happen. I know at one point I was kind of lucid and actually discussing dreams I’d had earlier in the night with someone but that doesn’t really count.

      So. A whole bunch of weird fragments, if you so please. The last one was pretty cool.

      I was with Nooks in a forest of some sort and was naked. Nooks wanted to get jiggy, but there were people everywhere. Eventually Emma came up and was crying because she’d rented some cars and couldn’t take them back in time because they had flat batteries. I was more worried about getting some pants on. We went back with Emma to a hotel and she wrote a story about this really nancy guy which at the time was amazing and I wish I could remember how it went. Wendy drew an awesome picture of the guy and set it as my desktop.


      DreamViews Academy was a real, yet intangible place. It was like a university campus that people visited but only in one plane or something. Like astral projection. I was there with a black guy and we were doing dream experiments (I can’t believe I didn’t do a RC at some point here!). It was 6:30AM wherever I was and simultaneously on some other plane of existence we were also talking on the phone and I was reading his profile which was all about aliens and creeped me out too much to sleep.


      At the shops, some junkies wanted us to buy them supplies or give them money. One of them had a really fancy, elegant plate of food.


      In a highrise construction zone watching holographic movie parodies that you looked at through glass. One was Kevin Costner saying the same line over and over again with different inflection each time.


      A guy jumped out of a helicopter and went snowboarding down a ridiculously crazy hill with basically no snow on it and just got all effed up.


      And finally, a proper one:

      I’m not sure where we were- maybe Canada or the US, Nooks was going to a speed-dating event (apparantly her 3rd one) and wanted me to entertain myself while she went but I got annoyed and upset with her.

      Before she left, we went to a toy store that had really elaborate Star Wars Lego. On the way out, I picked up an Etch-A-Sketch and wrote “Be Happy” on it which Nooks said was the greatest thing anyone had ever created on one. Then she decided not to go to her event.

      Later on we got free tickets to a play which we were really looking forward to but turned out to be a dodgy highschool production. I tried to take a burrito into the theatre but wasn’t allowed so I went outside to finish it. I got back in just as it started. There was a fat guy dressed as a woman singing a song which I can’t remember and the play was about… I have no idea actually. At some point I swapped seats with other people and during one scene I got on stage with the guy next to me and showed the actors where a spray bottle was amongst a shelf of office supplies.

      Somehow after leaving the play, the dream turned into a twisted version of the opening sequence of The Simpsons called “Homer plus family” and instead of showing them all running through Springfield it had some really screwed up stuff. One part that I remember was Homer killed a bear and was wearing its skin which started to rot and Marge turned into a bush then crashed a car into a crowd.

      At the end, Homer got out of the skin and was naked and started running home. At that point it turned into me and I was running naked through the streets at morning. It was actually pretty funny and lots of people were laughing and I got on the news.

      Two seperate naked dreams in one night? What's up with that?

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