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    1. Airport Sushi, Sinoblak, Cookieh and Oblivious Searching, One-Fifth Monster

      by , 07-19-2012 at 06:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Airport Sushi (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside preparing myself to go inside one of the planes in an Airport area. There are a few people going on the plane as well. The sky is light gray, feels like it's either going to rain, or maybe it's early morning.

      I follow along with the group of dream characters, just to make I don't miss my flight that's right there in front of me. An elderly man that looks a lot like a tennis coach I used to have is here to direct us inside the plane I believe.

      He had gray hair, wore one of those safety vests on top of his long-sleeved shirt, wore long pants, and was Caucasian. He didn't really talk much, and I can only recall him using hand gestures. Before we follow his instructions, a gust of wind hits me and everyone else all over, and I realized that this must be generated by the plane that's actually being operated at the moment.

      I ignored how dangerous that was, and then finally went inside some small building to get ready to go on the plane. I go inside, and the building feels empty. The building's composition is glass all over, even for most of the doors. There are escalators both going down and up, and I follow the dream character instead of waiting for the others to respond.

      It seemed the path we're going to would lead to boarding on the plane. I knew who the person was that I'm following. I only saw the back of his body, but his hair alone was enough for me to know.

      He had blonde hair, slightly dirty blonde hair, wore a fancy black polo shirt, and khaki or a really light gray long pants. He probably wore a light brown or black dress shoe. Oh, and let's call him Con.

      As I'm waiting for the escalator to send me all the way up, Con wastes no time to start skipping, even when there's no rush to reach the boarding area. I start to do the same, and then we have to walk a little before going down on an escalator.

      I didn't wait for this one to carry me down either, I just started skipping the steps and finally reached the bottom.

      I hear two females talking to each other, and I believe they're wondering how they are going to find their seats or something, I just assumed they were completely clueless based on the tone of their voices.

      I think the dream shifts to where I'm finally on the plane, but for me, this feels like I'm in a mini-hotel or something. Instead of analyzing the environment around me, I just take advantage of the bed or chair I'm sitting on and just relax.

      There's a female asking us if we would like something to eat, because they have a lot of food to offer. I didn't want to go at first, but I finally got up and followed the lady to the right on my right. The flooring is mostly dark red carpet, and maybe dark blue at some other rooms as well.

      Things felt luxurious for me when I saw all of the food on the table. The foods that caught my attention the most were various Sushi and chopped up chicken breasts. I get a bowl, and I believe it's a red ceramic bowl.

      I guess it makes sense for me that it's red, especially since I used a red ceramic bowl for eating cereal yesterday.

      I don't hesitate at all while I'm adding stuff to the bowl, I took a lot of what looks like the Sushi and the chopped up (and cooked) chicken breasts. The chicken breasts had a very light brown color.

      I most likely went back to my fancy room, still not cognizant on whether it's a hotel, airplane, or even both at the time.

      I think I'm called again if I would like more food, and I think I follow another lady for more to eat.

      Sinoblak (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to Sinoblak on the Dream Views forums, something related to our dreams. All I was paying attention was her avatar and name, everything else went out of focus for me.

      Except when she posted about shifts or something in our dreams or something like that.

      Cookieh and Oblivious Searching (Non-lucid)


      I did a WBTB before I recalled these sets of dreams, which is why my recall for everything right now is okay.

      I'm waiting for a train to come, and while I'm being passive in paying attention for it to come, the train is already halfway through. I still have a little distance to make one final dash.

      I tried doing a curved dash, like moving away from the plane while running, and then turning to the right to leap and hopefully get a grip on the bar on the back of the train, but I failed.

      I had some feeling that I shouldn't be on the tracks, but I saw at least one person walking near the tracks to go up the stairs somewhere. And the actual tracks themselves, I thought it would be dangerous to step on them because I thought it would be an electrical hazard.

      I step over the tracks, nothing bad happens. I get out of the train station, and randomly walk around, trying to find some place to go. I don't know why I wanted to take the train I just missed, but now that I'm in a huge conflict with not knowing where it was going in the first place, it's very hard to find any kind of guidance in the dream.

      I think I run a little bit, looking over to my right at the skies. I think I see some huge city skyscrapers, and decided that I should find a way to head over there. While I'm running, or just power walking, I think I'm going into a section with various warehouses and storage garages.

      There are a few teenagers, maybe around the ages of 16-18, and they look like Skater posers or something, based on how they dressed themselves, and how most of them are practically skinny.

      But this was a rushed rationalization based on what I saw from my peripheral vision, or at least when taking a 1 second glance at them approaching my direction, but not necessarily to talk to me or anything.

      I started to develop a fear that they were coming after me though, since I'm all alone in a random section with warehouses and storage garages outside, I just couldn't help it. I ran a little bit faster, and then the feelings of fear eventually faded away.

      I don't know where I ran, but now it seemed I'm finally in an area with some people to start asking questionings too. The first person I talk to is red-headed. Her hair is somewhat long, almost reaching her shoulders.

      I assume this person is Cookieh, just because of other features I've noticed that matched the real one.
      (And I mean that in a non-creepy way).

      I asked the Cookieh look-a-like a question, most likely relating to where the hell I am at the moment. She looked a little depressed for some reason, and I asked her if she can give me a ride to somewhere that I can't remember. She's still looking down, and I guess I just take that as a "no."

      I don't think she wanted to talk to anyone with the state she was in. I open a glass door to go into a building, and I get some kind of mental flash that someone posted a picture of a nipple on the Dream Views forum.

      And because of that, I had some reflex that basically made me think, "YOU CAN'T POST NIPPLES ON DREAM VIEWS!!!!!"

      I take a look at the animated nipple in my mind, and it's oozing out so much breast milk, and the fact that it's not attached to anyone's body freaks me out a bit. After that random episode, I think I ask someone else for directions.

      I can't remember if it was a male or female, but they pointed to the sky. I look up, and they mentioned about how I could go to some big company to get more information on what to do next. The same finger that was pointing up was geared towards some huge building being held by some large machine crane, ready to drop it at its new location.

      Seeing a building lifted up like that was pretty cool, but also scary because with dream logic and all, it could end up pretty bad if it fell somewhere else.

      The dream shifts to where my perspective changes to where I see myself walking to someone.

      While I'm in this spectator first person view, I see gray hair to my left, and then realize it's an old lady, and apparently, she's the owner of whatever section I'm in. I shift my perspective back to the dream body of myself that I was previous contained in, and the lady continues to declare that I could go anywhere but near her and her daughter.

      I don't know what she thought I was going to do to her daughter, but I think I remember seeing the daughter at some point in the dream. She was hot, but it's not like I was going to sexually assault her or something.

      After the old lady gave me the freedom to walk around this city, and by the looks of where I am, either the city is just naturally dark, or maybe it's night time in the city.

      I don't remember what I do next though.

      One-Fifth Monster (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much, but I think I'm fighting, or getting close to fighting a random monster. I don't know its name, but someone declares that it gives 1/5 Retribution or something like that.

      Guess it was some kind of RPG-esque kind of dream.

    2. King of the Pirates, Mattress Sneaking Mission, Blonde and Sinoblak, Alyzarin

      by , 07-08-2012 at 06:38 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      King of the Pirates (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm reading a One Piece Manga, and someone who claims to be the King of the Pirates wants someone else to take the title. That same person looked more like Zolo, except with a bigger chest and way taller than usual.

      Apparently this Zolo look-a-like was stabbed on the left side of his chest, barely piercing through his heart. He was okay, just twitching his eyes a little bit from the pain.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Mattress Sneaking Mission (Non-lucid)


      I think I was a complete idiot in this dream.

      I'm inside a fairly dark area, and I believe I'm using a mattress at some point to hide from some people, I think they were two black females who were really overweight. I watched their movements to know when to dash past them and I eventually get out of the area.

      I doubt they would've done anything to me, because no one was carrying weapons or anything like that. I go to some store, and I have to deliver something for someone. I go to the cashier, tell him about it, he immediately knows, and pays me like $20 in cash for my troubles.

      I think I wanted more money from him, but I said thank you to him and left.
      Blonde and Sinoblak (Non-lucid)


      I don't know, but Sinoblak was talking to me, either through a message or she was actually next to me on my left.

      Though I wasn't paying too much attention to her because a blonde came out of nowhere on my right. How she made her own entry was kind of..........abnormal.

      It's like she made some medium of a black-hole or a vortex, and when she spreads her arms out and forms a circle to make the medium she's traveling through bigger, she gets closer to me. I believe she's wearing a black shirt, and I can't recall what leg-wear she wore.

      Sinoblak was trying to tell me something, but this blonde in front of me surprised me too much, and I couldn't resist looking at her.....

      Her face was fairly small, a little cheeky, nice glowing blonde hair, and a beautiful smile.

      I can't remember much, but I feel sad that's all I remembered. Maybe she could be my dream guide, but eh, whatever.

      She's the first blonde female in my dreams to ever make such a fancy entry by using warping dimensions as her means of travel, which is actually what I would like to do to save time as well.

      Hmmmmm................NO DON'T ANALYZE LINK.
      Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      I forget how the dream started initially, but I find Alyzarin through some random dream characters I think that showed me where she was.

      I look at the female in front of me. She's wearing a white vest and a long white dress as well. I think at the ends of the same dress, there was a bit of brown covering all the way up to her ankle region I believe.

      She had long and beautiful brown hair, both wavy and curly, her skin looked so pure and innocent.
      If I could just touch it, I bet I could've felt the smoothness and slight coldness of it.

      I get closer to her, but I'm not sure she's Alyzarin though, but her hair and skin reminds me of her.

      I'm not sure if she's shocked to see me and is too shy to respond, or if she was just lifeless at the time.

      I think I hug her....
      maybe that's just pushing the recall into wishful thinking. :/
    3. No Ordinary Job.

      by , 05-04-2012 at 10:39 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Hope you enjoy.

      Dream #1 Oneironaut's Plan.

      Im in some huge warehouse with Oneironaut Zero. He shows me this huge map on a table and different locations of places that we need to investigate. He is wearing some black shades, and a militant uniform with badges all on him. I reach in my pocket and grab my hawk coin and sit down in this chair while he is explaining to me this plan that he has devised.

      Picking up Sinoblak.

      Im in the backseat of a car, while Oneironaut is driving. It is night time, and we are driving on a highway. Oneironaut is telling me something about blending in at the place where im headed so we don't blow our cover. We pull up to this building and pick Sinoblak up. She is wearing a long black trench coat with some dark shades on and has black leather gloves on and tight leather pants with leather boots.

      No turning back now.

      Oneironaut is going over the plan with me and Sinoblak again. He tells us that this is no easy walk in the park, and that we need to be careful with our words once in the building.
      I get out the car and Sinoblak gets out and i walk up to this building and SB stops me and hugs me and says to be careful.

      4:30 -4:45 Am. Did some subconscious training and went back to bed.

      WILD - Dream #2 The Romancer.

      Im in some Boat, It is night time. with this beautiful Greek woman with long dark hair, and slanted eyes, and a very curvy figure. Im in bed with her telling her something about i have to leave because im putting her life at risk. She cries telling me please don't leave her and letting me know she wants to go with me. I kiss her and look back at her as i leave. I walk back to her and give her my Maroon Moonstone totem and tell her to keep it. I also mention to her that she will see me again when the time is right. We kiss eachother passionately and i head for the docks and flee thru the forest.

      On the Run.

      Im wanted for something, and im fleeing thru the forest hearing dogs barking and helicopters going over me. It is enough to make me lucid, and i decide to continue on with my scenario. I hear swat team members talking, as i head for one of my hideouts. Its another boat area, and im, setting up different traps and baits trying to be as quick as possible. Im hearing windows shatter, and footsteps enter the boat as i am preparing traps and things on the boat. I reach in the fridge, and grab some soda and throw some sort of pill and small object in the bottle. I duck behind the kitchen counter, and toss the bottle hearing a loud explosion. I run thru the smoke, tackling thru all the members and even taking their weapons. I shoot, stab, and take out an entire swat team of these guys.

      I dive thru the carpet floor and wake up.

      5:35 - 5:45 Am. Did plenty of reality checks with my totem. And a little bit of subconscious training.

      Dream #3 Snake Charmer.

      Im in my 2nd home fighting this giant snake lady. She has a face of a goddess, but her body is a long snake. She takes her tongue and tries wrapping it around me, I am caught in her tongue.. and managed to flee from her grip by biting her tongue. She screams and lets me loose. Im running thru different rooms as she is slithering thru the halls and take her rattlesnake tail and bashing thru walls trying to get me. She is hissing and laughing at the same time this is being done. I look at the wall as it is a dead end, I turn around and look at her and fall backwards and wake up.

      False awakening.

      Im in my 2nd home again and wake up in my bed I look around and notice that im here in my 2nd home, and start becoming lucid i started thinking about the TOTM. I went outside looking for a DC to possess no one in sight. i started walking around and noticed a old man sitting down at a table. I walk up to him and hear my alarm going off in wl and wake up.

      Notes: I am fairly happy with my recall now. I could have went back to sleep after my last dream, but had to be up 2 hours later.
    4. Room 727, and searching for Sinoblak again.

      by , 04-30-2012 at 12:56 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Enjoy as always.

      Dream #1 Searching for room 727.

      Im in a school in a hallway, and there are different women speaking to eachother in another language i do not understand. I am rubbing my totem in my left hand looking at the hallway of the school im in. There are trophys in the display glass, there are different classrooms im passing with different teachers teaching a certain subject. I am now in a Gymnasium where there are teenage boys running around the Gym doin jogging excercises. I noticed a Coach nearby, he was a stocky build white male, (possibly in his 50's) had a thick mustache and beard with his hair combed back and it was chestnut brown. For some reason my subconscious wants to know where is a room number 727?
      Hmm...so i walk up to the man and ask him.. "Can you tell me where room num 727 is?"
      He gives me directions and i head back to the hallways in search for this room num.
      Im walking thru the halls and go up these stairs, looking at different numbers..why does this place feel like i been here before?

      Im now lucid and say..Might as well find Sinoblak!

      Final dream: Looking for Sinoblak again.

      Im still walking down different hallways, and spot a room number 727. I knock on the door and a white woman with long brunette hair and big blue eyes answers with an accent..
      "Yes, may i help you"?
      I pull out a pic of Sinoblak. "Yes, you mind telling me where i can locate this lovely lady?"
      "Hmm.. ah certainly."
      She walks over to a desk looking thru files. She should be in this room here. (I forget these other numbers she gave me) I take the paper and walk back out the hallway walking in seach of Sinoblak. A man walks past me and accidently bumps me and the paper goes flying with the rest of his files he had in his hands.
      "Uh sir i am terribly sorry."
      "Its ok." Im a bit pissed here and try looking thru all the papers. I ended up waking up here i believe looking thru all of the papers. As the man kept rambling on about some stupid class he was about to teach, and kept trying to tell me corny jokes. (Damn DC's)

      Notes: Well i did'nt get much sleep yesterday, but am happy i remembered this much! =D Was certainly close to finding SB in this dream. funny how DCs can be annoying at times. But its all good, atleast i know i am able to search for her more proficently.

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    5. Our little thing, her love for guns, and finding Sinoblak again.

      by , 04-19-2012 at 07:35 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now sit back and enjoy.

      Dream #1 This little thing of ours.

      Im in a room (possibly one of my dream homes i built) talking to Natalia about our status.
      So we just gonna keep yelling at eachother for nothing?
      "Nobody told you to do it, you did it YOURSELF"!
      Forget it, just forget it. (obviously she is upset about what i do not know)
      Where are we right now hm? HM?
      "What are you talking about"?
      I mean where do we stand? This little thing of ours?
      "I am who you want me to be".
      What i mean is how long we gonna keep doin this huh!? I mean its like we fight then we make up. What the fuck Natalia? I mean if something is bothering you just come right out and say it!
      "KISS MY ASS"!
      (She walks away from me) Alright fine, be that way then.

      Dream #2 She got herself a shotgun.

      Me and Natalia are driving down a highway in a marron coloured corvette. And that song shotgun is playing on the radio. She has a new shotgun she named it lola. She is dancing nodding her head to the music in her dark shades, and tapping the steering wheel.
      "I love this song". Always puts me in the mood to go shoot some shit up!
      Lmao. Whats with you and your love for guns Natalia hm? I always wondered that.
      "What can i say? Some girls love sugar and spice and everything nice, uh uh, not this girl."
      She likes a feel of the cold steel gripped between her palms, and the smell of gun powder always gets me wet".
      I see. (my mind drifts a bit here) We pull up to a apartment complex.

      So this is the place?
      "Mmhm. You got your pistol"?
      Yea. You got lola?
      "Oh yea, lets go take em out".

      The mansion.

      Its evening time, and the location seems to be somewhere by Miami somewhere. We walk up to this big mansion, and walk to the side of the house. Ducked down low, we creep thru the back of this mansion. We go seperate ways, and peek thru windows. There are a few men in suits joking in the house about something. I tap on the glass 4 times and duck, then run around the side of this mansion. A guy runs out to check to see whats going on. I notice Natalia creeps up behind the man and cracks his neck. (My memory gets foggy here) and the dream fades.

      Dream #3 trying to find Sinoblak again.

      I did a wild at 5:30 am. Im now in my current home looking in the mirror. I reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. I rub it, I build my awareness with it. Where am i right now? What did i just do a hour ago? I was asleep a hour ago. I GOT TO FIND SINOBLAK!!!
      I dive thru the mirror. I end up at some empty apartment. Was Sino here? I look around the apartment trying to find clues. I pick up books, and pieces of paper with notes written on them. I grow a bit impatient and set out to look for her. I exit the apartment, im not in America anymore, this place feels different yet somehow familar.

      I walk slowly down this empty street late at night. I notice a stray german sherpard wandering the streets as well. I whistle to him he walks up to me. Hey there boy, can you help me find a friend? I go back to the aparatment to find a bunch of cars there blocking the entrance. There are men standing around talking about something. I am now spotted by two of the men. "Hey you"! What the hell do you think your doing here!

      Not feeling like fighting or do i? hehehe The men run up to me, one the men swings at me i duck and jab at him in the face. Not wanting to use any special ability here, as i wanted to increase the intensity of the dream more. Another guy runs up to me and i counter his punches and crack his arm and headbutt him in the face. After they are laid out, I say now gotta finish finding Sinoblak. I walk thru doors opening doors searching for her. I look thru stores, food places, i go thru malls searching for her even calling for her.

      Finally i fall backwards and have a false awakening.

      Dream #4 Reading thru my files and records.

      Im in my 2nd home in my living room on the couch looking thru my files and records searching for something.
      (my doorbell rings) I go answer the door its a Asian dude asking me something about helping him find his sister cause she may be in danger. I tell him hang on give me a min.
      I put my files up in my room and arm myself with a pistol and head out the door.

      Dream #5 Not in my house.

      Me and this one black dude was talking about whos better on the court. Im playing him in basketball and just remember yelling out something like. "Yea thats what im talking about"! Not in my house! And i wake up.

      Final dream Time is running out.

      Running thru this house shooting at these men chasing me in suits. Im evading their bullets, and exit thru doors. I stare at my watch using my mental strength to slow down time. I dive thru this nearby mirror and up in a huge house. I hear a piano being played. I walk over to see this little girl playing this piano. She has very fair complexion, looks like she is 8 or 9 and has dark black hair and blue eyes. I ask her how did she learn to play piano.

      "Oh my friend taught me".
      Wow, she must be really good then. Listen can you help me find a friend? I show her a pic of Sinoblak?
      "Mmm i think shes out right now but she should be back soon". Have a seat.
      I sit on the couch listening to this child prodigy playing the piano. That music is so calm i say. I fall asleep.

      False awakening.

      Im in my bed and look around everything looks normal and feels normal but is it?
      I reach underneath m,y pillow to grab my totem and start reality checking.
      I knew it..SINO IM COMING!!! I dive thru the mirror and end up at some casino.
      I look around trying to search for Sinoblak. I walk around glancing at poker tables, slot machines, all while rubbing my hawk coin totem. I see a woman waiting by a bar, she looks like Sinoblak. I see her brunette hair as she flicks it drinking her drink, she is wearing a bergund dress and looks very elegant this evening. I walk over to her, I hear music in the distance, NO, NO, NO!!!! Not my beethoven alarm! The dream fades and i wake up.

      Notes: Im making real progress here. I can do a hell of a lot better then this though. I will find her! Im overall slightly dissapointed with myself, for my lack of focus in this dream. Clearly i have gotten thrown off quite a few times here. Well, tonight is another night so we see how it goes again.

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    6. Frags

      by , 04-18-2012 at 07:28 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Green means notes

      Notes: Possibly saw sinoblak, but not sure if it was her.

      Dream #1 Subconscious training

      Im in my room wearing my white dress shirt with dark black pants, and my black loafers.
      Im doing some subconscious training looking in the mirror rubbing my multiplying hawk coin totem.

      Dream #2 Hallway full of mirrors.

      Im walking down some hallway looking for someone. (possibly sinoblak) there are mirrors all on the walls, i hear my name being called in the distance. I look back to see a slim girl, very lean and a has a very excited look on her face. She looks just like sinoblak, Unfortunetely i don't recall much from here, and I wake up.

      Final dream Reading sinoblaks dream entry.

      Im in the den in my home, online on dreamviews reading a dream entry by sinoblak.

      Notes: I remember seeing someone in the hallway who looks just like sinoblak, but im not sure if it was her. Well im defintely gonna be sleeping alot earlier now, because i been up late the past few nights and that is really messing up my sleep cycle and recall.
      Hopefully i will get better results tonight.
    7. Frags from last night

      by , 04-14-2012 at 07:25 PM (My Dream Records)
      Dream #1 Checking my email with a damn parrot on my shoulder

      Im my current house on the computer in my den logging into dreamviews. On my shoulder is a parrot who keeps yapping away about my email message or something.

      Dream #2 A message from sinoblak

      Im emailing sinoblak something, (possibly about this parrot) And i think i mention something to her about, the parrot speaks 5 different languages.

      Dream #3 Subconscious Training

      Im in my room wearing my dark blue long sleeve casual shirt, my black dress pants with my black stacy adams, and my glasses on. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and i believe i was looking in the mirror doin some subconscious training.

      Final dream #4 Where are my keys?

      Im looking all around the house for my keys and can't seem to find them.

      Notes: I am very dissapointed with myself and my recall here. This is not like me. Well i was up all night online, so can't say i did'nt see this one coming! LOL. Guess i need to start heading to bed earlier then.

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    8. Bicycle Problem, Danny Phantom and Big Gorilla, Weird Question, Sinoblak, Meeps

      by , 02-25-2012 at 06:46 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: Bicycle Problem

      I was riding my bicycle within Texas A&M University. I'm near the intersection, and I most likely was just leaving the West Campus. The Walk Sign was on, so I started to ride my bicycle, and then, it just stops operating on me.

      Since the Walk Sign has a timer, I immediately got off the bike and was carrying it so that I wouldn't stall traffic if the timer was close to 0.

      I get to the other side of the sidewalk,and I'm pretty pissed off that this bicycle was getting worse and worse. I look below the bicycle, and see that the chain completely split off and disconnected itself from the bicycle, there was no way I was going to be able to fix this bicycle this time.

      As I'm busy being engrossed with this bicycle's breakdown, I feel someone is behind me. I turn around and see this female with bleached blonde hair.

      I think she was wearing a blue shirt or maybe even Tye-dye shirt (thank you Alyzarin for the clarification )
      , and was wearing jeans that made the sides of her hips more defined.

      It felt like I was blocking her way, and I apologized to her for that, and she said that it's okay and moved along her way.

      Then I think the dream shifts to where I'm talking to my father, and he says that the money I've been given for in college is my money, and that I should do what I think it's right with it
      (I don't know why I didn't catch that, my father is being more accepting of how I handle money in waking life, but still tries to be serious at times because he thinks I'm just reckless with it for some odd reason).

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm getting new bicycle that allows me to go way faster because of its structure, and brakes are way more efficient compared to the one I had before.

      Then parts of the bicycle starts to come off, but I managed to re-attach it with ease. There were some DCs around when I was fixing it, but I didn't pay too much attention to them. However, there was some child DC that was looking at the bicycle.

      It seemed he like he was 13 years old or so, and he looked like he wanted to pass through where I was blocking him. I told him he can just go around to the other side, and he does, and I forget about him.

      Dream 2: Danny Phantom and Big Gorilla

      I'm inside some random place, and I go into this room that looks pretty fancy. It has nice flooring, bookshelves all over, and all sorts of things to make it look like a fancy private study room or office.

      Then I slowly peek through this black void to the left of me, and see some really big Gorilla monster with red eyes. I quickly go back to the room, wondering if it saw me. I move back a little and turn around and find it slowly getting closer to me.


      I try to hide under the desk, but it keeps coming after me. Then I was in that "TO HELL WITH THIS" kind of mood and ran quickly, dodging the lasers it was shooting from its eyes most likely.

      I barely managed to dodge them, and I go deeper into the black void that sent me to the small cave base it was in before, and I go beyond that to another black void, and apparently this monster is what you have to defeat to get a lot of gold (9,999 was the highest I guess).

      I see some valuable stuff that looked like diamonds and grab them and go to another black void. I see some DBZ characters getting ready to teleport their way out, and I try to quickly get to them before they disappeared, but I was too late. I'm thinking in my mind that I'm probably screwed because this Gorilla monster was going to get me.

      As soon as the Gorilla starts to shoot more lasers from its eyes again (probably) a DC that looks like Danny Phantom comes in out of nowhere to take the hit. Apparently the laser makes you turn older.

      Danny had a mustache and a goatee and was doing some random things I can't really remember.

      Dream 3: Weird Answer to Lecture Problem

      A teacher was asking a class a pretty tricky question in class, she was mentioning something that seemed to relate to Biology, and the answer ended up being "Lungs."

      I was confused by this, and that's all I remember.

      I think her mentioning the answer "Lungs" was probably a way for me to do an Nose plug RC to see if I could breathe, but again, I blindly pass off the chance to become lucids.

      I decided to attempt a WILD, but then the dreams after this attempt ended up being non-lucid. However, I did feel a lot of sensations, now that I think about it, I could've done MANY reality checks....MANY. These dreams probably didn't start in this order.

      I hear my mouth moving, feeling certain objects, etc. And dang it! I couldn't meet Alyzarin! I can't wait to sleep early tonight though, since I'll have lots of sleep time Sunday.

      I feel like I met Sinoblak, and the next dream after that, I know for sure I was meeting Meeps. But I didn't meet Alyzarin But I did meet an Asian woman that was a bit shy, but I don't know if Alyzarin is Asian or not. If so, then this shared dreaming is almost working.

      I felt a lot of conflict between meeting Meeps and the Asian woman though, I'll have a better description

      Dream 4: Meeting Sinoblak in Laboratory

      The vividness of this dream was crazy, most likely because I slept for another 2-2.55 hours (7-9:55AM I believe) after staying up for a WBTB from 5:30 AM or so to 7 AM.

      The environment is weird for this one. It was like being in a House, but also having half of a laboratory in it.

      Apparently the person I met in this dream was Sinoblak, I tried to get her to talk a little bit to me, but she looked a little shy at first. I saw one of the professors I had in my Intro to Biochemistry Course.

      Let's call her Glass
      (since this this dream involved a lot of fragile things). She's a dirty blonde haired professor, and she's around probably her 30-40s. The dream portrayed her image with accurate features. She was the type of woman to conceal some things, even though as a woman so close to middle-age, I had an attraction to her.

      The way she had glasses, and how she would stutter in front of class almost excited me in a twisted way. I knew she was an intelligent woman, and apparently she was known to be condescending towards students sometimes. She looks like your typical nerdy woman, but her body was so enticing to me.

      Anyway, before I get too deep with that odd liking of her that I have..

      It's just that the dreams I've had made me more sexually aware of certain people I've met. My recall is okay, it's typical for me to remember dreams where I felt I was lucid because in all my lucids, I can keep a pretty decent check of certain events and chain them together...still have lingering images of meeting Sinoblak.

      "Glass" was wearing a red sweater, concealing her wonderful body, and she was wearing Khaki pants, and her legs and her ass were so perfect. It was kind of cute seeing her in a red sweater, and have her lower regions so defined in the right areas, despite her age being around 30-40.

      The pants did look a bit tight on her, but I'm sure she was comfortable with it.

      (or at least the picture on her avatar that the dream presents to me into an entity) has something in a Ziploc bag. It looks like a Petri Dish is inside of it. I ask her what it is, and I'm not sure if Sinoblak is the one talking or "Glass," but I'm informed that the sample Petri Dish was Gonorrhea.

      I know there was another name for it, but all I remember for this one is Gonorrhea. Sinoblak started opening the bag, and I'm signaling to her "Nononononononono" while waving my hands to the sides.

      But she wasn't afraid or anything, she just took the Petri sample right out of the bag. I take the sample, then I realize I better get some gloves.

      I'm still in this half-house, half-laboratory setting, so I go inside the house, and the glove boxes are on top of a bar like shelf (as in to serve alcohol).

      I quickly put them on and basically said that it's time to get this thing started. Apparently Sinoblak couldn't see the sample of the Gonorrhea in the Petri Dish. What I saw in the Petri Dish before I used the microscope were several orange dots grouped together, so I wondered why Sinoblak couldn't see them with human eyes.

      I takes me a while to coordinate the Microscope, but I eventually see the object zoomed in.

      It looks pretty random, the colors that I think that were apparent were green and orange, and I move the base around and used the fine adjustment knob to get a little more clarity. I told Sinoblak that I finally found what she was looking for.

      I believe she goes and checks by looking through the microscope. She fiddles around with it by alternating the magnification lens, then I realized that she used the highest objective lens. I checked to see if the lens broke, and was worried that she probably broke them.

      I look through the microscope, and yeah, it's broken. Sinoblak talks to me for once, and she sounds like a typical American female doing so. She said that "Glass" was inside her office, so I decided to switch the broke Microscope with a new one inside some cabinets underneath.

      After that, I can't remember anything else. The dream shifts however to where I'm at a lecture room. The stairs leading to several seats to pick from left and right were covered in a dark blue with a few mix of colors type of carpet flooring.

      By this time, I don't think I have any hunches of Sinoblak being around, but I see "Glass" in her red sweater again.
      (I bet that she wanted to get my attention with the red sweater...lady in red..)

      I didn't pay attention to her that much this time, I saw two DCs sitting together that look oddly familar in waking life. Let's call the girl "J-Lisa" and the guy "Jero."

      I think the area I'm in was probably a review for Chemistry, since I saw some sheet that increase in pressure and increase in volume equaled something that I can't remember.

      What happened next in that dream was too boring for me to even talk about, I was just glad to see that I probably Met Sinoblak non-lucidily.

      Now to talk about my ecounter with Meeps and an Asian Woman.

      Dream 5: Meeting Meeps and Asian Woman

      My recall for this one may be a little shorter, but describing the sensations I felt in this dream might be the most of the content of this dream. I find myself feeling people's energy, or at least trying.

      I believe the dream starts out with me sitting on a lab table somewhere, and a blonde girl who looks like the partner I had for a Biochemistry presentation on Eldepryl turns her face and smiles at me. I take a moment to look at her for a while, and she retains her smile for a little longer, and I smile back to her.

      She turns back to looking at something. I can't remember much after that. The dream shifts to where I see another blonde, and she has her arms positioned to where one was balancing her face and the other was supported the other arm.

      It looked kind of like Meeps, I'm sure it was Meeps, it felt like Meeps. We didn't do much, except that I was listening to her talk about something. Then I see a short video clip in my mind of her snowboarding.

      She was doing something pretty dangerous while snowboarding, she was going off a snowy ramp, and it looked like she was going to fall flat on the snow because there wasn't a ramp to stabilize her descent back to the snow. She lands safely, and I think she immediately disconnects her snowboard from her feet and starts walking.

      Then the dream shifts (I'm having a lot of shifts because I can't recall things in between), and I meet this Asian woman standing there depressed. I'm not sure if it was a certain someone I was looking for, or just a random DC. I come near her, and I'm kind of hesitant in socializing with her.

      Some things happen in between the dream that I can't recall too well, but I think the Asian woman finally cheers up and says "I love you!!!" when I asked her if she loved me (I think I asked her that).

      She hugs me, and I could feel her warmth, then I saw Meeps. She looked sad, I think she was jealous of what happened with me and the Asian girl. I tried to go to her to do something. I honestly don't know what I could've done.

      I don't remember what I did to cheer her up, but I went back to the Asian lady. She started to become more vibrant I believe. Her hair started to get more curlier, and I believe she was wearing a red jacket (the one with a furry feel to it, but not animal fur).

      I remember me hugging her by her waist, and we were going down the stairs carefully together. She took one step, I took one step, and we continue doing this.

      I can't remember much after that. Lol, I've been saying that loosely, I should be glad I remembered these experiences, and the senses from them helped a lot with recall too.

      Thanks Kaomea. But darn it, I'm sad that I couldn't see Alyzarin. Oh well, next time.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. With Father at Party, Blonde DC and her Friend, Child, DV members mentioned and DCs look familar....

      by , 01-25-2012 at 03:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Well, I woke up a lot earlier than the time I set for my external alarm, which is why I probably remembered a lot of these dreams instead of waking up feeling like I was rushed or something.

      Dream 1: Sitting with my father & Balancing on Pipes

      I was sitting down with my father at night outside at some party I guess. Apparently, his phone can tell how far somewhere is to real land or something like that. So I look over to the phone changing its status from one word to "Real."

      Then suddenly, I'm on top of several pipes connected to each other, and one DC tries to grab some red cloth. Then I have to grab the red cloth I believe, and suddenly I have to fight another DC with a pole stick or something like that.

      I feel Like Satan-pipes2.jpg

      I decided that instead of fighting while balancing on pipes, that I should just fall down, and get out of there through a door.

      Dream 2: Following Blonde DC and her friend

      I'm outside, most likely at my University because I'm walking on towards a place, most likely Kyle Field. I'm wearing a brown leather jacket and probably wore long jeans with a shirt (probably).

      I see this DC who looks exactly like the girl named Samantha that I knew in real life. She was a blonde, but I think she dye her hair black again, or maybe she really did have black hair.

      Anyway, this DC was blonde, and some other female DC was right next to her. I think she was looking to see where she could get a Zune HD. Her friend has a Zune HD, but she said that's not the type she's looking for.

      I come a bit closer to show them my Zune HD 32 GB, and before I showed it, Samantha said something about looking for the 32 GB version (her friend probably had the lesser storage type; 16GB I guess).

      I show it to her and said that I have it. She looks down at it and says that's the one she's looking for. She gets up and walks somewhere with her friend. I decided to follow both of them, and I put back my Zune HD inside the pocket of my jacket I believe.

      I keep following them until we're in a different dream scenario. I think we're outside this large area where they are selling books not only for college students, but for other people as well. It was more open to a lot of people, and it was bright as day, maybe afternoon at 1PM or 2PM setting to it.

      Samantha goes up to some old DC who is selling these random green and golden yellow books. She gets her credit/debit card out and asks if the guy could look it up with some source that I can't remember.

      I just remember seeing a big stacked green binder that looks like it has a lot of information. And the girl who was following Samantha as well, I think she was trying to get something from what the old guy was saying.

      He said something about her studying a lot, and that she probably wouldn't have time to read, in a joking manner. She asks if she has to buy a book, but the old man gives it to her for free and smiles.

      She smiles at him, and then she turns to me and smiles I think, or does a small turn to my direction and looks at me. She looks awfully familiar to person in waking life I've met in my College. She had light brown hair, wore those gray jackets with no zipper (had to pull it over your head), and wore typical jeans (she had somewhat skinny to average legs).

      Dream 3: Walking with a child to a store

      Apparently I'm convincing this little child who looks like he's Indian to follow me somewhere. I go into a store with the kid, and then go back out after a while. But before I headed for the door. I see some Indian child on top of some ledge that's pretty high to be on for his own safety.

      He was dark-skinned, and he was wearing a nose-strap-on that was lighter than his skin tone, Apricot-ish colored in fact. I couldn't see his eyes though. He looks at me from below and smiles and says "Pakistan."

      I ignore it and focus back my attention to the kid that was following me. I turn around and see him and tell him to come follow me.

      We get out through the door.

      I wake up after those set of dreams, and typed them up pretty quickly, and then did a WBTB with the FIELD, but I didn't do very well on holding the mouse button with my finger until I let go.

      Dream 4: Room full of DCs I knew in Waking Life and at least Three DV members mentioned.

      This dream was so vivid and so much like reality, that I swore it was beyond a regular lucid dream where everything felt like reality, and much more. I still can't tell if I'm dreaming, but I know my emotions carried on inside of this dream. If I became lucid, it probably would've been one of those rare experiences that felt like an OBE/AP...or just a WILD that was REALLY close to that experience.

      I was inside of a restaurant, it was probably afternoon time in this dream. It was fairly dark inside of this restaurant, but it did have lighting in it.

      I remember a DC I was talking to or listening to, but I didn't recall their features. He/She said something that Sinoblak and possibly Alyzarin too (I know Sinoblak was mentioned) wanted he/she to tell me that my true self is revealed when I was with them or something along those lines.

      I think the DC probably meant that when I'm alone socializing with them that is.
      (Maybe it's my subconscious response to me wondering if I'm really who I am when talking to others, not too sure on that reply it gave me...)

      The DC also mentioned something about nina too.
      Too embarrassing to reveal here.
      While this DC was telling me all this, I was drinking something in those restaurant cups. I almost wanted to spit out the drink that was in my mouth when this DC told me all of these things about DV members. I believe I tilted my head in questioning and raised my eyebrow or something like that listening to them as well.

      Then I had this small image in my head of Nina posting on a thread about something, couldn't remember what exactly. It seemed to be a casual thread on something. But I saw her Avatar pic and everything for a few seconds.

      The DC leaves, and I'm finding a seat to sit down on. An Indian or a dark-skinned female DC is at the front of the cash register, and I ask her for a menu. She gives it to me, and I as I'm reading it, the format was like going to Deviant Art's website.

      I had some confusion with finding the choices to eat, but I did know that I had a menu in front of me before I went up to get another one.

      I decided what I want, and I went up to this lady that looked Hispanic. She was talking to another DC, and they turned their attention to me. I said while stuttering a little bit (that facade of mine where I just suddenly lose my brain for a few seconds) and said that I wanted Nachos with cheese and meat.

      And I mentioned that I didn't know the the other choices I could pick, so she helped me out by asking if I wanted small, medium, or large.

      Of course, I pick large, and then when I turn my face the other way and turn back, the DCs are completely different. The lady that was helping me by asking me what size I wanted turned into my English AP teacher I had in a High School.

      (In waking life, her hair was light blonde (almost close to white)).

      She was asking me if I was involved in something in college I believe, I said "No," and she started to laugh with the DC next to her. (but it wasn't a laughing-at-you laugh, it was those laughs older women would express as a "Ooooh you!" laugh.

      I think it's even safe to declare that there was a long thin piece of hair elevating on the side of her face. It was just those moments where you see that nearly invisible strand of hair at first glance, but don't say anything about it unless you really knew them.

      Then I find myself near the entrance of the store, and the whole scene changes to where there's white tiles on the floor, and the whole area gets a little brighter than before. I see all these DCs that look exactly like the people I met in waking life.

      First everything is first-person perspective. I see this DC that looks like a person I drew in waking life, I turn around to greet him, and he says "Thank you." (probably saying thanks to the drawing I did for him and his friend, or maybe for something else).

      Then his other friend comes as he moves to another area in the large room. He's looking at the wall, and I try to get his attention by putting my hand out to him to shake, and said that it was nice to meet him.

      He was a bit surprised, and said he was nice to meet me too, but he didn't know who I was. Then I told him that I drew him, and he starts to realize who I am and greets me back.

      (Apparently I wanted to shake hands with the DCs around me for some odd reason)

      Then I turn back and see another DC, he was dark-skinned, and I wanted to shake his hand too, but he was holding something. So I turn back to look at the direction of the small group of DCs in front of me standing and probably talking to each other.

      Then I realize the same DC I wanted to shake hands with put the item he was holding (probably a jacket) down, and shook my hand.

      After that, I go up a little more to the area where the DCs were. I look up at the TV hanging on some mechanical medium to hold it in place. It said something about "Hey Freshie" and other things that I couldn't recall. I assumed that it was just me being a Freshmen in college, hence the word "Freshie."

      Then when I focus my attention to the DCs within the room. I see a female DC to the left of me that looks like the girl that was on the Tennis team I was part of in a high school I don't want to mention because she might find this dream journal.

      Let's just call her "K"
      (I'll probably remember the full name when I go back to glance over this entry later on).

      "K" is standing there, and from my peripheral vision, I could tell she was wearing a white shirt and wearing a pink short shorts (those types of shorts athletic girls wear).

      I feel Like Satan-pinkgrayraysshorts.jpg

      Then the last thing I recall was smiling after I was standing around with the DCs.

      Then I woke up.

      Honestly, the female DC that looked like "K," if I woke up, I would definitely would've fucked her right at that moment. Oh my god, my libido OOOOH if ONLY I WAS LUCID MAN!!! IF ONLY!!!!

      Her wearing the pink short shorts and just a white shirt, (and in waking life, her ass was big, but she was had strong thighs, not thunder-thighs). And that's one of the physical features that I liked about her.

      That's all I remember, I was a bit bothered for not remembering the whole message on the T.V.

      I don't know what the purpose was in showing all of these familiar DCs, but I'm glad I was able to recall a decent portion of what happened.

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    10. Nothing is real. o.o

      by , 01-24-2012 at 05:29 PM

      Very vague on this one, all I really remember is being in my pool with two random guys and listening to dubstep that was blasting really loud seemingly from nowhere. At one point they asked me if I knew any other good club music to which I just laughed and told them I hadn't even gotten started yet. Then I woke up.


      I was in the gym of my high school I think, playing soccer for a PE class with mostly other kids from my school but also my cousin who's four years younger than I am. I was barely paying attention to what was going on though, like usual when playing sports in class. At some point the ball came toward me and everyone started shouting at me so I was like alright, alright! and kicked it and it went WAY up the side of the gym wall, then curved around somehow and shot right toward the goal. Everyone started cheering, and then Sinoblak showed up to tell me congrats! After that I went and ate lunch with some people from my high school in the cafeteria, which was relatively normal lol.


      This one's just a snippet, and in third-person perspective. Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, aka Jason Segel, shows up to a party dressed as Britney Spears, with a wig and everything, and wearing blackface makeup, then gets embarrassed when he walks in and everyone gives him really strange looks. I can't make this stuff up.


      A girl comes over to my house and tells me that she's going to do electrolysis on my legs. I say, alright, um, why did you just show up to do that? And she starts explaining it to me in some gibberish but half way through the conversation she turns into a guy, though he still claims to be there for the same reason. He starts asking me lots of really strange questions and sneaking looks around my room, and I'm getting really suspicious. I change my attitude really quick to show that I don't like him, and then I start to think about a bag of ecstasy pills in my drawer, and he's really close to it. He pulls it open right before I can get over there to keep it shut, and stares at it for a second like he found what he was looking for and I think oh fuck, he's a cop! He starts trying to arrest me and I go on a long rant about how I don't even care about the drugs anymore or even really care that he's arresting me because life sucks and all this stuff, and on the way from my room to the living room he tells me that he's got a plan for us. He's going to admit to committing a murder and get taken to prison, then I need to flee and get across state lines and call in and admit that it was actually me who did it, then when he gets set free he can elope with the electrolysis girl (the one that was him before) and if the cops ever find me it won't be a big deal because it'll quickly be proven that there's no way I could've actually committed the murder.

      Suddenly I switch to a third-person view of him violently being thrown in a prison cell, proving that he went through with his part of the plan. Then I'm back in the living room like no time has passed at all but he's still gone, and I sit down on the couch next to my dad and tell him to lean in so I can tell him what's going on, but he keeps leaning in like annoyingly close in a way makes it really obvious I'm trying to hide this information from whoever else is in the house. As I'm telling him all this, I see one of the buckets they give you to put your trash in at Joe's Crab Shack, and there's a red flashing light on a black clip on the side. Oh crap, we've been bugged! One of the other cops, who I now think are actually some kind of thug gang, comes at sits down on the couch next to us. I can tell that he knows we're acting suspicious and was possibly even listening in to the conversation through the bug, and so he starts asking us about the movie that's playing on TV, which I haven't even remotely been paying attention to. Apparently, it's Madagascar 10. I remember the last question he asked was if it was the only one that was ever set in the ocean, and then I woke up.

      *phew* That one was really convincing.


      I definitely had one in between this and the last one, but I guess I only dreamed I typed it up in my phone. Oh well.

      There's a memorial service for the guy who went to prison (who's apparently dead now) and his accomplice, along with all the people they killed along the way, still in my living room. I'm there and I see the graves and everything but I'm paranoid that the guy is still going to come after me for some reason because his birthday, as listed in the memorial info, is the exact same day as mine and I'm convinced that maybe that's not even his real birthday and he's not actually dead, he's just like some kind of crazy serial killer and sending me a message. I start rambling to my dad about it, who's still sitting right next to me, and he gets fed up and says it looks like they're just going to have to accept it. He tells me that there never were any guys that came to our house or got killed, we never went on the run, and there's no memorial service or bugs or signs that I'm being watched or that someone's coming after me. They've been pretty sure for a while, but hoping it wasn't true, that I'm actually schizophrenic and I'm just hallucinating all of this and my delusions are just getting worse and worse as I'm becoming more paranoid. I have no idea what to think about this new information and it sends me into deep despair, and also makes me doubt that they're telling the truth but that just makes me think they might actually be right and I have no way of knowing what's real and what's not....

      Freakin' dreams!

      Sigh... so that's it. I also got a false awakening at the end of this where I started typing it all up in my phone, and got about half way though before I woke up. Lucky I did that early, having thought I logged it down I almost forgot most of it!