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    1. UFOs; Snow; Gypsies

      , 02-05-2016 at 07:52 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last nigt work 5pm-11pm.

      Bed 2am - 9:55am


      I'm walking outside in the ankle deep snow. It's at night and strong wind is blowing falling snow in all dirrections. I'm holding something small in my arms. Maybe it's a creature or a small child that is not really a child by age. I want to provide comfort so I hide him under my long coat. It's happy.

      I look back and I can't see anything. The lights of a large farm house have disappeared in the distance. It's a blizzard and we are joking about getting lost. Joking-because I know the way. I look under my feet and there is a barely visible but very clear path back to the house.

      I turn again away from the house and come to picket fence. I see some lights in the distance, growing biger. I hear 2 people from neighbors farm yelling at me something, warning me about approaching lights. I can recognize it as a fast approaching car. I know they have no chance of seeing me so I walk towards it and step left so I'm behind the fence. I let the car pass by me.

      (The snowfall was beautiful and providing comfort was comforting to me as well)


      I'm in my mom's kitchen. Somebody is talking loud just under the first story window in foreign language. I aonly recognize the word "Romania". 3 males are walking away and as they look back, I see they are typical Gypsies.

      I look outside to see what the noise is and there is a bunch of them standing outside the fence to our uncle's and our garden. Some of them are climbing on it and trying to break in.

      Here the story splits into 2 scenarios.

      1 - I walk outside and confront them. Their leader is threatening me and says I better keep the doors locked because he is coming back after my family.

      2 - Now that I know that ^^, at first sign of commotion outside, I grab my big handgun, walk outside and shoot the leader in the head. He drops dead and I ask "anybody else?"

      I know I should keep shooting and I either do or just imagine that scenario, as the cleanest and safest way to protect me and my family.

      There was a also a small handbag left by the leader on my table. It's moving just a tiny bit and I wonder what "mafia" message he left me in it. As I'm taking it outside, I'm thinking somebody's finger. But I see through the zipper, it's a nonvenomous snake.

      Next thing I know I see my dad outside and I'm asking him if he seen the snake. He says which one, and that he was rather big and he is joking, because he has him around his neck like a pet.

      My mom walks up and she pets the snake which is weird because she doesn't like them.

      They are coming closer, I pull out my gun and I tell them to stay back, because I'm gonna drop somebody. I'm thinking if the snake dies fast if I shoot him in the spine.


      I'm sitting by large windows in a rather large room. I look up at the skies (was practicing for TOTM in WL) and I see some flat clouds. They look like UFO clouds and I'm jokingly saying to someone about UFOs in the skies.

      I look to the left and there are some huge alien spaceships. They are all different, colors are muted by distance and slight fog. But they are very pretty grey and blue gray.

      There was some kind of aerial fight and some very tall structure looking like a street ligt, but reaching all the way to the clouds took a hit and started toppling over. The wery tip of it hit the window near me and fell on the pillow I had my head on just seconds later. My phone got damaged and it's screen got cracked. It still worked but all images were shrunk to the middle of the screen.

      A utility truck comes by fast. It's all burned up and metal is all twisted. I't going fast, dodging the holes on the street caused my explosions and falling debree.

      Now I'm standing on the corner of the street and another utility wehicle comes by fast and it's leaving brand new asphalt pavement. We are amazed how fast the city fixes itself after distruction.

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    2. Rising Thunder DA + (2)DILDS

      by , 06-18-2015 at 08:08 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      My brother and I appeared inside the garage, where we enter a small door near the left end of the wall. Once we were fully inside we found ourselves in a different place. It look like an underground battle arena, we were both in 3rd person point of view, watching a child fend himself from the traps hidden under the ground. We laugh considering how young he was and I started trying some of the moves he perform to evade a few situations. Soon I became 1st person point of view.

      Once this happen my brother and I both became lucid and found our opponent. He was a huge human male wearing modern clothes with a baseball cap. The only weapon my brother and I have was a cylinder shape silver liquid spray can. The towering human charge toward us, which we began using the spray can that cause the enemy to become sticky and unable to move. However this was not enough to defeat him as he soon broke free from it and quickly lunges at me with his right arm.

      Feeling confident I decided to block his attack, which led us going back and forth with hand to hand combat. After a few more punches to the face from one another. I lost my lucidity and soon after the dream scene had change. I found myself in the living room , the use to be large human was still there and threw his pants on me. I told him you should be more polite and continue to walk off. I then enter an unknown hallway that led me to my family. My father,mother, and brother were eating at the table.

      The sunshine pierce through the house making it very bright. All of them greeted me when I sat down with them. My father began talking to me but as soon as he did, I was having trouble hearing him. He then ends his speech by saying " that means I'll be working 6 plus 4 in total 10 hours each day " I stand up and ask does that mean I have a job? My father loses eye contact with me and remain silent. I left the table and retrace my steps to the unfamiliar hallway that surprisingly led me back to the living room.

      Once I've made it back I sat down and observe distant family relatives celebrating for their return. I watch them in till my brother showed up and sat next to me. I turn around to face him, I ask if he remember the dream we had today? He doesn't look at me and stares at his plate while using his fork to play with the food. He then tells me he wish he didn't remember it. I made a smirk telling him it was fun. That is when my eyes catch my father and I notice the other people I didn't know well leaving.

      Some of the guest didn't clean up so I offered to help out. The items I pick up were, some random green liquid , a dark box I didn't pay much attention to and a pen with a red pencil. I gave all of the items to my father except for the red pencil. After that the sunshine had faded, which soon left the house to be dim. I was still sitting at the living room reading a book and notice my brother sitting at the far right from where I was. Moments later our cousin approach us. I continue reading the book but was interrupted once she threw a napkin hurled up in to a ball at the page I was reading.

      I then got up and open the napkin to begin saying let see what my cousin has said to me. The words were short and didn't seem to be something I could understand. It stated "Dak-Shur" I came back to the table to see her now sitting and tell her and my brother a funny joke. We laugh for awhile, my cousin stated that this seems like the first time seeing me and proceeded to ask my various questions. If I was goth or in to certain dark books, I replied by saying I wasn't but didn't mind any content like that.

      She then kicks the chair I am in and for sometime the dream scene change. I must had been in third person again as I see two bobble headed man, one was arresting the other that had been dress in a police uniform. They argue for quite sometime before I found myself back in the living room sitting in the same spot. I assume I must have fallen asleep, and look at the window to see it was still night. I notice my brother was no longer at the living room table. The conclusion that he went back in to the underground dreamworld we were in the morning. I jolted to the garage and turn on the lights.

      I made sure to look around so I wasn't followed. I then open up the small door inside at the end of the garage wall. I dismantle one of the wall plugin. Soon after the front door to the garage began to creek open. I could see the face of my cousin looking at me. I shut the door without any warning and continue back to the dismantle plugin. I then tried to force my consciousness to transmit through the plugin to enter the dreamworld. However it did not work, I close the garage door and enter back in the living room.

      My cousin kept giving me strange looks, wondering what I was hiding from her. To evade her stare attacks, I enter inside the restroom in the living room. Pretending I needed to use it. That's when the ground beneath my feet started shaking violently. I could hear bombs exploding outside. I make an attempt to turn on the lights but it wasn't working. I fled the restroom and my father room. I tried turning on the lights there, it didn't work the first time , the second time the lights came on in a different angle than it usually would.

      This is a common sign in my dreams I thought. So I did the nose pinch RC twice and confirm I am dreaming. I went in to the kitchen and phase through the back door. While I am doing this I decided to say I am dreaming. I'm outside now, it looks like night still, the sky has skies above one another. The closest sky was cloudy while at the farthest sky had many visible lighting strikes resembling Jupiter thunderstorms. I make a decision about walking on the road or going up hill. I chose the hill as I check out the enticing sounds of the lighting.

      I was then approach by a tekken character and decided to greet each other. But soon after we both got tackle down to the ground by a DC. This makes me have an FA. Lucidity Time: 2 minutes
    3. My adventures as a crow (old dream) 02/12/2011

      by , 04-12-2012 at 05:22 AM (My Dream Records)
      Im asleep in my bed focusing on my breathing, when all of a sudden my body went numb and everything went completely silent. i then heard buzzing sounds and continued to focus on my energy aura increasing, i lifted my astral left arm and tried to peel of my sleep mask (i normally wear) on my face. but i kept pulling and pulling away until im just touching my eyes??? hmmmm.....last time i checked...i was wearing my sleep mask. or am i really awake and my sleep mask came off??? after all this trying to put my understanding into whether or not im dreaming i finally get up off the bed turn on the light and notice my sleep mask is gone? real funny brain. but im too aware, and refuse to become lost into fucking oblivion! so i walk over to my mirror and focus my energy into becoming a crow. i felt my arms become wings, my head become small, and my nose and mouth became long and curvy into a dark charcoal beak.my body shrink and it became filled with glossy black feathers. im now fully formed as this intelligent mischievious little bird, and decided its time to spread my wings and fly off into the night! i cawed 4 times and flew out my window into the night skies, i landed on a telephone pole and begin cawing away, it was very foggy and my city (here in Detroit Mi) looked a bit different? am i even at home anymore??? not feeling afraid nor having any thought at all..i cawed a few more times. i then noticed a beautiful raven flew a few feet away from where i was, and landed on top another telephone pole. she gave off a energy that felt familar, she flew closer to me and cawed back (i somehow understood what her cawing meant). she seduced me to follow her.. we flew thru the skies cawing and cawing away..no longer worried about tomorrow, only worried about today. we flew thru this abandoned building and landed atop a old dresser. a white homeless man begin screaming and yelling at us to leave his building. he swatted at us with his cane, but we flew around higher cawing at the man warning him to stop or else he will meet his impending doom! so me and the female raven flew thru the building with this homeless man chasing us and screaming at us at the top of his lungs to leave his shack..when all of a sudden he tripped and landed in a pile of rubble from the house and laid there catching his breath, we were in some old beat up bathroom. there was a shower rod i landed on and begin pecking at it, the man now laying in the rubble near this tub did not know what would await him.. the female raven landed on the bathroom sink and cawed at him he begin to get up from the rubble when all of a sudden i pecked one last time at the shower rod and it fell directly on his head. me and the female raven cawed at the man and flew out of the buiding into the foggy now early morning skies, we both landed at a nearby home and i projected back into my normal self and to my amazement..this beautiful raven projected herself into her normal self. (and boy was she attractive) fair complexion, long black wavy hair, beautiful bedroom eyes, a pocahontas nose, and juicy doll shaped lips. mmm this lovely lady was my type to the fullest! please do not take this the wrong way boo.. but uh.. can i seranade you??? she nodded and we entered (what i believe to be her home) a huge house very nicely decorated with antique statues of birds, such as..hawks, crows, ravens, owls, robins, bluejays, sparrows, ect ect. she then set down on a couch and asked me what my beliefs were, i told her i am very spiritual and believe no matter what religion you believe in, we are all worshipping the same God. she got up from the couch and gave me a hug filled with so much love and peace that it become so intense that i started to feel myself being jolted back into my original body! awwww....why did it have to end there!
    4. Aerial Combat, A Lost Textbook, and BTBAM's "Colors" album.

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:49 PM
      Ace Combat (Non-lucid)


      I was inside an airplane, in the cockpit. I was stuck in a dogfight with one airplane. We were the only two in the skies. We were above a desert and this dogfight lasted about five mintes before I finally hit the other plane a second time.


      I was inside a building and found a science textbook I lost with a copy of Between the Buried and Me's "Colors" CD. I wanted to turn it in for a refund, but for some reason couldn't turn in the textbook because the CD was too scratched. (?)

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