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    1. November 17th 2015 Non-Lucid

      by , 11-17-2015 at 10:10 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream started on JMU's campus on our quad. We were playing some sort of throwing game where if you messed up you got electrocuted. I kept winning and didn't have to get electrocuted, but I wanted to know what it felt like so I purposely messed up. The thing that shocks people was a car battery with wires that hooked us up to it. It shocked me and I felt this very unnerving feeling that caused me to sort of jump up and down quickly several times. I walk on a path next to the quad and see my friend Austin who I say hello to. IRL him and I saw each other yesterday and said hello. Then, I'm over by this field thing, sort of like a theater with it starting low and going higher. There were trees to the right of it. People were standing in this gradually sloping field looking up to a stage that was very high. In my mind I was about to perform, but my job was to grab a rope and swing on it. I start from the back right of the field which is higher and right next to the trees. So, I grab this very long rope and start swinging over the crowd, higher and higher. The crowd is cheering me on but I don't know how to slow down. I let my feet sort of dangle and I kick some people in the crowd. Then, my path is over on the left of the stage and swinging towards my starting position on the back right of the field where the trees are. I manage to kick my feet on the ground where less people are and I come to a jumping halt at the trees. I go behind where the stage is and climb a really high amount of things to get to the top. When I'm there, it's a padded platform which is sort of walled on all sides except for one which has an opening with the rope there ready to swing. My mind thought I was some sort of host to a show. Now, this area is really high up in the air, I mean miles on miles in the air. I think there are people on the ground watching me. There was that one feeling you get when you are really high up in a dream that was freaking me out. I started to slip backwards out of the opening. My hands grasp the edge for a half second before I fall very far down. I think 'wow am I really dying at this show.' Then, I'm up on the high stage again looking down. Someone says that I need to use the rope to swing down again, and without any hesitation, I grab the rope and swing down to the ground.

      At some point I'm in this broken up house looking at a sort of water slide contraption that is really small. I was supposed to fix it for this girl who I don't know. There's a ball that moves down the slide and apparently to fix it you have to let the ball catch at the end in some hole thing.

      Do you know those dreams about someone you really like that can be about whatever and it doesn't really matter what actually happens in the dream, but it gives you a feeling that it was all about her and when you wake up you have strong feelings for this person? Well, this happened to me. So after I'm fixing the water slide contraption, I'm down on a lower part in an open area. It's like a water park. I'm in a pool of water that turns into a water slide that goes down and further along a path with buildings and trees on either side. I'm in one pool and I look to my right to see this girl who I like a lot named Dana floating in another pool. Both of these pools empty into a water slide. When I notice her, I act like I don't see her and look another way because I don't know if she's seen me or not. We both empty into this slide that is pretty much a down hill lazy river. She grabs onto me and we sort of piggy-back down the river which turns left into some overhead structure thing. Ultimately, it turns into another pool that has some block thing out of the water in the middle which turns it into a pool that goes in a circle. We get there and then turn around. She starts to swim away from the pool and I wrap my arms around her like I'm hugging her from behind as we swim back up the stream. I know nothing big happened with her in this dream but it still made me miss her a lot when I woke up.

      I had a dream I was in China but I can't really remember much except that I think there was some sort of rock concert going on. At some point, I fall into this cart thing that has my friend Katharine in it. She says something that disappoints me so I turn towards her friend CJ and talk to him about something. I remember ultimately wanting to go find a woman who sells noodles who I call Noodle Lady IRL back when I went to China this past summer.
    2. Alternative Spacing HZP + DILD

      by , 07-06-2015 at 07:08 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was some type of odd ship that transported me to a part in space. I got out and notice oddly shape creatures in a cage. I soon catch on that I was walking in space with out floating around or falling. Everything was too different to ignore the fact that it's a dream. I check the back of the house looking air craft and saw that one of the component have detach itself once landing. I tried figuring out where it's suppose to go but ended up getting frustrated and throwing it. The prisoners started making howls causing me to lose concentration, I observe this particular person in a old looking helmet bash his hands against the rusty steel bars. He then turns in to a crocodile and manages to slip through the bars.

      I began backing up and seeing what was behind me, which made me realize that I have been caught in a trap. There was another crocodile above me starting to come down. Checking more of my surroundings I found a huge yellow with black swirls slide going down through space. I check where it would lead me to but at the bottom was all white. I began thinking this dream wasn't looking too well. I could sense the crocodiles nearing so I stumble down trying to keep my balance but failed to do so. After rolling down I lost lucidity. Lucidity Time: 49 seconds
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Epic! Where's Sensei? Stunning outdoor scene, bed-eject to the slide (twice), LDs #58, 59, 60

      by , 08-28-2014 at 07:23 AM
      Well this is what happened, none were "attempts" per se:

      I had 3 LDs last night, assisted by galantamine and Alpha-GPC.

      At 4am I took the supplements, along with a banana and a piece of rye bread for "dreaming fuel" (and to help get the 300mg alpha-gpc capsules down, those things are horse pills!)

      I spent the next 4 hours or so in a brain-busting battle to fall back asleep.

      The HI (only blobby shapes and colors) were bursting in front of my eyes like fireworks most the entire time -- if only I could get to sleep I knew those would be awesome dreams.

      My only goal was to get to sleep unconsciously and DILD.

      After about 4 hours (having been in bed for 8 hours) awake, both my hips were getting sore and distracting me (I'm a side sleeper), so I decided to try my back (I don't think I've fallen asleep on my back in years, but I was desperate not to have a wasted supplement night)

      At one point I think I had a near-WILD. I thought I saw before me a small portion of a concrete floor (I interpreted this to be the floor of a garage), it became a bit clearer, but stayed as within a black frame, which did not extend to fill my vision. I thought about rubbing my hands but it didn't seem that I had any dream hands yet, this vision of the concrete patch of floor stayed about 10 seconds and then faded away. I tried to relax and let it form but it just didn't turn into a dream.

      Later I found myself seated in a room and "felt" the dream feeling, I guess that was a start-of-dream DILD, I later flew through a stunningly beautiful dream landscape.

      I "woke up from" (transitioned out of) that DILD and was lying in bed on my back in darkness. I was thinking lightly of the awesome scene that ended that DILD, then all of a sudden:

      It felt like the foot of my bed was suddenly heaved 5 feet in the air, leaving the bed at a 45 or 60 degree angle with my head pointing down, and that I quickly shot out of my bed head-first on to a steep wide slide: head first (pointing down), on my back, going fast down this slide with no visuals. I was fully conscious and thought this was great fun and wondered when the dream was going to begin.

      After maybe 10-15 seconds of this I wondered if this was the dream, or merely a transition and I had to work to make a dream begin. I thought about turning over to my stomach, then I imagined I was in a dark room at the end of the slide, and cut my way out, and began the dream (I lost lucidity or forgot the lucidity, and was non-lucid at the finish of that dream).

      I found myself awake back in bed again on my back, and again in just a few seconds I experienced the SAME transition all over again: foot of bed raised up, I flew out headfirst on my back down the dark tunnel. I do not recall if I simply fell out of the tunnel into the dream or if I willed it, but I found myself in a courtyard and continued lucidly for a minute or so before waking and worked on recalling all 3 LDs and the non-lucid parts.

      As best as I can figure the two tunnel experiences were both DEILDs. I have never experienced anything like that and greatly look forward to it happening again as it was a real hoot.

      I'm wondering if the tunnel experience was a dream or just a transition (or "noise?"). It's conceivable they were FAs instead of DEILDs and it was all a single long dreaming sequence into and out of lucidity, but looking back it seems most like DEILDs.

      edit: I remembered: during one of the trips down the slide I very carefully lifted my dream hand to my dream nose and did a nose pinch, both arm and nose felt fairly insubstantial, not solid like in "full dream" -- proof that the tunnel wasn't just "noise?"

      Interested in any thoughts/comments about these experiences.

      And I'm wondering if it's possible to experience all this craziness without galantamine+choline. Maybe it just takes being awake for 4 hours starting in the middle of the night?



      + I appear in a room sitting at a desk in a chair, I suspect I'm dreaming, check the "dream feeling" for a few seconds, and decide yes, I'm dreaming. I rub my hands and look at them before standing up. I stand up and turn to the left, I feel sort of propelled forwards but I remember: slow down, engage, Sensei! I look around the room and notice a large, bright yellow stuffed pooh bear on the be to my left. I do not look as deeply as I want to my mind is not settling down. I remember Sensei, I go to the door ahead to my right and and look around the corner expecting to see him, nothing except some purple splotches briefly appear before my eyes. I call out "Cmon Sensei, buddy, let's get going!" Should I behind-the-back summon him? I decide to move on down the hallway which is out the door. I reach the next room to my right and enter it, the way is blocked by an office desk it looks like a very cluttered room, I turn to the right, walk around the desk and face the window and look out: I'm astounded at the bright vivid beauty out there: twig trees (no leaves) of brownish color, in a landscape extending into the distance. I decide to fly out and see it better. I fly out through the glass window effortlessly and am outside and I'm blown away: more real than waking, vivid, clear, beautiful landscape, maybe a city in the distance? I fly slowly through it for a few seconds before I "wake up".

      + I'm lying on my back in bed in the dark thinking about the beautiful scene I just lucidly visited, when suddenly the foot of my bed heaves up into the air and my bed is at a very sharp angle with my head pointing down, I eject/shoot out of bed onto some huge slide, I'm head-first on my back shooting down this slide and know this is a dream or a transition into one. It is a TRIP I'm whooping mentally (at least), HELL YEAH this is awesome. After about 10 seconds I wonder where the dream is, do I have to create it myself? I imagine myself in a dark box at the end of the slide and I should cut myself a hole with a light saber. I see a weak translucent thin beam waving around in front of me, I think about cutting a hole on my left side an enter into the dream and lose lucidity (or forget this part if I remained lucid). There are 4 main moments that I recall of this dream, it was fairly long with a number of diferent moments, I'm probably forgetting a lot:

      I'm in an outdoor courtyard there's a large table there I see an old TV there I push/pull the on/off knob a few times.

      I'm among a thick crowd of young people, mostly young women, we're standing at a door, it's a talent show, we can't go through the door because the show hasn't started, someone says there should be more guys here. I just want to get back to my table but I can't because people are blocking the door and I don't want to go through it prematurely. I'm getting anxious about getting through, I eventually decide to grab the door knob and go through the door, saying I just need to get back to my table. (Some announcer is announcing the show?)

      I'm walking/flying through obscure outdoor structures, I hear a female contestant start to sing, her voice is TERRIBLE she can't carry a tune, she's singing for 20 seconds or more.
      I see in the distance my wife scooting off to return to the table? I want to join her.

      I'm approaching a large outdoor field flying up in the air, there are a bunch of people on t he field, I think "Ronald Reagan was insane."

      + I'm on my back in bed in the dark, and before I can think of much of anything, I experience the raised-bed-slide ejection AGAIN exactly as I did before. This is freaking awesome! 3rd lucid! This time the slide ride is short, and I'm deposited into an open area inside a building made of reddish brown bricks everywhere. (semi-lucid) I feel compelled to offer my services, so I say "I can do security work, or entertainment work." I see a man standing in front of a medieval-looking curved-pointy-top door
      CRAP-medieval_door_by_nub4sh.jpg and I'm lucid again and I ask him, "Show me the door leading to the beautiful naked teen girl!" He just stands there looking at me. Another man appears, and I ask him "Show me the door with the beautiful naked teen girl, NO, GROUP of teen girls!" He asks me, "what age range do you want, 20-18?" I say yes that will do, I'm anticipating it and getting very excited and I wake up with an elevated heart rate.

      Spoiler for NSFW, 18+:

      I realize I don't remember much about the 2nd LD, and decide it was mostly non-lucid after exiting the slide/tunnel. I know I had 3 LDs and the first is not immediately on my mind I'm getting nervous that I forgot it but then it comes back to me, whew! I decide the 2 bed-ejection LDs were DEILDs (later decided they were FAs after some feedback from Sageous).

      Trying to get back to sleep. Awake an hour? At some point it's 10:00?

      + I'm in a hardware store looking at a small device hung on a hook on the wall. It's a small batter-operated device and I want to place a battery I'm holding into it and watch it work. A store clerk walk up behind me and says something like "if you touch it you buy it" I wait for him to leave and continue my examination. I'm looking deeply into this device it is a battery of some sort, there is inside of it an odometer-like counter on value "75" or so. I reach for the reset button and the counter goes to zero, I flip a little activation switch and it starts working, I see the numbers on the meter start to increase again. I turn it over and there's a little toy train that starts moving forwards and backwards.

      I look up and I see a young boy watching me pointing something at me (a camera? Looks like a pen?), I turn away from him because I didn't want to be observed, and realize I know him and look back at him, then a middle-aged woman is there and I recognize her she is his mother, she looks older, we start talking about something, I know her from the homeschooling park event. I say I didn't recognize them at first.

      12:30 final waking, I had more dreams! Unaware and non-lucid though

      + I hear a group inside ribbing some girl, they say "You don't live in <my city>, you live in BORING-VILLE!" I arrive at a room they were waiting for me the tell that to a girl. I had been in the room earlier, I was outside picking something up (whiskey?) There was more here, forgot it.

      + young disadvantaged black boys were given hot dogs which they decorated with toothpicks and played pretend-airplane-dogfights with these toothpick-hotdog-airplanes. The man who gave them the hot dogs showed them a video about fighter plane dogfighting, he used to be a pilot. The boys were supposed to line up, raise their right hand ,and the man rhythmically placed the hot dogs into their hands (in buns) and shoot the hot dog forwards. I see several of the "planes" they're bristling with toothpicks. Two boys are playing fighter pilot, one says "turn right 3 degrees!" and makes "boy noise" machine gun sounds, I see a toothpick sticking forwards like a forwards gun.

      The man went into the house and came out with a curious twirly pencil device. It was a pencil with with two broken match sticks placed half-way up broken 90-degrees and placed so that they were little rocket motors propelling the pencil around and around in a fast circle balanced on its eraser on the ground like a top. I thought this was awesome.

      Then I'm standing at the back of a car with a few other guys and we're looking with great interest at the registration sticker on the back license plate in the upper-left-hand corner of the plate. We're looking at the numbers, and there's a transparent stick plastic film over the sticker and we (I?) peel this off and put it back on. I suspect this sticker is illegal. We're talking about the numbers. It's something like "243" with a small subscript 3 at the end.

      I'm under the back of this car on the ground trying to reach for something. I feel a spot of wetness on my shorts on my leg like in a pool of water. I think of some explanation (my girlfriend dropped something and i was looking for it) to give in case the owner of the car comes back and finds me in this position.
    4. 00:00 Wednesday 2013-12-18 comp #16 night #6 LD #12 cheerleader induced lucid dream

      by , 12-18-2013 at 03:23 PM
      00:00 Wednesday 2013-12-18 comp #16 night #6 LD #12

      01:37 bedtime. Exercised late, had to do late shopping afterwards, ate very late, sat around digesting until after good bedtime.

      05:47 a long dream about something.....just couldn't get it! Only two really really vague fragments Spent 30 minutes trying to recall, resulting in being VERY awake.


      F1) there were experts and there were newbies

      F2) pigeons

      06:40? out of bed, into rocking chair

      07:06 BTB-1. Room feels too hot, bed uncomfortable

      07:15? feel no progress, not sleepy at all, a bit hungry, to kitchen for cereal

      07:27 BTB-2
      feel some sleepiness on tap as I get into bed, comfortable, will get to sleep I predict.

      07:45? almost asleep, wife starts snoring put in earplugs.

      08:00 wife up to do breakfast duty, bed to myself, let's get down to business I think.

      09:25 LD #12

      1) on a wide tall circular spiral slide/"staircase". I'm sliding down the staircase slowly. There are girls spaced along the railings in provocative poses. I try to slide closer to one to cuddle, but she keeps sliding away from me. I give up eventually and imagine "OK if you don't want it, fine." it's just not meant to be, I slide farther down the slide, with my hand held behind me in case my "girlfriend" wants to come to me. A moment later I feel a hand in mine and I smile thinking she's interested after all.

      2) In a large indoor area walking with a bunch of other young guys, in like a mall. We're playing football. We're horsing around with the ball making mock football plays. We're moving farther down the hallway. At one point the play starts suddenly going in the opposite direction. I'm running along back the way we came with the guys, and I'm running through a group of cheerleaders. All of a sudden I stop dead in my tracks. I look to the left and see some cute cheerleaders. I instantly take one of them into my arms and think, "I'm dreaming." and I'm lucid immediately, quickly. The view becomes super clear and vivid and totally lifelike right away. There are a bunch of people all around. She has her arms around my shoulders but she's standing at a distance. She's looking into my eyes with an expression of amazement/shock/annoyance/confusion/what-are-you-doing? with kind of a frown. She's young and cute. In a few seconds her expression softens and she "melts" into my arms, and we're holding each other tightly and we enter into a deep passionate kiss. I keep my eyes open! I'm enjoying the kiss but I'm thinking ahead. "OK, dream goals!" I think. I feel like I have good waking life memory connection. The dream feels very stable, very solid, I feel like I can indulge for a little. I'm taking in the surroudings around me, and I notice that a second cheerleader is standing directly behind "my" girl. Girl #2 is looking directly at me with a very mischievous "hey baby" expression, and then flashes her eyebrows at me 2-3 times comicly/suggestively, like she's saying "I'm next! Let's have some fun" I want to get to competition goals but here I am in a passionate embrace with a super cute cheerleader. It's interesting I note that the girl I'm still kissing is "fuzzy" and "out of focus" in my "peripheral vision" while I'm looking at girl #2 and around the mall. "OK," I think to myself, planning out my actions, "open eyed kiss with this one, then an open eyed kiss with you [#2], then..." ... and I'm awake in bed. ARGH! Total lucid elapsed time, ~15-20 seconds.

      Decsion: Cheerleader. Competition points. CHEERLEADER. OK that's settled, easy decision .

      Way too excited to DEILD back in but I try anyway for maybe 30 seconds. I felt totally in command/control, confident, and the dream stable, but looing at the time of the dream it appears to be right at the end of a 90 minute sleep cycle so it may just have been "end of dream time." Or perhaps I was just getting too stimulated by all the noshing...

      Really short memory of non-lucid leading up to lucidity, unusual for me...
      I have a suspicion that I may have "willed" myself lucid, it did not feel like a MILD trigger or a slowly building awareness, in fact right up to the moment of lucidity the dream felt very zombie-like, just-go-with-the-flow. Maybe the first ADA/RC LD?
      I have recently been using daytime mantras walking around imagining becoming lucid, e.g., "wait a minute! I'm dreaming." And "Stop! I'm dreaming!" So they may have kicked in!

      Normally I do not remember dream faces well but I got a good look at girl #2's face and I think I have a slight memory of it. (No idea about #1, except I think short haired blonde). Short-medium length brunette hair. A very pleasant face, not super-model-sexy, but very nice girl-next-door, *real* girl look. More like in her 20's than teen.

      Girl #2 eyebrow flash was actually really funny in retrospect.

      09:38 back to sleep again. too excited. up for a bit.

      11:07 trying for "nap" still feel sleepy

      11:28 wife comes in, wakes me up.
    5. 2 LDs in a row :D and a weird dream.yep.

      by , 10-19-2013 at 11:25 AM
      First lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm in a supermarket, I do a RC and realize I'm dreaming.I think about what I should do and suddenly remember to stabilize.I stabilize and the dream becomes clearer. Kris suddenly appears and we look for some kind of shoes when mom comes and drags me to a cake shop. She tells me that she ate some really nice cake and that I should try it too. I tell mom that I'm too busy. I look a bit inside the cake shop and I see a cake that I actually ate in real life before. I change my mind and tell mom that I'll eat that cake to see if it tastes as in real.The dream skips to the back of my apartment block(It's night) and I see that purpleish portal in the sky, I try to fly to it but couldn't so I give up. I walk more and notice there's a party not far away from here. I check my pockets for things and I find my katana.I tell myself : Yes, One of my goals is to fight a monster, I should try it. I walk faster and see 2 rocks on the ground. I grab one from the ground and feel the coldness. (I know I did way more things but this is pretty much all I remember)[/COLOR]

      2nd Lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]All I remember is that I woke up and made a RC. I realize I'm dreaming so I go to the window and rip off the curtain. Mom comes to me and tells me : What the fuck you think you're doing? I respond: Mom, Don't ruin this lucid, Please, Go do something else. She's like : What are you talking about? This is not a dream, go back to sleep! I listen to her and lose my lucidity.[/COLOR]

      Dream 3 : [COLOR="#800080"]I'm in some kind of a mall and there are many slides inside it. I see a guy from real life and I try to pretend I didn't saw him while laughing at mom playing at the slides(All of us had the same hoodies). He comes to me and asks me if I remember him. I say yes and then the dream skips to a playground. I'm sitting on the ground near the guy and mom is also here(fu). I'm for some reason in my bra and his friend tries to get it off. I put it back and the other guy tells him it's not funny and then slaps him. The guy says sorry and I nod. [/COLOR]
    6. Locker Room (15.9.13)

      by , 09-16-2013 at 01:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was out in town, where shopping centres were. I must have been on my bike or something as I was moving faster than walking speed.

      I went into a complex of shops (Think I had been here in a previous dream). There was two ladies were in front of me walking. The first thing I saw was a vegetable market and a place that sold phones? I left the area as this is what I didn't come for. I was still behind the two ladies. I tried to over take them, but one of the girls kept moving in each direction I took to pass them. The other female noticed what I was trying to do, and pulled the other girl aside so I could pass. We all reached the next group of shops, and to get there, we had to slide down a steep path. We all slid down, it was pretty fun. I think one of the girls said something and I acknowledged her and said something.

      I went into a room, which was a locker room/toilet. I couldn't see the toilet, but I assumed it was behind the doors. I was thinking of putting my bag in or bike in the locker. I was curious to see how much it costed to do so. I saw a cubical which had a spin combination lock. I think it was for disabled people only.
    7. Kingly Chase

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:53 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Chase. We are being chased in an unknown place. A squatters area in an Asian city. I separated from the rest and thought I lost them.

      I came upon a playground surrounded sparsely by trees. I hid on the slide. A kid saw me. From nearby, I saw one of our pursuers, a guy who was wearing a kingly red-and-white robe and a crown, pretending not to see me. He was waiting for the right moment to catch me.

      CR. Korean. Eyes. Question..
    8. Explosive Chemical Equation/Zoo Animal Water Slide.

      by , 06-02-2013 at 08:39 AM
      I was at my mum's house.

      Mum, sister, grandparents and aunt were there.

      It was night.

      I was burning things in my room.

      For some reason, there was a giant chemical equation in my room, and it was actually a physical thing.

      I brought it downstairs and showed every one but they said that I shouldn't burn it because it would cause
      an explosion or something.

      I then took it outside to the garden and went back inside.
      A while after that I heard an explosion and it turned out that one of the letters (that were in circles) had exploded.

      I then walked into a town near the village I live in, but instead, it had a LOT more shops, and the hill where the shops
      are were steeper.
      I walked to the bottom of the street and found there were loads of theme park rides and water slides etc.
      I didn't go on them yet and instead walked up the street.
      I walked down again, and heard someone say that you should buy something from the music shop because he's running out
      of money or having a child or something, and outside was a girl from my school (although I'm not in school anymore),
      which I immediately knew was the daughter of the music shop owner.

      I then decided to go on the rides, although, one of them had shut down and there was a pile of rubble in the entrance
      blocking anyone from getting through, there was also police tape in front of it, but instead, it was yellow.

      I then went (I think) on a water slide. The slide was huge, and REALLY tall. At the end of the slide, the nice
      50-ish year old coronation street type woman told me that I would want to buy protection, and bat, or a stick, or something
      at the stall/market/shop at the end of the slide, but that was pointless because you couldn't reach it till' you had
      finished the ride. I then saw a girl and her father beside me on the slide, the dad was carrying a black baseball bat
      looking foam thing. As we got closer to the bottom, I could see big pictures of a hippo, a crocodile and giraffe, each
      picture had people in foam coloured suits trying to stop us reaching the bottom, in between the slop of the slide
      and the flat bit of the end was water, so I had jump over. After doing this, the dad hit and made the people in the middle
      crocodile picture disappeared so they could run through. When I tried to run through, I got about 3/4 of the way through
      until the people in the hippo picture grabbed me and I flashed back to the entrances of the ride.
    9. Dangerous Water Park. September 5th 2012.

      by , 09-08-2012 at 07:25 PM (Dreamland :D)

      It may sound fun to people, but actually it was scary as hell.

      I was in a water park, by myself. I could see other school students on the slides, but I was by myself. I climbed up the stairs to one of the slides, then sat down and started going. I was going slow, then suddenly I just zoomed down it and went round a corner. I slipped up the side and went over. Luckily, I landed on another slide, which was level with the slide I was just on. I zoomed down the other slide and landed at the bottom safely. I then spoke to some people at the top of another slide. It was really cool being able to land on the other slide, but still scary. I tried again, still zooming down the slide at a fast speed. This time, I jumped onto the other slide, then went around a corner and fell off the side, causing me to fall and land in the water. I woke up straight after I hit the water.

      Think what you want, but I still shit myself .
      Tags: school, slide, water
    10. Mission Followed by Restaurant. September 4th 2012.

      by , 09-08-2012 at 07:09 PM (Dreamland :D)

      Not very well recalled, but I got something down, at least.

      I was walking through, what looked like, a secret lab or something. There were guards holding lasers everywhere in the corridors. I slipped past 3 guards and then reached another corridor. I found a door, with water currents pouring out. I stepped on a current and went flying back to the start of the lab. There was a basketball coach, a net and some people. The first one to get the ball in the net gets to go through a door. I went to throw the ball, but the currents were taking me off my feet. I managed to get past the the currents and score the ball in the net. The door opened and I went through. I was with my dad and his girlfriend at this point. I then started to fight a man with my dad, who looked like he was guarding another door. After beating him up, we all went through the door and sat down at a table in a restaurant. We waited at the table for a while, then a guy came and put some food on the table.

      That's all for this dream. Not very interesting.
      Tags: family, slide, water
    11. Waterslide, Knowledge

      by , 08-28-2012 at 08:24 AM (Into the Ether)
      Entering a classroom setting, a group of us are instructed to find a seat and begin the test.

      Test? What test?

      After a few failed attempts, I manage to find a seat and flip open the booklet.

      Ah, bubble answers, I can do this.

      I bubble in a few things; I seem to know what Iím doing when the test format changes to a computer.

      Uh, what exactly am I doing?

      I glance over to my neighbor and he doesnít seem to have a laptop yet suddenly I know what to do. Thereís a first person shooter game Iím supposed to Ďplayí.

      Alright! Game playing, easy as pie. Picking up the mouse, I begin executing a hoard of virtual zombies. Strange, but completely doable.

      Game ends. I wait for the results, my score. I canít seem to read the numbers? Or are they letters?

      Now we all sit and listen to a lecture. Itís interesting and the speaker is in the field I want to be in. Heís also decently charismatic until he says something funny about not liking vegetarians.

      Oh, thatís right, Iím slowly transitioning into vegetarianismÖ sort of. Guess Iím included in his statement.

      The girl I happen to be sitting next to is giving off a strong vibe. I look at her a moment. She has brown hair, tall, athletic, vibrant. Do I know her? I feel like I know her.

      Dream transitions and now itís post academic setting. Weíre bonding at a hotel, with a large water slide. My new friends are shouting at me to jump down the slide. I feel a little foolish but decide I should have some fun. I kick off the boots I happen to be wearing, remove my cell phone from my pocket, then take a running leap through the entrance to the large water slide.

      Practically flying down the slide, I can feel the rush of the cool water, the wind against my face, my breathing quicken. I havenít done this for ages.

      Seeing the end in sight and a friend nearby, I attempt to fly backward, mid-flight, and head over to my friend. However, once I hit the water, sinking into the middle of the pool, I hover there a moment. Treading water underneath the surface, I look around and take in the refreshing environment. I feel the beauty of the place.

      I get out and wander around the hotel at some point, still with the same group of people.
    12. Face Transplant; Google Lightning; Holy Bat-Slide!

      by , 08-15-2012 at 04:13 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Face Transplant

      A guy was talking to a doc thinking he was in private. It was a futuristic doctors office with clear walls, but it was sound proof. The only thing was, the room had a recording device in it, and everything this patient would say was transmitted through every other room.

      At first, I don't know what the patient was in for. The patient was explaining why something should be a certain way and he was a genius telling the doc all these details about the company. The details were important because it was his support for whatever he was explaining.

      The doc was smiling because he knew the patient was a genius, and it was a joy to listen to such a sharp mind think. The guy was rattling off support for his argument with information few people would know. The facts he was rattling off were bullshit like water being poured into different glasses and some such, but in the dream it was really good support for his argument.

      During the patients explanation, I saw a doc or a michine sewing up a cube of a blue sticky substance. It was as though it had been injured and a futuristic sewing job was taking place. Three needles came down and went just belowe the surface of this substance. the needles were guided buy a lazer or something.

      Now the patient in this one docs room is talking to the doc about getting a face transplant. He had already had one transplant to get a nice face. Now he wanted his old face even though it was the ugliest face in the world. The reason is what he was explaining to the doc the whole time.

      The company was part his. There was some new technology, but with his new face, the partners wouldn't pay him. It was as though he was someone else. His 2nd surgery would put him back into his old face with hair like an old American aristocrat wig.

      It was supposed to be bad that everyone could hear what the patient was saying, but as he told of his plan to have the transplant, it became unimportant because nobody could trick him out of the money from his invention.

      Google Lightning

      I was sitting in a job interview with another guy. We were waiting to be interviewed, but the other guy was being told he could go home and wasn't going to get the job. He may have already had his interview.

      This other guy started making square bowl type shapes out of aluminum foil which he adhered to a protuberance on the ceiling. He put the foil over very particular spots which he said would short something out.

      He explained there was a wet screw on the roof that would draw lightning, and when the lightning struck, the electricity would be drawn down to the foil bowls and short out something in the company which had something to do with Google.

      Someone was going to fix the problem as it was on the roof, but all of a sudden it was me up on the roof trying to fix the problem. I saw a pole on a wet flooded roof and it was secured some weird way or something. I had to knock it over to disconnect the metal, but I said Fuck THAT as the roof was flooded, and I was standing in it in a lightning storm.

      I ran away off the building, and now I'm with a couple friends M. S. and someone else having drinks and smoking some stuff. At first I was only drinking. M. and some girl were smoking like crazy. I decided to take a hit (which I don't do iwl). I took a pipe which was basically melting. I had to hit this pipe where as I hit it, heating it up, the pipe melted and I got this molten ceramic in my mouth. It didn't even have the intended effect, but it was cool to dream.

      Then we were in a bar of sorts. Some stuff happened, we left, and then I realized I was missing my wallet. I told a friend who was now a fictitious person. I told him what happened and he said, Do you know how to roll?" He meant how to run away and deal with people shooting at me. I told him yes. He said to go with him, so I did.

      We were going to go back into the bar and find out who had my wallet. As we went back to the bar, we went through an elaborate slide. It was like tubes in a water park, except they were metal and there was no water. At some points it was just a flat surface. There were two black guys shooting at each other and we had to avoid their bullets.

      Once we got past them, we were outside. Now one of those guys was shooting at us. Batman was with me now. He shot a web like Spiderman, except that it was a slide that came from his wrist. I thought it was ridiculous that he would be able to produces this slide, but since I had to get away from the shooter, I followed his lead and jumped on.

      The slide was made out of recycled rubber chips. It was gray, and water was flowing in it. The water helped you move on your stomach to get away from the bad guys without exposing yourself to their bullets. The way the slide was laid out, you could go different ways on the slide making it even harder for the bad guys to hit you. Around one curve there was grass growing around a curve. It was so stupid that this could come from Batmans wrist, but It all worked so well.

      The End

      Lightning is 5x hotter than the sun.
      It is 11:09 PM.
    13. Annoying Slide. June 4th 2012.

      by , 06-05-2012 at 10:20 AM (Dreamland :D)

      I was very annoyed by this dream, I even felt a little annoyed while actually dreaming.

      I started off on a boat. It was a very similar boat to the one I was on in one of my other dreams. I was with my step brother and a lady. She seemed to be the guide for us. We were about to sail under a bridge, when we saw a boat with a HUGE light brown wheel on the front it. I said "I saw one of these boats in my dreams before" then the boat move closer to us. The closer it got, the smaller it got in size. It then turned around and went in another direction (Left from our point of view). Soon our boat shrunk down from ferry size, to lifeboat size and we parked the boat in a small dock with a mild current flowing. We jumped out of the boat and into the water. We were all now in rubber rings and slowly being pulled towards an entrance to a building of some sort. I said to the lady "Are we going this way?" which was the opposite direction of the current and she replied "No, just follow the current" and so I did. The door was only a few meters away from us, so I just let the current take me towards it. When we got out of the water, the guide disappeared and I was with my whole family, fully clothed and dry. Inside this building was a play area for small kids. Me and my step brother ran into the play area and climbed up some black netting. I was scared to go in for some reason, so I took a different way that where my step brother went. I soon got to the top level and saw little a kid walking around. I then turned my head to the left and read a sign about the area being based on how the eye works. I thought it was very clever for some reason. I then saw a slide and remembered the waterslide dream I had a little while ago. As soon as I started sliding down, I performed a reality check but didn't become lucid because I kept getting my feet caught on the dry surface and almost flipping over on to my face. I decided that I couldn't do a reality check because of how dangerous the slide was. When I got to the bottom, the dream faded.

      It seemed 2 fragments of my previous dreams took place in this dream. They are both located in these 2 links.

      The boat that was similar.

      The waterslide dream I remembered in this dream.

      Thanks for reading .
      Tags: family, slide, water
    14. Super Speed Waterslides. May 26th 2012.

      by , 05-26-2012 at 03:39 PM (Dreamland :D)

      This was a very long dream and filled up 3 pages of my side notes book O_O.

      I was starting off in an indoor rollercoaster park which was very familiar, but I didn't like rollercoasters so I turned left and there were lots of waterslides awaiting me . The whole park suddenly turned into a water park and I was stood in some water, with people everywhere. I walked over to a giant orange and yellow water slide and jumped through the hole. I then slided down REALLY fast and my stomach dropped, which felt really wierd. I heard voices near the exit of the tunnel and I thought I was going to slide into the people but I landed softly at the end of the tunnel. The voices I heard belonged to a couple of girls from my school, but they were not even in the waterpark at the time. The slide I just flew down was green and orange and the other slides were similar. I some how teleported back to the start but instead of going through the first slide, I went down the second which was placed underneath the first slide. I flew down this slide at incredible speed again but I heard different voices, this time a man's voice was at the end of the tunnel. I landed softly in the same exit as the first slide but there was a father and a small daughter in the pool and nobody was hurt from my extreme speed. Again, I teleported back to the top where the 2 slides were but now there are three slides. This one was blue orange and green. Before I went in to the slide, a woman said "this one is the back breaker." I have no idea what she meant but I still went down anyway. I flew down really fast and heard all of the previous voices at once and saw the end of the tunnel, which was a bowl. I slowly exited the tunnel and found myself and 2 dream characters spinning around in the 5 layered bowl. I started at layer 5 (the outer ring) then slid down to layer 2 while the father was on layer 3 and the son was on layer 1. The son said something about him not being able to leave layer 1 and fall down the hole in the middle. I then slipped down into the middle where the hole was but I somehow managed to fly up on top of a foam tower, about 3 meters tall and half a meter wide. After this, I was half in a rubber ring and half out, which meant I could kick my legs. I kicked my legs around and I started to fly slowly in my rubber ring. It was almost like a swimming pool in the air which I could fly around in. I fluttered around a little bit and I was really nervous about it, but I managed to hover over to a big red block which I saw in another dream (but only managed to recall that fragment.) When I reached the red block, I realised it was too high to reach so I fluttered around it and landed safely back at the start. I saw a girl from my school walk past and exit the building, so I followed her and a lady caught my attention. She said to me "Do you want this pot of noodles with your name inscribed on it? If so, what is your name?" I told her my name but she rejected it and gave me the noodles without my name on it or an awesome ring around it...pretty dissapointing . So I walked out of the building, suddenly dry and fully clothed, then some people told me that it was time to go to class so I had to throw my noodles away. The dream faded away as usual.

      I told you this was a very long dream ^__^
      Tags: school, slide, water
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Claustrophobia

      by , 01-14-2012 at 12:44 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was at some indoor playground type thing. I went on a slide, but apparently I went in the spot your supposed to go out and got stuck in the middle. There was a wall in front of me and a wall behind me, like a U shaped dip, and I was stuck at the bottom. The cat in the hat did the same thing, in the slide next to me. It was really cramped. There were speakers in the slide, and someone told us that heelp was on the way. A few seconds later, the speaker said "Yeah... No one's coming to get you, you're gonna die in there."

      I tried wriggling my way out. I fell backwards and somehow landed in a pool of bubbles, outside the slide. I went over to the cat in the hat and pulled him out. Then he started to drown in the bubbles so I swam down and saved him. My mom was in the corner with my brother. I told her that this park was crazy.

      I went over to a station where there were iPads set up. I began to play a game where you have these little creatures and you combine them to make other kinds of creatures.

      Then we were at nonna's house, but I can't remember past that point.
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