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    1. Morte hominis

      by , 11-23-2017 at 12:08 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 1:00 PM

      Woke up at: 3:00 PM


      The dream starts off with me and my family driving home. It's a bright, sunny day, nothing could go wrong, could it? Then all of a sudden my brother screams in terror. "It's a giant hand!!" He says. I look around for a couple seconds and see a huge, white hand pick up a car and crush it in its hands. It then seems to pummel the ground before it, sending us all into a deep panic.

      "This is it, this is the end. No. No, no, no, no, no, this can't be real!" I think to myself, utterly frozen as to what's going on.

      My mother swerves into another lane, cutting through some grass and to a less crowded lane. My mom floors it, but not before a strange, oddly polygonal being floats in with a plume of dust surrounding it. I don't quite remember what it did, but it killed more people in the dream. It was oddly ethereal in appearance.

      But, due to all the surrounding chaos, my mom crashes the car into a large rock. Flames erupt around us, and the polygonal monster is back, surrounding us in a dust devil. A large, slimy monster with a million eyes starts trying to bust into our car, towards my mother and sister. I think, "Maybe this is a dream! Monsters, you have no power over me!", but to no avail. This slimy, green monster with a million eyes starts closing in on me and my family.

      In a feat of rage, fright, and courage, I decide to kill it with my own two hands. I try punching it, but my punches felt weak, as if something were holding me down. I then do the most logical thing, and try gouging its eyes out. It's a disgusting display, but I wrap my hands around one of its eyes and smoosh it out of existence. I yell right in front of it as I try to inflict massive damage on this giant enemy slime.

      Then the dream ended. It--it felt so REAL! As if I were to die at any moment! It was quite surreal, and I was more than ecstatic to have woken up and to be reminded it was all just a bad dream.


      1. This was my first nightmare I've had in months. Maybe stress? I mean, I did think the supervolcano erupted today (Don't worry, people were just burning sugarcane behind my house).

      2. I remember my arms felt weak during my "fight" with the Blogg (That's what I'm calling it). Another tell-tale dream sign to many people.

      3. I think I tried to get lucid, but due to the monsters overriding my power I wasn't able to get very far.
    2. The Slime Monster Returns (EEK!)

      by , 08-15-2010 at 10:51 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Joe was showing me a new virtual reality game. In the game we were on a giant pirate ship. The pirate ship was sinking rapidly, and we were trying to deploy the lifeboats. The lifeboats weren't shaped like canoes or anything of the like. They were like little pea pods and fit one person per pod. I got inside a blue pod and floated in the water. Once everyone was off board then we switched to bigger pods. Still very unefficient however seeing as they now fit about 5 people and we still didn't have any paddles or any means to control the boat. My exboyfriend was in the boat with me...Oh no. We'll call him JA.

      Our little pod floated into a cave and went around a dark bend. In the corner there was a platform and a thing wearing a dark cape...Sensing our pod it turned around rapidly.

      "Why hello there, earthlings!" It snarled. I recognized it at once...!!! It was the Slime Monster from one of my earliest childhood nightmares!!!

      From the old TV show, Ghostwriter

      "I would like a volunteer from the audience to come up here," it says. I don't trust it. A man steps out of the pod in the water and steps up onto the wet rock that the Slime Monster is standing on.

      "I will show you guys what I am most hungry for...FRIED TONGUES!!!" It laughs evilly...Ew...The Slime Monster reaches down the man's throat and rips out his tongue. He devours the slippery tongue. Ew!

      "Now my darlings, I am still not satisfied. RUN or I will eat your tongues too!" Everyone scatters from the boat. The goal now is to run to point A where you will be Safe. After escaping the cave I run down a set of rock stairs, like something from a castle, and then ran into a green hedge maze. He was chasing me, but he was very slow. I must have been totally scared out of my mind because the hedges in the hedge maze gave me no concern, I dashed through the hedges and finally made it to point A near the center, where a green frog exploded when I reached the target area (Frogger, anyone?). Next to me I saw a floating "B" and "C" and realized that I would have to run from this tongue loving lunatic several times over...

      I think I told Joe that I didn't really like the video game because it was too nerve racking...

      Is this not the most f'd up video game ever?