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    1. Dream - Yet Another Stay With SML

      by , 10-23-2017 at 11:46 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 19 OCT - 2017

      Dream No. 214 - Yet Another Stay With SML

      I was going to live with Logan and Chilly for two weeks. They had come to get me from the airport. We ended up driving home in Chilly's teal lamborghini (it's pink in real life). No one was there yet and so I could claim the front seat. Now the Lamborghini wasn't a 4-seater, it was a 9-seater with three rows of three.

      I thought Chilly was driving but Logan got in the front instead. I was surprised as I expected to see the wheel on the left as we were in America but it was rather on the right side, where it would typically be in Australia. Logan looked really confused about the position of the steering wheel and so I explained the overseas (overseas for him but my home country) driving principles to him.

      We eventually reached the SML house which was only 1 storey in the dream. I then went to my bedroom which was dark and misty and I sorted out my clothes. I forgot what had specifically happened in that scene. I have also forgotten the remainder of the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      Tags: america, car, house, road, sml, visit
    2. Dream - A Week In My Position

      by , 10-23-2017 at 11:15 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 14 OCT - 2017

      Dream 211 - A Week In My Position

      I have forgotten most of what happened in this dream. From what I can remember, I soon found out that my dad was spending an entire week away with Logan and Chilly in America. The dream played a few snippets of some scenes with Logan and Chilly and then it moved on to my family at some American shops, looking for some extra clothes because we found that we didn't pack enough for the cold weather. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    3. Dream - The Boot Camp Of Drama & Helium Singer & Supernanny Fraud & Coles Checkout Chick & Fix...

      by , 10-01-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 29 SEP - 2017

      All Dream Titles:

      Dream 203 A - The Boot Camp Of Drama
      Dream 203 B - Helium Singer
      Dream 203 C - Supernanny Fraud
      Dream 203 D - Coles Checkout Chick
      Dream 203 E - Fix The Neighbour's House
      Dream 203 F - Crazy Balloon Arms

      Dream Title In Summary:
      Dream - The Boot Camp Of Drama & Helium Singer & Supernanny Fraud & Coles Checkout Chick & Fix The Neighbour's House & Crazy Balloon Arms

      Dream No. 203 - Separated Sections

      Dream 203 A - The Boot Camp Of Drama
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at this unknown motel-like place. There were many celebrities as well as people I've generally heard of and know well. There was some random lady that would have a “chat” to some of the room-mates... I believe she was the camp director. I remember her having a chat to Simone from The Bachelor.

      She then looked angry... She was looking for Logan. Apparently he, with a small group of other “boys”, had caused some trouble. She had eventually found him at was yelling at him like a hair-dryer in the face. The next part of the scene is blurry for me. I can remember that I was staying in a small room away from the motel, with Logan, Chilly and Tito. Chilly was making a plan of when we should get up the next morning. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 203 B - Helium Singer
      The Killester group was getting ready to return from their camp. Mrs G told me that we weren't returning by bus and that we would rather be taking the “Lifts Of Ballarat”. I started really freaking out and saying on repeat “but I can't take lifts!”. She said it would be relaxing and fun. Despite what she said,we ended up getting on a bus. Only when we were on the bus, I realised I had left my entire luggage behind at the camp site.

      When then approached an entrance to a huge water cave and I discovered this to be the so called “Lifts Of Ballarat”. As the bus went down, I could feel the presence of a weird gas in the cavern. I was hoping that we weren't getting out of the bus. The opposite happened... The window opened and we were all sucked out of the bus and into the cavern.

      I tried talking and my voice was becoming increasingly higher... I was being filled with helium. WB spoke and her voice was normal. I wonder why I was the only one getting helium. I then tried to sing a few random notes and I was surprise that I could hold them. I tried to do a vocal exercise to make my voice go back down but it wouldn't work. I tried it again and WB ended up laughing extremely hard. The dream then ended.

      Dream 203 C - Supernanny Fraud
      My brother and I had an obligation to eat our vegetables for dinner. We were still eating but my mum was getting angry at the fact that there were still peas and corn on my plate. She started presenting me with nasty threats but I said to her something like, “That's not even half of what Supernanny does”. For the remainder of the dream, my mum was quiet.

      My brother came up to my plate, took all the peas and corn and said that he would have them. He placed all his tomatoes on my plate which I had all of. I don't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream 203 D - Coles Checkout Chick
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was helping WB do some shopping in Coles at Stud Park Shopping Centre. For the entire dream, she was wearing Coles work clothes, with her hair straight and tied back. Throughout most of the dream, she would have her dad on the phone, giving her a list of groceries to get.

      She arrived at the milk fridge and I thought she was going to go for a 2 litre A2 milk. The thought in my head played out that she was going for a “pathetic carton of Rev”. I thought to remind her to check the use-by-date. When I pointed at the date on the Rev, she turned her head from the phone and gave me a disapproving look. The made me point to the date even more, whispering at her to “focus on the use-by-date”. To help her, I stuck my thumb up at her when it was a good date.

      She eventually listened and and put milk for 3 OCT and 4 OCT in the basket, but only after I signalled for her to do so. I then went into an aisle myself while she was still at the milk fridge. The dream was now amplifying what she was saying to her dad. She was saying something like “Eh-Karla, you see her everywhere! You see milk, you see Karla, you see biscuits, you see Karla”. I came to her at the milk fridge to check on her. There was some Rev milk on the shelves that said “27 JUL 17/12” as the date and so I put my fingers in a cross position. When she saw my fingers, she immediately backed away from the milk carton.

      She then went into the aisles where I was before to buy some dog biscuits. We then proceeded to the juice fridge as she wanted to buy some orange juice. Once again, it was a brand different to what I thought she was going to get. As we walked past the juice fridge at the front of the store, I called her over and recommended that she gets the Coles brand orange juice. She said that she had gotten it before. We were then at the checkouts and some old guy starts talking to WB. He said something like, “It's pretty nifty to get a place at Coles for just 16 dollars”. The guy then disappeared and our items were at the other end.

      I asked her what Coles she works at. I couldn't understand her at first and so I had to keep repeatedly asking. Eventually, I heard her say “David Street”. I got so excited and kept saying to her “It's the one near my TAFE!”. I then want over to two plastic bags of groceries and picked them up, taking them for her. As we walked through the mall, she started to become grumpy again. There was also someone else walking with us and so while WB was staying really far back from me, I tried to be exactly in the middle of her and the other girl. When we got to WB's car, the dream then ended.

      Dream 203 E - Fix The Neighbours House
      I was in an unknown area, talking to a random Asian boy who was actually a family friend in the dream. He said his mum was really upset as they had to move into a new house and she didn't like the way the neighbour's house looked. I examined the house and it was just a plain white weather-board house that had nothing in it. There were no people living in the house either, so I just demolished it straight away. The dream skipped to the end where the mum and the boy thanked me and they moved into their new house.

      Dream 203 F - Crazy Balloon Arms
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, my mum, dad and I were in Coles at Waverley Gardens. I don't remember what happened exactly. This random guy approached my mum. Then my dad came up behind him and said something. Then we see this person in the middle of the shops with this weird contraption on each side of his arms. It was something to do with after a procedure at a hospital. The device would make this guy flail his arms around crazily. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      That's a record broken again, first time for 6 dreams in one night! In Dream 203 D, I was actually surprised that it was "date intelligent"... Like, milk usually expires in a few days, doesn't it? So I think it's amazing that the dates were 5 and 6 days away, whereas the milk from before 29 SEP would have been so stale and maybe even mouldy.
    4. Dream - Frantic Farm

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:58 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 13 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 177 - Frantic Farm

      I don't remember what exactly happened for the majority of this dream. From where I do remember, I was at some random farm with my mum and brother. We were visiting someone but I forgot who it was. My mum and brother went inside the house but I was still outside. I was running around the block of land but saw no entrance into the house. After a few laps, I started thinking about Dreamy WB for some reason but never got to calling her. I never found an entrance into the house.

      The dream scene shifted to me browsing on Instagram. I went to WB's page and saw heaps of junk posts on there, she even posted some pictures of Jeffy from SML. Then I was in my sitting room and there was this parcel from Logan and Chilly. I opened it and found that it was these cucumbers and zucchinis chopped up in an interesting way. Apparently Logan and Chilly wrote that I could use the veggies to put into a salad. After that, I was in front of the fireplace and was singing to a soundtrack song from Spyro The Eternal Night. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    5. Dream - Moving Out & Scaling The Tower

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:43 PM
      Date of Dream - WED 9 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 173 - Separated Sections

      Dream 173 A - Moving Out
      I don't remember exactly how the dream started. In the first scenes, I was living with Logan, who was strangely in Australia, not America. He was talking to me almost like a father would, at the current moment telling me to pack my things because my mum was coming for me. I was apparently there with him and Chilly for a few weeks... I told them “I don't want to leave”.

      The dream scene then changed to me being at my own home with my mum. She said she called me home because dad was already leaving to America, where the rest of our family was going to move to soon. I was told to find my suitcase but I never could. The taxi had arrived for my dad and so I went downstairs to see him off. I then went back up to continue packing myself. I looked in the laundry mirror and saw the outfit that I was wearing in the dream. I was wearing six Review cardigans, neatly layered so each one could be seem. The colour scheme from outside to inside was red, mustard, lime, dark blue, purple, and then seafoam. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream 173 B - Scaling The Tower
      I don't remember the first bit of this dream. My grandmother, brother and I were driving to Forest Hill Shopping Centre with the roads being weirdly curved with excessive turns and bends. It was a tower on top of a car park again. The only way to access the shopping centre was to go up in the lift to ascend the tower. My grandmother and brother were forcing me to go in. As soon as they pushed me in, I blindfolded myself. The lift didn't move and so I managed to get out and escape. They were going to go up another way but they were stopped until I fought off the boss standing in the way; this happened a few times. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    6. Dream - A Road Not Travelled

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:21 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 7 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 171 - A Road Not Travelled

      In the first scene, some family friends were over at my house. They had brought with them some sort of pavlova cake but there was only enough for my mum and grandma to try, they didn't let me try any of it. I forgot what else happened in the first scene. I was then in my bedroom with plush toys of Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Toad.

      I ended up taking a walk down the local street and noticed that there was this road that didn't exist in real life. I was subconsciously aware that the dream caused this new street but I was nowhere near becoming lucid. So I walked down that street and soon approached a dead end. It was the “myotherapy centre” and the only way to continue was to go up the lifts, which I didn't want to do. I was just about to head back towards the main door until a man rushed infront of me and slammed it closed in my face. I was now panicking and was literally screaming for Dreamy WB as fast as a broken record. After so many times, no response and so I was now clambering at the locked doorknob, trying to dismantle it myself.

      Eventually, I perceived Dreamy WB's energy as the door swung wide open when I was still shaking the knob. Then I ran out of there, never looking back at the place again. The dream then went back to my house where I was going something with the plush toys. I was making some sort of plush movie, but more in the style of Tito's rather than Logan's. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    7. Dream - Nature's Guide & The New Crash

      by , 08-05-2017 at 01:06 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 4 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 169 - Separated Sections

      Dream 169 A - Nature's Guide
      I don't remember all of the events in this dream. From where I do remember, there were a lot of walking tracks within local suburbs. At certain points, I'd feel like calling for Dreamy WB. There wouldn't necessarily be a response from her but at times, I would feel that there was some sort of energy relaxing me and making me feel at ease while I walked. I got to this strange looking jumping castle where people were supposed to do a wall climb. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 169 - The New Crash
      This dream was based around the suburbs surrounding Brandon Park Shopping Centre. Logan from SML was driving me around to the places that I needed to go to. First, I told him that we needed to go to the snow area to “catch them in time”. I thought that the snow area would represent the Crash 2 level, “Bear It”. I didn't end up getting out of the car though. Logan ended up driving me to the other side of Brandon Park and that's when I actually got out of the car.

      The level I arrived at was Turtle Woods. Now Crash wasn't anywhere in this dream... Rather, it was actually me inside the level. Eventually, I qualified for the death route which was a series of horizontal pillars and platforms above the main path and instead, had a night time appearance. I only made it across a few platforms but then slipped and ended up back in Turtle Woods. I don't remember what happened next in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - The Returning Fan (Have 2 interactions with anyone from SML)

      >> When I was asking Chilly about a gift for Logan (139 B)
      >> Getting Logan do drive me around to the levels I needed to access (169 B).
      - Enthusiastic (Have conversations with 5 DCs)
      >> 1. Spoke with NN's mum regarding the pencil (131 A).
      >> 2. Told EL, NBr and WB about Dreamy WB (142 B).
      >> 3. Tried to talk James out of taking drugs and committing suicide (147).
      >> 4. Discussing arrangements with the dog-napper (157 B).
      >> 5. Had a conversation with Logan while he was driving me around (169 B).

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    8. Dream - Budgeting For Graffiti & One Pair Only & Back To Canberra & Filming Time

      by , 08-05-2017 at 11:11 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 2 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 167 - Separated Sections

      Dream 167 A - Budgeting For Graffiti
      I found myself in this random shopping centre, looking through the window of some jewelry store. I then realised that I had this “budgeting test” to revise for. So I went over to the side without a window, facing out to the mall, and started writing on there with white chalk. The maths in the dream was actually logical as well. I remember writing “$2 x 6 kg = 12” and “$4 x 4 kg = 16”. It was a few times of writing it and then rubbing it off and then writing it that I realised I was doing a crime.

      I was graffiting on the shop wall! I thought the shop owner was going to come after me sooner or later and so I had to get out of there and seek help. I paced through the mall, looking in every direction, while calling for Dreamy WB. The two times I called, there was no response. The third time I called, looking up the escalators, I used her alternate name, shouting “Miss T!”. Then while walking back from the escalators, I whisper to myself, “Dreamy WB...” to affirm the fact that I need her help.

      Then my friend LA appears as a hologram and she says to me, “she's back that way”, as she points towards the direction of the jewelry store. I walk over into the hairdressers and there's where I see Dreamy WB, casually standing at the back of the salon. We end up hugging each other really hard for a long amount of time and then as she takes me out of the salon and back towards the jewelry store, the dream ends.

      Dream 167 B - One Pair Only
      I was having my 19th birthday party a month before my actual birthday in real life. It was a huge gathering of family and friends and lots of things to make a good party. One of the mums brought me pairs of shoes as a gift, two of them to be exact. One pair were flat red shoes and the other pair were high and pointy red shoes. My mum came up to me and said that I could only keep the flat pair. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 167 C - Back To Canberra

      The class of 2017 were back in year 11 and were due for their Canberra camp. I decided that I wanted to go and visit them. I forgot what happened in the first few scenes of the dream. I then remember that I was skipping and gliding along this footpath beside a main road and the area I entered into looked like the front of Chisholm Institute in Dandenong. When I was on the premises though, the place looked nothing like Chisholm.

      I was led to some long, outdoor subway which was like a hub to get to all these other places. The places were crowded and there were lots of fast food restaurants on this platform. Somehow, I got tangled up and disorientated in this crowd of boys but soon got out of it. I assess my surroundings and figured that one of the platform exits led to the Canberra camp site. I ended up having second thoughts on going because I just remembered that WB's cabin was right next to Ms L's. The dream then ended.

      Dream 167 D - Filming Time
      I don't remember what video the SML crew were making. I can remembered though that the only ones who claimed to be doing any work were Logan and JJ. They had accused Chilly, Tito and Pablo of doing nothing and just standing around. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Recuperating (Receive 3 hugs from Dreamy WB)
      >> 1. Tight hug at swimming carnival resembled quality of Dreamy WB (136 A).
      >> 2. She hugged me while taking me away from the hissing kitten (164 A).
      >> 3.
      Gave me a big hug when I found her in the hairdressers (167 A).
      - The T-Ol-Essa (Call Dreamy WB by her alternate name)
      >> The third time I called her for help. I said "Miss T" instead of "Dreamy WB".
    9. Dream - I Want To Go Out With Mum

      by , 07-25-2017 at 08:38 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 14 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 153 - I Want To Go Out With Mum

      I remember starting off the dream at some arcade place at Knox City Shopping Centre, I forgot what specifically happened though. The dream made it so dad, my brother, Tito from SML, and I were going into the cinemas but then I never had the intention of going. So the dream split us in half, dad and my brother went in and Tito and I didn't... Instead, Tito walked off somewhere, never to be seen again.

      After I was done in the bathrooms, I wanted to try and find my mum. When I did find her, she was in a normal mood but then her face was absolutely red. I said to her that I really wanted to go out with her but then she said she wasn't in the mood. I don't remember if anything else happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    10. Dream - SML's Bird Cage Ruination

      by , 07-13-2017 at 09:06 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 13 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 152 - SML's Bird Cage Ruination

      The dream started off with my family at the beach but I forgot what we were doing specifically. We were in the car, planning to head back home and that's when the dream scene shifted. I was now in a lighthouse and I could hear a commotion going on at the other end of it. I peeked through the doorless doorway to see my brother, whom was being threatened by Logan. There was a bird cage in between Logan and my brother and Logan was going to lock him in there! I was going to go and stop Logan myself but then my brother had a look on his face like he didn't want help from anyone.

      So instead, I called for Dreamy WB to go and sort Logan out... In this dream, Dreamy WB had responded immediately! She appeared as a hologram above the bird cage, with her hair in a low bun and wearing her glasses. For the whole time, she was smiling at me through the doorway and then she winked at me, that's when she vanished. Then I saw the bird cage start to shake and then it had collapsed and fallen down, its roof and walls laying on the floor like a bunch of wire trays. Then the bird cage had vanished altogether.

      What reappeared in the same spot was a big pile of random debris but it didn't look like blasted, damaged wire. Instead, the pieces were like massive squares of this rubber material, like you would see on a playground swing. My brother still had a blank reaction on his face but I could see that Logan wasn't happy at all. Logan was standing at the debris, with his face in a moaning shape and tapping his foot in frustration. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Optical Illusion (See Dreamy WB wearing glasses in a dream)

      >> That one time she was visible, she had her glasses on.
      - Eccentric Dream Guide (Witness Dreamy WB do something she's never done before)
      >> Turning Logan's cage into squares of useless debris has got to be a winner in my eyes for this trophy!
      - I can't see you (Have Dreamy WB act as an invisible force in your dream)
      >> During the whole duration of wrecking that cage... Logan doesn't even know who did it.
    11. Dream - Twisted School

      by , 07-07-2017 at 02:00 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 2 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 145 - Twisted School

      The dream started off normally with Ms. Gal. taking choir in the music rooms. It was soon that I noticed things were becoming slightly off and I was wondering why WB wasn't showing up to choir. I excused myself and asked to go outside, promising that I would be back before the end of lunch. I quickly and quietly headed over to the year 9 bathrooms, hoping that Mr. B wouldn't catch me. When I was in the bathrooms, I saw that all the toilets were flooded and stuffed full of toilet paper. I eventually found one that I could use.

      When I was back outside, there were these two angry teachers waiting for me and one of them was Ms. L. Both the teachers were yelling at me about something in regards to WB, the fact that I'm always looking for her. Once the teachers were done and they went, I looked at my watch and saw that the time was 1:20 PM, so I decided to head back to choir before lunch would end in approximately 10 minutes. When I came into the choir room, I saw all these girls with red faces, like they had just been crying and some of them were actually crying at the scene. I decided I couldn't stay there, I had to leave straight away.

      On addition to fleeing the choir rooms, I was calling for WB in extreme panic but there was absolutely no response from the dream environment. JM comes up and approaches me, looking really bad and threatening to kill me with a pair of red scissors she's holding. Even after the scissors are threatened at me, there is no response from the dream for WB to come and assist me, so I turn my attention to calling for my “guards”. I say something like “get the truck over here and handle these bullies!”... There was no response from the teddy bears either. JM was still after me and so I'm looking through this barrier, over to the oval. She comes behind me and tells me there's no escape. Then I approach this weirdly placed wire door and from it suddenly drops an absolutely creepy Super Mario Logan puppet which causes me to wake up in a sweat.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Mini Heart Attack (Wake up from a nightmare 1 time)

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    12. Dream - Violence In The Building & Searching For A Gift

      by , 06-22-2017 at 07:06 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 139 - Separated Sections

      Dream 139 A - Violence In The Building
      First of all, there was talk about the requirements for diploma at the Chisholm campus that was apparently located in Chadstone. I came across JC and he told me that we needed to attend one of the enrolment sessions that was taking place in the next week. The dream then skipped to the day of one of the enrolment sessions. We were in the foyer of Building W and there was also someone there that shouldn't have been there, AZ from primary school. He approached me and actually started violently punching me in the face.

      It took a while before AZ decided to stop and then he had walked out of the building. Then it was just me and NN in the area at one point, I wanted to talk to him but then he wasn't talking to me, rather he was on some comfy armchair, reading some book. AZ then came back in with JC and I was scared that I was going to be assaulted again. JC said to me “don't be scared of him, he's been asked to apologize”. AZ then approached me, wearing his primary school uniform and made the apology.

      It still apparently wasn't good enough for the TAFE's standards though. The lady that was attending the desk in a corner of the foyer called out to him and said that he was not going to be granted a place in the next course. She said she saw what he did. Then to put it bluntly, she said something like, “we're leaving you without a life”. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream 139 B - Searching For A Gift
      I was in some random store that I have forgotten the name of and I was looking for a hot pink t-shirt for myself, although the dream just called it a pink t-shirt. I asked my stranger friend in the dream where I could find and she pointed to this massive rack in one corner of the store. When I got to that though, I saw everything except for what I wanted and most of the clothes were the wrong colour. I can't remember what happens in the next scene.

      After the scene I forgot, I was back in the store and it was much bigger inside, like it had some sort of extension added to it. There was this whole new section which I was crazy about seeing. I had gone onto Facebook on my phone to message Chilly, asking her what Logan's favourite colour was so I could by him a t-shirt and when I had bought it, I would physically bring it back to his house. She answers me saying that she wasn't sure. I then said to her that his four options were gold, green, red or blue. After that, she said that she would get Logan to hop on speak to me. So then he was typing a message but from her account, so in the same chat-box. He said for me to wait until he got back from the “B & S Store”. I was slightly frustrated that I had to wait and so looked around the rest of the store by myself until I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - Damsel In Distress (Have NN repel 1 nightmare)
      - Kind Visitor (Have 1 interaction with anyone from SML)

      Note: Although it was JC who dealt directly with AZ, I still classify it as a trophy achievement as NN and JC are best friends in real life.
    13. Dream - The Piano Teacher Teaches Singing & Another Go At Retreat & Convention In A Car Park

      by , 06-17-2017 at 08:39 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 17 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 135 - Separated Sections

      Dream 135 A - The Piano Teacher Teaches Singing
      It was in some random place. I was supposed to be having piano lessons with this piano teacher I had about a decade ago in real life. The only strange thing is that she was focusing more on my singing rather than my piano playing. By the end of this dream segment, my singing was superb but my piano playing was still crap.

      Dream 135 B - Another Go At Retreat
      I forgot what happened at the start of this dream... Only that I was at the sight of the year 12 retreat again but this time, it looked nothing at all like the place in real life. This place was very crowded and its cabins were bunched up very closed together, sitting on these huge wooden decks above water. My aim was to find WB, first entering into cabin 113. The girls in that cabin then said that WB was in cabin 115. “Where is cabin 115?”, I asked and the girls said I had to go around the corner.

      It felt like ages although 115 was close by. When I looked through the window, I didn't see anyone at first but then I finally caught sight of some ladies in blue uniform, it was the cleaning staff. I then wondered where the girls were and I apparently I found out that they were out doing activities. So I walked off and continued my quest to find WB. At one point, I heard Ms L and Ms K talking in a cabin and that's when I thought to myself, I'd better make a run for it. As the dream progressed, the deck became laid out more like a platforming game, so I found myself increasingly leap frogging everywhere. I don't remember anything else that happened but I never found WB.

      Dream 135 C - Convention In A Car Park
      It was an undercover carpark, but more like a park shelter made of stone if you ask me. At first, there was all these tables in there with food on them, called the community centre. Soon, Logan came in and was clearing the tables as apparently he was going to have a family meeting in there, which he called a convention. The first to appear beside him was Chilly, and then came the other random family members that I do not know. The dream did say and show that one of them was his dad. After a short while, the family members all disappeared and Logan was left on his own. He put back the small tables like they would be in some examination room and he put small plates of fresh food on each desk. That's all I can remember about this dream... I wasn't in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    14. Dream - A Balance Sheet & Nobody Wants Me & Monster Children

      by , 06-02-2017 at 03:00 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 2 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 124 - Separated Sections

      Dream 124 A - A Balance Sheet
      I remember I was doing an accounting balance sheet but I forgot specifically for what though. That's all I can remember.

      Dream 124 B - Nobody Wants Me
      This dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was in a classroom and apparently my friend EH was supposed be having a birthday party. I caught sight of the cake which was iced a vivid red colour with a green leaf on it, almost like it was the design of a tomato. As I was looking at the cake, some girl came up to me and started making these attacking comments on how I want that cake all to myself. I felt unwanted by anyone and so I walked out of the room feeling disappointed, I didn't think EH took notice though and so she may have even been oblivious to the fact that I was being talked to like that in the first place.

      I was then walking around the school grounds for a while, now looking for WB but I couldn't see her anywhere. At one point, I thought I saw her walking out of another classroom but I said to myself, “that girl looks too black to be WB” because in waking life, her skin is brown, not black. So I assumed that I didn't see her. I then looked into another classroom and saw JS sitting on the floor within a group of random kids that I don't know.

      It was becoming time to go home and so I went down to King Arthur Drive to try and locate the bus. I soon realised that I had to go to Galahad Crescent to catch the bus, which thankfully hadn't left yet. On my way, I saw LB and like usual, she was giving me the typical dirty look. I then got to the bus area and only when I got on the bus, I saw WB sitting in a circle with her friends in a tucked away corner. Her friends and her were supposedly hiding from me. When I looked through the window I saw her, like she was staring at me, her eyes composed like they were half way out of her sockets. She was slowly nodding her head up and down. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 124 C - Monster Children
      The first part of this dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. The only difference is that WB and I spoke more in this dream. I have forgotten what specifically happened in this dream scene.

      The next dream scene takes place in a large, clean, friendly looking jail cell. There are all these kids in the call and there are four of them that are known as the “monster children”, one of them I can remember being AQ. The reason they were known as “monster children” was due to the heavy manipulation of their physical appearance and also the fact that they have a reputation of harmful behaviour when by themselves.

      The dream scene then shifted to outside the jail cell where Logan from SML was on his way to becoming a monster child himself. I forgot what he was doing to bring about that idea though. Then the dream moved over to showing the supernanny Jo Frost, almost like she was going live on TV. She said she couldn't be with Logan directly because the contract between them expired thirteen years ago. Also, Jo Frost was strangely manipulated in appearance, like she had aged by 20+. She had exactly the same appearance as in waking life but her hair was grey and she had heaps of wrinkles. So she was now giving Logan some “positive encouragement” about his current position in life. The theory was that this “positive encouragement” would detract his subconscious attention from the actions that a monster child would portray.

      The dream then went back to Logan's area and showed that he was in a better state of mind. He was walking over to this “party machine” that looked like a luggage x-ray device at an airport. Apparently this machine had six settings and one of them was for balloons to be blown up. He then activated another setting which would blow out glitter and small bits of confetti out of one of the chimneys on the machine. That's all I can remember about this dream.

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    15. Dream - SML Drama

      by , 05-16-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 16 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 114 - SML Drama

      I was at a strange looking version of Brandon Park shopping centre with this group of young stranger women. They were casting a play of some sort but I forgot what it was about. I do remember a scene skipping where I was in Kmart, choosing my costume and it was from a whole range of fancy dresses and earrings. I remember being so overwhelmed that I didn't know which set I wanted to choose.

      I had then wandered off somewhere and I only soon came to realise that I was at the SML house but it looked completely different to how the house is perceived on YouTube in waking life. This dream house looked more resort style and it was on a massive slant... At some stages, you literally feel like you could fall. I was wandering inside the house for what seemed like hours but then I had figured in the dream that I was only lost for 10 minutes. Once I was at the lowest part of the seemingly deserted house, the gym, I had found a set of stairs which went back up and they actually led outside.

      There was this strange hole with a lid in the shape of someone's nose. I decided to look through these nostril like holes to see if I could find the “play” girls again. I looked through and I did see an image of them back at the shopping centre. Soon after, the lid of the hole came off and a Jeffy puppet popped out. He ended up saying “Oh hey! What doing?”. I forgot what my full reply was but I do remember going “uh uh uh” at one point. That made Jeffy gasp in astonishment and add “uh uh uh... I think we're going to be best friends!”.

      The “drawing” clone of Jeffy then popped out of the hole but I ended up ignoring him and leaving to go back to the girls. When I eventually did get back to the girls, one of them said something like “We think it's time you were the star of the show”. I don't remember what happened after that.