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    1. [29-07-2016]

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:26 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in Hogwarts castle, something went wrong and Snape called everyone to descend down a spiral staircase to his dormitory. Whole castle gathered there, everyone looked in awe at golden objects and coins lying spread all around the floor and shelves. Like mad they charged at shelves and ground to take as much as they can. I calmly took coins enough to fill my two pockets, and then Snape appeared. First he started with taking all his gold back from people. He noticed that I had something in my pocket, I dropped a few coins on the ground and Snape went away. I still had rest of his gold in my pockets. He started arguing with Potter, I wasn't really listening to their argue and just wanted to go and mind my own business. Something flied past the window, when everyone tried to spot it looking through window, I did something and Snape just disappeared, thrown away by powerful winds.

      Second dream - DILD

      I was in my school, in the sports hall. I was watching a volleyball match, my friend was playing in it. He looked different, he was much taller and slimmer. I knew that there was some charm or curse placed upon their team, but they were still holding on strong. After the match I left sports hall and went with my class to some lesson in upstairs classroom. After it was finished I got a feeling that I have to do something quickly. I told that I have to do something urgently to two girls and ran through the school like mad, to the exit. I heard them saying that they too have something important to do but don't run like me. It was a grim, rainy day. I looked at the parking to find my car. I realised that it's a dream and kept repeating those words for a short while. I tried the nose plug RC, but it have failed. My right nostril was clogged, I knew that it was the thing in waking body and I couldn't do anything about that. I found my car and entered it, then drove out, phasing through another car that was parked there. I was driving on the road, with complete disregard for law and rules. My perspective was changing from first to third at times. I drove around, but each turn at the road led me to completely different and wrong street. I tried to phase my hand through window, but I couldn't for some reason. Then I crashed with two cars, and completely phased through third. The dream wasn't too stable and with low lucidity, it ended quickly.

      Third dream

      I was playing a strange computer game. It was some kind of simulation game, I had to choose how high loan a man was taking with some mafia and how many drugs he's buying. Then I had to set up a business for him and pay the loan before mafia would kill him. I set up a strip club and it slowly started, but suddenly it all changed to hospital. It was out of the game, the man, his family and strippers working in club were waiting for doctor. It was probably after they couldn't pay the mafia. Strippers were arguing with club owner. Suddenly a strange, enormously long snake appeared under the table. It had funny ears on it's head and looked kinda cute with them. It made a hiss combined with rattle at the strippers, then hidden.
    2. 10-10-14 "Good Lord, boy!"

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:02 PM
      I took violin lessons from Professor Snape, and one day I forgot to bring my violin. I was mortified!

      My mother and sister were baking something, and these two old men were kind of aimlessly wandering around our kitchen. twice, one of them nudged my elbow and said in a hillbilly accent, "Good Lord, boy!". The second time this happened, my mother started giggling uncontrollably.

      My mother had a pinched nerve, and she read online about a remedy. She took some dill seed, some Fresca soda and some coconut oil, and combined it all in a glass. If the draught was to be at all effective, she had to drink it as fast as she could. She did. It tasted terrible.
    3. The Cove Cave with Cage...

      by , 06-22-2012 at 07:46 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      22nd of June, 2012

      I discovered with Nooks a hidden cove beside I mountain that, when you went down into the water, had a sweet shallow-water cave leading off it. We swam into the cave and, when we emerged from the water, were suddenly involved in a film shoot involving Nicholas Cage. I had this cool DSLR video camera to film with and was looking through all the footage on it which showed all these amazingly shot, elegant, beautifully colored scenic scenes of waterfalls and rainbows. So for a little while I was the cameraman on this film which had basically no story line but involved Nick Cage in houses and other random places..

      Somehow that faded and I was driving in a car with my Nana on a dirt road above the cove from before. Suddenly she swerved and the car fell into the water but became a jet-ski which we rode into the cave again. On entering, we began placing mine-cart tracks and riding along the rails while digging out the walls all Minecraft style. The cave slowly filled up with people also mining away and then Professor Snape began to make these two Barbie-type dolls have sex. I told him he was being childish and that he should be more professional.


      Ahh man! There was another awesome one this morning which I forget now. I'll update this later if I remember. Watch this space!

      Edit:I remembered!!

      Okay, so I was floating/swimming in this large harbour area "eating" boats and harbourside buildings. Eating basically involved me reaching out toward the object and trying to touch it which would make it slowly start disintegrating from where I touched. Even though things looked far away, I could reach them all- almost like we were missing a 3rd dimension or something. Anyway, I ate a couple of Cruise Ships and some buildings and a sea plane and then I got full from eating too many things. (lol, just writing this is making me weirded out!)
      So I climbed aboard an Aircraft Carrier where I helped land some more sea planes, and then went into the cafe, which teleported me to a similar cafe in a small town. There I ordered a spring roll which I was told would take about 2 minutes to cook, so in the mean time I went and had a small party in the dining area. Now that I think about it, I think it was some kind of Uni lodging or something.

      It was strange.

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    4. dreams

      by , 12-08-2010 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Me and Asuka get called into Snape's office at hogwarts. He starts giving us a lecture about innapropriate display of affection in the hallways. (all we were doing was holding hands... pfft). I wasn't listening though.. I wastoo busy fantasising a scenario that would just pisss Snape off. That me and Asuka should do the dirty deeds in the hallway right by his office... and for everyone to see. The only bigger pleasure than doing the deed itself is what Snapes face will look like if he sees us!

      In the middle of his lecture, his office door opens by itself. Snape says loudly "Harry potter," in his typical dry tone. I look behind me and see harry running behind a shelf while he fumbles with his invisibility cloak which I see him dissapear behind. I then notice a small head statue of JS bach on one of the shelves... Oh well at least me and snape have something in common.


      I remember a small fox that jumped into my arms. I was petting it... no other memory... It was Pablo no doubt.


      I remember hearing a piece of music and playing it on the guitar. I remembered one melody line clearly upon awakening... unfortunately I was too drowsy to get up and forgot it when I ell back asleep.

      Slughorn's house.

      Dumble dore sends me to Slughorn's house for something I can't remember (Dumbledore is helping me cheat like the other participants?!?!?).

      I enter the house and each door leads to a different room. I backtrack when not finding slughorn and notice that the rooms change around on the house. Walms enters the house but I ignore him. He goes through one door. and I go through the other... but we both wind up in the same room a moment later??? WTF. Walm's does something to the wall and a matters and pillow appears leaning against the wall. We knock the mattress over and it reveals a hidden room where Prof Slughorn is sleeping in a bed, He awakens and is all like "huh wha? hmm? Who are you?" but my memory fades here.
    5. 12/03/10 Dreams within dreams within dreams

      by , 12-06-2010 at 04:33 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: This was a three level dream… I was having a dream in a dream in a dream… these can get a bit confusing, but I will do my best to keep things straight.

      I am lying in my bed, I am not sure how I got there, just that I am really tired. I feel a soft furry animal curled up beside me, so I reach down to pet the animal I assume to be a cat. Instead, the animal pikas when I touch it. Pika? I sit up and turn on my iPod Touch for the light from the screen, and there is a real live pikachu sitting beside me, looking at me. He is looking at me, and he pikas again, then he curls up right by my chest, where it is really easy to scratch his ears. For some reason, even though I know that means I am dreaming, I am still sleepy and I lie down, soon falling asleep with the pikachu beside me… I slip into a dream.

      I am in the Hogwarts castle, I am lucid, and I am playing games with Bellatrix Lestrange. The kind of games that end up with her shitting her pants either with fear or with frustration or anger or something… I am having a hard time remembering the details, but I do remember a couple of fragments… I am in one of the classrooms at Hogwarts, facing Bellatrix Lestrange across several desks, she is acting in her usual insane manner, brandishing her wand around like a complete madwoman and yelling incomprehensible things in between her insane cackling. I telekinetically take her wand right out of her hand, pulling it straight to me. I tell her she needs to stop waving that thing around before she puts out an eye or something. She actually pauses, looking at her empty hand and then at me holding her wand. She demands I give it back to her immediately, I tell her to take it back if she wants it so badly. She does nothing, so I ask her if that's a problem, can't she do a simple summoning charm to take her wand back? Or can she not do magic without a wand? Because if she can't do magic without the aid of a stupid little stick, then she is way more pathetic than I had ever thought possible. She demands her wand back now, I ask her if I really look dumb enough to give it back to her, then I leave the room, yelling at her to come get it if she dares…

      I am in the dungeons of Hogwarts, the passages down there are like an endless maze, and I am lucid. I am teleporting all over the place, I am playing games with someone, and I soon find the person I am playing with, it is Bellatrix Lestrange. She is apparently pissed off at me about something, because she fires a curse at me, but I teleport before it can hit me. Instead it makes a hole in the wall. I teleport to a spot right behind Bellatrix and whisper quickly into her left ear, "You missed! Tag, you're dead!" and then I teleport away as she is turning around. She spins around and fires another curse, but I am gone before she even fires the curse this time. I am a disembodied voice before I re-materialize somewhere else, and I let out a hollow sounding laugh that echos through the dungeons, all around Bellatrix, making her look frantically around for the source. She is yelling at me to come out, she is calling me a coward, calling me a whole slew of names I don't recognize but I am sure they are nasty and insulting names. I teleport to a position right in front of her and give her a shove backwards, she fires several quick curses at me, I teleport and reveal the mirror behind me, her curses bounce back and almost hit her except she ducks out of the way quickly. Some more hollow laughter for her benefit. She is yelling again, apparently loud enough that it got Snape's attention. Snape comes down the hall, clearly pissed off, and barely avoids Bellatrix's franticly thrown curse. "Watch what you're doing, woman!" Snape snarls as he comes over closer to Bellatrix and plucks her wand from her hand as she is looking frantically around. I appear behind Snape, in front of Bellatrix, and she starts pointing and yelling, "There she is! There she is!" at Snape. As Snape turns around, I teleport away so there is no one for Snape to see. Snape looks back at Bellatrix with a strange look that is somewhere between disgust and pity.

      I wake up from the Bellatrix dream and now I am in my living room with Tigress, it seems I fell asleep while I had been hanging out with Tigress. So now I am not lucid. Now that I am awake, I tell Tigress about the dream I just had, about the fact it seemed so vivid at the time, I tell her I could feel every sensation, every bit of energy, I really need to write down some notes to be sure I don't forget this. I pull out some paper and start writing down some notes, writing them as quickly as I can, trying like crazy not to forget about it. While I am doing this I wake from this dream.

      Now I wake up in bed, I roll over and think I had better jot down notes from the dream, the Bellatrix dream and the dream where I was telling Tigress about it, but I hear something out in the other room that makes me stop and listen. My mother is talking to a man, the man's voice sounds sooooo familiar right now… I can't really believe what I am hearing. It's my brother, John, but it can't be… he's been dead for four years now… there is no way he could be back, is there? I listen to them out there, my mom is clearly thrilled that John is back, I hear John ask if mom thinks it is ok for him to wake me up to say 'hi' to me. My mother says that she is certain I won't mind considering the situation. I decide to pretend to be asleep, to not let them know I had been spying on them, so I close my eyes as I hear my bedroom door open. I peek out through one squinted eye, an eye barely open enough to see, certainly not enough for someone else to notice, and I see my brother come into the room. He is speaking to me, he says good morning, it's time to wake up. And I wake up, but unfortunately I wake to my waking life.
    6. 12/01/10 Memories of Hogwarts

      by , 12-02-2010 at 04:03 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I had plans to meet up with MoSh to place a connection between his inner world to the Hogwarts we have been visiting, but then he told me that someone has been screwing with Asuka's memory and she doesn't even remember him. So the first plan became to restore Asuka's memory. I also had plans to meet up with Kaomea to raise a bit of chaos in a different Hogwarts, specifically one where Professor Umbridge (5th year Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor) deserves to be the object of some amusement. More specifically, never can these two dreams meet! Unfortunately, I once again have only fragmented memories.

      The Memory Remains
      I am with MoSh in a strange town, I have no idea where we are, and I am not lucid. MoSh and I are looking for a new age store where he says he will be able to find Asuka, he says I will have to help her remember him. I am wondering how I am supposed to help Asuka remember him if he can't do that himself. We are heading toward the store, MoSh seems to know where he is going, but we reach a spot where there is a barricade and a cop is not letting anyone down the street we need to take. And they are clearly taking this very seriously, there is a large barrier that is about ten feet tall at least and it is topped with razor wire… um… they are taking this way too seriously. MoSh and I take a different street to go around the barricaded area and get to the new age store that way. Now there don't seem to be any streets heading in our direction at all, and the street we are on is curving in the wrong direction. MoSh points out an alley and we go down that, determined to reach the store. There are dogs there now, about seven big dogs that look like Rottweilers, and they are all blocking the alley and snarling menacingly. I go over to a fire escape and jump to reach the ladder, pulling it down. Now MoSh and I are able to use the fire escapes to get past the dogs. We continue using the fire escapes until we finally reach a store called New Life, MoSh says that is where Asuka is working. The fire escape ends on the roof of the place, which seems a bit odd, but we are able to get inside through a trap door. Inside, Asuka doesn't seem to think this is strange at all, and she greets us by asking what she can help with. I tell her I think MoSh is looking for a bit of quality time with her, adding a wink. She looks at me strangely, as if she has no idea what I am talking about… MoSh says I had said I have a song to restore memories, maybe I should try that. I look in my pocket and find I have my iPod, so I take it out and play the song "The Memory Remains" by Metallica while focusing on restoring her memories. The song plays through, and it looks like there is a flicker of recognition in Asuka's eyes.

      Haunted Dungeons
      I am at Hogwarts, and this time I am spontaneously lucid, or maybe I just don't recall the time when I became lucid. But at the point where my memories start I am with Kaomea, Fred, and George in some dark corner of the dungeons at Hogwarts. We are all talking about making fools out of Umbridge, Snape, Ubridge, some of the Slytherins, Umbridge… oh, and Umbridge! It is unanimous that every there hates Umbridge beyond all others. Something comes into my mind, I am thinking Kaomea and I can use form shifting to make Umbridge look really retarded, and the effect will last even after we are gone. The situation will be set then for Fred and George to have whatever fun they can get out of it, make a plan? They say they will improvise, that is what they do best. So we start off by sending a fake message from Snape that says he needs to meet with Umbridge immediately. Kaomea and I turn into cats… she turns into Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, I turn into Mrs. Norris. Umbridge comes down into the dungeon shortly later. I, as Mrs. Norris, go over and wind around her legs, which results in her kicking me. I hiss at her. That doesn't fit with all her plates and pictures of cats in her office… but it is also not unexpected. I flip back to my feet, arch my back, and I hiss loudly. Umbridge tells me to shut up, so I start mutating. From the form of a cute little kitty cat I start growing, there are bony spines protruding from my back, and my hissing becomes more malevolent… Before long Umbridge is staring, stunned and terrified, at a face that looks something like this.

      She stumbles backwards a couple of feet, then trips and falls on her ass before letting out a horrible sounding scream of pure terror. I hear someone behind me, so I quickly transform back to Mrs. Norris and jump on Umbridge's chest and start purring. Snape enters the hall and sees Umbridge on the floor, cowering, pointing at me and saying to get it away from her, please get it away from her, it's a monster… Snape picks me up by the scruff of the neck and looks at me, he states the obvious, "It's… a… kitty… cat…" in his usual mocking tone. He puts me down and looks at Umbridge with disgust. Umbridge is going on about how I had been a monster just second ago, I respond with a questioning, "Meow?" Snape says, "That's Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat… she may be filthy and have fleas, but she is no monster." Umbridge wants to know what Snape wanted to see her for, he says he doesn't and then walks away. Umbridge is visibly shaken, but then she walks down the hall she came from. I see Crookshanks waiting near the end of the hall, Kaomea is going to have some fun with Umbridge. I head down the hall towards them, to see what is going to happen, but this is the last part I remember.