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    1. [14-02-2017: Dark lord, Burglars]

      by , 02-14-2017 at 10:47 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Dark lord

      It was by some cliff or volcano caldera. The sky was whole red and ominous. I was fighting with some strange monsters until the dark lord arrived and punched me, which made metal plates sprout out from whole my body in a painful manner. Suddenly I found myself again in that place, but earlier. Again I was fighting with monsters - all were humanoid with burnt skin, some of them used swords or long, steel claws. I dodged, parried and striked. I managed to beat a few of swordsmen, but one of claw slashing monster managed to slash through my chest. Then the dark lord arrived - a tall, extremely muscular man with long black hair. He was wearing armor made of bones of his opponents. I knew that if he hits me, metal plates would protrude from my body, so I was running all around, evading. He called me with some strange name and the plates of metal protruded out of my body anyway, quite painfully and splashing blood all around. I looked like an iron hedgehog.


      It was cold winter. Two burglars were after me because I had some diamond or emerald of enormous size that they wanted to steal. I got out of my house to a shed with random stuff, when suddenly they arrived. I quickly changed my clothes to snowboarding equipment that was in shed and started escaping to the road, crossing it and getting to snowdrifts leading to a pit in front of my house. They were really close all the time, I visualised that there's a hole in the snow that would make them fall inside and get stuck in this trap. And they immediately fell down the trap. Suddenly I was back at my house. Burglars arrived again, asking politely for the gem. I wanted to give them an armed mouse-trap instead, but haven't had any. I visualised that I have a purse with armed mouse-trap inside and it instantly appeared in my hands. I gave it to burglars then closed doors tightly. After a while I heard scream of pain and irritation.
    2. In loving memory?

      by , 03-12-2016 at 02:07 AM
      I had a dream that a buncha friends and I went snowboarding and one of my buddies mom kept taking a picture and adding his gf in. For some reason she wasn't there, and saying in loving memory of megan. An we miss you dearly megan. In my dream I was really confused
      I'm at a funeral and my buddy is crying pretty badley, I'm not really sure what to do so I give him a big hug.
    3. Snowboarding

      by , 03-09-2015 at 09:19 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Snowboarding down a huge mountain, I find a lot of snowboarder / skier traffic, and can't go where I want to very easily. I bomb it down a hill, and turn to my right to go over a small hill to another part of the mountain, but while avoiding the other people, I lose too much speed. I have to dance side to side and walk the board up the rest of the way. Then it's fairly clear, not many people, and I hit a few jumps sticking out of the deep powder. I slow down in one turn, and find out that the powder is up to my neck! I lean into the mountain, and pick up some more speed to stay on top of the powder, and make some easy turns the rest of the run down the mountain. It's so peaceful and beautiful here.
    4. Snowboarding Tricks and Perfect Timing

      by , 11-08-2014 at 03:15 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Standing in the street with a bunch of friends, we are all going to a skate park of sorts, but it is far away. They suggest I levitate to make the trip easier. I'm jump up in the air, and lay horizontally, levitating above the ground and slowly moving forwards through the air. I ask them how to go faster because I could walk this fast normally. One of my friends shows me that I can bang my fists together while holding them out in front of me to go faster. It works, but I only go a little faster. I keep doing it, and keep increasing speed, but only slightly.

      A large crowd of people are walking in the street, and start tugging on me as I float past them. I think maybe they're jealous, so I stop levitating, and walk with them so they don't feel bad. They settle down when I do this, and we all walk together toward the skate park.

      When we get there, it turns into a snow/ice version of a skate park, and I am on a snowboard. People look at me, expecting some fancy tricks. I realize I'm dreaming, and this seems fun, so I drop into a big half pipe type thing on my snow board.

      Suddenly, the dream is in 3rd person, as I watch myself doing tricks. But physically, I feel myself doing all of it with first person tactile sensations. I manage to do lots of spins and flips in this way, and people are happy with the performance. I also retain a physical sense of observing all this from about 30 feet away, standing on the packed snow. I go full tilt with spinning super fast, and doing every twist and rotation physically possible.

      Now the audience becomes loads of Buddhist monks and nuns, who all look at me at once and tell me it would be a good time to wake up now. I recognize that it's up to me, but I trust them, so I concentrate my mind on waking up. I feel a peaceful tingling, kind of dull and soft, as the dream fades back into my subtle mind, and my waking sense of my body in the dark room gradually exists again in my awareness.

      About 30 seconds later, I get out of bed, and walk over to the desk to check the time on my phone. As soon as I pick up my phone, the alarm starts to go off, and I silence it before it wakes my room mates :-)
    5. Second Lucidity Attempt Led to Crazy Dreams

      by , 11-03-2012 at 06:08 AM (One Crazy Ride to Lucidity)
      So during my second attempt to become lucid I kept waking up and it would fail, so then I gave up since I have an early work day during the week, and went to sleep.
      I remember small segments of my dream, and I'm not sure if they were all separate dreams or just continuations of the same dream. I woke up in between each segment, but at one point I THOUGHT I was in a dream and tried blasting rainbows from my hands....then I found out I was actually awake >_____> Anyways here's what I recorded in my actual Dream Journal:

      First Segment: I was with a group of friends on a cable car ride to the top of a very steep and grassy hill. There were many Evergreen trees scattered throughout the hill, but I remember one of my friends saying "this snowboarding trip is gonna be great!" I remember thinking to myself 'snowboarding? here? Madness!!' Once we reached the top of the hill I was already geared up in winter attire, and on my board. The moment my board touched the green grass SNOW APPEARED, and it covered the entire hillside as I was making my way down. It's as if I was actually creating the snow to ride on, but then I woke up!

      Second Segment: I remember being outside of my ex-girlfriend's home (though it was totally different, and the location was WAAAAYYYY off) talking to her mother and father. Her mother was acting kind of goofy, and laughing a lot, and her father was going on about buying everyone expensive bicycles...including me! I went over to a bike and started examining it when I woke up!

      Third Segment (this I think was either two dreams connected to each other, or just continuing the same one: I was still outside at my ex's house while her parents were goofing off and riding tricycles when I felt a weird sensation in my left hand. I looked at my hand only to find the palm completely covered in pins (the kind you would stick in a pin-cushion) and the bulbs at the very tips were powder blue. I remember saying to myself "this is so weird. why is this happening?" and trying to pull them out. I think I got two or three pulled out, but each one I touched afterwards would sting the crap out of my right hand! What?? So I decided I'd go inside their house and play with their cat (they actually don't own a cat in real life). The cat I found was dark gray, and your standard fat house cat. It would hiss and growl high pitch noises and claw me if I tried to pet it. But for some reason I decided to keep trying to pet him. The cat ran away underneath an end table, and the routine repeated itself...until the cat yelled "**** YOU!!!!" and bit my hand. The bite hurt so much that I got mad, grabbed the hind legs, and punched him in the stomach, and then woke up! At the end of this segment I opened my actual eyes, still feeling like I was in a dream, held out my left hand and said in my head "I WILL blast rainbows from my hand!!!" I think I did this twice before I realized...."crap....I failed the WILD again!"
    6. Major League Debut

      by , 07-17-2012 at 02:18 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Lots of tiny fragments today:

      Fragment 1:

      I am making my major league baseball debut with the Angels. I am playing right field for some reason (SS,3B,P in real life) and I am doing very well. I get an outfield assist after backing up an errant throw to first base.

      Fragment 2:

      I am at my wedding and everything is going very well. I look awesome. I am snowboarding at the wedding with my brother and AC, and I am doing well. The venue is MG but it changed to the Anaheim back yard. We get put on the spot frequently throughout the wedding but we don't give a sh*t.

      Fragment 3:

      I am bowling and Em is there directing / coaching people.

      Fragment 4:

      I am talking to Obama.
    7. My WILD was wild!

      by , 07-08-2012 at 06:03 AM
      1. I ascended once again through the ceiling like a ghost.
      2. I went flying through the air.
      3. I went flying through the stars.
      4. I saw my silver cord.
      5. I was surfing on the clouds and I said, "Whoa, there's no sharks beneath these waves."
      6. I finished up snowboarding.
      7. The end.
    8. Woah.... ADA?!? warn: sexual situation

      by , 06-16-2012 at 07:20 PM
      So, past 2 days have been thinking on the ADA, all day awareness.

      First dream
      Started with me n my bf just chilling in our room, n.... he started fapping me XD with the door wide open as usual. I told him to stop because i got paranoid his parents might walk back.... n just after I told him to stop, his dad calls him, n steps infront of the door. I guess he got some huge dog or something... XD I just remember (well among a few other things I won't mention XD).... the dog was standing up like the whole time.

      This dream went to one of this city or something.... one from aprevious dream. This kind of town on the ocean with waterways inbetween houses/buildings. I remember once I got to the start of the area (area i remember from before) I started floating n started flying around the town. I came upon this black guy (dun rarely see people, let alone of other races :/ ) , n started asking him about these crazy murlock lookin things. He told me how they fought one another n stuff. I can remember looking down n seeing a large fish floating in the water, dead. After he was done talking I took to my floating again for a moment until, I stopped at one end of the city, there was this big tower with a monorail going across the sea. As I got in, my mind reminded me of this hate article on the dangers of rollar coasters... cause when I went to sit in the thing... there was this huge woman sitting in the back.... which made me wonder if I was gonna get crushed when the ride slowed n what not XD.

      That ende dup not being the case, on top it was train like, riding on a rail, with a platform undereath the rail, so it felt somewhat safe despite the height. All I can remember is it picked up speed, and was just heading in a downward slope faster and faster.....

      Then I was at some recreational center, with polls n stuff, I remember that I was there trying to get my medical card. When the elderly woman was done doing some shit with me I cannot recall, some kind of evaluation, she told me the charge for that day (200$ O.o wtf? for an evaluation n day at the center?) I asked for the year n she said 7000$.... I pretty much said that wasn't gonna be possible to which I looked off to the side disappointed, she then pretty much said i wasn't going to be able to get my card. Need-less to say, I got upset, I was to pay 200$ for the day and wasn't gonna get my card.... I pretty much blew up on her in tears, pretty much explained my week n then said "ya know... fuck you, you don't give a fuck, you just want my money yadda yadda yadda" n went outside... I eventually thought fuck it.... n went inside n sat down just being my sad tear-stained face self ya know.... hoping she'd come to me n tell me that she was sorry and would take care of me.

      This dream faded like my dreams generally do. I was with my cousin at my grandma's house and I guess some place we'd burgled in some dream i'm trying to recall, the people were on to us from. I just remember a few moments of being outside in the snow with him talking about it (he strangely had shoulder-length hair), we were back inside n I was dreading about it n such. At one point I was back where we were talking outside.

      It wasn't a snowy field anymore, now it was hill, to which I started riding down.... not on a snowboard, but in a snowboard like fasion, i remember hoping up, n using one of they fly-suits like they have in SSX n landing at the bottom. At the bottom there was a bunch of people waiting, some having already finished, that dream became the next with me at a gamestop, same people in the same positions, just the environment having changed.... I looked at a few games.... like this one with marvel super heroes on it, with like Goku and Vegito in the backround smiling, like it was a mix up bash kind of game. After that.... I woke up n just had to get up.

      Having finally had plenty of time to rest I was able to get some major dreaming in, and i'm rather impressed by the general intensity it kept and for how long.

      Of all of it, I liked going back to that town, gonna try to think on it some more.... it was rather beautiful.
    9. Snowboarding fragment

      by , 04-23-2012 at 08:25 AM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      [COLOR="#483d8b"]- It was winter and there was thick snow on the ground. I was on some huge mountain with a girl that was younger than me. We were snowboarding. [/COLOR]


      Nothing else..

      [COLOR="#2e8b57"]lucids[/COLOR], [COLOR="#483d8b"]non-lucids[/COLOR]

      Updated 04-25-2012 at 03:54 PM by 50369

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Finally had a snowboarding dream at least

      by , 04-14-2012 at 02:59 PM
      Im a snowboarder tasked to keep watch over the mountain and fix any problems that arise, no matter the difficulty. *My first job is on the slope known for insane winds. *An avalanche is beginning to build and I have to stop it before it reaches the town. *As I walk away from my drop off helicopter a gust of wind blows it off the cliff. *Its up to the pilot now, so I drop in to the slope. *The avalanche proves, like most avalanches, to be unstoppable by one snowboarder. *When I reach the town its oddly unscathed. *I look back. *The avalanche is harmlessly turning into a stream of water on the strip of desert on the mountain slope. M is waiting at the town. *She says Christmas is tomorrow. *What? We haven't even set up a tree!
      --no recall here--
      My next task is to rescue a crying young boy (nobody i havd ever met) named Timmy from a cable car parked at the top of a slope. *M is busy in town looking on her iPod on an app that is basically a welcome to visitors, so I'm on my own. *I pick up T and begin the ride down. *We crash and I suddenly find myself back at the top of the slope. *I respawned? *I decide to try to mess up what I now see as a scripted scenario in a game, I walk in front of T to see if he spazzes out trying to walk through me like most video game characters. *Suddenly my sworn enemies known to cause trouble on the slopes show up. *I ask what they are here for. *They say nothing but they show me a video clip of a YTMV of T crying. *I wake up.
    11. The Crazy Fragments, DreamViews Academy and Homer Simpson...

      by , 01-15-2012 at 11:55 PM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      16th of January, 2012

      HORRIBLE night’s sleep. I was literally waking up every 45 minutes or so. I suppose it was an excellent opportunity for some WILDs but they didn’t happen. I know at one point I was kind of lucid and actually discussing dreams I’d had earlier in the night with someone but that doesn’t really count.

      So. A whole bunch of weird fragments, if you so please. The last one was pretty cool.

      I was with Nooks in a forest of some sort and was naked. Nooks wanted to get jiggy, but there were people everywhere. Eventually Emma came up and was crying because she’d rented some cars and couldn’t take them back in time because they had flat batteries. I was more worried about getting some pants on. We went back with Emma to a hotel and she wrote a story about this really nancy guy which at the time was amazing and I wish I could remember how it went. Wendy drew an awesome picture of the guy and set it as my desktop.


      DreamViews Academy was a real, yet intangible place. It was like a university campus that people visited but only in one plane or something. Like astral projection. I was there with a black guy and we were doing dream experiments (I can’t believe I didn’t do a RC at some point here!). It was 6:30AM wherever I was and simultaneously on some other plane of existence we were also talking on the phone and I was reading his profile which was all about aliens and creeped me out too much to sleep.


      At the shops, some junkies wanted us to buy them supplies or give them money. One of them had a really fancy, elegant plate of food.


      In a highrise construction zone watching holographic movie parodies that you looked at through glass. One was Kevin Costner saying the same line over and over again with different inflection each time.


      A guy jumped out of a helicopter and went snowboarding down a ridiculously crazy hill with basically no snow on it and just got all effed up.


      And finally, a proper one:

      I’m not sure where we were- maybe Canada or the US, Nooks was going to a speed-dating event (apparantly her 3rd one) and wanted me to entertain myself while she went but I got annoyed and upset with her.

      Before she left, we went to a toy store that had really elaborate Star Wars Lego. On the way out, I picked up an Etch-A-Sketch and wrote “Be Happy” on it which Nooks said was the greatest thing anyone had ever created on one. Then she decided not to go to her event.

      Later on we got free tickets to a play which we were really looking forward to but turned out to be a dodgy highschool production. I tried to take a burrito into the theatre but wasn’t allowed so I went outside to finish it. I got back in just as it started. There was a fat guy dressed as a woman singing a song which I can’t remember and the play was about… I have no idea actually. At some point I swapped seats with other people and during one scene I got on stage with the guy next to me and showed the actors where a spray bottle was amongst a shelf of office supplies.

      Somehow after leaving the play, the dream turned into a twisted version of the opening sequence of The Simpsons called “Homer plus family” and instead of showing them all running through Springfield it had some really screwed up stuff. One part that I remember was Homer killed a bear and was wearing its skin which started to rot and Marge turned into a bush then crashed a car into a crowd.

      At the end, Homer got out of the skin and was naked and started running home. At that point it turned into me and I was running naked through the streets at morning. It was actually pretty funny and lots of people were laughing and I got on the news.

      Two seperate naked dreams in one night? What's up with that?

    12. Surviving the First Atomic Bomb

      by , 01-05-2012 at 02:48 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Got the first part of the TotY done! Hopefully I can push through and finish all of them this year

      I was, once again, snowboarding, only this time it was at my local mountain. I was at the eastern most part of the mountain, which isn't even open yet, and was riding up the chairlift. There was nobody next to me but I was with a big group of friends who were scattered throughout the chairs near me. I got off the lift as usual and started to head towards the park. This time it was different though. There's normally a fence with a small opening you go through, followed by a couple rails, some jumps, a few more rails, and then a steep section with large jumps on top. This time, however, there was a very large grouping of rails right at the top of a hill, and a picnic table off to the left.

      Me and some friends decided we would hit the table first, and headed over to it. I went first and did a simple 50-50 (just riding straight over it) and rode off the end. The rest of my friends did similar stuff and nobody went really big. We stopped right after the feature and started to hike back up so we would have enough speed to hit some of the rails that were in the middle of the trail. It was set up so that, looking downhill from left to right, there was an "S" rail, and two flat rails. Behind those were a cannon box, a butter box, and a flat-down rail between them. At the end of the group was two tire bonks and this red trash can type thing that is actually at the mountain.

      My friends all went before me, and most did 50-50s on the rails to the right. I went down and did a front board around the "S" rail, and a tail press on the butter box, popping off the end. Then I avoided the rest of the features and stopped to wait for the others. However, this seemed awefully familiar to me. I thought about it for a second, and I remembered last night's dream at the other mountain where I did tricks that I knew I couldn't do. At this point I realized that I was likely dreaming, but wanted to be sure. I asked my friends to hold up for a bit while I checked something. I took off my gloves and my facemask and did a nose-plug RC. To my suspicions,
      it worked! I could breath in through my nose and was in yet another lucid.

      The first thing that popped into mind was a sex LD, which got me angry due to the fact that I always think of that first. However, I knew I had to stabalize the dream first, so I rubbed my hands together and took in my surroundings. Rubbing your hands works very well when it's cold out and they warmed up very quickly. They felt a bit abrasive but not to the point where it would hurt. After denying my want to have another sex LD, I though of the TotY. This time I remembered that it was 2012 and there were new tasks. The first one I thought of was beating Neil Armstrong out of the space shuttle, but for some reason I didn't feel like doing that one now. Instead, I picked experiencing the first nuclear bomb detonation.

      Remembering how last dream ended, I kept my eyes open and just snapped my fingers, picturing an empty desert with a small bunker. I also imagined an old, decrepid house in the middle of it like there always is in those old atomic test videos. In an instant I was standing in an old house that looked like it was about to fall down. There was a couch in the room with me, a fireplace, a painting of a nuclear blast (how ironic ) and an old pin-up calendar. I stepped out onto the front porch only to have the sun shine directly into my eyes. Damn, it was bright out! Once my eyes adjusted I looked off into the distance and tried to make out the bunker that I presumed the scientists were in. Once I found it I trained my ear to it, trying to hear what they were saying.

      "Well gentlemen, it looks like this is it. We don't know exactly what's going to happen, but I would suggest praying to your God." Awesome, a new ability, super hearing! I had never done that before. It seemed fitting for them to say that. After all, during the actual testing they didn't know it the explosion would ever stop. They thought it could go on forever, splitting atom after atom, destroying everything in existence! I continued to listen in as they began their countdown. "Launching nuclear missile in T minues 10, 9, 8..." I looked up to the sky, expecting to see something flying towards me. I didn't know what a nuclear blast would feel like, and I was a little worried myself, but I rubbed my hands some more and kept reminding myself, "This is a dream. This will be fun!"

      "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch initiated." Here goes! I squinted to try and see around the sun and I noticed a small shadow several thousand feet in the air, hurlting straight towards me. As it got closer, I noticed it was literallty coming at me! I closed my eyes and felt a quick, sharp pain in my forehead. After a few seconds of silence, I opened my eyes to see that the missile was sitting on the ground right in front of me! I wasn't really thinking clearly and just sort of kicked it, trying to get it to do something. Big mistake.

      There was instantly a bright light and I felt very warm. Not hot, but a comfortable warm. I was still in the dream, 100% aware of everything, but was in a massive pile of smoke. I sprinted as fast as I could in one direction until I could see again. After only a short second, I was out of the smoke and was looking back at the explosion. It was a classic mushroom cloud and I noticed that the house I was in was nowhere to be found. I looked to my right and noticed the bunker the scientists had been in. I listened in on them and all I could faintly hear was cheers and a few high fives, as well as some sighs of relief.

      Unfortunately, that blast must've really shooken my dream, because everything was fuzzy. I couldn't really hear specific things and everything was muffled, like I was inside a glass box while everything else continued as normal. Then, suddenly, I felt a massive shaking of the ground. I looked over to where the house had been and noticed a big crack in the ground. WTF? What was in that bomb!? The crack raced towards me and I turned the other way and ran. I don't why I didn't just fly away or teleport, but the crack caught right up with me and split directly beneath me. I pulled a scooby-doo and ran in place for a few seconds before falling down the crevasse. Before I could even get my senses, I felt a massive rush of force go up my legs, along my back and into the back of my head. The next thing I knew,
      I was lying awake in my bed. Just to be safe that I was actually awake and it wasn't a FA I did another RC and checked the clock a few times. Nope, I was awake

      At least I got the first of my TotYs done
    13. Taking on Megatron

      by , 08-07-2011 at 06:00 PM

      DILD into DEILD chain (~3)

      Recall: somewhat poor

      This was my first time using a new flying technique and it worked pretty well. I used the magnet technique by focusing on a destination to take off, but after I was in the air, I switched to my own propulsion. I could feel myself being propelled from my thighs.

      The dream started with me walking up a snowy hill in the forest. The snow was like a foot deep so the trek was difficult. After reaching the top, I somehow became lucid.

      I wanted to work on my dream snowboarding. (many previous efforts have led to difficulty). I look around and find a snowboard bag. I unzip it and remove the board. I somehow attach the board to my feet relatively easy; I don't remember how exactly I strapped in. (Previous dreams have had strange contraptions to try and strap into.) It is a very shallow slope with a few rails. I decide me make a go for it and I line up my run. I board slide onto the first rail and then switch to a backside board slide. As the first rail is ending, I 360 onto the next one and then ride out the backside board slide cleanly. I was super pumped that I pulled off a sweet trick. I decide to try and do a back flip. There is no real lip to jump off of, and the slope doesn't allow for a lot of speed. Nonetheless, I went for it and hucked off a small roller...no dice. I guess it wasn't feasible enough for me to even imagine a flip. After 2 attempts I lose the dream.


      This dream is all sexual. I think I am at some house party, and I find a babe named Lindsey; she is a brunette with a nice body. We fool around for awhile, and I lose the dream.

      DEILD (from here on, I am not sure when I restart dreams with DEILD or when they just change scenes)

      I think this one starts with Lindsey also. We fool around for a bit and then head outside. There is a car that I want parked out front. Some dude is sitting in there and I ask for it. He is resisting so I decide to try and convince him. I reach into my pocked and feel around for a the cool, metal butt of a gun. My pocked is surprisingly shallow and I can't find one. I can feel my hand be kind of wrapped in something. I pull that out, expecting a gun, and point it in his face. It is just my hand in a weird distorted position. I just pull him out of the car and get in with Lindsey. I get a little road head.

      DEILD (probably)

      I am still outside of that house. I decide to work on my flying. I look up to the stars and pull myself toward them. On my way up, I remembered the platform technique where you imagine an invisible platform pushing you. I try that and can feel me being propelled from my feet. That soon moved up to my thighs and stayed there. I had good power and control through turns. I try to go to space, but it turns out the starts were just details on some roof. It felt kind of soft like felt. I turn back down and there is more trouble ahead...

      Out of nowhere appears a HUGE robot. It looks kind of like a robotic version of of a person. It is very blocky and square, kind of like the old school optimus prime. Instead of a metallic face, it was just a giant blocky human face. I start flying laterally past him and looking for a way to take him out. I go for a kameyameyah, but it doesnt work. Out of ideas, I shoot myself towards his face and land a forceful punch right to his dome. He recoils from the hit. While he is in defensive mode, I pile it on. Another couple of hits and he cowers to the ground, incapacitated.

      I most likely DEILD and have another sexual dream with my Lindsey.
    14. It's Snowing Cocaine!

      by , 05-27-2011 at 05:23 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 05-12-11
      Length: 5 Hours
      Vividness: 9/10

      My girlfriend Dakota and I were at a snowboarding park.
      We watched the snow machines plow right by a hill we wanted to board down.
      We got in line to ride down the hill, and I saw Seb and a couple other friends.
      I rode down the hill first, and was going really fast.
      It felt amazing with the wind in my face.
      I got completely launched off one of the ramps and straight into a wall inside of a cave.
      It didn't hurt, even though I plummeted into it at full speed.

      We walked back to the starting point and say down to go eat lunch.
      I believe I was recording dreams onto Dream Views as I was sitting.
      Dakota got up and walked away.
      She passed Seb and flirted with him by touching his hand a bit.
      I got up and talked to some friends.

      The dream skipped to a weird little house.
      My friend Garrett had come over and we were sitting upstairs on the side of the bed.
      He pulled out three bags of drugs; weed, cocaine, and these weird strawberry looking things.
      I thought I heard footsteps so I told him to put it away.

      I went to go check and Mike (one of my friends renter), and my mom were talking downstairs.
      Mike asked me if Dakota was doing any work in Chemistry and I said no, but I was sure people in Westlake were.

    15. 27/08/2010

      by , 08-26-2010 at 09:28 PM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Crazy Boarding

      At the very start of the dream I was Drizzt Do'Urden, a character from a book im reading atm. Funnily enough last last chapter I read last night he was fighting with his friend.

      My dream started with me arguing with Wulfgar. I dont know what we were arguing about but it didnt last long. All of a sudden my ex Rachel and some random pretty blond mate of hers show up. We were outside in a slight clearing in the bush. They came over treating this area like it was my house and asked if they could put some chips on. They put them in the oven which I couldnt see. Then they came over and now I was lying in bed. They came and hopped in next to me. We started watching a girl on TV snowboarding. She really sucked. I was telling the girls how bad she was then all of a sudden I was sucked onto the slopes. I instantly knew I was dreaming, no RC needed. The gravity was realy weird and I kinda glided and spun around in the air landing perfectly. But the gravity is so low I bounce back into the air and am spinning all over the place but again landing perfectly. Once Im on the slope properly I start carving hard into the slope. There is a guy longboarding next to me and another guy snowboarding. I easily carve through them. I start boarding with my hands on the snow and legs right out still able to fly down the mountain at a high speed somehow. The slope levels out at the bottom and all of a sudden im with my flatmate and some other guys who are about to play some basketball. Its dark and apartently lukes brother lives next door. I want to teleport back to the mountain to do some more boarding but it doesnt work. I remember I need to transform into Drizzt but I didnt think it was the right LD so I leave it. I loose lucidity and we go into lukes brothers house. Were there for a while talking and stuff. When we are about to leave I cant find my phone. Then a movie starts playing in my head about how in Russia a good way to get rid of a cellphone is for a dog to eat it because no1 would suspect a dog. I was watching handicam footage of a guy following a big brown bulldog. It kept wiping its ass on the concrete. There was a narrator talking about the cellphone stuff. The the guy walks away from the dog and the narration stops. I notice that there are no cars around or people. The place looks deserted. It doesnt feel very safe. I watch the guy walks through the complex of houses and then starts to open a door. There are no lights on in the house. I pull my phone out and try to turn on the phone light, it doesnt work. I become lucid again even though it was kinda in the back of my head since I lost lucidity. I try willing the lights on but it doesnt work. Then I find some matches. I light a match but it goes out. I grab a few more and then see a lit candle. Then I woke up.


      Im playing a game called Stalker atm. I remember dreaming about running around killing a bunch of people and taking cool items and guns.