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    1. October 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-01-2018 at 06:39 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm with my class in school but we're traveling. My teacher is very innocent, I'm not sure who she is possibly my fourth grade teacher. I'm walking in my elementary school now and there's a bunch of the teachers from back when I went there walking around. I can hear people talking about how they used to be bad or good. A teacher I used to have specifically for math walked out of her classroom and I thought "ms. so-and-so's fourth grade math was the best." I did enjoy it IRL. We're in the classroom now but it's really strange. Everything else is the same except the floor is gone and in it's place is this giant open expanse of outer space. Hanging between the walls are these rickety wood bridges. On the far side of mine is a large piece of the bridge missing and a few of us are squeezing onto the remaining panels of wood. I accidentally drop my phone into the galaxy. I'm not really freaking out I'm just laughing and a little embarrassed. There's a stereo there with a screen in the class that I somehow am hooking my music up to. I start shuffling through songs and hearing different ones until I hear one I think everyone will like. I turn around and ask "does anyone like Tame Impala?" and people started nodding and one person was freaking out. I played "Past Life" for a little bit speaking along with the speaking part of the song. I started shuffling through again and played songs I didn't think people would like but no one was really saying anything. The dream faded away.

      I'm in another country, possibly Italy. Kolby is there with Eva and I believe JP. We're in a hotel and it's early morning. They are woken up and talking about going to drink somewhere. I'm still technically asleep. The dream opens up into a video game world in another country. Tyler R. comes up to me and hands me a christmas present which I open to find a few different video games. One of them is a racing video game featuring these cute little characters. It reminded me of that Sonic the Hedgehog racing game. Anyways we're in the middle of a race track and the game starts to play so I'm now racing around the track. There are little blue mushrooms similar to Mario Kart mushrooms that boost you along. One part of the course goes under water a little bit and you have to find a bubble to bring you back up to the surface. Another part has giant brick walls like a maze you have to get through. I randomly meet this guy along the track and he invites me to join his party of 10 or so people playing the game. Randomly Arttu shows up and we're racing to the finish. At the last moment I get 3 blue mushrooms and speed to the finish. He its me with an item but I barely pass over the finish line to win. Another track starts to load up and I'm thinking there's no way I do as well in this one since I've never played it.
    2. [Dream #13 - 1/31/2016] Merging Planes

      by , 01-31-2016 at 03:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is an image depicting two planes/worlds merging together

      I was in my old highschool. I carried around a Shadow the Hedgehog plush doll and I can remember finding myself in my old science class room with my former teacher. There weren't that many people in the classroom but it was dark (the light was off and the projector was going) and it was spacious with plenty of desks. There was a few students present in particular a boy who used to bully me.

      I sat my Shadow plush on the table but then when the boy decided to sit on the opposite side of me, I moved it to the chair next to me. I was angry, and the boy looked at me and asked, "Hey, what happened to all that Sonic stuff?"

      I then told him if he spoke to me again that I would kill him, with "one punch" if I was Saitama from One Punch Man *lol*. He didn't say anything back but I remember heading out of the room without my plush into the crowd of highschoolers walking through the hallways. I then remembered that I left him and rushed back. The science teacher was giving a lesson and I tried to sneak under the shining light of the projector and he asked what I was doing, so I told him. He replied that he would get the plush in a minute but I didn't want to wait as I feared some nasty student would put their dirty, polluted hands on him.

      I then could remember seeing glimpses of a monster crashing through the wall of the room for a split of a second. It was only a glimpse though as it my third eye had caught a wiff of something. Then I heard screams coming from the hallway and monsters physically appearing and destroying everything in the school.

      I stated in a whisper of a voice that, "Things from my world are now coming into yours (Earth presumably)" A spark of thought came into my mind after I said that as I started calling out Shadow the Hedgehog's name. I figured that the planes have merged (something I will discuss in my notes) and that Shadow would be here since the monsters were here. But nothing happened. I then left the classroom avoiding all the monsters who wanted to harm me and I found Sonic and Silver the Hedgehog attacking the invaders, but there was no Shadow. I couldn't get to them to communicate but I did end up finding a little dock area, similar to the one in Soleanna from Sonic 06 as I bounced on DK barrels that were scattered around the area. I do not know for what purpose but I did it anyway. I also remember flying up higher to get an area view of the city like landscape getting destroyed by the monsters and Sonic etc. battling underneath. I also can recall bringing up some sort of holographic roster board that listed various video game characters classified specifically in their universes and such. One in particular was Dragon Ball Z. Before I could do anything more, I had awoke.

      Notes: I sat and thought about this dream for a bit. For one thing the planes merging came into my mind. It was something introduced to me by a former friend at college (Who became a fucking asshole btw). He told me that one day Earth would be able to "merge" itself with other worlds and on that day various things will begin to happen. Individuals who would have only been seen as fictional would begin to appear physically. Physics would have bend and twisted as things like magic casting and flying would exist on Earth and such would have never been able to exist due to the planet's mechanics. This was something that I agreed with and something I would talk to Shadow about.

      Shadow told me that if something like that did happen that he would be the first thing I'd see. This was years back mind you, so we hardly speak about it anymore. But having that phenomenon happen in that dream made me retrace that memory and perhaps the hope for something of that nature to still occur.

      The absence of Shadow the Hedgehog has been a reoccurring thing throughout my dreams. Indeed he has appeared in the few I have mentioned in entries but I still proceed to search for him and have failed attempts for getting him to appear when I call out his name. This could problably signify that there is the slight lost of hope that I would never see him. Or perhaps that I always assume that he will magically come to this planet physically and solve all of my problems. I know he cannot do that and he even stated that such things just...couldn't happen at the moment but I guess due to the stress I deal with on a daily bases I just want him to be here and fix everything being as desperate as one can be.

      This dream could also show that I lack the certain kind of appreciation I lack to give to Shadow for all that he has done even though he can only do so much within his limit.

      Overall, this dream has taught me a lesson that I shouldn't ever forget. I know there are a few more things I forgot to mention about my dream but honestly...I'm not really in the best of moods to continue on explaining.

      Date — 1/31/2016

      Went to bed — Around 2AM

      Woke up — 8:00AM

      *Time logged — 9:00AM

      Total sleep — 6 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Depressed due to the reason I stated with a friend on Skype before I headed off to bed:

      [1:57:02 AM] Mobian★Angel: mmmm....I can't be happy...My mother yells at me for everything and people are always treating me like I need to believe their ideas and thoughts or else I'm dumb and childish....
      [2:08:16 AM] Mobian★Angel: And I'm the fool going around telling people I'm in love with a video game character..............


      *Daytime — N/A

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — The Obvious

      Perceived Length — 25 Minutes

      Emotions — Angry, Adventurous

      Awareness — None

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    3. [Dream #1 - 1/12/2016] The Stress of Life and Wanting to Escape

      by , 01-12-2016 at 06:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is Shadow the Hedgehog

      I had a dream that involved me in an environment quite similar to the apartment space I live with my mother. It was warped in a way that the area inside (my room and living room) were much larger in space and taller in height. My mother told me to get the mail which I did even though I didn't want to and was completely annoyed. I went and got it and gave it to her. She was on the phone chatting to her friend and making comments about how worthless I was and my failure at my previous college and when she looked at the letter and she saw that it was about my other college I applied to and saw I wasn't accepted, she criticized me for it.

      However it happened, the next moment I was sitting on the couch with her as there was a TV playing some reality type of show of a guy in a lab coat wearing goggles. It mimicked that of the same scenario in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the lab room and transportation of a chocolate bar. The guy from my dream had amiibos, one with Samus in a top hat (much like the video of one from YouTube that I cannot find right now) and one of Sonic the Hedgehog. The scientist spoke about bringing them to life and he did so by inserting their information into some device that brought them up onto his television screen. Eventually, Sonic was standing out of the TV set, spouting the same phrases as he usually does and the crowd behind the scientist grew ecstatic over it.

      I was bothered by it, I knew that I didn't like people who spoke or did stuff dealing with anything Sonic the Hedgehog related since it never seemed to go down the right path nor resonated well with me. It was also something I passionately connected with and seeing that made me feel awkwardly torn. I wanted to go hide in my room and my mother, knowing how I felt about it, started an argument with me. She said stuff like, "Stop being weird!" "Stop acting like a baby!" but I ended up locking myself in my room anyways blocking the door with some sort of umbrella shaped object. (Here comes the most vivid part of the dream) I can remember feeling a strange breeze as if the window was open. I then could see Shadow the Hedgehog. Much more dark in appearance, so dark that his face became almost impossible to register. Shadow's fur was very much slicked down in a somewhat jet black glossy finish. He was standing around half my height and he looked emotionless and almost lifeless, very still like a statue perhaps. Think of it like a ghost/spirit from a horror movie that stands in front of you movement-less. My dream self knew he was alive though but I was too afraid to act since I didn't know what he would do.

      Next thing that happened in a split of a second, I was in his arms, carried in a bridle position. Shadow was perched up on the windowsill of my room as he opened the slider mechanic underneath. I looked out to see a large crowd of people. Civilians, paparazzi and news reporters and even the police. They had guns pointed at us ready to shoot. I didn't feel afraid at that moment though, strangely. I looked up at Shadow and I could see a smirk form upon his muzzle as I caught a glimpse of his teeth.

      Anchoring himself along the sill, he pushed himself forward over the crowd of people keeping his grip tightly on me. Then I woke up back into the waking world.

      Notes — I figured this dream was reflecting the negative parts of my life (more so currently happening) and how I always wished I could escape and leave this planet. Shadow, being someone I wanted to fulfill my wish, it's no surprise to me for him to appear and carry me out from the apartment. In the end, I will say that the ills of my current life are still a main focus in my mind but the chance of being able to achieve the desired freedom is still in reach of hopes.

      Date— 1/12/2016

      Went to bed — 2:30AM

      Woke up — 9:50AM

      *Time logged — 9:52AM

      Total sleep — +8 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Moderate (I kept having flash backs of past events from being cyberbullied and discriminated in physical life but nothing that brought me into tears)


      *Daytime — Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow The Hedgehog)

      *RecallMantras (Stated to myself that I would see Shadow the Hedgehog in my dream and that I would remember it)

      *Inducing Method — I listened to some traditional asmr and looked through various picture I had of Shadow The Hedgehog. One in particular is the one I added to the very top of the post.

      Dream Signs — Overly large version of my house, the scientist guy bringing to life amiibos and Sonic showing up, Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in my room, the crowd of people outside my window in a parking-lot type of area where in this physical realm (my window only points out to a bit of grass, a fence and another apartment complex).

      Perceived Length — 15 Minutes

      Emotions — Depressed to Emotionless

      Awareness — None

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    4. Electric Shark

      by , 08-28-2015 at 03:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #465 - 4:12AM - DILD

      I have a long dream segment where I am at some version of my first job ever; Long John Silver's. I am revisiting as my current self and watching the manager cook. I join in and fry some fish.

      Now I am riding in a car. I see a Sonic restaurant that is totally black with huge billows of smoke coming from it. I watch as we get closer and I can hear some theatrical and dangerous-sounding-music. Suddenly, the scene dims for just a fraction of a second. Then, I hear a short fart (lol) and some happy sounding music as I find myself riding in the same car, but in a very normal looking neighborhood. I notice the Sonic building is completely gone, and because of this, I instantly become lucid. I look at the driver and see my wife. I tell her how weird that glitch was and how this is all a dream. She keeps her eyes on the road with both hands on the wheel and only smiles in reply.
      I continue, " So we can fly. Go. Fly us away."
      The car lifts up into the air, but I lose visuals at this point and find myself floating in a bardo. I recognize this for what it is and try to stimulate some feeling by making swimming motions. After a few seconds, I begin to feel like the air is thickening into water. I see something... some movement. An animated electric blue outline of a shark emerges from the darkness and opens its jaws. It all looks very psychedelic so there is no fear. Instead of moving away, I pretend to be the bigger fish and open wide ready to bite. I wake up before we collide.
      Tags: car, dild, fire, shark, sonic, wife
    5. Close the portal right now...

      by , 01-14-2015 at 11:59 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Close the portal right now... (Non-lucid)


      I was in a hospital but I was with my brother.

      We were playing Super Smash Brothers U and for some reason, I was playing with Sonic
      (I hate sonic... never liked him... I would never use sonic) and I could not get hit or I would lose.

      I was fighting a random character and I started to do the roll thingy that sonic does and kicked the other guy away:

      I was able to hit him away from the screen and I say a text that said, "Great finishing"
      (nonsense gamewise)

      From here, I went to my home and opened a Spirit portal. My mom got upset telling she was afraid and asked me to close it, but I told her my brother needed the good energy, that they had awful energy at home and since I was visiting, wanted to help. She insited in me closing it and told me to repent my sins and go to chuch (my mom is atheist)

      My dad was smoking.
    6. Fishburne Gets Framed, Peach's Jet, Gas Station Fiasco, Alarm FA, Long Hair, Jade Fetch Quest, Vests

      by , 05-12-2014 at 04:49 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Laurence Fishburne Gets Framed (DILD)


      Okay, so a random guy wants to frame a man named John Whitman, and Whitman isn't going to put up with this act. So what Whitman does is that he finds where the framer could be, and I'm just watching everything happen, and being played out. He apparently becomes a sniper so he can pick off his framer while he sets up a plan to weed him out.

      Laurence Fishburne unfortunately is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the stranger hears a phone ringing. He picks it up, and John Whitman is wondering if this is the person that he's after that's framing him. The guy lies and states Laurence Fishburne is the guy that's framing him, and the actual framer runs out of the store on his knees.

      Out of reflex, John Whitman shoots the individual, ironically killing the framer without knowing about it. Now he has the idea that he probably killed someone random, and believes Fishburne is the real target.


      Princess Peach Finds a Pink Jet/Airplane (DILD)


      Basically, I catch Princess Peach in the act of lying that she has a Pink Jet/Airplane for others to use for travelling. She feels a bit guilty, and is wondering if she should state to others on her recent finding. This is the Paper Mario version of Princess Peach by the way, and some major differences was her hairstyle. She actually used a hairband to bring her hair back, which seems suitable seeing how the setting of the dream was residing in a desert of some sort.


      Fiasco at the Gas Station (DILD)


      There was a lot going on, so I'll just give a quick overview on what happened.

      [list][*]Jūgo from Naruto Shippuden seems to be one of the individuals that's fighting another dream character[*]I'm basically watching him and others through a spectator perspective[*]The fight is at a gas station, and some areas are pretty dark, even though it was clear the dream setting was during an afternoon[*]I feel as if I'm in the situation, and that I have to get out, but I don't bother


      False Awakening From Not Remembering One of the Alarms Set (Non-lucid)


      I hear the sound of my alarm, and out of reflex, I quickly grabbed where I presume it would be, and it’s in the exact area of where I put it in waking life. Forgot to do a reality check for several reasons, the most prevalent is that I had to go to work.

      I looked at the phone, and saw the alarm was set to wake me up for 7:30 AM. I dismiss the alarm from finishing its gradual low to high alert process, and then went to sleep again since I knew I had one set for 8:00 AM.

      After waking up around 8:00 AM, I noticed I never had 7:30 AM set in waking life. Dang, missed that subtle chance for easy lucidity. Guess I'll just have to get back into the habit of doing reality checks even if the alarm is blaring.


      My Hair is Long and Elastic (DILD)


      I'm inside a building that resembles the laboratory floors at a University I attended. I can hear the subtle humming of machinery operating (mostly what would be heard from fish tanks, and maybe some of the lights as well), and noticed the lighting seems to be a bit dimmer than usual.

      The flooring consists of a vanilla colored tile layering (the soft tiles), and I find myself walking straight through the hallway to get to an elevator. I gradually noticed that as soon as I'm heading for the elevator, I can feel that my hair feels longer than usual. I noticed that it can conform to any shape that I could imagine, though I didn't really care at all to abuse this.

      Then I slowly felt as if I'm inside a female's body, seeing how the hair was definitely longer than it should be, and I felt lighter than usual, and a little bit shorter as well. Not trying to objectify women, it's just the sensations, and how I felt seem to make me feel that I'm a female in this dream.

      I noticed an Asian dream character that looks like a girl I'll nickname "Ang" in waking life during High School a few years back. Her slightly darker complexion is pretty accurate in this emulation of the waking life version, except her eyes and eyelashes look more refined and sharper; almost as if she had makeup specifically to have others pay more attention to her eyes to make up for her fairly short body composition.

      While I'm inside the elevator, I noticed the insides consist of dark brown walls, and milky yellow flooring, and metal bars to hold on to as well had this color scheme going on.


      Finding Jade Tokens/Plates/Shields (DILD)


      Feels like the dream revolved around a Sonic X theme, which is kind of rare to have. Probably dream day residue of some content I happened to glance over, I guess.

      I'm on an adventure with several dream characters, though most of them aren't really seen for very long. I just imply that they're part of this experience, and that we're going our separate ways. The overall objective was to collect some Jade items ranging from plates (not the plates you eat from) to shields. It seemed more like an annoying fetch quest than anything exciting.

      And actually finding these items was complicated, especially when dream logic makes me wonder if what I'm looking at is really me going through the motions of trying to find these items. After a while, I believe I'm standing on top of a pyramid that seems to have the apex cut off completely.

      This area seems to resemble the level from Super Mario 64 with the huge pyramid, except the environment was more realistic.

      I noticed that a dream character is next to me, and he looks like Chris from Sonic X.

      I think we end up celebrating how we found a lot of jaded items, though I didn't really seem interested in contributing to that celebration with the others.


      Dude in White Vest Claims He Cheats Academically (DILD)


      I’m walking through a few green hills, and I’m far enough to see some of the city landscapes as well. There’s a lot of dream characters in this area, and the setting seems to be a typical breezy day where the clouds are covering up the sun. It looks like it might rain, but this didn’t really happen throughout the dream.

      The grass, the atmosphere, and the dream characters all look very realistic, and I find my awareness ebbing and flowing of the sensation of the wind. I noticed that I’m around an individual that looks Hispanic, and is probably around his early 20s. He’s wearing a white vest shirt, and probably some dull colored shorts. He has a mustache, and spiky hair along with probably wearing a small silver necklace.

      His cheeks seem to be shiny in a few areas, almost as if he put a little too much lotion on his face. He resting on the grass, and is casually rambling on about things, and one that sticks out is that he admitted to cheating academically.

    7. Pig out and Assassin Leila

      by , 11-25-2013 at 05:01 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - I am with strange kids on a travel in a van at night. I am partnered with this girl and she gives me her earbud to listen to music together. She says "my music taste is kinda weird, I only listen to old pop songs." I say "that's ok, I like old songs too." I hear beautiful old fashioned pop song with acoustic guitar. "Y'know, like the Beatles, (James) Taylor..." we say the same thing at the same time.
      For some reasons we eat leechs. It tastes like shit.

      LD 1 - I imagine HY market and I was there. I never tried this - I wanted to eat my hometown food all this time in dream so badly. I grab one fist full of hodu ball and eat it. It's really sweet and I could smell its toasty bread. I grab another one that's warm.
      I try to find rice cake corner. I turn several times to summon them. Then I saw wrapped colorful rice cakes in some bowls. I try them too and they are sticky.

      I go to other aisle and find familiar cracker. I grab a box and there are 4 packs inside when I open it. I'm a little thirsty so I go to drink corner to grab a soda or something. There's a kid who tries to pick one out too and his father is behind. I'm thinking of Natural Soda or aloe juice....it's hard to pick. I wake up.

      LD 2 - I lift my dream body and I'm blind as hell. I start to see my body. I pull the blind up at the window and my vision finally comes. It's really bright outside. I open the window and jump out. I start leaping and flying to a top of building.

      I can't think of what to do. I think of morphing into Leila to have exciting battle. I jump and try to fly with her customized iron gripper. I kinda hang onto it, but I bump my butt on the ground. It doesn't hurt though. I can feel that I'm wearing Johan coat. I even see it by turning my waist. So I think of wearing full Johan uniform first.

      I meet a bunch of people inside a building. I know they are DCs, but they act as shared dreamers to go on an adventure together with me. Some morph into sonic characters, Sonic and Amy. So we morph into our own character and try to prepare weapons. I summon red gloves on the floor and wear them. I can see the silver lines on them. Perfect. I'm wearing boots, but my pants are PJs lol. I pick up a top chest cover. I put my head in the hole. I go into a room that look like kitchen to get weapons. I slide the cabinets back and pick any knife, and then put them into spots - in my boots, on my waist. Sonic comes in to pick his weapon. I slide other cabinets but there were only dishes. That was enough.

      Suddenly I get kicked out of dream. I enter dream again.

      I check my Johan uniform. They are all gone! I summon my gloves again by looking away and simply pull them to feel it. I wear Johan mask - at first it doesn't fit but I adjust it with headband. Then I cover my head with the hood. We get outside the building and just jump around the top of buildings. I run so fast and so high. Suddenly behind us a pack of big white wolves with 2 tails are chasing us. I throw my knife from the boots to them. They dodge. Then I throw a boomerang-blade, changing my direction towards them. They dodge again, but I grab my boomerang-blade that's flying back towards me. Suddenly at this point the motion gets slow as if it's an action movie. I'm very close to the wolf to slit his throat. The slow-mo breaks out and I stab the blade into the wolf's neck.

      Scene jumps and I'm with the shared dreamers. It is the end of adventure and they are saying goodbyes. Sonic says
      "This was a very fun meeting. It's been long so I guess it's time to close here, and we'll meet again next time. Good job guys."

      I start to feel kinda dizzy. It sure feels long.

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    8. Snow, Snow, Snow

      by , 11-13-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Lots of dreaming about snow.

      In my first dream, there was a blonde woman driving a red convertible around. I think that there was also a movie being filmed... I don't recall, I think it was like one of those B horror flicks. The landscape was super snowy, and it was up in the mountains.
      Anyway, she ran into a unicorn. It was gray, with a kind of bronze colored horn. There were some Bad Guys (pretty one-dimensional, they looked like mobster thugs) that wanted to kill the unicorn.
      Somehow, the movie was concluded, and the blonde woman started driving around. She drove up onto an outcropping, like a huge ice cliff that jutted overhead, extremely high up... the view I had was from way below, all I could see was a plume of snow kicked up by the car wheels. Then she drove over the side of the cliff (somehow part of the Bad Guys' plan?), but instead of crashing, the car was suspended in the air by a spider-web-like strand of ice.

      I then dreamed I was working on an art project. Somehow I hadn't been told about part of my homework. I needed to turn it in TODAY. I was inking my work and crying and arguing with the teacher that I'd joined the class later than everyone else, and it wasn't fair because I hadn't been told about the homework, and I ought to get more time.

      Now it's Christmas. There is a Christmas tree full of hamsters that are dressed as unicorns. They have tiny stuffed unicorn horns on their heads that flop around a little bit.

      Next, I am drawing Sonic the Hedgehog fanart for N, a friend of mine who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. It's hilarious because the fanart I drew a) Mocked terrible Sonic the Hedgehog fanart, and b) Is something I actually drew in real life. N thinks that my fanart is hilarious. I decide that if the teacher is going to be an asshole, I'm going to turn in terrible fanart as part of my homework, so she has to suffer through looking at it. I am now standing next to the ice cliff that the woman drove off of. I dig out handfuls of snow and eat them.
    9. 12th June 2013 Weird subway, Passages

      by , 06-12-2013 at 11:05 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      Dream 1:

      I was in some weird subway, it had weird layout and two tunnel entrances/exits were made higher than others and trains were falling from here. This caused trains to fall from here and many trains were crashing into each other, also nobody was controlling trains. There were some people with me and a weird girl, we were discussing something and then we moved through a few dark passages to some other stations, we were trying to find out answer to some questions but soon some other person started chasing us and i with the girl ran off somewhere through secret passage, which was also dark, we reach another station but out way gets blocked by some guard and that other person was still chasing. Girl said something weird to the guard and he let us go through.

      Dream 2(fragments):
      I was in some weird shaped room, there was a pool, some people and a dog. Then later i was on PC watching something about Sonic and downloading something, then it appeared that some episodes of something were missing and later i was in some kind of a cave.
    10. March 28th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 03-28-2013 at 06:18 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream starts as I'm in my car trying get out of the parking lot at my school. School had ended and for some reason the lot was very crowded with cars, more than usual in IRL. Everyone in the cars are the idea of the people I talk to in school and in my brain we're trying to figure out plans for the rest of the night.

      The dream skips to an image of being at sonic talking to some friends.

      Then it skips to me being at my house. I'm on the phone talking to my friends Sam and Kolby about plans and it concludes with them saying they're coming over to my house. I'm in my kitchen when I hang up the phone as I can see the bathroom door open. Out comes a girl that I sort of have feelings for named Ellie. She's only wearing a black bathing suit as she walks up to me and strikes this sexy pose. I think in my mind, 'am I going to have time to do this before my friends come over?' but I decide I don't care so I go over and pick her up. She has her legs around me as I lean up against a table. We start to make out and this part is really vivid to me for some reason... like I can feel her lips and the ridges in them. While this is happening I notice someone from the grade above me walks into my vision behind Ellie's face..someone named Cole. Also, I'm only in my underwear. I disregard him and continue to kiss Ellie when I see my mom has now walked up next to Cole. Ellie jumps down and falls to the ground crying her eyes out so I get down onto my knees and comfort her. She gets up and kisses me one more time before I focus my attention to Cole. His friends are yelling at him to make plans on the phone so he hangs up and says that it's always their fault for not having plans.

      In another dream I had, I had some paranormal shit happen to me. This might sound weird but I think it might've happened IRL, or something close to that. I'm laying in my bed when all of the sudden I get this crazy feeling that starts from my lower back and comes up to my shoulders. It's gripping me with something that feels really amazing but also kinda uncomfortable. I don't really know but I end up talking about it in another dream to someone. The feeling is something I feel sometimes between the transition of dreaming or being awake into a lucid dream. I also hear this really distinct chiming noise or song that plays in my head as this is happening to me.

      Also this morning I walked outside and everything looked really different like in a dream... like the lighting wasn't right or something. I did a reality check and turns out it was real life... really creepy if you ask me.
    11. 20th/21st Mar 2013 Visiting Dreamviews again, Warzone 2100, Weird mixed video game

      by , 03-21-2013 at 11:12 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from non-lucid naps from yesterday and today.

      Yesterday's nap(fragment):

      I was on my PC and desktop was all messed up and wallpaper was different, i rearranged it back to normal. Then i was checking dreamviews and i was randomly promoted to the dream guide rank( ), the forums suddenly became bronze colored and there was weird thread in news section that stated 'We are on fire'. There was also a star with sickle and hammer in the upper right corner. I went back to bed and decided to go for another nap.

      Today's nap(fragments):

      I was playing some Warzone 2100 map that looked like first transport mission of campaign, but instead i was controlling the scavenger faction, there were lots of new units that were not original, but part of them, such as some vans, trucks and tractors were from some mods, but other part was completely new, like some mechas made from broken parts and garbage.
      Then there was this weird game, which in main mode was basically touhou but horizontally oriented, and cancelling bullets with boss explosion was one of the scoring methods, but i was failing at it. Extra mode of it was actually a fighter game where characters been changing form between Captain Falcon, Sonic and Mickey Mouse by using certain combinations of moves. Apparently there was also superextra mode which was like extra but instead of versus fight everyone was teaming up versus boss, which looked like Sonic in Iron Man suit that was also turning gold, and was really overpowered.
      Later at home there were lots of pillows, forming literally walls. I almost fell over one of them.

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    12. 20th Mar 2013 Sectors, Video Games, Tanks, Some Doom mod, Getting twitter account

      by , 03-20-2013 at 07:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some world that was split into sectors with limited movement between them, and i was exploring them. Transportation between sectors was happening from sector map terminals.
      Can't recall much other than that there was sector at one point with video games. There was one arcade game which was about collecting some birds of different colors, last level of it was happening in some cave with big waterfalls and there was ending cutscene that looked like it was made random cut parts of pokemon anime.
      There was also some kind of zombie game, i recall it was happening in some building and also there was some girl being chased.
      Also there was multiplayer game about tanks which happened to have team fortress 2 characters driving them. I was controlling some artillery tank and then i was controlling tank with flamethrower and killing everyone and then spamming 'taunt', but during one of them i was ambushed by one internet person i know and dislike which was controlling some kind of chemical tank that sprayed some green acid or something. My tank exploded and i accidentally pressed quit button instead of respawn.
      Can't recall much after that, i recall that i was talking with someone in forest or park sector then there was something about 'GAX-recording system', whatever it is, it was not used much.

      Dream 2:

      I was watching some video of Doom mod made by author of said mod, it basically added alternative versions of enemies that replace normal ones randomly when conditions are met, mostly making enemies stronger whenever player gets stronger, in particular i recall winged versions of most of enemies and some spire thing that replaced some cacos. Also author was showing the quick ways to secrets on new levels, but he failed to get one of hardest ones properly. Then i was playing that mod and it was pretty hard, at some point later i got into discussion with my friend LV about sonic games and about how new ones are worse than older ones.
      After that i was looking through my YouTube account and decided to make twitter account for some reason, twitter looked entirely different than in waking life and it had cooler design. After i made account i suddenly got bunch of people subscribed to me already(I guess this version worked like YouTube) and i was sending random messages in response to theirs. I added bunch of stuff from YouTube and got lots of levelup points from doing that, which raised my stats to very high values, like around 8k, 10k and 6k if i recall correctly(This version of twitter apparently had some RPG element to it). I got access to some philosophical themed background and then got into argument with dad that philosophy and religion is not the same thing. Then i
      woke up with the sound of thunderclap(which was HH).
    13. Car crash

      by , 10-16-2012 at 04:51 PM (Exterminate)
      Lots of detail, hope I capture it all.

      Car Crash

      So my mom was driving, my dad in the passenger seat, and me and my bro in the back seat. My dad was trying to tell my mom where to go, and she was following directions. She ended up driving on what felt like a scaffold or railing on the side of a building, not too far up. It was like just wide enough for a car to drive on and have room to turn, barely. We end up at a dead end, and my dad says to back the car up. My mom does, and sees an open door on the side of the building, but it isn't what we are looking for. My dad explains that there is this guy who was supposed to sneak us in into level 6 seating. We see another open garage type of door, and drive in, but they give us like level 5 seating, which is a level lower, and not VIP. We park our car, and step out, and I see a few chairs, some arcade games, and some mirrors. There was like 3 mirrors, 3 leanback chairs, and about 12 rolling chairs. Turns out this is a hair salon of sorts, but since we didn't get the level we wanted, we left. I do not recall what happens here, but I can assume we dropped dad off somewhere, and got sonic. I remember eating most of a coney, while my bro ate his full one. My mom is still driving, and my brother is in the passenger seat, I am in the back seat, in a minivan.
      We come to this intersection, and I guess take it a little sharp. My mom goes to reposition the car, and 3 cars come around the corner. Somehow we end up facing the wrong way, waiting for the cars to pass. One doesn't expect a car to be there, and hits the front of the van. It sends our car going backwards a bit, and rear-ends another car. Mom goes to serve the car to face the other direction, and a man has gotten out of his car, and another car hits this man's open door. This push sends him into his pickup, and somehow we escape from all this ruckus. We end up back on a highway, going the wrong way. It was a very hilly road, with 3 highways spread across it. The top, on the far right was the direction we needed to go, then it dropped off a small hill to the left, which went the opposite direction, and then another hill drops to the road we were on, facing the wrong direction. Mom dodges a few cars, and decides to gun it. She yells hold on, and she forces the car to the far right, we dodge a few cars easily, but almost nail the (empty) trailer of a semi. We just dodge it, and get back on track, on the far right highway.
      All of a sudden, perspective change, and we were aware of it. The van was a couple hundred feet ahead of us, without anyone apparently in it. Me, my mom, and my bro ended up on the sidewalk, my mom holing the steering wheel. Somehow the steering wheel works as a remote control of sorts for the van. So my mom is still sort of driving, but at one point the car goes around a corner, then my mom hands me the wheel, while she smokes. I kind of hold it for a bit (Surprisingly, it was not weightless/motionless, it had power steering and felt as if it was set in correctly to the van) in the same fashion she was, and then she grabs the wheel back. I am worried that the van will crash if we cant even see it around the corner, and my mom and bro both respond (Not at the same time, my bro just says kind of an agreeing statement.) "I know the town well, I drive it all the time."
      While we are walking, we hear a cop siren, and pretty much figure they are after us. We walk up to our now parked car. I see a Wendy's across the street. As we are nearing the car, the police following us had parked and were walking toward us. We get to the car, and the cops have a talk with us. Here is the conversation basically:
      "I think you folks know why we are talking to you. You caused quite a crash back there, then you ran from the incident, and almost caused more crashes along the highway. Nobody was seriously injured, just one guy got a scrape on the back, but he will be okay. It is nearing Christmas time and you need to drive safely. There are more people driving recklessly this time of year, and you need to take the initiative to be cautious and driving the speed limit. I'd expect this kind of thing from your son here, but it is sad to see you driving like this. A human body can only take a force of double his body weight. If a car would have hit one of these poor bystanders they may have been killed. Just like if an old man is fed his body weight in dead insects, because of __ in the insects, he would have to have weight taken out, as weight is put in." (I dunno what he was talking about at __, and this statement truly makes no sense whatsoever.)
      He wrote down three famous quotes said by people, and read off the first one. It was a Latin phrase I think, and it basically said "Silence be heard." He told us all to repeat the phrase, and all of us stayed quiet.
      The dream promptly ended.

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    14. Burnt Toast, Sonic and Knuckles, Train Station Security

      by , 07-24-2012 at 01:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Burnt Toast (Non-lucid)


      I see my Uncle and older cousin again. They were talking about something, and throughout the whole dream, I smell slightly burnt toast.

      (I didn't know what there was actually a burnt toast smell spreading around the house I'm at for vacation in Florida as yet).

      My older cousin is cooking two pieces of bread, and he has another pan to the left that's heating up some butter that's already in the liquid phase (I'm assuming he took a block of butter in the fridge and let it simmer a bit until it melted).

      The same pan he's melting the butter in, I believe it is tilted to the left, so that all the butter would be allocated in one spot, probably so he can poor the butter with ease, without having to worry too much on grease that might accumulate on the pan.

      While he's waiting, I notice he looks kind of tired, or maybe he looks depressed. His facial composition is slightly droopy in all areas, and he doesn't look too happy that he has to put some toast on a skillet. My uncle then shows up finally to sit next to my older cousin.

      My uncle queried my cousin about something related to the toast, but I couldn't remember.

      The burnt toast smell gets stronger and stronger,
      and my eyes immediately open, and I really DO SMELL BURNT TOAST IN THE HOUSE.

      I realize that I haven't been burned alive as yet, so I calmed down. I look at the timer I had for the alarm, and I woke up 25 minutes before it actually rings.

      Hahahaha, interesting dream, thanks subconscious, for telling me there was burnt toast.

      Maybe now I can float above shark infested waters, and doze off a bit, and trust that my mind is going to help me wake up and realize I should get the hell out of those waters....hahahahaha.

      I feel like I'm laughing at myself sometimes.


      Sonic and Knuckles? (Non-lucid)


      I only remember either Sonic or Knuckles carry the other while flying....without Tails being the one holding them up like in Sonic Heroes.

      That was weird...


      Train Station Security (Non-lucid)


      I only remember going through some security after getting off a train stop. I take the time to make sure I'm going through the right place to get scanned, and I think I went to the wrong section.

      The security man simply told me that I needed to go back, and I quickly complied with his order and wait there for a few seconds to pass through with no worries.
    15. Bicycle Traffic, Sonic, Running around, More DV Porn

      by , 05-01-2012 at 06:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bicycle and Traffic (Non-lucid)


      I'm riding a completely different bicycle. It's blue and it's one of those where you can bend down like a hardcore cyclist, or just ride normally, the ones with the thin wheels, but can help you go insanely faster than those off-road bikes.

      I'm in traffic, and some idiot in a white truck is trying to go to the other lane. I slow down a bit and then keep going forward once they finally get to the other lane in a few seconds.

      Dream shifts, and I'm in even tighter traffic, I have to be even more patient. People are actually more generous this time, allowing me to pass through to shift to the sides. I eventually stop, and I lock the bicycle in a weird place.

      Sonic and the Gang (Non-lucid)


      The environment is very dark, and there seems to be some kind of war or some gun fights in this dream. There is no natural lighting sources, only a blue fog gives off some kind of light.

      I'm seeing things in first person perspective, and Sonic, Tails, Amy, and a few others where near me. We were talking about something, and it seems we're in a safe zone, but I can still hear some gunshots out on the field.

      Then I see some red entity running towards us with my left peripheral vision. I thought it would be someone trying to attack us, but it ended up being knuckles carrying a machine gun.


      There's a barrier to the left of us, so that means Knuckles had to take a side jump by using one hand to thrust himself sideways.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm sitting with Sonic, and there's a female sitting to the left of him (I'm sitting on his right).

      I couldn't see the female, but I do know that she was a dark blonde female, she even looked like Topaz from Sonic X, only in 3D form.

      She's just sitting there with one leg over the other, and is leaning on one of her arms. Sonic is just chilling, in fact, he's in that "guuuh fuck everything" mood while he's drinking some wine in a fancy golden cup.

      He braces his head next to the window, and I think he starts to have a spasm for a few seconds, and continues drinking the wine.

      The dream shifts to where Eggman wants to show everyone something that could save us all, or something like that. I have a bad feeling for this, since I knew that when Eggman tries to help, and when Sonic falls for it, there's something bound to go wrong.

      While Sonic, and a few other random characters I didn't pay attention to were following Eggman, I started to get even more suspicious of him, and then out of nowhere, someone comes in to say some kind of audio was altered to make it look like Eggman was helping them.

      But the sounds themselves were people crying for help I think, along with a bunch of random noises as well.

      I can't remember what happens next.
      Running around (Non-lucid)


      I don't know what motivates me to run, but I start getting a good pace, and I'm walking insanely fast. As I'm going down or up the stairs, my feet is moving really quick for each step.

      I spend the rest of the dream just running around like crazy, trying not to bump into people.

      I remember going inside of what seemed like a mini-asian temple room, kind of like the one I was in the previous dream when I was trying to find Eva.

      But I was going so fast that I ignored whoever was in it. I saw some familiar faces, but it was all just a blur for me.

      It gets darker, and I'm running even faster, and I see two girls in front of me, and both of them look like a Jasmine that I think goes to my university, and another girl named Angela or something that attends another university.

      I'm stilling running as I'm waking up, and even though I knew I'm already awake, my eyes were still closed, and I moved my feet in quick paces while trying to do some random hand formations.
      More DV Porn (Non-lucid)


      I'm posting nude pics on DV again, and in my mind, showing tits were perfectly fine.

      Then after a while, I realize none of that was allowed, so I started to freak out a bit and tried to delete them.

      They were mostly nude pics of some really hot Asian females, most of them were in the spread eagle position, exposing everything......

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