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    1. Makeshift Spa

      by , 09-25-2015 at 08:07 AM
      I directed the bodypainter girl toward the Art class, letting her know I was already late and she could go without me,actually wanting to be alone. This was after speaking to Nestor about comig past California and Yosemite, and him wanting to know how much i would be saving a month, to which I replied 6k.

      The organisers where young etnical guys and didnt seemed to care much how we created the pool.
      I even over-exaggeratted the proccess and told him that i was to do some damage, which he non-chalantly ignored.

      I took the big bag of bentonite clay and threw it into the middle of the makeshift square pool along with boiling water.
      It filled quicky and Mel, Justin and other friends where soon immeresed and muddy, feeling the benifits,
    2. 07 Feb: poor vs rich and riding a dragon

      by , 02-08-2014 at 12:24 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I live in a poor neighbourhood. My family sells clothes in a small shop in a shady corner. Some bullies come to collect money from us, but they get more interested in myself and I have to run through back alleys to escape them. At some point I enter a back door of a building and find myself at some kind of posh shopping center. I continue running, but I have time for some observations. I see, for instance, a lady trying on some jewelry the shop keeper put over the counter and as they turn around for a second, I manage to grab a beautiful necklace, but I throw it away before exiting with it. It would be so helpful to sell it and make some money for my family, but I can't. It's not so much that I find it absolutely wrong, but I believe there's a good chance it has an alarm of some sort and I would be caught and it really wasn't worthwile. So I drop it and keep running. I exit through another door and I find myself crossing an oriental-style spa. It's so soothing, but if they see me there, I'll be caught and jailed, so I keep running. I finally exit the building and get to a non-urbanized area, by a riverbed. The sun is setting and I duck under some bushes. I stay there until it's dark and I sense that there's no one looking for me. I then walk through a dirt road and I find a well. I look at it and see the moon reflected on the water and I feel an absolute sense of peace and detachment. I touch the rough stones of the well and have a strange feeling that they are moving. Scared, I fall on the ground and covered in mud, I see a dragon arising from the well, the stones becoming his scales. Is he going to hurt me? I feel that it's up to me. It all depends if I run from him or if I tame him. So, in a corageous decision, I grab some scales on his neck and I decide to ride it. He turns his head and looks menacing, but then he talks to me and he says something magic I can't pronounce even if I wanted. But I understand he is going to take me somewhere.
      He drops me at some big palace like hotel or something. I wonder how I can go inside covered in mud, but then he merges with me and his scales transform into a beautiful golden scaled mermaid strapless dress and I look like a queen. The doors open for me and I'm inside. But I keep feeling a stranger and everytime I cross paths with someone on the lobby, at the hallways, I fear that they will see through me and notice that I don't belong. But they don't.
      I see everyone heading to some kind of concert room and I follow them, trying to mingle. Some old rich couple starts talking to me, I have to lie about a few things, and I wonder if I'll be asked for a ticket a the door and look stupid for not having one. They do ask for ticket and I don't have, but the way I look, they don't even doubt I haven't paid for the show, they believe I just forgot and allow me in. I can't believe it is so simple. Some guy offers me a coat and then I see why. The doors open to an open air amphitheatre over a hill and it's a chilly night. We take our seats and we get a package. If we're on an even row we must open it to the right and if we're on an odd row we must open it to the left (or vice-versa). Inside are some kind of 3D goggles and other weird gadgets. I wonder what this show is about. Then I see some kind of gigantic molecular structures with lights floating above us and I'm said the show is about to start.
    3. One Guy Naked In A Hot Tub

      by , 06-24-2012 at 04:57 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      I recalled 3 decent fragments and a few other one liners today.

      Dream 1:

      I am at an amusement park that is full of pedafiles. I am on top of a roller coaster with some asian guy and the roller coaster must have broken down because we have to climb down 1000 stories to the ground.

      Dream 2:

      My fiance and I acquire a lion for a pet. The lion turns on us and we are forced to set it free. We decide to do this on our street and the lion gets hit by a car.

      Dream 3:

      I am on vacation at some kind of country club or resort. There is a restaurant building surrounded by a large grassy area. About 100 yards from the restaurant there is a large spa with a bunch of people in it, me included. There is a man wearing a dress shirt, tie, and suit jacket fully submerged in the spa. When he gets up I can see that he has no pants on (lol) and his penis is popping out under his suit jacket. After the penis show, I head up the hill to the restaurant and meet my fiance. I am wearing a bad-ass robe. I make out with my fiance in our booth at the restaurant until the staff tells us to go to the sex room in the back. Awesome...

      Moments later I find myself on the roof of the restaurant (alone). I roll off of the roof onto the grass. My mom brings me into the restaurant and I have to help our chef find some magical ingredients to save the day (or to save me, not too sure here).

      Other dream snippets:

      -Bowling on a Friday night
      -I was back on Pam Ln again (childhood home)
      -I went on a hike and there was a snake
    4. 68th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Cay's Dreams

      , 02-12-2012 at 08:42 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams
      Dream 1
      I was in a health club or spa or something. There were naked people everywhere...

      Dream 2
      A man broke into my house and knocked my dad out. He proceeded to force me to bring all of the analog clocks in the house to him. At some point my ceiling and walls started to look like the barnacled hull of an old ship.

      Dream 3
      A family seemed to have taken up residence inside Eldin Volcano ( from the Legend of Zelda series) and I was trying to convince them that wasn't the best idea. They'd uncovered a number of "Goddess bombs" made from the same purple material found throughout Skyward Sword. For some reason I resolved to steal them and use them to demolish their house.

      Dream 4
      I was in a huge cathedral of dark stone. There had been a war of some sort and mine and several other families had taken up residence there. Problem was that the original residents of the building didn't care for company. A clan of colossal vultures lived in the rafters and belltower. My sister had angered them by somehow killing one of their human-sized chicks when food was scarce. "You've killed us all!" the priest had cried. We took up arms and built a shield out of pews...Meh, when the dust cleared I was one of three left.
    5. Spa, Pools and Buses

      by , 09-27-2011 at 09:13 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a spa, or at least there are pools. And there's a Ceres bus. I was in Victorias or Manapla, and I was trying to ride the bus, but most are full. I was able to ride one that wasn't too full. There were also two white puppies.
    6. False Awakening at a Men's Spa

      by , 03-15-2011 at 09:17 AM
      There was a beginning to this dream that I forget. I recall I entered a fancy spa while it was still broad daylight.

      I woke up in a male only wash room sauna/wash area, inside a large blue tiled steam room. There were a few guys in towels in the general area and they were waking up and walking out. There was a video intercom on. I could see and hear a group of female employees talking together about working at the spa... The video quality was low, like a low-res security cam.

      One of the ladies was saying how there were a lot of gay men that absolutely loved this place.
      That they liked to linger until the place closed to hookup with other guys. -I became alarmed. I looked around and it appeared to be closing time! There were a few older looking guys with nothing but towels on. I wanted to leave asap.

      I quickly ran up the stairs to a lobby area. There was that same group of girls talking. They went dead silent as I walked in wearing only shorts and a towel. They all turned and looked at me straight faced. I said:

      "Oh hey ladies. I was just hanging out late because some of the guys seemed really depressed and I wanted to cheer them up."

      -They looked at me really funny
      . I realized my explanation had not helped the situation. I wondered how I ended up falling asleep here in the first place. (Low level reality testing.)

      But, the place was vivid and awesome looking. Polished wood and marble floors. Soft track lighting. As I looked around for my clothes and stuff, I heard a missed call from my girlfriend. I couldn't find my things but I felt embarrassed enough to leave without them. I decided to call my girlfriend back. Instead of the call connecting, a recorded message played: it was a strong male voice. This is an exact quote (I text'd it to my GF the instant I woke up):

      "You have crossed the signal line and are unable to get through. I assure you, it is nothing."

      --At this exact moment, my girlfriend text me and woke me up. (PRECOGNITIVE)

      Dreams have a real penchant for embarrassing us. This one was hilarious to me when I woke. I am straight. Like my last recorded dream (Stalked in Dreamland), there was a shocking trickster element.

      The voice on the phone bore a strong resemblance to my own voice. I have unrecorded dream fragments about reaching a prerecorded message left by myself. One other recording in a dream sounded like something I said in real life to someone. I couldn't recall the exact words.

      This reminds me of Dream #043

      Updated 03-15-2011 at 02:53 PM by 32174

      non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , dream fragment
    7. Texas spa/fish animation (fragments)

      by , 02-02-2011 at 08:50 AM (Trial and Error)
      I decided that one the one week break from school me and all my roommates should go to a spa (I have never been to a spa irl so I made up what I thought it was when I argued my point XD) For some reason we were going to go to a spa in Houston, TX.

      dream skip, there was some kind of animated movie involving a fish getting sucked into a whirl pool, I knew in the dream that my roommate L had helped work on it.

      We randomly arrive there, and for some reason have to sneak through what looks almost like a maze, but I know it is not, it is some kind of shopping center. (After awakening I realize it looks kind of like the art store "blick"). There are many people I know irl were hunting us down, and in order to make it to our vacation we had to get bay without them seeing us.

      Dream skip, we are returning from vacation and an equally strange animation of the same fish in the same style plays, only it is more violent and scary.

      Dream skip (pretty sure this is the next dream)

      I let my roommate B know that her bird is chewing a hole in the wall (believe it or not, actually happening irl XD) I let L know, and she begins to yell at B like a crazy person. She yells to the point that I feel the need to defend her and I step in to say that is was not her fault, these things happen, we can fix it.

      Not sure what these mean, they were to scattered for me to get any meaning out of it.
    8. Rosso is hunted as she searches for Shelke

      by , 12-06-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The main character of this dream is Rosso the Crimson in she is in a large compound that is part military complex and part resort. Many buildings surround a body of water that is a natural spa. One building is very tall and looks like the sort of like the Empire State building, but it is made of glass. The timeline is after DoC but the world isn't a FF setting. Rosso has been institutionalized but for some reason she is wandering freely around a single story building that looks like a factory on the inside. She is desperately trying to find Shelke and feels compelled to look everywhere. While wanding through the factory building, many people who are working there stop their activities to observe Rosso, but do nothing to stop her. Rosso knows that she has to find Shelke quickly before she is reinstitutionalized again.

      Rosso comes into one room that is tiled like a shower room but with many large pipes sticking out in the middle of the floor. She believes that one is an escape route, but when she lifts the lid of the pipe, there are wires and metal parts on the inside, making it impossible to crawl inside. The rest of the pipes are the same. Rosso exits the building through a doorless doorway in the large pipe room and comes into a cement court enclosed with a tall chainlink fence.

      Suddenly Rosso with with Vincent Valentine and they are entering the waters of the spa. Vincent swims across the small body of water and underneath a wooden deck. Rosso follows but is distracted but a group of people lounging beside the wooden deck. The people sit admidst brown octoganal stones that stick up out of the steaming water. A man and woman in the group try to talk to Rosso but she ignores tham and follows Vincent underneath the wooden deck, still fearful that people are chasing and trying to capture her.

      Underneath the wooden deck is a dilapitated wooden staircase that leads up into a secret room hidden between the buildings. Vincent easily climbs to a platform at the top of the stairs and says that this is where he likes to hang out. Rosso follows but has difficulting jumping a part of that staircase that has completely rotted away and almost doesn't make it to the top. On the platform at the top is a desk and chair in the old Victorian style and a sofa upon which a blanket and pillow are lain. Rosso says something to Vincent about the place being unsafe and a mess and that she wants to leave. On the way back down the dilapitated wooden staircase, Rosso again has trouble traversing the gap in the staircase and barely makes it a second time.

      The compound suddenly seems devoid of resort seekers and there are groups of military personal conducting aggressive searches of all the buildings. Rosso fears that she is now being outright hunted and she doesn't want to be captured because she still has no idea where Shelke is. Vincent leads Rosso to the tall glass building of the compound and takes her to an large abandoned apartment suite about midway up the building. Three black Apache helicopters are now circling the building and it has been evacuated of all other people. When one of the helicopters spots Rosso near a window it is passing by, it turns and starts firing, blowing out the windows and attracting the attention of the other helicopters. Both Rosso and Vincent have to crawl on the floor to avoid being seen and shot and they get seperated.

      Rosso hides in a bedroom, under the bed which is against the outer wall, making it impossible for the helicopters to see her. Vincent searches the apartment for Rosso and is fired upon when seen. He discovers Rosso's hiding place when he is forced to take refuge there himself. Vincent tells Rosso that he doesn't know why oders have been given to kill Rosso, because her institutionalization was for mental health reasons, not because she is considered dangerous. He mentions a man who works for Reeve who has been actively trying to undermine Rosso's recovery and fears that he is the one who has given the order to seek and destroy while Reeve (who owns and runs the compond) is away on business.

      While the helicopters searching the otherside of the building, Vincent gets up to leave, saying that he is going to get to the bottom of this. He tells Rosso to stay put and grabs a pillow and blanket on the bed and gives it to Rosso so she will be more comfortable. Rosso still desperately wants to find Shelke but is afraid to leave her hinding spot. Rosso is exausted and falls asleep. She has an out of body experience and her spirit floats up above the building and watches the helicopters circling around. She revels in the fact that they cannot see her and for a moment she forgets about her desperation and fear. Rosso notices an opening in the side of the building near the top and it has a platform where helicopters can dock on the side.

      Re-entering her body, Rosso wakes up and crawls out from underneath the bed and finds her way up to the top floor of the glass building. A large open room filled with dirt and small dump trucks is found behind the helicopter dock. A yellow helicopter approaches the dock to land and Rosso hides behind the peak of a pile of dirt to watch who gets out, but no one does. A vehicle nearby has a turret on top and Rosso discovers that she can fly like she did when having her OBE and goes over to the turret and smashes it to peices with her hands, fearing that if she is spotted that she will be fired upon. Even though the three Apache helicopters are still circling the building, and Rosso is out in the open, they do not notice her and continue to scan the building with their serach lights.

      Rosso hears some voices approaching and she glides over to a pillar near window that has a long curtain coming down from the roof. She hides behind the long curtain and even though it is solid, she can see through it. There are two grey coloured women soldiers (grey armour, not elderly) on a dirt pile nearby. They cannot see through the curtain and therefore cannot see Rosso. They are talking and laughing maniacally about something. Rosso can tell that they are genetically modified soldiers like she is and she fears for a moment that Deep Ground has returned.

      At some point the grey soldiers leave and Rosso makes her way down to the bottom floor of the glass building. She finds a large room that has many wires and pipes dangling from the high ceiling. Rosso flies around them for a while before noticing a muscular man dressed in blue on the floor (Azul the Cerulean?) and she goes over to talk to him. I cannot remember the conversation and the dream ends about there.