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    1. Time traveling again

      by , 01-10-2017 at 10:09 PM
      I had a few dreams but they all had the same motif. I do not normally have many dreams of ppl I don't know IRL but I had a whole night of only that. I was jumping back & forth through time. Time travel seems to be a common theme for me. I was in a very old detailed house w/ a lot of big dark recessed paneled walls. In the future it had an outer space like feel. An enormous ship but I'm on the inside so I can only assume they were mother ships of some kind or at least that's what I'd compare it too. But people are not talking like that. We are just discussing the being in the past & now being in the future. The dreams themselves were very complex & detailed but I just can't explain it in a way to do it justice. And the same ppl stayed the same age which I found odd. I guess because I couldn't quite make things add up in my own mind, in turn it became even harder to write down.
    2. On Deep Space 9 Looking for answers

      by , 07-26-2016 at 10:47 AM
      I remember before I went to bed feeling my chakra energy really flowing and remember setting the intention to find out what really happened in the missing memory gap when I was very young.

      As I went of to sleep, I found myself in control on my dream, but only on a certain setting, I couldn't manipulate the area of the place I was in, nor transport myself to another area, but I could manifest objects and people to a degree. I recognized that I was on Deep space 9 on the promenade. I decided since Ops is the central area to go there for answers, on my way I met with several of the the characters of the show referring to me as Ensign King as they passed me, I said good day to them and moved along I had met along the way to the lift Kira, Dax, and Odo. As I managed to get to the lift to ops I stated "OPS", and lift started to move but it did not go to ops it went to a habitat ring, I again repeated "OPS" but it still would not move, so I decided to take a walk around where it had brought me, Some of the rooms opened as I walked pass them, at first I thought nothing of it, then I felt I needed to see what was in them, I cant remember all of what I saw, but some had memories from my childhood, I remember seeing myself back in school, then brushing it off and moving along the corridor to next room as I got the door again the door opened but I saw a figure appear along the the corridor. A female person with brunette hair, I idmediately ran after her, I got to a door that had closed behind her tried to overwrite it, and thought, I not getting anywhere this way, so I crawled through the access panel tubes trying to go around and wound up in.... I loss the plot from this point on, I remember some more weird things happened from this point, but can't remember exactly what.
    3. Shy Hero

      by , 05-15-2011 at 03:18 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was visiting a city in space. A city in a big spaceship. Everything there was run by advanced computer systems.

      They had giant advanced movie screens and robotic penguins. They had even figured out how to use computer code to alter the space time continuum.

      The city was in a crisis. Their computer systems were crashing and nobody knew how to fix it. The technology had been around so long that nobody cared to even learn about it anymore. If the computer systems failed then many people would die.

      I was visiting the space city when this happened. I was in a retail store, and there was a guy hiding in a clothes rack. He had black hair, and eyes that were dark. He was genuinely shy, but not creepy. He watched me, and I sort of knew that he knew the secret answer to all of this madness.

      We didn't say anything during our encounter. It was just a strange telepathic exchange of ideas.

      Meanwhile, the city was in chaos. The young man had vanished.

      The dream skips here, I have trouble recalling the middle section.

      At the end, the young man with dark hair and eyes returns to me. We are standing in the street. I notice that the sky is purple and that the space city resides in a giant dome. It is really quite beautiful.

      "I have fixed the problem. There should be no catastrophic computer failures until the World War 3, in approximately 3.4 years," he whispered with a hint of delight. There is a dark undertone to his voice, I loved it. He flashed his dark eyes at me, before diving back into the shadows where I first saw him.

      Be mine lovely shy hero?
      Tags: hero, space city