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    1. Heart of an Android

      by , 01-06-2017 at 03:20 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      I'm in some mad scientist's basement. He has made androids that look exactly like humans. The male android has short black hair and a fit body. He looks generic. But the other android looks like a girl I know from high school, Emilia. She sits quietly and looks unhappy. She is bound by the scientist's programming, but the male android is free. I believe I can save her. Her heart is on a small metallic cart next to her. On the outside the heart is pink and silver metal with red lights. One part of the heart is open and the insides are full of glowing, red yarn. A long bunch of yarn loops are hanging out. They are slowly being reeled into the heart. I realize that the heart has to be wound to keep it going. The loops are almost inside the heart. I grab and pull the yarn, but it's taking all my strength to keep it still.

      The mad scientist shows up, sees us and rushes to put on his battle suit. "We have to get out of here! Help!" , I ask, and the male android acts. He grabs both of us in his arms, looks up and flies through the building. He doesn't stop until we are in space. He flies to a space station and puts us down inside. Seems to be an empty station. Emilia is fine now too, somehow. We start talking about some plan, what to do next. I also tell them stories of my past. All of them are false memories. These flashbacks make it impossible to make any sense of what really happened next in the dream. I recall a concert hall and another female android that was injected with some techno drug that removed her compassion. Since she wasn't treated well by the rich people around her, she didn't mind killing them. I also recall doing mild drugs and feeling relaxed in the space station. At some point I visited my hometown.

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    2. Crash Landing in another Universe

      by , 01-01-2017 at 12:31 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Happy 2017! So, I've just been focusing on getting lucid. After Caiocontieri talked about wanting space dreams on IRC, I decided to incubate some too.
      Autosuggestion worked nicely.


      Crash Landing in another Universe
      I am the commander of my own space station, just like I visualized before bed. The station is massive and capable of travelling from a universe to another.
      We are orbiting a new planet with alien life. I want to be part of the first party to land on it. I take two crew members with me to a spaceship with three seats.
      The ship looks like a bit like the one in Star Wars. The ship Luke flew when taking down the AT-AT. We get in and the ship is slowly being lifted out of the hangar.
      We are on a ramp and we see space, the planet and part of the station in front of us. The locking mechanism is malfunctioning and our ship starts sliding down the ramp.
      "Oh fuck!" I yell as I look at the part of our station we are falling towards. It's at least 1km until we hit the station and several kilometers below that is another level that we might hit.

      We hit the station and start spinning out of control as we fall towards the planet. We are still picking up speed. This is going to hurt.
      I try to calmly put on my seat belt, which is difficult thanks to the ship spinning. After I get the seat belt, all I can do is wait and hope for a miracle.
      Maybe we land in an ocean or something.

      The ship softly stops just before hitting the ground. A large red alien man with tentacles used telekinesis to stop our ship. We are in an alien city.
      The atmosphere is denser and deep blue. It's also toxic to humans. We hold our breath. A lot of humanoid aliens rush to help us.
      I try to communicate that we need air. My crewmate tries to draw this on a piece of paper in a way they could understand.
      I also tell them that we came from another universe. I take a few breaths as a test. Breathing doesn't hurt, but I still believe it's toxic.
    3. Evolving Androids

      by , 12-30-2016 at 06:43 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      This is an older dream that I felt like sharing here.
      Emergency teleportation kit

      I'm on a space station. There are people and very advanced androids. I feel far away from Earth.
      I explore the station and encounter something I thought was impossible. Some of the androids have evolved.
      They have stronger parts. One in particular had arms made of shiny black metal alloy that was nowhere else on the station.
      We didn't know what it was.

      One of the androids became evil as it evolved. He saw me as a threat and dragged me to a room where they stored malfunctioning androids.
      I was packed tight between two androids. A force field activated around this hexagon shaped...storage unit.
      Before the walls encased me in darkness, the last thing I saw was the corrupted android's white, motionless, human-looking face.
      It was like a mask and it was smiling with empty eyes.

      I was in stasis. Years passed in seconds. I didn't feel hunger, thirst or fatigue.
      Suddenly my life was allowed to continue. An android ripped the wall open and I saw light again. He was the one with black arms.
      His arms could pass through the force field, he was the only one who could do it. I followed him through the dark space station.
      By the looks of things, I slept through a few centuries. I felt sad, angry and alone.

      The android led me to a storage room with old machines and supplies.
      I managed to turn on one of the machines, but it didn't do the amazing things I thought it would. It was broken.
      A few androids joined us in the search for one specific item: emergency teleportation kit. It was our only chance to get out of there safely, I assumed.
      I also assumed the corrupted android was still around and that's why we were in a hurry.

      After a while of searching we found a locker full of the kits we were looking for. I grabbed one and checked it. It wasn't empty. Awesome.
      Loud noise from the door. The corrupted androids found us. We all hid. The dream fell apart as I was trying to hide.
    4. Neuschwanstein

      by , 12-07-2016 at 10:08 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am in Fussen, Germany. Duplicates of Neuschwanstein Castle surround me. Why is my dreaming self so stupid and not realise how ridiculous it was. I then take plane trips all around the world. Eventually, I am loaded onto a rocket and lauched to a crowded space station. I feel I have special piority for room, but no body pays attention.

      A vague dream about being bullied...

      Oh, I have stopped the bizarre 'rituals'.
      A 'voice' in my head says I have do certain things in waking life to have a lucid, and the results are a blank head when waking up. I did not listen to it, and my dreams are back.
    5. [23-03-2016]

      by , 03-23-2016 at 02:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Cold, cloudy afternoon. Apocalypse has come. With a blonde woman wearing a special forces suit we were rushing through flooded streets. The water have temporary lowered, giving us chance to move further. Bodies, destroyed vechicles and ruined buildings were seen after the water lowered. We ran forward, there was a huge whirlpool, and we had to somehow get across it. We tried to go around it, but then we discovered another whirlpool. We've ran past these two when they stopped, but there was one more - a huge whirlpool that we were unable to get past. Then we've got an idea - shoot ourselves with something to the other side.

      Second dream

      A dark mansion in the forest. I was there with group of other mercenaries, hired to kill someone hiding in there. The building was a bit rundown and everyone had to watch their heads and feet. I spotted my target - it was a black male in cyan t-shirt. He shot at other mercenaries, hurting them. I sneaked up and surprised him. I shot him in the head with my shotgun. There wasn't much left of his head. I reported that the task was done and ran away.

      I was running straight a forest road. There was a car following me. I thought "There is a city nearby. They said that it was really far away from the mansion, but I'm almost there in no time!". To lose the tail I ran deeper into the woods and then back on the road. The Sun was raising in the horizon. I have reached the city-station.

      An elevator led inside a huge building coated with some kind of protective metal. There was a woman that wanted to get inside too. She was wearing sports clothes, probably coming back after some jogging. I opened the elevator and held it for her. She said that she's going to push first floor button. I didn't knew where to go, so I decided to leave with her.

      The elevator opened and I saw a huge hall looking like a space station. There were many troops in protective suits patrolling the area. I jumped down a platform and landed safely. Soldier passing by just looked at me, and went away smiling. The hall was filled with computers, it was some kind of IT party over there. People were playing strange prototype games.
    6. Mars station - the forge, Reactor core coolant error

      by , 09-28-2015 at 10:39 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was on the planet Mars. A space station was built on it's surface, with the most modern technology currently available. Something strange have happened there, and a red fog was covering all the tight corridors. I was walking inside some dark tunnels, trying to find my way around that strange place. I heard two persons wandering these tunnels, and even saw them once too. It was a scientist and a technician, they were talking about some kind of massacre happening in the station.

      I finally found my way from tunnels, which were in the lower sector, to the surface dome. In the middle of the dome there was a huge pool of lava, and there were some building on the sides. In the middle of the pool there was a powerful demon, though I somewhat can't recall it. It shot missiles of red energy at me, which were hard to avoid. An idea came to me - building a forge, to create armor protecting me from these missiles.

      After a while of wandering in the dark, I heard a speaker voice "Reactor core coolant error!". Blue emergency lights turned on in the tunnels, and I heard machinery turning on - the coolant reached hyperactivity, and started to freeze all the space station. I thought to myself "I should be invincible now." and so I was invincible, and I have gained abillity to phase through walls and objects.

      I watched as the ice slowly covered walls of the tunnels, and walked there for a while. Then I floated up to the dome - the lava was still present, but demon was nowhere to be found. I ripped some tiles from the floor, getting to lava underneath them, and started to build a lava powered forge.
    7. Lucid Frags

      by , 02-02-2015 at 03:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      There was a long and particularly drab space travel dream. I was landed on the moon with two other astronauts. One of them was dumping liquid fuel onto the surface of the moon so that our capsule would be lightweight enough to fly home.

      When I got on the capsule (That was huge on the inside despite being tiny on the inside.) my parents were there, along with many a familiar member of my family. They told me 'Happy 19th birthday' (IWL that isn't for another couple weeks. And they gave me this weird cake. It was like a small loaf of bread and filled with this thick buttery like cream. I didn't really like it and told them when my real party came, I wanted a chocolate cake.

      I got distracted from the birthday party scene because I had to dock the caupsle with a space station. I got the strangest sense of Deja-vu, as though I had done this in a previous dream or a long time ago.
      Why does docking with the space station feel farmiliar...?

      I was watching the superbowl, live from the stadium. The game had just started and the football froze in midair. All of the players started dog-piling and jumping to get at it.

      "Uh-Oh, looks like that's an illegal anti-gravity ball. Minus 20 points! And *some player* to the time-out square for you!"

      I realized how absurd this was. (Now IWL, I don't watch sports, and TBH I don't even know the rules of football all that well.) But this was just so strange that I had to be dreaming.

      I woke up though. I took a leak and then it was WBTB time.

      I found myself on my bed. (False awakening.) Though my bed was replaced with this odd powder, like finely-ground flour. I realized right away that I was not fully awake. I began to mess with it. I thought that the reason I was in my bed was because I was still partially awake and I shouldn't move too much because I might start to move my waking life body and wake up.

      At one point, I decided to smell it. It did have a smell, though faint it did smell a bit chalky, sort of like baking soda or flour. I can't say so exactly, but yay for finally smelling something in a dream.


      I was by a lake. My friend pointed out that there were squidfish in the water. I asked him what a squidfish was and he showed me. They were these fish, perhaps a foot long with all of these tentacles on the front of their face. They were carnivorous and ate other smaller fish whole.

      I then noticed that there were large fat fish swimming around in the air, a few feet above me.
      I became lucid, but the dream promptly faded.


      There was one other lucid fragment from this morning, but I can't recall what it was, just that there were three frags involving lucidity after my WBTB. I had the number on my mind all morning.
    8. Attempting to Address the Dream Itself

      by , 11-23-2014 at 07:20 PM
      Good morning, I just woke up, got my Timmies, and now listening to Krokus, preparing to dream journal. Yeah, I’m a Krokus fan, I’ve got all 13 of their best albums off iTunes! Yup, I even got my leopard skin spandex on (Joking!) Anyway, I’ve often heard about people talking to the dream itself. This was my attempt last night to communicate with the consciousness, if there is such a thing, behind the dream. It’s all part of my quest for no violence or bad behavior while lucid.

      I was involved in another ½ hour long lucid dream where I was on a huge space station, probably because I’m all 'wrapped up' in the ‘The 100’ series on Netflix. I did drop out of the lucid dream momentarily about 3 or 4 times, but I just stayed still and calm, and focussed on the dream, and then I immediately went right back in where I left off.

      Okay, back to what I’m trying to describe. There are these 3 dream figures standing there in a room, and they all know I’m lucid, because they were just watching me practice forward, and backward summersault flying tricks. I talked to them momentarily about the fact that I was Lucid, and I was probing them for information about what this lucid dream world is really about. Actually, I’m pretty sure I already know, but it’s my own theory based off my observations and experiences. They were very interested in me querying them, but they were unable to give me any details, but it was obvious they knew. I then turned, and put my back to them, and stared at the space station wall and said, “Consciousness behind the dream, please tell me why there’s violence and bad behavior in my dreams.” I waited, a second, and there was no reply. I could hear the 3 guys behind me giggling. I turned around to face them, and they spun their backs to me, and they started to giggle even louder. I said to them, “Hey, wait a minute, there is a consciousness behind the dream, and I’ve heard its voice before.” They looked a little more serious, and then faced me again. I think they did this because they were a little scared of me, and it was not so much an understanding. I put my backs to them and addressed the dream itself again, “Consciousness behind the dream, why is there violence and bad behavior in my dreams? I do not want that.” Well the three dream figures behind me started to laugh again. I turned and faced them. I told them, “You guys have me at a bit of disadvantage here, please do tell?” They looked at each other and one fellow said, “Let’s send a space probe down to Earth, and examine this guy a little further.” I then retorted, “What, you’re going to give me anal space probe?” He didn’t like that comment too much, and said, “We’re going shut off you lucid dreaming abilities.” I blasted back at him, “I’m too smart for that to work, and you’ve tried before, and it didn’t work!” He got angry at that point, and his facial features faded to almost nothing (no nose or lips), and his eyes turned black. He looked at the other guys, and said, “Give him a pill.” I then created a jar of strawberry hard candies in my hand, held it up to him, and then I popped a couple in my mouth, and said, “Ohhhh, I love pills!” They were not at all impressed. They then turned and walked away, and stupid me, I followed! They led to a room with three wrinkly, dark skinned, 7 foot tall, alien type beings. I haven’t seen anything like it before, but I was not scared, just fascinated. All of sudden, the lights go out, and one of these giant aliens grab me, and stuffs what feels like a baby octopus in my mouth. It was latched onto my tongue, and trying to go down my throat. I grabbed onto the little bastard with my right hand and pulled for all I was worth. I thought my tongue was going to rip out of my mouth. The creature finally let go, and I threw it on the ground and immediately woke myself up. Thinking back on the dream, I seem to be the problem, not the dream figures. The dream answered my question about bad behavior. I have some personal problems that I need to work through in order to improve my lucid experience.

      Here are a couple of highlights from the same lucid dream:

      1) I was in the space station storage area for pets. There were all these beautiful dogs, and one cat (my dream sign). I was kneeling on the ground petting them all. There had to be at least 25 dogs. I was buried up to my neck in jumping, licking dogs. Tails all wagging. It was real fun.
      2) I called for my daughter to join me. She went running past me full speed, down a space station corridor with two friends, and I chased after them, but they were too fast for me to catch. That was odd, because I have unlimited speed when lucid.
      3) I found an empty space station utility room, and went inside and closed the door, to get away from the crowd, so I could maybe meet with my daughter in peace. The door opened and my boss from work walked in. He was smiling, and I grabbed him by his arms and lifted him up onto a counter. He looked shocked that I would do such a thing. I felt I was being somehow tricked; perhaps I was a bit paranoid. I apologized and said, “Let’s have a beer!” He said, “Sure!” and he pulled two beers out of his suit jacket. The beer tasted so damn good! We got half way through the beers, while having a good chat, and then the door opened and a stranger walked in. My boss went invisible, but his beer didn’t, and his beer was moving around the room. It looked like it was floating. I said, “I can still see your beer.” Then his beer vanished. Well, invisible dream figures? That’s new.
      4) There was a small, control office building at the space craft docking bay. I was practicing jumping from the ground onto the roof, and then forward summersaulting back to the ground. During the first few tries I was face planting, or landing on my butt, but I finally got it right!
      5) As I mentioned earlier, I did momentarily wake a few times during this ½ hour long, lucid dream, and during one momentary waking, I heard my daughter scream at me for some reason. It was like she wanted me back in the dream, or she was giving me crap for my bad behavior, so I quickly went back into the space station, lucid dream, and tried again!

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    9. Chased By Government, Morpheus Bodyguard (LD #132)

      by , 11-07-2014 at 12:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was a female reporter for some kind of news agency who had gotten some serious dirt on the US government and they had sent some secret service agents to try and stop me from leaking the word. I was working with this man who looked and dressed just like Morpheus from the matrix movies. I think he was my bodyguard or something.
      The funny part was as we were being chased by these guys he was piggy-back-riding me around. We were in a park area but there were many tall buildings around. Somebody pointed out that a speck in the sky was actually just the space station. My vision zoomed in and I could see four large solar panels coming off of it.
      He continued running with me on his back. A couple of tranquilizer darts flew past us. I can recall this funny looking helicopter was being used to chase us, with a sniper in it firing the darts. It didn't have a tail or any stabilization. it was just a pod with a big propeller on it. I looked at it and realized that it wouldn't be able to fly, and it crashed.
      Eventually we somehow created this portal on the ground and jumped through it.
      We wound up in this beautiful sanctuary area; some kind of virtual reality or alternate dimension. There were these shallow concrete pyramids with waterfalls running down the sides and various plants and flowers planted in the steps. There was a huge lake; in fact, I think we were on an island. But you could see mountains in the distance. There were also many tall deciduous trees with brightly colored leaves. Everything was tinted autumn colors. (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Browns). Even the sky was tinted orange.
      The Morpheus man told me that the government agents could still find us here, but it was probably safe to rest for the night. He told me to gather wood from the forest so that we could make a fire.
      I recall walking into the woods. I see a orange Chinese dragon, about fifteen or twenty feet long flying in the woods, weaving its serpentine body through the trees. It blends well with the leaves, but I'm certain that it's there.

      I became lucid. I changed myself out of the female reporter guise. I decided to summon Manei for our sit down question time that I've been visualizing. I yelled for her name, and heard her yell back. I looked and standing about a hundred feet into the autumnal forest, I could vaguely make her out.
      "Manei, I have some questions for you!"
      "Hurry up, the dream is about to end!"
      "How come if it's my dream, I can't picture what happens and make it happen?" (I was trying to ask her why my visualization doesn't work.)
      "Because you didn't like your cookie from 300 years ago!"
      I woke up.

      Typical Manei logic...

      When I do get my long conversation dream, I should ask her why half the time she makes sense and the other half she says totally random things like that.

      I went back to sleep; it was still quite early. I think it yielded a Nonlucid dream, but I cannot recall it.
    10. Kung Fu Movie, LD #110: Vveven

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I'm putting these dreams in out of order because I like to put lucid dreams last. I actually had the lucid dream at around 1:30 in the morning, and this non-lucid upon awakening.

      So I am in/watching a Kung-Fu movie. The dream is periodically glitching between having the main character be autonomous and it being me. That said the main character looks a little like Bruce Lee crossed with my typical dream self. (Bicolored eyes and goggles).
      Anyways, I remember talking to a sensei (Not the person from DV, just a typical sensei character in a kung fu movie.) He was glitching too. He sometimes looked like the typical sensei character with long white hair and a beard. But at other points he looked like this very fat rat type creature.
      Anyways, apparently my character had disowned many teachers before this one for various reasons and was happy that he had found one that conformed best to his teaching style.
      Back to watching it. We were training together, both of us standing on the rocks in the middle of a huge rushing river, doing synchronized movements. There are huge mountains off in the distance.

      There is a part in the movie where this boy and my WL parents came to visit us. The boy was supposedly six despite being about 5'10" and 200 pounds. He had some kind of growth disorder. Also, at this point we were training on a tropical beach.

      Now the climax of the story. The character that I am supposed to defeat is this demon. It kind of looks like the golem that appeared in that dream a couple nights ago, and has red vines wrapped around its body, and is made of dark stone pieces. But this one is much smaller, like 10-12 feet tall.
      Also we were fighting in a very strange location, some kind of birthday party for one of the secondary characters. Nobody ran away from the party. They all made a big circle around the two of us and started taking pictures/video with their phones.
      I think this was actually my second time fighting him. The first time, my character had lost, horribly. He had bloody bandages all over his body from where the vines had hit him during the first battle, and the atmosphere just felt like that of a rematch.
      I am watching once more. The character then closes his eyes and begins 'feeling' where all the vines are going to come from. He then strikes them and knocks them away. Some of them even rip apart and become unusable. It was a remarkably exciting scene and there was some epic Chinese drum music playing while it was happening. He eventually runs at the golem and begins fighting it directly.

      Very odd way of the dream starting. I start to feel someone rubbing my feet and the dream begins to materialize with that.
      So for some reason the dream has decided to materialize like so: I am in a huge mall or food court where there are a ton of people of all different ages, races, ethnicity, etc. There is no more seating available because of the crowd, so we are now sitting propped against the wall.

      And Manei is there, rubbing my feet. Okay, I officially have the weirdest dream guide possible to think: I want the dream to start with me rubbing his feet in some random public place and then we can start talking.
      So lucidity comes on after like ten whole minutes and some very strange dream glitches occur that I can't recall now.
      I turn to her and ask this, knowing that I will get an interesting response.
      "Your hands are so soft! What do you use?"
      "Tomato Juice!"
      "You took a bath in tomato juice?"
      I pause for a moment.
      "Okay, time to do one of the lucid tasks, if I can remember it..."
      I try to recall a lucid task. I recall what I think was one of the old ones, to ask a dream character to tell you a word in another language and it's meaning.
      "Tell me a word in your language and it's meaning."
      "Okay... Vveven! It means god is above. God is love. I love god."
      "You know I'm atheist... right?"
      "I know. I'm telling you the word. Not what to believe."
      Can I get wings for this?
      I get up and indicate that she could follow if she wants to. I want to leave the crowded area.

      Then there is a strange dream glitch. I become nonlucid and see this game set up to be played in the middle of the public place. The game is called 'F**k off, Rabbit!" and you play it with a pack of colored markers and all of these different coloring pages. I don't know how, but it has something to do with the drawing of a rabbit is hidden in each of the coloring pages, and the game is supposed to be very hard.

      I am lucid one more, and still walking out of the place. I look around to find Manei and see her melting into the crowd. Okay, not following. I get outside where there is a vast, clear twilight sky. The dream slowly shifts from the exterior of the mall to my own neighborhood.
      Although the sun is setting in my neighborhood, it feels more like the wee hours of the morning. The moon is rising where the sun should be. The moon also looks huge.
      It is cold. It must be spring or fall. Not horribly cold, but quite brisk none the less.
      I get about halfway down the street and stop. Someone drives past me in a sliver car and looks at me strange.
      Time to do some flying.
      I put my hands down to my side, and project my energy out, the way I always fly.
      Nothing seems to be happening. I can feel my weight starting to come off of my legs.
      I then tried to Jump to start the flying up. I jumped up and floated in the air for a second. Tried projecting out of my hands and felt the flying 'catch' and I was off. I also remember seeing my shadow on the pavement. I think this is the first time I have ever noticed a shadow during a dream.
      I said something like 'Heck Yeah!' and flew over the tops of some houses. I went above the woods behind my sub and turned to look back at it. I was thinking that I might try to fly into outer space.
      Now, a foot massage: weird. A tomato juice bath: weird. But this takes the cake. I turn around to see it and the dream freezes. I lose a ton of clarity and the the image of my neighborhood from above is frozen in front of me. But the strange thing is, my neighborhood is not there at all. Just a blurry black void surrounded by trees.
      The image of my neighborhood pulls back. It becomes evident that it is like a large photograph printed on a sheet of paper. I am now hovering in an empty black void, because the visual of the world has been compressed into this picture. Then, the photograph folds all origami up into a face. I am not kidding, and becomes a floating head that starts talking to me. The dream was literally talking to me.
      "Hey, Woah!, Sorry! I don't know what your sub looks like from above."
      "Not your fault. I was the one who didn't know what it looked like."

      The dream glitches agian. I am looking at this space station in orbit above earth. Apparently the moon was so huge in that dream because it was falling to earth and about to impact it, and that space station was supposed to monitor the event as it happened.
      I can recall the space station having this strange glass pod one one side that I was very focused on for some reason. It looked like some kind of escape pod.

      It was at this point that I realized that I was still dreaming and woke myself up because I wanted to make sure that I recalled the lucid dream.

      Oh, sure. My subconcious can't show me what my sub looks like when I fly above it, but it sure loves to show me what the moon looks like impacting earth and designing these random space stations.

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    11. The space station

      by , 11-06-2012 at 08:17 PM
      I appear in a space station. This old man is here telling me about all the constellations. I look out the window and the constellations were mostly from skyrim.

      Then these kids appear and they run around the place. In the middle of the room is a pillar and there is a blue substance floating around it. I accidently rip the substance a part while chasing the kids around. Then there mother comes and she is pretty mad. The kids vanish and she says "There's just so much pressure.." I angrily say "What pressure!?" She says "I've been up here for many years and nobody even cares!" I reply "Let me guess..your up here because you are afraid of the apocalypse, listen, theres no logical reason why you should be afraid, do you know why?" she just stares at me. I say "We are all destined to die one day, there is no point in being afraid of something that is inevitable" I then prepare to leave but before I do I say "I hope you considered what I've said" I am transported back to a parking lot. It is midday. I see my mothers car. I walk up to it and the dream ends...
    12. Chased by Chewbacca and R2-D2

      by , 04-15-2012 at 05:42 PM
      In my dream I was being chased around by the wookiee Chewbacca and R2-D2 from Star Wars. We were aboard either a large ship or space station. I keep managing to evade them, but every time I think I'm safe I run into them again. I try to slip by them, but always at the last moment, Chewbacca turns around and sees me. The chase begins again. This happens about 5 times total in my dream. I don't know why Chewbacca was after me, maybe he wanted to rip my arms off and beat me with them? But finally I manage to loose them for good.

      Next I'm walking around this barren rocky area. There are bones of dead creatures around, including the bones of dinosaurs. Most of the bones were embedded in the rock and couldn't be moved. I remember tugging on one of the bigger dinosaur skulls, wouldn't budge. There were some scavenger animals that came around and carried off the smaller bones that were not stuck. Moving on, I come to another area where this monkey is clowning around on these solid, rocklike boxes that are stacked up. Over to one side, where a set of these boxes are stacked, their tops are partially carved into statue like formations. Included in the carved stone was a phallus symbol, and as I walked near these things, liquid came out of that part and got me all wet. Discusted, I turn the box-statues around so they don't face in my direction anymore. A lady who was wearing condoms over her hand and forearm comes over to me to help me out with these box-statue things. The thing isn't as heavy as it looks, and I'm holding it up as she attempts to clean a pipe on the bottom of this thing. She gives up after she decides its too gross of a job to do, and I'm in agreement with her.

      We walk along, and there are still more rocklike boxes ahead. These are setting on the ground in a group, but enough space in between to walk through. These all have this blue gelatin mass on top in a cone shape, or shaped like half an egg. As I start messing with one, it is firm, but pliable. Sort of like that Dr Scholls gelatin insert for your shoes. This stuff can be re-shaped, but it does take considerable effort. I am under the impression at this point that these things are supposed to be used for a woman's pleasure. Once I understand that, I stop messing with the thing and I wake up.
    13. why is a raven like a space station?

      by , 01-01-2012 at 04:08 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      I don't think I've ever made an out and out joke (albeit corny) in a dream before this dream.

      This dream is another instance of so-so dream control. I was watching the video below yesterday afternoon. I thought it might be fun to dream myself onto the International Space Station.

      But I got afraid of messing up the machinery if I actually projected myself up there. So I told myself not to try, after all. Anyway, the dream I had is a result of that thought process.

      Dream #1

      It was a sunny day. I was flying over the roofs of some really nice, 19th century-style mansions. I was apparently searching for a book I'd lost. It may have been some sort of classic book. But I think it was actually a porn novel or porn magazine.

      I think a bird had stolen this book. I may have seen evidence that the bird was on the roof of a house just in front of me. I may have seen something like a little nest on one of the peaks of the roof. I may have felt like the book was now a part of that nest.

      But I was now floating in between two mansions. The mansions both had complex roofs, with a lot of different angles of sloping. My oldest nephew straddled the roof of one of the mansions. My mom sat on the roof of the other mansion.

      I may have been here now in order to get some books for my nephew. My mom had a couple of books on her roof. I think I was going to bring those over for my nephew. But there was still one book missing.

      But now a cartoon bird landed at the edge of the roof of my mom's mansion. The cartoon bird was black, so I thought it was a raven. But it actually looked like the Warner Bros chicken hawk character, Henery Hawk.

      The "raven" had the missing book on top of its head, for some reason. The book was real, even though the raven was a cartoon.

      I thought, Whoa! Now's my chance!

      Still floating in between the two mansions, I turned to my nephew. I said, "Hey! Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

      My nephew said, "What?"

      I bobbed back around to the raven and said, "Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because it has a book on its top!"

      My nephew said, "Oh. I guess."

      The raven now, for some reason, did something like faint. It slid down the right slope of the roof, taking the book down with it. I floated over to the peak of the roof and sat there, looking down at the bird.

      I was a little sore that my nephew either didn't get my joke or thought it was corny. I was trying to blame him for the fact that he thought my joke was corny.

      I could see the book laying at the bottom of the roof's slope, as if it were about to slip off the roof's edge. I guess the raven had already slipped off the roof's edge.

      I thought about getting the book, before it slipped, too. But I really didn't want to do my nephew any favors, after he hadn't liked my joke. But I could see the other books, near my mom. And I figured I'd get those ones for him.

      My nephew asked me to get the other book. He couldn't see it, and he didn't know whether it had fallen or not.

      But I told my nephew I couldn't get the book. I said, "It's in too hard a place to reach. I'm an old man, now. I can't reach into all kinds of places like I used to."

      I now really was an old man. I was a tall, white man, with a big belly. I was bald, with dirtyish grey hair on the sides of my head. I probably wore a nice button-up shirt and blue jeans.

      I was walking with two extremely hot women, probably in their mid- to late-twenties. They were like models. But they were astronauts. They were dressed in these extremely sexy, silvery jumpsuits which, I guess, were their space suits.

      We walked through an automatic, sliding-steel door on a vanilla-yellow wall. We walked into some area that looked like a cafeteria. But not far above my head were all kinds of staircases, as if there were a maze of balconies above this eating area. At the other end of this room was a huge window wall, revealing a gigantic swimming pool area.

      I knew that one of these women was my daughter-in-law. The other woman was a partner on the flight that my daughter-in-law was about to take.

      I was here to see my daughter-in-law off on her space flight. My daughter-in-law and her friend were dropping me off here to relax and wait in the preparation time before launch. I knew that this cafeteria was part of some fitness area, and that the girls were probably going to do a little exercise before their flight.

      We walked toward some sort of booth table, talking and joking. My daughter-in-law, even though she was incredibly sexy, had a kind of low self-esteem. I tried to make her feel better about herself. So as we sat into the booth, I made some kind of sly comment implying how cute she was.

      This made both of the girls giggle giddily. I had a bad feeling that both of the girls were now sexually attracted to me. I thought I should back off a bit. I didn't want my daughter-in-law to be attracted to me. But, I thought, it wouldn't be so bad if her friend decided she liked me.

      The girls had to leave me now. They may already have been gone. But I at least heard my daughter-in-law telling me, in my head, "You know, they have the ----- (press conference?) going on right before the flight. Everybody's welcome to come to that thing. And we'll be there, too. You should come, so we can see you one last time."

      For some reason I didn't think that was a good idea. I told the girls I'd probably just take a walk around before the launch, instead.

      I was now myself again. I was sitting on the ground or on a concrete floor -- somewhere. A tall, heavy, white man with feathery, black and grey hair, stood by a blackboard at a wall. The wall looked like it was part of some warehouse or unfinished building. There were thin, metal beams running from the floor to some kind of half-ceiling.

      The man was explaining something to me about Judaism. He was making calculations regarding verses in the Torah. He was trying to show that the appropriate method of studying was one passage of the Torah per week. He said that this was all a person could really handle, while keeping a balance on his spirituality.

      I saw a number of -- what I would describe as traffic poles -- like the yellow-painted concrete poles with convex tops. But these poles were comprised of crystal cogs, all stacked up on top of each other.

      The cogs were all different colors. But they were piled up so that cogs of the same color were near each other. One pole, for instance, started with orange at the bottom, worked its way up to a pinkish-red, then into a green, then blue.

      I told the man, "It doesn't make sense to me that people should only study one passage a week. It seems to me like a person could actually study a passage a day and be fine."

      The man was a little shocked that I'd said something like that. I felt like I had kind of insulted either his ideas of religion or his ideas of spiritual balance. I think I felt like I needed him for a teacher. So I had to find a way to apologize to him for having made a comment apparently against one of his major theories.

      We were both standing outside now. The man was up on a sidewalk. I stood on something like asphalt -- maybe in a parking lot? The man was taller than me by his own height and the height of the curb. And we were separated by some kind of railing.

      I decided that the best way to apologize to the man was by showing my knowledge of other religions and concluding with the idea that, compared to his religion, all the other religions I knew about were lacking.

      I had a whole bunch of papers in my hands. It was like I was going to flip through some kind of PowerPoint presentation on the faults of all the other religions I knew about.

      There were some slides regarding some religions on the top of my stack of papers. But I wanted to save those religions for later. I shuffled those to the back of the deck. Now the top slide was about some religion that was somehow based in the teachings of Edgar Cayce. I figured that would be a good place to start.

      I gave the man some explanation about the tenets of this religion (I wish I could remember them now!). I was going to move on to how I thought they were silly, compared to the tenets of his religion.

      But the man interrupted me -- as if he thought I were trying to convince him that this religion was really good. He took the same tack with me, now, that I was trying to take with him. He became really interested in what I had to say about this religion. He wanted to know more.

      I felt a little defeated. I was trying to learn more about the man's religion. But now he wanted me to teach him about mine!

      I stood up onto the curb. The man and I turned to my left and walked down the sidewalk, down a slight slope, to a complex of buildings like a university campus. There seemed to be a decent amount of people walking around down there.

      I was explaining something to the man. But now I was in some kind of limbo space, floating around and discussing things in my head. I was now apparently talking to someone, kind of like the Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Michael Collins.

      Collins didn't believe in something about psychic phenomena. But I was trying to convince him that psychic phenomena did exist.

      Collins and I were now driving in a car at night. I had gotten onto the topic of psychokinesis. I was trying to make some point about how it was already being used in outer space, and that it wasn't causing any harm.

      To illustrate this, I had a chart in my mind. It was a white background, with an x-arrow and a y-arrow. Both arrows were really bold. The plane made by the coordinates was of either twelve or sixteen rectangles. The rectangles were stood vertically. The grid was four rectangles wide, and either three or four rectangles long.

      In this grid, I drew something like a jagged line bouncing down through the rectangles. This was made to show the minimal damaging effect that psychokinetic powers had in space.

      Somehow, Collins and I faded into some place like a residence area for astronauts who were about to head up into space. We were both inside a room with thin-panelled walls, like the fake wood-panel walls inside a double-wide trailer. The entire floor of the room was covered with mattresses, except the left side of the room, which had a set of bunk beds.

      In the center of the room was some very space-stationy-looking computer area. A pole hung from the ceiling. Suspended from the pole were a big computer system and a seat at which someone sat while using the computers.

      Collins was sitting at the computer station. I was laying on my back, on a mattress, looking up at the back of one of the screens of the system.

      I was shocked to see that the logo of the computer's manufacturer was a circle with a stylized, interlocking P and K. I thought, PK! That's psychokinesis! Is this whole computer part of some psychokinesis project?

      Apparently, though, I had been continuing my argument, because Collins, at some point, told me that I'd won him over. I don't know whether he actually believed in psychokinesis. But he at least seemed to believe that, if it existed, it wouldn't do any harm.

      Somehow, I was now asleep, my back propped up against the back wall of the room. But now another astronaut opened the door of the room.

      Even though my eyes were closed, and I was sleeping, I could see the woman. She was blonde, a little frumpy-looking, with frizzy-curly, long, blonde hair. She was maybe in her late forties. She wore a red sweater and red-plastic-rimmed eyeglasses.

      The woman poked her head in through the doorway and asked Collins, "Do you know anything about debt for the companies ----- (can't remember, ----- (Provate?), and Fluxcil, that you might be able to help me with them?"

      These were biotech companies. Collins said, "No. I don't know."

      But the woman wasn't really asking Collins so Collins could help her. She was hinting to him that they should test me out, on my knowledge. But Collins didn't get the hint. So the woman had to make it a little stronger.

      But the mention of the biotech names got me kind of interested (why? I don't know anything about biotech), and I was already waking up, lifting my dark, heavy eyelids, as the woman said, "Well... do you know anybody who might know about that debt? Like... another astronaut you work with?"

      Collins might have said something like, "Oh. Yeah."

      But I was already too interested in what the woman was talking about to wait. I stood up -- still incredibly groggy! -- and said, "Oh? Debt? I think I can get you some information." I knew I didn't know anything about biotech. But I was already making a plan in my head for how I'd do the research.

      I walked over all the mattresses, toward the doorway. The woman may have said something to me, then asked me, "Do you think fifteen minutes will be enough time for you?"

      I said, "Yeah. I can get you something in fifteen minutes."

      I thought I'd have to use my own computer. But I wondered if my wireless would work all the way from up here on the space station. I thought that the satellite system would be all messed up.

      Then I realized we weren't on the space station yet. It was still the night before we even launched up into space. I thought, of course my computer will work.

      Collins had gotten up from the computer station. He was walking out of the room, to go down the hallway for some kind of meeting with the woman. I walked back toward the back of the room, to pull my computer out of my suitcase (???).

      But I'd forgotten the names of the three companies. I turned around and caught the woman before she walked away. I said, "So the companies are... Probate... ?"

      The woman said, "-----, ----- (Provate?), and Fluxcil. You know Fluxcil. They make -----."

      I felt a little insulted by that. I didn't want the woman to think I was stupid. Of course I knew that Fluxcil made -----. But I was just having trouble keeping the companies' names in my head. My brain was still so groggy!

      The woman left and I walked back toward the back of the room. My suitcase was huge -- maybe waist-high, and as wide as two of me. I knew my computer was in a pocket at the back end of the suitcase.

      As I walked toward the suitcase I was already trying to figure out how to get my information. I knew that I'd start by pulling the most recent financial filings for each company.

      I started wondering if fifteen minutes was enough time. These filings were for biotech companies. They might be huge.

      But I thought that there were two other things I should do if I had enough time left in my fifteen minutes. One thing was to do a debt schedule. But I thought I would probably have to ask the woman if she wanted that before I actually did it.

      I also thought that, to get the most recent debt issuances of the companies, I'd probably also have to go through the most recent press releases for each company.
    14. moving out; movie discussion

      by , 12-30-2011 at 03:16 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking up the stairs in a fire escape stairwell in an office building. The walls were white and the light was either incandescent or a warm-feeling fluorescent. There may have been one or two people ahead of me, guiding me. One may have been a pretty, young woman.

      I was told something about the office where I was being taken. It had something to do with the difference between this place and my old office. I felt like probably nobody would even know me here.

      The door opened to the office floor. Colorful Christmas lights were glaring somewhere at the periphery of my vision. The two people guiding me either disappeared or walked really far away into the office.

      I was by myself in a corner of the office. It felt kind of like an elevator bank. But it was open to the rest of the office. I wasn't even sure why I was supposed to be in this office in the first place.

      A young man came up to greet me. I knew him! (I don't think I really know him IWL.) I was so relieved to know somebody.

      But the man didn't quite want to acknowledge that he recognized me, as well. Some people didn't like me, and the man didn't want to be seen by them as liking me. So he just treated me politely, but indifferently, like he'd treat anybody who came into the office.

      The man may have told me that my old boss would be here to meet with me momentarily. In the meantime, the man said, I could visit the museum on this floor. The man walked me to the wall behind me -- the wall with the doorway to the stairwell.

      Off to the left of the doorway was something that looked like a display. It was about the size of an animal display diorama in a museum.

      The "display" was of something like a space station. It looked fake, like one solid, plastic piece -- almost like a Star Wars toy! But some part of it, I knew, opened like a door. From there, you would walk into the museum. The museum would, I think, be about the size of a hallway, or the size of one exhibit room in a large museum.

      Off to the left of this "museum" was a long hallway. On the right wall of the hallway, from the waist up, were windows letting in a lot of yellow-white sunlight. The floor of the hallway was blue.

      I was now in "my apartment," which was rather large. The living area, which may have included the dining area, was three or four rooms long, with all the rooms opening into each other, only distinguished from another by the varying widths of their rectangles.

      The place was empty of furntiture. But there was stuff everywhere on the floor. Nothing was cluttered, and maybe everything had some kind of order. But it mostly felt like I just had all the stuff I liked just laying around everywhere.

      I'm not sure, but at this point, I think I looked like Lance Loud, from An American Family.

      (In this photo, Lance is standing, to the far right. The mother, Pat, is seated, in the center.)

      I had my phone to my ear, and maybe I was waiting for someone to pick up on the other end. I was looking down to the floor as I stepped over all the stuff I had laying around on the floor.

      I think I walked over some vinyl records, in their sleeves, and over a really old cassette tape player, the cassettes for which were bigger than eight-track tape cassettes.

      I probably started thinking about music. I thought of something that I really wanted to hear. I was going to play it. The music may now already have been playing. I still had the phone to my ear.

      But suddenly I realized -- I'm almost all out of money! It's totally wrong for me to stay in this place with no money. I can't sit here listening to music. I need to get all my stuff reduced and organized, so I can get the hell out of here!

      I may now have started putting together a plan for how to throw out a bunch of useless papers I didn't need, so I'd have less stuff to take with me once I left this place.

      I was now in a house which was supposed to be the Loud family house. At this point I definitely looked like Lance Loud. The house had two stories. I was up on the second floor, in a bedroom which had been converted into an office.

      I wasn't a member of the family. I was like a friend of some member of the family. But I had also been doing some kind of work for them. I had had tough times, and I needed to stay at their house. I think I had been staying at the house a couple of days, but now I was getting ready to leave.

      Pat, the mom from An American Family, came into the room. I was reclined -- somehow -- either against an office chair and some small filing cabinets, or on a bed.

      Pat sat down on something and told me that she knew I was planning on leaving the house. But she said she didn't think I actually had enough money yet to go out on my own. She said she was going to talk with the rest of the family about seeing whether I couldn't stay here a little while longer.

      Pat stood up and left. I looked through the doorway. There was a short, balcony-like hallway, with the stairs on the end closer to me. Again, I'm pretty sure I saw the colorful glare of Christmas lights somewhere.

      I was kind of relieved that Pat had asked me to stay. But I knew that I couldn't accept the offer, anyway. I didn't want any of the manlier men in the family to think I was just being a waste by sticking around here. I knew that if Pat made a good case for me, none of the men would say anything to my face. But I'd always have to deal with them showing me how they felt in other ways.

      I figured that what I would do, then, if Pat got the okay for me to stay, was just act like I was going to stay here, after all. Then, when nobody was looking, probably when everybody was gone from the house or asleep at night, I'd just pack up all my stuff and sneak out, leaving a letter saying why I'd gone.

      Dream #2

      I was walking down the hallway of some movie theatre. I was in a huge line either for tickets or to get into the theatre itself. The wall to my left was just a plain, beige-colored wall, possibly with some kind of wallpaper that looked like thickly-threaded linen.

      To my right was a wall that occasionally had narrow, tall windows, letting in the grey light of late afternoon. There were also occasional arcade games positioned along this wall. And somewhere there was a feeling of faint, flashing, multi-colored lights.

      There were a couple of people, probably a man and a woman, directly ahead of me, talking about a movie. The woman was doing most of the talking, and she sounded kind of arrogant and pretentious.

      Apparently the film the woman was talking about was a short film. The woman was speaking about the director of the film. The director may also have been a character in the film -- a comic kind of character who, even though he wasn't the main character, was supposed to "steal the show."

      I may have had an image of this guy in my head. He may have been a white guy, kind of rich-looking, wearing a really garish, multi-colored tuxedo, and a hat that looked either like a wizard's hat or a dunce cap, which was also multi-colored.

      I then looked off to my right, to a part of the right wall of the hallway that bent diagonally toward us, making the hallway narrower. On the sloping part of the wall was a poster for the movie the woman had just been talking about. The man was on the front, in his costume. He may have been waist-deep in popcorn.

      I realized that the film wasn't a short film. It was feature-length. And it was the film we were all heading in to see (or buying tickets for?) right now.

      I had been telling myself that I really didn't want to see the movie. I really didn't like the director. But now that I'd seen the poster, and now that I realized the movie was feature-length, I decided that I actually would like to see it.
    15. news of innocence; dress; helping michael collins; dark room

      by , 11-30-2011 at 02:12 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat in some huge room. I sat in a school desk, which was part of some U-shaped area of either desks or tables, maybe made out of wood. Other than this structure, the room was empty.

      The room had orange-tan colored walls, which were as tall as the walls of a cathedral. Along the top of the wall ran some kind of LED display, like an electronic ticker tape display that scrolls out news.

      The sign was saying that somebody, possibly Sir Isaac Newton, had confessed his guilt regarding something. This was something like a murder, or a rather contemporary, scandalous-sounding crime.

      Previously I'd been accused of this crime. Now that Sir Isaac Newton had confessed, I would no longer be considered guilty.

      A woman came up to the desk where I was sitting. She may have stood me up to lead me away. I may have been working at something on a computer. I may have been a little reluctant to leave the work.

      Dream #2

      In an almost completely dark room, there was a girl, maybe eleven or twelve years old, standing in an orange-peach colored dress. The dress was in the eighteenth century style, with the outer layer in a sheer kind of material. The girl may have had her back left leg lifted behind her, as if she were performing a ballet step.

      Dream #3

      I was in a dark space, almost like a small corridor on a large airplane or in a space station. I walked toward a dimly lit area near the "front" of this corridor.

      The astronaut Michael Collins was in the lit space, working at a small box of machinery. Collins looked young, and he may have been wearing a NASA jumpsuit.

      I may have worked with Collins. I figured I was going to help him with whatever he was doing right now.

      Dream #4

      I was alone in a bedroom. The room was kind of big and it had high walls. But it felt like a college dorm room, not a bedroom. There may have been a regular bed and at least one bunk bed.

      Suddenly the lights went out in the room. There was a tiny bit of light in the room, giving everything a very faint, very dim blue tint.

      I felt my way around in the room, waving my arms in front of me -- although I may actually have been doing this before the lights went out. I was frantically trying to turn the lights back on, either with the power of my own mind or by finding the light switch. But I couldn't do it.

      I told myself not to panic. I went to the door. Even though I was kind of disappointed with myself for being so afraid that I wanted to leave the room, I was going to leave. I couldn't think of how to get the light on, and I couldn't stand being in darkness.

      But when I got to the front door, I was also afraid. I felt like there were people out in the hallway (like the hallway of a college dorm hall) waiting to attack me.

      I looked through the peephole on my door. Outside I saw, leaning against the wall opposite the hall from my door, a young, blonde woman, pale skinned, very pretty, dressed in blue jeans and a black, turtleneck sweater. She leaned against the wall with her hands joined and placed behind her.

      (Note: I've been using being alone in an empty room as a dream-sign, hopefully to induce lucids. I noticed that many of my lucids have occurred when I was alone in a room. So I've had quite a few "alone in a room" dreams -- and I've still failed. Ugh.)
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