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    1. Big Cats and Cavemen

      by , 02-05-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Morning of February 5, 2016. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,945-05. Reading time: 2 min 12 sec.

      I communicate with unknown people. Some of them are arrangements of objects that are not in one cluster, but I still perceive them in human form at times. A table lamp on the floor, books in a bookshelf, and a table leg may equate one person. Even though they seem sentient, an unfamiliar female thinks this type of supposed human is without life and does not have the same rights or ability to communicate.

      I quickly climb an unusual structure (vestibular system adaptation). I am atop a big cage. At this level, open enclosures are on each side with spaces from them. Beyond the gap on one side at ground level, is an oversized leopard. Its oblong spots are longer than on a real leopard and its coat more of a brownish tint. I have a concern it could jump up to get to me, and it does. I bite the back of its neck and push it off the top of the cage. As it goes tumbling off, it bounces into another big wild cat which makes it angry. That one also jumps up to eat me. I bite it and throw it off backward.

      Two big wild cats come up, one from each side (through each gap on each side). The one on my left seems like a tiger. I somehow bite both of them on the back of the neck in a short time and push them off. I do not seem to injure any of them.

      I become part of an experiment using changes in DNA to make the test subjects more like prehistoric people. I am in a big mostly featureless field (at least one end with only high grass) in a rectangular fenced-in area. The others are all men and women who look like cave people from a cheaply made movie. They seem almost like modern humans on one level in that they remind me of a group of businessmen and secretaries. They want to pretend to have a business office even in this unusual setting requiring hunting and survival skills. For this and other reasons, the group annoys me. I pretend that I am “more primitive” than them by growling like an animal. I decide I will have no part of the controlled experiment or whatever it is and go to the opposite side of the fenced-in area where there is a big tree (the only shelter in the area) as well as different food plants. Meanwhile, I keep throwing long spears (which seem to come out of nowhere) at the group. I throw them like daggers, and they spin horizontally like helicopter rotors before reaching their target, either their neck or chest. (That is impossible as the spearhead would hit from its side not suddenly go forward into the target.)

      There are about half (five or six people) of the group left. I plan on living on this side where the big tree is. There are a few animals, including a saber-tooth tiger resting in the shade of the tree. I am not threatened by it. It seems more natural and right than trying to live with the group. (They stay on the featureless side of the fenced-in area away from food and shelter.) I sense I will be the only one to survive.

      Tags: cage, cavemen, spear, tiger
    2. Peanut Butter Wars, Semi Lucid

      by , 12-09-2014 at 04:48 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a new music building being added to my high school. It has all of this wood paneling and all of this bamboo growing out around the sides.

      There was some crazy war going on where two armies were fighting over a supply of peanut butter.

      The battlefield is this huge open meadow, surrounded by thick woods. There are a couple of mountains in the distance. The area sort of has a minecraft feel to it, though nothing appears to be made of blocks. I also recall seeing a cartoon drawing that was a map of the battlefield and contained the tactics used by the armies with drawings of cartoon soldiers killing one another. The map was drawn on very high quality parchment paper.

      The battle began. One army was clad mostly in steel armor and used swords. All of the men in this army looked really short, and they all looked the same. They appeared to be the more formal army. [Dream Logic]They also had trebuchets that were launching large jars of peanut butter at the enemies that would explode on impact. The peanut butter was sticky and supposedly would slow down the advance of the enemy. [/Dream Logic]

      The other army was a small band of tribal men with long dark hair who rode on horseback. They had a very native-american feel to them. They fought with spears and bows mostly. Although they seemed inferior in numbers their tactics and skill in combat was impressive.

      Somehow I got into the fight. A group of the steel clad men came after me.
      I became partially lucid. I started fighting with them; running at them and disarming one. I took his sword and used it to cut down a couple of others. One ran at me from behind, yet somehow I could sense him coming. (Partial lucidity?) I threw him over my left side, both stabbing him and taking his sword. Dual wield. I turned to see what looked like a lieutenant of the steel army readying a bow. (His armor was fancier, I assumed he was important.) I threw one of the swords and it stuck right in his face impaling him.

      I then see a couple of the tribe men charging at me on horseback. I throw the other sword, that for some reason becomes a spear when I throw it. It strikes the leader in the leg and also injures his horse who falls over and the whole group trips over him and falls down on him in an almost comedic fashion. A couple of guys manage to get out of the confused pile of horses and charge me. I pick up another sword and get ready to fight when the dream changes.


      Somehow or other I found myself in my living room. Manei was there, laying on the couch. And for some reason or other I didn't quite grasp that I was dreaming. I thought for some reason that I was awake and imagining that she was there. Something was amiss.

      For some reason I still had a spear on me from the previous dream. I was examining it a little, and spinning it around like a bo staff. (Not sure how, though, the living room in our house is tiny.)

      She told me that she was upset because she had gotten in trouble with her guide, and that she overall wasn't feeling well. I did my best to be understanding, but I don't think I've ever seen her not all happy and bubbly like she usually is until now. Not having the best grasp of dream/reality didn't help either. I didn't really know what to do, so I dropped the spear and sat down on the other couch across from her, and the dream faded out.

      I wonder if I could find Manei's guide and talk to him/her. That's either a really good or really bad idea. The bottom line is: I'm getting somewhere, albeit slowly.
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    3. The Dry Spell Drizzle

      by , 12-01-2014 at 02:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -A particularly violent and vivid frag involving me fighting an older military type man with a spear and winning when he decided to commit suicide.

      -Something to do with 'Interstellar'

      -Something to do with my mom's friend's kids.

      -Something to do with wanting a weapon for Christmas being a good thing.

      -My friend K's dad had taken up metal-sculpting and he had made all of these hilarious cartoon statues of people screaming and pouting.
    4. The Pen is Mightier than the Spear (LD #93)

      by , 06-22-2014 at 02:47 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Okay, so another dream about graduation. This time I get to choose teachers to give this special award to. And it's basically the worst thing you could ever imagine trying to do in a dream: Filling out a chart. Yeah, that's right so in order to give one of my teachers the award I have to sign their names nine times as some kind of formality.
      Doing this in a non lucid dream took forever as every time I looked away, the names would change all over the place, boxes would go blank or get filled in on their own. After like half an hour of dream time had ticked by, I finally had the chart filled out. A woman came in, asked me if I was done, and took me to find my teachers.
      She leads me into the back. I follow a maze of hallways and rooms. At one point, I come to a set of stairs with a sign posted at the top: This way to Nuclear Reactor. If I had been lucid at this point I would have gone and checked it out, but being non lucid, I just thought 'Well, that can't be the right place...'
      We continue walking and then
      lucidity hits me like a sack of bricks. I don't want to instantly break the flow of the dream. I run my hand along the brick wall as we walk picking up some stability. I begin to think of how I could alter this dream to better suit me. I think that my dream guide is sort of a teacher. What if I could nudge the dream so that we were going to see her rather than my waking life teachers.
      Turns out it's neither of the above. We arrive and the woman who led me here (almost as if she is scared) runs off. There is simply a small boy who is dressed like a teacher, and spinning a pen around on his finger. The boy turns to me and gives me this evil grin. I focus in on his face and forget about the environment. He begins to distort and transform in a freakish way and becomes a horribly ugly middle aged man.
      He then throws the pen at me and mid-flight the pen becomes a spear.
      I snap away from looking at him and realize that we are now in a meadow. There are trees in the distance, but this looks like a very large arena-like meadow. I turn to one side and the spear flies past my face. (I don't know why I was dodging the spears. I've already done regeneration before. I could surely have regenerated from any wound that I received.) The dream character pulls more pens from his pocket. I dodge several of the spears and try to get in close. The DC runs away with almost superhuman speed and heads up a large hill. I jump and begin flying as I chase him.
      When I get to the top of the hill. I see him there. He throws two more spears, and I dodge both of them while hovering in the air. I see my sketchbook on the hill. I get an idea to use my sketchbook to get me something to defeat him. I tell myself that whatever appears on the page when I open it will be how I defeat this dream character.
      I open it and it is a picture of my friend S. When I look at it, I think about a lucid dream S told me about where he was a human-animal hybrid with a blue Tasmanian Devil that had blue fir and Ice powers (Sounds like an awesome dream.) That would be perfect. I tell myself that S will appear and help me face the dream character.
      A giant ice comet crashes down in the valley below me, forming a large crater. S stands up, and he is a blue human-animal hybrid just like he described in his lucid dream. I grab the evil dream character and lift him into the air with me. I look at S and tell him to hit the character. I then throw the evil dream character right at S. But rather than hitting the character back at me, he just stands there like a deer in headlights until the villain character hits him. There is a large explosion and I wake up.

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    5. Trying to get back to lucid dreaming:LD #91: Semi lucid adventures in ... Skyrim?

      by , 06-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Lucid Time!)
      My god this dream is groggy and fragmented.

      Anyways I cannot recall the exacting details of what was going on, the surroundings were very blurry in the beginning of the dream. I was in what felt like the basement of my own home, but it felt larger and more spacious (That or I had become smaller). The basement slowly began to mesh with a dungeon looking space.
      There were a couple of dream characters leading me away from some supposed danger. We get to the 'upstairs' that looks like an open tundra, just like Skyrim. But strangely it still feels like my own home as well. A kind of crappy groggy mesh the dream had created. Furniture was scattered about, and the hills and valleys somewhat mimicked the shape of the rooms.
      Some attacking army came upon us, composed entirely of archers. They unleashed a hail of arrows. (Hey I thought those dream characters were leading me away from danger, not twoards it.)
      I see one of the 'helpful' dream characters take an arrow to the knee. ._.
      The dream started to get much clearer, and became the interior of my house. The feeling of the meadow was gone, but the general of the army, some barbarian and a handful of his archers were still present.
      Manei (My dream guide) appears next to me, and just seeing her makes me partially
      lucid. Also something weird, she usually has really long black hair, but it was buzzed really short in this dream. The workings of my dream guide will probably never be fully understood.
      Anyways, we are ducking behind the kitchen counter and the barbarians (for whatever reason) are not merely flanking us. Manei says she can execute some spell that will take away all of the soldiers, but she has nothing to deal with the general. So she does the spell.
      The barbarian general approaches. He announces that he has only one arrow, but that he will make it count. He fires it and it ricochets around the room bouncing off of several objects before flying past Lia, slicing the side of her face. It looked kind of like that scene from 300 with King Xerxes. (Hangon, I thought dream guides were supposed to be immortal and unable to be injured. I saw her get punched through a concrete roof by a giant robot and she shrugged it off like it was nothing. But an arrow, Kryptonite!)
      So it is at this point she tells me that I am in
      factdreaming. (Oh now you tell me.) Okay, so I guess I have to fight this loser. He pulls a pair of small axes from his cuirass. I merely stand and allow him to charge me. Once he is about 10 feet away...
      FUS RO DAH!
      The barbarian goes flying, smashing the front door of my house. I look out the door to see him land and tumble around in the street outside my house. I am suddenly awoken.

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    6. Dream Fragment: Spear to the Chest

      by , 04-29-2014 at 07:02 PM
      Date: 29.04.2014

      I was attempting a WILD but lost conscious awareness and fell asleep. I then came to in a cobblestone alley between two buildings hewn from stone, upon exiting the alley I looked around to see that I was in some kind of courtyard looking up at a huge castle-like structure that was growing from the stone. It had grass on the spires and tops of the roof/battlements like it had risen from the ground, It was falling apart and the whole place seemed abandoned.

      Then I saw what looked like a patrol made up of a ragged group of soldiers, lead by a brown haired, bearded man wielding a spear and wearing a dark cloth cape with a symbol on the back I can't recall. he pointed me out to his soldiers and shouted "There he is!" This is when I realize I am wearing this leather armour with a symbol on my shoulder (I can somehow see this from a 3rd person perspective) which I know is the mark of an enemy clan/kingdom. I start to run away but the guy with the spear throws it, and it slams into my back and out my chest. I look down, kind of in shock at the spear and the amount of pain I was in, then I woke up suddenly. The feeling of the spear was pretty horrible!


      The guy with the spear.
      The "Padfoot Incident": Follow Up-spearguy.jpg

      The symbol on the armour I was wearing.
      The "Padfoot Incident": Follow Up-symbol.jpg

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    7. Lucid Dream 517

      by , 06-10-2013 at 04:47 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 9, 2013
      Lucid Dream 517: Treasured New Members
      Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 11
      Technique: ADA

      I'm watching One Piece at the start of the dream. Before long, One Piece has become the dream itself and I am walking around in the One Piece universe. The environment isn't 2D, but the colors and details make it look that way. It was extremely bright and colorful. I'm on a dock and I see Luffy and Nami enter a bar. I follow them in and sit down at a table and watch them intently. I plan on killing them and collecting their bounties. Another pirate sits down beside me and starts talking about the Straw Hats. He told me a plan he had to kill them, so we decided to team up. The plan was for him to jump rope and sing in order to distract them (lol). At some point during the plan I became lucid.

      I acted like I was going to kill the Straw Hats, but instead, I killed the guy skipping rope. Luffy thanked me for saving them and I asked Luffy to join my crew as one of my 108 Stars of Destiny. Luffy refused and said I should join him instead. I told him I was already a King and I would help him find the One Piece and become King of the Pirates. He still seemed hesitant, so I told him we had unlimited amounts of food at my castle and he would be the captain of my entire pirate navy. He agreed, but only if I let Nami join too. Nami sat on Luffy's lap and wiggle her ass around in his lap in a seductive manner. They seemed to be romantically involved. I agreed and added two more Stars of Destiny to my crew.

      I told them to head back to the castle and I'll meet them there later. I told Luffy that after becoming a Star of Destiny, the castle location is embedded in your mind. I ran outside and proceeded to explore the One Piece universe. I ran a little ways through the town and ended up on a large protruding cliff. It is high above the sea below. Nami is beside me and we act as if she had been with me the whole time.

      From this point on, my lucidity is a bit shaky. I know I'm dreaming, but the concept isn't exactly sinking in. If that makes any sense . Its almost like I kept fading in and out of lucidity.

      I knew me and Nami were looking for treasure. I looked at her and said, "Ok, navigator. Check the radar again and see if we are close." She pushed the button on her wrist accessory and a radar popped up in the top corner of my vision. It was almost identical to Call of Duty's radar system. I could see the blip indicating the treasure and it was right under my feet. I knew the treasure had to be at the base of the cliff. I told Nami I was going to jump into the water and find the treasure. She told me I would die, but I reminded her I was lucid before jumping. I accidentally jumped too far out into the water. I landed far away from the cliff and in very deep water. I looked underwater and could the see the endless abyss below me. I began freaking out and knew I had to save myself. Somehow I was now back on top of the cliff. I jumped into the water and grabbed my other floating body and began to swim back to the base of the cliff. Once I got there, my other self had already merged back into me, so there was just one of me again.

      I looked closely at the base of the cliff and I could see that it wasn't a solid polygon. It was like the old video games where you could see the polygons on something that could be broken apart. I punched the rock and it shattered into pieces. I pulled out a long spear/lance from the crevice. It had a very long, thin, gold, rounded shaft and had a double bladed tip. The blades resembled the curved Arabian-style swords, but not as long. It was an awesome looking weapon (I have been using a spear on the game Demon's Souls, so I think this is where the weapon idea came from).
      By this time, my lucidity was pretty much gone. A transparent scroll took up my entire vision and a girl's voice began to read the note. I can't remember the exact phrasing, but it was something like this, "You have risked your life to find a piece of our hidden treasure. The next piece may be easier or maybe it won't. We have driven countless pirates to the seas to find the 13 pieces of our treasure. Good luck finding the rest." A tally popped up and showed that I now had 7 of the 13 pieces of treasure. I immediately thought about getting all of the treasure, but never telling anyone that I had found them. I began swinging around the spear and I noticed that the knifed-head of the spear swiveled to slice whichever direction I swung the spear. I woke up during this time.

      Series Details
      Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      108 Stars of Destiny
      NEW 16 - Luffy - The Gum-Gum Star
      NEW 17 - Nami - The Navigation Star

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    8. The Demon God's Sword

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      1:03 a.m. Candle, reverse day, subliminal audio 1.0 by ninja.

      Incubation: How to lucid dream?

      Around 7:30 a.m. Dream:

      Bathroom. Me. A towel. A woman. A guy with a mask. He asks her where his parents/fiance are/is. She said something. She only has one parent?

      An enemy falls. A futuristic place. I'm standing on a platform of sorts. Did I push him? Gods wagering. A demon god with a sword. My subordinate (female) attacked the demon god and stole the sword. She then passed it to me. The demon god attacked me. I blocked with the sword, holding it with two hands. The demon god used a spear, and with only one hand. He's strong/I'm weak.
    9. 5/12/12 The Elemental Hunger Games

      by , 05-12-2012 at 11:42 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Art of Rocketing
      I remember being at school. I was the only one in the hallway except for a girl. She walked up to a table near to me. I looked at the table. On it were books that had a lime green color on them. The girl noticed my interest and said, "You should check out this book. It's really great." Then she walked away.

      I walked up to the table and eyed the books. They were all the same. I read the cover. "The Art of Rocketing." it said. I flipped through the pages and decided that I wanted to try it out. So I started to read it.

      The dream turned into the scenario of the book. Two friends were out in the woods with their rockets. They placed the rockets under them and strapped on. One guy flew backwards; the rocket facing the other way than his body was. He shot through the trees. I could see the fire coming out of his rocket blazing throughout the air.
      They flew their rockets over to a creepy house that was for sale. A map was shown in front of me of the whole house. Apparently there were ghosts in some rooms, as it showed on the diagram.

      The Elemental Hunger Games
      I was sitting there with some people I knew and some I didn't know. We were sitting on a bench in a waiting room. In front of us was a wide mural of what looked like a map.

      I think I knew where I was. It was just like the Hunger Games; only you were on teams. You had to kill each person in each team to win. I think there were 4 teams with 5 or 6 people on each.

      My friend sat beside me. She looked over to me. "Hey," she said. "I hope we're on the same team."
      I nodded. "What elements do you know?" I asked her.
      She held up her hand and produced water in it, making it float. "Only water."
      I held up my hands and showed her mine. First I created a fiery ember in my hands, moving my hand all around it. Then I summoned a piece of earth in my hands. Next I created water the same way my friend did. Then I felt a gust of wind in my hands. I felt it circling around me.

      "So you know all of them, huh," she said. "I guess you're the avatar then."
      I didn't think that this was strange at all.

      Soon we had to go disperse into teams. Before I knew it, we were all on the battlefield sitting in our underground base. Everyone took turns going outside and guarding. It was a matter of life and death; we waited for the other teams to get beaten while we hid. It may have been cowardly, but I guess it was smart. It was my turn to go guard. I emerged out into some kind of junkyard. And to my luck, a large boy with what looked like a spear in his hands (this may have been Cato) came charging at me.

      I ducked as he tried to hit me with it, and threw an uppercut into his stomach. Staggering, he threw his spear straight at me. I dodged it; hearing it whistle by my right ear. Somehow I killed him, I don't remember how I did.
    10. Oblivion Dream: Discipline

      by , 09-23-2011 at 01:43 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Yeah, this is the second dream of the night, and it is like I am in oblivion, same graphics, I'm first person.

      I am on a battlefield with alot of friends, there is a strange cart behind us which is pulling what appears to be thousands of spears.
      A friend from school Karl, who used to bully me in real life, wants to mess around, he begins to jeer and get people to throw spears.
      Chaos occurs, everyone is fighting, spears flying through the air, splinters and debris floating down smoothly.
      I look up carmly, and begin to take action, telling karl to stop, he turns around and begins to provoke me, he is armed with a shield.
      He pushes me over, I feel embarrassed and it hurt quite alot. It is time to take action, I pick up a spear on the ground nearby. A smile appears on his face.
      I am calm and precise, I drive the spear into an uncovered area as his shield is covering his upper body, the battlefield goes quiet.
      He groans, I pull the spear upwards, leaving his back unprotected, and I smash the spear into the back of his calf's. He falls to his knees, begining to turn to sheild himself.
      Too fast for him I bring the spear down upon his sholders, smashing it over and over again, the spear splinters.
    11. Lucid #14 Friday's, Horses

      by , 09-10-2011 at 12:18 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am with some guys at a weird place. There are horses everywhere. There are casual horses, dressed horses, silver-armored horses, gold-armored horses... For some reason there is a huge guy there dressed in heavy silver armor and he is chasing us. At some point i turned around and see him holding a long spear and a hand ballista. He loads the ballista with the spear he's holding and he is aiming us! We run! The spear hits me in the head on the bone behind my right ear... and it ostracized!

      "Dude... I felt no pain"
      "Yeah man, this spot doesn't hurt. You were lucky!"

      I accept it... After that there was some chasing with the horses going on. I rode a horse and climbed (with the horse) on a tree, so that the other horses couldn't reach us.


      I am with my parents in our car, going home. I am sleeping in the car. I wake up and notice we are in Kifisia avenue (just an avenue). My fother stops and gets out of the car in order to pee. The place were we stopped doesn't really exsist in the specific part of the avenue we were in. I sleep again. I wake up and find myself sitting in a tabble and there are my parents and many other people too. Seems like Friday's or something... I get up, frustrated, beacause everyone is eating the best desserts and except that the didn't get anything for me, they let me sleep in a restaurant full with people... I say to my mother:

      "Why didn't you get me anything?"
      "You were sleeping..."
      "You should WAKE ME UP!!!"

      Everyone is looking at me, as i leave the table in order to find someone to order something. As i walk through the tables i see a girl dressed in a sexy maid outfit, but i keep walking... I walk up some stairs. I can't find someone to order anywhere. A counter, a bar, a waitress, NOTHING. I go back to our table. I see the girl again. Her clothes are now different. How did she change so fast? I look at our table.

      "Hey mom, i can't find anyone anywhere... unless..."
      "...it's a dream..."

      I am lucid. I find myself sitting on a bed, without noticing the change in the dream.
      "It's a dream... Hold it!... It's a dream!"
      I do the nose RC. I can breathe normally. I try to think something to stabilize the dream. I let my nose, and rub my hands, but i don't like the feeling. Holding my nose again makes things much better. I think of activating my other senses. I can't hear anything. I turn around and open a window. Nothing...
      There is traffic sound now!
      I can hear wind! That's cool! I think about smell, which i rarely have in dreams.
      Nop... It's ok. The dream seems stable enough. I think of spinning to change scene. I close my eyes and think about it... Naaaaah... I open my eyes and i am now lied in the bed i was sitting. I close them again and try to imagine a new place. I open them a little and i have a mixed image of my room and my dream. I close them and feel i am waking up.

      And i woke up...
      I note not to try this means of transport again for some time. I need to concentrate on a dream guide. Hopefully i 'll learn more about stabilizing my dreams this way.

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    12. 7/17/11 - Rangle

      by , 07-17-2011 at 10:19 PM
      I'm running from something. Someone. I don't know. It's a field at first. A couple buildings on the edge. Suddenly the area quickly transitions to something along the lines of ancient Rome. Everything has a slight sepia tint to it as if it's not perfectly 'clean.' I run up a building and I find myself facing away from me, looking out a balcony over the ancient city. He turns around and its not me. I know his name is Rangle. I don't know why. I remember a spear being thrown. I don't remember who threw it or who it hit, but I woke up.
    13. Lucid Dream 228: Origin of the Muskox

      by , 05-24-2011 at 07:31 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      May 5, 2011
      Lucid Dream 228: Origin of the Muskox
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 12
      around 5:00am

      There was a group of us standing around a camp fire. We seemed to be in an extreme northern climate. It was cold, I could see snow covered mountains in the background, and very few trees/plants around the area. The ground was covered in a very light skiff of snow that seemed more frost-like than actual snow. Jacob Black (from the Twilight series) was there at the campfire along with several other DCs I did not recognize. We had tents set up and I was looking for the bottle of vodka I had brought. After searching for a bit, I randomly became lucid.

      I stepped out of the tent and looked around. The environment was incredible. Suddenly, Jacob ran up to me with an excited look on his face. He said, "Dude, lets go throw some spears!" I was now curious, so I followed him over to a large area. There was now a Muskox with us and another guy with blonde hair. There were a pile of spears laying on the ground. I saw Jacob pick up a spear and throw it. It stuck a good distance out in front of us. The blonde guy threw his spear and it landed several feet short of Jacob's. I watched as the muskox grabbed a spear, stood up like a human and launched it. It was a really shitty throw. It was very wobbly and started curving to the right. The spear spiraled down and stuck right into Jacob's shoulder. He hit the ground and I started laughing at the situation.

      I threw my spear, but it disappeared off into the distance. I decided to throw another one and try not to cheat with my lucidity as much. It landed in the same general area as the first two throws. I walked over to Jacob and saw that he had removed the spear. His arm had a huge gash and was bleeding badly. I could see muscle and bone in the deep wound. He shook it off and we walked to the next tee box. It was set up just like a golf course, only we were throwing spears. Jacob threw a very short throw with his mangled arm. The blonde kid had a decent throw and then I threw and landed right on the flag stick. I then watched intently as the muskox threw. He launched another horrible spear that wobbled and curved way off course. This time I saw the spear flying toward the blonde kid. The spear was spinning around in a circle and sliced the kid clean in half. It looked like a mortal kombat fatality. I thought, "Holy shit!" Everyone just ignored that this happened and we continued to the next tee box. On my way to the next tee box, I walked by the pile of body parts and blood that once was the blonde kid.

      Once we got up to the next tee box, Jacob cried out in pain and clutched his shoulder. Suddenly, he collapsed and a muskox climbed out of his shoulder wound. I heard a strange noise and turned around. Another muskox emerged from the bloody pile that was once the blonde kid. The muskox gathered in front of me and started all throwing spears. They were all terrible throws and some curved backwards right for me. I realized that they were trying to birth another muskox using me as the victim. I took flight and started dodging the flying spears with ease. I caught one of the spears and then swooped down at one of the muskox. I sliced it in half and it burst 100 tiny muskox. These tiny muskox attacked the other two full grown ones and started eating them alive. I thought to myself, "This has got to be one of the strangest sights ever..."

      The tiny muskox army devoured the two larger ones in seconds. They then started running for the campsite. I flew over to the campsite and could hear screaming from the tents. After a few moments the muskox had devoured everyone at the campsite as well as the tents, sleeping bags, and whatnot. They all jumped into the campfire one after the other and seemed to be sacrificing themselves. I awoke as I watched this strange event.

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    14. Lucid Dream 226: The Land of Judgement

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:07 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 30, 2011
      Lucid Dream 226: The Land of Judgement
      Series: Tartarus of the Dream World, Episode 1
      around 8:00pm

      I woke up from my previous dream and got something to eat. I watched some t.v. for a bit and still felt tired. I decided to WILD. I performed my technique and soon SP set in.

      I started to slowly spin around in my bed and then floated around the room. I heard some muffled conversation and a few screams here and there. Finally, the dream settled in and I stood up. I noticed there was a man standing in my room. He looked familiar. I shouted, "Where the f*** have you been?" The old man turned around and I noticed it was Merlin the Wizard...my "dream guide." He spoke up and said, "You haven't needed me, but I have always been watching." I thought that was a little creepy, but replied, "So, what brings you here now?" I noticed Merlin was wearing a long brown traveling cloak, and held a large, white magical staff with a blue crystal on the end of it. His long, white and grey beard matched up perfectly with his long hair. He looked at me and said, "It is time for you to uncover the secrets of this world." I was very amused and intrigued all at the same time. I performed some quick stabilization techniques as Merlin began to chant.

      After a few moments a portal opened up and he ushered me into it. I dove head first into the portal and found my self in some sort of weird water slide. I was sliding head first through a strange purple tube. The texture was soft and very slippery. It reminded me of a frog's skin. The tube was many shades of purple and the more I observed it, the more it felt like I was inside the intestines of some strange creature. Luckily, there was nothing gross about it. It was an extremely fun water slide that twisted, turned, and had several awesome drops. Finally, i came to the end of the slide which was suspended over a massive lake. I fell around 100 feet from the end of the slide/tube and landed in the lake below.

      I plunged underwater and looked around. I could see several other DCs swimming around in the lake with me. I also noticed that the bottom of the lake could not be seen. The lake water was clear as crystal, but below me was nothing but a dark abyss. I freaked out a bit and kicked hard for the surface of the water (I have a slight fear of extremely deep water). I broke the surface and noticed everyone was swimming in a single direction. I figured I would follow. Suddenly, the person to my right was grabbed by something and drug under water. Splashing occurred all around me as demon-like beings began grabbing people and pulling them under. I sprang up out of the water like a dolphin and took flight. I flew to the shore. Several others made it to the shore and many seemed to be surprised by my flying ability. I told them all that we were lucid dreaming right now. One of them laughed and said, "Yeah...so is everyone else. You still shouldn't be able to fly down here!" You must be one of the chosen ones, eh?" I pondered the thought for a moment and then asked where we were. He replied, "We are in Tartarus of course." I looked around at the area I was in. The walls and ceiling were all made of crystal. The crystals and lake reflected a purple and blue light. The room was absolutely stunning. The DC warned me not to lust over the lake or it would draw me in. He also told me that this was, "The Lake of Judgement," and the unworthy would be dragged to its depths.

      After talking for a bit, we all walked through a large white gate. There was a group of about 30 of us and I just casually walked along with the crowd and tried to take in the environment. We made our way through many maze-like rooms. There was blood scattered all throughout the place as well as many dead bodies. After a bit, demon-like creatures began attacking. I easily fought these off with super human-lucid strength. I found a spear and began stabbing demon after demon. It appeared that most everyone in the group struggled fighting off the demons. Many died and were torn to shreds. After battling off the demons, I noticed the DC from before was still alive, but breathing heavily. He seemed amazed that I was able to use so much lucid power. I asked him for his name and he told me it was "Ash." We all began sliding through the same type tubes as before.

      This time, I landed in a large forest. Many of the trees had sinister faces and branches that looked like claws. I took off running through the forest and the rest of the survivors followed suit. Many were snatched by the evil trees and ripped to shreds. Whenever I came close to one of the evil trees, I placed my hands on it, focused, and set it ablaze. Once I made it to the end of the forest, there was a huge field. The sky was incredibly dark and I could see the silhouette of an enormous castle in the distance. Me, Asher, a hot female in ninja-like gear, and a native american man were the only four people left alive. The native american guy was actually a teenage version of Nightwolf from the video game series, Mortal Kombat. The female ninja was the teenage version of Jade from Mortal Kombat. Nightwolf said, "We have finally reached the land of judgement." I asked them who's bad ass castle that was and they told me it was the kingdom of Thanatos and the god resided in the castle.

      I was pumped and wanted to go battle Thanatos. I told them to catch up later and I took flight toward the castle. Once I got about halfway there, I noticed something flying at me from the distance. it was a dark silhouette and I knew it was Thanatos. Music started playing int he background. I could barely hear it at first, but as Thanatos approached, it got louder. It sounded like battle music. I decided to try and summon my keyblade. After a couple of attempts, I managed to summon a solid black sword. I decided that it must be my Zanpakutou (weapon/sword from the anime bleach). It was all black like Ichigo's sword, but the blade was much thicker and looked more like a claymore.

      I started to get excited as Thanatos approached. His face seemed human, but it was solid white. He was holding two large scythes, one in each hand. Each scythe had multiple black blades and at first it appeared as if he was actually holding about 20 of them. I swung my sword and he blocked it with one of his multi-bladed scythes. I landed on the ground and held my arm into the air. I shouted some nonsense that I can no longer remember and a stream of fire blasted from my hand. The dream became unstable at this point. I continued to battle Thanatos even though the dream was blurry, but I couldn't manage to keep the dream going. I stopped and tried to stabilize, but it was too late.

      I shall definitely be battling him again. This dream was one of my favorites so far. It felt like I was in some sort of bad ass anime-type story/plot.

      Series Details
      In the series, "Tartarus of the Dream World," an evil, yet beautiful land lies before me. Follow along as I explore the darkest depths in the dream world. Stay tuned for more entries to the series.
    15. 300 on a balcony ft. turtles and lions

      by , 09-15-2010 at 01:31 PM (Beyond the Horizon)
      I only remember a little.
      I was standing on a level of this stone building from ancient times. It resembled the balcony surrounding my English block at school. Anyway, someone was with me and we were talking about the small lion behind a little fence next to us on the balcony.

      When we looked down it looked like the balcony outside my front door. There was a little turtle walking on the mat, and two or three spider-looking insects.


      We were standing up in the middle of the balcony and some roman soldiers were there from 300 the movie. Although they were out of shape lol.
      One of them got up, took a spear and threatened to stab everyone. The whole time there were people far down below us.

      I wake up.

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