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    1. The Barolin Effect

      by , 07-05-2018 at 12:42 PM
      Morning of July 5, 2018. Thursday.

      I am again living on Barolin Street (with minimal threads of my conscious self identity). I am giving a speech across from the Barolin Street house (which is no longer there in reality), slightly north of it. I am standing at an outdoor lectern. There is a small audience of perhaps twenty people. (This dream, like a number of other dreams, illogically has the lectern or podium near the street and facing the street, with people implied to be on or near the street rather than in a yard, where it would be more logical. However, this is more about the autosymbolism of a street being more relevant to the dreaming and waking process.)

      I get into a very long speech about dreams and their nature (without attaining active lucidity). I explain how I cannot accept that people really believe in “interpretation” in the conventional sense (especially from another person).

      I relate the falsehoods of psychoanalysis and the great fraud of Sigmund Freud, explaining my view that he was the greatest and most despicable con artist of all time. (Freud and his associates coldly and cruelly rejected Jung and Silberer, hindering a greater understanding of our psyche.) I include the detail of how Herbert Silberer, who at least knew that hypnagogic dreams are autosymbolic (even though normal REM dreams typically are as well), hung himself because of this conspiracy and how the game of “interpretation” (in its two main fallacious forms) has dumbed people down ever since (other than those like me who understood dreams from a very early age, as well as created and controlled them to an extent). It is an example of the “Barolin effect”, I say.

      Later, I realize that it is supposed to be “Barnum effect” not “Barolin effect”. I decide to inconspicuously correct myself while on another subject. However, I end up saying “Barolin effect” again, but no one seems to notice or acknowledge my error.

      Looking across the street, I see the somewhat deranged and confused ex-alcoholic that lived in the halfway house near us in real life years ago. I then decide that “Barolin effect” is suitable to describe such people.

      Curiously, I was also subliminally aware that P.T. Barnum was apparently born on today’s date in 1910.

      Tags: speech
    2. Lecture

      by , 06-02-2015 at 02:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was middle of the night. I was sitting near a desk with paper and whole jug of tea. I was writing a speech for a lecture. It started from history of hunting traditions, going through thoughts about holocaust, WWII era economy, and ending with criticism of feminism. The whole work was full of chauvinism, Marxism and God only knows what. During writing I drank hectolitres of tea, and in the end when I saw what I've written I almost threwn the desk through a window.
      Tags: desk, lecture, speech, tea
    3. Another Mars Mission, LD #133

      by , 11-10-2014 at 01:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Yet another mars mission dream. In this one, three spacecraft came down to the surface of mars. Two of them had malfunctions and were unable to take off so everybody had to pile into the third spacecraft. The captain of the mission flew everyone off safely in his; the smallest spacecraft.
      For some reason there were a bunch of Minecraft Trees on mars while he was taking off. There was also this large pyramid made out of red stone that they flew past.
      When they returned to earth, the Captain was in an airplane hangar giving a speech about what inspired him to bravely fly everyone on one spacecraft. He showed a cartoon drawing that a girl had given him in middle school of a space captain punching an alien in the face. It had some quote about courage and being brave that I cannot recall now. The girl that gave him that sketch was his crush in middle school but she had died due to leukemia.

      I found myself in the car with my mom driving. I was already fully lucid. I instantly went to my goal; my questions for Manei. We were pulling into my subdivision so I told myself that Manei would be at my house when we got there.
      I began saying to myself "I'm dreaming." My mom asked me why I was saying that. I told her that this was my lucid dream and that I was on a mission to find my dream guide and ask her some things. I began rubbing my hand on the inside of the car, feeling the leather and stabilizing the dream.
      When I pulled up to the house there was nobody outside. I told myself that Manei would appear when I got inside the house. We got out of the car and I looked around. Certainly not the clearest and most stable lucid dream I had seen. It was a cloudy, overcast day and the dream was a bit hazy. But definitely par.
      I go inside, and she's nowhere to be seen. Just my dad in there. I decide to take the DawnEye approach and call her on the phone. Just then the phone rings and I pick it up.
      "It's me."
      ...I'd know that voice in any dream.
      "Where are you?"
      "I'm at Marcus' house. I didn't expect you to get lucid tonight."

      My dad took the phone away from me in a rather rude way and started talking to her. He seemed really cranky and, in a rather rude way started asking her who she was and what she was doing talking to me. I could hear Manei on the other end, she got all giggly and didn't respond.
      I looked around for another way I could possibly manifest/find her. The dream ended. (I didn't wake up, the dream ended.)

      I got some pretty awesome synth beats in dream music while I was waking up. They didn't last very long though.
    4. 9-22-14 Let the computer speak for itself...

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:22 PM
      I was at a tech conference. Apple was revealing a new computer that could talk interactively with you. Just for fun, they decided to let the computer give a speech that it had come up with on its own. They set it up on a podium. It talked about how much better it was than other competing brands' computers. Afterwards, the crowd went wild, gave it a standing ovation and voted it the best computer of the year.
    5. Lucid Dream #92 Graduation...wait

      by , 06-15-2014 at 03:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at my school's graduation ceremony. Or at least a dream of it. We were waiting around with our cap and gown on for them to call us into the gym so we could walk and get our diplomas or whatever. They basically had two rooms. One for average students, and one for valedictorians and all of the honors students or whatever.
      I didn't quite get this, and I ended up going into the room for the honors student room. (Because me, and Honors student? Bwahaha! That's funny.) Some teacher redirected me out, and I went into the normal students room that was larger and more crowded.
      Then one of the students from the other room came to see me and ask me about her speech. Also, this was a very peculiar dream character. She was very beautiful save for the fact that she had very strange teeth that seemed very large when she opened her mouth, and she had two rows of teeth along with a braces. She also had long silvery-blue hair.
      So she asked me about how her speech could connect to her favorite TV show, Avatar: The last Airbender. I recommended she talk about looking at what's the same instead of what's different, because I know one of the themes of the show is the idea that people divide themselves (the four nations) and fail to realize that although they align to different elements, they are all one people.
      She thanked me and left. I went back to just waiting around for the graduation to start.
      Wait a second. I thought I already graduated. I reality check. I'm dreaming. Haha! A lucid!
      I wake up.

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    6. Oct 31 Dream Journal: You are lucky I'm not Jesus in real life.

      by , 10-31-2013 at 04:35 PM
      I dreamed I was Jesus.

      Or maybe a Jesus-ian figure, for legal purposes and what not. I'm giving the famous Sermon on the Mount. There is a giant crowd, and I'm preaching under a large tree on top of a hill. I'm trying to give an uplifting message, but I also know via Dream-o-knowledge that there are people out in the crowd who is purposely/accidentally going to fuck it up for everyone else. So I keep tailoring my speech so that it can't possibly be misconstrued, but my Dream Jesus powers of mind-reading tells me it's not working.

      I am tempted to smite them with God powers, but as I'm Jesus, I had to remain patient. This goes on for a bit before the dream fades.
    7. DF of Dot Courson

      by , 10-13-2013 at 04:42 AM (Casting Shadows)
      *** Note: My Art II class was assigned to research a Mississippi artist so that we could give a ten-minute presentation on him or her, and I chose a woman named Dot Courson. Funny to note that my teacher told us that if we could get the artist to come to the school and speak in front of our class we did not have to speak at all. After taking a public speaking class during my freshman year, I'm no longer very terrified of giving presentations, but I really didn't care for the project itself at all and so I was the least prepared out of all of my classmates. Considering this, even I didn't want to give a presentation.

      Happy ending: My PowerPoint got lost among all of the others and so my teacher couldn't find it! I don't have to give the presentation, but I do have to go to her class as soon as I get free time to take a test.

      Here's Dot Courson's profile, if you're curious: http://dotcourson.com/


      Friday, October 11, 2013

      Dot Courson comes to visit me in my home in Ucon. Apparently Mrs. Tucci had contacted her and told her that I would be doing the presentation, and so Mrs. Courson would present herself for me.
    8. 6-24-2013 Hotel dream lecture

      by , 06-24-2013 at 09:42 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , side notes.

      Hotel Dream Lecture:
      I had chosen to stay overnight at some hotel. The hotel had shower chambers outside with the guest's name on the shower door. I looked around but couldn't find mine,although i did see a shower with the name "caenis lucidis" on it and inside was a female with a good looking body. I suppose the name was a reference to "CanisLucidus", a user on here that i haven't met before. A little odd but pretty cool.

      since i couldn't find my shower, i decided to get in some nearby line, whatever the line was for, i have no idea. As i was waiting, i noticed this person standing on a ladder giving a speech to a crowd about lucid dreaming. After that, i decided i should go get some food, i found myself on my farm looking for food. As i was doing that, i was ambushed by bandits which i quickly gunned down as i was hiding in a bush.

      Next thing i know, i'm at this summer camp, these people are bringing giant coke coolers. They have diet coke and reguler coke, they also have tea and i decide i want the tea, but the tea has no ice in it. So i get coke even though i never drink coke in waking life. As im getting it, i literally crush the cup the coke is pouring into and everyone gives me a weird look. xD

      Fragment #1: I'm in some sort of old game, it appears to be daggerfall, i'm there inside the game with a couple of friends.
    9. A very weird high school

      by , 02-01-2013 at 03:44 PM
      I'm glad my dream recall increased so greatly last night, might have to do with all the apple juice I drank, or the fact that I actually went outside yesterday.

      Sleep: 11:30
      Awakenings: 4:00, 9:00
      Methods: MILD, WILD

      1. Skyrim Ruins

      In my dream somehow I knew I was in Skyrim, except I was actually in the game. I was in this snowy place, it looked like the stones from stonehenge except they were on hills and there were a lot of them. This group of other people were chasing me and I kept trying to get to a city so the guards would attack the group of people chasing me. I looked on the map and saw I was right near one of the gold little stonehenge pieces, which somehow I knew meant a city. I started climbing up this big hill with nothing on it so it was like a field on a hill. Somehow I didn't wake up after this but I still remembered this dream.

      2. Vacation house

      I was in this vacation house with my cousins, this seems to be a very common recurring element in my dreams. It somehow got dark outside at 4:30 and we were just sitting around talking, a very boring dream. All i remember is what I wrote down when I woke up, we were talking about health and somehow one of my cousins (she'd never say this in real life) said that she eats one quart of club sandwhiches every day lmao. After a while my uncle asks me what channel is the hockey game on. So I start to flip through the channels, and in this house somehow we have comcast or something cause it's different from what I have at my house. After a few seconds of browsing the channels I wake up.

      At this point I feel WIDE awake, I write my notes down in my dream journal, go upstairs and drink some applejuice and some water. Then I try to fall back asleep.

      3. High school Weirdness

      I dreamed I was back in high school and we all went sledding. I did not feel the cold at all and somehow all I was wearing were soaking wet whitey tighteys. (LOL) After sledding we went to this weird cafe to have dinner, and there was one aisle with two rows of booths where everyone was eating. At the end of one row was a podium where some guy was giving a speech. After he gave a speech everyone was just waiting and sitting, so I went up to the podium to see if I could give a speech. After I got up to the podium Someone else from across the room started giving a speech talking about prom and some other events so i went and sat back down. After we started eating I guess two security people kept moving me around because I kept causing trouble. I went to a few tables then to a popular table then to a table in the back. I do not remember anything that happened at any tables. Then I remember when we were leaving we had to walk past another big group of people and I shouted "SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!" (it was in bill and teds excellent adventure) then as everyone was leaving I was running through the snow, up past a wendy's and a few other restaurants until I got to this big snowy field that seemed to go on forever, I kept running towards this hill but I never got closer, this went on for a long time in the dream. I kept wondering why I wasn't cold but I never realized I was dreaming. I eventually imagined I was on the hill on purpose so I could get home faster but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. After that I woke up.
    10. Breathing Apparatus and Realizing I am a Ghost

      by , 10-27-2012 at 06:38 AM

      Part One "Breathing Apparatus"
      I was in a crowd near a pond watching a large goofy looking man explaining life. He talked about love, his woman, and something about death. People start leaving and the man's woman's mother tries to stop them from leaving. She babbles on "blah, blah, blah"

      The crowd's exodus turns into something of a game of hide and seek. After running over a small sand dune, running across some grass and down a road I came around to the opposite side of the large pond. I dive in and swim across underneath the surface using a strange breathing apparatus. It was shaped like an extruded squarish U.S.B. port about 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. Inside the apparatus was slid a piece of metal with holes in it. Front view of screen---> _|""|_ side view---> |""""""""|. The breathing apparatus was also like a whistle.

      I came out of the water and climbed up onto the base of a metal tower near the members of the crowd that hadn't left. There were four young couples( 2 girls sitting on the 2boys laps). At their feet was an empty computer case and some more breathing apparatus parts.

      Part Two "Realizing I'm a Ghost"
      I watch to building maintenance looking fellows slide a coffin into its place which was a hole in the corner of the room.

      My point of view changes and I am laying on my back looking up at them inside the wall space. One had a flash-light and was doing some electrical work, and installing my coffin. The other guy spoke some words over the deceased "Well Mevin(one of their names)...Lived know they aren't, know iev they ain't". Somehow this meant something along the lines of "Well at least the dead lived and that is nice."

      I then see Ben A. from work and am startled to realize that I am floating right up near his face. "Ah Hi there!" I shake his hand. Mevin tells Ben that I am supposed to be in the coffin but doesn't see me. I figured maybe I was in the coffin so I floated by Ben's face and said "Ooooohhooo". I check the name on the coffin and a locker door / dry wall that partitioned the coffin from the room. It felt spooky to realize that I was a ghost. I then woke up.
    11. Night 3- They can take our lives... (fragment)

      by , 08-06-2012 at 11:07 AM (The Nightflare Chronicles..)
      another one that I initially remembered a lot of, but didn't have time to lie there and hold on to it after waking, so most of it was gone before I could write it down

      So, I'm apparently someone fairly high up in an army, and the commander is William Wallace. He tells me to collect some plants from my back garden, because he wants to make something he calls 'wolf-gas'. We then find ourselves on a large field- our army is there, but I couldn't see the enemy. Wallace then gives a speech- similar to the Braveheart one, but not exactly. As far as I can remember it was along the lines of the enemy being just like us, and just as scared as we were.

      -There's then a large chunk that I can't remember-

      I'm on a hill with William, and there's a farm nearby with smoke rising from it. He tells me to be careful, because it's wolf gas, and we then run in to rescue the people inside (the wolf gas seems to have a similar effect to mustard gas). I'm then walking around after the battle, and I see a man dressed as a clown fighting with someone over loot. I turn a revolver on him and tell him that neither of them have the rights to loot.


      So, yeah, disappointing recall, but that was more of an external issue- I woke up because my father was shouting up and needed to speak to me, so I had no time to remember much or write anything down. There was certainly more of it, but it's too faint.
    12. girl's presentation

      by , 01-16-2012 at 02:27 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a classroom. I sat in a desk one or two rows back from the front and a little toward the left of the classroom. The classroom door was on the left side of the wall that the desks faced. The light of the classroom was a greenish fluorescent.

      The classroom was probably full of people. Everybody may have seemed about my age. But the class felt almost like a high school class.

      I sat twisted in my desk, the left side of my head propped up by my left hand. I was watching a woman or girl give a speech about something. The woman was giving the speech while seated at her desk.

      I knew that the woman's speech wasn't popular. She had expressly decided to say something she knew other people wouldn't like. Plus, her speech may have been boring.

      I was taking a little bit of a secret pleasure in knowing that the woman's speech was not well-received. She may have acted arrogant toward me in the past. So now I was happy to see people treating her indifferently.

      Somehow (maybe because of a bell?) the people all knew that the class period was over. They all got up and left the class, even though the woman was still giving her speech. The woman continued, seeming only a little put-off by being ignored by everybody.

      I now felt bad for the woman. I didn't think everybody would be so indifferent toward her. I thought she must feel horrible. So I listened harder to what she was saying, as if I were really interested in it.

      At some point, the speech was done. The woman was still seated in her desk. There were a couple other people in the room. One of them was some male friend of mine. He seemed a little bit older and classier than I.

      My friend made some criticism of the woman's speech while walking about on the left side of the classroom. He then addressed me as he walked out of the classroom.

      I understood the criticism the man had given the woman, though he'd addressed it to me. I tried to respond by adding onto the criticism in some witty way, and by using an accent. I may have been trying to sound French. But my attempt was horrible.

      My friend, standing just outside the classroom, told me, in a half-distracted way, that my accent was horrible. I stood up and walked out of the classroom. I told the man that I agreed with him. I told him I thought I sounded like --.

      But I couldn't remember the name of the person I was thinking about. She was a cartoon character, from the Bullwinkle show. I might have kept saying "Badenov, Badenov," because I remembered she was Boris Badenov's partner in crime. But I couldn't remember the character's first name.

      (Of course, it's Natasha.)

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    13. subway speech

      by , 01-14-2012 at 03:01 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was lost in "New York City." I was in some part of town full of vacant lots and stout, warehouse-like buildings. It was late afternoon, kind of dim and grey-blue. There were a decent amount of people around.

      I wandered in some general direction, maybe following a group of people who seemed to know where they were going. But I think I was beginning to question whether I was even in New York at all.

      Eventually I rounded some corner and found a subway stop. The sign of the subway station said something like "Riche St." I knew this stop. It was near Wall St., and it was on the line that ran near my apartment in Brooklyn. (IWL, there is no "Riche St." stop, as far as I know.)

      I went down the stairs and into the subway station. The station was completely hollowed out. There were a bunch of mothers and children (probably mostly Latina) in the empty space. Something about the whole environment felt tan or brown, like there was brownish concrete for the floors and walls.

      The environment also felt somewhat like a community meeting space, or some kind of preschool place. This may just been because of the mothers and children all gathered together. But it may also have felt a little like an almost revolutionary meeting, kind of like the Communist meeting in Vittorio de Sica's The Bicycle Thief.

      A woman started speaking. A loose, random crowd of women and children had gathered around her. Some of the people may possibly have been sitting on the floor. I sat on the floor near the back of the crowd.

      I had a good view of the woman, even sitting on the floor. I think the woman was Asian, kind of round-faced, with pale skin and shortish hair. The woman may actually have been giving a speech about anime. But the speech was intended to give the women and children a sense of empowerment, as well.
    14. 29th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Ahsaka

      by , 09-10-2011 at 01:35 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Ahsaka's Dreams

      1. I was in the midst of working on a speech for an upcoming event when outside I heard the faint strains of violin music. It was Summer by Vivaldi. I went outside and followed the music to try find out where it was coming from.

      2. I don't know why but I was left in charge of watching several kindergarten aged kids. There was something important I was supposed to be thinking about but the kids wouldn't allow me any time to think. They kept climbing on me and trying to play with me.

      3. I was at a family get together. My sister was talking almost non stop, bragging about the places she's been and seen. It was rather annoying and I tried to ignore her by starting my own conversation with my brother. He had just started talking about his kids when my sister interrupted and started bragging about how wonderful and intelligent her little sons were. She happened to mention that they would be going to Mexico because her son was learning about it in school.

      Quite suddenly I remembered writing, To Mexico or bust!! somewhere. I then decided that I would tag along with my sister to Mexico in an effort to further my own personal educational aspirations. i told her that I would come with her.

      The dream scene changed. We were sitting in an airport. I was surprisingly calm and devoid of my fear of flying and I thought that this was very strange. I did a reality check simply because the lack of fear was unnatural for me. I quickly found out that I was dreaming.

      I became anxious. I wanted to get to Mexico ASAP. I had the overwhelming feeling that this dream would be a short one. I attempted teleportation but found that I was anchored quite formidably in the airport. I tried spinning to change the scene but that did not work either. It only drew suspicious stares from the people around me. My sister looked very ashamed of me.

      I knew the dream would end soon. I had not time to spare. If I could not get to Mexico maybe I could find Yeon in the airport crowd. I started yelling "Yeon" hoping someone would answer. No answer came so I began yelling "Windhover! I know you're here. It's me!" Still no answer. By this time I didn't particularly care that a crowd of bug eyed onlookers had gathered around me. I stood up on a bench and continued yelling, at the top of my lungs, for Windhover.

      I woke up quite suddenly, frustrated that I had not gotten to Mexico or found Yeon/Windhover.
    15. The Cancelled Speech

      by , 05-31-2011 at 01:59 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was supposed to be part of a show on stage. I will be the last person to "talk," even though the show is something like dancing and singing and stuff, and I don't understand why I was just going to "talk" in the end. Perhaps I was assigned to give a closing remark, or something.

      I was observing the whole show, organized by a Ms. Mon, and I said that I'll observe first before I give the closing remark. However, I left in the middle of the show, thinking that I seem to have no room in that kind of show. I told my agent/manager to tell Ms. Mon that I cancelled my speech as we went to our room in the hotel. He told me that we'll have to pay for our hotel and food if that's the case. I told him that's not a problem.

      Then I went on an incoherent travel, in a school, with a lot of hiding from enemies in dark suits and stuff.



      on stage

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