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    1. At a Nundah Bookshop

      by , 09-30-2018 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of September 30, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 58.

      With my transient dream selfís presence in a non-lucid dream, when the personified subconscious loses its viable connection to both the unconscious mind and the current conscious self identity and my conscious self is virtually annihilated, there are still threads that hold logical potential to pull my dream self back into reality.

      Having studied the subliminal, liminal, and lucid modes of my dream self since early childhood, most of my dreaming and waking processes have remained unequivocal. Since childhood, certain anchoring factors have maintained the foundation of the dream state by way of the virtuous circle effect, either by establishing non-lucid dream control or the presence of the emerging consciousness that brings about apex lucidity or clarity in otherwise distorted erroneous sequences. Understanding such processes is what brings about non-lucid dream control and eradication of so-called bad dreams (other than when prescience or transpersonal communication is a factor, especially when biological or health-related).

      Certain aspects of the dream state may seem strange and illogical but have known explanations inherent to the dream state itself. For example, the library and bookstore settings have a dream self essence that is closer to my current conscious self identity. That is a result of subliminal preparedness for using thinking skills that typically do not exist in the dream state, modes of thought that automatically vivify and clarify my dream (as the subconscious self is incapable of discerning spoken language, symbolism, numbers, or text unless subliminal, liminal, or lucid conscious threads are present). I knew this in childhood and was able to take advantage of it.

      The preparatory process is extant and dominant in this dream. I am in the Nundah bookstore with Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now. The bookstore, as since childhood, is an anchor of my current conscious self. That is why I am aware of threads of my present life and marriage even if we have not been to the Nundah bookstore in many years in reality and its layout and appearance in my dream is erroneous in many ways. (Additionally, my focus on where we live is incorrect as is most often the case. I think of Barolin Street, where we have not lived in years, which was also in Bundaberg, not Brisbane. Once again, I find fascination with the multiple errors in specific combinations that my dreams never render more than once.)

      The bookstore has new and secondhand books and a lot of comic books. I walk past a section with history books. Before I look around, I tell our youngest son to come into the store, as he is standing in the heavy rain. Our middle son is outside as well but in the storefront portico. I consider that they may want to go home, but after several attempts, I get them to come into the store. I am calling them from about the center of the store rather than near the entrance. That may be because I am subliminally aware that a door is a dreamís exit point (though can be used to trigger or augment lucidity).

      I study many comic book covers, too numerous to describe in detail. I decide to buy four. The last one is a hardcover graphic novel wrapped in plastic. The price is $19.95. The cover features Spider-Man, in a black costume, with his left arm missing with some gore. The story relates to a long battle with Puma, similar to a comic book story I have not looked at or thought about for years.

      I see a display with four new comic books with different titles that have a related storyline. It relates to a new X-Men series. I consider buying one but decide not to, as I would have to buy them all to understand their continuity (which would be too expensive).

      I tell Zsuzsanna that the total is about fifty dollars. It is $35.94. Two are fifty cents, and another is $14.99.

      I notice Christmas decorations in one section of the bookstore. I see Zsuzsannaís baby pram near the back of the store. We will be going home soon.

      Vestibular system correlation begins in the final scene, personifying as a young girl performing ballet in an open area that looks like the local library rather than a bookstore and where a few people are sitting at tables and reading. She does a cartwheel ďintoĒ me. I wake.

      There was a storm today, so my dream was correct about heavy rain coming when there has been hardly any rain for months.

    2. #211: Lucid Limbo

      by , 09-14-2016 at 02:52 AM
      I'm talking to Cor. He tells me that he can identify who has been with who in a purely sexual way, based on the messages that they leave behind.. on FB? I'm doubtful, but he manages to take my doubt away by accurately stating who I've been with. What the hell. I need to remove this stuff from FB right away.

      Read some articles about online privacy violations by government and private companies throughout the day.

      Lucid Limbo
      Iím in a single room with my blonde ex girlfriend and two male pilots. The pilots are Ďhersí. Sheís using the corporate jet I believe. The two pilots are sitting at a desk/table in the corner of the room, facing the wall, though also facing sideways a bit. I seem to be lying on the ground or perhaps on a mattress. My ex is sitting on top of me. She is trying to seduce me and tells me emotional stuff, such as that sheís missed me and wants me back, or something along those lines. I participate in the physical stuff, but I refuse to say stuff such as that I want her back, cause fact is, I donít. I at one point get a sly grin from the left pilot. I kinda Ďgood for you, broí. I tell her that the pilots gotta leave the room. First she mentions a reason why they canít and I tell her that I mean for them to leave the room. She agrees to that. More stuff happens

      Iím now with my friend Sil in my room. Everything is purely platonic, though the feelings from the first part are residual. I leave to go to the toilet. The toilets are a far cry from what the toilets in my dorm look like, though I donít realise it. One of my dormmates is collecting money for internet and such. Iím not in my room, so I hope he doesnít find me. And I hope my friend / my ex (she changed back?) tell where I am. I can hear her voice and I think she did tell where I am. I attempt to silently, fully close the door to this particular toilet / shower. The door is messed up though and wonít fully close. Plus, next to the door are windows, so heíll be able to spot me. I move out to a larger area, still completely naked. Iím hesitant as people might drop into this living room like area and Iím nude.
      Somewhere along the line (I canít tell where exactly, I think in the shower area) I have the notion that Iím dreaming. I look at my right hand. No black letter S on it. Thereís a faint trace of it at most. I try to push my finger through my hand, but no success. Not dreaming? I look at my right foot. Six toes. The one on the far right is even bigger (and misshapen) than the big toe. Ok that canít be real. But.. the RC failed? Have I always had 6 toes on 1 foot? No way. I look at my left hand and discover that most of my pinky is gone. Guess I know where that extra toe came from. I sorta try to cut my toe with my finger as a means to restore reality to how it should be. Next I try to push the remainder of my pinky on top of my extra toe, in an effort to make them merge and get my pinky back where it belongs. Why are all the RCs failing? Still, Iím clearly dreaming right? Come on, hand and foot?! I get hung up on the failed RC though and let it affect me. Iím positive nevertheless. I perform a hovering above the ground sliding tackle somewhere. I know Iím dreaming, so I can do whatever. Still the RC is on my mind.

      Iíve forgotten part of the dream, but Iím in a big office like building with open structure. The stairs and elevators, basically the whole lobby area, is in an open area with walkways on every floor directly on both sides. I feel like Iím not sure of what to do, given the RCs failing. I decide to aimlessly Spider-Man around. I shoot some webbings and swing myself up. On the way I overhear some corrupt anti-narcotics officers talking. One of them has bought a new GoPro, claiming it was necessary for work. When he isnít paying attention to it for a moment I decide to shoot some webbing at it. I continue to kind of aimlessly web, not feeling any excitement and not fully appreciating that Iím lucid.

      I'm standing somewhere in the town I was born in. I think I'm a kid again. I've been taken back to the 1990s (1992 or 1993?). I'm outside during the day and there's something that relates to a racism discussion. I'm not sure if it's actually being discussed right now or if it's all happening in my mind. I wonder about some things to which extent I actually find them racist and to which extent I feel obligated to think that they are racist. Eventually music starts playing. Snoop Dogg and then I think also some other rap (2Pac?). I love those guys in this context, whatever this context exactly is. A girl who in real life would be my age starts talking to me.. but then stops?

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    3. #179: Forgotten lucid / Cops / Date

      by , 07-18-2016 at 04:18 AM
      Forgotten lucid
      I'm certain that in the morning, perhaps around 6am, I was lucid. I only remember walking down a white surface street, while still trying to stabilise or to regain my lucidity. Other than that I don't remember what I was doing -_- I do remember waking up or having a FA and attempting to get back into it, I think with success.

      Ľ In one of my non-lucids I was Spider-Man and swinging to a skyscraper while my friend was watching me. My webbing was weird though. It seemed more like plastic wrap.

      Ľ I'm in Indonesia I think. I've got my thesis defence, but it is quite weird. For what seems like the first few minutes, I'm talking about only semi-relevant things.

      Ľ I'm in my student city in the Netherlands. I'm with my classmates and someone is telling me something about an area slightly to the north of the city centre. I can't recall what that person was telling me though.

      My friend Sander is driving a Dutch car on the highway. I'm sitting in the back to the right. I think I'm playing with my phone. There's a motorcycle cop driving in front of us and Sander decides to mess with him. He pulls up very close the whole time and flashes his lights for a long time. I can see the change in lighting on the cops motor / back. To our left is a pick up truck from Rijkswaterstaat. I ask Sander if he is sure about this, because he'll get himself into some trouble. Eventually we reach a traffic light and a diferent motorcycle cop goes against traffic to pull up next to the driver's window. The cop isn't wearing a helmet, just a yellow raincoat hoodie. Strange. He gestures for Sander to follow him.

      In my student city again. I'm on roller blades and I'm not very proficient at it. I'm quite unstable. There's a mom and her daughter standing somewhere. They try to draw my attention from a distance. For some reason I try to ignore them first but after a few seconds I listen. Somewhere in this dream my glasses fly off and the right leg has broken off. At the same moment I was trying to look up directions using Google Maps for the two of them. I hand my phone to the daughter while I fix my glasses. It turns out to be quite easy. Pop in a screw and it's back to normal. Though the daughter comments that it is slightly crooked. Great.

      We're standing somewhere else now, somewhere with a roof but still semi outside. It's around this time that I notice the mom's dress. It's blue/green and there are holes to allow her nipples to stick out. That is... ok...? She has weird elongated nipples. I also notice for the first time that the daughter's breasts are quite big and there is some cleavage showing. I don't dare to look too much though, cause I'm afraid they'll notice me watching.

      We're at the train. I actually walk inside with them and then walk out again. The daughter shouts after me that we should go on a date. I don't really have the chance to reply. Somehow I know that they are from Zwolle. That's quite far.. plus I'm not interested.. plus I've got a girlfriend. I wonder for a moment whether she put her number in my phone while she had it. How else would she expect to go on a date with me? I don't know her name though. I wonder whether I should just not text her or text her to let her know I'm not interested.
    4. Space rom

      by , 11-05-2014 at 01:55 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Mom was singing with a boy and man. I liked one of the songs a lot and asked her for it, but she got annoyed. I said Ďnever mindí and went to my room, closing the door.

      A man (Man 1) walking into a central room on a spaceship. Another man (Man 2) that seems familiar to me (I remember his looks but canít describe them ._.) is standing facing away, hands clasped behind his back. Memoryís real fuzzy here. The man who walked in asks the other what his preferences are Ė he wants them to get involved with this third man (Man 3) to help him or something.


      Man 1 is flirting/roughhousing with Spider-man and laughing. From a distance to the left, Man 2 and Spider-man are watching the scene thoughtfully. It had the feel of Man 2 showing him something to make a point.

      Iím playing a game. Itís like Mario in that you control little characters, directing them on a map to the place you want to go. I choose a little creature that reminds me of a fiery red Pac-Man and direct him to a nearby place.

      It looks a lot like a Mario area but more surreal. I end up making my character fling to the far left and have to make my way back to where I started, ignoring loot and things I see, which is hard. I wonder what skills he has besides the basic attack, and manage to find where to look. Iím surprised to see it has two Frost skills, because I had assumed it was a Fire creature.
    5. Inquisition

      by , 09-03-2013 at 10:39 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I stayed up two hours later than usual with a friend the night before last, so only recalled a fragment that night.


      A man is running through a field, He, Varric, finds that a silver stone structure is still there. There was a moving contraption up top, along with overgrown foliage.

      The Ďcameraí pans over to some small stone structures (I think, 'of course they were made by dwarves'), and a gravesite with about eight graves with markers. I read: Dizzy, Logi, Youó I pause at that last one, wondering if itís ĎYouí as in the viewer, or as in the Japanese name. I also stopped before Logi, stumbling over the name, and thinking that his body actually couldnít be there, because heís nearly impossible to kill. I wonder what it was like for him to wake up (come out of the grave) in this place.

      Iím going through these square, fenced in spaces, where the only way to get out properly is to leap over sections of the fence. There are small Stop signs mounted at top right of the section thatís safe to jump.

      Other Ďheroesí were doing the same. I caught a girlís eye and nodded at her. A part of me wondered if I was supposed to know her. She didnít look familiar (IWL). I laughed when I hear (and somehow see) from behind me Spider-Man jokingly asking an African-American police guard if heíd remove his mask. The man replied ďthatís not my thingí.

      A really short, small girl flies back after trying to leap the fence but getting poked in the butt instead. She rolls across the grass and I canít help but laugh. Her figure reminded me of Kabeyama. I see that sheís wearing a light yellow shirt with Kabayamaís face upside down on the back of it.

      A girl cringes as I reply to something, Ďbut donít get the fence stuck in your butt!í. As I said this, I was picking out two pieces of sharp fence from my thigh.

      Inspiration: I watched some gameplay videos for Dragon Age: The Inquisition recently so thatís where Varric comes from! Last night, me and mom were talking about how movies do in other countries, and she mentioned Wolverine, so thatís where ĎLogií comes from. The girl/Kabeyama comes from the last episode of Inazuma Eleven I watched, Kabeyama had more screentime because he was struggling. I think the stone structure and gravesite actually could have come from the book I started last night, The Book of Earth (Dragon Quartet #1).

      Notes: I got deja vu after thinking through the dream, Iím pretty sure Iíve had a dream in the past where I was hopping fences, during some sports event.

      Emotion: Humor

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    6. Spidey Fights Doctor Octopus at the Golden Horseshoe

      by , 07-14-2013 at 03:52 AM
      07-12-2013 -- Before I lose it, guess I ought to get this one down. I am trying to make left hand turns at busy intersections while on roller skates, I think, and there is a lot of heavy traffic, which is making it difficult. I am doing my best to be quick, and stay out of the way of cars, and move quickly, but while I am doing so, there are others (on skates or boards, or just pedestrians) that are getting in the way or moving a lot slower, or doing whatever else they can to make things more difficult.

      I am reaching a couple of intersections like that, and the second one is turning off of Beach Blvd and on to La Palma, heading over toward the Buena Park Mall, and the pedestrians are still getting in the way, and holding things up when the light turns green, but I do my best to ignore everybody else, and just get moving, so I won't be in the way. So I turn on to La Palma, skating as fast as I can, but as I proceed down the block to Stanton, I am now driving the Jimmy, but I find I have a flat tire. It is the front driver's side tire, and I just had it replaced two days ago, so I find myself getting furious that the tire is bad again, already.

      So I am pulling the car over, and I suddenly find myself reading a comic book. It is a Spider-Man comic book, and I find that Spider-Man is facing off against Doctor Octopus, and moment by moment the comic is coming more and more to life, and I am turning into Spider-Man, but I only have part of my powers, and Octopus is at his strongest, so I am trying to stay out of sight and catch my breath.

      Meanwhile, I am running down the street in a sort of old west type of setting, and I run into this saloon, and find myself running up a slightly curving staircase as I glance over at a stage, and I realize I know this place. I am running through the Golden Horseshoe, even though I am not at Disney. It is not that it is really somehow the Golden Horseshoe, but that the comic book artist copied the building, changed the name, and threw the story in there as a sort of tribute. [It was like an issue of the comic Night Man, which had a running battle taking place in a fictional amusement park ... but if you really know Disneyland, you recognize the ramp leading up to the Space Mountain line.]

      Anyway, I soon find myself dodging around back stage behind this Golden Horseshoe look-alike location, trying to stay out of sight and out of mind while thinking up a method of fighting off Doc Ock that will allow me to win. I feel like I need to pull off one of those victories where Spidey tells Ock "You were at your strongest, and I was at my weakest, and I still beat you. I will always beat you. So quit fighting against me!" But I just don't know how I am going to manage it. Meanwhile, Octopus is starting to threaten some of the can-can girls, and I realize that, plan or not, I am going to have to make a stand. So I launch myself at Ock and just start fighting away!
    7. Spider-man!! (and zombies.)

      by , 02-26-2013 at 03:49 PM
      I'm in a church stalking a priest, we've become aware that he's possessed and plans to murder some of his congregation. I'm in the back row of pews. There's a narrow gap in the pews and on the other side are my associates. Ahead of us the priest is talking about evil vigilantes trying to hinder the will of God and mentions Spider-man by name.
      This is unspeakably funny. I start cracking up and desperately stifle giggles behind my hand. Why? Next to me is a blonde woman who is part of our group. In front of her is Peter Parker. She realizes why I'm laughing and cracks a smile.
      I lean over, "Well...this is awkward, isn't it?" Peter glances at me and smiles a little. He's better at hiding than I am, apparently. I know I'm being really unprofessional. I school my expression and sit back to watch the sermon. The priest is then talking about the Chosen in the congregation, marked by the flower emblem on their chests. He has called us to, if we choose, join him up front. It isn't time yet. I make eye contact with a woman to my left. She has noticed I'm wearing the mantle of the church, a light blue jacket with a large circle on the front. It's divided evenly, and when it hangs closed the sides of the emblem meet seamlessly. The circle is mostly pink with yellow flowers in the middle. I don't know how to describe the material. It's something I've seen before on quilts?

      I wake and roll over. The next dream is like a game. There are recently turned zombies in my house and I know I have to kill them before they work themselves into a killing frenzy. They've gathered by a wall of windows and press themselves to the glass, groaning. I pick up what looks like a white table leg where the end has been carved into a curved .....fine. It looks a little like this except one end looks more like a hook. AntiqueWeaponStore

      I think how good this will be for zombie killing, all I have to do is club them in the head, the hook with pierce their brains easily.
      Something about leaping to different platforms above the spot where the zombies are?
    8. Malfoys on a Killing Spree, Runescape Hunting, Superheroes and Deliveries (Fragments)

      by , 01-04-2013 at 06:41 PM
      01-03-2012 -- [Bladder infection, only a nap on the third, and constantly waking on the 4th. Mostly very odd fragments, and stuff that is all over the place.]

      I think this was a long, involved dream that I mostly can't remember. It felt like a cross between Harry Potter (for the characters), Game of Thrones (for the type and feel of the human evil and sense of betrayal throughout) and perhaps a hint of Wheel of Time for a Dark One-like sense of all-pervading evil in the background.

      Almost all of the Malfoys and their relatives have gone on a complete killing spree, viciously murdering all over the place, except Narcissa, who has decided it is all a bit much, and she can't do this anymore. She decides to approach me (Harry Potter) and team with me to try and stop her relatives, while hiding that she has changed sides, so she doesn't get killed, herself.

      There's a lot here, but I can't remember most of it. Eventually, we're bringing a battle to fruition in an area with a small hill between us an the enemy. We're sending some sort of combination of robot and golem to attack the enemy on the other side of the hill, and it lands on him, crushing him, as we move on to a major confrontation.

      Soon Narcissa is standing next to her sister on a tennis court, along with me and what looks like Wolverine. She is pointing to many of her servants who are playing tennis, and commenting on how they all are in such good shape, and have the bodies of gods and goddesses, before telling her sister we are all going down, but she is going to start with the others that Narcissa has fallen for. She suddenly produces Wolverine-style claws from her own hands, and dices Wolverine up, blood, bits of body, and limbs splattering everywhere, very vividly, before turning to me, as Narcissa screams in horror. [Being that it is Wolverine, he might manage to heal, but in the dream I didn't think of that. We were both convinced we'd lost a partner and were probably going down.]


      01-04-2013 -- First dream of night, really short, limited and fragmented: Playing Runescape, and everything is blending together. I am hunting lots of little blue implings, moving marmasaw plants, perhaps penguins, and all kinds of other stuff, all at the same time. just wandering around, grabbing things at the same time.


      01-04-2013 -- More hunting bits as noted above, except I am now making grabs for tiny red, green and blue implings which seem to add to the stats of my red, green, and blue crewmen on the player owned ports minigame. I'm really trying to advance these characters, even while also getting involved in some of of dating situation (being set up on dates or something) which Melody has started.

      Somehow I end up going out to some kind of church event (Church of the Nazarene setting, Pine Castle Methodist people?) that leads into a bit of super hero stuff. We're urging everybody to show up for some sort of meeting or revelation of something, where Superman will provide the answer we need. (Answer to what, I don't know.) I am Clark / Superman, dressed up as Clark right now, and we're gathering people around the Euclid overpass.

      There turn out to be a ton more people than we expect, so many that they can't be counted, and they fill up all space as far as we can see. Far more than we expected. There is nowhere for me to duck into to change into Superman without being seen, so I more or less accept that I am going to have to reveal myself in front of everybody. I'm just beginning to undo my shirt to reveal the costume underneath, when something happens and everybody starts to disperse again, satisfied with what has occurred, so I start to button my shirt again.

      Soon I am Spider-Man (not in costume) and Superman is traveling with me, as I am arriving back home at the Hickory house. The oldest kid from Home Improvement is there (Zachery Ty Bryan), and he's a bit of a punk, and is threatening us and saying he killed my sister. He is also making some very odd comment that goes nowhere, that the command staff of the Starship Enterprise has been replaced with doubles.

      Superman, flying in with his x-ray vision, identifies a recently buried body in the ground at either Vinnie's house or Robby's, so it seems the kid was serious. Kind of ticks us off. We head inside the house, and it turns out we are kind of babysitting the kid, watching over him and trying to keep him out of trouble. This is difficult because he has somehow gained some of our powers. (We have them, too, he hasn't taken them from us, he has just gained them, as well.) Thankfully he seems more interested in pranking his younger brothers than using his powers for more major evil.

      He is 'writing' on his brothers' shirt with water, then putting flour on it to write mean slogans in white. He is doing the same for his own shirt, but using it to add a number like a sports jersey. But of course, being in flour, it's making a bit of a mess. There is an attractive young lady who wants to take over his care, but we tell her we really think we're better suited to handle him, though we can't tell her why. ("Yeah, he's developed super powers, so we need to use our super powers to keep him under control." That'll go over well.) Just weird.


      01-04-2013 -- Making a delivery somewhere down toward Fort Lauderdale, and have already dropped off the package. I'm thinking to myself 'wouldn't it be neat to run into Amy F. while I was down here?' and sure enough, as I glance into the open door of an apartment, there she is. It seems they are still moving stuff in to the new place. I try to say hello and make conversation, but she just glances at me, then ignores me.

      I don't really know what is up, but I wonder if maybe she just doesn't recognize me, even though my picture is on my Facebook account, which is where I now know her from. [An acquaintance from high school who recently moved to Florida, and who I do now know from Facebook.] But anyway, she doesn't seem to want to acknowledge me, so I just turn around to leave.

      I try to walk back to my car, but oddly enough, I just can't find it. I am walking up and down rows of apartments, looking at the cars out front, but I just can't seem to find mine. Suddenly I stop and ask myself what car am I looking for? Was I driving the purple car? No. Red? I come up with a sort of off-white not-quite-beige four door sedan that doesn't really match any car I have ever driven, and start looking again, at least now knowing what it is I am looking for.

      Somehow mom is there for a minute or two, and I visit with her. Then I pass back by Amy's apartment again. This time her guy is there, and decides to talk to me for a few minutes. He seems friendly, and we have no problems or anything. Oddly enough, Keffer and Tucker are there (my past landlord's Bijons) and he has opened the pet gate to bring stuff through, and is surprised when the dogs go running off through it. But he says he'll get them, and goes running after them.

      I can hear him calling for them, and getting more and more frantic, so I follow him out. The dogs are running all over the place, and paying him no mind whatsoever, but when I start calling to them a couple of times they come running up to me, and I get them back inside the dog gate again. Never do see any sign of my car, though.
    9. Harry Potter Fights in a Warehouse, Time Travel, Super-Kinky Non-Sex and Babylon 5

      by , 12-30-2012 at 05:12 AM
      11-26-2012 -- [Very little notes on this one, and a month late in entering it on the computer, so almost everything is gone. But I have had several other dreams similar to this one that got noted in much greater detail, so there are other places to see the same type of dream.]

      Giant fight / chase dream, mostly taking place in a semi-lit warehouse, much like this dream. We're all dodging back and forth between tall racks of boxes and pallets of products, stacked to the ceiling. This one had a lot of Harry Potter characters in the fight, including Neville and the twins.

      It starts as nothing more than some physical brawling and chasing, but soon we've got swords and knives, and things are spilling out of the warehouse/department store it started in, and we're now outside the Buena Park Mall. Neville is an ally, and Mr. Weasley seems to have been forced into the role of a reluctant opponent. In the middle of all this stumbles Susan Ivanova, who doesn't know what we're doing, but finds it pretty easy to stay out of harm's way.

      [Wish I'd entered this sooner, as I'd probably remember a lot more.]


      11-26-2012 [Same night] -- Can't pull up any memories of how this started, but I seem to be Spider-Man, and I am approaching a seven floor hotel that I have to get into. I am coming at it from the back of the hotel, and between the building and I is a very large swimming pool. I decide I'll try the ol' slingshot maneuver, and shoot out a couple of web lines to some anchors, then pull myself back, and let loose.

      I shoot forward with very little force, and am about to belly-flop right into the pool, so I kind of 'super-jump' it. [A type of dream jumping I've had much experience with, where you jump huge distances, by making just a normal jump, and then just willing it not to end, as the jump gets longer and longer.] There was not enough power behind my slingshot, but I just refuse to let myself drop in the pool, and keep drifting closer and closer to the hotel until I end up landing on a balcony somewhere around the third floor.

      I climb inside, and quickly take the stairs up to the seventh floor, and when I come out of the stairwell, I barely manage to stay out of sight of my competition on this case ... Shawn and Gus from Psych! The worst thing about these two in this dream is one of them (almost certainly Shawn, because Gus isn't insane enough to do so) is wearing a mini-skirt, which is just wrong!

      I take a ladder to the roof / penthouse area to avoid the two of them, and sneak back in right as Gus is leaving the room. (Shawn was already gone.) There are four teen girls here, and I ask them if they know what are the room numbers of the people we're looking for. They give me some clues and point me down a short corridor leading off from the main one.

      I move down the corridor to the first room, which is filled with a couple of jacuzzis. There is a couple going at it in the first one. At this point, I already halfway know I am dreaming, even if it never turns fully lucid, and I've already been using tricks like the 'super-jump,' and at this point, I just kind of try to turn it into a sex dream. I don't succeed very well, however.

      The second jacuzzi is filled with a bunch of teenish Japanese anime-style girls, and I jump on in, but instead of landing in the hot tub, it kind of stretches and deepens, and I find myself in a large underwater spa, where I have no problem breathing. There are couples all over the place just going at it, and the bits some of them have are very weird. Somehow this entire spa is somehow a good few centuries in the future, and everybody is just ... different. There is one young lady, perfectly formed, blonde, incredible figure, but she is about the size of a house elf! She is incredibly sexy ... but the idea of her trying to get it on with a full-size male ... no!

      I finally come across one nice, reasonably attractive lady who seems to be relatively normal, and we get it on, but the lousy dream skips right over that part, and the next thing I know, she's on her way out, and so am I. As I am about to step into the pneumatic tube system that will pump me back to the surface, a nurse steps up to hand me some pills and schedule my next appointment. She tells me she hopes I enjoy my pregnancy, and I glance at the pack of pills in my hand marked something like 'For establishing male pregnancy'. What? Hell no!

      I drop the pills on the ground, and almost shoot into the pneumatic tube heading for the surface. But others are blocking the tube, trying to force us back down, and threatening me, so I'm having to force my way back up. Soon I manage to fight my way back to the surface, and back into normal time, though I now have a fake ID showing I am something like 12 years older than I am, because of odd time effects.

      I make a comment on time travel, and say something about how I at least don't yet have to deal with the Psi-Corp, when suddenly a nearby speaker activates, spewing forth some sort of political message in Alfred Bester's voice. The Corp is already here!
    10. Magic Tree, Spider-Man, Totally Spies.

      by , 11-06-2012 at 03:27 PM
      //No LDs.//

      #1 - Totally Spies.

      I was one of Totally Spies and our chief, Jerry, gave us mission. The problem is, I didn't know what is the mission. I also didn't know if other spies in my group knew.
      After leaving Jerry's office, we went to the shop that is near my house. We were there with my little cousin, I even didn't know why we were in the shop. Anyway, I started wondering why our chief didn't give us any gadgets to fight. Then I left the shop... and entered it again. Cousin was arguing with seller. He was cursing on her, called her an idiot. I felt bad. It was my cousin behaving like jerk. Shame. I decided to leave him with another spy and exit the shop. Before I did, I saw S., whom I first met in the mental hospital. But I didn't want to talk.

      #2 - Magic Tree.

      I was on meadow. There was very big tree with holes in it. Next to me was some girl. I don't remember much, only the fact she had glasses and ponytail. She came into the tree and started going upwards. It turned out that it's REALLY big inside. She could climb and climb and there was no end.
      I looked at the plate which was near the tree. It had words on it. "Once you choose downward, there's no come back". Somehow I knew that under the roots is only evil and up is good. People were supposed to choose the side. And when they wanted to do it they were receiving pieces of papers with letters from A to E. And again, they needed to choose letter. Each letter had different description. Description of character. People were deciding which one was just like them. If they choose wrong letter, they will get stuck in the tree forever.
      I got my pieces. I didn't really know what should I do. Then I saw S. He was around 10 years old (like me) and had his pieces too. He went into the tree. In that moment, I was seeing through his eyes. There were two girls - one from the beginning and one stranger. They were kinda... hibernated? Alive, but hibernated. He took pieces and lay their letters on their shoulders. Then I saw light. It was nice, warm light around them.
      I'm not sure what happened to them, but S. came out of the tree.
      And I still didn't know what to choose. So he started helping me. There were at least two letters good for me. But if tree would think different... I wanted to choose wisely.

      ...And I woke up. *facepalm*
      I find this dream very amazing and magical. Tree reminds me of those from the myths. Also, the dream is alike one about W.I.T.C.H. Choosing character, some guy helping me... Quite interesting.

      #3 - Spider-Man and Hospital.

      I was in the hospital with possibility to learn. It looked strange - like school mixed with hospital. But it wasn't bothering me. I went to the kitchen and wanted to make myself kissel. I couldn't find it for a while. Then I looked into the drawer and found it. In that moment some girl came to the kitchen and took kissel. At first I was confused and angry, but then I saw another kissel. So I made it and left.
      When I came out, there was... Spider-man sitting on a chair. I wasn't shocked. I said 'hi' to him. After that he got electro-shocked. I thought it's impossible, because there was no sources of current. And I saw two little things sticked to his chair. I took them, showed him and said there is usually just one thing like that (?). He took a look and got electro-shocked again, when he touched it. Then I saw man who was doing it. I said "it's him!".

      ...and don't remember the rest.
    11. Tormenting a Disney Employee, Fighting an Invasion with Star Trek, and Superheroes

      by , 10-28-2012 at 06:14 PM
      10-28-2012 -- [Darn it! Some dreams with great possibilities from last night, but I can remember almost nothing of them! Guess I have to post them as fragments again, and lump two or three together, rather than do them separately. Meanwhile, I have been having dreams to write down for the last week, but haven't had the time to post them, and won't for a couple more days. Will eventually be able to catch up again.]

      Fragment 1 -- I'm kind of in a sort of nature area, and I am kind of being forced to do something, but I have no idea what. I get the feeling it was all sort of Harry Potter related, and also had something to do with cats, which makes me suspect it also had to do with Mcgonagall, but I can't remember almost anything, which is very annoying.

      Anyway, I soon find myself in a ride queue at Disney, and one of the people who works on the ride turns out to be the person who was forcing me to do something I didn't want to do in the last bit, and I get my revenge by coming through their line and doing something every week to annoy them. These are long, detailed things, but I can remember almost nothing of them.

      I think one time through, I was talking spoilers about the ride, telling everybody what was coming, which had them mad at the staff for not stopping me. In another trip through, I was somehow firing stickers out of a sort of air cannon and onto peoples foreheads, often blocking their eyes and/or glasses and making it much harder for them to see. I took the end of a long strip of stickers on a roll from the souvenir stand, pulled it out into the line of people, and told them they were getting free stickers, which led to them wanting those stickers on their foreheads.

      The whole thing was driving the female cast member nuts as she tried to catch me and throw me out, while fighting with all these people. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I came walking in with a leather belt tied around my head, the tail of the belt stuck down my throat, which somehow caused me to projectile vomit non-stop. I vomited on everybody and everything else in line, but when I tried to vomit on the cast member, she tried to duck into a sort of stairwell, and found herself trapped there. I vomited a huge amount down on top of her, and somehow it caused an explosion and vomit suddenly spewed back out of the stairwell, flying everywhere, even hitting me. Yuck. But it drove the cast member nuts.

      Somehow this led to me kind of getting together romantically with another cast member, an attractive blonde. There was a ton more detail than I can remember, and instead of being gross the whole thing was actually quite funny, but I just can't remember it well enough to do it justice.


      Fragment 2 (right before waking for the day) First bit I can remember is walking back on forth on Crescent past the nursery, kicking a little sand, worrying about red ants, and a vague memory of somebody stuck up, snotty, demanding, and perhaps alien arguing with me.

      I'm pretty sure I kind of tell them off, and start walking toward Buena Park. There's detail here, but nothing I can remember. The tiniest hint of kicking something metal as I walk along. By the time I am ready to turn on Hickory, I glance across at Tom's house, and somehow I can see a reflection from the pool of an attractive blond swimming in a white, semi-transparent suit. [Think Leslie Easterbrook in the swimming pool scene in the Police Academy movies] I think it is Tom's mom, even though I seem to remember her being a brunette.

      Somehow I suddenly find myself in a sort of meeting in a room that I kind of feel is at Fullerton College. It still has something to do with aliens, and in fact as we are discussing them, Hawkeye Pierce (from MASH) starts saying what he thinks, and a hanging red light bulb starts to swing toward him, somehow drawn to him. Its hard to explain, except it is some sort of alien tech that is drawn to the aliens almost magnetically, and in what we've been dealing with, we're worried he is somehow becoming alien. So the light that is kind of pulsing hypnotically also keeps swinging toward him when he speaks, but not toward anyone else.

      Soon we're all walking across the campus, spreading out and heading in different directions, spreading information or something, then I find myself in another group meeting, though this time more out in the open. Oddly enough, we're now Starfleet personnel, and I am not sure, but I may be Riker. We're trying to figure out what we're going to do in regards to the aliens, and reactions have been spread in two directions, either for or against the aliens. The 'against' group, my group, has won, so we get to decide the response.

      There is a lot of argument along the lines that we should take command of them or something, but Picard is here, and reminds us that would be against our oaths to the Federation, so if we went that route we would be forced out of our commissions. I start on an impassioned speech about how we won't go that route, as I, for one, am not willing to give up my position over this. But my voice is very limited, and nobody seems to hear me.

      One of the opposition is starting to argue about my position and our decision, and he is overly tall, thin, and bald. I think he is probably from Mr. Homn's race. He is making an objection to what I am saying, until Picard starts walking toward him, poking him in the chest, and saying something about how actors are wonderful people, but since he is just acting, and not being honest about what he thinks, he should shut up.


      A short one from yesterday: Somehow I am Spider-Man, and I find I have to tear my way through a sort of a strong, thick plastic wall surrounding a ball pit in a play area. There is a little kid watching me, and hoping I can fix everything. Problem is, the flexible plastic shield is very strong, and I have to really exert myself to finally manage to tear it, and find myself falling face first into the ball pit.

      Soon I find myself staring up through the colorful balls, catching glimpses of my surroundings in the gaps between balls. Somehow I seem to be fighting my way through a corridor to reach a sort of female ogre who I have to fight. As we're fighting, she is slowly kind of turning into Wonder Woman. And I am slowly turning from Spider-Man into Harry Potter.

      Wonder Woman has an equally attractive teen age daughter who is kind of rebelling against her (teens, go figure) and since as Harry Potter, I am also a teen, we are kind of close. Somehow it seems Wonder Woman has kind of adopted me, at least unofficially. As things heat up between WW and her daughter, she somehow starts singing something about how it is only because she loves her, and "that's the way it should be." Its nice, but kind of dorky. Then everybody goes to take a nap or something.

      Soon it seems that my Godfather, Sirius, decides he wants to check on me. He has somehow broken into the house, and is trying to sneak around silently without being seen. I am watching him silently from around a corner. He doesn't know the layout, and he ends up outside Wonder Woman's bedroom door, and her boyfriend (who may be Batman) comes out the door, and is upset to find him there.

      Sirius tries to pull his wand, and the boyfriend kicks it out of his hand, then gives him a big kick and sends him flying. He turns around, and finds himself picked up and tossed to the ground by Wonder Woman before they realize who it is they are fighting, and let him go.

      Sirius is on the ground, looking up at Wonder Woman. She is not wearing her hero garb, but street clothes, and seems to be in a gray skirt down nearly to her knees. He grabs on to her to try and pull himself up, not meaning anything by it, but what looks like a gray skirt turns out to be made of dozens of thin strips that part under his hands, leaving him pulling himself up by more or less grasping her (admittedly very attractive) butt, in a pair of semi-small (but not quite thong) pair of panties.

      Sirius falls back to the ground in shock, turning crimson from embarrassment, while I just stand there laughing my head off at the whole situation!
    12. Spider-Man at the End of the World

      by , 08-11-2012 at 01:11 AM
      07-23-2012 -- I'm just hanging around the Hickory house when I realize it is the end of the world. People are running around, freaking out, yelling, screaming, and trying to connect with people for the last few days of existence, kind of making me think of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, which I have never seen, but only heard of. That's just the kind of vibe this had.

      Soon I find myself at a shopping mall somewhere, probably in Santa Ana or Westminster, or somewhere fairly far from Buena Park. The world is still ending, and everybody is freaking, and I can't leave the place until I can catch the 42 bus. (Really a route I used to ride in the area.) Unfortunately, while dozens of buses come by, none are the 42.

      I'm getting more and more annoyed, and there is a cop that is starting to hassle me for some reason. Meanwhile, Wolverine is running down the street jumping from car roof to car roof and damaging them in the process, and I can't help but wonder why the cop doesn't go hassle him, or maybe the Incredible Hulk, who is also rampaging through the area. But no, the guy keeps hassling me. Reminds me of Captain Stacy from the new Spider-Man movie, which makes sense, considering.

      Stacy has decided to arrest me and take me in (no idea what for), and he is opening some strange, round vault-like equipment locker that seems to be in a tree or something, and as he is looking for equipment, I spot my web shooters inside it, and grab them. I quickly start to strap them to my wrists, and realize now that I have my web shooters, I no longer need to wait for the 42 route.

      Captain Stacy is trying to grab me, and for some reason my web shooters are kind of mis-timing their firing, so I can't web sling nearly as smoothly as I would like. Seems like half the time I try to shoot off a line and nothing happens, so I try again, and both lines fire at the same time, tangling with each other. From the same kind of mishap, I can barely get more than a few feet off the ground for a bit, which makes it a really rather poor escape ... but it works. Kind of.

      Soon I have things straightened out a bit more, and am actually swinging around the buildings downtown. (No idea downtown where.) Soon there is a flying saucer chasing me, big enough to be a threat, small enough to be maneuverable, and looking like a classic flying saucer, perhaps like from My Favorite Martian. I'm dodging this way and that, but can't lose them at first. Then I sling myself through a gap in a very large skyscraper, and the aliens decide they will just pick me up on the other side of the building.

      But I don't fly through. Instead, I swing toward the full-sized baseball stadium located inside this huge building, and decide to take in the game. I spot a nice, cool pool located right behind home plate with some attractive ladies sunbathing in it, and I launch myself in the air above it. While in freefall I strip off my costume, except for my mask, and plunge into the water. I get a slight bit of a feel of a blonde in a really tiny bikini, then pick up the blonde in the nice charcoal business suit sitting in the pool next to me (yes, full business suit in the pool) and pull her into my lap. If it's the end of the world, forget fighting idiot aliens, I seem to have decided to have some fun!
    13. Presents? For Me? You Shouldn't Have! ...No, You Really Shouldn't Have... :|

      by , 08-08-2012 at 11:16 PM (Dimension X)
      This dream kinda ties into the previous one from this dream journal because they occurred on the same night... Anyways...
      I was in a dark room full of people who looked like they were students at some sort of martial arts training club or something.
      I was the target, however. A lot of them kept approaching me and I had to punch each one just once for them to back off.
      Suddenly, I'm in this place with a friend. And the fighters stop coming towards me, so I guess I won. And all the people who were students turn into little kids. And they all come towards my friend and I, with gifts. My friend was getting more gifts than me for some reason. I waited for a bit and a kid came up to me with a box that contained something obviously useless.
      As I took it, I remember saying "Thank you, good sir." (lol)
      I remember looking at the box... It had a lot of indented red circles on a dark blue background, and the box itself was made of tin, and was Spider-Man themed. o_O I remember reading some words on the box just before I woke up. It said "These Dots Connect-" And that's all I read before I woke up.
    14. 2 Meh-Lucids

      by , 07-25-2012 at 06:30 PM
      Dream 1
      This happened yesterday straight off of watching The Dark Knight Rises. I was in a train station foyer in a crowd and Bane had hurt a little kid in front of her mother, she was a little black girl and I felt I had to stop him. I ran at him and we fought. In the film I thought his punches had tremendous force and that was the same in the dream.

      He pinned me down and I could feel immense force holding me down. I used a shockwave from Transformers:War For Cybertron,while on my back I shot it out of my chest and it got Bane off me. I forgot who Bane's foe was and called for help from The Amazing Spider-Man, another good film. Spidey got him against a wall and started punching Bane, chances are Bane couldn't feel Jack Pitt. I just became lucid not sure when or how.

      Dream 2
      There was a war on right-handed people at a college. I went home and found a fat woman sitting in my kitchen. I told her that people were against right-handed people. Then I rode on a bike to the college with her on it, I think some people laughed at her.
    15. Reaper invasion

      by , 07-25-2012 at 11:47 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at a base on earth that vaguely reminds me of a futuristic version of my grandma's house, and I get word from an Asari that the reapers have just arrived....actually that's the only race that happens to be in here. I happen to be one myself, but I don't get that many details like rank or anything, but I know it's up there a little bit because people a reporting to me. Canibals attack the base quickly and start taking hostages and claiming lives. I head out the side exit and I can see a few muraders and a brute escorting people into a transport. Damnit, why didn't these people prepare more. I don't have any weapons so I can't save them. I got to thinking as I headed through a wooded area. I didn't completely know I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn't myself. I decided to try and wake up.

      I'm in bed and I can make out a figure in the darkness. It's saying "hulk don't want to smash". WTF...pretty sure it's nothing. I open my eyes again and this time things are more clear. Hulk has one arm raised and is about to kill me. I spring out of bed moments before he obliterates my bed into pieces. Someone asks me "are you alright Peter" I tell them yeah. (thinking back to this, I wonder why I never dream of being Deadpool....oh well). I head into another area and Dr P. is there. Ge tells me that Hulk has been indoctrinated by the reapers. We figure it's because his mind isn't all there during the transformation. I'm in the middle of the desert and the reapers are already here? WTF, I thought they would be working on major cities first or something. We head to this cafe that gives me the impression were near area 51. Inside it has all these "UFO" pictures, but they were taken days ago. I recognize them. The reapers are here.

      I had another dream about going to church and I want to say something involving my car and a random girl, but I don't remember. Oddly it was my last dream of the night.
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