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    1. Manchurian President

      by , 11-17-2016 at 08:01 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was playing through text options as if I was on Fallen London. One card said something along the line of "Trials of _____ House", which I selected.

      I am in first person again, and I was in a modern club, with a stereotypical rich godfather and all that good stuffs. Me and someone else were infiltrating the place to find blackmail material regarding the godfather, in case he was a pedophile or something like that.

      We got into a room next to the godfather under the guise of needing their... services. We beat up the workers, knocked them out, and tied them as I tried to spy on the godfather. He had a harem of girls serving him. We stole a few jewelries from the room and then amdemto get away since we couldn't find anything to black ail him with, but somehow they caught us and the godfather walked out to meet us.

      Somehow everything worked out. The mafia collapsed. They were linked to the government. The perspective moved to a misty morning in a military airport, with the president of United States (he was blonde, but he didn't look like Trump) using his VP (who looked like Hillary Clinton, but whom I am pretty sure wasn't) as a scapegoat. He walked away from her and the guards, popped champagne and lifted the foaming bottle up as mist enveloped him. The credits roll.

      I had a false awakening (I don't know why I don't do reality checks in these when I have always did reality checks after waking up) where I was sleeping beside my father. I may have gotten up a bit and used my laptop to searhc up naughty stuffs while he was sleeping.

      My dream returned to the president again, back where we left off. The VP was crying and protesting her arrest as the supposed mastermind behind the Mafia, while on the other side of the mist the president talked to some shadowy figures.

      My dream transitioned to me playing 3D Metroid (I have never played Metroid) where the environment are in HD 3D but the enemies are pixelated. I fought my way up what looked like a warehouse, got up an elevator, and came to a plaza surrounding a courtyard. I discovered that I have unlimited jetpack and I flew up to the top level, and tried to fly to an enemy and cut it in half with a sword. I missed and flew out of the map, which was a building floating in the sky surrounded by the vast emptiness of the skybox. I curved around and flew back inside the level for another try, but I missed again, then I woke up. I would also note that the flight felt different from the other times I flew in my dream. It felt like actual flying, unlike the levitation I always did not counting the one time I had angel wings.
    2. Church Flight – Jan 23, 2015

      by , 01-24-2015 at 08:04 PM
      In this dream I was with 4 or 5 spies, and we were deep in Russia. I won’t get into the details of what happened, and I’ll focus more on the lucid part, but we crossed through woodlands, small towns, country side, and then we finally ended up in a city. We were being pursued by a woman in white dress, so we decided to blend-in with the locals by sitting in the back of a church. There were lots of people sitting around chatting. Then, this old woman beside me leaned over and asked where I was from, so I told her, and she replied she lived there too until she was 23, and then she moved back to her small town where she spent the rest of her life.

      I jumped up and ran to one of the church’s windows and looked outside to see if all was clear for us to leave, but the woman in the white dress was standing alongside the church, and she saw me! I quickly turned around and ran out the back of the church and down a long flight of stairs. I was trying to go so quick that I flew down the stairs and around the corner. That’s when I realized I’m dreaming! Yeah, I’m lucid! I could feel my vision fading so I immediately took to flight. I flew across a small field; about 15 feet off the ground, and people were standing everywhere, staring at me. The tree line was coming up, but I wasn’t gaining altitude. I focussed on being at the tree tops, and this helped, because I flew immediately to the tree tops. My clarity was excellent at this point, so I decided to fly into a 3rd storey window of the church. I did so, and landed in an empty room. My clarity was fading so began to swirl. I swirled and swirled, but I felt like I was back in bed again, so I gave up and recorded the dream on my voice recorder. This voice recorder is cool! I woke up with 9 dreams on it.
    3. Insane chase and an adventure in the hiding spot

      by , 07-30-2014 at 03:19 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      I forget why, but It's a long term chase. I'm sleeping in Melbourne today. I'm going to drive to France tomorrow. (what?) As I see the tall evergreens shade one side of the street, I enter the most comfortable rest stop in existence. Well, it would be comfortable if spies weren't everywhere. How am I not dead yet. So I put myself inside a toilet, remembering the spies would hear me if I flushed. When I leave, I manage to enter my cousin's apartment (It is 200 miles away.). I gear up, get my chicken wings, figure I shouldn't use the bathroom, and travel to the afterlife, in a car, while alive, and with my irl family. I need to use the bathroom. I open the door, a tiny room infront with the actual door to the bathroom. It's obviously a trap. Of course they don't have bathrooms, everybody is just out to get me, as usual. Avoiding that trap,(I never avoid any danger that exists) I plan with the group, but the constant traps have already thrown our morale into an incinerator. Even my good jokes can't help it. The battle is already lost...Wait, battle? Oh yeah, there was an assassination buisiness that was trying to run when I was annoying it. So that's why this happened. I think anyways.
    4. Chase Dreams, Spies, and War Games

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:20 AM
      11-15-2013 -- [Had four dreams last night, the first and the last were halfway memorable, the middle two ran together as one and I could remember almost nothing of them. Seems the more I do things that are supposed to improve dream recall (B6, apple juice) the worse my dream recall seems to become. Sheesh. Since they are so choppy and limited in detail (and since all three had feelings of the whole chased by punks sort of thing), I am putting all four in a single post.]

      First one took place in two houses right next to each other. Some details of the houses kind of shifted at times. Most of the early bits are faded, so that I can only remember vague images. Wandering back and forth between houses, making food, playing Runescape. There is one guy in the second house (probably the Conrad house on Hickory) who dislikes me, hates Runescape, and insults me all the time for wasting my time and playing it. He also seems to be kind of abusive to the people who live in the house he is in. He may be the father or the brother or something, I'm not really sure. I find him picking on a young teen, a 13 or 14 year old boy, and since the boy is obviously scared of him, I push him against the wall, and give the boy a chance to get away. Problem is, this makes him decide he hates me, and he attacks me. So first I manage to catch him in a full nelson, and push him up against a wall, then I throw him to the ground.

      Problem is, he keeps coming back. I can always beat him, and he can't hurt me, but he also doesn't ever seem to stop, and every time he gets back up he is somehow a little stronger. Somehow I am running through a sewer underneath the block, and there are several attractive blonde women here. Unfortunately he is carrying one of them, but is allowing her head to hang in the water, and she is drowning. I pull her out of his arms, lift her head up, and make sure she is able to breath, and I've firmly locked the guy in as a mortal enemy. He chases me into Jeff's place, as I am dodging around the family room, while visiting with and petting a couple of cats and kittens. Every time he catches me, we wrestle and I throw him down, but he just gets back up, tougher and stronger.

      So I start down the block, heading toward Smith's and he follows me. One of the blondes is with him, dressed in black lingerie, and looking very nice. He is fondling her, but otherwise paying her no attention, though she is trying to distract him from me. I throw him down near a loading dock, and somehow exit across the street, then start walking quite fast up La Palma, hoping to get out of site before he gets up again. That fails, but I see a bus down the block a ways, and am hoping to reach a bus stop and catch a ride to get away. Problem is, there is no bus stop, and the driver ignores me waving for it and just drives right past. I find myself at a BankAtlantic right across the street from the Buena Park Mall, and I dodge into it and cut through, hoping to lose the guy, but instead it allows him to catch up to me. I exit the bank into a sort of terraced garden, sort of Japanese feeling, and he grabs me and we start wrestling again. By this point we are pretty evenly matched, and though I am not afraid or hurt, I am starting to get really, really frustrated!


      [This is probably two dreams of stuff I can barely remember.] I am fighting in some sort of building, perhaps a library. Part of it I am wandering around with Giles, I think, talking about how Buffy or Willow (Willow would make more sense) is a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and discussing some of the books she has read and liked, and would like further books in the series. Meanwhile, we're being chased around the library by some people, and fighting with them in what is supposed to be a friendly way, though one of them is getting more and more angry with me. At one point, I seem to be taking what is almost paper napkins, and somehow turning them solid and throwing them across the room to nail people and pierce walls. Interesting.

      Anyway, the guy who has gotten mad at me is now stalking me with guns, and he has three of them. He is determined to fight me, and probably to cause lots of trouble, but I eventually get a good look at one of his guns and realize it is a water gun. So I manage to wrench one of them out of his hands, and I start soaking him and he starts soaking me, and soon we're both laughing, and are on decent terms again. So somehow I exit what I think has turned into a boat, and find myself stepping out of the cafeteria at Dr Peter Marshall Elementary. It is night time, and I have just stepped out of a PTA meeting or Parent Teacher night or something. I glance over at the playground, then wander over to the office where I am trying to get to see the principal, but she isn't in her office. So I head out the front door, just to find her coming in the same door.

      It turns out to be the woman who plays Heddy on NCIS: Los Angeles, and I am complimenting her on her school, and mentioning my history here, and also making mention of the custodian, Butch, and what a nice guy he was, and she is thanking me for my comments and being nice. [The bit about Butch almost certainly caused by reading notes on the school's Facebook page in the last day or two.] Soon I am walking up Crescent, heading toward home, but I am very tired, and am kind of drifting. Somehow, before I reach La Reina I somehow wander onto a small trail branching off at an angle and down a hill, right where no trail or hill exists in real life. I realize I am off course, and though I shouldn't possibly be more than 20 or 30 yards off Crescent, no matter how much I try, I can't find my way back. Somehow I do find myself looking at stacks of books again, though.


      The first part I can remember on this one (and there were earlier bits) I am in a sort of spy dream, chasing and being chased by enemy agents. I am in a parking lot at a hotel, and I am following a cute woman as she walks to her car. I sense something and kind of back off and fade into the shadows, and I notice an assassin in a wheelchair has a gun aimed at her, and a laser site on her, and is about to kill her, so I shoot him, and he dies, instead. She climbs into her car and drives off.

      To avoid any problem with the guy I just killed, I plan to pop into the room I'd just rented in the hotel, but as I am entering, this other guy pushes in beside me. I shut the door and look at him, and he seems to look just like me, but he's kind of like my evil twin or something. Both of us have been injured, but in different places. I think he has an injury on his upper arm, while I have one on my lower arm, along with other wounds. Suddenly there is this strange sort of light show, bright light flashing on and off around us, and when it suddenly ends, we've somehow assumed each others injuries, and have to rearrange bandages. There is also a strange sort of hint that our personalities may have somewhat mixed, as well.

      He talks me into letting him stay over night, and the next morning we are talking a little, while we go through some stuff, then he decides to leave, and he doesn't say anything that gives me any idea that he is coming back. To be fair though, he doesn't say he isn't, either. I am trying to get my stuff together because I am supposed to be checked out at eleven, but somehow I have stuff spread all over the place. I am trying to get dressed, and it is very cold, so I decide to wear two pairs of socks. Though I can find both of the long, thick, black socks that go on my feet first, I can only find one of the white socks that I wear on the outside. The more I look, the more clutter there is on the floor, with more stuff and more trash just seeming to appear by the moment.

      By this point it is 11:05, and there is a maid at the door. I explain I am running slightly late and ask her if she can come back at 11:35, and she says she'll even give me to 11:45. I keep looking for my missing sock, and suddenly even the socks that I was wearing have disappeared, and I know I didn't take them off, and am wondering what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, I am sorting through all my comic books, which the other guy has scattered all over the place, bending a bunch of the covers in the process, and I am wondering why he had to make such a mess of things. By this point, I have managed to clear all of my stuff out of the bedroom that was mine, though there is still a bunch of trash in there. Since more and more of my clothes have disappeared off my body anyway, I decide to take a shower before continuing, and take off the rest of my clothes, but that is when the maid shows back up and lets herself in, along with the manager.

      So I am trying to get dressed again, and the manager is asking about disassembled computer parts which I realize are not mine, which means they must belong to the other guy, and I am wondering how the blazes we got so much junk into the room in a single evening! The maid starts to clean the one room I had finished with, and I discover that the clothes which I took off near the bathroom somehow moved into that room as well, so I have to go in there clothes hunting. The bed in the room doesn't have box springs, and instead the mattress just kind of sits on a slope of dirt, which is kind of yucky. But somehow the bed has slid a couple of feet down the hill, and the maid is complaining, and saying there is no excuse for moving the bed, like I am some sort of criminal for it. I point out my size and the loose dirt, and explain I did not try and move the bed, but that it may have happened accidentally. She accepts my word and forgives me.

      Meanwhile, I peak out of the room into the rest of the suite, and there are roaches running everywhere, as he does some bug spraying, though until he started spraying, I had not seen any, and I find myself hoping we didn't draw them in. He is dragging out a dog that he says is rabid, and I see another dog and a cat watching, and wonder how the guy brought in three animals without my ever realizing they were there. I explain to the manager that this is the last time I am ever going to let somebody I have never met before share my hotel room!

      By this time it has to be 1 or 2, and there is still stuff everywhere, and there is a long way to go before I'm going to have my stuff out. The manager is being really nice, and not hassling me, but he tells me it may be time to just break down and pay for another night, before he has no choice but to charge me a big fine. The problem is, I don't think I have any money left. Right about the time I am thinking of calling mom, or maybe Dale, to try and borrow the money to get another night in the place, the guy walks back in. He no longer looks like me, instead he looks like a cross between Nick Wisehart and Neil Patrick Harris, and as he walks back in and looks around the place, he apologizes for taking so long, and says he hoped to come back with a lot of money, but had no luck, and will have to hope this does for the moment.

      He hands me two fifty dollar bills, one that looks like American money, and one that is about twice as big and really colorful and purple, and almost has to be a counterfeit. But since the real $50 would be enough to cover the room for another night, I just head out the door to try and give it to the manager. The problem is, I find the manager with his father, who is the owner, and who he has already told me is a lot more of a pain, and may cause us problems about the whole thing. Thing is, it looks like the owner just won the lottery, and may be in a good mood.
    5. Ponies and Spies

      by , 04-19-2013 at 04:04 PM
      Had a dream, kinda... Austin Powers style, I guess? But I don't remember much.

      Then I was part of a group of spies who were trying to infiltrate an office. We got seen by someone there but they assumed I was a supervisor (I was one person and a group of people at the same time). Then their boss called a meeting and we were recognized as spies. And the boss turned out to be... Hitler. No kidding. I was going to try to kill him, but...

      Then it shifted to a group of people trying to infiltrate a place, and they were trying to infiltrate a blood elf camp or something. I was subconsciously changing the buildings because they did not look blood elfy enough. There were several members, and one of them was kind of a ladies' man who was embarrassed that it got found out that he'd set up a date with a superior officer's daughter, who was somehow also Rarity from My Little Pony (yes... a pony).

      After that, I was running out of some sort of office complex, only it was more like an industrial building, lots of concrete. I then fully realized that I was dreaming, but it was dark and rainy outside where I was. I looked at my hands, rubbed them together, tried running them along a concrete pillar... I wanted to do a scene change (I was trying to get to an Inn) so I tried to see a light in the distance, but then everything went black. I tried closing and opening my dream-eyes, but it was still black. I began flailing my arms around and every time I moved I heard a sound like the bell on a cat collar. Then I lapsed back into non-lucidity.
    6. Magic Tree, Spider-Man, Totally Spies.

      by , 11-06-2012 at 03:27 PM
      //No LDs.//

      #1 - Totally Spies.

      I was one of Totally Spies and our chief, Jerry, gave us mission. The problem is, I didn't know what is the mission. I also didn't know if other spies in my group knew.
      After leaving Jerry's office, we went to the shop that is near my house. We were there with my little cousin, I even didn't know why we were in the shop. Anyway, I started wondering why our chief didn't give us any gadgets to fight. Then I left the shop... and entered it again. Cousin was arguing with seller. He was cursing on her, called her an idiot. I felt bad. It was my cousin behaving like jerk. Shame. I decided to leave him with another spy and exit the shop. Before I did, I saw S., whom I first met in the mental hospital. But I didn't want to talk.

      #2 - Magic Tree.

      I was on meadow. There was very big tree with holes in it. Next to me was some girl. I don't remember much, only the fact she had glasses and ponytail. She came into the tree and started going upwards. It turned out that it's REALLY big inside. She could climb and climb and there was no end.
      I looked at the plate which was near the tree. It had words on it. "Once you choose downward, there's no come back". Somehow I knew that under the roots is only evil and up is good. People were supposed to choose the side. And when they wanted to do it they were receiving pieces of papers with letters from A to E. And again, they needed to choose letter. Each letter had different description. Description of character. People were deciding which one was just like them. If they choose wrong letter, they will get stuck in the tree forever.
      I got my pieces. I didn't really know what should I do. Then I saw S. He was around 10 years old (like me) and had his pieces too. He went into the tree. In that moment, I was seeing through his eyes. There were two girls - one from the beginning and one stranger. They were kinda... hibernated? Alive, but hibernated. He took pieces and lay their letters on their shoulders. Then I saw light. It was nice, warm light around them.
      I'm not sure what happened to them, but S. came out of the tree.
      And I still didn't know what to choose. So he started helping me. There were at least two letters good for me. But if tree would think different... I wanted to choose wisely.

      ...And I woke up. *facepalm*
      I find this dream very amazing and magical. Tree reminds me of those from the myths. Also, the dream is alike one about W.I.T.C.H. Choosing character, some guy helping me... Quite interesting.

      #3 - Spider-Man and Hospital.

      I was in the hospital with possibility to learn. It looked strange - like school mixed with hospital. But it wasn't bothering me. I went to the kitchen and wanted to make myself kissel. I couldn't find it for a while. Then I looked into the drawer and found it. In that moment some girl came to the kitchen and took kissel. At first I was confused and angry, but then I saw another kissel. So I made it and left.
      When I came out, there was... Spider-man sitting on a chair. I wasn't shocked. I said 'hi' to him. After that he got electro-shocked. I thought it's impossible, because there was no sources of current. And I saw two little things sticked to his chair. I took them, showed him and said there is usually just one thing like that (?). He took a look and got electro-shocked again, when he touched it. Then I saw man who was doing it. I said "it's him!".

      ...and don't remember the rest.
    7. La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) Performer Keeps Attacking Me

      by , 11-06-2012 at 12:11 AM
      11-07-2012 -- I am walking up Crescent, just before Dale, on the side of the street where the church is located. Oddly, as I walk along, I am pulling the metal core from a wire that is still strung up on the poles [like Don DuFour used to do] and it seems to have gotten caught or tangled on a transformer or something. I'm kind of shaking it to get it to come loose while trying not to electrocute myself.

      For some reason, Petey the Clown is walking with me, and is accusing me of being selfish or a bad friend or something. I am just about to cross the street and start walking down Hickory, when some guy from the last house on the block comes out and also starts berating me. He is angry because I am removing the core of this wire, and is afraid somebody will lose power because of it or something. Oddly, he looks like the strongman character from La Nouba [Cirque du Soleil show at Disney World, I just saw a video of it for the first time two days ago.]

      As I approach my house, he seems to be kind of stripping my bones out of my fingers as punishment. It doesn't hurt as he does it, oddly enough, but a few seconds later it starts to sting really badly. Then when I reach my house, he starts to remove the screen from the windows on my car, and I am really starting to get ticked off. I start cursing him rather severely, and tell him to stop hurting me and my car, and the generic neighborhood kids are very impressed because he is an adult and I am a little kid like them.

      I head toward the front door, planning to enter the house, and just suddenly find myself back on Crescent, across Magnolia from Peter Marshall, walking toward the school. Just as I step into the street I am kind of attacked by a large crate with eye holes that I know contains the strong man character, and has my name on it. He gets loaded on a truck or something, however, and is gone for a bit. I am also being attacked by a very La Nouba-looking clown who has no hair and a solid orange face.

      The only way I can stop this clown is to wrap my arms around her and pin her arms to her side, and as I grapple with her I realize it is Petey in different make-up, and she thinks I don't know her well enough to recognize her, but I do. She is still pinned in my arms and I carry her into the office at Peter Marshall and then set her down. The other office workers start celebrating her birthday, and I walk off, leaving her thinking I may not be as bad a friend as she thought. [Petey's real life persona does work in a school, but not a grade school, and not in California.]

      I start to head home again. Maybe I'll make it there this time. I am walking through a crowd of several girls who seem to be talking about Halloween costumes and/or playing Bloody Mary. Between the school and La Reina (a very short block) there are five gas stations that I can remember mystery shopping at other times, though today I am not doing any shops. By this time the strongman character has gotten free of his crate and is bugging me again as I walk down the street.

      As I turn on to Hickory Drive, I'm muttering about killing the strongman character, and I suddenly find myself running into a bunch of older politicians (Reagan, Nixon, perhaps Margaret Thatcher), and they reveal the rasping strongman is actually some sort of spy or agent, and I am expected to ignore all of his harassment because of his diplomatic mission to the Middle East. I'm thinking his mission is no excuse for his being an idiot.

      I actually manage to enter the house this time, and I find myself sorting through a lot of mail in my name. Mom is there and is being a bit of a pest, but I am trying to ignore her. I enter my second bedroom through the kitchen door, and I find the room is huge. In real life it was probably about ten feet by fifteen, but here is is more like 20 x 30. I find that mom has gone against my wishes and has rearranged my room, forming a sort of wall of bookcases surrounding my bed in the upper right corner of the room, leaving the other 3/4 of the room mostly empty. [Actually I never had a problem with my mom rearranging my room against my wishes, but it is something my current landlord is kind of threatening to do.]

      I am so angry about the rearrangement, I am about to tell mom off and move out, except I am out of work, broke, and worry I won't be able to find anywhere else to go. Then I wake up.

      Also a brief fragment somewhere in the night where I am trying to get some sort of computer layout job and am talking about being asked to do photo essays on the Hornet newspaper overnight to fill in pages that others didn't bother doing, back in my college days.
    8. Spying at the Marathon

      by , 10-17-2012 at 10:03 PM
      10-16-2012 -- Entire first part of this was lost. Second part begins with me driving down a road, heading to some kind of balloon gig I'm doing. As I am getting near the place I want to turn in, I see an attractive lady wearing one of the can can girl costumes from the Golden Horseshoe Revue. I roll down the window of the Jimmy and call out something about how much I still miss that show. The lady turns around, and I think it is Ginny, one of the can can girls I used to watch in the show.

      I see another can can girl also walking up, which makes it very likely they have a performance going on. Unfortunately since I am performing balloons, I'll probably have to miss it! Darn! I park my vehicle and get out, and find for some reason I am holding and petting a baby kitten. I have no idea why, but I know I am supposed to be holding it.

      The event we're all entertaining for seems to be some kind of marathon, and they are getting ready to start. There's a really smarmy, stuck up jerk who is trying to order me around and tell me where to go, saying something about how nobody except himself has any rights to anything or any kind of decent treatment. He makes it clear that I better not write anything negative about him, or I'm out of there. I wasn't expecting to write anything for the Hornet about this, anyway, but I'm sure starting to consider it, now!

      I glance around, and see some helium balloons and such up on a slight slope overlooking the street where the marathon is starting, and hike up there, figuring that is probably where they want me. The rude guy is here, and now seems to be one of the balloon people. He has a huge balloon bouquet that seems to be made of very long, thin balloons and huge 3 foot weather balloons or the like. It is trying to drift off in the breeze, and I stop it, which just leads to the guy telling me to stay away from his balloons. Sheesh ... try to help somebody.

      I'm talking with the other balloon artists, and starting to consider what I might work on, when I spot the fire department running around, emptying out and replacing the various porta-potties set up for the event. Don't know why they are the ones doing this, but OK. My Jimmy is parked where it might be in the way, so I go to move it, but this only causes the second window to fall into the door like the first one did in real life a couple of days ago.

      I find myself standing in a hotel lobby on the hillside, looking at some fancily dressed woman who is acting really stuck up and snobbish while talking about the whole event, and there are secret service agents spying on her and everybody else. I start to spy on them, and they seem to respect me because I respect them enough to keep an eye on them. Strange.
    9. Spies corrupting sports - Fighting sentient slugs

      by , 07-01-2011 at 02:53 PM
      Soo, haven't posted anything lately, but maybe getting back in to reporting things here can break the dryspell I am having.

      01-07-11 I am at a handball contest, the national team is playing. towards the end of the game the opposing team manages to score a goal to tie the game. However seeing as it is their keeper that throws a penalty throw, the Danish keeper quickly throws the ball towards the other goal. The keeper is running fast though and it isn't the best of throws.

      I switch perspectives and I am now a player on the field. I am sprinting towards the opposing team's goal in order to knock the ball in. I manage to do so by launching myself towards the goal.

      Next thing that happens is that I am back at the perspective of the audience. There is a dispute whether the goal is actually legal. The dispute says that the keeper has scored an illegal goal, and the first concern of the team is that the goal isn't at all illegal. Second of all I highlight the fact that it was another players scoring the goal so the keepers throw can actually better be considered a pass. The keeper tells me that they will reach a decision within the coming 40 minutes. I tell him that they should highlight the fact that another player had a hand on the goal and that this can be seen from the video recordings of the game. I speak with the player who knocked in the ball and he confirms that he has indeed touched the ball.

      I smell something fishy, first of all even if the keeper did score the goal that wouldn't be illegal secondly there has been a council decision that is rolling 2 vs. 2 on the validity of the score. I tell the team that I will investigate.

      I find out that there are some black spies working to sabotage the game. When I say black it is because they seem led by the black spie figure of the old school game of black vs. White spies. So I infiltrate their squad and manage to get aboard one of their air planes. It seems like they are in a hurry to get away from the game.

      The plane doesn't actually look like a plane on the inside though, it looks more like a trailer that builders use on site for their lunch breaks etc. On board I start breaking stuff. I rip the doors off cupboards and try feverishly to kick in a concrete chimney of sorts wearing my safety shoes. I wonder how it can be that the guys haven't noticed I am there and not one of them, but I suppose my disguise is good enough. When the plane has landed there is a conveyor belt of sorts coming off it and I cut this from the underside so it isn't useful. The conveyor belt seems like a plastic film on top of a filt carpet. I disembark the plane and for some reason the guys aren't getting off it.

      Pil is there and he has set up a little table right next to the plane. We seem to be in an area sparse with foliage and rich on rocks and cliffs. I don't get the feeling that we are near any area populated. I decide to sit down with Pil and eat lunch, he is somehow already informed about my actions on the plane and seems to be an accomplish of sorts.

      Minka turns up, or at least I think it is Minka, and I tell her that she can have the destroyed conveyor belt as a souvenir. She somehow seems to have something personal invested in this case and is glad that I have done what I have done. I ask her to join us for lunch but as I look around I can't seem to find an additional chair.

      I am in a setting involving a boss fight in a raid in Rift and my main partner here is Duki. Duki is lying n his bed he is awake and in a joking mood. I notice that his body is covered in tattoos, which I find odd as I have never seen him with tats before. I think this scenario repeats itself a couple of times throughout the dream or throughout the night in general, but I am unsure if it is the same or separate dreams.

      I am on a small island surrounded by murky water. I am in a raid instance although I am there physically and it feels more like a small complex with leaders in it. I am in the centre and there is a big slug like creature, the raid boss, and all of a sudden it starts running towards me. I know I have little chance of escape as it is, but I enable my speed buff and start running toward a slope where I know we have cleared everything on the top. I don't know if he will stop following me after some time, but I hope and still have my soul recall ability ready if he continues the pursuit.

      After a while I am relieved to see that he stops chasing me. I start making my way back down there to initiate the confrontation. I meet up with Duki who seems to be a Dark Knight from Heroes of Might and Magic.

      I engage the boss with a spear and rely on agility to keep him from hitting me. Duki isn't joining in in the way I would have liked and I shout out that I want him to charge the slug while I keep it occupied. The first successful charge like this is when I somehow wrap the spear around my body, ground the foot of the spear and manage to apply the head to the neck of the slug, immobilising him.

      I shout out “now” to Duki and this time he comes charging in. I don't know if it is the killing blow or not, but I remember nothing more of that particular dream.

      FA: I wake up and look at my dream journal. I wonder about this as I know I have stopped writing things down in the book. I rationalise that I must have been awake briefly and started writing stuff down. I wonder why I haven't finished the sentence I started.. it ends with the word “there” but it is very clear that the sentence is incomplete.
    10. weekend re-cap 2/3/2011

      by , 03-03-2011 at 08:44 AM
      We walk towards the door, which appears level with the path I slow down mid-sentence when I notice that the front door is ajar. A sense of dread. (perhaps linked to the story I was telling Frida last Saturday morning 26/2 about experiences of my childhood house being robbed consecutively and how I used to have recurring dreams about coming home to an empty house)

      Perhaps we approach the door quietly, listening if anyone is still inside, and we hear men’s voices speaking in Russian deep inside, because I panic and run as fast as I can, to the other side of the street, before we are noticed and devoured by danger. I run straight to the Coates’ house, knocking on the clear glass door, the mother approaches with a drink in her hand, smirking with her mouth full as if she’s having a party in the next room and they’re telling dark jokes. She answers the door mischievously at arm’s length. I smile and ask her if I can use her phone quickly. I call the real estate agent, and anxiety builds, anticipating (like when I called Stuart on Saturday night with only 88cents of credit) the credit running out, listening to repetitive automated messages, before finally I get an answer.

      I report to him urgently that someone has broken into our house and that they are violent (dangerous) and need to be removed. The man on the other end says that they will be prepared to proceed with the matter once I supply them with the arrest report and that he can’t do anything now, that I should’ve called the police first, and as I realise the mistake I’ve made, the stress returns, he questions why I was never taught that I had to do that.

      There are few scenes of us standing across the road from the house, indecisive on the Ash’s council strip watching for any movement.

      While I sit outside the Coates’ house, I see Mum come home, pulling up in the station wagon. She gets out, with Margaret, walking towards the house. I call out to her but she doesn’t hear me. I shout out in a hushed tone, so not to raise the alarm of the men inside, but she’s getting closer to the house still. In desperation I begin shouting for her to get away from the house, but only Margaret hears me, stopping on the lawn, shocked by the intensity of my voice, but my Mum has already entered the house stupidly, and I have to grab her by the arm and march her out, insulting her for not hearing my warning and ignorantly putting herself in extreme danger, and she apologises a little embarrassedly, thanking me cheerfully, still not realising the seriousness of the situation.

      There is another memory of sitting on the grass in the backyard of the Coates’ house, where I find 3 identical kitten, white with dark spots, and my friend tells me that they are dangerous. I ignore him, talking to them, so as not to frighten them, staring at me and shifting their formation slowly. I pick one up and it starts thrashing about, clawing at my wrist, trying to get free and lunge at my head, as I lean back and to the side defensively, as the others gang up on me at the same time.

      At one stage, sitting on the concrete, like a loading bay combined with an outdoor cafe seating area, next to the convenience store, there are two young men standing above us, arms crossed and necks crooked towards each other, talking in German, and I point over to my Mum, who is mid-sentence with Margaret, pursing my eyebrows to indicate the two men, and without further explanation she quietly translates their conversation in real-time, which is about us, judging us contemptuously.

      Sitting out the front of the Coates’ house, night-time, which is now a brightly-lit convenience store, and I go inside, filled with young people dressed up like a Friday night on King Street, perhaps because I spot Laura
      (who I saw at the Friki Tiki on Saturday night before the film screening) because I approach her specifically so I can borrow her phone to call the police. She doesn’t want to lend it to me, and not because she is broke, making up an excuse, awkwardly, saying thanks instead of sorry.

      I then ask Cordy in the other aisle to use his phone quickly, which he hands me without hesitation, but I realise that the criminals have sabotaged the emergency line, a strange mix of different voices digitally contorted, which I interpret as muffled laughter.

      I thank him and tell him that it was no use because “they’ve fucked with the [police] line”, at which point he suggests casually that I go up to the police station. I say it’s a good idea but I don’t know where the nearest one is, and he says that it’s just up the street.

      Enthusiastically with pace, I walk up Peacock Parade which is a dark, semi-industrial area, with lots of old brick warehouse fronts, and junk out the front on the sidewalk, broken wooden crates piled up against a telegraph pole, obscuring my field of vision, an illuminated sign on the other side, but standing discarded against the wall, when I hear one of the criminals screaming indignantly, running at full speed from the house, passed the bend in the road where I started at the convenience store, and I start running as fast as I can.

      The short guy catches up to me, around my age, and he runs straight to the bottle shop, open like a fruit market, and picks up a bottle of red wine from the rack, and threatens me, saying that he’ll bend my arm back the wrong way with the bottle against a chopping board, or something, a hard surface but unfixed.

      The police station is right next door and I suddenly make a bolt for the open doorway before he has a chance to block me off, and beat him to it, feeling invincible by passing the threshold, slowing down like a sprinter, down a narrow hall towards the shoulder-high wooden bench with a large authoritarian insignia printed on the front of it, even though there is no one manning it at that moment.
    11. #178. I Spy

      by , 01-15-2011 at 08:52 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      She pours cream in her coffee, and I know she's the spy.

      The woman sips at the drink as she turns and pushes into the crowd of people in the mall. I pull away from a conversation, follow at a distance. I can make out her long black coat, her long curtain of blonde hair. She breaks into a run, and I'm speeding after her. I'm falling behind, reaching out and (force pull) she's flying back into my arms. Hair falls away from her face - the wrong face. A body double. (I'm letting go of the woman, blending into the crowd.) Good.

      She's going to make it fun.

      I Spy. Scare Factor: 2.

      Blondes and coffee seem to be a recurring trope.

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    12. Some Dreams: My friend, Team fortress two, Spies

      by , 07-22-2010 at 03:30 PM
      Alright this is what i have in my real dream journal so far.

      Dream journal! Biggest goals:
      Shoop da whoop [] fly [] Have sex with dream girl[]

      Dream 1:

      My best friend was hanging out with more "popular" people and being mean
      to me and not wanting to be my friend. They were just walking I don't
      know the surrounding I sort of remember them being in a hall at my
      school but also just white blankness around them and me. After my friend
      told me to go away I turned around and could see myself then the dream
      was over.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing team fortress 2 but I could only see the screen.
      I don't remember any detail but at the end I remember something about
      a racecar.

      Dream 3:

      Me and my brother were my old school and there was snow everywhere we
      were hiding in a big snow ditch to spy on these guys we were spies and
      they leave. Then the kids went out to play and the snow was gone there
      was just little patches of snow. Me and my brother went to hide behind
      big green hills with the best looking greenest grass I've ever seen, we put
      on green shirts because for some reason they acted like there was a green screen behind us and it would campuflage us. Then, me and my brother both went in the kids' yard and lied
      down like pretending to be dead then kids go up to my brother and me
      then an old friend of mine's sister came and tried to help me up. I kept saying no!
      Then one of the bad guys we were spying in started walking toward us. My old friend's sister started crying because my brother had her keychain, he
      passed it back to her. We were then in a completely different part of
      the school yard where the kindergarteners play. But the place was
      deserted. I think we were fighting the guy then he stuck something
      down the back of my shirt and said "Be kind rewind!" then I couldn't
      see him anymore but I think he was still there. The thing that he put
      in my shirt was a time bomb I just knew that somehow. As I was trying to get
      it out, reaching for my back, It really tickled my back.
      Then I woke up, happy that I had a longer more vivid and memorable
      dream. I also made some maps of this schoolyard so you can better understand(they were made on ms paint so dont expect them to be that great). I used an imageshack link for them look at them in the order i put them. Thanks

      non-lucid , memorable