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    1. Lucid Chain, Flew Again! - September 11

      , 09-11-2018 at 04:00 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 11 2018

      I had two long and detailed NLs during the night, but after waking from each one, I couldn't remember anything*; I was pretty disappointed at my recall. It was around 4 in the morning and I had time to sleep in, at least until around 6:40. I decided to make the best of it. I got up and walked around, did some relaxation and tried to WILD for a bit with no luck. Finally I repeated my mantra only twice and went directly to sleep.

      I had a long non-lucid in my childhood home. It was night and I was in the kitchen, looking out the window. I could see a huge field outside. My dad was there, and we were planning something (resistance?). Scene transitions to a more brightly lit room, I have a toy typewriter that types in a brownish color on a clear sheet of glass or plastic; possibly the letters are cookies. I type "how to get rid of giant crickets" and think about cockroaches briefly (fear/loathing of these is starting to become a dreamsign). I think we were fighting against giant crickets in the dark house. I walk from the living room into a long kitchen area. It reminds me of the Oculus Touch VR demo I played about a year ago (with the little robot guy with the cartridges). There's a little kid sitting to the left of the kitchen where I enter; he's sitting and looking at some complicated instruments, similar to a plane or helicopter. However I get the understanding that they're for a car. I teach him about the controls and explain what they're all for. He's doubtful in his abilities and I reassure him.

      The scene shifts and the kid and I are in an airplane with the same controls. There may be another DC kid sitting there. I'm telling him to pull up, pull up, pull up! because we're flying really low almost touching an interstate highrise. Finally we're rolling on the ground, the wheels are touching the cement rails/guards on either side of the thing, I say pull up goddammit! He finally does and we're flying again.

      Scene transitions and I'm flying on my own, with just my body. Waves of pleasant vibrations are washing over my body and I feel the rushing sensation of the air. I become lucid! I look at my hands to confirm and then look around, and put my hands in a superman pose. I shoot forward! The sensation was insane. I fly for a little longer and then approach another bridge, veering up to avoid hitting it, but slowing down as I consider landing on it. For some reason I hesitate and doubt my ability to land effectively; the dream doesn't destabilize but I remember that I wanted to try spinning in a dream.

      I spin counterclockwise, flapping my arms side to control my motion as if I'm trying to spin while swimming. The scene fades and I feel a new one being created although I don't see anything yet. I feel myself sort of fall into a pool of water. I'm in a secluded watery area. All around me there are reddish metal walls with seams and rivets. To the left there's more of an open area. I touch the wall and look closely at the rivets. I walk along the permiter of the wall to my right and then along the wall in front of me, and arrive at a tree with a thin trunk (maybe 6 inches diameter). I can't see any leaves or branches, and the trunk is straight with smooth bark, making me think it's a palm. I try to write my initials on the bark and I can't really see them show up, but I can see them fade (I guess because my fingers were wet?). I remember my coin totem and try to summon it from my pocket. I reach into my left pocket and there's nothing there, but I pretend there is. I pretend to flip the coin with my left hand, nonverbally making the "sheeeeen" sound that it makes when it flips. I catch it in my left palm and slap it onto the back of my right hand, and after a second I feel it there! I move my hand and there it is, looking exactly as it does in real life, except for some fake-looking black rust spots (this could have been because I found an obnoxious amount of mold on my provalone last night). I look at it for a bit, excited that I could actually summon an item from waking life. Unfortunately I forgot the entire purpose of it, to rub it for stabilization. Oh well, there's always next time. Also this whole scene exhibited a huge degree of detail and solidity compared to the flying scene, possibly because I formed it/entered it while already lucid rather than being a preexisting dream. Also, I think that in this area I was in, there was a cover of some kind.

      I walk the perimeter to the open area (to the left of where I initially was). I look to the raised area with some pebbles and trees/bushes in sort of a garden. The walls here look like red brick, and there's no cover above, I can see sunlight clearly. I look at a bush and see a doe walk out! She's in perfect detail, and is beautiful. Then she lifts a leg and pees on the bush. I laugh and
      wake up. As I'm waking up, I realize that there was beautiful, soothing music playing at this place, and I'm able to sort of recapture and hold on to it; then I realize that the music was formed partly by my fiancee's breathing.

      *Note: I haven't been keeping a physical DJ on days when my fiancee is working. She's a light sleeper, so the scratching of the pen on paper sometimes wakes her up and she doesn't get enough sleep on working days anyway.
    2. TOTM Spinning Task 15th December 2016

      by , 12-16-2016 at 01:39 AM
      I am walking along a path on a sunny day and I am engulfed by the beauty of the setting and how the light is hitting some flowers and miscellaneous landscaping. I am thinking this is a beautiful waking life side effect of my new practice. I say to myself if this were a dream I would fly over all of this and I lift myself up on my toes like I do IWL and I begin to float. I gave myself a mild-mannered "how about that...I'm actually dreaming this" with a short chuckle...a more calm knowing than the aha realizations. I play around with my flying staying no more than 50 feet or so high and swooping down in some aerial acrobatics which feel quite realistic and fun though maybe not the strong stomach effect, a bit muted. I think of the spinning TOTM which was a dream activity I wanted to revisit and play with and I spin while seemingly still floating many feet off the ground and the spin feels very realistic and I seem to close my eyes a few times like a kid often does while spinning but it could have also been the effect of the spin on my vision, I don't remember consciously choosing to close my eyes. I think of wanting to arrive at a beach but then I remember that it's supposed to be a surprise where I arrive. I hear upbeat music while spinning and I stop a few rotations after hearing the music to go the opposite direction to try to rewind back to that "location" but the music is gone so I start spinning again and decided that should be good enough and stop and I see a big dark room and a open doorway I pass through. On the other side is like this large holographic display maybe equivalent to a 100" screen TV but transparent with a clear outline and it is displaying an older style computer animation of a girl walking around in a simple maybe only three color animation. As I watch it the animation looks more refined. I move on and see the back view of a thin female (assuming) of unknown age wearing skinny jeans or tight pants, tan in color, and she has brown hair down to about her shoulder blades and a light colored top. I called out for her to come back but she was already ducking into another hall ahead and to my left. I decide to stay where I am at and shortly after a group of ladies to my right come strolling into this large room which is still dark (though the details have been clear since the big holographic screen animation, though never as vibrant as the scene with the sunlight on the flowers). I think the ladies were residue from the Incorporated TV show. They were wearing skimpy evening wear, mostly little black dresses but also a red dress or two. Dream fades to me in bed.
    3. My First lucid dream since roughly 2 years ago!!

      by , 11-24-2016 at 03:16 PM
      so Last night the morning of 24th november 2016 i had my first lucid dream in a couple of years.
      Now before that id had a completely differant dream (That wasn't lucid) about being in some kind of what seemed to be a 3rd world country walking through a long up hill market place when i noticed that the people walking past me were wearing shackles and actually being taken away as slaves, there were so many of them that i took it upon myself to start freeing them from the chains (Theses people included white, black, native people, all walks of life) i was having to be sneaky about freeing them, obviously, but eventually id freed enough people so that we could start to over power the powers at be, or atleast the gang leaders who were chaining everyone up!!
      Now at some point a grenade was thrown and it landed at my feet virtually, and exploded causing me to then wake up...But i went straight back to sleep and this is when my lucid dream happened:

      ok..SO I WAS DREAMING, AND IN THIS DREAM I COULD REMEMBER THAT I WAS SINGING THIS SONG, now i can remember at the time "Thinking" wow this is a really great song, i was completely making it up, it doesn't exist other than in my dream, yet i was fluently singing it like i knew it off by heart.
      all of a suddon i woke up..(Or atleast i thouight i had), and i could hear the women in the room next to me (I live in shared accomadation) playing her music very loud, and it was very early so i SCREAAMED out to her at the top of my voice to turn it down at which point i WOKE UP!!!
      It hads actually been a dream within a dream or 2 levels deep if you know your stuff. Now i kept waking back up and literally falling straight back to sleep, and each time it happened i started to figure out that if i could here the song then something wasn't making sense and i must have been dreaming..now i think the fact that i kept waking up and falling back asleep helped me become lucid becous my mind was conscious almost as much as i was in dream state which may have allowed me to recoignise the fact that i was dreaming, thats my theory anyway.
      So the sound of singing became my "Dream Sign". Now the only problem i had was that i was fading in and out of dream state, and once id realised i was dreaming i was ok to hold onto the fact i was conscious for a short time, but anytime i tried to controll the dream or make something happen, it instantly sent me into a spin and i would wake up!! :-(
      So i will see what happens tonight and hopefully it's just a matter of practise and that sooner or later i will be able to not only induce LD but also take complete controll without waking myself in the process.
      i will update soon!
    4. 16/03/16 | LD - Low quality vision

      by , 03-29-2016 at 09:27 PM
      #9 LD - Low quality vision
      As always my room. I was laying on my bed with my bf. I was looking at the wall and thought that I shouldn't be there (I wasn't at home in RL then). I did RC and get lucid. It was dark. I tried to make some light by commands but I only had some strange quality vision. Sth like that: [KLIK]. I didn't write it down but I think that I saw also some disco colours and I said that I didn't mean this kind of light. I wasn't calm much. I went to the shelf and took a red figure. I touched some towel. I went to my mom's room and tried to fly through the window. I heard an alarm but I knew that it's still a dream. I saw on the phone that it's 2:10AM. I flew away and on purpose I was falling down spinning. I thought that it was a bad idea. It started to be dark and my dream changed to NLD. Some bird or 2 were falling down on the hill.
    5. My third experience (finally!!) - DILD

      by , 09-08-2015 at 11:28 AM
      It has two years since my first two lucid dreams. I admit I wasn't trying enough and at some point I forgot the whole thing, but lately I decided to try again. I was trying DILD mainly although DEILD is what worked for me before, but it requires much luck, it is not easy to remember to stay still when you wake up before you make any move. Also I find WBTB difficult, I don't think I can relax enough, so I'm saving this one to later.

      Anyway I watched dream signs and I could never commit to doing enough reality checks, but today I finally did it!!!
      I'm so excited and I wanna write the whole story but some parts I don't remember accurately.

      First, I got sick and took a permission to work from home today, but I still woke up at 8:30 am without an alarm from a non-lucid vivid dream, then I talked to someone at work who is leading the project I'm working in, and he said I don't have to work from home today if I'm sick, so I decided to take a nap and then decide if I will work or not. I woke up from the lucid dream around 11 am, so the nap was around 2 hours long. I mentioned the times because I had my last lucid dream during a morning nap too, so I'm guessing that's something I should try more often at least on weekends.

      It was a DILD this time, no SP or any other kind of transitions which is totally new for me since I had SP the first two times.
      I was having a normal dream that I don't recall with details now but I think it was kinda scary then somehow ended in a car going to work, and as I mentioned above I'm staying at home today in the real world and I was considering more than just one day working at home, so in the dream I started thinking "Why am I here? I'm not supposed to go to work, I probably should go back." (The reality check I was trying lately but couldn't commit to was the "How did I end up here" one. so I guess it worked ). Then I started to suspect that this wasn't real because I am sure I shouldn't be here. Anyway I arrived there and decided to do a check. I dunno why I didn't try the normal reality checks, but what popped to my mind was to try to test the taxi driver's reaction. My logic was that he normally has to get paid, so if I'm in a dream he probably won't care , so I opened the door, and got out without paying anything, but he got mad! and starting yelling at me. I paid him and somehow I realized I'm dreaming while I'm paying him, probably because I kept thinking "I'm not supposed to be here". I literally threw the money at him after I realized I'm lucid dreaming, and walked away fast.

      At that moment I tried to control my excitement since my last lucid dream was so brief because I got so excited and touching the floor couldn't stabilize it back then. I walked to the middle of the street and started spinning (it was the first time I try this technique), it felt so nice and the dream got stabilized. I tried to change the scene with spinning but I saw only slight changes, like colors and so. I was trying to change the scene to something simple I always planned to try, a green big field and a black horse. That didn't work, but I decided to move on and not focus on it so much.

      I walked around and ended up in some building. It had my bedroom which I wasn't sleeping in tonight, and many other different rooms that can't be in a house. Anyway I didn't try to control the surroundings, but doors led me to different rooms which I don't remember in detail now like when I wake up from a normal dream. I got in my bedroom which wasn't exactly the same, and decided to ask my subconscious some questions (I made the decision a while ago to try that first since it is easier than changing scenes).

      I started with my first question which was something about jobs always getting screwed up for me, something always happens that makes it is too hard to stay. Anyway, my voice at first was low, later I could shout. When I asked the question, I got a cat thrown from the window, it was like an empty stuffed cat and I thought he/she would talk, but he/she did nothing. So, I asked again, and I got a real cat jumping through the window, and he/she talked to me. That was kinda scary at first but I listened. It was a low deep male voice, and the answer was cynical, something about how all people with talents should be screwed like that, but I don't remember the exact words now. The voice was low, and I asked the voice to repeat some parts, and it would only repeat the last part it said, never more.

      I left the cat and asked another question which was about a risk I wanted to take. A business to start because that has always been my dream and because I am sick of working for others. This time the answer came through a phone, a traditional one. I didn't dial anything, I just held it, and I don't remember how it ended up in my hand. I got the answer with the same low deep male voice, and again it was cynical about how that would be a risk and if it would fail "that would be it for me" in my career. The same thing happened with repeating parts I didn't hear. I was walking around while talking, and noticed some teens around who were making noise and making it hard to hear, so I yelled at them "quiet", and that's when the voice stopped answering, maybe because I got distracted.

      Anyway I got out of the room, and decided to try again to change the scene, but it didn't work and I woke up. I just woke up like from a normal dream, nothing special.

      Conclusion and notes for me:
      • Morning naps work for me
      • How did I end up here reality check might be the best for me.
      • I am much better at stabilizing dreams now, and spinning works! I also tried touching my body while spinning.
      • I'm not good at control yet, I was in full control of my character in the dream, but not the surroundings or other characters.
      • I hardly interacted with dream characters, only the teens I yelled at, and the taxi driver was before I realized I was dreaming. I was too focused on me, and didn't pay attention to other characters. I should try to change that.
      • I dunno what the voice I heard was, but if it is my subconscious, it is so cynical and I don't think I want to talk to it again
      • I need to read much about creating scenes and practice visualization more.
    6. Fear

      by , 01-27-2015 at 06:28 AM
      1. I started out walking through a small field inside a middle school. It was sunny and it was sometime around noon. I was walking towards a set of classrooms and stared around the area I was in. It wasn't until I looked up at the light blue sky when I slowly realized I was lucid. The feeling was intense. My mind slowly questioned itself whether or not the environment was real without doing any reality checks. I just sort of reminded myself how important it is to remember to question whether or not I'm dreaming.

      When I became lucid, I immediately started speed walking towards the right side of the classroom building. I tried summoning a dream character but the dreaming started fading away. I used the spinning technique to try and stay in the dream but it didn't work out as I planned. Somehow the dream didn't want me to stay in it longer. I'm not even sure if I left the dream, though. As soon as my vision turned black, I still felt as if the dream was still going on, I just couldn't see it. It happened a couple more times the same morning.

      2. I was somewhere inside a dark abandoned building. All the lights were off and no one was nearby. I was scared. I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to do something quickly before anything came out of the dark and attacked me. That's when I figured out the solution. Though I'm not sure whether I was lucid or not at this point, I still managed to do what I planned on doing, in waking life, to light up the darkness. I extended my right arm back and reached out for a summoned flash bang grenade. I held it in my hand and threw it at the ground. As soon as it hit the ground, light started to appear. Not as much as I wanted there to be, but enough to get out of the building quickly.

      When I climbed out of a window inside the room, I was standing on the roof of an average size apartment building. At that point of time, my lucidity went higher. I took advantage and summoned someone I've been wanting to meet. I extended my right hand back again and felt her hand. It was Sydney. She was wearing a different uniform this time. I pulled her out in front of me. She looked back at me and stared at me with a seemingly happy smile. Without saying anything to her, I extended my hand back again and summoned a sharp knife. I pulled out the knife in front of me and noticed it was way too long. It wasn't also the knife I wanted. I wanted a sharp, simplistic knife, one that looks like Micheal Myer's knife.

      I extended my right hand out one last time and summoned one. This time I got the knife I wanted. I pulled the knife out in front of me and turned towards Sydney. It didn't seem to bother her that I had a knife in my hand. She was still smiling.

      I grabbed the knife hard and aimed it towards her left lower part of her stomach. The knife went in to her skin as my body moved in closer to hers. The feeling of my knife going through her stomach was intense. I'm not sure how I can describe it. After stabbing her, the dream then slowly faded away.
    7. Twisted

      by , 01-24-2015 at 06:08 PM
      I didn't prepare too much to try and achieve a lucid dream last night, not like this past week where I spent about an hour thinking about having one. I did have one last night after falling asleep a few minutes before 2 AM.

      Like many other of my dreams, I was back home when I first realized I was dreaming. It was already dark out, which is one of the scariest moments I noticed in my dreams. I had this sudden urge of fear that haunted me while gazing around the parameter of my home. It was really dark and there was nobody else with me. I was alone and afraid.I knew there was something out to get me, but I just wasn't sure when or how they'll catch me. Something was bound to happen if I stood a little while longer.

      I hovered above my backyard and noticed my neighbors backdoor lit up by a lamp just above the door. My first thought was to head there in hopes that I would find someone who could help me throw these feelings of creepiness away. I disapproved of it and immediately flew towards the side of the my house out towards the front yard. My flying abilities were weak at the time. I wasn't able to ascend to a higher position until I got enough run speed but as soon as I did, I quickly flew out of the backyard and landed on the front yard on grass.

      I began to calm down a bit, though still a little scared about what might happen next. That's when I was reminded that there was one way I could make my fears go away. A meteor. I wanted to summon a meteor. I wanted a big ball of roaring fire to come hurling through earth and destroy everything and everyone in it. I raised my right hand up towards the sky and ordered the dream to give me that meteor. Moments later, the meteor came hurling down earth and big waves of fire came mowing down everything and everyone across my field of vision. What happened next is a mystery. I woke up to yet another dream(after waking up and falling asleep again).

      This time I appeared to be inside my bedroom, along with both of my parents drunken out of their minds leaning against a wall while on the bed. I laid there right next to them, drunk as well. We were all just laying there having a good time until one of my dad's friends came walking in to the home for a visit. I didn't really want to talk to him at the time but seeing how I was drunk, I decided that perhaps I'll have a few good laughs and have a good night. I placed my drink down nearby and followed both my parents out the door. When I walked outside, I noticed two kids sitting on the couch watching television with my dad. They were my dad's friends. They looked bored out of their minds. I went up and talk to one of them but they didn't seem to care about what I had to say. It was a good think I was drunk, so it really didn't matter.

      I then walked over to the kitchen where I see my older sister and mother. My mother was sitting at the table near the backdoor enjoying her drink while my sister was near the sink cleaning some of the utilities. At that moment, somehow, it struck me. I became lucid. I'm not sure how but, I felt this sudden urge to do something insane(one of them being too strange to type). One of the things I done second was to try and summon a dream character. Unknowingly, that's when the dream felt like it was slipping away from me. I immediately used the spinning technique to help me prolong my dream time. I turned around and around like a top as I felt the movements of my dream body move in a vibrating-like motion. It took a lot of spinning to get it to work. It wasn't until a few moments in when I felt amazed at how much this technique was working for me. It got even better. After a while of spinning, the dream started to fade a lot more quickly. It came to the point where I couldn't see anything. I started to panic and yelled out something like, "Keep me in the dream!" or something along those lines. I also spun quicker. It worked, surprisingly. I might have not lasted long after all that turning but it's definitely worth practicing with.
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    8. 8/5/14 Floating Through Floors & Gray Cat - Sensei's Comp Night 9

      by , 08-05-2014 at 05:45 PM
      Hitting every other night for my previous 4 lucid nights! The first DILD this night was fairly short and the second DILD even shorter. Still fun!

      8/5/14 **1115 5am(wbtb) at bank with D (crayfish guy). Help figure out how much deposit or withdrawal. / train travel time altogether versus? / I see old co-worker R in our employee gym working out. I greet him and ask him how he's doing. I wake up and think that should have made me lucid since he no longer works there. One of several mini awakenings as my wife gets ready for the day. I tell myself to watch out for several dream signs including being at the office again. / I am at the office again but I don't catch it right away. I'm sitting in an office chair and I spin on it and I believe the feeling of the spin makes me suspicious that I'm dreaming (or I already was suspicious or semi-lucid) and I spin some more and it is a lot of fun. I just keep spinning and spinning on the chair. I worried for a moment that I could be at work looking like a fool spinning like that and I decide that I will just float up and erase any doubt that I'm dreaming. I float up and enjoy the feeling and decide I might as well float on out of the building and I float on up through several stories floor by floor (fully phase) seeing different people. Some sexy women and I think about stopping but I just keep going and when I exit the top of the building I wake up. / I am looking at a Dreamviews dream journal posting by StephL and reading that she had two lucid dreams last night the first one was short again and she use the word poo, as in poo on another short one. Her second one was longer and one of the two dreams had something to do with driving or going somewhere when she realized that she was dreaming. I haven't looked at Dreamviews since last night so it would be cool if it was true that she had two, but even better if she had two longer ones. another mini awakening... / I am in some room. my wife is getting ready and I am sitting on the edge of a bed or couch and a small dark gray cat walks up to me down by my feet I reach down and start petting it. Wait a minute. I don't have a cat. I'm dreaming again! The cat is friendly nudging his head towards my hands as I continue petting it(dc interact).I wake. I had some other shorter dreams that I forgot.
    9. Creepy Medical Facility and a Glass Elevator

      by , 07-27-2014 at 06:22 PM
      LUCID x 2
      WBTB + supplement (8 mg galantamine)

      I am at work, talking to L. She just did a strip tease for the guys in the SEC. I note how skinny she looks. I wonder how she can get away with doing this in the work place. HR would freak if they knew this was going on here. L doesn't seem well, and I learn she recently got a DUI. She tries to make it sound like we are alike, especially with the DUI. I tell her she is wrong, I never got a DUI. I see another woman, preparing to take a shower. I think it is my friend H.

      Irritated by my conversation with L, I feel myself lift up toward the ceiling. I start to spin, and realize I am dreaming. Excited, I float along the ceiling slowly, trying to maintain focus in the dream. I move toward a doorway, wanting to leave this dream scene. I exit through the door and start walking down the stairs. I am a little worried, because I have dreamed this kind of stairway before, and those dreams are often unpleasant. I remind myself to keep my fear in check. I exit through another door and find myself in a strange hall. It looks like some kind of medical facility. Far down the hall I see what appears to be tubes that may have people in them. I see a woman in the hall, maybe a nurse. She looks surprised and upset, and she says I can't be here. I try to reassure her. I look directly at her and tell her in a calm voice "It's OK, I am dreaming. This is a dream." She does not believe me. I wake up.

      Excited about my success with having an LD, I hold very still in bed, determined to immediately re-enter the dream state to try again. I imagine myself floating toward the ceiling and spinning like in my previous dream, and in just a few seconds I am dreaming again! I am in a large building, so I decide to go exploring. I become aware that my bladder is full and I really need to pee (LMAO), so I think hard about what I need to do to stabilize myself as long as possible. I tell myself that it is my dream body that is experiencing the physical sensation, not my physical body. I also clap my hands several times to try to ground myself in my dream body, which works well.

      As I explore the dark hallways, I remember that my LD goal is to find an elevator. I turn a corner and see one at the end of the hallway. I want it to be a glass elevator so I can see the view outside. I press the button and hope for the best. The door opens and it is a glass elevator! I get in and press a button. It is very dark outside, and the dream is unclear. The elevator is not moving up or down, but sideways instead. I watch the scenery carefully, trying to will it to become clearer. I see city lights, and finally an ocean scene far in the distance. I want to get out to go see the ocean. I exit and start walking down a road. There are no DC anywhere. It looks like a very long walk to reach the shore but I am determined. I have to keep clapping my hands to stay focused. Along the way, I remember that I'd like to try eating something. I want some pasta since my gluten intolerance has made it impossible to enjoy real pasta for years now. I see a small Italian restaurant ahead. As I get closer, I see the doors are very small, and I don't think I will fit through them. I decide to keep walking rather than risk waking myself up by shoving myself through an impossible door. The last part of my walk is on a narrow dirt path, with some steep edges. There is a ravine on my right. I am very close now, and I see a nice building on the shore, which appears to be luxury apartments. I wake up before I reach it.

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    10. A walk after a WILD trip through a tunnel!

      by , 07-23-2014 at 08:10 PM
      I had this lucid dream back in February. It was my first WILD!

      I am practicing a relaxation exercise and mantra during a WBTB session. I feel slightly dizzy, then hear a roar in my ears. I then experience intense sensations of my body twisting and turning in space. I see darkness, but as I continue to hold into my awareness, I begin to see a vision of a tunnel. The physical sensations slowly translate into a feeling of shooting through the tunnel at hyperspeed! The feeling is almost overwhelming but I stay focused and conscious.

      The speed finally slows and I feel like I land on solid ground. It is pitch black. Slowly, the scene around me starts to materialize and I focus on my hands. I am wearing black gloves. It is night time, and cold here. I keep thinking I DID IT but remind myself to stay calm. I look around and see lights far off in the distance. It appears I am way outside of town. There is a creek or canal to my right, and a path ahead. I am in awe of what I just accomplished and what I am seeing, but I donít feel the dream is very stable. I know I need to stay engaged with the dream to keep from waking up so I start walking. I then see a small hut ahead with lights on. I decide to follow the path to the hut to see who might be waiting for me.

      The dream then begins to collapse; everything goes fuzzy and gray. I recently read about LaBerge's spinning technique, so I decide to try it. I spin around as fast as I can. The scene fades to total darkness. When I stop spinning, my vision becomes clear again. I am in the same place, but now it is daytime and it feels like summer. The sky is incredibly blue! I admire a tree next to me and enjoy how bright the leaves are, as though they are alive. I look at several other plants along the path and notice some strange discoloration in the leaves. I wonder if the plants are malnourished. The dream then collapses and I wake up.
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    11. Candy

      by , 07-04-2014 at 10:10 PM
      Date: 03 July

      Pre bed: 300 mg valerian

      Wbtb: 1/2 latte (other, around 40 mg caffeine)

      In this ld series, counted at least 3 DEILDs, memory not at best, many locations

      I get lots of HI, some are very clear and I am able to hold a few for a while but not enter them, also some fake hand movements etc.

      Mini dream: On a balcony, they are constructing a bridge over it, I have some awareness that this is a dream but soon wake up.

      Mini-ld: We are in the middle of having a dinner and I find myself chewing on tasty lettuce. Bf tells me about people having these phantom limb sensations, I reply that this is because they were dreaming, it's the dream body moving. I move my dream hands to check if they fit comparing them to previous HI attempts. All in.

      I'm sitting next to bf and see this glow around his head. Could this be real bf? No, I don't think it's him. I say something to him I can't recall and watch for the reaction. The scene devolves into a mildly creepy one where my voice turns into a dry ghostly whispering independent of my command. I also feel some part of my real body (like back or hands supposedly) as I'm about to consciously exist any moment. There are other disturbing noises and I'm so not in the mood to deal with this and wake up.

      I take a mini toilet break then back to bed.

      LD pack: My recall is bad on this one, I think I deilded at the end. Once again I find myself with bf in a dark room and this time it develops into a full blown Xanous like scenario, bf is quick to disappear and this eerie invisible entity comes instead.

      This whole thing is probably just my imagination but I feel I can't control the entity. What it does is lift me upside down at the level of the ceiling and keeps me spinning and spinning in the air. Continuous spacial rotation is not pleasant and you get dizzy just like irl (without expecting it). I'm hoping that this would stop but it doesn't so I decide to attack the thing. I do my best trying to take it apart, it looks like some movie type of dark creature. Since nothing helps, I let go and leave it spin me around to see what happens.

      Memory gap so not sure what happened next.

      I appear in a dark modern apartment. Do I know this place, have I been here before? The arrangement is somewhat similar to a few old non-lds but not exactly. I'm a bit suspicious that the dark entity drove me here and the confrontation will continue. Just remain calm and continue exploring around, and there is indeed nothing out of the ordinary. I remember the basic task of the month. In what looks like the kitchen are two DCs male and female involved in some sort of activity/experiment and photographing barbie legs or whatever.

      I tell them to help me undress and they do. I think they managed to get all clothes but there was a reappearing underwear top thing that I had to take off.
      Memory gap.

      Most likely this is where I went for another deild.

      Fragment. I can't recall in which room I appeared but now am at our old place, pass through my room, talk to mom, tell her to open the door to the balcony. She tells me the door is open, I think just like in the dreams of (Sensei?) the doors are always open. I go on the balcony.

      The scene is extremely beautiful and vivid though a bit unstable. It's a magical late afternoon and and there are hues of orange in the sky and some buildings etc. I make a mental note about that and cautiously proceed to examine it in a bit more detail before rushing off for totm. I take the time to examine the colorful flowers on the balcony and the surroundings, can feel the wind gently blowing. Ok, enough as I start worrying that I don't have that much time in the dream after all.

      The idea is to get down and continue with the naked task with some random DC audience on the street. Time to make that jump again. I feel a bit bolder this time, go to the side where I often decent in my non-lds and take a look at the street, yard etc. The amount of detail is simply amazing - it's as if every piece of the memory falls into place. How am I able to reproduce all that, I have absolutely no idea. The thing that strikes me the most is the grass. There are a few longer types of grass next to the fence with long grass florets that casually and continuously sway with the wind. The scene is perfect.

      I am preparing to jump down or get down using any means. I think at this point I might have lost the dream though. There were some DCs on the street I wanted to interact with. Memory gap.

      The next scene I recall is a place similar to my school and I head for the window again. Think there was more between those scenes. Feeling bold again at this point, I don't care if I will be able to open the window or get through - the frames change so it is hard to get out but I am determined to get out. In the end it changes so I am able to open it and look down. It's high again. This is so tiresome. I worry that if I jump and fall too drastically this may destabilize the dream and make it go away altogether. What to do?

      I decide to slide down the building or do the usual non-ld climbing down so scan the building for any frames, rails and similar items to hold on to. There aren't many of these on this building though, but I give it a try nevertheless. I start to slide down and immediately use the sticky fingers technique where my hands adhere to the surface. To my surpise it works really well and immediately slows down the sliding to almost a halt. This is great, so I will use this now to slowly slide down, but before I move too much, the building gets much shorter and it's as if I just teleported to the ground. Unfortunately, at this point the dream thins out and I'm back in bed

      I hold still for a deild again while a bit worried about recall and whether I will be able to go back to the same scene.

      DEILD:Back in the same scene! Ok, I decide to help stability a bit, there is a jar full of colorful sand and stones on a table near the building so I take it and pour some of the stones on my feet. They are gentle enough not to hurt but provide nice tactile sensations to hold on to. I also recall that other ld where I drank a glass of cold water and felt so much better. There is a glass and a bottle/bottles of cold water and I pour some on my head and (did I drink any?) and body and on my head again. The water is cold and absolutely refreshing. I think I will recommend this technique on DV.

      I continue down the street and spot three possible locations to go to. It's nice and sunny with a feel for some exotic dream city. I stare at the three spots trying to feel which one is most inviting. In one of the places is an Asian guy dressed with cool clothes and a motor helmet. Looks like they are having fun there and I head in that direction but the guy is no longer there. Nearby is a huge head statue made of sandstone, it looks ancient and a booth where this lady is handing out free tickets for some event. I briefly wonder about this place. Then recall the basic totm, queue for a short while, grab the entry tickets undress fully and follow the crowd to whatever place they are going. People stare at me as I explain this is for the totm.

      The place turns into some sort of a train/disco. I go further down the carriages of this crowded place. My best friend from school is now tagging along and I become really happy because she is the best companion to have in dreams. I feel a bit conscientious about my previous behavior and once again repeat that this was for the totm. "We just did the totm", I say. Let me see if this is correct. I try to remember what the tasks were, reaching for my memory while being cautious not to concentrate too much like that one time. Yes, that was one of the tasks. I also recall I wanted to look for Sensei. My idea was to teleport to him, but don't want to push my luck too far with that.

      There are lots of DCs walking around and I scan them trying to see if Sensei might be among them. Nope. Ok, any of you guys good with teleportation? No reply. Ok, I guess I'll summon him then. *Thinking* There is a tall DC just round the corner. There!

      A tall guy walks from round the corner and I begin to question him "Are you BrandonBoss?" He: "Huh? Brandonboss - you?" Points at me. Then points at himself. Me? No. He's got blue eyes and dark blonde hair. I decide to probe him again. He denies being BB and says something else I can't recall. Oh well. I leave him and continue down the carriages which is now more like I'm exiting a disco or bar.

      There's a stand where they sell cigars and some of them are actually candy. I spot a really nice package of dream lollipops (under transformation) and feeling mischievous grab them. Yes, it's a dream so I can take this. Oh, wait, the other totm! I wonder if this counts, the lollipops turn into other appealing types of candy and chocolate before I start stuffing them in my mouth. They taste really good like a really pleasant chocolate and other fantastic sweets. I can't believe it but this time I chew all of them.

      I'm wondering what else to do here when the dream comes to an end.
    12. 6 June: stranded in a dead spinning planet

      by , 06-06-2014 at 11:52 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am visiting some planet colonized by humans. All is well, until some shit happens on the other side of the planet and humans explode the most powerful atomic bomb ever. The planet is not so big and the strength of the bomb is enough to alter its rotation and orbit. Where I am, we're not affected by the explosion itself, but soon after the planet starts spinning uncontrolably and we feel the most horrible sensation ever. We consider suicide, because we can't do anything at all for ourselves, we just experience this huge nausea and inability to walk or do anything at all. But luckily the spinning starts decreasing to a more manageable level. But then we have to consider the nuclear fallout. I hide in some sort of mine with facilities attached, where I meet a couple of people who live and work there. We lock ourselves in, isolating all the entries, but then we wonder what we will do, as we will need water and food. They have a stock that lasts some time, but then we have to start foraging outside. But the atmosphere no longer offers as much protection against space radiation and it is worse during the day, with the local sun's radiation at its peak. We learn this the hard way, after watching a lady die with severe burns, almost turning to ash, so we only go out at night with lots of protection.
      Some night we manage to find a communication device that works and we learn that people on Earth know what happen and are sending rescue for survivors.
      Meanwhile, some kind of space pirates flying nearby, also know about the situation and come down to the planet, to scavenge and loot. We have a close encounter with a couple of them, we don't really have anything for them but they threaten us with weapons. We manage to escape and right when we're on top of a hill and spot a rescue ship, a volcano erupts nearby, signaling the start of the planet's collapse. The rescuers takes us in and from space we can this planet wobbling in a strange infinite symbol shaped orbit and blowing up from the inside in multiple volcano eruptions.
    13. Exploring a huge house

      , 01-26-2014 at 03:22 PM
      I was having trouble falling asleep after the last dream and was twisting and turning in bed for a while until I realized I had seen 2 dreamscapes form but not stabilize - one was a video game and the other I donít recall. So this made me think that this is probably a good time to try to WILD and after a while I find myself in the dream although I donít recall how I got there and I donít remember actually entering the dream. I think more happened before the point from which I recall the dream but i just donít remember it. Anyway I find myself walking through a house and exploring the rooms. I am going through some room where itís kind of like a mini labyrinth and I have to make right turns like 3-4 times and as I get to the end I imagine findning and hot girl at the end but there is nothing there. I keep searching and I come to a room that is sort of split up in two parts and is also very much like a labyrinth and I hear a shower running. I go through one part of the room and come to a bathroom where the running shower sound was coming from and in there I find a tall black woman with light skin and she is turned away from me. She has a nice ass and then she turns around and her face is pretty ugly. I tell her "sorry, I am mistaken" and I leave. I feel my dream starting to destabilize but I want to get to the door leading out of here before restabilizing. I get in front of the door and I start spinning. Once I stop I open the door but it feels like I need to spin in the other direction a bit and I do like half a spin to stabilize and Iím good to go. I keep looking through the house and the next room I come to is empty and there is a black desk standing in this room that looks like an office. I decide I want to break this desk with just my bare hand. I slam my hand down on it but it doesít break...fortunately it doesnít hurt me either. I then think that I should have no problems breaking this desk with my hand so I try again and in fact I donít even hit it as hard and this time it breaks in half but my arm doesnít go all the way through. So the desk is sort of broken but the two parts are still held together slightly. I think I just push my arm through it to break it. As Iím heading out of the room I see a lot of clatter and there is some object thatís close to the exit and I move it telekinetically...well it only moves a little and not as much as I wanted to...I intended to just shove it out of the way completely and it moved maybe a few inches. I walk out of this room and keep going through the house but now Iím starting to feel my breath being hot and heavy and it makes me think that my real body is in bed and I have the covers over my nose and mouth and in fact I start feeling the covers get wet with saliva and I have trouble breathing. I do my best to ignore it and I think I try breathing through my mouth and my nose gets congested. Iím able to keep going though, but thinking retroactively I should have just completely ignored these sensations of my real body. Anyway, next I get to a room that is sort of open and not surrounded by walls completely and in fact I can see way outside this room but I realize that what Iím seeing is not fully formed and my dream is destabilizing. I start spinning to stabilize the dream and I decide to actually just teleport out of here and go where there are a bunch of SOIs. As I continue spinning everything goes black and Iím in this void spinning and I feel my feet still going in the motion to make me spin. I continue spinning for maybe 5-10 seconds waiting for a dream to form but I wind up waking up. Interesting to note that my blanket was not covering my nose and mouth and I was lying on my belly with the side of my face on the pillow and nothing was obstructing my breathing.
    14. Floating girl doing a funny butt dance

      , 01-24-2014 at 02:04 PM
      Iím in the street under a train line and as Iím walking Iím thinking about it being morning already and I havenít had a single lucid tonight. Then it occurs to me - what if Iím dreaming right now? I look at my hands and I realize that I am in fact dreaming, even though my hands look quite normal...I just know. I do a couple of RCs - finger through the palm and pinched nose and they both work. I start rubbing my hands to stabilize and then I spin but it feels uncomfortable rubbing my hands and spinning at the same time so I stop the rubbing. I spin one more time around and it gets a little bit more stable but not completely. I start walking around a little bit and realize that I have a very heavy book-bag on my back and I drop it to the ground by just taking the straps off my shoulders. I turn around and I want to kick this book-bag really hard and I see up ahead about 30-40 feet away there is a doorway with a sign on top. I kick the book-bag real hard in that direction (this thing is huge and heavy) and it goes flying but just off target and I use telekinesis to aim it and hit the sign. The sign explodes and a piece of it goes flying at me and almost hits me in the face. I then see a woman turned away from me. Sheís close to that same doorway and I decide I want to throw her against the wall for some reason. I try to do it but it doesnít work. I then levitate her up in the air and try to do it again but she just floats down to the ground. I then levitate her up again and I start moving her around doing funny dance moves like shaking her butt (sheís wearing a short skirt...like very very short). People around me are laughing and itís pretty funny howís sheís floating around and doing funny dance moves. Anyway after a few seconds of that I wake up. I try to DEILD back in but it doesnít work and I give up to record my dream so that I donít risk forgetting it later.
    15. Someone help :(

      by , 12-11-2013 at 05:12 PM
      By the way, i just wanted to say i have never experienced anything like this before, although a few weeks ago i did wake up in the middle of the night and i thought my boyfriend waas standing in the corner of the room but then i realised he was next to me and the shadown faded away, i never thought anything of it until now as i thoiught i was seeing things, (which i probably am)
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