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    1. Saturday, May 2

      by , 05-11-2020 at 10:24 PM
      I am in the room of some house. Also here is John. I am aware of the fact that he is actually not living, so I guess this must be some kind of apparition or spirit visitation. He does look somewhat different, though not his features - maybe a tiny bit transparent. His expression and demeanor are peaceful, happy, and content. We talk, and it is nice to talk to him. I express that I don’t want this to have to end, and with a grin he says that we are always able to do this.

      I am working at a Starbucks with Brittney. There is a blond girl who orders an iced coffee at the counter but then never takes it. I think that this is supposed to be spiteful and/or mess us up, but I don’t see how, as she’s the one out money and without a drink. She continues hanging around and not taking the drink, though there’s no way she can’t see it. Brittney and I comment on this. The girl then ends up in an apron and working, doing dishes at a stainless steel sink. I then end up doing dishes, cognizant of how gross they feel. I scrub them with some black strap that has different sections of sponges of different coarseness. I notice that each section is labeled, I think with both a number and letter. I think we’re having a visit or inspection today.
    2. 9 Jan: Magical island with spirit animals

      by , 01-09-2019 at 09:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a friend, we are going to denounce some corruption in the police. There is a conspiracy and they do what they can to stop us. A traffic policewoman doesn't want to let us drive away in our car, we understand she is looking for reasons to detain us, so we run away. We are followed, we split. I enter the internal affairs or something like it and I meet the detective that already is expecting us. I sign a letter with my testimony. Even in there he has to do some tricks to protect the statement and the evidences from corrupt colleagues.

      With some boys, having some classes on metallurgy, learning to make some instruments and later applying to some competition.

      With mom, arriving to a house at the very edge of the woods. We spot 5 kids coming out of the house, all fired up over something. They get on a boat at a nearby peer and we keep watching their journey as if watching a movie. They sail the sea and face sea monsters and are almost swallowed by a whale. They end up on the shore of some dream island and welcomed by some Greek goddess. People live there in peace, away from the human world, protected by this magical monsters that live around and in the island.

      I go down to the beach and meet these amazing black shiny horses that jump on the ocean and they swim to the shores of the idyllic island. I follow them there. Nothing happens on the way. Once on land, I learn the island is full of wild animal spirits. The population here stays indoors after sunset and keeps the fire burning for protection, because the evil spirits attack at night. But the fire extinguishes and we are attacked by a spirit in the form of a black puma. When he is about to attack me, he stops but still hurts me with its claws. Wants me to follow him to his cave. Zilla is there to and tries to hit him with something, so I can run. I don't want to hurt the puma, so I use the chance to escape and he gives up and goes away. Later, a demonic boar is attacking a lady and I also have to beat it until the spirit leaves.

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    3. October 22, 2018 Semi-Lucid, Non-Lucid, False Awakening, Nightmare

      by , 10-22-2018 at 07:31 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Earlier yesterday I took a nap. I became aware that I was dreaming but I wasn't really in control. The scene in front of my was flickering. It turned into this weird structure like the one from Interstellar with the bookcases but instead of bookcases it was the blue sky and the clouds. It looked like the same sort of image or block of space was going off in a bunch of different directions around me. I felt very high but the dream collapsed.

      I haven't had a nightmare that freaked me out in a long time until this morning. The dream was back at my house from when I was a kid and my parents were still married. There were things that happened earlier in the dream, but I started to remember when I was inside what looked like our garage. My father was narrating the dream. He was telling me about something that had happened in my past, something dark. I was myself now but watching my child self playing in the garage. There were these white strings that had bounced on the ground and were attached to something away from my view. My dad was explaining that I had discovered something, or something evil had discovered me. As he explains it, the object attached to the strings comes into view as my child self picks it up. I don't know the significance of it but it's this bell that looks similar to the liberty bell with a crack in it and a piece missing but it's small enough to hold in my hands. My child self becomes extremely terrified. I can hear my dad's voice get bitter. I'm freaking out now. The story is that two spirits took me that day up into the sky for hundreds of years. One spirit is a dead woman dressed in a gown whose colors are negative. I couldn't see the other spirit, but something was telling me the spirit I couldn't see was much powerful than the woman spirit and was controlling the entire situation. They took me up into the sky where there was an old floating house. It was weird because I could vaguely remember that I had been there before. My dad was so distraught telling me they took me up there for hundreds of years but for them it only lasted a blink of a second. I was just finding all of this out now.

      I woke up in a false awakening in my dad's old house. I ran to the door with my mom on the phone, I was asking her if it was real. She couldn't answer which told me it had been real. The door was locked and I was frantically trying to open it because I could feel the spirit behind me. I burst through and ran downstairs to see my dad in the kitchen. I walked over to him crying and wrapped my arms around him.

      I woke up in another false awakening, this time in my current room. Because my closet door was open, it made a tall giant dark figure in the corner of my eye. I was in sleep paralysis. At first, the shadow wasn't doing anything, but then I thought it might move and it became evil. The thing just flew at my face and was hovering there. I was stuck in a flinch terrified. This lasted a few moments before the evil thing made a lunge at my face and I woke up this time for real.

      Eventually, I went back to bed and had this dream that Donald Trump was about to do something entertaining yet destructive to the entire world, like a giant show that would lead to some sort of bad thing happening. I was with another person, I think maybe my mom, living this story of two agents who were going to stop Trump. I had been caught by a secret agent who brought me into a room. Trump ordered me to get beat up or something. The agent had taken off his belt and had hit me and was planning to kill me. Trump all of the sudden flew at the agent and knocked him out. Turns out Trump was my mom in disguise. We get out of that room and sort of ninja jump over a pond away from bad guys.

      I'm now in this pool surrounded by buildings with a few of my friends from college including lauren and there were a few kids I didn't recognize. Someone whispers for me to flip over a floating device she's on but she gets off. Moo tells us there's not a lot of time left for us to stop Trump and the only way to get there is through this amusement park. He tells us to jump on this roller coaster on the second to back left seat because there is this really strange robot that sits in the seat with you or something. Moo Owen and I jump into the station and get into the carts before other people can. They just seem to let it happen and get back in line. Most of us are in the back cart. I look up and see Moo's on the other side of the train next to this cowgirl robot and I realize that's where we were supposed to get in. The ride starts and we hang on. It starts to go up a hill as I ask Owen when we should be getting off. Moo yells that we need to get off at the next slow part. The train takes a few turns and then starts going up another hill. We jump onto another rollercoaster track which is made of what looks and feels like brushes for shoes or maybe horses. I'm struggling to get a grip and finally start gaining some traction. Someone yells that we need to get ready to surf. The rollercoaster takes a dip downwards and we start standing up surfing on this rollercoaster down a hill. In front of us is this wide alley with buildings on both sides that contain rides and rollercoasters coming out of the buildings. The idea is that we need to jump from ride to ride in order to get through and stop Trump's plan. The dream collapses.

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    4. Seeing my dead cat again + some other fragments

      by , 09-18-2018 at 07:54 AM (Dimension X)
      After another year, I can finally focus on dreaming again. I'm having trouble getting the motivation to write as soon as I wake up, but hopefully I'll get used to it again, like before.

      If a dream isn't like a story, or there are multiple different things that happen separately, I'll use bullet points now instead.


      -Was with my parents, and there were a bunch of other cats around, all the ones from the farm house we had to leave back in 2011. I distinctly remember calling out to one nearby, who was rolling around. His name was Boots. This is not the deceased cat, however. The only cat we now know is gone, is a tiny female cat named Ryza. I think I was partially lucid here? Eventually, I started crying, and I picked her up in my arms when she got close and I said "I just miss her so much" through tears. Woke up with my eyes watering. ...Maybe she's somehow letting me know she's okay.

      -With my brother Aaron, and not sure if my parents were there. There was a small hill nearby that we were on top of already. At the top was a parking lot. A truck suddenly drove up the hill, and into the parking lot, while flipping multiple times, yet sustaining no damage. I remember saying "That truck's a tank!"

      -In a different, yet familiar house, looking around. I remember it definitely being haunted in the dream. Haunted by the spirit of an elderly woman. Eventually, I remember looking around and saying "Thank you for letting me be here." Not long after, a horrible sensation coursed through my body, and I felt like I was getting electrocuted. The dream ended shortly after. ...What a bitch.

      That's it for now. Gonna try to write in here more.
    5. My strange night of repeated sleep paralysis & an encounter w/ a boy (LUCID)

      by , 09-22-2016 at 07:29 PM
      I went to sleep early last night & got up late. I took my meds only at the beginning of the night at 9pm & fell asleep about 10:15 so it may be why my mind was opened up more. I also cut way back on my smoking a week ago because Mike & I are working towards quitting. I'm actually really grateful for not being foggy, regardless of the fear I experienced at times during the following entries.

      My first experience of the night. I was sleeping & Mike had left earlier for work so this was probably around 6am. I started sleeping on my back in February or March but somehow I ended up on my stomach. I felt the all to familiar feelings of terror as I felt my body being forcefully pushed down into my bed & I couldn't move at all. Sleep paralysis is something I am all too familiar with. It seemed to go on forever. Eventually I was able to move & woke up to go smoke half a cig. I then went back to my bed to try to have an OOB/AP experience. I laid back down & tried to raise my vibrations but I've been sick & what is usually an easy thing for me to do was not happening at all. This is where I interject that ethereal entities are drawn to ppl when they are sick or deeply depressed. I am not depressed my any means but we all know I have been sick.... I then fell back to sleep.

      I awoke again to being held down again but this time it felt like a prepubescent male about 12 which disturbed me on a whole other level. I can't explain how I felt this but maybe it will make some sense later on as you read... I felt scared at first but also confused. I've never encountered some entity that I would consider to be some kind of lost confused soul of some sort. I didn't feel like he meant anything bad but I still had some real fear present because entities can do things like impersonate a being that you wouldn't fear. Anyway, I finally came out of the sleep paralysis & got up to pee & went back to sleep again. (Side note: I was on my side when this all occurred which is also not very common for me. And also the phrase, "prepubescent male" is not a phrase I use yet I felt strongly about saying it this way.)

      I awoke again on my side w/ the same feeling of this boy on me. It was like he was trying to scare me for some reason but now I'm not scared at all. Instead I feel bad for him. I can tell this time I can attempt to move like before when I had an OOB/AP but I tried to roll in the opposite direction than I normally do towards Mike's side of the bed in hopes of seeing him. But I just roll over & sit up. Nothing occurs. I then go to pee again & go back to sleep.

      This time I have no sleep paralysis at all but enter a dream state. I feel the weight of this boy yet again in my dream state. He's looking at me & just trying to scare me.
      I became full blown lucid at this point. He is freaking out because I can see him. He is confused. He told me that no-one ever sees him. I said, "well I sure see you, why were you holding me down" he said he was trying to scare me but doesn't know why. He just sounds like a kid doing something kid like. Like he was getting a kick out of it as a sort of game. I'm in his house I think but I'm not sure. I'm in a bed there & the house looks old. I start walking around & the fixtures & everything is old not like a modern house might be. He's walking w/ me but he seems not fully solid to me but close, really close. Other people are there like a family. Eventually one by one the others start to see him too & he's excited & scared all at once. I feel like his guide or something. Like I'm supposed to help him or I'm here for a purpose that is his, not mine. Of course I think as a bi-product it has helped me in some way. The people seemed confused too & not much is really said. I then woke up.

      I'm not sure why these kinds of things happen to me but I think maybe the boy in particular was there for a reason. I have been studying medium-ship for a while now & reading stories by mediums of real life sessions w/ ppl & the afterlife. I'm highly sensitive to ppl & feel energies. I've had OOB's/AP's. I've had encounters w/ 2 family members that have passed & I see my dead dog in my home. I'm always having strange urges to tell someone about something that will help them & I pass it on to them. I know when ppl are coming to my house a lot via dreams or feelings. Hence, I'm quite intuitive. I also am very in-tune to vibrations. I've been studying Spiritualism, which is not Religion so please don't confuse them. I'm very interested in Energy Healing & Spiritual Healing. I'd like to learn one or both. As of a week ago I have cut back on my smoking because of a strong feeling I have that this is blocking me. But in the end this is my weird life. I think I've been led down this path after so much strange & unusual turmoil in my life. Like I had to go through all of that to get to here. This is a great advantage to not being a young person anymore. With age comes wisdom & insight.
    6. Magic Lesson One: Rock Climbing

      by , 08-17-2016 at 10:55 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up naturally at 6:45AM for my WBTB which was nice. Couldn't quite remember my dream. My non lucid recall has been sort of shitty for the last week. I took 8mg Glanatamine and 600 mg Alpha GPC with some fruit. After a half hour of listening to anime soundtracks and setting my intentions I did some SSILD and tried WILD. I got some imagery that wouldn't stick and eventually got out of bed but the dream never stabilized so I won't bother putting an entry for that. I kept waking up and doing nose plugs but they weren't false awakenings. Eventually a dream formed but I had lost most of my lucidty.

      09:38 AM
      Magic Lesson One: Rock Climbing (SSILD)

      I am in a final fantasy style RPG on a game boy advanced. I remember playing this game before in a different dream and wan't to speed run through it to get back to where I was before. I set up my character and complete the first area to receive my sword. I then attack some enemies with it. I get to the overworld and make my way to where I can get my first companion which is a warrior guy. I then go through the overworld to a mine where I can start leveling the mining skill. I forgot though that you have to talk to this mole man NPC first to get access. I go to the first dungeon and also get a mage girl companion. We defeat the boss of the dungeon and I wake up a bit.

      I am a semi lucid now and in my own body. I am at the edge of my college at night. I want to keep playing the game so I pull a GBA out of my pocket and wonder how to get back into it. I start running around while I look at the GBA and thinking about how to turn the mechanics into a real game. I realize I don't have a GBA and remember that this is a dream.
      This is my chance!

      I stop running and actually skid because I am going so fast! It is dark but there is a street light so I feel comfortable. I see a DC is jogging along the sidewalk. I walk out into the street and remember that I wanted to try a stability potion first. I put my hand back and summon a bottle. It is triangle shaped with a small cork and green liquid in it. I pull the cork off and drink the entire bottle. The dream destabilizes for a second and then completely restabilizes. It isn't the most vivid dream but I feel like it will last a long time. Another random DC runs by. I say out loud, "Juliana, I am ready for my lesson." I flow energy through my hands and stick them out. "I now understand the importance of body, mind, and spirit!"

      Anime -esque flash back time! Previously when I asked Juliana to give me my lesson she told me to read some books first. I started with Journey to the West and read the chapter titled "Monkey King studies magic" The Monkey King (the character in my avatar) went to study with a sage to learn to be immortal. After 7 years he had to choose which philosophical discipline to focus on but was disappointed to learn that none of them would teach him immortality. The sage took him aside and told him he could learn the secrets of body, mind and spirit which isn't a formal discipline but the forces that hold the universe together. This is how The Monkey King gained immortality and a bunch of other magical powers!

      From there I knew the other books would relate somehow to the body, mind, and spirit. The book on astral projection is related to developing the energy body. The book on zen is related to focusing the mind. The other books where the Vedas and I learned more about the Ātman, the "true self". I can do energy flow simulation to work on my body schema and I can do zazen meditation to work on my mind but I couldn't find any meditation to work on the spirit. Considering I don't believe in a literal soul stuff like transcendental meditation seems like complete bullshit. I ended up realizing that just listening to good music is a great way to meditate on spirit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaJoDAXkSMw Now, back to the dream!

      I imagine Juliana appearing in front of me in a puff of smoke. Nothing happens. Hmm. Well, it was worth a try. Another random DC runs by and startles me. What is with these DCs? I stick both my hands back and feel someone take hold of them. "Hi Juliana." I say. "Hey Matthew." she replies. I turn around and it's her. I hug her and notice she has dark hair again and her witches hat this time. "I'm ready for my lesson." I say. She looks around and takes in the environment. "It's dark here. Let's go somewhere with more light." and she points to one of the buildings at the college. We walk over there and I ask,"Hey Juliana, I'm curious, what is your natural hair color. I've seen you with red hair and dark hair." "My natural hair color?" she says. "Oh, it's grey but I'm always changing it." I say, "Grey? Are you sure? Okay." She looks at me with wide eyes and says, "Matthew, I want to ask you where you come from." I am a little taken of guard and say, "Haha okay. I want to know a lot more about you too." "Ya, but you sort of popped up out of no where and now I'm your dream guide but we hardly really know each other."

      We get to the door of the building and she opens it. It looks nothing the same on the inside. There are students everywhere in white uniforms. There is a staircase even though it is a one story building from the outside. We walk in and I see a door at the end of the hall with light coming through the window. "You did it! Let's go through there." I say. There are so many students I get destabilized a bit in the commotion but because of the potion it is really easy to stabilize again. I look back and see that Juliana has changed into a guy with aviator sunglasses on. She looks like Dave from homestuck but I can feel it is still her somehow. I take her hand so we stay together and we go to the door. "Let's make it a basketball court." I say as I open the door and go through. It really is a basketball court on the other side and it's day time! There are DCs talking and playing and there are tall buildings around the park.

      "Okay, let's start the lesson. We walk over to a bench and she sits down except now she is an indian boy. "I did the research on body, mind, and spirit." She nods and smiles. I go on,"Body I can develop with energy flow simulation. Mind I can develop with zazen meditation." She looks happy that I figured this stuff out. "Spirit I had a hard time with though." She looks concerned. "You see, I don't believe in spirits" She is about to say something but I explain myself. "Well, I believe in spirit, but not souls. In my mind, spirit is the essence of a person. Their passions, feelings, and relationships. I don't think there is a metaphysical thing determining those things. Not in the waking world but I would imagine souls are real in the dream world." Juliana looks very confused. "Waking world? What is that?" I say, "That's where I go when I wake up. You don't know about the waking world?" She squints at me and says, "So that is why there is something different about you." I ask, "So where do you go when you go to sleep?" She says, "Another dream world." I ask,"Haven't you ever woken up before?" She replies, "Not Really. So what happens when really wake up?" "Look." I say. "We should get to my lesson. Contemplate this and we can talk more about it some other time. Also, why do you look like an indian boy?" "Oh, sorry." She says and gets enveloped in a white light as she transforms. I stand next to her to help her get the height right. I ask to see the red hair this time. She looks like herself again with the red hair.

      "Okay, your first lesson." She points at some kids playing on the side of the court. The kids around here like to get them selves in all sorts of trouble. They go in places they aren't suppose to and do dangerous things." We walk down the court. "See all these tall buildings." I nod. "They like to climb up the walls and do graffiti way high up. The adults just can't climb up there to clean it but the kids never fall." We stop at the end of the block. "Your first magic lesson is to climb to the top." I ask,"What's magical about rock climbing?" She explains,"I know it isn't extravagant but it will teach you all the principles. Go ahead and choose a building and get climbing."

      I choose a building and start pulling myself up on the brick and engravings. I get up a ways and find myself at a difficult spot. "Look at 11 o'clock." I look up and a bit to the left. I see a flourish decoration that will make a good handhold. "Thanks Juliana!" I say and keep climbing. "What is this dreamviews thing on your phone?" she says. I look down and I am higher up than I thought. "Hey, what are you doing with my phone?" I shout. "Don't fall and wake up or you will loose your cell phone!" she says. "Even if I wake up I won't loose my phone." I say and keep climbing. "So what happens to your stuff if you wake up? Doesn't it disappear too?" she says. "Ha ha that isn't how it works." I say. "When you go to another dream world you don't bring your stuff. If you are inexperienced that is. Hey, who is this Chiara girl? Is she your giiiiirfriennnnnnnd?" she giggles. "Yes, that's my girlfriend." I say. "Your waking life girlfriend? Let's go through your texts!" I am very high up now but there is an over hang. I am starting to get the point of all of this. While I was distracted by Juliana I climbed much faster and easier. If I am just confident and go with it I can do anything! I make it over the overhang and can see the top now but I start to destabilize. I think about what I learned and use it to just go with it and stay anchored to the dream. I imagine myself holding the top ledge and the dream restabilizes. I pull myself to the top. Juliana is just a little dot now. I give out a victory yell and jump off. I float gently down and as I am landing near Juliana I take away her phone. I see that she has her hat off so I take that too and plop it back on her head. She looks a bit guilty but happy. I start to wake up and while I have more to say to Juliana I feel like it is time. After all, I have a lot of dialogue to right down before I forget it!

      So my feeling was right! Juliana does know it's a dream but I am surprised she didn't know there is a real waking world. I look forward to continuing that conversation and my magic lessons.
    7. Meditation in a lucid dream

      by , 08-11-2016 at 07:19 AM
      I was walking around with a monk. The monk said "Be careful with what you have in your hand, that is a spirit lantern." I look down and see that I am carrying a lantern. I snap into realization that this is a dream and become lucid. I become very confident and pick up two more spirit lantern and start to balance them and have fun, I do this extremely well. I then remember my lucid goal of meditating while in a dream. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. After the third breath I start to levitate. I open my eyes and become surprised and happy. I laugh, cheer, and wake up.


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    8. 251015:Funeral Home and Some Weird Spirits

      by , 10-25-2015 at 08:09 AM (The Dream Journal)

      Outside the old apartment I lived in childhood. It's dark. I see a leather jacket on the ground, looks like a biker jacket. A spirit lives on it?

      In a funeral home, it's very shadowy. It's a place where you can leave your bodily fluids on the coffin to feel closer to the dead. I go down a cramped elevator, my hand it wet with goo and it feels disgusting.

      I see Homer and Marge from the Simpsons and an alternate version of them. They are a lighter color and have totally different personalities.

      In a hypnogogic state, I feel a cat jump on my back and walk up to my head and falls asleep on it.
    9. One Sister, Two Spirits

      by , 08-15-2015 at 02:15 PM
      Morning of August 15, 2015. Saturday.

      Once again, I seem to be a teenager. (Note: I first absentmindedly wrote “teenanger” in my notes instead of “teenager”).

      In my dream, I am once again in Cubitis, though there is not much furniture in my room. I am much as I am now (mentally and emotionally), including having a computer desk (along the southeast corner and facing south in this case). I do not question this perhaps because I did experiments with electronics in the 1970s (building mostly useless novelties and haphazard hybrid decks) thanks to my father buying lots of junk at flea markets, including cassette players, speakers, amplifiers, and old radios on a weekly basis.

      I am not sure of the time (it could be either morning or evening, though I am often aware of the general time in the majority of my dreams). I eventually notice the sheer curtains to my right over the west wall (mostly made up of large jalousie windows) billowing out for a few minutes. Eventually, in my mind is the idea that my (deceased) older sister Marilyn will appear as a spirit. Something seems to “move” in my mind and she appears as she did in perhaps 1978, but remains behind the nearly transparent curtains for a time as if the movement of the curtains in the slight breeze had something to do with forming her or her essence. It is very vivid. She comes out from behind the curtains and I talk with her for a short time and even touch her shoulder and she seems happy. (“Curtains” is a possible reference to having died in this case.)

      Eventually, she walks out of my room into the living room. From here, though, the setting seems to be the southeast area of the living room on Loomis Street. My brother-in-law (her husband) is sitting on the right side of their couch near the window. An unknown female in her late forties is standing near him (who may be a nurse or friend) to his right (though she is facing west to my implied room in Cubitis and he is facing north towards the room I stayed in when first moving there from Florida).

      My sister turns to the left and walks away, seemingly towards a fictional hallway. Another version of my sister is, at this point, talking to her husband. She looks mostly the same as the other supposed spirit.

      I get an impression that the spirits of deceased people somehow divide into different versions of themselves to visit or comfort particular individuals at or around the same time. This seems “wrong” somehow, but I cannot quite resolve it. My dream eventually fades as I watch my “other” sister standing and talking with her husband.

      This is certainly not the first time I have dreamt of more than one copy of the same person. It happens regarding my wife Zsuzsanna, and she sometimes dreams of more than one of me as well. I also once had a dream of two different versions of my father (May 1975) when he was still alive. Pets sometimes duplicate as well. This dream seems to be different, though, as I am far more aware of the implications than usual. It possibly translates to how people project themselves differently to different people. Note that I have five half-sisters total (and six half-brothers), but grew up mostly on my own, as they were all older.

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    10. Supernatural

      by , 03-16-2015 at 07:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A girl and I are in a large tower with a spiral staircase winding up untold heights through the stone walls. It becomes apparent that there is an evil spirit chasing us. We run up the stairs for a while, then duck into a room. I run back out to distract from the girl and run up the stairs some more. But the girl doesn't hide like I thought she would. Instead, she decides to sit on a table and just face the door, waiting for the spirit to get her, as if by seeing it, things will be okay. I get a feeling of doom as I see the creepy spirit woman rush through the door and tackle the girl. My heart sinks in my chest. But there are more harmful things nearby, and nothing else I can do for her, so I try to stay hidden to fight another day.

      (This was a lot cooler when I first woke up, but I went back to bed for 3 hours, then went to work, so some of the details have eluded me at the moment.)
    11. Land of the Dead

      by , 02-17-2015 at 04:14 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was a spirit. Dead? I'm on the "other side." I was looking for someone. I saw accidents but they look more like a picture: still and unmoving.

      I found a woman. I went back to the world of the living with her. We had to go through a "portal." It's not a whirling "hole" on the air though. It's like... a field, where everything is hazy, where the land of the living and the dead overlap. I saw the place where the woman will end up, in a camp in the middle of the woods. I thought of how it will be difficult for her to go back to her life since she's already about to be buried. While thinking this, I saw another woman, older than her, inside a tent. The older woman is stopping her from going back. I had to fight her. I used a spear. Eventually, she got torn apart, with her face on a paper/poster on the door (to our garage). I tore it a bit more before opening the door and going outside.

      I was outside a mall. I looked for people I know. They're in the cinema. I went in. There was a talk. I saw Arfel and I talked to him. He looked sheepish for some reason. I went outside. I was in SM Megamall, right in front of EDSA. It's night.
    12. Close the portal right now...

      by , 01-14-2015 at 11:59 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Close the portal right now... (Non-lucid)


      I was in a hospital but I was with my brother.

      We were playing Super Smash Brothers U and for some reason, I was playing with Sonic
      (I hate sonic... never liked him... I would never use sonic) and I could not get hit or I would lose.

      I was fighting a random character and I started to do the roll thingy that sonic does and kicked the other guy away:

      I was able to hit him away from the screen and I say a text that said, "Great finishing"
      (nonsense gamewise)

      From here, I went to my home and opened a Spirit portal. My mom got upset telling she was afraid and asked me to close it, but I told her my brother needed the good energy, that they had awful energy at home and since I was visiting, wanted to help. She insited in me closing it and told me to repent my sins and go to chuch (my mom is atheist)

      My dad was smoking.
    13. Old hotel in the haunted village.

      by , 12-05-2014 at 10:47 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Old hotel in the haunted village. (Non-lucid)


      I went with an old friend to a very old school hotel. This hotel was at least 200 years old and it was in an almost abandoned village, which was haunted. The hotel was free to stay for us, because we both are Psychic Mediums.

      The room, looked like Griffindor common room:

      But much more older and very dusty, but it felt very cousy and the fireplace was lit. The room was warm and I could sense a lot of Spirit around me. I was at peace though. An employee escorted us to the outside. We walked a very long hall, which was outdoors and it was like a wall made of stone. We walked through some woods and then, there was a portal. I was surprise I was seeing the portal physically instead of clairvoyantly. I saw a huge spirit, but he was friendly.

      I starter to question why I had to banish these Spirits, they appeared to be harmless and just hanging around, they felt at home and they did not bother anyone.

      Something else happened and I was in downtown, picking up my wife as I was going to take her to the hotel. I was kind of excited for her to see the vortex, since she is not a medium she misses on a lot of stuff, but since the vortex was physical she would see it. Shortly after I woke up.
    14. Becoming a Spirit

      by , 10-27-2014 at 07:35 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Becoming a Spirit (Non-lucid)


      Apparently I died and I was located in the Astral Realm, but it was the lower realm as it was the exact counter part of the physical plane. I felt no fear whatsover, in fact, I felt a lot of peace.

      There was some sort of meeting for spirits to learn how to control the Astral Body. I felt like attending because I was having a hard time levitating for some reason and I felt a little stuck, like I wanted to go to a higher place and leave this planet.

      Some fragments follow such as:

      - From buidling to building.
      - Wanting to go to my star home.
      dream fragment
    15. Demon/Spirit Attack?

      by , 10-09-2014 at 04:24 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm laying in bed, trying to fall asleep (or so I think I am), when I hear my co-worker tell me that he just lets go completely. I try this, and feel amazing as my body falls asleep while my mind is awake. I go in and out of a really cool sensation, then feel a strange presence in my room.

      I sense a being that is made completely of shadows and fear - the essence of darkness and evil itself. Quite a strong presence, but not a very happy one.

      It is either a spirit or a demon, I'm not sure which it is, but there is definitely a presence here, and it doesn't like me being alive apparently. I don't mind that, and try to mind my own business, but this spirit/demon seems to attack me. I am partially crushed psychically, and have trouble breathing.

      I start saying a mantra to ground me in the experience of safety, but feel too intense of a presence that is trying to harm me to even remember my mantra. "Alright, then I guess I'll just feel love for everyone since I can't do anything else"

      It turns out that works more or less to pacify the demon/spirit thing. I feel like I'm left alone briefly, and allowed to collect myself. But not for long, as I feel like I am having my soul ripped from my body very shortly thereafter. I'm pretty much okay with that, I figure the end has to come sometime, but it is a little surprising. Still not many options for what to do, so I just feel love for everyone again. It seems like when I deeply do this, I am invincible. Not in the sense that my body won't die, but that my mind will not cease. It feels good to love everyone anyway.

      I hear it say in a rhaspy clicky kind of voice, "booooooo bohohohohp annnnnnnnd hoooooooooold Z level now" Still not sure if it is a dream or not, I decide to just get up because it doesn't feel like I'm getting much rest facing this challenge right now, and there are things I must be doing.

      At the very least, I feel like I can handle these kind of things now. Not that I enjoy it, but that it's not much of an issue.
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