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    1. 26 Feb: Sports and art competition

      by , 02-26-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Participating at some kind of triathlon competition and doing very well. I am quite ahead of some men who are favorite. But the tests range from swimming, escaping simulated war games to going to a studio and produce some works of art. I see others painting authentic masterpieces, but all very similar, as if they all came from the same art school. I don't have their talent so I draw a mandala and also make some kenpo fighter doll with materials available. My sensei is in the jury and he is both impressed and amused.
    2. Only Business DILD

      by , 01-14-2019 at 05:20 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was at school and seem to be doing an athletic activity with others. It was a different kind of sport that involve chasing a ball that could float down in mid air. My team had the ball but this girl use a long pole that seem to have appear out of no where and smack the ball to such a distance. I somehow knew I could run faster than normal and chose to do so in order to catch the ball at a faster rate. She then follow me and we begin to talk trash to each other about who could do better.

      We agreed to do a 1 on 1 at a different location from the school. While walking and leaving the school I notice that the sky change quickly to night and that the girl I was meant to compete with had disappear I then saw a building and walk to it and open the door. I then see my father and he says he's been looking for me and that I need to get a few things done here. I go to the receptionist and tell her what do I need to get done. A business woman then calls my name and tells me to sign a few things here.

      As I am filling it out, I begin to realize it's a dream and ask about how I could get hired as in waking life I am looking for a new job. Not too long after discussing it I wake up.
      Tags: father, sports, stdc
    3. Confusing and Omega.

      by , 09-11-2016 at 10:42 PM
      This dream was awhile ago, but it made no sense to me. The time period was probably in the 60's or something. Me and my siblings and a bunch of other kids went to school in the same room. We were dressed in dresses and the guys were in pants and shirts. I could see myself as around eight years old asking the teacher something. Then i was back in my body. I asked where my desk was, and a student led me to a desk whose name tag said "Lemontine". I could feel i was the omega. When the lunch bell rang, all the staff and students changed into today's clothes. We played many sports. I was shunned a bit in kickball. The teachers played with us. Any ideas?

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    4. Breaking wings and a game in a field

      by , 01-30-2015 at 10:30 PM
      A woman's feeling every bone in her wings break in half, one at a time, methodically, starting at the tips and working their way up. This isn't happening now - it's a memory. I'm not even sure it was originally her memory - this woman doesn't have wings now and I don't know if she ever did. But she's feeling the pain of it as if it were happening to her now.

      She's strapped to a chair, and a man in a suit has just taken his hand away from the top of her head, ending her experience of that memory. He didn't get the reaction he wanted. He says something to the effect of "I was saving this for a reward, but-" and puts his hand on her head again.

      This time she sees a memory of Constantine strapped to that same chair, from the perspective of a woman speaking to him. The woman runs her finger under his jaw - he makes a joke about how he would've shaved, but there's this whole held prisoner thing. Although I'm in third person throughout this dream, and although visually, I'm seeing this particular image from the perspective of that woman speaking, same as the woman in the chair is, nonetheless I feel the sensation of her finger on my/his jaw, unusually vividly tactile.

      The man in the suit takes his hand away again. From what he's saying now, I get the impression that the woman strapped to the chair loves Constantine, and that this man and the group he's with are using that to groom her to kill him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      At a school, two boys close to graduation are lying in a field, watching a group of underclassmen playing some sport nearby. There's an underclassman in that game who one of them sort of took under his wing, and now the kid's developed a crush on him. The other boy is saying, great, take him home, get him "thoroughly raunched." The first boy takes this as a joke, says that he's not interested in anyone else, and kisses his throat. The other boy goes distant and pulls away. He resents emotional attachment - the first boy hasn't figured that out yet, but he will.

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    5. 11/20/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:21 AM

      I was in a lit up hallway and wondered if I was dreaming. I did a reality check of my hand and counted six fingers. I said "This is a dream!" and started running through the call. I came up to a window and tried going through it but my lower body got stuck on the wall. Eventually I was able to go through and saw people playing volleyball on a pool and soccer on a soccer court. I thought of what to do and I figured I'd increase how vivid my dream was. I asked out loud "How do I increase my lucidity!?" The thought came to me that I had to truly know I was dreaming, so I questioned my environment and made note of the awkward things going on. I tried doing a few things like destroying a bag that was making noise, trying to use fire on it but nothing happened. I said to myself "I have to expect I will destroy it with fire if I want it to happen" as I said that, a plane passed overhead, making a loud, annoying sound. I added "Just like I have to expect this plane to go away". The plane eventually got away and I made my way to the roof of the building.

      There was a huge gap and expecting myself to safely clear the gap, I jumped, soaring high and landing safely on the building across from the one I was on. I jumped down to the pavement and pinpointed a location on a tall building, ran, yelled, and jumped! I soared into the air as I zoomed towards the roof, finally grabbing on and pulling myself up to the roof. The buildings in the area were old Spaniard looking buildings. On the roof, I saw a few people below me and did a drop assassination on a girl but instead of killing her, I had sex with her.
    6. 8/25/14 Asian Hostess Club In My Hometown?? = DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 07:46 PM
      8/25/14* Increase recall due to RRC?!! Also better about staying still in bed going over dreams during awakenings. Also stomach issues. LD again. Little day practice. Mostly some RRC and couple of extended RC's.

      Determining if I am in the Serengeti by the sound (possibly due to much chirping IWL, window open). Some argument between others directing me to about where the Serengeti begins and visual of cloud shaped outline designating the borders of it. It seemed more like a forest in the dream.

      Using self diagnostic tools before going to doctor may be useful. I pull over on the way to hospital to check? Look up? (maybe not really...but maybe for me who doesn't like to go in unless I think serious or doctor can help me. I wake with strongish stomach pains...bloating? Read about supplement?)

      Adventure two boys. Me and #son ? Bundle of cash #money #treasure . Looking for place to bury it. Where did we come from? (RRC) Doesn't matter...son wants to get a map to mark spot to bury. Only matters where buried. Going all around, like childhood runaway adventure fantasies. This is great! Wife joins us later? She's shopping at garage sale. I'm waiting for her and kids playing in front of me. Protective dad comes. I say "hurry honey" so he knows I'm not just watching his kids, I'm waiting for someone. Now he's friendly. Go in his house with 3 guys inside, one from Apple software skinny curly hair comes up to me. Do you like smart games? Yeah...Hard sell for kids though. "Do you know X from Apple?", I ask. "He works with cell phones." 3 guys all overly friendly... gay?

      "Kyle Orton" is boss but I do not connect his name with the football player. job stacking stuff, falls, shirt untucks, he thinks I'd be good for lead academy...also CPA II position...he explains...ah like a buyer.

      #coins in quarter machine. 3 $5 bills..one fake...maybe all? Junk and coins and #money below in cabinet of machine. Machine gives tokens darn. Day residue. +++

      Someone is babysitting. black boy sleeping in closet bottomless. Not big. Someone pulls him out. He farts like crazy and laughs.

      Mild #earthquake or dream?

      Heading to #league game in WC. We have 20 minutes to get there. Rest of team goes in bus..I'll meet them there got to get something first. #lostMyWay in circular streets with artery down middle. See mall on GPS map, can park there and ask for directions. Lady says go out through there and if you get lost you can call the #police ? On way out on left there is an Asian club like they maybe have overseas (but here!?) with sexy hostesses or escorts?...I just know i'm dreaming! There are two #sexy women at entrance seated.
      Spoiler for XXX Content - Open minded adults only:
    7. LD#104: Lucid Dodge-Banana

      by , 08-16-2014 at 11:55 AM (Lucid Time!)

      Fragment: I am in a hardware store. It feels like the hardware store in my town. I am shopping for some kind of screws or bolts to fasten something down.

      I am watching a science show. Something about the planet Jupiter and the surface. As soon as I hear that, I get confused because Jupiter is a gas giant and it has no surface.
      They show a picture of it anyway. Jupiter has a surface made of orange rocks with a river of this sea-green liquid running across it. I can also recall this computer graphic of a space probe falling through the atmosphere and presumably being crushed by the pressure.
      False awakening. I am in my old Taekwondo studio, and it looks like we are playing dodgeball. The studio feels a little bit off. It's dark inside, most of the lights are turned off, and out the windows a strange dark grey haze has set in.
      I recall seeing my belt on the table and putting it on. Not exactly a formality for when we used to do something fun like play dodgeball but whatever.
      I make my way over to the other side of the gym. There are five people on our team and three people on the enemy team. The only person on our team that I recognize is K's brother. The rest of the people on our team feel familiar.
      The opposing team is only three boys. Two of them have blurred faces and are simply wearing uniforms. The third has a green T-shirt and looks sort of like that evil dream character. Though he's smiling with playful aggression and certainly doesn't look evil.

      I turn to K's brother.
      "This is a dream, isn't it?"
      He doesn't respond.

      "This is a dream, I'll just play along. This should be fun, though I might be much more skillful now..."
      The match begins. The enemy team has all four balls. They surrender one to us out of honor and each of the three enemy players has a ball. One guy on our team runs for the ball and gets taken out. Both balls roll back to the enemy team.
      One of the guys throws at me. For some reason, the ball morphs into a banana mid-flight. As it approaches me, I hold out my hand and it slows down. Everything in the room comes to a complete stop. I step out of the way. The banana flies past me.
      I look back to see that one of the faceless guys on the enemy team has been taken out. The remaining two guys target me. I levitate into the air and sort of wave my body to avoid the shot from the green shirt guy. I catch the one from blurry face #2. He is out. I stare down at the green shirt guy and everyone backs off. It's me and him. 1v1.
      He picks up two balls, and takes on a wide stance, ready to jump to the side.
      I hover over to the line. I preform a fake out throw. It barely phases the guy. I throw for real. The ball hits his hand and gets him out. It's over. Our team wins. The green shirt guy says he wants a rematch. I wake up.
    8. 8/9 & 8/10/14 WILD Ride & Flight From School - Sensei's Competition Nights 13 &14

      by , 08-10-2014 at 11:54 PM
      Upside: LD 2 nights in a row for final two nights and a memorable WILD, though somewhat short. Downside: not a whole lot of points and the one the next night even shorter.

      8/9/14* something sexual in party setting? / parameters of video recording / rental house white paint maybe painted in here looks nice in day..not bright at night. / guy being dragged behind boat as punishment. Acquaintance calls out for him to be freed. / While experimenting with visualizing and taking control of HH's, I fall into a wild. What I at first only saw as an advanced dreamlet that would likely dematerialize, became more as I interacted with it or already was more. I was apparently standing outside perhaps in front of a restaurant or similar area where people would gather in front of and there's this group of people including this sexy woman in a gorgeous dress. It was skin tight with white and earth tones in it with the different colors in blocks on a solid white base. Most of the earth tone colors were horizonal blocks around the midsection and bottom of the dress and there were two vertical blocks over the thighs that were see through revealing her beautiful thighs. Idecide to take action in what I think is a still a dreamlet. I say something complimentary about her and her dress.<<DC interact>> She takes my hand and urges me towards the town car that she apparently came in. As we both climb in the visuals become more ethereal with only flashes of light here and there as we have sex it feels like we are both in space floating weightless and moving together as one in a wonderful moment of ecstasy! This continues for a while until I wake up. Maybe 3-4 minutes total. Wow!!! 188

      8/10/14* narrator: gruesome scene but also surreal scene. He used a hammer. / keep paperwork? From time we went to hospital to show hardship. False memory. / thank you bro-law E..for picking me up? Giving me a ride? / normal sport not in normal position, not tired at all. Losing my normal position? At half-time go into school see sexy woman and think if dream I would take action (like I was thinking during wbtb visualization), wake / penises on TV, all different, wife sees and giggles, for some reason I worry during dream that wife may be imagining another man during sex. / on phone with MB, us as witness for lawyer for her divorce case / at school for event, auditorium doors open part way by themselves. I peek in and it is dark and ominous. I take off down hall...Should I Fly?!!! this is a dream! Go for Step3 to the TOTY (sleeping beauty who was also was going to be transformed to Scarlett for my personal goal but I didn't get far at all)...Look for exit...doors locked...I bust through like Superman. I fly super fast up toward "fantasyland" as imagined...maybe 25 seconds and I stop, thinking this is far enough. While deciding whether to step out or fall back,to get into fantasyland, I wake. 189 / JD from 90 minutes North of here brings a baby & small girl...just dropping them off can't stay (ex coming?) I carry baby...big! Pantsless so I go to bathroom find swim trunks. More people coming for a party...swim trunks are embarrassing. Day residue or like baby the other night, also big. Use baby for baby new year in parade. Baby teetering...falls but falls well so he's unhurt. I try to break his fall and miss - too late, and pick him up. Cute woman washing dishes and moving butt sexily (visualization residue for girl friday) I say don't do that...implying provocative. Camera. / I slept too long and still try an afternoon nap before end of competition to try to get more points knowing that the last two nights will not add up to a whole lot of points. Was able to get HH's and interact some but eventually just knock out for the nap.
    9. Ld #100.

      by , 07-17-2014 at 01:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      For my 100th lucid dream, I gotta do something extra special. I gotta do something incredible that I have not done yet like finally try sex or complete an advanced TOTM.

      Nah, I'll just fly around.

      Yeah, I'm in the backyard of someone's house. Lucid, already all the way there. Don't recall what happens before that. We are having a barbecue. I start to float off the ground. This is the best flying that I think I've ever done. I lift of and look towards a hilly woodland with a creek running through it I fly foreword.
      OOFFF!! I crash into a wall.
      Now, one of the strangest things to ever happen to me in a dream unfolds. I look around, and realize that the sky around me is just a painted backdrop and that the people in the yard are just mannequins. I look backwards and see that I am what looks like some film studio. And it is empty.
      Never the less I am lucid and I am flying. I turn toward the doors of the studio and swoop down out of them. I am in this huge mall complex with hundreds of dream characters. I start looking for a way out.
      Most of the dream characters are distracted, but a few of them look up. While flying I think of how much I love the expressions that dream characters sometimes make when they see me fly by.
      This one teenage girl gets it perfect. She's walking along texting, and looks up to see me flying overhead. She just drops her phone and her jaw is hanging open as I pass by.
      I make it to a door that should lead outside, and swoop down low to fly through it. I am now in a huge gymnasium. I buzz around the gym a couple times, and may have crashed into the wall once or twice. I then fly past only who I can assume is the coach. He hasn't seen me yet.
      I swoop down and hover next to him. He looks sort of like my old coach from high school.
      "Hey coach, is anyone you have fit enough to do this?!"
      I rocket off doing circles around the gym again. And the coach drops his clipboard and his jaw hangs open just like the girl in the hallway. Yeah, I was kind of a show off, but who cares.
      I see an open fire exit in the gym and swoop outside. There is a big stadium about a mile away, and a city full of skyscrapers a few more. I think of how much fun it would be to buzz the city. I pull up to about 150 feet off the ground and hit full throttle.
      And this was one of the best experiences I ever had in a lucid dream. The wind was blowing through my hair. The dream was losing clarity -wait.

      Wakes up.
      Aww well, had fun while it lasted.

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    10. Baseball

      by , 01-28-2014 at 07:34 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      I was a famous baseball player and we were playing with basketballs instead of baseball. I caught 3 of them and the mats were different like the home base. Anyways i got like thousands of people but they just kept on running and it ended
    11. Teleportation Contraption Turned to Short But Cool LD

      by , 10-23-2013 at 05:40 PM
      10/23* indoor sports again. This time indoor soccer I scored a goal vs 2 other players but they said no it didn't go in I say but wait the ball won't even fit all the way inside the small goal and I demonstrated that it went in through the front of the goal just couldn't go all the way in because the goal was too small. Now if it came from the side hit the post or side netting then I would not have counted it.
      Huge game bureau or cabinet I remember there was a ping pong drawer which probably has ping pong balls in it and to the right of that was a drawer with a change machine, a way to get change I assume for any games that require coin operation there were other drawers labeled as well. This bureau became my wife's grandmother's bureau of stuff. She's close to passing away in waking life. Inside there are stacks of 1 yen bills on one of the shelves and my wife says yes there's like ten thousand yen in there. The stacks look uncirculated and perhaps in sequential order . Supposedly they're from the 70's. I tell my wife that they're worth more than that probably. My wife tells her mother and my son who is sitting on a couch facing away from the Bureau says shhh, she will spend it all. I think hmm is my son worried about inheritance? My wife tells her mother and her mother points to a zip lock bag full of a couple of wads of euros. My wife says no
      the yen's. I wake up.
      Fragment: perhaps a false memory of a break in to the back area of a garage. The house is different, a ranch style home but the garage is on the left like IWL. I wake up lying in bed thinking about why some short term memories come through to our dreams? And how some dreams are influenced by that very day's events. I wonder if it could be like one theory holds that dreams are part of the filing away of memories process. Perhaps during the filing away of the memory it gets included in our dream. That day I was watching a news story about a neighborhood that was having a lot of burglaries but the culprits were caught on surveillance camera.
      I guess this would be a fragment because I do not remember how the dream started but I have a sneaking suspicion that I was lucid or semi-lucid before becoming lucid at the end. A guy and myself are escaping from group of pursuers and he is leading the way we come into some kind of warehouse and he walks up to a wall and it becomes a device that looks kind of like an elevator he pushes a buttonthe door opens I look inside and there are golden grid lines in an otherwise black void I follow him inside the door closes behind us and I wonder if anyone else got through that was chasing us. I realize I am dreaming as I seem to be zooming through space or perhaps a wormhole at very high speed and then all the sudden I'm shaken and I am just sitting there in a void of black, the shake and perhaps also the starkness of the surrounding is probably what woke me up and I'm back in bed.

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    12. The vegetarian NFL player, and a boatload of Hot Wheels

      by , 09-29-2013 at 07:42 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I had tickets to an NFL game, I think it was the Broncos/Eagles because of the colors of their uniforms but I'm not sure. I didn't have a car so I had to walk to the game, and I realized I was late and I would never make it in time. I was walking down a single road in the middle of the desert with nothing around for miles, but then I saw a sign on the side of the road that said "Helicopter Stop" and one of the Broncos players was standing there waiting. I asked him what he was doing and he said this was where the helicopter stops to pick up people to bring to the stadium, and that he was late so the helicopter would get him there faster. I stood there waiting with him since I was also late. As we waited, he pointed off at a billboard for Bojangle's advertising meatless chicken nuggets, and he said he was a vegetarian and started to tell me how most of the players on his team were also vegetarians and how the other teams always made fun of them. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a bag of the meatless chicken nuggets and we tried them together. Neither of us could tell that they weren't made of real meat. The helicopter finally arrived and was unable to land for some reason, so it dropped down a ladder to us that we had to climb up. Once we were seated, I noticed that there were a few Eagles players sitting across from us, and the woman driving the chopper was a crazy-looking person with frizzy hair who had a big oven in the front by the controls. She was cooking a whole turkey in the oven and it smelled delicious. The Eagles players started making fun of the Broncos guy for being a vegetarian, so I had a great idea. I pulled out the meatless chicken nuggets and gave them to the Eagles guys and told them they were regular chicken, then when they ate them and commented on how delicious they were, Broncos guy and I laughed and told them they were vegan nuggets and they were made of tofu! Then the Eagles felt bad for making fun of Broncos guy because they didn't realize that tofu tasted good. The woman driving the chopper screamed and said that the smell of our chicken food was causing her turkey to not cook right, and she reached into the oven and attempted to save the turkey, but she'd let go of the controls to do so and we all went crashing into the ground.

      I was digging through a bunch of my old boxes from when I was a kid, and found a box of Beanie Babies. I got all excited because I remembered how much I loved them and they brought back a lot of memories, like going to McDonald's more times than I should have to get the mini Beanies. As I dug further I found a collection of Hot Wheels cars, and was surprised because I don't remember ever collecting Hot Wheels. There were some still in the packaging, and some weird ones that were very tiny, so I looked them all up online to see how much they were worth. After looking them up, I decided to keep them and to add to my collection, so I went to Target to buy some Hot Wheels cars. When I got there, a guy standing near the toy section told me I wouldn't find any there because all Target had were Matchbox cars and that I should go to Toys-R-Us, so I went there instead and bought a cart full of Hot Wheels cars. I went home that day with about two hundred new car toys.

      A dream I don't remember anything about, just that I was in a forest dashing between some trees, and then later I climbed a huge spiral staircase with ornate columns all along it.
    13. Fast weather, strong wind.

      by , 05-23-2013 at 05:58 PM
      I wanted/was to kayak down across the sea in my dream and as I made it to the other side the wind got extremely strong and I was having trouble walking along the coast. I spotted a woman walking towards me with a blue coat by the looks of it, so once I got up to the person I asked them if they lived around here for some reason(Can't remember why, maybe for directions) and a guys voice replied with "No.." and then there was a sort of group of these people with this tattoo of a triangle on the backs of their heads and most of them were bald and I didn't know who they were.

      I remember being cautious of them.

      End of fragment,
    14. Madhouse

      by , 01-05-2013 at 08:07 AM
      It is the day. I'm with another man I do not recognize and we are running away from some people. We are on the street and see a house in ruins and decided to hide in there. Inside the men feel that we are pursuing are getting closer and start looking for a solution. I see a hole in the ground and below me to look inside. I see that this hole will give a lower floor repair but also that the passage is too narrow for passing them to me. Nevertheless feel fear because our pursuers are closer. i get into the hole and try to pass. When I realize that I can not start to try to kick from the cement and widen the hole. I literally every kick, I hear the loud noise in my ears and also its echo. I look at the street and see one of the men we're pursuing. He has short hair and big beard to do. Has a dirty face and body, typical of a man who was in a fight. Seeing it increases my fear, feel the adrenaline to join my muscles. Do nothing now I became that man. I go to the house and look at the hole. My companions arrived now. They ask, "Where are they?" And I point to the hole. When looking to see that as there could not dig down, dug to the side until you find the ventilation and thus reached the lower floor.
      I am again. Me and my friend are in a sort of hospital and there I remember the beginning and tell you that we have to be careful because this place is haunted. This was a madhouse and something happened. Many people died here and so we have to be careful not happen in the same. While you say that I am terrified but does not want to show. We started walking through the halls. I see trash on the floor, all messy. You do not see anyone here but in the middle of the hallway are some stretchers but empty. We turned to the left and entered a hallway and darker as we enter there will now repair it is full of people. Nurses, doctors, patients. As the hospital was operating normally.
      But moreover also notice that I am now a woman. This experience is perhaps a leap in time and is now reliving the memory of someone.
      I'm talking to a nurse about patients and so the conversation just take a look around me. Repair the light coming from the windows, flowers and plants that decorate the room. I hear the noise of people talking and feel that everyone there is busy. I'll come back to me and I leave the room and go to the street. On the street against a football field equal to that my old school has. In the field are some kids playing baseball and start talking with a man who is there. He seems to be the coach and ask them to give me a lesson because I am one of the best players. Caught at bat and give some shots.
      But alas I turn back and say that this is not my sport but basketball. He sends me a ball into the hands and start to dribble a bit.
      But something happened now I am a boy again. I'm playing but I feel that the ball is not very good and should be in the competition. I see a guy there that this also fails to play a launch and I'll try too. Before launching the ball I hear people talking that I'll fail but to hear it so I want to prove them wrong and throw the ball but to my surprise it failed. Beginning to dribble the ball to the foot of the coach and even that hard to do this. I feel that the ball does not jump well and that I have to hit too hard. I tell the coach that the ball is broken but he did not believe me. I drop the ball on the ground usually to show you because that's how you test a ball and show him that the ball is not even good.
      I leave the field and go to the foot of a wall. That wall as the field is equal to my old school but here's an entry that does not exist in my real life. I notice that my dog ​​(who died a few years ago) but there is a Luna has puppies. There are some people around her will decide which puppy to take and then I get. I say they are all beautiful but I prefer the one with the blue hair. I look to the side and there he is, the dog just imagine.
      Woke up.

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    15. Winning the Game

      by , 11-30-2012 at 05:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      This is my dream after my LD.

      WARNING: Mature content.

      I was walking with some friends at night. I think it was ST and RP. There were a few people drinking by a table outside. We grabbed some chairs and sat down. I declined a drink. I am with RP inside a feng shui store. He was talking about how people go to the jewelry store to sell their jewelries. Why not to individuals? He said for a rare/good 25-cent coin, you can get as much as 3 pesos. I jokingly told him I have lots of 25 cents at home.

      I am out in the field. It's daytime. I am waiting for a sports game of some sort with some friends. Some jock challenged our team. Everybody arranged the net near the goal. It looks like a mix of rugby-football and soccer-football. I think we won, although I don't think I even played. For some reason, I ended up jumping (or catapulting) to the other side and penetrating the jock who was stupid enough to challenge us. He was on top of me. I worried about unsafe sex. The guy was arrogant earlier. Now he's submissive.
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