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    1. #223. The Fugitive

      by , 09-19-2015 at 06:50 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      My husband and I are visiting the UK. It's incredibly difficult to find a parking spot.

      We're wandering through a series of buildings that are all interconnected, and I'm opening new doors, creating new spaces that sometimes lead back to the previous ones. We run into my grandmother.

      There's a contest that we somehow become involved in, and there are little children hurling chunks of ice. I talk to their parents disapprovingly, and somehow win the contest, described as the "yelling" person.

      We're fugitives now, trying to escape the UK. My attempt to get us free passage out of the country fails when I can't get the three images on my ticket to line up (like a slot machine), despite exerting dream control. There are dogs coming after me, and I send bolts of ice magic at them, freezing them in place, because they can run faster than I can.

      I find myself in an empty field, looking up into the night sky. I start walking, and realize that there's a lunar eclipse in the sky. I'm flying towards it now.

      I'm looking at a brick building, and decide to run up the side, Prototype-style. I'm having trouble with it, though. Instead, I run as far up it as I can and grab on, allowing the mechanism on the side of the building to buoy me up.

      I look at the moon, which is a cube in the sky, and try to fly again. I can't.

      A cabin in the country, where a man is offering lessons on writing a novel.

      My husband and I are running through a parking lot, but the cars and semis keep trying to collapse on top of us. We're trying to get back to our parking spot.
    2. #217. The King of the Forest

      by , 09-14-2015 at 01:23 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Waking up after a dream that your husband was kidnapped? Quite a relief.

      Having to tell him that we might have been inducted as part-time members of the Wild Hunt? Maybe not so awesome.


      Cernunnos (KER noo nohss): the Celtic Horned God.

      Ravana (rah-vuh-nuh): antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayana, follower of Shiva, king of Lanka, and depicted as having ten heads.


      I'm standing at a window, looking out into the forest. It's midday, and sunlight streams down onto the meadow that leads from the trees to the house.

      Movement. A deer appears, walking confidently from the forest. He has ten heads, all of them focused down the road beyond the house.

      I'm kneeling at the window as the deer goes by, close enough to touch. He's almost gone past. I hesitate, then tap on the glass.

      All ten heads swivel towards me, ten pairs of eyes focused on me, just beyond a thin pane of glass. I flinch at the idea that I'm getting the attention of this king of the forest the same way that disrespectful children get the attention of animals at the zoo.

      I'm sorry to bother you, I tell him. I saw you, and I know I'm not supposed to. I thought you should know.

      He stares for a moment. Then, a few of his heads dipping to look back down the road, he tells me:

      Come with me.


      We're at a bar. In the interim, I've learned more about our world's masquerade, been inducted into a secret society, and given my husband the necessary introductions.

      "At one point," my husband tells me, "Four of his heads swivelled around to look at me." His implication, it was creepy, remains unsaid. This is a supernatural bar, after all, and the king of the forest is never too far away.

      "He gave you half his attention," I say, tapping on my glass. "Imagine having one hundred per cent of it on you."

      I shiver at the memory of ten pairs of eyes looking into my soul.


      Not even 24 hours, I think to myself. Not even long enough for the police to get involved.

      And yet here I am, asking for a god's audience—to demand help to find my missing husband. Because I know that they've taken him.

      The king holds his court under the stars. He stands in the centre of the dais in anthropomorphic form, wearing dark maroon robes. I can feel the weight of his many eyes on me... but it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my chest. The decision has already been made. I can breathe.

      I need access to the network of cameras along the highway, I tell the god. They may be a long way from here by now, but even they would need to stop for gas.

      The heads that are looking my way nod in recognition, and the god raises a hand on his left side, a soft movement gesturing at the man behind him.

      I'm standing at the railing, the scrutiny of the court no longer resting with me (but watching, always watching). The man in the suit (the god's left hand) looks down his nose at me, a faint sneer on his face. New favourites of the god already asking for favours, I can practically hear him think.

      I'm calm, going through the motions with the mechanized precision of a person in mid-crisis. (Fight or flight or solve the goddamn problem.)

      "Thank you for seeing me," I tell him, even though we both know he had no choice in the matter. And then I change gears. "I'll need one of your techs to go through the footage with me. I can't do it myself this time—"

      this time, because that's the world we're now a part of

      "—but next time this happens to one of our people, I'll be able to help."

      A flash of emotion across his face, too quick to identify, and his eyes warm somewhat. "I'm {error

      "-Anderson," he says, catching my hand in a firm handshake. "Welcome to �����."
    3. #216. Feline Destruction

      by , 09-11-2015 at 09:10 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      We've bought a house, and we got a really good deal on a place overlooking the ocean.

      The cats (usually M) keep jumping up into the windows, and the bottoms of the window frames keep collapsing under their weight, just like the drawer fell out of that old coffee table when the supports collapsed.

      A woman is disapproving of the fact that we have cats in the condo. She doesn't live here, but she thinks we should follow the rules, and the rules state that we're not supposed to have cats. She asks what we're going to do about the windows, and I tell her, bemused, that it's actually pretty easy to repair them, and this is actually our house, that we own.

      Sometimes during this dream, the person that I'm married to isn't my husband, but a woman (different from the rules lawyer above).
    4. #211. Skywalk Restaurants

      by , 09-05-2015 at 03:53 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      We're at a multi-level restaurant, where you have to take a lift to get to your table. Each table has its own little balcony area, but there aren't any railings to keep guests and servers hemmed in. You just have to balance!

      I'm having trouble with the lift. Our table is on one of the middle levels, but the lift wants to go to the very top or the very bottom. Eventually, I wait until the lift gets close to our level, and then jump—

      My hands grasp at a chair that's bolted down on the level above (or below?) ours, and my feet kick out at the air until they find purchase on the scaffolding. I'm upside-down, and I climb steadily back to our table. I'm glad that my husband is sitting down at the table already, because he can keep the whole thing weighted down as I throw it off balance.
    5. #208. Coastal GTA

      by , 08-30-2015 at 04:11 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      My husband and I are hiking around a lake. The sky is blue blue blue and the colours are crisp and vibrant.

      In the dream, this place is actually Medicine Hat with mountains (but in reality it's more like Kelowna.) I'm looking at the glaciers up in the mountains as they melt and shift and change, feeling the warm sun and the cool breeze on my skin.

      We need to get back to the town, quickly, but we're partway across the lake. I'm trying to use my phone and Google Maps to figure out the fastest route back to the town. We may need to hitch a ride on a boat.

      We're back in the town, and a friend, G, is helping us load supplies into a white Beetle. He's supposed to drive it a little ways, but instead he drives off with it.

      That would only happen in a dream, right? Well, at least that makes dealing with this easy.

      I lift off the ground and fly after the Beetle, wondering if car speed counts as flying at superspeed. I'm trying to use telekinesis to latch onto the car, but I end up peeling off the back bumper instead.
    6. #207. Citrine and Aventurine

      by , 08-30-2015 at 04:01 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm in an old, rickety wooden house with a group of friends. Each room contains a challenge, and when that challenge has been defeated, I can spawn a new room and continue moving upwards through the never-ending attic.

      The trick is that it's always hard to control groups of people. In one room, simulacra of our personal bags, backpacks and purses appear, and we all grab them by habit, wondering why they're somewhere other than where we left them (the entrance of the house.) Unfortunately, the challenge in this room is to "not steal things," and the simulacra technically aren't ours.

      I figure this out, and tell everyone to put the things back and line up to ascend to the next room. Everyone moves into the area that will allow the next room to spawn—but one person didn't listen.

      I'm outside, and I'm mad at husband for GM'ing a game that didn't really allow our characters a possibility of surviving. And then I realize that the scenario is kind of silly, and I'm dreaming.

      There's an algae-infested lake/creek behind the old house, but I jump in regardless, willing the water to clear and breathing in deep. I swim up the creek, underwater, marvelling at the beauty of the rocks at the bed of the creek, bright green aventurine and glowing orange citrine, and I reach down to bring some with me. And I remember that I'm dreaming, and I leave the rocks be.

      I reach another house up the creek, and I wander its rooms. I feel static, and I turn around with a smile, asking a question. A woman has appeared behind me, and she asks me about the old house. I tell her about it, but I know that she had something to do with the whole thing.
    7. #206. The Oracle

      by , 08-28-2015 at 12:15 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      To get to the oracle, who is in some kind of park or zoo, we need to walk through dozens and dozens of tents that belong to homeless people. (The homeless people are elsewhere at the moment.)

      We face the oracle and explain our quest. The oracle's gender shifts at least once.

      We get our answers. The number 100 is important. The oracle mentions that the previous dreamer wanted to go after a spirit or a murderer, and we should be keeping an eye out for that spirit.

      Husband asks if, when our health accounts are charged for this, if it could not show up on his as something to do with the occult?

      I might or might not be lucid. We're climbing up a rock face towards a valley that has a ship in it. We're beyond the ship and someone shouts to me which side I want the explosion on. I shout back an answer.

      A maze. Changing my thoughts to make images appear in between the rows.

      My three companions are unconscious, and I need to drag them through the sand of the labyrinth without waking the women in the centre. I'm almost to the exit, but one of the women sends a boa constrictor after the sleepers.

      I'm running up the stairs, racing the snake, and then I'm one of the women fighting her sisters, running up paper blinds in the room beyond.

      I'm moving through rooms that remind me of the Jedi Knight video games, all steel and sliding doors. I'm having trouble remembering which direction I need to go in, and I walk into a room and am unsurprised by the room spawning a Sentry Bot from Fallout. I've played this level before (it's a fun one, and I hold the high score.)
    8. #203. Worthy

      by , 08-23-2015 at 06:36 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      We finish our coffee and the blonde conference-goer shakes my hand with a smile. I hand her my card and grin back.

      The waiter walks up as the woman leaves. He leans over the table to pick up empty plates, his long hair swinging a bit as he moves, and I lean back, holding my coffee.

      "These new age yoga nitwits are easy pickings," I tell him conversationally. "They'll buy anything if they think it will help them along a spiritual path."

      The two of us chat for a bit, and I give the waiter my card and head out.

      Perspective switch

      I'm the blonde "yoga nitwit" from before. I'm looking into a mirror, changing my hair and appearance to match my character. My husband comes into the hotel room and smiles at me.

      "You got him?"

      "He's hooked."

      Someone comes and knocks at the window of the fire escape, and my husband dives for cover so that we're not seen together.

      The manager of the hotel is explaining to us that they ran out of space, so there's going to be a whole bunch of kids sharing our suite.

      "That's unacceptable," I tell him or her. Their gender presentation keeps shifting.

      They shrug. "You still have the bedroom. It's just the living area and the bathroom that you have to share."

      I look at the line that's formed in front of the bathroom and narrow my eyes, but I can practically see the timer for our op ticking down before my eyes.

      "Get out," I tell them. "I'll deal with this later."

      We probably have to scrub the op.

      I'm on another part of the same floor when all hell breaks loose. I'm pinned by a couple of girls from high school and a man is dumping cages full of dangerous things on me, which I'm deflecting. I break loose, wearing the guise of a brown-haired Samael.

      "Get back, fiend!" says a booming voice, and Thor is swinging Mjolnir past my head. I dodge across the room, and the hammer comes flying at my stomach.

      Oof. Confirming that sacred objects can still knock the wind out of you. Good thing I'm invulnerable, or this probably would have torn straight through my chest cavity. I still go flying, knocking down a wall behind me. Splinters of wood go flying everywhere, and I pick up the hammer.

      Just as an enemy agent pops out with an AK-47. I'm swinging Mjolnir by its strap to ricochet the bullets back at my enemies, and then I'm letting the hammer fly—

      And I throw myself through the door into the hotel room.

      "Elhaz," I command, waving a hand at the wall and weaving protection into the doors and windows. Overwhelming force, meet immutable object. That should buy me a moment's peace.

      I wave my hand in a pattern, more jerky than it needs to be, and glance up from the floor at Sandman's Lucifer, who's standing on this side of the door and looking at me with a nonchalant expression.

      "You were supposed to be covering my back," I accuse.

      I bicker with my counterpart. The two of us are the same person in different universes, or maybe opposite sides of the same coin.


      I'm walking on the side of a highway in the mountains. A girl has stopped me to ask about backpacking, and I say that I'm just walking from inside the town to the campsite on the mountain.

      "Really? I've never been there," she says.

      "You should; it's the best climbing spot in the area."

      My name is Honor Harrington, and I'm biking down a path in a valley. In the centre of the valley is a school, and I hop off my bike to go investigate.

      I sneak in through an unalarmed pair of double doors, and look around the main floor.

      The intercom is blaring something. My communications device is picking up another frequency.

      Honor Harrington is there? says an alarmed voice. We can't let her get to the balcony!

      The balcony. Interesting. I'd better get up there, then.

      I still haven't been spotted; they just know I'm in the area. I pick the doors that I walk through and the shadows that I creep through carefully, and make it to the room by the balcony. There's a bench there, and I poke at it to find a secret compartment filled with papers; glossy, like a magazine. I feel a stab of betrayal; J at the church put them there.

      I need to unravel what's going on here. But first, I need to make my escape.


      I drive my car into the parking lot at the school and step out. It's a work night for a local club, where we all sit and chat and work on projects. I used to volunteer with them, but it's been a while since I've gone.

      I'm inside, working on my project, but my hackles rise as a woman walks behind me. Apparently while I've been gone, one of the only really bad bosses that I've had has risen through the ranks of the organization. I try to ignore her, but leave soon after.

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