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    1. 4 Dec: Dystopian future, zombies and a middle-eastern market

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:42 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something with Zilla. I am preparing toasts in a kitchen and I put lots of margarine on it. Can't remember details, but she and a friend are in the next room making arrangements for something and I can see and hear through the walls and I am feeling excited with this ability. There is a guy too and at some point they all take a bus and I know from my super-power that the the guy is carrying a good amount of money with him and they advised him to be discreet.

      Me and mom drive into a very degraded neighborhood, looking for the house of a lady to pick her up for something. Some houses are falling apart, people here are really poor. On arrival to the address, my mom crosses path with her older brother who doesn't get along with her and vice-versa, but he tries to get a ride from us. She pretty much ignores him and goes to sit on some low wall that surrounds he area. He then goes away with someone else. Then a third person says that maybe we should have been more sympathetic, that the man is down because one of his grandfathers died. But this grandfather isn't grandfather of my mom. He was a well known gypsy with a reputation. My mom doesn't feel any obligation of anything and anyway we also had family members dying and he never showed up.
      We pick up the person we came for, she lives with kids in the basement of one of these houses.
      We go to the city center, go through some place like a street market, looks like a dystopian future, but everyone dresses like the 80s, including us. There is a celebration of an election going on, but it looks chaotic and dangerous like in a Mad Max movie. And we are worried about two street kittens that mom used to feed in this area and were forced to move on to another area and now we can't find them.

      Visiting my university and particularly the student's association. All is so different, dark, degraded, once again Mad Max like. Instead of political work the kids are having hardcore parties and the association looks like a really shabby non-recommendable club.

      I go outside and walk the streets and I spot a little squirrel looking for food. I have some cat food with me and I slowly approach and try to feed him. When he finally caves in and comes eating on my hand, I sit on the floor against a wall. Then some guys come warn me that I am sitting against the Israel's embassy and that I'd better move on or they'll find suspicious and shoot me. I get up and as I walk towards their entrance, I am dragged by a crowd who is also in celebration mode and apparently welcoming someone important. I don't want to have anything to do with that, so I cross the road only to see myself in the path of a car with black windows, escorted by bikes and lots of security. Once again I really don't want to be in the middle of all this.

      At home, I check my non-lethal traps for rats. All empty. And then I hear noises in the walls and realize they are infested with rats nests. I open a few holes and there they are, some very large rats. And they look at me with their really cute eyes like challenging me, knowing that I don't want to kill them. But I think I need more traps and maybe will even try to catch them by hand, as they are so many.

      A post apocalyptic scene with zombies. I am watching from a distance a man on top of a car in the middle of water. He thinks he is safe there, but the water is knee deep and 3 zombies head towards him. Luckily we're dealing with slow zombies. So I have time to go there and try to help. As I fight through the zombies, a military jeep comes by with half a dozen soldiers, men and women, and they take care of it. They take the man who is injured and say are they can't take me as the jeep is full. But 3 ladies in the back seat squeeze themselves and still find a little space for me. On the way they are arguing with one of them who shoots black zombies more than whites and he does so also to those zombies who are not an immediate threath. Since there is an official program to find a cure, the protocol states they only kill the ones they really have to, but they noticed this guy is trigger happy regarding black zombies. He denies but everybody can see he is a racist and is using the opportunity to shoot some black people in the hopes that when the cure is achieved, the world will have less of them. We are shocked.

      Somewhere in a middle eastern town. In some compound with my dogs in a garage. My dog Lady finds a way to break the gate and they all run outside and disappear in the labyrinth of a street market. I freak out at the idea they get lost and don't come back, so I follow them and shout their names, so they don't lose me as a reference. I spot Maya and Soraia and lure them to me. Since they are the smaller ones, I grab them and then go look for the others. It is easier to get the other to follow if I carry these two. But on the way back, Maya and Tara become human girls and they want to buy scarfs from a salesman. I say no, Tara insists. She gets a blue scarf and somehow she has the money to pay, but she doesn't leave a tip. The couple of owners and their family start saying profanities and insulting the girls, but they speak in portuguese and I realize they are actually a portuguese family. I go to them and very politely I say that I understood all they said. They feel awkward. I explain she doesn't know about tips and the local customs, even I didn't know, but that they are the best people and don't deserve to be insulted that way. I leave a tip them and then we go away.
    2. No Snow for Sledding (WILD)

      by , 02-05-2017 at 06:00 PM
      Ritual: WTB around 2am. Drank a lot of wine last night, so woke up many times to rehydrate. Just before dawn I felt the slightly anxious insomnia that often helps me get lucid, so I decided to confirm my intention with a little piracetam. For years I've been trying to come up with a good dream mantra/affirmation but never found one that stuck. Since I got lucid in a recent dream from seing the word "awaken" I decided to start with that. I wanted it to be longer and have good rhythm, so I tried "Awaken into (seeing) dream," where the word in parenthesis could be varied with any other two-syllable verb with the emphasis on the first syllable: seeing, hearing, feeling, being, dreaming, etc. I liked the versatility and hoped the variations would help keep my mind active. It seems this mantra was actually successful because it was still going through my mind well after the dream had started, although, curiously, the words had changed (see below).

      WILD, "No Snow for Sledding": The transition was very smooth, and I think the mantra actually served as a good anchor this time. At one point I was inspired to see if I could move my dream limbs, and felt that familiar ambiguity about whether it was dream movement or real movement. I was 65% sure it was dream, so I kept at it until I gently 'flumpfed' in a loose heap right off the bottom of the bed, and then I knew for certain. This dream version of my bedroom was remarkably accurate to WL.

      I was crawling at first, and from that low perspective had a good view of my two cats. They looked a little different—shorter hair I think—but I could still tell them apart. Dream logic made me wonder if I could somehow better communicate with my anxious cat in a dream. I crawled over to her and put my hands on her head, reaching toward her with gentle thoughts and telling her that she didn't need to be so anxious. It didn't work: she bit my hand! After that she went into the hallway where I was surprised to see our older cat chase her, an inversion of their usual relationship. I moved toward them and noticed a third animal, a remarkably lifelike grey squirrel—even more vividly rendered than the two cats. [Source: I had recently remarked to my husband how odd it was that I had never seen any squirrels near our house here, but he said that he had. Then just two days ago I glimpsed a grey squirrel outside.]

      I thought I had better remove the squirrel from the house, so I picked it up by the scruff of the neck—it was so realistic I thought I had better handle it carefully lest I get bitten again. I peered down to it, wondering if it might have anything to say (this being a dream and all), but no, it just twitched its nose like a regular squirrel. So I opened the window on my side of the bed, the place where in WL I toss out the miscellaneous bugs that stray into the house, and tossed it out.

      Around this point I noticed that my mantra was still going through my head, though slightly changed from what it had been as I fell asleep. It had taken the form: "Awaken, dreamer, I am dream." It occurred to me that once I was already lucid, the word "awaken" was no longer useful, and in fact might be detrimental. I thought about how the meaning of the word depended on its context: from non-lucid sleep one can "awaken" into lucidity, but from a state of lucidity, to "awaken" is to wake up. With the precarious thought of waking I felt the dream begin to destabilized, and hastily altered the mantra to: "Dream on, dreamer, I am dream." I managed to restabilize, and with the natural musicality of dream found myself adding a bit of melody to the words.

      After this my thoughts turned to more practical ends. Wasn't there a task I wanted to do? Right, the sled ride. I thought over the details. I would need to sled down from the top of a snowy mountain and then through a crack in the earth into... who knows? Finding out would be the fun part. It was snowy outside, like it is in WL, so I thought that would make a good start. I just needed to go outside and find a sled and a mountain.

      I opened the window again to fly out, but now there was a pane of what felt like transparent plastic covering the opening. I was annoyed because even in WL this is one of the few windows in the house that has no screen, so there should not be anything barring my passing. I decided to shatter the barrier with my mind, concentrated, and... nothing happened. Disappointed that I could not resolve this more stylishly, I manually peeled aside the flexible plastic panel and slipped out onto the lower roof. (This part was not quite accurate to WL: although there is a sloping side of another roof to the left, there is no level area just below the window where one could stand.)

      I willed myself to fly, but nothing happened initially. I kept focusing until I began to float up and across the yard. There were a lot of random pavilions scattered below, and I reminded myself to be observant so I would remember the details later. I flew over to the roof of a small outbuilding—the environment no longer bore any resemblance to WL—where I found two sleds. One was child-sized, the other larger, and I noticed approvingly that they were the old fashioned kind on runners, much easier to control than round saucer sleds.

      I picked up the larger sled and looked it over. The details were wonderfully vivid: it had a painted metal superstructure consisting of thin round bars painted white, and flat wide bars painted green. These encircled a small rectangular seat of heavily aged and distressed wood. I noticed an odd detail in the very center of the sled, a transparent glass sphere about four inches in diameter, half full of water. I peered closer, wondering if it was some sort of gyroscope, and saw words printed on the sphere: "FAST WATER." I decided that this was a device for boosting speed, and that I would name my new sled "Fastwater." I felt very pleased with it.

      Sled in hand, next I needed a mountain. I resumed floating through the air and scanning for suitable topography. I soon found myself approaching a steep hillock, but since it was at most a couple dozen feet high, I didn't think it qualified as a "mountain." After that was a second, taller hillock, but I rejected that one too on the same grounds. Then in the distance I saw a much taller hill with a massive castle on top of it. I had the impression that it was a German castle called "Schwanzstein," though even in the dream I recalled the meaning of schwanz (which, in common with many Americans, I learned long ago from the Mel Brooks film Space Balls). That seemed like a peculiar yet somehow familiar name for a castle, and I wondered why it came to mind. [Source: German castles have come up in conversation twice in the last few days, both the one at Wernigerode and another whose name I couldn't remember. I just asked my husband and he reminded me it was "Neuschwanstein." So there you have it. Sorry Freudians, you can go back home now.]

      I figured that the type of hill on which one was likely to find a German castle could qualify as a small mountain, and decided that this would be a good spot to sled down from. I floated closer, noting a number of stiff and oddly sepia-hued guards standing around the courtyards, as though peopling an old postcard. I noticed a perfect straight chute for sledding that ran down from the top of the mountain, so that's where I landed. Everything was in place... except... there was no snow anymore. Could I just sled down anyway, I wondered? No, I distinctly recalled that the task specified a snowy mountain. I peered around, hoping I could at least spot a few patches of snow and call it even. But the grass was as brown as the guards—there was a hint of sepia about the whole place, like a movie scene shot through a filter—and no snow was visible anywhere.

      I sat down with my sled, willing it to snow. I concentrated my expectations, imagining how the first tiny flakes would move erratically through the air. Once again the distinction between imagination and experience—which seems so improbable in the dream state—was reconfirmed, because even though I could clearly see the type of snow I envisioned in my mind's eye, the dream air remained stubbornly free of flakes. This TOTM has a lot of moving parts, I thought. It's as hard as a TOTY! A moment later I woke up and was amused to recognize my error; in waking life I would not have misremembered the category of the task, since the TOTYs are linked by a common theme.

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      lucid , task of the year
    3. Detention, Hedges and Squirrel

      by , 06-25-2016 at 03:57 PM
      I was walking to my car and it was engulfed in a hedge growth. I tried to break through to sit in the front seat and wait for [someone]. My cat appears from a tree and the branch bends and lowers her to the ground- she looks as if she might fall but doesn’t.

      I am still outside in the same area. I see a squirrel and I bend down and it comes to me. I don’t have anything to feed it so I get up before it approaches my hand.

      I am in trouble in school, and I have to stay behind for in class detention along with around 5 other students. The teacher is a woman that in waking life I don’t recall ever seeing before. She doesn’t like me, as if I have behaved terribly and deserve no respect. She lets the two students she likes go home, and ignores us. The two other students and I get angry at how she is treating us. I get up and move to leave as well, and I knock things off of her desk.

      I get a newsletter via email titled ‘The Dawn of the Voice.’

      The newsletter is probably a reference to a design job I might have to work on. I slept well and all the way through the night last night, but I felt frustrated this morning that I didn’t wake up immediately remembering my dreams. Once again I feel like I am not being very mindful and feel more determined to practice awareness and ramp up my meditation times.
    4. Roller coaster with man-eating dinosaurs!

      by , 04-02-2016 at 11:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      So I have an insane amount of crap to get done in the next two weeks. But I had to stop by and write this dream down, because it was awesome. This was essentially my first successful WILD.

      I only slept 5 hours last night (usually sleep 6.5-7.5), so I laid down for a nap when I had a spare moment - around 1:30 PM my time. I only had 25 minutes or so to sleep. My body has been really tense lately, so I focused on relaxing my muscles completely as I laid there. As I did, I noticed my body going relatively quickly into sleep paralysis. I let myself descend into the dream that followed.

      It was hazy and not super vivid, but it was definitely a dream and I was definitely lucid! I found myself falling until I was on a roller coaster with a very good friend of mine. It was a sunny day as well. This roller coaster was cool because I had some degree of control over where it went and what it did. We went through all sorts of environments. As we rode, there were these giant dinosaurs and snakes leaping up trying to eat us. One smaller theropod did successfully bite my arm, but since I had control, it had no effect on me and I really didn't feel any pain. They were all just part of the ride, in essence! For one portion, we reached an apex and then went backwards (sort of like Expedition Everest in Disney World, only steeper). I think music was playing, but I can't remember clearly. We even passed by a giant image of my friend in the air, and a factory filled with inventions!

      Unfortunately, I think I involuntarily moved or something, and woke up after that. D: However, I was able to get myself back into sleep paralysis for a few more minutes, and kept my eyes open this time. I stared at the light right above me (in the real world) and saw what looked like a squirrel sticking out of it, as though it were popping out of a hole on the ceiling. It looked around the room curiously. Reminding myself that it was just a hypnogogic hallucination, I attempted to change it with a limited degree of success. It turned into a few other mammals, then a man's face with a beard, then a lady. After that I woke myself up fully because my alarm was about to go off, and my roommate came in right then too.

      Freaking awesome! I need to try this WILD thing more often.
    5. (march 31, 2015) Squirrel hunt

      by , 04-01-2015 at 02:02 AM
      Late entry, but better than nothing.

      I was outside on a cool spring day, in someones back yard of their house. i was at the edge of their property where there was a chain link fence with some pine trees lining it on either side. the grass was well cut, but not very vividly green. it was later in the evening, the sun was going down, the orange rays of the sun going down across the land. I had a all black pellet gun, and was trying to shoot a squirrel that was on one of the trees. I missed a few shots but got up close an finally got it. it fell quickly. I picked it up and tossed it over the chain link fence. over the fence was an immediate slope down to the road and the squirrel fell in the open, i was worried some one would see and i hoped over to move it down into the bushes.

      very short, yet very vivid dream. remembering it feels as thoug i was there 5 mins ago.
    6. (March 15, 2015) Squirrel, Sneaking into base

      by , 03-15-2015 at 07:06 PM
      I missed recall the past few days. It was st.Pats here and it gets a little crazy.

      today I had a few fragments, one I remember almost the whole dream but am missing a lot of details and transition from room to room.

      fragment 1: me and a group of people were out in the woods on a late fall day, the leaves were pretty much off the trees, and it was an overcast(cloudy) day out. there was a squirrel in a big tree in front of us and i decided to shoot at it with my pellet gun. it hit and the squirrel fell and i walked over to it. it wasn't dead yet though so i put it down so it would not suffer. i think i was going to bring it to the camp site but the dream ended.

      the next dream i was trying to sneak into a big complex in the mountains. to get into the place, i was swimming underwater most of the way. the building was in the mountains but had a lot of water under it. so i came out a few places but it took a while to get where i wanted to. some of the rooms looked blocky like minecraft. i found my way in eventually. the building looked like it was make of blocks for the most part. the rooms were mostly white, futuristic looking with a few black contrasting blocks here and there. i would keep ending up in small workshops throughout the building that wouldn't be futuristic and look like unfinished concrete basements with a lot of tools and machines separated with yellow rails. i made my way into a big lab room that was like it was before and heard people coming behind a door, so i went through it and it looked like i was in a long hallway to a hospital, and i started putting blocks down as a barrier and went bak into the lab room , closed the door, and locked it. the doors were not like normal doors. they were big thick doors with a lot of metal and moving parts. probably blast proof. after that i went out of the lab through a new hallway and ended up in another concrete room.

      next thing i knew i was in a restaurant that looked like hooters, and all my fraternity brothers were thee and we were having pizza. i stayed and talked for a bit but left soon. i was outside at night looking for my truck to drive home but i never found it. i woke later.
    7. Backlog, 12/6: "The Squirrel"

      by , 12-20-2014 at 07:28 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      FA. "Awake" from stress dream with wasps. I am lying in the guest bedroom at my aunt's house. I am disappointed that I did not become lucid. Thinking about getting up, but don't want to. I then hear an all-call: "Wake up call for [dream uses my full name]." Really? I imagine this must be a dream. I nose pinch. Sweet! I am relieve to be lucid after a tough night. I find it difficult to phase through the bedroom door; it finally just falls off of its hinges, and lands flat with me on top of it. I am thinking about the winter tasks. I head out to the kitchen/patio area. Before I get to the main door, I imagine snow. I even hear sleigh bells in my ears. I open the door.

      Nothing but green grass. I decide if I run up the street I might find some snow. I am heading out the screen door when I am confronted by a little squirrel with big bat ears. He is trying to get into the screened-in area. I remind myself that this is a dream, and then let him in. He latches onto my leg, and begins climbing up me. I'm nervous about him biting and really don't want him on me. He climbs up and nestles between my neck and shoulder. Eh . . . . I keep expecting a bite on the neck but it never comes. I am trying to ignore him and continue my walk down the street when I
      wake up.
    8. LD #116: Perverted School Janitor, Battle with a Daiper, FA chain.

      by , 09-22-2014 at 12:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I seriously wonder what is up with my brain sometimes.

      Some long and very dull dream about some activity night going on at my dorm room. Most of it already slipped through my memory anyway. Skip.

      Spoiler for Proceed at your own risk:

      I can recall in being what felt like my cousin's sub. I was walking down the street. I had become partially lucid.

      My recall is more than a little patchy but I can recall at one point, I went inside of a house. The first room had a bunch of doors in it. There is also a bed and a dresser. A small piece of wallpaper peeled off from between two doors, entirely by itself.
      The wallpaper then folded itself into a diaper. Parts of stretched out to become small legs and part of it ripped to become a mouth. Oh yeah, and because it was a diaper, it was full with crap that came out of nowhere. It had basically become this little monster thing that I wound up fighting.
      The diaper had some connection to the house. Like the family that lived there had a baby and they made diapers out of wallpaper or something.
      So we ended up having the worlds longest fight. I held the upper hand being... well a human and not a diaper. I can't recall the fight play-by-play but there was a part where I was whacking it with a big stick that I found under a bed that was in the room. There was a part where the diaper climbed onto the ceiling and tried to jump down on top of me.

      There was even a part where I used firebending and the 'Fus roh dah' shout from Skyrim to blast it into a corner.
      Eventually for whatever reason, the diaper monster became a squirrel. At this point I stopped fighting it and turned to walk back outside, only to find that the door that had led me into this random room led back out into my bedroom.
      I looked outside. The weather was cold and grey. A rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. For whatever reason I decided I wanted to try flying. I opened the window, forced out the screen. I then did a last-minute stabilization by rubbing my hands together, and saying 'I'm dreaming!'
      I then jumped out the window, and fell like a rock into the bush below my window.

      Then I suddenly thought "What if this is real life, and I just jumped out of the window in real life?!" I did a nose pinch. I could breathe.
      "Wait..." I said to myself. I forget what indicates being in a dream. Being able to breathe or not being able to breathe? Because I can most defiantly breathe." I then remember, being able to breathe means you are dreaming.
      For a few moments I managed to anchor myself on the cold wind that was blowing in the dream. I start to become very lucid when I lose the dream.

      FA in my college dorm room. I have peed in the bed. I get up and start changing out of my clothes.

      FA in my home bedroom. I have peed in the bed here as well. I do a reality check and become lucid momentarily lucid before FAing once more.

      FA. Something to do with the Simpsons of all things. Bart is buying these special schoolbooks that come with cereal. Supposedly these were supposed to help improve his grades because if you read the books while eating the cereal, you remember them better. Bart his happy because the cereal is dinosaur shapes.

      I wake up into WL. Reality check and fortunately, I have not wet the bed.
    9. Dynamic DILD; evil squirrel

      by , 04-16-2013 at 05:16 PM
      Woke up in the middle of the night after Fragment1, could not fall asleep so began day dreaming. An hour and a half passed in this insomnia, which you could say was an involuntary WBTB.

      Fragment1: Reading DV discussion

      Dream2[DILD]: [This was a very long dream and I forgot some parts of it. I was going in and out of lucidity.] My first memory is that I am in front of our old home, on the street and it is night. I am lucid at this point. There are a number of DCs in front of me and they get scared, point at the sky. I look and there are some clouds coming, some supposedly scary sound and a bigger than usual moon. Something is coming towards us. I decide to go in the building.

      The next thing I remember is I wake up in my old room and bed non-lucid (FA). I begin to move things around via TK and think, “I have become so good at this in my dreams, that I can finally do it irl”. I am a bit afraid of falling asleep, so I decide to stay awake in the room. I do things to keep myself awake, turning on more lights, other stuff I can’t remember. I spend a really long time there. I look out the window and notice that the nearby building is closer that it really is, but I totally disregard this, looking at some fancy handbags.

      At some point a good DC appears, his presence helps me get lucid again. The moment he is there, I already know that it is a dream again. I sit on a school desk, he sits near me and we interact, no sure if we talk, or he just stays there, while I have all these thoughts about lucidity. I am very glad about the whole thing. We spend a long time there. Soon the room changes and I am in some kind of shop, looking at cosmetics, non-lucid. There is a lovely lip gloss made of honey, and I consider purchasing it. The female owner of the shop wants us out though, so the good DC helps me take the lip gloss out of the shop, I put it in his pocket and we walk out.

      I am in a building and enter a new room. Because the good DC is with me, I regain lucidity again. I am very happy. There is more interaction with him, just talking and thinking about the dream. This time he is the actor Robin Williams. I tell him that despite the fact that he is very friendly and nice, I am already bored of spending so much time with this character, so I try to change him to the singer Robbie Williams. I do that very easily, change him, but do not succeed in getting Robbie, but some other person, I don’t like the way he looks.

      At that point, there are bad DCs outside the room, throwing some grenades at the building. This is a dream after all, and I shouldn’t pay too much attention to that.
      But as I look out of the window, there are more of them and another grenade hits the building, cracking the wall. I lose my lucidity, it is time for me to get out of there. I try to take my things, but I don’t have any here, and I am in my pyjamas! This is the third floor and I go down the stairs in direction basement.

      On the stairs, while evacuating the house with other DCs, I regain my lucidly again and decide to make a portal or passage through the basement, so that I get out of there. When I reach the basement a see a very long corridor, where the DCs from the building are running. At this point, I become very concerned that I am starting to forget parts of the dream, I wonder if there is any way for me to review it, but continue following the DC crowd. We reach a room full of stairs and I climb all of them, I am at the last one when I finally awake.

      Dream3: We are in our old place and a squirrel gets in. It is very aggressive and jumps on everything, me including. I don’t like it, so I throw it out of the window. My mom is worried that it might have hurt itself, but I see it on the tree. It tries to get into our place, so I close all the windows. In my hand I am holding a squirrel tail, I touch it and remark how soft and fluffy it really is.

      Dream4: My parents and I are queuing for Burger King. In front of us there are two girls who hold drinks on their heads and do some crazy moves. That irritates me. It is our turn to order but I have no idea what they have because there are no pictures. My mom tells me to go first and I tell the woman behind the counter – Liz from Nip/Tuck, that I haven’t been to BK over a year, so I forgot what they have. I tell my mom to order and she gets some chicken burger, I order the same. We go to McDonalds to sit there, we are just going to order some drinks and sit.

      Fragment5: I am drawing something again.
    10. 11.07.2012 - An epic night of 16 dreams, 1 lucid.

      by , 07-12-2012 at 03:10 PM
      Date: 11/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 22.22pm
      Hot bath before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      I was pretty tired before bed, I was up early for a meeting the day before and didn't nap in the day. Then before bed I had a hot bath and went straight from there to my bed. This was THE BEST nights sleep I've had in a long time, no problems with the bf snoring, or me being too hot, or whatever. I woke up and slept in till 11.30, and still could have slept more I was so comfortable and tired. I was very surprised just at the amount of dreams I had.

      Dream 1 - 2.48am
      I am dreaming about being lucid, and joining a lucid dreaming group on facebook. I keep chatting about how good lucid dreaming is.

      Dream 2 - 3.33am
      I am sleeping over at my Aunt's house, with my bf, my sister, and my mum. The Aunt/Uncle in the dream does not exist in RL. My mum is awake and partying with my Aunt and Uncle, while we try to sleep. We all have separate beds. I am trying to WILD, but my Uncle comes into the room. I really don't like him and feel uncomfortable. He leans over my bed and tells me in a nasty way, to stop WILDing. He then shouts at us, telling us to turn the TV off, and leaves, he has a pitbull type dog that follows him around and it is known to be aggressive and bite. My sister talks to me for some time, then I try to WILD again, this time I have my phone, and notepad and pen in bed with me. I also have a metal chest at my feet. I can hear the adults getting drunk and rowdy downstairs, and distinctly hear my mum laughing. My bf wants to pet my Uncle's dog, but I tell him he will bite, my bf tells me the dog was bought from my brother for £20. so how can he bite? The dream skips to us (my bf, me and sister) sitting on the stairs playing with sane, we are making rude shapes in the sand. The adults come home (I don't know where they've been, but it's late and they're all drunk.) they think it's funny to kick over the shapes I make in the sand, but I'm glad they don't tell me off for making rude shapes. They go to bed and there is a trail of sand behind them, so I know they've been on the beach.

      Dream 3
      In this dream, I am wheelchair bound. I control the wheelchair via an electronic graphics tabletI use a graphics tablet a lot during the day.I am in a large shopping centre, and the shops are closing for the night, there is one particular shop which a woman runs. This shop has big glass fronted doors, and resembles a dentist's room inside. It is quite modern and has a computer on a desk with lots of drawers filled with medical items. The woman is in her 30's, blonde, quite attractive but very bad temper and not a nice person. She particularly hates me, but she has reason to, as I am trying to break into her shop when she leaves. I use my mobile phone to hack the security system, and get into he shop. This takes a few attempts but once I'm in, I rifle through the drawers to find some lucid dreaming pills. I already have some in my pocket, but they are so good I want more! I finally find some, and they are like sprinkles that you sprinkle on ice cream. They are dark red. I steal them. She sees me leaving and walks after me, but I hide them in my waistband. She never finds them.

      Dream 4
      Me and my bf are sat in a field, near a small, low brick wall. We are sat on plastic chairs and it is sunny. There are several people walking round, so this could be a park, or a fayre or something. We are enjoying ourselves and just chilling, maybe we have beer? A nearby news reporter walks over to me. She is wearing a revealing red dress, which is pretty skin-tight. She is also wearing bright red lipstick. She has long dark hair and big eyes, very attractive but her face says she is bored and in a bad mood. She is holding a microphone. She asks me if I know anything about 'currant affairs.' I tell her that I am currant affairs, and laugh. Really I do not want to be interviewed. She doesn't smile in the slightest, but says 'Actually.,' in a very pissed-off voice, 'I was asking you what you know about AFFAIRS.' I then say, 'if a man has lipstick on his collar, then he's having an affair. That's all I know. My bf and I crack up at this, roaring with laughter, but she just stands there looking annoyed. Our friends join us, D and K. They are a gay couple, and we all kiss hi, etc. They are very flamboyant and camp, just as in real life. K quickly dashes off as he has to leave, and I tell the reporter that these guys would know nothing about lipstick on their collars, so don't bother asking. Again, we find this funny and laugh, but the reporter is interested in interviewing D. She asks him if he can answer some questions, and he is keen to (he likes the sound of his own voice) they ask me to leave my chair so D can sit down, and I do. I sit on the low wall nearby. Suddenly a crowd of passers by gather to watch the interview. I am suddenly wearing red, or at least I suddenly notice, and D is wearing a red shirt. There is a young guy sat near me, very close but I don't mind. However he puts his arm around my shoulders, and my bf glares at him. He is with some other young people, so I don't take him seriously, however he states that he's never met a gay before. He then says gay men are like horses, to which everyone laughs at him and asks him what the hell he is talking about, including me. I try to leave, but the guy grabs my arm and won't let go, he tells me he's never kissed a guy, but wants to try it. I know he is too young and tell him no. My bf looks very annoyed now and wants to leave. The situation is forgotten when there is a crash, and a woman who had been sittin on the back of a chair, has fallen off. She is lying on the floor, and her legs are all bent and broken. She is in a lot of pain and can't move. I try to help her up, but D tells me off, saying she could have hurt her spine and I shouldn't move her. He strokes her face and tells her everything will be ok. She has light blonde hair and is a little chubby. She starts to cry.

      Dream 5
      I am sat in my old childhood garden, on the grass. There are people around, most of whom I don't know. An old comedian nearby, complains that no one laughs at his jokes anymore. I tell him he needs new material, stuff to appeal to the new generation. He thinks this is ridiculous and the new generation have no sense of humour. I actually say; 'You need to change some of the veg in your picalilly.'For those who don't know, google picalilly. It's a type of food, I use it sometimes on sandwiches. It's amazing. It has chunks of pickled veg in it.Eventually we figure out some jokes for him. I teach him how to get a potato, and cut a hole in it, then insert a carrot, and it makes sex.What the fuck?!We paint some of the grass white, so he can use it as a base for his vegetable sex. Nearby, my Aunt is drunk and falls asleep on the grass. She wakes up, thinking she slept all night and it is the next day, I don't tell her she's only been asleep for 5 minutes. Next, there is some commotion as a nearby young couple are losing their virginity in from of a big crowd. I find it boring and a little disgusting, but everyone else is loving it. He is really going for it, banging her hard, so that he knocks some items over nearby. When they finish, the crowd clap and celebrate.

      Dream 6
      I think there was more to the beginning of this dream. I do remember I was collecting the tickets for a reason, I think someone asked me to prove if I knew my friends or something? Anyway.
      I am running around a school-like building, collecting tickets that vary is size / shape / content. They all feature a friend's name on them, and a date and event that my friends are attending. I only remember one of them was a friend R R isn't really a friend, more of an acquaintance, and I've seen him 2 times in about 5 years.The ticket said R was going to watch a bike show in Sheffield at this certain date. While looking for more tickets, I see my friend S's young son. In RL he is 2, in the dream he was 6ish?He is in a playful mood and runs from me, I play along, running after him pretending to be a monster. He is wearing a thomas the tank engine onesie. I chase him into a room, where his dad, S is sat with his parents watching telly. I feel a bit intrusive and leave, but the child runs out again, begging me to chase him! So I do, it's kind of fun, and I hide behind a door in a room filled with children's toys, so that when he enters the room he doesn't see me. I then jump out to scare him, and he screams with delight, laughing so much he falls over and I catch him. I carry him back to his dad, who is still watching telly in silence. His son then starts saying 'Giggidy,' and moving his head like Quagmire. google Quagmire and giggedy. It's a stupid thing from the TV show Family Guy. I laugh, but S suddenly gets angry at shouts at him to stop, he then starts shouting at his dad in the room, saying it's his fault the child learnt to do that. They argue and I leave.

      Dream 7
      Again, I have a vague memory of more to the beginning of this dream, but alas, I didn't write it down in time and forgot.
      I am back in my old childhood bedroom, with my sister. My sister is a young girl again, not sure about myself though. We are sat on a windowsill, watching the pitch black outside and talking. Suddenly, a squirrel hits the window and scares us, is scrabbles around a bit, and we are unsure of what is happening, but then we see it is being chased. Suddenly, a tabby cat hits the window, it's eyes are wild as it chases the squirrel. For a moment, I think 'hang on, how did they get up so high? They are...flying?' but I lose that train of thought as the squirrel disappears and the cat starts following my hand inside the window. I tease it a bit, and it goes crazy, scrabbling at the glass to get my fingers. I suddenly notice my sister is on the outside of the window, she must have climbed out when I wasn't looking!! SHe sits on the sill, in her nightdress, and the cat gently sits on her lap. I start to think 'Oh no, what if she falls off!? I must get her inside!' then BOOM. I'm lucid. I realise she can't hurt herself in a dream, so she's ok sat there. I watch the scene and she strokes the cat, and it rubs against her, purring and calm. It's only a kitten now, and not so scary and wild. I wake up.

      Dream 8
      I am babysitting my nephews. They begin to fight over a toy. The older one has the toy and won't share. I tell him that if he lets his brother hold the toy for a few minutes, he'll be happy then he can take it back. He does this and it works, they both play happily.

      Dream 9
      This was a longer dream but I only remember this bit.
      I am helping my mum unpack the shopping, and put it away in her house. I open the fridge, and start taking out food to make room for the shopping, as I am doing this, my mum is putting food inside, so essentially we are just being pointless. Eventually I realise, and give up, letting my mum fill the fridge how she likes.

      Dream 10
      My friend L has been out drinking with another friend. They get back and we are sharing the same hotel room. I notice her friend is heavily pregnant, and very drunk. I am concerned for the baby, but they don't seem bothered. I try to discuss the bad points, but the pregnant girl is so drunk she passes out. I talk to my friend about it, and even though she is drunk and seems not to care, she tells me I am right, but what am I gonna do?

      Dream 11
      I am in the bathI did get a hot bath before bed.I am in the bath at my mums old house, where I grew up until I was 10. I'm on my laptop in the bath, and get distracted, when I turn back I've dropped the laptop in the water. Shit! I panic and pull it out, then I turn it upside down and try to dry it out, it still works but now all the programs are really old, like the first ever Windows. And really bad graphics etc. I'm just glad I didn't lose my work.

      Dream 12
      I am in a train station, in a queue. When I get to the front, I ask for tickets to a certain place, for a certain date, but I keep getting confused. The man behind the counter is not very helpful. A woman stands behind him, and she is pretty stern, she keeps looking at me and making me nervous. I stammer a bit, then realise I said the wrong dates and change them around. 16th of August is what I wrote, it is a 5 day trip to Birmingham, UK. I am buying 2 tickets, one for me and one for my bf. I ask them questions but they don't help me. I try to get money out to pay, and scrabble around in my jean back pocket which is full of crap. I hand over a pot of hummusWhat the hell!? But I do love hummus They get angry, and the woman says I cannot pay with Hummus. It's a genuine mistake, but now there's a big queue behind me and I get embarrassed. I take the hummus back, and pull out the contents of my pocket, which includes lots of bits of paper, string, buttons and receipts. I find my card and pay. I'm super embarrassed. Now they kick me out of the queue, and I fight to get back to the window, I make it but they shut the window on me. I open the window, they try to stop me but I squeeze my way in and shout at them. They tell me my tickets have been printed, and are waiting in the machine behind me to be collected, I turn around, and there they are. I feel stupid for shouting and go and get my tickets while everyone watches me.

      The next dream, I'm going to write as the same dream as above. However I thought it could be another dream with the same characters, but I'm not sure cos I didn't clearly state in my DJ weather it was anew dream or not.

      am at the pub with friends and my bf. We are at the bar, it is a wetherspoons type pub, with wooden bars, kind of busy. The staff are the people who served me at the train station in the previous dream. We order drinks, and I'm left to pay while the others walk off to find some seats. I pay, and grab the drinks ( 3 x cokes and one beer) but the lady tells me off, because one of the cokes is not mine. I get annoyed, why did they put it in front of me then? How was I supposed to know? I pick it p anyway and take it, but they start shouting saying I haven't paid for it, and I need to put it back. I throw the drink at the man's feet in rage, and walk off to find the others. I hope to myself that they don't kick me out. I find the others sat on a circular table outside and join them. Soon, someone comes up to me and congratulates me on showing the barman who was boss. I smile and say thanks. Then another person does the same, and another, my friends don't know what they are talking about. I feel a little embarrassed but also kind of cool at the same time. Then someone tells me the barmaid is telling people she threw a tea towel at me after I threw the drink, I laugh and say this isn't true, but I'm glad she's pissed off.

      Dream 13
      I am walking in the pitch black at night, it is raining. I walk past a very nice yellow and black sports car with cream leather interior. I note that it's getting wet, because it's raining Dur, really? lol, I actually think this is my ADA passing through to my dreams.

      Dream 14
      I am talking to a foreign guy (swedish / polish / lithuanian?) about the film JAWS. I tell him it was a great film, and explain the concept to him. In my dream, the concept is pretty accurate, except I say the water was full of rusty junk metal. He claims that in his country, the film is totally different, and although there is a shark in it, it is not the same film.

      Dream 15
      I am lying on a bed, with my bf. He is sat over me, this is a very sexual dream. I'll not go into detail as it's explicit - but I will say it's very erotic and vivid. I wake up really horny.

      Dream 16
      I am part of a zombie fighting team. The team consists of people I have never met, one I remember as having an unshaved face, a big scruffy. We drive a van similar to the A team van everyone has to know this, google it.We are pretty good at what we do.I made the mistake after waking of only writing the main bits of the dream, and as a result when I fully woke, I couldn't remember all the details. I'm annoyed with myself yet again for doing this.After fighting some zombies, we celebrate with beer. One of the guys opens his beer near my face, splashing me with froth, it's funny, so I do it back. He then tips his beer all over my head, and my hair get's soaked in beer. I'm pretty pissed.I love my hair, I take pride in it, and whenever anyone touches it I usually get annoyed in RL. I storm out the room in a strop, and down the street, intent on quitting our zombie fighting team. I look around for a way home, but realise I'm stranded here. I wring my hair out, and the street is full of bustling people. Someone passes by in a rucksack, and looking like a hippy. I recognise him from my little school This guy was from my 'First school' 4 yrs to 12 yrs. I haven't seen him since then - 13 years ago.I ask him what he's been up to since I last saw him, and he says he's been on drugs for a few years, living in a hippy commune and just got back. He walks of in a hurry, waving as he goes. Then the van turns up and the zombie team ask me to get in, apologizing for pouring beer in my hair. I'm still pissed, but have nowhere else to go so I get in, and forgive them.

      I woke up, feeling like I'd had the best night sleep in a long, long time. I didn't want to get up.
    11. Petting a Squirrel, Car Driving

      by , 06-27-2012 at 06:50 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Had this dream at around 6:30AM yet again, just like yesterday's lucid Seems like i follow some kind of pattern here ^^]
      [For some reason the dream collapsed on me around 15 times, so i won't mention it every single time, since i can't tell all the exact places where it collapsed]

      I was at the end of our garden, near the raspberry bushes, with lots of random people i don't know and some scorpions and lethal critters were attacking those people. It got me lucid, since that was just stupid
      The first thing i did was fly up into the air, just to get away from the scorpions, just in case.
      Then as i was about to go and explore, i woke up.
      [I went back with DEILD].

      As i was back in, i realized how fast the dream collapsed... i hoped it won't happen anymore, but even unwantedly i kept thinking about it's possibility.
      Then i wanted to stabilize a little, since the dream was almost black and white, which is actually not that usual for me. So i thought that i'll try out something new. I remembered the talk about ASMR on DV from some days ago.

      Basically as i was floating in the air, i induced the ASMR feeling. The waves went all over my body and it felt good, but a little weak. As i did this, i kept thinking about how awesome it's to be in a lucid dream.
      These two things combined caused the world around me to gain lots of color. It was amazing to watch how the colors suddenly returned to the environment

      I didn't really have much idea what to do, so i kept stumbling around our outbuilding and the garden, when i noticed a squirrel eating from our cats' bowl. I went up to it and started petting it. It seemed peaceful enough, but i felt like it didn't like being petted. [Too bad, since it was really cute ^^]

      As i was petting the squirrel, i woke up again.
      [Back with DEILD of course].

      Up to this point the dream collapsed multiple times, but i didn't worry. I just stabilized by ASMR everytime when i got back in. The colors coming back into the world was just too good to see to pass this kind of stabilization
      Then i realized that the squirrel ran away, it wasn't at the bowl already. Well, i guessed it didn't like being petted for sure now. I flew up into the air and while doing so, i had some black backgrounded forum's picture popping in before me. All i could see was that people on that forum were talking about Dream Guides.

      As this was over, i got an idea. I'll get on the roof and shout out for a Dream Guide, since Lucy doesn't seem to be happy to help me out. [Of course with it in mind that i wouldn't accept the approaching DG if it would look/act stupid, i still plan about Lucy].
      So i kept flying towards the roof, but i got trapped in a loop. As i was flying upwards, through the plastic roof we have over the ledge, anytime i passed the roof, there was another same looking plastic roof above me.

      I gave up on it because i woke up multiple times during trying this. Instead i flew towards the street. At this moment something passed my mind: Someone on DV was complaining about how i always just fly everywhere in my dreams. I thought that i'll change that now just for the sake of it
      I got to the closest crossroads and thought about a place in the city where i could easily call out for a DG. [Sadly i don't remember what place i planned to go to].

      So to get there, i didn't want to fly, so i descended to the ground.
      I thought i'll go by car, since i don't remember driving a car at all in lucids before... and since i go by car like 1-2 times a year max [we don't have a car] it might be even fun to drive it. So i walked up to the closest market's "parking lot" and checked out the available cars.
      There was a huge black jeep there and it seemed like an obvious choice

      I walked up to the car and as i passed it i grabbed the left side's mirror and broke it off just for fun. Then i looked inside the car. There was a random guy sitting on the backseat, holding some bag of clothes in his hands and staring at me with half-open eyes. He seemed to be injured or just basically sick.
      I grabbed the guy and just teared him out of the car along with the door, then thrown him away. [I know i was mean, but he is just a DC].
      It felt kinda good that i just teared that door out with the guy so easily...

      This is a sight i rarely see.

      So i hopped onto the front seat, not caring about the missing door. I didn't even use the keys, the car just started as soon as i wanted it to. At first i even forgot to use the gas pedal [haha].
      The car went surprisingly fast and took the corners so easily... totally not like how i remembered it... probably the dream altered it a little. Even the feeling of sitting in the car felt differently.

      I passed some pedestrians, carefully to not hit them, then i started using the gas pedal to speed up. I drove in the direction of the city, taking corners at extra speed. I was wondering that maybe i should use the brake, so i stepped on it at the next corner... But it seemed useless, after all i was just dreaming... why would i use the brake?
      So as i was on my way, i woke up yet again, but accidently moved a little bit and couldn't get back anymore.

      [Well, i guess it wasn't that bad of a dream, even while i didn't do much... driving a car was interesting, yet it didn't feel so realistic... Maybe another time ]
      [Is that right that the brake is on the left side and the gas pedal is on the right? Because it was like that in the dream.. i'm not sure if it's like that in real too ]

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    12. Dreamland: Stealing Mexican Food

      by , 05-16-2011 at 09:52 AM
      It's not a new assertion to say that many dreams are mundane. However, I more and more suspect that most dreams are irrational. The more irrational, the more easily they are forgotten. This probably has something to do with the configuration of the brain during dreams. Some parts in very low demand in general, but in lucid dreams more parts can be accessed. This is a physical reality.

      Katie & Fred have been family friends since before I was I born. They have occupied at least 4% of my dreams over the years, and their houses, attic, and daughters an even larger percentage of recalled dreams. I have very little contact with them anymore, but they still appear often.

      The beginning of this dream is unclear.

      I was at Katie & Fred's house. It was a blend of the second house of theirs I use to visit as a child (the one with the attic) and an old restaurant. Leaving the restaurant area I had to cross what was their backyard to get to Katie & Fred's bedroom. (This is the backyard visible from their attic window.) For some reason I was intent on leaving the gathering of people including my Mother to use Fred's computer. The door led directly to their bedroom which is almost accurate. In real life that door led to Molly's bedroom.

      The bedroom was nothing like real life. When I stepped inside, I noticed there was a to-go container of food. For some reason, I opened it up to see what they had ordered. Inside was a delicious looking meal of Mexican food. I remember the beans, rice, and a Pita Pocket* of steak, tomatoes, cheese and salsa.

      I couldn't resist eating some. I had a little bit of everything and a bite or two of the Pita Pocket. It was fantastic tasting. I tried to figure out where it was purchased so I could go there myself. There were no labels or any identifying information on the off-white cartons. I had the brilliant idea(!?) to do a Google search - using a piece of the Pita Pocket pressed into the search box on the monitor. I don't recall the results, but at this point I had the distinct impression I may be invading their privacy to a wild extent.

      Shrugged it off by telling myself: nothing I had done on their PC was an invasion of privacy. Just then, the backdrop on the PC caught my attention. It was them, along with other people smiling for the camera. Nude. The borders of the picture were pink. I thought:

      "Oh shit, Fred definitely wouldn't want me to see this desktop background."

      Here is when things get super weird: I was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed using a PC next to their TV. Just then, a squirrel came leaping into the room from the side window. It leaped from the floor, onto the bed directly behind me and froze. Almost as if stuffed. I was slightly startled because its face was very close to my face looking me directly in the eye. (See Blackbird Flying LD)

      I reached up my hand to pet it cautiously. This squirrel looked huge when I took a closer look. About 3ft long, thick, realistic with clean dark gray hair. Suddenly, what started as the far bedroom wall turned into a well forested opening to a noonday dense bright green forest. A little man appeared or the squirrel morphed into a fawn and a little harry man emerged from the woods. He threw the fawn over his shoulder and ran off. Just then I heard a narrators voice say:

      "These little hairy forest men are known to kidnap reindeer."

      Still feeling embarrassed, I decided to leave and go tell Fred all I had done in his bedroom. I crossed through the backyard and into the restaurant party area again. There were a lot of empty tables but my Mom, Fred and other people were laughing and talking at one of the center ones. I took Fred aside back into the yard and made a limited confession. I told him I had ate part of his food, but only a small amount. I told him I used his PC to do some searches. I deliberately left out that I had Google searched with part of his Pita Burrito to find out where he bought it.

      This detail seemed especially incriminating because I suspected there was still a mess on his PC screen in the search box.

      He begrudgingly forgave me. It was as if he only did it to exit an awkward situation as quickly as possible. He entered his room and shut the door. I started to walk about but had the thought "Opps, I forgot my journal in his bedroom." I knocked on the door and Fred answered with the expression he last had. I asked him for my journal and when he went to grab it I noticed he had wolfed down all the Mexican food. He handed me the journal without hesitation, I opened it up, and it was Molly's journal instead.

      I had the thought: why would I ever bring my personal journal here anyway? Now he will think I was snooping through Molly's journal.

      (*PRECOGNITIVE*) I told my my Mom about this dream. When I mentioned the Pita Pocket burrito -she gasped. She told me that Katie was obsessed with Pita bread recently. This is not something I had the slightest clue about, and Pita bread has definitely not been on my mind recently, or at any point.

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    13. Precongitive (WILD): Lucid Animals

      by , 03-16-2011 at 08:40 AM
      I have been getting interrupted sleep the past several nights. I casually decided I could use this to enter REM instantly upon closing my eyes. I did this once recently while stressed out (Night Hike on a Freeway). This might be the first dream I ever remembered in which I was aware of being asleep prior to the dreaming beginning.

      I saw an image emerging from the blackness. It looked almost like a small flower shaped hole in the dark. I could see a well light sepia tone scene emerging on the other side of it. -I became so excited at viewing a dream form from blackness that I woke up.

      I laid still. I was determined to re-enter the dream. I have never re-entered a dream to my recollection. This may not have been the same dream, but the vibe was similar.

      I was in the blackness, awake. A fully detailed dream location appeared. I was standing in the middle of the street looking at an old friends house I walk past on a regular basis. I lost lucidity for a moment. Then, as I watched, all these animals started to emerge from around the property. Raccoon's, cats, and then an adorable looking squirrel came hopping in my general direction. "This is a dream!" I said as soon as I saw it. (This moment is almost identical to: Super Lucid Blackbird Flying) I was thrilled. I turned around to take in the whole scene.

      When I looked to my left, there charging happily towards me were four large shaggy dogs: Black, White, Burgundy, and Golden. I was so shocked by the closeness - I instantly woke up. (*)

      Again I was laying in bed. I didn't move a muscle. This was not a feat of willpower, I was super tired. But internally determined to keep the dreams rolling.

      I was in the blackness awake again. I saw a distorted face emerging a few inches in front of me. All at once, a mirror appeared and I was looking into it at close range. This sounds scary, but I was lucid. I started making various expression in the mirror. I looked more handsome than in real life. My skin was perfect and my flaws were gone.

      (*PRECOGNITIVE*) When I woke up, I needed to pass that same house. I was planning to make it a good "reality check point." As I arrived I smiled. Looked at the house, then, I looked across the street. -My jaw dropped. Right there, about 25-35-ft ahead of where I saw them: Three medium sized dogs, black, white, golden - being walked by a 30-something woman wearing a hat.

      The burgundy colored dog was missing. The real dogs were medium sized not large. I don't recall ever seeing this group of dogs before, although it's possible. I usually do pay attention to the friendly animals I cross paths with in my neighborhood.

      In my first dream journal there was a tiny percentage of dreams that weren't quite precognitive, more like educated guesses Dream: 037 & Dream: 067. This 4-dogs dream is the first dream I'm aware of featuring:

      1) So many different dogs together I don't know.
      2) About 75% accurate and did occur asap almost at the exact location as in the dream.

      I learned over the years that dreams produce: abstractions of people, mind tricks, fake conversations, illusions, distortions, false memories, etc. I never gave precognitive dreams much serious thought.

      Supplements (before bed): 500mg of B5, and 200mg B6. First time trying this combination. I usually take one or the other. Generally, I've found these vitamins help with recall, but cause more shallow dreaming. This dream is consistent in general with past experiences without taking supplements.

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    14. 28 Sep: Stalking Björk (again) and lots of nonsense

      by , 09-30-2010 at 11:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:30 GMT – Sleep

      Lecture on a park
      On a train, remember speaking French and think I was on my way to some meeting. I got lucid and got out of the train. I start flying but lucidity is weak and I don’t remember any tasks. I just enjoy the beautiful blue sky. Then gravity starts pulling me down and I hate when that happens. I remember I am dreaming and I think that I should try to solve this issue once and for all, of gravity pulling me down on a dream. So I focus on the fact that I am dreaming and that there is no gravity and therefore no reason to be pulled down. I start going up instead and I make an effort to really record this on my mind so it doesn’t happen again. (But I’m not sure it will work 100%)
      Then lucidity gets a bit blurred and my thoughts get confusing.
      I think about levels and then I am on some terrace or whatever place, and have a black jacket on my hands with emblems on, with numbers relatively to levels of achievement. It has something to do with mastering the levels of flying or dream control in general. And I think it’s cool but won’t really wear that jacket. Then on the back it has some emblem about organic farming and I find that totally unrelated. Then a lady arrives – she looks Iranian or well... middle eastern. She says she is very happy that I could come to the meeting but at the same time she is disappointed no one else appeared.
      I wonder if she’ll cancel this meeting, but instead she says she will do her presentation only to me and so she can be more thorough. Then I realise we’re sitting on my bed. She starts her lecture but she is just reading some booklet of which she gives me a copy. I have hard time following what she is saying, but it is something about natural and protected areas and using the resources sustainably. I smile as if I am totally following. Then my boyfriend appears and joins us. It’s his lunch time. The lady continues without interruption but now I realise my bed is in the middle of a park. This park is inside some fenced area and there’s a guard at the gate. My boyfriend then spots his boss at the gate. We wonder what he wants. The lady now stops her conversation and says she wants to offer the man something to eat. She goes to the left to get something and comes back with a raw fish in her right hand. By now, the boss is already inside the perimeter but the guard is holding him back for some checks before allowing him to go further. As he sees the lady with the fish coming towards him, he looks at us with an enquiring and totally surprised face, like asking WTF!? I just shrug my shoulders.

      1:30 GMT

      Stalking Björk (again...)
      I’m meeting a small group on some terrace table in front of a coffee shop. It’s on a pitoresque town, with stone paved roads. I am bored and instead of sitting with them, I grab some kind of skate that actually looks like a stool on wheels and decide to skate down the road, which curves to the left and keeps getting ever more inclined. But as I gain speed, somehow I don’t want to keep going down. There’s something keeping me in this upper side of town (something I was dreaming previously, but don’t recall). So I stop, grab the stool and go up on foot. Then I arrive at the street where the terrace was and on the opposite side of the road there’s a kind of square, not paved, in front of some wall of a castle. There’s also an arch to enter the castle, which is what I was planning to do, but on my way there, when crossing the square, I see lots of kids gathered and some performances of artists, like jugglers. I get caught by this kind of theatre being performed by... I think cats, but I’m not sure.... dressed up in costumes I remember thinking how the hell the tamer managed the animals to do that so perfectly and I think probably with lots of suffering and mistreatment to the animals. But the kids are loving. I take some pictures and then two kids ask me to take pictures of them. I agree and ask how they want it. They say they want the view that his on my back now – a port or quay by the sea. I take picture of one and then the other. Remember the reflex of the sun on the lens. Then I hear singing and recognise the song and the voice of Björk. I go check it out and find Björk singing on top of some platform around a lighthouse or some similar tower building. There’s only half a dozen people stopping to listen to her and she looks so tanned! It looks like she was just having beach vacation and decided to sing for whoever was passing, but I don’t know. I sing along and when it’s over I approach this platform because I would like to say hello to her and because the clapping of the audience was so disappointing I feel she would like to meet some fan to lift her up. But she is already surrounded by people from her staff – so it wasn’t a casual show! One lady blocks my way and I grab her arm to really make her understand I wanna talk to Björk – OK!!! My hands are greasy and she looks a bit disgusted. I wonder why I’m greasy but tell her it’s not dirty oil, but some baby oil I put on my skin to moisturize (?) I finally get to her and congratulate her and start being a total nagging fan – which I would never do, but I think I was somewhat aware I was dreaming and felt no constraints. She is first totally ignoring me. She enters a trailer but leaves the door open so I also go inside. It’s a huge trailer. There’s a bunch of guys hanging around, doing video editing and sound checks – an entire team that probably worked for her. She enters a separate room, I assume it is her room or a changing room. But she also leaves the door open. And she hasn’t yet told me to shut up or go away, so I keep going. I don’t want to invade her privacy though, so I stay outside this room, sitting on the floor, by the side of the door. I bombard her with all sorts of questions and opinions, like saying she doesn’t look so good so tanned. Then she finally breaks the ice, asking me if I know anything about some hospital and I actually now something because my grandma uses to go there, so we end up discussing hospital location and treatments. Because of this, when I finally enter the room, she is lying in bed and she is has transformed into my grandmother . Then she turns into a giant poached egg. Then I wake up.

      3:40 GMT

      Random mix of unrelated stuff
      Going down some circular stairs down some kind of well to go meet someone and help with something. I realise I am inside a mine. As I reach some floor level crossed by huge pipes, there’s a quake which shakes down everything, and displaces some rocks and some of the pipes. People who were on downer levels come up and everybody decides to evacuate as it isn’t safe to stay there any longer. As we approach the surface, we open an hatch and we meet this guard on some control post who is guarding the entrance to the area. He tells us there’s no reason to worry, that everything is ok, just a minor quake, but we prefer to play safe and decide to make a break and go to this area on the left – a building – where we can eat something and rest for a while. At that moment I look to the sky and two police flying saucers pass by – like police cars, with the police lettering and red lights flashing, but in a flying saucer version. They seem to be on a hurry, maybe chasing some criminal on some other flying saucer?
      We cross a road and enter this building that looks like a mall, with revolving doors. Inside there are shower facilities and we all go for a shower before anything else. In the beginning we’re all in the same bathroom, men and women and some guy hands me over shampoo, but everybody’s dressed. First I say I’m not going to take a shower, but he insists and I just wash my hair – always with clothes on! Then I overhear one of the girls talking to a guy about considering living an alternative life style and I cannot help to tell her to talk to some other girl of the group who is obviously kinda hippie, thinking she might give her some advice. Then I look throught the window, admire some trees outside and spot an animal on some branch. I say “Look, an hedgehog on that tree!”, but something isn’t right and the others also notice. Hedgehogs don’t climb trees. I know that, but I’m sure what I saw was an hedgehog, so I go outside to prove my point. All I can find is some squirrel. He is cute but I’m sure not what I saw before. I spot some walnuts on the ground and think about throwing it at the squirrel, but then I realise he is not going to catch it and I might indeed hurt him if I try. So I give up and as I walk away I find a table with doll houses on top. They are from a lady artisan who makes them and is exhibiting them on open air. I am amazed at the details and beauty of the houses but then stumble on one whose miniature parquet floor is totally lifted on air – I try to fix it and as a result the whole house collapses. The lady is luckily surrounded by people and doesn’t see me.

      My hair is longer and I am sitting with another girl in front of my guru. He is giving us some instructions regarding the current practice we’re doing. I make some funny face and my guru asks me if I disagree with something, to which I reply no.

      6:10 GMT

      Changing clothes
      I’m on some large room with white long benches around, against the wall, like a cloakroom. The door is open but still I am trying to change clothes quickly. I see a corridor outside and realise this is inside some large building. I want to change pants but they are so tight, even my underwear comes off. Precisely when some people - among which I recognise my father - are just passing by in the corridor. Luckily they are not paying attention to what goes on inside the room. I decide to simply continue undressing and dressing. Strangely my panties have now enlarged with all the pulling and twisting from my changing acrobatics. I try wearing some new pants and they don't fir, so I grab a new skirt I brought and wear it – it also is huge, like twice normal size. I think I need to ask my mother what happened, because she was the last person who washed these clothes!

      Encounters at a canteen
      On a gathering of activists and farmers, there’s a guy in his 50s with a son about my age and they don’t stop looking at me. On lunch time at a canteen they sit in the table right in front of mine. My mom who’s also present notices the 2 guys interest and comes to join me. I realise she is digging the 50 year-old guy and I play along to help her. But e just exchange smiles and they never get up and come talk to us. After lunch I am packing all my stuff really well on my backpack to leave – I have mp3, camera, laptop and all the necessary plugs and cables, plus a book and whatever... I take ages to fit all in the backpack and that’s when the guy (the older) decides to talk. He tells me he is a rice producer and asks me if I know Alfredo (yeah, I do) because he is his neighbour. Then he also asks me if I am aware of the GM rice issue and I smile thinking “Why of course!” but he doesn’t give me a chance to talk, so he keeps going. He is totally furious that his project of organic rainfed rice was totally discouraged by the government while they support chemically and flooded rice and even GM rice. He concludes that this world is upside down and I agree, but decided not to speak.
      Then I spot Mónica onthe opposite side of this room and go there but then notice she is with her mom. Her mom takes her to a nearby window and shows her something which is outside. I hear their conversation. “Oh mom, I can’t believe it! It’s for surfing? I want it so badly! I want it! Thank you so much!” Apparently her mother just gave her some ridiculously expensive gift – I wonder if it’s a surfing board and since when she does sports? Then she turns but she doesn’t see me. Instead she goes talk to some lady who’s leaving and asks her if she can come along. The lady replies she would of course invite her, but she is with their guru on a private visit, as a friend and he is not expecting anyone else to join. Surprisingly then, the guru actually drops by saying he really needs to use the toilet. He doesn’t look so happy and even I say hi to him, but he does not reply. I find that odd, since he is always so kind and thoughtful. Mónica is clearly happy to see him and says to the other lady that he looks so well! I wonder why she says this, because to me he is clearly not looking so well.

      7:30 GMT – Wake up

      PRECOG explanation:
      On this morning my mom came to visit me. I was coincidentally wearing the panties from my dream but was wearing a different skirt. When she arrived she was bringing me a bag of clothes she had washed and ironed, including that new skirt. I just put it over the bed to sort it out later when my mom notices I have a big spot on the skirt I am wearing. We’re late to go out so I just grab the skirt on the bed and dress it. Already outside I realise I’m wearing the exact same thing I was wearing on the dream – luckily it suffered no accident and all is with normal size. I don’t know why I have such meaningless precog dreams, but fortunately once in a while I also have precogs that are actually interesting.
    15. May 17, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:48 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Pet Squirrel:
      My sister in the dream had a brown or black pet squirrel. It died, so, everyone was pretty upset especially her. The dream skips and I think she is wearing black standing outside as a girl approaches her. She asks about the squirrel’s death and my sister answers with 20 food and 10 nightmares.

      Thoughts: Guess DCs do say the darnest things referring to the last line
      Tags: death, odd, squirrel