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    1. Weird Gelantamine Dreams

      by , 06-05-2018 at 02:49 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      05:00 AM
      Weird Harry Potter Dream (non-lucid)

      I a student at Hogwarts and an evil wizard got access to a magical artifact that can cause mass illusions to those around it. I don't remember much of the details but my friends and I were trying to stop him. Ultimately we confronted him and tried to make a deal with him but he just laughed and attacked us.

      09:00 AM
      Weird Gelantamine Dreams (SSILD DILD)

      I took 4mg of galangamine and some alpha gpc after a short WBTB. I tried SSILD WILD but it took me to long to fall asleep so I ended up just getting a DILD.

      I am playing Runescape and feel super sluggish like I have zero energy. In the dream I am part of a small clan and we are fighting a boss for a new quest. Apparently I am friends with Zezima and he plays on an alt account.

      Later on I bowling with my girlfriend and some friends. I still feel really sluggish and weird. I am semi-lucid enough ton wonder if this is from the galantamine but not enough to question if this is a dream. The friends are looking at me waiting for me to go so I do my best to keep playing.

      Later still I am with some family at Costco. I feel pretty normal now. Apparently there is a new section for video games there. I ask my nephew to join me in trying it out. I lose him in the crowd on the way over and spontaneously become lucid.
      I start to fly to one of the freezer isles then remember I have goals. I want to summon Juliana yet again. I am determined to summon her without the reach back method. I try to get her to walk around the corner into the isle but instead comes my friend and his parents. I ask the mom if maybe she is Juliana but in the wrong form. She doesn't know what I am talking about and sounds like my friends mom actually does. I start to fly away and destabilize quickly.

      I am at disney land and semi lucid now. Now I feel the opposite of sluggish. I feel really high. Again I wonder if its from the galantamine. We start to ride on of the rides.
    2. Ld 4#

      by , 01-14-2017 at 11:17 AM
      I had a lucid dream this night! I did the SSILD method, and after a while fell asleep with a couple of sycles again. Than when I fell asleep, I apleared in the same room again where I'm sleeping, but than with a different layout, and bigger than our house normally is.

      The dream wasn't super vivid at the beginning, and I could wake up pretty fast if am not careful in the dream. I did a nose RC to be sure it is a dream, and it was! I was really happy but tried to stabalize the dream to shout "stabalize!" but it didn't work very well... So I tried to spin, and that worked a little better. It was like I really was awake. Now, it was night, and I wanted to make it day. My mom woke up in my dream, and suddenly my father was there too. I said to them that I was dreaming, and I can control this if I believe in it. So I shouted, "light!!!!!" "make it day!!" at first it didn't work. So I tried the switches from my bedroom to turn the lights on, but that didn't work either. So I tried to believe more in my control, and shouted again to make it day, and that worked finally. It became a sunny day

      I did a RC again, to prove that it really is a dream...becaus it's so hard to get a ld, and now I am here, just standing in a dream! I tried to keep myself aware that am dreaming, so that I don't forget it. My dream was not stable at some time, so thought of some stabalize methods I read at dreamviews. Someone said to crawl. So I tried that, but it became even more blurry. Almost waking up like. I didn't want that. So shouted, "stabalize!" again, and spinned. It was luckily more vivid. I opened my bedroom door, and saw that the wooden floor whom is normally darkbrown, turned in lightbrown. The corridor became much bigger... Our house has became bigger. It was really cool I tried to change my appearance, but that didn't work lol. So I decided to try it again later. I suddenly walked into a hairdresser, and decided to cute my hair a little there. After that, there were some weird men. Me and my sister read some weird documents, and it was probably forbidden to read them, because it where secrets. My sister continued to read them, while I already saw some shady people walking towards us. I tried to get my sister to flee with me, but she continued to read them, and it was already too late to run. They already stood before us. They took the documents from my sister's hands, and took them with them. They looked at me a bit scaryxD but I decided to leave that, and walked away with my sister.
      At the end of the dream, I wanted to try flying, because I am really difficult with it. I never manage to fly. Even though other people could. So in the living room, I practiced flying. My sister sat, and watched me. I jumped and it didn't work so well. (is it really, because I find it hard to believe? But if I can turn night into day, tan I can also fly. So I believed in it as much as I could, like I did with my other things, and jumped in the air. I could fly a little, but floated pretty fast to the ground. Maybe I have to think of happiness, and a lot of believe, and than I can fly? Peter Pan said so in the movie... So I thought of a lot of things that makes me happy, and believed in it. It worked! I could fly, but....I soon woke up after I managed to fly, and it was already morning at that.

      It was a fun experience, and I hope to do more in my dreams!!!❤❤❤❤❤
      I defenitely try SSILD again.
    3. Spooky Comp. Day 3 - on the move with brother, TK, some Fire, listening to music, summoning my Cat

      by , 10-17-2016 at 09:56 AM
      had a lot of fragments with some wakings over the night but didnt write anything down till morning.
      after GF left the house i did SSILD and felt asleep again even though it was already 8:30 and i had around 9h of sleep... cant do this every day but yea... earned a decent lucid with not too much access to memory..

      i cross a street with my brother. i think about jumping up a pretty high wall, some lucidity streams in. i see two pretty ugly women, fat and with a stupid look in their face hearing music thru earphones. one of them has one in her ear and one in her nose. all this results in me being lucid.
      i sing a song about how stupid those two are and continue to move with my bother. i dont do any RC... but i jump up the wall i saw. my brother continues to walk on the pavement. i jump down where a gap in the wall is and smash down pretty hart on something loose on the ground. i smile to my brother and repeat it one more time. i jump next to him and start using TK. with a simple hand gesture i let a parking truck behind me levitate. i wonder shortly that its so easy but i keep going and "throw" it some meters in front of me on the pavement on a cat/dog of an owner... i instantly feel a little bad. but we keep moving and the car and the "accident" disappeared. i let a older chubby man float around and turn him in air. but i dont want to do any harm so i try to let him down softly on his feet but he has problems to stop turning around and so it needs some more seconds and mange to set him down save. we continue walking and i think about how to make some points... for some reason i just dont remember my 3 step task or any of my incubated goals what so ever.
      so i decide to make some fire in my hands. as some of you know this is not a specialty of mine. while walking i imagine energy flow into my right hand and visualize a fire but its not working. to concentrate better i stop moving. and use both my hands. i hold them like i would hide a ball in between them and slowly pull them apart. i have a small flame in my right hand but i cant expand it and it turns off fast. i repeat it and my palm is burning a litte but again cant do anything with it. i concenrate a little more and now i have a small ball of fire in between my hands and while i pull them apart the fire is expanding. i hear a background noise that says something similar like " Plz dont do any fire here (so nothing starts burning) and nevertheless the pro guy who do flames is in town so there is nothing to win here" ignoring the voice i feel satisfied so far with my fire bending and i continue walking with my brother.
      i tell him i want to hear some set of Sigil. while we approach a house (of a previous dream i think) i ask him if he could ask out loud for some music by sigil. he asks and as we enter the house i hear some music. we approach a girl and i ask her if we can turn on sigil and she answers "this is sigil already" i am not sure but go with it and listen a little. i ask loud what to do now. i think about my personal goals thinking if i already did one by coincidence but i cant remember any and remember to summon my cat. i know cant say what was first. the idea of summon my cat or the black cat that sits next to the door. i see it now and think yea that is not my cat. i want to make mine appear right infront of me. i make a wipe around with my hand and blur the background a little and try to see my cat. i see some patterns but not really a cat. i stop and see my cat sitting right next to ne black one. nice i call him and he comes to me. i pet him a little and decide to wake up
      what i do

      so far not so satisfied with my commitment and outcome of the competition but i will try do to some decent daywork and incubate some cooler stuff. tomorrow i have to get up early so probably no lucid again... :/

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    4. Magic Lesson Two: Sword Fighting

      by , 08-24-2016 at 08:55 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up naturally for my WBTB and ate some breakfast and took some galantamine and alpha gpc. I did some SSILD and when it felt right started WILD.

      09:00 AM
      Vividness Potion (SSILD WILD)

      I find myself standing in my room. I was doing WILD so this must be a dream! I do a nose plug and confirm it. I look at my hand and it does have five fingers even though the dream isn't very vivid. I take some time trying to get the dream more vivid but it just won't get to where I need it to have fun.

      I wake up and wait for a false awakening to form. I get out of bed and it is still not very vivid. I summon a vividness potion. It is a small cylindrical bottle with red liquid. I drink some of it and it is strawberry flavored. The dream gets a bit more vivid and I read the bottle. The first words that form are "he he ha ha". Another lable says "Suck this down. This is a dream." Or something like that. Things are more vivid but it doesnt really feel realistic at all. I summon a stability potion. It is green and triangular like before. I drink it but its a lost cause.
      I wake up and my nose itches so much I can't DEILD.

      10:30 AM
      Magic Lesson Two: Sword Fighting (DILD)

      I can't completely remember the begging. It is prohibition still or maybe the early 1940s. My father is a prominent person in the sale of alcohol. The first thing I remember is being on a train with him and my fictional family going through Italy. We are going to meet Benito Mussolini. At some point my perspective changes to that of my father. There is a broken part in the track ahead and we have to stop. We are close to the palace though so we get off the train to walk. I see a group of men on the hill next to the track taking a break and drinking. I walk over and become lucid. I realize there is not much I can do for my goals here and I would rather follow the plot. I feel like I will have a chance to be fully lucid later so I go along with it. I talk to them for a bit and ask if I can have some of their drinks. The assistant that is suppose to bring me says we will be meeting Mussolini in minutes and I say I will just have a sip. I drink half a shot follow the assistant. We get a room in the palace and Mussolini is going to meet us here. I split of from my dad somehow and become lucid again. I explain that Mussolini is going to be on the wrong side in the coming war and we should stop him. Out of muscle memory I summon Juliana. I think it's her at least. Mussolini comes in and is mad that I am here. My dad hides in the bathroom. Juliana and I beat the crap out of him. I point my fingers at him and do some sort of entanglement spell that wraps his hands in vines. Juliana sits down on the bed. He trips and falls and I try to throw a dresser on him but it hits the bed instead o him. The vines fade away and I feel I did a crappy job on the spell. I tell Juliana to knock him out and she does a spell that knocks him out. I ask what now and she shrugs. I say let's mess with him and tell her to give him diarrhea with a spell. I sort of loose track of what is going on. Juliana says,"You really need to work on your sword fighting." My dad comes back out and I try to calm him down and I loose lucidity and my memory skips for a while.

      I am walking through a street in a town and see a fancy looking McDonald's. I go in and the guy I had the drink with is there. There is a second story with a balcony for outside dinning. I go out there and become lucid. Wow, this is a perfect time to do my second magic lesson! I stick my hand back and feel a hand I look to quick and it is my girlfriend Chiara! Yay that is not a bad way to mess up. I hug her and tell her I have to summon Juliana but I am glad she is here and can meet her and watch my lesson. Chiara takes a few steps back and I stick my hand back and feel another hand. I ask Chiara if it is Juliana and she says she can't see anything yet. I say, "It should be a tall sexy lady in a witch outfit." Suddenly her eyes light up and say it is her and she is pretty. I look over and Juliana is there! She has pink hair this time and her witch hat this time. She walks over and says hi to Chiara. I walk over and compare our heights. Based on how I compared our heights with our fingers she is 6 feet tall although that is with heels. I loose some vividness so I feel her sides and then her boobs to restabilize. I look at Chiara and I raise my eyebrows as if to say wow look at the size of these things. I look at Juliana and realize what I am doing is not very polite at all! Her face does not look happy. I say, "Sorry I am just trying to make sure I remember what you look like." She takes her hat off and walks away a bit. I ask,"Hey Juliana. How are you doing. What have you been up to? She still looks a bit down and says,"I havn't been so great. I am still recovering from some side effects from a potion I took yesterday." I say,"Oh, sorry, well, I guess we should start with the less. What will the lesson be this time?"

      She thinks and then says something but I somehow can't hear or remember what it is. It doesn't seem very magical. I say,"What about fireballs!" I try to summon a fireball to show her but realize I still don't know how yet. She says,"Fine. Give it a try." I say,"I don't know how. Could you show me?" Chiara walks behind us to stay out of the way and I can't quite see what Juliana does. She throws a little spark and a couple second later it crackels into a blue sparkly firework. "Wow, cool. Could you do it again though? Chiaras head was in the way?" They both look annoyed at me and I wonder why everything I am saying is coming across so rude. Juliana cups her right hand for a moment and then throws another spark that bursts into a firework over the balcony. "Swirl the energy in your hand to build it up and then throw it.", she says. I do so and then throw. I get a tiny spark but it fizzles out. "Do I have to think about it exploding." I ask and she nodes. I think about what it is going to do a few seconds after I throw it while I am swirling the energy in my hand. I toss the spark and it bounces of the wall and back at us! I guide it with my mind the other direction and it makes a blue firework!

      I look over and Juliana'a hair has changed and now it fades from white at the top to red at the bottom. I make several more firecrackers until I have the hang of it and then try it with both a hands! I look over and now Juliana's hair is short and blue. I ask, "Juliana, your hair keeps changing. Are you okay?" She says,"No I'm not okay. I'll be happier when you treat me like a person instead of just some dream element." Her hair turns all sorts of different colors. I apologize and explain I didn't mean any disrespect. "You keep dismissing the things that I teach you as not magical enough but you aren't even ready for fireballs. I told you right now you should learn sword fighting." "Oh, sword fighting! I remember that now from the previous dream. That actually sounds awesome!" I notice there is now a box full of foam weapons next to us. "Juliana, I am sorry. You need to trust me that I trust you too." She looks a bit happier and I notice her hair is purple and shoulder length now. She pulls out a sword and says,"On guard." I pull out a sword too and we get into stances. Chiara looks through the weapons and plays with a shield. Juliana and I start sword fighting and I realize this is hard even in dreams. I have experience with martial arts but no real experience with swords other than what I saw in youtube videos. I can't seem to hit Juliana. She easily blocks everything. She manages to break through my guard and land an attack to my chest. We start over and I think about the strategies I heard online. I have to hit her sword out of the way, get leverage over her sword, or get in behind her range. I pary one of her attacks with the lower part of my sword and realize that gives me the control. I slide my sword down hers and rotate it to boop her head. She says,"Good job!" and we continue. She is making it harder now and I think I see an opening. I strike at her head but she slices at my stomach before mine hits her head. Dang I thought I had that. We continue for a while and I still can't get past her but I am learning. We take a break.

      I am talking to the worker from the earlier dream. Juliana talks to Chiara. He shows me a tiny rubiks cube and I say even though it's cool its really hard to turn smoothly. He asks why I never added him on facebook and I say, "Well, I think your a dream character so I don't really know how to add you. Would I even be able to find you when I wake up?" I realize I am about to wake up and turn to say,"Thanks for the lesson." to Juliana but wake up and find myself saying it in my own head.
    5. Magic Lesson One: Rock Climbing

      by , 08-17-2016 at 10:55 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up naturally at 6:45AM for my WBTB which was nice. Couldn't quite remember my dream. My non lucid recall has been sort of shitty for the last week. I took 8mg Glanatamine and 600 mg Alpha GPC with some fruit. After a half hour of listening to anime soundtracks and setting my intentions I did some SSILD and tried WILD. I got some imagery that wouldn't stick and eventually got out of bed but the dream never stabilized so I won't bother putting an entry for that. I kept waking up and doing nose plugs but they weren't false awakenings. Eventually a dream formed but I had lost most of my lucidty.

      09:38 AM
      Magic Lesson One: Rock Climbing (SSILD)

      I am in a final fantasy style RPG on a game boy advanced. I remember playing this game before in a different dream and wan't to speed run through it to get back to where I was before. I set up my character and complete the first area to receive my sword. I then attack some enemies with it. I get to the overworld and make my way to where I can get my first companion which is a warrior guy. I then go through the overworld to a mine where I can start leveling the mining skill. I forgot though that you have to talk to this mole man NPC first to get access. I go to the first dungeon and also get a mage girl companion. We defeat the boss of the dungeon and I wake up a bit.

      I am a semi lucid now and in my own body. I am at the edge of my college at night. I want to keep playing the game so I pull a GBA out of my pocket and wonder how to get back into it. I start running around while I look at the GBA and thinking about how to turn the mechanics into a real game. I realize I don't have a GBA and remember that this is a dream.
      This is my chance!

      I stop running and actually skid because I am going so fast! It is dark but there is a street light so I feel comfortable. I see a DC is jogging along the sidewalk. I walk out into the street and remember that I wanted to try a stability potion first. I put my hand back and summon a bottle. It is triangle shaped with a small cork and green liquid in it. I pull the cork off and drink the entire bottle. The dream destabilizes for a second and then completely restabilizes. It isn't the most vivid dream but I feel like it will last a long time. Another random DC runs by. I say out loud, "Juliana, I am ready for my lesson." I flow energy through my hands and stick them out. "I now understand the importance of body, mind, and spirit!"

      Anime -esque flash back time! Previously when I asked Juliana to give me my lesson she told me to read some books first. I started with Journey to the West and read the chapter titled "Monkey King studies magic" The Monkey King (the character in my avatar) went to study with a sage to learn to be immortal. After 7 years he had to choose which philosophical discipline to focus on but was disappointed to learn that none of them would teach him immortality. The sage took him aside and told him he could learn the secrets of body, mind and spirit which isn't a formal discipline but the forces that hold the universe together. This is how The Monkey King gained immortality and a bunch of other magical powers!

      From there I knew the other books would relate somehow to the body, mind, and spirit. The book on astral projection is related to developing the energy body. The book on zen is related to focusing the mind. The other books where the Vedas and I learned more about the Ātman, the "true self". I can do energy flow simulation to work on my body schema and I can do zazen meditation to work on my mind but I couldn't find any meditation to work on the spirit. Considering I don't believe in a literal soul stuff like transcendental meditation seems like complete bullshit. I ended up realizing that just listening to good music is a great way to meditate on spirit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaJoDAXkSMw Now, back to the dream!

      I imagine Juliana appearing in front of me in a puff of smoke. Nothing happens. Hmm. Well, it was worth a try. Another random DC runs by and startles me. What is with these DCs? I stick both my hands back and feel someone take hold of them. "Hi Juliana." I say. "Hey Matthew." she replies. I turn around and it's her. I hug her and notice she has dark hair again and her witches hat this time. "I'm ready for my lesson." I say. She looks around and takes in the environment. "It's dark here. Let's go somewhere with more light." and she points to one of the buildings at the college. We walk over there and I ask,"Hey Juliana, I'm curious, what is your natural hair color. I've seen you with red hair and dark hair." "My natural hair color?" she says. "Oh, it's grey but I'm always changing it." I say, "Grey? Are you sure? Okay." She looks at me with wide eyes and says, "Matthew, I want to ask you where you come from." I am a little taken of guard and say, "Haha okay. I want to know a lot more about you too." "Ya, but you sort of popped up out of no where and now I'm your dream guide but we hardly really know each other."

      We get to the door of the building and she opens it. It looks nothing the same on the inside. There are students everywhere in white uniforms. There is a staircase even though it is a one story building from the outside. We walk in and I see a door at the end of the hall with light coming through the window. "You did it! Let's go through there." I say. There are so many students I get destabilized a bit in the commotion but because of the potion it is really easy to stabilize again. I look back and see that Juliana has changed into a guy with aviator sunglasses on. She looks like Dave from homestuck but I can feel it is still her somehow. I take her hand so we stay together and we go to the door. "Let's make it a basketball court." I say as I open the door and go through. It really is a basketball court on the other side and it's day time! There are DCs talking and playing and there are tall buildings around the park.

      "Okay, let's start the lesson. We walk over to a bench and she sits down except now she is an indian boy. "I did the research on body, mind, and spirit." She nods and smiles. I go on,"Body I can develop with energy flow simulation. Mind I can develop with zazen meditation." She looks happy that I figured this stuff out. "Spirit I had a hard time with though." She looks concerned. "You see, I don't believe in spirits" She is about to say something but I explain myself. "Well, I believe in spirit, but not souls. In my mind, spirit is the essence of a person. Their passions, feelings, and relationships. I don't think there is a metaphysical thing determining those things. Not in the waking world but I would imagine souls are real in the dream world." Juliana looks very confused. "Waking world? What is that?" I say, "That's where I go when I wake up. You don't know about the waking world?" She squints at me and says, "So that is why there is something different about you." I ask, "So where do you go when you go to sleep?" She says, "Another dream world." I ask,"Haven't you ever woken up before?" She replies, "Not Really. So what happens when really wake up?" "Look." I say. "We should get to my lesson. Contemplate this and we can talk more about it some other time. Also, why do you look like an indian boy?" "Oh, sorry." She says and gets enveloped in a white light as she transforms. I stand next to her to help her get the height right. I ask to see the red hair this time. She looks like herself again with the red hair.

      "Okay, your first lesson." She points at some kids playing on the side of the court. The kids around here like to get them selves in all sorts of trouble. They go in places they aren't suppose to and do dangerous things." We walk down the court. "See all these tall buildings." I nod. "They like to climb up the walls and do graffiti way high up. The adults just can't climb up there to clean it but the kids never fall." We stop at the end of the block. "Your first magic lesson is to climb to the top." I ask,"What's magical about rock climbing?" She explains,"I know it isn't extravagant but it will teach you all the principles. Go ahead and choose a building and get climbing."

      I choose a building and start pulling myself up on the brick and engravings. I get up a ways and find myself at a difficult spot. "Look at 11 o'clock." I look up and a bit to the left. I see a flourish decoration that will make a good handhold. "Thanks Juliana!" I say and keep climbing. "What is this dreamviews thing on your phone?" she says. I look down and I am higher up than I thought. "Hey, what are you doing with my phone?" I shout. "Don't fall and wake up or you will loose your cell phone!" she says. "Even if I wake up I won't loose my phone." I say and keep climbing. "So what happens to your stuff if you wake up? Doesn't it disappear too?" she says. "Ha ha that isn't how it works." I say. "When you go to another dream world you don't bring your stuff. If you are inexperienced that is. Hey, who is this Chiara girl? Is she your giiiiirfriennnnnnnd?" she giggles. "Yes, that's my girlfriend." I say. "Your waking life girlfriend? Let's go through your texts!" I am very high up now but there is an over hang. I am starting to get the point of all of this. While I was distracted by Juliana I climbed much faster and easier. If I am just confident and go with it I can do anything! I make it over the overhang and can see the top now but I start to destabilize. I think about what I learned and use it to just go with it and stay anchored to the dream. I imagine myself holding the top ledge and the dream restabilizes. I pull myself to the top. Juliana is just a little dot now. I give out a victory yell and jump off. I float gently down and as I am landing near Juliana I take away her phone. I see that she has her hat off so I take that too and plop it back on her head. She looks a bit guilty but happy. I start to wake up and while I have more to say to Juliana I feel like it is time. After all, I have a lot of dialogue to right down before I forget it!

      So my feeling was right! Juliana does know it's a dream but I am surprised she didn't know there is a real waking world. I look forward to continuing that conversation and my magic lessons.
    6. FireFlyMan and DreamCafe11

      by , 08-13-2016 at 11:22 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I read AndresLDs entry during my WBTB and was super happy he ended his dryspell and was able to fight me in a Pokemon battle!!! This gave me encouragement so I did some quick SSILD and tried WILD.

      09:00 AM
      FireFlyMan (SSILD WILD)

      It doesn't take long and I am feeling mild vibrations and getting flashes of potential dream scenes. I think what the heck, I'm probably fully dreaming now, I might as well just get out of bed. I am in my hometown for the weekend so of course that is where I am in the dream. I do so and do a nose plug and confirm I am dreaming. It doesn't feel as vivid as I would like but I don't think it will be a problem because my visuals are pretty good. I stick my hands back and realize I don't have space to summon anyone in my room so I go into the family room.

      I see a man there with dark hair and eyes. I guess FireFlyMan is already here! "Hi FireFlyMan. You said you have a beard. Let's fix that.", I say. I stick my hand out and imagine his beard growing. "I don't wan't a beard." He says but I manage to grow an inch long beard anyways. "It is suppose to be a bit longer.", I say but he says,"This length is fine." so i leave him be. "Take my hand so it is easier for me to imagine DreamCafe11's hand." I say and he grabs my left hand. I wake up and feel like it's a good opportunity for DEILD but for some reason it takes a very long time to get any visuals and I lay there half awake, half asleep for about a half hour.

      I journaled the dream and realized I had about half an hour before I had to get up. I thought I might be able to squeeze in one more WILD. I set my alarm forward an extra 10 minutes just so I could wake up more naturally.

      010:35 AM
      DreamCafe11 (WILD)

      I am laying in bed and I hear a knock on the door. My mom says it is 10:30 and I have to get up. I am semi lucid and get out of bed and walk into the family room. Some random family members are there and realize I am starting a dream. I walk back into my room thinking I want to have a false awakening. I realize this is sily and my girlfriend comes into the room. I realize I miss her even though it's only been a few days and this was probably incubated my reading AndresLD's dream about seeing his girlfriend. I hug and kiss her a lot and tell her it is a dream. I let her know I have some goals to do this time but next time I see her she can join me on my adventure.

      We go into the family room and I stick my hand back to summon DreamCafe11. I feel a smallish hand take mine and I say,"Hello DreamCafe or should I call you Song." I get no response so I look over. She is a girl with brown hair, about 5'2". She isn't in her Song form this time I guess. "Are you DreamCafe?", I ask. She shakes her head yes and smiles. I hug her and introduce her and my girlfriend. While I know I don't have much time, I feel like I don't have to worry about waking up. "Do you know where the bomb is?" I ask. She says that she doesn't. I was sort of relying on her knowing where it was. That's okay we can figure it out.

      We go out front of my house and see two DCs walking by. "Do you know about the bomb threat?", we ask. They say they don't. This is a suburb so there's not much likely hood of a terrorist attack here. We should go to the mall. I see an expensive looking silver sports car in my drive way. "I know exactly where to go! Hop in!", I say. "Is this your car?", DreamCafe11 asks. "I guess it is now." I back out fast and shift into drive. I get up to 55mph in no time and already have to make a turn. I skid into the sidewalk and nearly take out someones fence and mailbox. Haha, oops. It is a very accurate representation of my neighborhood. I am on a strait away so I floor it and we go really fast. I wake up though and really wan't to get more out of the dream. I can still feel my left hand and that is it. I will my other hand onto the wheel and push my imaginary foot into the pedal. My visuals come back and the dream is vivid again! I hope that DreamCafe11 didn't notice! haha

      I drive another two blocks to the strip mall by my house. We park next to the big fountain area at the center. As we walk up I realize we are both still in our normal forms. I tell her to transform into Song and she says she hasn't figured out how yet. I say,"It's easy, you just have to watch Sailor Moon!" I stick my hand up in the air and shout,"Tatsumonki, transform!" I spin in place with my arms out and imagine the sleeves of a cloak appearing. I have a black coat now with long coattails. I still have my dark grey shorts on and some black shoes. I feel that my hair is longer and curlier now and ask DreamCafe if it is green. She says it is so I must have transformed!

      Note, I was still 5'10" as Tatsumonki. I would have been the same height as DreamCafe if that changed so I need to update the drawing.

      We walk up to a crowd of DCs by the fountain and I say,"This is the Dream Hero League! Have any of you seen a bomb or suspicious activity?" The DCs just shrug. DreamCafe and I ask around but know one knows what we are talking about. "You there! What are you hiding under your shirt!" I use telekinesis to lift up his shirt and he is just fat. I search a mans backpack too but there's nothing but books. "What are we going to do DreamCafe?" I ask. She says, "Well, I think as long as the dream characters are safe it is better if we can't find anything." I think she is probably right but I fly around to keep searching.

      I see a man with a very large padded black bag and ask him what is in it. He looks worried and runs away. That is incriminating enough for me so I use telekinesis to bring him back to where DreamCafe is. I accidentally bump his head and he seems unconscious. Oops. I place him and the bag down and see someone making out with an attractive guy. This is awkward. They look up and it's my girlfriend! "Hey!" I get angry for a second but then remember this is a dream and then I'm totally fine with it. After all, I make out with DCs all the time. It's only fair!

      DreamCafe11 walks up and I say I found the bomb. "Use your wind powers to make a vacuum around the bag." She starts spinning the air around the bag but then stops. "I still don't fully understand how to do that." She says. I feel that I am starting to wake up and I am satisfied with the dream. Sure, we didn't defuse the bomb or even confirm there was one but we got to meet each other and had a good time
      Besides, I woke up right on time without needing the alarm!
    7. SSILD + MILD Experiment: Visiting an Unkown City and Phansing Through Walls

      by , 08-13-2016 at 01:24 AM (My Dream World)
      So I just started using the SSILD and MILD methods together after waking up at night to see what happens. It was a weird night, I kept waking up, having weird dreams and had some trouble falling asleep. I went to sleep at 23:21 and woke up naturally at 1:08. No dreams yet. Did a short WBTB and tried SSILD. After that I repeated a mantra for some time in my head (I know I'm dreaming), had a short visualization and eventually fell asleep.
      I had a short LD in which I was somewhere (I think in a car) with my stepfather. I suspected I was dreaming and did the glass RC (I press some glass with my finger until it "pops" as if it were plastic wrap, it creates a small hole in the glass) on a window and it worked, however I do not remember anything else from that dream.
      I dreamed I was on a street next to where I live, however the streets were flooded. I was with my family and we saw some kind of big toy whale on the water singing and I tought it was some kind of theme park. We went inside and there was a room with lots of people and attractions. The only one I can remember was a model of some city or something like that. That's all I remember about this dream.
      I was in the middle of some unknow city. The floor was made of beige bricks and looked kinda rustic. I tought it was some kind of post-apocalyptic world, but the city was quite lively. I knew I had to go back to a huge old building because I remember something happened there, on its roof. Along the way I met two kids who followed me there.

      When we arrived the building was incredibly huge. We went inside into some kind of lobby with an elevator. I think there were some robots there. The kids said something that made the robots mad and entered the elevator with them. I went outside into an open area with some tables and chairs. It was already night by this point. I looked up and tought something bad was going to happen up there on the roof, then some robot jumped from the roof and landed near me. It didn't break and was sad because it couldn't kill itself. I think it said it would only be happy if it died or if had a frisbee, so I threw a frisbee at it and it started acting all excited like a dog, trying to catch it. I think there was also an actual dog and a guy playing with it there, as well.

      I woke up at about 3:48 and did another WBTB, then I tried SSILD and MILD again. This time it took longer to fall asleep.
      I was in some area with some swimming pools and there were areas that were restricted to girls. I kept trying to trespass, however there was this guy who always stopped me. I eventually became lucid and I think the first thing I did was try to phase through a wall. I ran up to it and kept pushing myself into it, until I completely went through it, but ended up hitting myself on another wall that was right behind it. I also remember trying to fly over a house and trying to become invisible.
      I eventually woke up but didn't record the time (I think it was around 6 o'clock) and did another wbtb. I didn't do SSILD this time however, as I was afraid it would mess with my sleep or something (I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do more than one SSILD per night). I tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. I was also kinda hungry but didn't eat anything thinking it might make it harder to fall asleep. I lied down on my beed trying to sleep until 8 o'clock when my alarm started ringing and I decided to get up.

      It was a weird, long night. SSILD caused some interesting results (some weird and vivid dreams as well as two lucids), so I'm gonna keep practicing it, I just hope next time I don't have as much trouble falling asleep.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Bad Schema

      by , 08-11-2016 at 09:32 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      For those new to lucid dreaming, I don't wan't you to read this entry and think that WILD is hard or that it is difficult to stabilize dreams. It will only poison your mind with bad expectations. WILDs are normally much more vivid than most lucids, actually.

      I again took 8mg of galantamine, 600mg of alpha gpc with one scrambled egg. I did SSILD after half an hour and then started WILD.

      08:30 AM
      Bad Schema (SSILD WILD)

      I start to have imagery of the game dwarf fortress. It must have a really good graphics pack because it looks almost intelligible! It is adventure mode and I am in a dungeon with two companions. There is an enemy coming at me and it is actually multiple tiles across! I am sitting at my computer in my room and can feel the chair now. What version of dwarf fortress is this? I look and see it is part of the masterwork mod. For some reason I hear my sisters voice coming from my roommates bed. I wonder if the dream is stable enough for me to do anything and try and look over. I have a weird sensation and everything beyond my desk is very blurry. I look back now and the main monitor is off now. The second monitor has the dreamviews irc. I try to turn on the main monitor with the button but it does nothing. I type "Hi, This is a dream." into the chat and notice that everyone's names are abbreviated. Mine is MM. Other people reply but I don't really read what they say. I will the main monitor on with my mind and navigate back to dwarf fortress. I load the vanilla version because that is what I prefer. I play around with it for a bit but wonder if I can get on with the dream now and try to summon a stability potion with my left hand. I don't feel the potion though. In fact, I can't feel anything with my left hand. I try and stand up but my right eye flutters open for a split second and I see the wall by my bed.

      I am laying in bed. This was probably a false awakening but I wasn't sure and could hear my roommate walking around and don't wan't to disturb him. Actually, I could hear a ton of voices talking with him. He left to go somewhere this morning. Is this him and his friends stopping in to get something for their trip? No, this has to be hypnogogia. I can even feel their footsteps vibrate my bed. After a few minutes I hear the door open, close and there are no more voices.

      A new dream starts to form. I am at work with a coworker. I am going through the motions of work even though I am not actively controlling my body yet. It isn't terribly vivid but I hang on and I'm patient. I do a nose plug RC and it works but the dream isn't getting more vivid. I try and summon a stability potion and it doesn't work. I see a blurry green bottle on a table and think it may be the potion so I pick it up and drink it. It tastes a bit weird but it's not so bad.
      In retrospect, I was drinking window cleaner without realizing it. Bleeeeegh. I walk outside expecting things to get more vivid but things still don't seem right. I have tunnel vision and feel really weird. I waddle around and realize I am at the school I went to as a kid. I walk onto the playground and while I don't feel vivid I might as well get on with it. This is probably just bad schema making me unstable and I should be fine if I engage with the dream. I stick both my hands back and imagine FireFlyMan and DreamCafe11 both grabbing hold. I loose my balance a bit and my face feels really swollen. Nothing happens. I try again and again just loose my balance. I start to wake up and try to DEILD but it seems to be taking a long time. Maybe this is an FA! I do a noes plug RC and nope, I'm awake.

      I went ahead and wrote this down so I would at least get points for a WILD and tried again.

      10:30 AM
      Muh-Nems (Semi Lucid)

      I go to the store so I can buy a comfortable chair to take a nap in in the hopes of getting a WILD. I am semi lucid but clearly not all there. I look at the price and even though the lawn chair is on sale I don't think it is worth the money. I go outside the store and fly to my car and go home.

      I am with my girlfriend and we have some guests over. We have some snacks and I am eating M&Ms and find one that is extra large and oval shaped. I try and read what it says but it is smudged so I eat it and find another oval one. "#Special 1/1000 M&M" It says. My girlfriend says that who ever finds the 1/1000 M&M's has to pay for all of the drinks. I eat all of them without saying because they are more chocolaty than the other M&M's!

      Even though this didn't go so great I am making progress with WILD. I tried specifically to wait for the dream to actually form before moving but I still should have been more choosy on what dream I actually let form. If I didn't engage I could have waited for a vivid dream or false awakening and started my lucid from there. That is what I will try next time.

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    9. Summer Comp. Day 12 - Two short Lucids - nothing special

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:33 AM
      Tonight was the first night since last Friday where i could sleep in and i knew i could make some points. normally i would try to be more aware during the day and incubate now and then what i want to do with my lucid and maybe get of the computer some hours earlier and read a little or meditate but yesterday i just couldnt motivate myself...
      nevertheless i got some lucids but they where very short with bad quality and my overall awareness of the night was not to good too..

      i got to bed at 23:15 and woke up for the first time at 3:45. wrote down a dream and go to toilet.
      i lay on my back, do progressive body relaxation and start with SSILD-Cycles my concentration is not too good again and i feel restless. after some cycles i lay an my side but dont fall asleep. i continue doing cycles but turn atleast two more times... not too good but i try to stay calm. after some time i feel drifting away. i see some HI and get an interesting bodyfeeling. suddenly i feel light vibrations and my body starts to spinn in my bed. i try to promote the feeling but suddenly it stops and i lay in bed again a little dissapointed.
      i stand up and sit on my desk [which is at a different corner in my room] i pick up a small container and notice that there is more inside as i thought and the screw cap is broken at one side. i think about put it into another container and while standing up i wounder and do a nosepinch. i am already dreaming! the feeling i had was indeed transition! just like that i try to push my thumb thru my palm and it works after some seconds. i am happy and jump right thru the wall outside. i hang in midair and for some reason i dont fall down... the quality is not too good... i try to get down, i look up and around and suddenly i start falling. i look down and there are some people going on the pavement. i crash next to them into the street and say "hi!" but they ignore me. i step onto the pavement and shout STOP to freeze time but everyone is moving on. i repeat my command and one guy seems to be a little confused and stops moving but more because i am shouting than because i freezed time okay so thats not working. i now shout REWIND! and after a second shout suddenly everything runs in fast rewind. good finally i get any reaction... i pick up a girl next to me and lay her down. i inspect her body from head to toe and make her stand again. the people go past me and i think about my next three step task. mass TK... i start with a traffic road sign. i try to lift it and it starts to shake. i think 'this sign is not heavier than a feather' and the pole rips out of the ground. i throw it aside and now i want to do it with a tree. it seems to be windy because the tree is moving. i concentrate again but wake up trying.

      now its 5:15 and i drink something and go again to the toilet and again repeat my procedure

      i am in a room that has similarities to a doctors room. there is a girl with very long hair. the hair gets stuck somewhere and i help her. a woman enters the room and she is harsh [this is some Harry Potter residue i think]. she says my hair and or my beard has to go. i sit in the chair and the girl starts to cut my hair. i trust her. then while still the woman is there she shave my beard with a razor but without water or soap. it hurts and i tell her. i stand up and leave the room. i move some stairs up, pass some people and enter a toilet where i look into a mirror. my beard is only shaved half and it looks terrible. my hair is short and has no shape. i am a little pissed and ask her if i done something to her or it was just random... we move down the stairs again and i slide on the handrail. we go to a party and i meet an old classmate C. she tells me she had some funny feeling in her mouth after eating some food half an hour ago. i tell her i know the feeling and i had it too some days ago as i take some drugs so i didnt know if it was the drugs or the food... [for some reason i feel like i talked to her about it already] we stand in line and there is another friend Y. some people are pushing and he pushes strongly back so that we nearly fall down from the terrace. i look angry to him because one could get hurt but he just smiles. i ignore him. he seems to know the security? because a guy next to me tell him he wants to buy a package of cigarettes for 2 too... i see there is a desk with some prices/gifts. i conclude that the entrance costs 10 but when you pay more you get a gift? i talk to the guy at the counter about a festival and that it was pretty big and all. that i like smaller ones and if he organizes another smaller one. he tells me that this party here goes also two or three days. while talking he changes into an attractive girl i start to flirt a little. i remember my beard and my hear and hope it looks not too bad but she seems not reluctant. suddenly i see a video of her doing some flicflac in the woods? and landscape changes and i am in the woods on a swing. i swing around and look at the horizon. there i see some lightnings and just like that i lift my arm and try to manipulate the lightnings. now i see a transformer station and i see some lightning coming out of my hand. i do a nosepinch and i am lucid. i notice that the quality is pretty bad and try to rub my hands on the swing but its not enough. so i let myself fall down from the swing to the ground and crash down with my whole body. this stabilizes enough and i stand up. behind me the sun goes down and it looks pretty nice. i move up the hill where i saw the lightnings and want to do some TK again. some stones are already levitating and i lift a handful more. there are some runes with blue glowing signs and i pick up one or two and activate them so they disappear but i wake up before i see an effect.
    10. Summer Comp. Day 2 - freeze/reverse Time, summon Sivason, Fireball

      by , 07-31-2016 at 11:49 AM
      Remembered: 5 dreams (1 semilucid) and 8 fragments; 1 lucid dream

      i move thru a street and see a bike chained to a lantern. the saddle is off and the bike is somehow filled with water. i think maybe to make it even more theft secure? i think about how to picklock it, thinking about what spell might work for it and how difficult it would be to learn it [i hear a lot of Harry Potter audiobook at the moment] i decide that i am more of a dreamcontrol guy who affects his body and surroundings instead of using spells and a wand. while thinking this i start flying instead of walking anymore and fly only a meter over the ground thru a street. and wake up.

      i am in a restaurant and sitting with some people at a table. we start eating and i am sitting at a corner of the table. the guy next to me needs a hell lot of space for his arm. i make myself as tiny as possible and eat my food. after some time i ask him if he would like me to go around the corner with my plate so he could have even more space. he declines and i make a joke like "hey but you need more space every minute, i cant see my food anymore because your arm is around it..." i smile and tap his back. he nor anybody else find it funny and i stop smiling and finish my plate... he wants some licorice and bubblegum so i stand up, go to the next room and get it for him.
      while in the other room i start to get lucid and do a nosepinch. i cant breath in but i can breath out a little with some snot noises. close enough i think and i start to put on some cloth because if i want to fly outside it might be could. i put some weird cloths on i wouldnt wear in waking but there is nothing else so... i enter the room again give the guy his licorice and bubblegum after taking two hands full of licorice out into my pocket and eating some and tell them i leave. i kind of dont know where to because i am confused where i am exactly i decide to go to the "anne ecke" a bar and tell them i wont be out to late because i am alone but i want to go drink a beer and maybe i find someone. they tell me they will message me when they leave (so i might get a ride if i like to). i leave the restaurant and go up the street. i stop and my awareness rises to fully lucid. i remember the competition and dont want to waste this lucid like yesterday! i am highly motivated to collect some points and i start with random dreamcontrol. i see some people at the end of the street and i use Telekinesis to make a elder guy fall over. he falls and rolls down the street. i instantly feel bad to do something like this to an old man and shout out: "STOP" and time freezes. i do a hand gesture and time reverses. he rolls back, stumble and walk some steps backwards. time is running forward again and i see from the corner of my eyes how he stumbles again, falls and rolls down the street again. i ignore it, go past him and stand between some DCs.
      i make a rising hand gesture with both hands and say "you all might have superpowers now!" some of them start smiling appreciatively. i approach a woman who is holding her baby stroller and tell her to jump because she now can jump pretty high! right next to her someone jumps up like two meters. she wont let go the buggy and i tell her the guy there will hold it. she tries hesitantly and jumps normally. i tell her "no, jump higher. jump up there" and point to a window terrace at around 5 meters height. i jump with ease and she jumps up also. because the terrace is small she has some problems with balance and instantly falls/jumps back down but because of the hight he hurts herself a little. i feel a bit sad to not thinking about that and jump down without any pain.
      now i remember my incubated goals, put my hand behind my back and say "hey sivason take my hand!" a second later i feel a hand and turn around. a guy with a little longer black hair around maybe 35-45 years and some funny cloth that reminded me of a football tricot stands in front of me and smiles at me. "hmm i thought you would look different... and is this a football tricot?!" "no its not" i look a little closer and agree that it is something unique. its color is blue with some lettering on it. it has an asian touch. next to me is one of the DCs that stood around me previously and wants my attention and to say something. i ignore him and push him slightly aside and say to sivason: "nevermind, hey i wanted to ask you, since you have a lot of experience with dreamcontrol if you might show me how to summon a fireball between my hands, something like a miniature sun" he smiles again " ah i know exactly what you mean." behind him a guy with a costume? appears i ignore it too and focus completely on sivason [i regret this a little because i cant remember how the person looked. in some way it reminded me of someone or something?]. i hold my hands like holding something in between and expand my hands a little like holding a ball. he ignites the space with a lighter and some fire appears between my hands and i form it to a ball. it is pretty weak. after he uses the lighter he moves away and i follow him. because of the moving the fire goes out again. we approach a table and i tell him "ah you use an external lightsource too... i thought i could do it without and make it appear just like that. i can do without problems lightning and water" i hold my hand next to something like an mp3 player and some bolts come out of my hand to the mp3 player and it turns on. i squeeze my hand and water drips out of my hand. " i already can do some fire when putting in some liquid and ignite it..." i show him how i pur in some water into my palm and ignite it with my thumb imitating a lighter. the water in my hands starts burning and its hot. i startle a little and shake my hand so some of the liquid falls down on the table and the fire gets smaller. sivason says something to me but we are at a funfair and it is really loud. i cant understand or concentrate on his words.
      i start loosing awareness again and look around for a calmer place. i move some meters away and look around a corner but there is a concert too, i look into a building but there is something like a self-help group. i go back to him and start getting uncomfortable and unbalanced which lead to a
      FA: i am half sitting half lying in a back of a bus and try not to move to DEILD back in. i imagine the last dream but it feels uncomfortable and crooked so i move straight and then try to get into the same position after awakening. i give up and want to note down my dream. i look around for a paper and take a something hard that is in a saran wrap. someone enters the car and i tell him i am not scared of some guy? i have another FA and wake up for real.

      to bad i lost myself in doing fire and getting distracted by the noises. i incubated a lot more after the fire but i forgot it :/

      this night was better but considering the huge amount of energy and intention and microawakenings with journaling i put in i am a little disappointed that i had only one lucid. i did two bigger WBTBs one with a WILD attempt and one with SSILD. the first half of the night i was a little pissed because recall was tough and needed some effort. but after 5h of sleep i woke up with a lot of dreams that just like that came up. so thats okay but considering old days where i was more in practice i got 3-4 lucids a good night with way less effort... maybe within some days it gets better. i think i over complicate it with wanting to get a save lucid with techniques instead of just setting intention and fall asleep with mantra like i would normally do.

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    11. Witch Hunting

      by , 07-20-2016 at 08:25 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I havn't had time to upload any dream journals over the last week but I did have 3 or 4 dreams worth sharing so I will just have to post them now. My goal has been to talk to my dream guide or Androx the space cat and learn more about them and witches in general. My strategy was to go to my dream guide's house and talk to her practice teleporting in the process.

      10:30 AM
      Witch Hunting (SSILD)


      I am in my room and lucid. I get excited and jump out the window to try and find my dream guide's house. I destabilize and realize I should have just teleported. While I am in the void between dream and waking I picture my dream guide's house. It old and brick with a tower on one side of it. It is on its own on a hill with a small garden next to it.

      I find myself, instead, in an old fashioned town square. I look around for people and find a theater where a play is happening. I ask some people where I can find a witch but they seems to speak italian and don't understand me. I point to my hair and say "Her hair is this color." and point at the red brick in the ground. I make a triangle shape above my head as if it was a witch's hat and one gentlemen seems to understand. He pulls out a paper scroll but won't give it to me. I grab it a punch him in the gut. He lets go of the scroll and I fly away with it. He grabs onto my leg though and gets pulled along with me. I try and knock him off but start to wake up in the process.

      When I restabilize he is gone. I am flying over an island next to a larger land mass. I look at the scroll and it has military information and a map with strategic locations on it. Two of the markers say witch on the key. One is white, one is purple. I am now over a massive fortress on main land. I locate this on the map and use that to fly towards the purple marker on the map. As I fly I start to loose lucidity and my memory of my goal gets a bit more fuzzy.

      I land in a village. There are peasants as well as soldiers marching in metal armor. I meet a boy who's family will let me stay with them. I learn that this land is ruled by a tyrant king. The family is part of a growing rebellion who wants to over throw the king. I agree to join them if they will help me find the witch. There is a girl who also lives with the family and is part of the rebellion. I just have a feeling she is a witch but no one else seems to notice. She looks very much like someone I knew in high school who in turn looks very much like Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. Based on facebook photos she has died her hair black, gotten piercings and a tattoo of a rams head and pentagram on her collar bone. She very well may be a witch in real life! She tries very hard to seduce me and it is very distracting and I get a bad feeling about it. She pushes me down an ally and up against the door of a random house. I point out that since we were adopted by the same family this is sort of weird. She says she wouldn't mind even if we were siblings which makes me even more weirded out. I hear the voice of a girl down the ally that says, "Leave him alone." The voice belongs to a girl with short blond hair and a dress with a voluminous skirt. She reminds me of Cersei Lanister because of her hair about 22 years old. The succubus scoffs at the girl and leaves.

      Time passes and I go down the stairs of the family house to find a meeting of people. It is to organize the rebellion. The blond girl is there as well and I can't help but feel she is a witch as well and that I have met her before. The other witch comes down the stairs and apologizes for being late. She and the blond girl make mean faces at each other. The father of the family asks if I know the blond girl and she says that we do know each other well and pulls me into a hug. I whisper in here ear "I know you're a witch." to which she replies "Of course I am dumb ass." I feel like I am suppose to know who she is.
      In retrospect I think she is the blond witch that I have had fragments about being friends with in the past but she looks different with shorter hair. I ask her, "Can you take me to where the red haired witch who is my dream guide?" "Yes, but let's get out of this meeting first.", she whispers. She doesn't stop hugging me and I feel people staring and say, "Uh, okay, you can let me go now." I start to destabilize again.

      I am in a alleyway in an old city at dusk. I am more lucid some how. There are a group of boys scouts in front of me. They aim muskets at me and the leader says to fire at me. I run at them and deflect their shots with telekinesis. Once in range, I grab the end of one of their muskets and start waking them with the stock. They scatter and I chase one of them and hit him so hard he flys into a dumpster. I fly to where I feel the blond girl sent me to learn more about my dream guide. It is the back of an apartment complex. I fly to the third floor of the metal escape ladder. The boy scouts have regrouped below and are preparing to fire. I shout, "Leave me alone!" Suddenly, a woman apparates in front of me hanging off the railing of the escape ladder. She looks a lot like Rogue from X-men Evolution in features and in style of clothing but she has a buzz cut. I notice she has white irises that look very cool. She says, "What are you up too?" The only thing I can reply are "Cool eyes." I wonder what I am up to anyways. Does this witch know my dream guide? Is she an evil witch? And I wake up.

      Later that morning I have another dream about witches.

      1:30 PM


      I walking down the street with some friends. One of them is the blond witch from the previous dream. The other one that stands out is a girl with a over sized witch hat, purple hair, and a large black heart tattooed under her right eye. I wonder how painful that was to get. She looks like someone from work as well as the actress Debby Ryan. About 18 years old. She is writing a web comic about shared dreaming as well as a secret society of aliens who act like humans to control major corporations. Earlier parts of the dream are me reading the comic. The thing is, she actually believes it and may actually be right. The other friends think she is crazy and walk away except for the blond witch. They walk off. The blond witch and walk away in a different direction because we don't want people to learn about magic powers. The heart tattoo witch says "[INSERT BLOND WITCH'S NAME], Matthew, where are you going. I thought at least you would understand." I can't remember the blond witch's name. DANG IT The blond witch keeps walking but I turn back. I explain that even though I have dream magic too I don't believe in shared dreaming. She says," but you're a dreamer." I reply,"Yes but this is my dream and... you are a dream character." She looks hurt for a moment but then laughs and says, "Oh your just kidding!" I say, "Look, this may be your dreamworld but I came here to find answers about my dreamworld, not to help you fight this corporation. That is when I get a phone call in waking life and w

      I had another frag where I think Androx sends me on a mission to go to high school with the heart tattoo girl and asses the strength of her powers. Something like that although that could be way off. The memory was very fuzzy.

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    12. #181: Another short lucid / Motor

      by , 07-20-2016 at 12:40 AM
      I woke up naturally around 5.30 am and decided it would be a good moment to become lucid. I went to the toilet and then started performing SSILD.

      Another short lucid
      I'm lying in my bed in my room in the dormitory. To the left of me is my Mac. There are two guys in my room. One of them is my dormmate, the other a guy that frequently visits. They are tucking me in for bed. At first I'm ok with it, but after a while they get annoying. They keep on tucking the blanket and touching my head and generally just preventing me from falling asleep. Then it occurs to me that I might already be asleep. I attempt to push the index finger of my right hand through my left palm. It works. I should put more attention into stabilising before doing anything else. I leave my finger in my palm, wiggling it around every once in a while. At one point my eyes are closed. I'm afraid to open them, cause I'm afraid that I will open my real eyes. After a few seconds of indecision I slowly attempt to open them. I believe I can feel my real eyes opening, though I'm not sure if that's true. I'm not sure whether this was still in the dream or after, but I turned around in bed and tried to push my left index finger through my right forearm.

      I'm in a city in Indonesia, riding a motorcross bike. The body is predominantly green. Behind me is my girlfriend, also driving a manual motor. I switch gears a few times, though I think not so smoothly. Across the street is a woman who is just getting on her motorcycle. It seems like she has fallen off. I cross the street to ask her in Indonesian if she is doing fine. She replies in English that she is. It surprises me slightly that she would reply in English. I focus on getting back to the other side of the street. My motor has shut off and the electric start won't turn it back on. I switch gears down 2 times. The motor changes gears quite violently. After this I believe to be in first gear and try again. It works.
    13. Pokemon, Pants, and the Speed of Light (TOTM)

      by , 07-08-2016 at 03:56 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Pokemon, Pants, and the Speed of Light (SSILD)


      Pokemon go came out last night! My roommate, girlfriend, and I walked around the college campus untill 11pm and found a lot of pokemon. I was really close to level 5 and was about to take over an unclaimed gym but then the servers went down and we had to go home. I had so much fun that I decided to give the pokemon TOTM a try.

      I had to get up early to move my car for the street sweeper and then stayed up a bit to read about updates about Pokemon Go. That made me WBTB. I did some SSILD and some quick mantras and tried to WILD.

      I don't remember if I succeeded at WILD or had a false awakening but I am in my living room and I am lucid. I had put my matress in the living room for the night because the air conditioning is better. I remember that I am trying to do the Advanced Task i which is to catch something with a Pokeball. I put my hand behind me and point it towards the door to my room. I pull with telekinesis on a pokeball that I imagine to be in my room. I feel a ball fly into my hand. I pull it forward and look at it. It look much cooler than I expected. It's so polished that it's reflective. I remember to telegrab another just in-case I miss. Now all I need is something to catch. I fly out though the window. I don't bother opening it. I just phase through. I fly down the street and find a woman walking her child in a stroller. I throw the pokeball at them but it goes to short. I throw the other and it goes to far. I keep telegrabing them and trying again. "This is to realistic to pokemon go", I think so I use telekinesis to push it into the woman. It makes a dink noise and doesn't work. I really should catch a pokemon and not a person I think as I start to wake up.

      I DEILD and end up back in my living room. My girlfriend is there and talking to my roommate. I do a nose plug and confirm I am still dreaming. I look ou the window and see Shadow the Hedghog in the apartment complex? Wait, no, thats a Zoroark, an actual pokemon! I am summon a pokeball and fly out the window but wake up. Another false awakening. My gf is stil there. I just try the pokeball on her. No luck. I see my dog and think to try it on her too. Wait, don't they have to be weakened first? I consider beating up my dog until I realize how crazy that is. I take another look at my pokeball. For some reason I think to run it under the sink. It turns into a blue dive ball. If I see a water pokemon I will use this one. I fly out the window and explore. I hear some rumbling in a bush and find a Lapras. Cool that's a pretty strong one for my first wild pokemon. I throw the dive ball and it breaks open and sucks in the Lapras just in time before I have another false awakening.

      It is very dark now. The tv is on with netflix still playing. I am trying and find the remote to turn it off when a middle aged man comes in through the front door. He looks confused as to why I am sleeping in here. He asks if we have met. Oh yeah, this is my roommate's dad, I have met him once. I haven't. I don't even know what he looks like. I find the remote and mess with it until I remember turning it off last night. I do a RC and become lucid again. I might as well do the basic task. I pull down my roommate's dad's pants and underwear. I fly out the window before catching his reaction. I need that to complete the task so I look through the window. He stands there blankly and then says something I can't hear. Probably "damn it." I fly back inside and find my gf is still there. I pants her too and we have some fun for a little while.

      I have another FA or two. They are very realistic. It is still dark and I am with my dad and sister now. There is a bright green shooting star and some other strange lights. Suddenly, the moon flys over the horizon. I do a RC and become lucid again. I decide to try the task that I suggested which is to fly faster than the speed of light and investigate where the moon went. I fly into the sky. I remember in my last lucid I covered the center of my vision. It is easier to see how fast I am going in my peripheral vision. I fly as fast as I can and all the stars at my peripheral vision streaks for a second like in star wars. I stop and turn around. I am outside the entire galaxy. I feel like I am really big now and can easily fly back. I go back to where I think our sun is. I find the earth but it looks super tiny. I look for the moon but start to wake up. I decide against DEILD because the dream is getting so long I can hardly remember the begging. As soon as I wake up I remember that I was suppose to summon the pokemon so it doesn't count but I still completed a basci and an advanced task!

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the month
    14. It has been a while

      by , 06-25-2016 at 04:00 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 4.25 hours after going to bed. I remembered right away that it was time to attempt SSILD; I got out of bed and felt extremely tired. I stayed inside my room, just walking around and staring at things. After 5 minutes I went back to bed and laid on my back. I did 4 shorts cycles, but kept getting distracted by toughts; instead of worrying about these thoughts I just let them pass by and got back to the cycles. Then I started doing the long cycles, I probably went through 1 or 2 until I noticed I was falling asleep. I switched positions to my sleeping position (laying on my stomach) and focused on hearing my sleep fan. I don't know how much time passed or whether I fell asleep and then woke up, but I started hearing the buzzing that I am all too familiar with from my WILD experiences. I started feeling the tingling in my legs, and the sound coming and going. I waited a minute or so, and then stood up from my bed.

      I was in my room, it was dark and things were not arranged as they actually are. I looked at the window and was tempted to jump out and start flying but decided not to, afraid I would wake myself up. "It has been a while" I thought to my self; I opened the door and walked down the stairs. It was bit lighter downstairs. I opened the backyard door and sat on the patio couch; It was dawn and the sky had all kinds of vanilla and purple clouds. It was so mesmerizing I thought I should take a picture of it, but then realized I wouldn't have it by the time I woke up. The dream was a little bit unstable, my vision was starting to get blurry so I started rubbing my hands together. I tried to remember other stabilizing techniques but I couldn't remember any, again, "it has been a while" I thought. I decided to just observe my surroundings and everything became really sharp. I was amazed at how surreal everything looked, and caught myself laughing out of pure enjoyment. I saw my dad driving around the corner and he asked me to help him with something. I leaped over the fence and we went to the garage. I opened the garage door with Telekinesis... We started cutting lumbers and I drifted into the dream.

      I had another dream after this one, and when I woke up this morning I was disappointed because I thought SSILD hadn't worked, then I realized I did have SP during the night and that helped me remember most of the dream. Since I literally got back into lucid dreaming yesterday, this is a huge success and I know I need to build up by recall, as well as review other skills such as dream stabilization, dream recall, and dream control.
    15. Senses Initiated Lucid Dream (SSILD) Second attempt + LD

      by , 02-05-2016 at 05:00 PM
      I've tried the SSILD again the past night. I had a LD but what happened it was a very strange and new experience to me: during an usual dream I found myself in a bathroom of an old building, like a school or a hospital.
      At some point while looking at the mirror (that was steamy) I became lucid (I don't remember if something in particular triggered it or if it just happened) but then I became aware of my body in the real world.
      I'm not sure if I was aware of it for the whole time and the dream itself was some prolonged HH like the night before, or if I became aware of it just after gaining lucidity (it's hard to explain or even realise it), but at that point I was in my bed, with my eyelids still closed and the dream I was having it was similar to a projection on my closed eyelids. It also became an old black and white movie, similar the ones of the world wars.

      This is something new to me, I was living only the visual experience of the dream in a very clear and detailed way, like watching a movie (but not with my mind's eye as when day dreaming), while becoming aware of my physical body. Also, the black and white thing is new, I've always dreamt in colours, I don't know if it was some way with which my mind tried to make sense of the fact that I was "watching a dream" with closed eyes.

      Furthermore when I woke up in the middle of the night, after one of the dreams, I also had auditory hallucinations, like if someone was speaking to me (I've done a RC just to make sure that it wasn't just a FA), sadly I don't remember what the voices were saying.

      During the rest of the night I had some other of dreams (not lucid), but in one in particular there was something new that I think I've never done in the past: I shape-shifted myself into a bird as a disguise and to fly away from someone that was following me with the intention to hurt me.
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