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    1. Duel of the Fates

      by , 07-16-2019 at 02:32 AM
      I'm viewing a movie scene where Darth Vader is facing a single file line of Jedi. Some filter is applied to the scene so that the one red saber of Vader is now blue and all others appear red. A fight ensues similar in appearance to the Vader scene in Rogue One where he is cutting people down only this time they are Jedi. The last one in line puts up a relatively good fight and knocks Vader's helmet off. When they both go to use the force, the resulting shockwave affects the nearby shielded gantries separating the vacuum of space from the interior and everything begins to be sucked out. I'm now in the scene, running with a few people back up to some main area where other people are at. We begin to worry about the reduced air and it gets harder to breathe.

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    2. Disney With the Past

      by , 05-21-2019 at 09:50 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-21

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am at the front gates to Disney Land with my ex boyfriend James. I look around to see what is going on. There are surprisingly few people here, but it doesn't seem odd to me. We are just early! We go through the main gates and down Main Street. We are trying to decide where to go from here. I pull out my phone and open a Disney Land map app. I highlight two paths, one that heads off to the right and the other off to the left. One will take us to Space Mountain and the other will take us to Star Tours. I tell James we can go to either of those first, but I want to start with one of them. James agrees and we head to the right towards Star Tours.

      James and I head down the path towards Star Tours and we enter a Star Wars themed area of the park. There are various life sized props we could take photos of, and James climbs up on the nose of an X-Wing. I am about to take his picture with my phone when a person dressed as Buzz Lightyear says he'll take a photo of both of us together. I climb up on the opposite side from James and Buzz takes the photo. He says we will now get a trip to infinity and beyond. The previously shuttered cockpit of the X-Wing opens up and there is a strange alien in there. The alien smiles and takes off. We go up into the air. James is freaking out because he can't find anything to hold on to. I am a little concerned, but not much. It looks like James is about to fall off when the X-Wing finally lands. I am thinking it was actually a rather fun hidden ride, but James is mad.

      We keep going a bit farther and I go into a restroom. Alicia is in there, I am surprised to see her. She is annoyed at the fact there are no stalls in this bathroom, just toilets in a line. Everyone is supposed to drop their pants in full view of anyone else in the bathroom. Alicia gives up complaining and drops her pants and sits on a toilet. I really have to go. I don't want to drop my pants in front of everyone, I'm too fat! But necessity wins out and I drop my pants as little as I can and sit down, trying to cover myself as best as I can. It seems everyone is staring, then I wake up because I really do have to go...
    3. 28 Jan: Enacting Star Wars and seduced by a monk

      by , 01-28-2019 at 09:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going to the movies with Riverstone. He thinks it's Star Wars, but it is some parody sketches on Star Wars. And the sound is shitty. Then I am the actor playing it live on the theater. But the other actor that should be there interacting with me did not appear and so the whole thing falls apart. I try to invite the audience to enact the jokes with me but it is a total disaster.

      I am with my guru, sort of accompanying him. He doesn't sleep, he also doesn't stay around much, is always going somewhere, meeting people. A monk comes to keep me company, talks about alien abductions and some book author we both seem to know but whose name we don't recall. Then he gets too fond of me and wants some action, but although he is actually cute, I don't want him to break his vows and I say no. Then a giant wave comes from the sea outside, doesn't break the windows, but engulfs the building which gets under water. We pick cell phones and documents and leave. We go to higher floors and get out somehow to dry land. Then we see Rinpoche's students heading to a town square, all dressed up and I ask what's the occasion but nobody says. I sit alone at a bench and I realize I have my cat Buddha hiding in my purse and I hug him.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. Dream Fragments Touching on 3 of my Favorite Media Universes

      by , 10-18-2018 at 02:19 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      I enter a fancy, beautiful restaurant in one of the nice towers on Coruscant. I round a corner and sit down at a table with Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom I had arranged to meet there for breakfast.

      I am approaching the main entrance to Hogwarts, but in order to get to the main door, you have to get through a series of challenges and tasks. They include climbing across a sliding metal puzzle-thing (which someone who was there before me has already aligned so that it can be climbed across easily), and washing some dishes and putting them away neatly (again, this has already been done for me). When you get to the main door, you have to sing the Hogwarts school song to the low doorknob to get it to open. Fortunately, I still remember most of it, and I sing the end part of it. The door opens.

      I'm with one of my coworkers, and we are meeting to play a Star Trek RPG. We have to wait for my sister to show up, and I go on a rant about how she can get away with sleeping in late, while I never could when I was a kid.
    5. Lucid - Finally Had A Lightsaber Fight! - September 30

      , 09-30-2018 at 07:41 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 30 2018

      (3 dreams, 2 lucids)

      pre-star wars interstate/table in front yard, F's car - why are the keys on a table in the front yard? they can be stolen! have to get her car back, getting angry

      lucid/semi-lucid star wars dream* (badass)

      wbtb (lasted for 3 hours)

      lucid with D and 8, and roach antenae then hopping away like a deer, short, got lucid halfway through

      space station dream getting a delivery, we were running out, boss says forget about the reeses puffs and then they give us twice the delivery (everyone mad "we could have been getting twice this whole time? we didn't even get any reeses puffs") and guards and cutting ribbon lines (dad, w/ gun or broom) and other stuff (transformed into noir music video at end); remember the black slats on the divider vividly, and the floor; like an arcade! vivid, long

      lots of HI and feeling for dream scene, but no successful WILDs
      feeling for a white tennis shoe
      feeling for a white metal corner with slats on it

      *Star Wars dream:
      I'm in the office of 9. My best friend (A) and his previous long-time girlfriend (T) are there. There's also another girl from the previous dream who has orange hair (we'll call her O; I had a feeling she might have been a manifestation of my guide). A has a hooked nose unlike in real life, and he's standing next to the bookcase in the far left corner comforting T. O is sitting in a chair looking at me. It's a persecution-style dream, someone is going to eradicate us. I think I had to kill someone in the office, someone was a traitor. I become lucid but decide that instead of pursuing goals I'll let the dream take me wherever it was intending to go. I have a lightsaber and there was someone else there (my dad or F?) who had one, so I offered the group mine thinking that the other person and I could take them with just one lightsaber. They declined and I decided against it anyway, I would need it. So instead I give them a purplish greenish small box of parts to make their own. The dream shifts and I'm in the front yard in the passenger seat of the van. My sister and F are across the street selling pumpkins (as a disguise/to make it seem normal that we're there and that we have nothing to hide). They need to close up so we can go. In the car with me is O, and my dad and possibly mom are near the car. [I say something to someone.] Sister brings me a pumpkin in F's WL purse, it's ripping, I tell them to stop messing around, there's danger. Eventually the scene transitions and the pumpkin stand disappears, it's darker outside, I can tell Sith are coming. I think I told the van to drive away but I can't remember now.

      I walk to the curb and it's much darker like a storm's coming, dust blows by me dramatically and I see two white Hutts at the very end of the street. I remember now that I had told them in the van not to fire their blasters unless they had to, because if they did the others would know where they were. For this reason I don't draw my lightsaber yet (it's probably about 6 houses until the end of the street so I have some distance to cross). When I reach about halfway I notice three more Sith, they looked like Tuscan raiders. Unexpectedly one of the Hutts charged me! It was much faster than I expected because instead of slithering towards me it floated/levitated towards me at an alarming rate. It also held its red lightsaber in a fully forward way, arms up and forward at the chest. It was very intimidating. It also had force lightning. By this point, I had succumbed to the dream's validity to the point where I was still lucid in awareness, but it was more like an elevated state of consciousness and control of my own actions, not control of the dream. In any case I didn't think to use dream powers but was limited to the constraints of the universe, so because I had a blue lightsaber, I only had force push, and becuase they had red, they also had force lightning. So essentially we would circle around each other while facing each other, him sending lightning at me and me pushing or lightsabering it away. This was very intense and I was still only facing one of them. Once I had sen that the van was gone, I decided to flee as I couldn't face them all. I think I may have killed one of the Tuscan raiders first? I ran to a kid's bicycle and as I boarded it, one of the raiders had come up behind me on a Star Wars bike. I used the force to lift the bike up and start flying. The raider and I get into a contest of side-swiping and I dismount him. I have to pull up because there's a white fence/gate at the end of my street.

      Now the sky had gone from storm-blue with dust in it to full-on apocalypse brown. I was flying past twisted trees and power lines, turning sideways to dodge them. At some point
      the dream faded.

      Most of these dreams came from day residue; the SW part came from listening to an episode of MBMBAM discussing naming a kid Anakin; we recently got a new end table by our front door where we leave our everyday carried items, and it's next to a window with blinds so I recently thought "what if they can see through those?"; the arcade-themed space station was due to seeing a Dave and Busters-themed scene in the show F was watching (I think Once Upon a Time). Anyway the lightsaber fighting was badass, even though it wasn't as conscious as it could have been; but it probably would have been much shorter if I had been fully lucid the whole time, so I'm in part glad that the dream and the threats it posed felt 100% real.

      Interesting note: At the end of the SW dream, I was in an FA with the layout of my room being slightly different and although my eyes were closed, I could see a thin strip of light in front of me (in reality, this would have been to the right of me). I sat recalling my dreams and had a brief visualization/WILD attempt within the FA! Then I woke up. For some reason I wrote in my DJ that it's possible I had the SW dream stemming from visualizations during my FA? Interesting but I don't remember about the FA to say for sure now.
    6. Dream Journal Entry #6: Pancakes at the Movies, and a Greek Myth!

      by , 06-06-2018 at 08:23 PM
      Fragment: I was at the movies in Toronto with my parents (again in Toronto with my parents?) watching the new Star Wars movie. My mom was hungry and so I convinced my dad to come get food. We lined up at a breakfast place, waited till we were at the cashier, and ordered pancakes.

      We found ourselves in the theatre watching the movie. There were three characters: two unrecognizable actors and Leonardo DiCaprio with a rigid expression, commenting on the apparent state of danger in the current scene.

      I'm no longer at the movies, but rather following a woman. I notice she is flying toward a large sailing ship in the middle of a gigantic whirlpool. All the sailors scurry in fear of being sunk and yet as the woman perches herself onto the railing of the ship, all the men stop and watch her. I'm observing, floating from behind, as her legs change into a snake's tail (like a mermaid, but a snake).

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 2
      Action = 2
      Form = 6
      Context = 2

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/6 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!
    7. Lucid and Regular Dreams - Morning of Dec 27

      by , 12-29-2017 at 11:26 PM
      The following lucid dreams were not extremely vivid, but were numerous (for me) and groundbreaking nonetheless. Although I forgot to do any stabilization techniques or RCs, I remembered to yell "More Lucidity Now!" and ask several DCs if they were my dream guide! All in all, it was an eventful night.

      In the beginning of the night I had a few nonlucids, which I have little memory of. The first I can remember was in a humongous supermarket -- I'm starting to add skewed, elongated, or infinite spaces as one of my dream signs -- I was with a girl and possibly others down a long aisle that reminded me of the pet food/accessories aisle in Walmart irl. I wrote down in my DJ that I asked the girl something about dream characters, but I can't remember anything more specific.

      Note: That night I went to sleep on my parent's couch, tired after a long day, tried a glass of apple juice as an oneirogen for the first time, and took .75mg of melatonin.

      The first lucid dream I had started in a dark room. I could see two silhouettes in the lighted doorway -- a woman and a man. At first they were completely dim, but soon their silhouettes had horizontal rainbow stripes projected on them. I asked them repeatedly if they were my dream guide, and after that they left. I freed myself from standing still and walked through the doorway. It was an office-like room with a circular table in the middle. The lighting wasn't bright, but wasn't all the way dim -- the best way I can describe it was a blue overcast. On the central table and possibly throughout the office were full-sized Christmas trees (not the ones you put on tables as decorations). There were 20-30 people (workers?) sitting around the central table and at other desks along the walls which had large '50s era computers and control desks from a disaster movie lining them. There was an older lady who either had white hair or was bald. I got the feeling she was mean. I asked her if she was my dream guide and she responded with a scowl (I don't remember her saying anything -- possibly she mouthed something and didn't verbalize it?). I screamed "More Lucidity Now!". I don't remember the dream getting noticebly more vivid, but the old woman looked physically hurt after I said it. I screamed it again, and each time I screamed it, she got angrier and her face started running with blood from her scalp. Despite this, she seemed alright and she wasn't directly confrontational with me (she either walked off or faded out -- I can't remember). I believe this dream came from watching The Santa Clause (1 & 2) with my family.

      The next dream, I was in a large, dimly lit brick room (not red brick, this was more like the beige brick of an old Italian house) with an open window. I maneuvered out of it and sat on the ledge, then reached above where I knew there would be a broom (I hadn't planned this or thought it out -- this sort of makes me think that the beginning of this could have been a dream *about* having a lucid dream rather than a lucid dream, but when I awoke I was convinced it was lucid the whole time!). Looking out, I could see many of these blocky buildings expanding out horizontally. In front of me it seemed like these buildings were actually raised high up because there was a sort of drop off point with a ~100ft radius. I grabbed the broom and flew down off the windowsill. It felt amazing! I remember trying to figure out the rules for flying as I was flying, and the actual mechanics changing dynamically -- I could feel my conscious mind working it out -- does the right hand stabilize while the left pulls up? Which hand goes over the other? As I continued to fly I saw below me several stormtroopers infighting and the red lasers of blasters.

      Next I had several chained False Awakenings. During each of these, I would wake up and reach out for the chair that was pulled up to the couch irl, and grab the number 2 pencil and 8.5x11 sheet of paper (not there irl). Each time I did this I would write down my previous dreams. The first time, my grandpa stopped by and complained about something (it was still dark out). In the next FA, I wrote down this dream below the spot where (in the last FA) I had written down my previous dreams. But there was nothing written there! This triggered lucidity immediatelyI got up and walked into my parents' bedroom and put my hand over my mom's face (who looked somewhat like the old woman from my Christmas dream). After this, I talked to her about something (perhaps asked if she was my dream guide -- unsure).

      In another FA, I got up, walked over to a picture frame that used to be near the kitchen in my childhood, and pressed my face against it. It was a reflective black and I could see other people's faces in it (in white). I tried with some success to summon specific faces, but the final one I was trying trying kept eluding me.

      On the whole, these FA-sparked dreams in my house gave me quite a spooky vibe.

      After this, there was a semi-lucid fragment where I was walking up a small, cramped staircase, but either my focus was waning and the visuals were dying, or, as part of the dream, there was a large black/white spot covering a portion of my vision like an eclipse.

      I wrote in my DJ that I had several other fragments, some of which I felt were lucid, but I can't remember them now. I feel as though I might have returned to the supermarket from the beginning of the night and been lucid then, but I can't remember.

      Note: there were points where, during the dreams, I wouldn't necessarily RC or spot a dream sign and then realize I was dreaming -- rather it was like I was lucid the whole time and I simply willed myself into a participatory role. This was an interesting feeling.

      Because I'm unsure about the validity of some of these dreams, I'm going to mark the lucid count for this night as 4, which is amazing for me! I'm still excited about this two days later. Happy dreaming!
    8. Doing Local MSing Leads to Bomb Site in NY, Smart Werewolf Girls

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:48 AM
      06-25-2017 -- Couple of short fragmenty bits tonight, but writing them down anyway. The second, right before I got up for the day and in less than an hour of sleep, I'm out mystery shopping, perhaps one of the four shops on Okeechobee (though it also has a certain feel of the shop area that is right down on Euclid, near Kevin's house, except that it is a couple hours out of town from other dreams). I've just finished the shop, in part by buying an entire tank of gas, which I am mad at myself about, because now how am I going to fit in all the rest of the gas I have to buy? Anyway, I'm trying to squeeze my car out around other cars and hit the road.

      I somehow find myself on a freeway, heading away from my next stop (that is probably right down the road) so I am trying to get off and turn around, just to find myself on the same freeway heading back the other way, when I suddenly find myself in New York, and I am approaching another gas station, but it is on top of a hill, and is surrounded by debris, and there are construction vehicles and stuff, and I realize it is the site of a terrorist bombing attack. I am considering taking a picture from the bottom of the hill, but even though there has been a lot of damage, I can see there are lots of regular people walking in and out of the place, so it looks like the store is still open.

      Since the drive is blocked off, and I am not physically up to walking up the hill I don't know what I'm going to do, but luckily I can see people riding their bikes up and down, so I pull my bike out of the car and use it to ride up the hill to the top. The pump area is gone, and the store is mostly surrounded by scaffolding, but there is a small area under an awning with a few jewelry-type display cases sitting in front of it, where a very small amount of things are being sold. Unfortunately, everything looks very expensive, and any time I catch a glimpse of something cheap, it seems to have vanished before I can reach it. One thing is the small candy in a yellow and black checker pattern rapper (something like Zazu?) but it's gone as I approach it. Another is a lollypop wrapped in a plastic and cardboard thing that would be hard to get it out of which is being advertised as the largest really fast lollypop, and again is too expensive. Finally I grab what I hope is a Charms blowpop, but instead it turns into just a piece of wrapped gum.

      One of the store employees is wandering around commenting on things to people, and I am just waiting to make my small purchase, wondering if I will have to suggest a hand-written receipt, when I hear him saying something about Uber or Lyft drivers causing him problems by hanging around, and I have to resist making a comment. Then I hear the three young girls saying something about Son of Interflux, and I have to say something, but can't find a way to jump into the conversation. Somehow it is mentioned that the girls love reading and are very smart, and there is a little boy who looks much like Anikin, who is playing with a small box that he then causes to warp into a model of a space ship that then flies to a shelf and puts itself away, while it is somehow revealed that the three young girls are werewolves, but they are well-treated by their family. Very strange mix-up.
    9. Being in a Low Budget “Star Wars” Movie

      by , 06-12-2017 at 08:09 AM
      Morning of June 12, 2017. Monday.

      As with many of my dreams throughout my life, this dream is far too long, nonlinear, and surreal to relate cohesively online, though I will attempt to relate some of the main scenes as closely as possible.

      I find myself with the understanding that I am playing Luke Skywalker in a new low-budget “Star Wars” movie. Zsuzsanna is Princess Leia (even though Luke and Leia were brother and sister rather than man and wife). The movie is implied to be along the same lines as the first “Star Wars” movie and I guess is meant to be a cheap remake. A couple other characters are with us, including a skinny version of Chewbacca, with much sparser hair.

      In one scene, we are wading through a pond just outside of a large building, but we eventually enter the building. There is an unknown male near the entrance who is holding people’s credentials until they come back after exploring the building or possibly engaging in recreational activities. One of the unknown people I am with refuses to give the man his identification card and I think there might be some trouble. However, there is no implication of violence. The man instead hands him a small flower on a long stem, or at least that is what he says it is. To me, it looks more like some sort of small plastic rod, perhaps a toy. Still, nothing confrontational occurs.

      After wandering about in the halls, we come to a room that is filled with water of about waist high (and thus must have a sunken floor). There is a giant jellyfish that I have to cut off from around Zsuzsanna and possibly another character. I use a large sharp sword. It takes awhile as I slice through its thick but soft body below the surface of the water. Someone shows me a miniature jellyfish that was just found in the small left pocket (of some sort of blue tunic) of one of our group (though this person must have been killed or vanished). This miniature jellyfish is like another one that apparently turned into the giant jellyfish and had entered his pocket while we waded in the pond outside the front of the building (on the left of the entrance).

      From here, we walk towards the entrance, somehow not at all wet. Somehow, my “sword” is now a fake “lightsaber”, though not really like a lightsaber at all. I am carrying it horizontally in my right hand. It has a pink blade and a blue handle and is more like a giant toy jackknife even though, again, it is supposed to be a “Star Wars” lightsaber of about the same length. I realize that weapons are probably not allowed in the building. I do not want a confrontation, though none occurs as I fold the oversized plastic blade back into the handle. Meanwhile, the character that had taken our credentials stands without emotion near the entrance.

      As we walk outside, I consider how cheap my prop looks. Looking back, I see that the male regards me with respect, and I consider how devoted an actor he is for seemingly feeling comfortable in such an obviously low-budget movie. For a short time, as I walk near a long colonnade, where many unusual characters (some alien, but most humanoid) are lined up to go into the building in the direction behind me to my left, I consider that I may be too old to be Luke Skywalker (who is supposedly meant to be the young version in this film). Still, the movie is being filmed in real time and I will do what I can.

      As we walk along, I see what I firstly associate with a “Star Wars” tauntaun running along towards our direction but to our left in an open featureless field. For some reason, I call it an ostrich, mentioning it to the others. It is not like an ostrich however. It looks more like a giant quail. Another one appears, with an unknown female riding it.

      In the last scene, Big Bird (from “Sesame Street”) appears as a “Star Wars” character. He makes an effort to sit on one of the creatures but I think he might be too big. Still, he manages to sit on it even though it lowers to the ground for a short time, but then seems fine and strong enough to support Big Bird’s weight. I turn to tell the others, “It’s a bird on a bird”.

      Once again, the preconscious (man at the counter collecting credentials) is not only not confrontational but quite respectful compared to past dreams. Still, this is probably because the flight symbol connection is being initiated (even though Big Bird does not really fly and the giant running quail are at least not implied to here either). Big Bird as my emergent consciousness factor relating to suitably being able to sit on the other bird relates to having deliberately lost weight recently. Cutting the giant jellyfish from around other characters possibly relates to me losing weight as well.

    10. It's over , Anakin!

      by , 06-11-2017 at 04:27 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I'm in a forest with my friend. Its fall in the dream, there are barely any leaf on the trees , its about afternoon.
      For some reason my rage overcomes me and now I want to kill him, I grab a stone and throw it in his direction, but it didnt get him. Then I chase him for a while, he climbs up on that hill full of trees. I follow him, I remember Star Wars, and the "high ground" so I continue to climb, once i got there, he starts to back up , but instead of following him , I climb up on that big branch that has fallen off and is on another tree. Then I screamed " It's over , Anakin! I have the high ground!" , then as an echo I hear the answer " You underestimate my power! " , I say " Don't try it" . Then at this point it all goes foggy and I dont remember what happened after wards.

      In a ltely fragment I remember fightning someone, then i became semi lucid, and tried to jump on the next level of that building where my enemy was . then i woke up.
    11. 17-02-25 Sith Girl Redux, Night Flight Over Los Santos

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:44 AM
      Now it gets weird. I was in 'reality' (or so I thought), and I was watching yesterday's dream about helping the red-headed Sith girl on TV. I was dumbfounded, and for a second I was convinced I had predicted the future, as I remembered last night's dream in the dream... amazing.

      I was in Los Santos, GTA's version of Los Angeles. There was a slightly older guy, a pilot, who wanted to take me along for a little night flight in a small but fast single-engine prop plane. For some reason I did not feel like I was 'in' the plane, but rather 'hanging onto it'. Bizarre. Anyway, he flew really, really fast. You wouldn't think a prop plane can do that fast (it can't), it was really jetfighter fast. He said that flying this fast and this low was illegal and you couldn't get away with it during the day. I enjoyed the view from up there. The colorful display of the city lights below me. He 'landed' near a food stand somewhere he was just suddenly standing there) but I was still attached to him via a rope. I expected to hit the ground at speed, but my 'natural anti-gravity system' kicked in again and broke my fall. I even kept floating a bit. I told him Los Santos looked beautiful at night, much better than Liberty City or [insert other city from non-GTA game]. He confirmed this.
    12. 17-02-24 Sith Girl, Dry Riverbed

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:30 AM
      I had visions of a red-headed young woman, who was a Sith. Darth Vader's apprentice. She was hurt while on assignment. Later on, I found her (not the all-knowing observer anymore, but as my own character). I still knew what she was, though. I think I helped her up, and wanted to get her out of there. I told her "Lord Vader won't be pleased". I knew her Sith career was finished. The Sith do not tolerate failure. I doubted whether helping a Sith was a good idea. She could hurt me, if she wanted.

      I was sitting in the grass, next to a dried out riverbed overgrown with grass. It used to be a big river, reinforced with concrete, and it used to have ships going up and down its length. It looked somewhat post-apocalyptic. I had a little house on the grassy hill next to the river. My mother was there, and told me "they" (the government?) would start working on restoring the river, which would cause quite a bit of noise for weeks/months. I thought to myself that I didn't mind, I rented the place and could leave whenever I wished.
    13. Star Wars Dream 2017 DJ #2

      by , 01-03-2017 at 07:13 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Vague dream about being in Star Wars.

      I think my SubC is still recovering from Carrie Fisher's death.

      Updated 01-11-2017 at 12:33 AM by 91855

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    14. Elevator Adventure

      by , 11-25-2016 at 07:54 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was in a big, air-conditioned dark room, where someone was giving a presentation. Numerous people including me were sitting on the floor watching the presentation. The presenter asked for volunteers, and me and someone I recognize as a childhood friend got up. We were given a mathematical matrix on the screen and apparently we were supposed to use that as a clue to move to the front, with the people sitting blocking our way and modeled by the matrix somehow. My friend knew how to do this but I didn't, and he beat me the first time. The second time I just guessed my way to beating him. I told him it was dumb luck and he was amazed, because he had solved the matrixes.

      My dream transitioned to me using an elevator. It went down to a fabricator unit of some sort where the elevator door stayed open as the box was moved around and machines cleaned and painted it while I was still inside. Then once the box was put back I noticed that the elevator had gotten bigger and people were now inside with me. There was an adult Blank overlooking a young schoolboy with a broken nose lying on the elevator floor not responding to anything, but still awake. The blank told me about how the schoolboy was punched really hard in the face and we should all make sure he's okay. The blank also said he was a cute kid. The other person in the elevator was Darth Vader but he didn't do anything interesting.

      I got out of the elevator into a bleak corridor that reminded one of parking lots or abandoned office buildings. I only took a few steps before Slenderman appeared in front of me, so I ran back to the elevator and closed it. The lights went out in the elevator as it moved, and we all went to sleep inside it.
      Tags: film, math, star wars
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Zsuzsanna’s Calculator Programming

      by , 07-20-2016 at 10:24 AM
      Morning of July 20, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna on a large bed (the most obvious dream sign of all) though this bed is about twice as big as it would be in reality. She is on my right doing some sort of work on a calculator. The setting, though not rendered fully, actually seems to be near an intersection which is on our left (our bed running longways to the street with us facing the street at most points) with a bus stop farther away to our right (a potential dream exit sign; that is, the waking precursor in this case even though I do not perceive myself as needing or wanting to catch a bus either “out” of my dream or to an offset dream), and although I am aware of at least four or five other people nearby, there is no sense of imposition. The location itself is unknown. The implication could be either America or Australia or elsewhere.

      Over time, I understand that she had been carefully typing in a program related to calculating percentages. There are at least three virtual panels related to lines of instruction. She seems very involved and serious about what she is doing. Somehow though, I later have the calculator (possibly when she goes somewhere for a short time, but she is back later) and I had put lines of my own programming in, although they may only be REM statements. Still, I realize that perhaps it would have been best not to add to the program as I do not want to alter the outcome of her session even though I thought it might make her results more accurate.

      Looking at the calculator again as she is holding it in her left hand, I notice that the programmer’s name appears at least three times on the screen below each group of at least three lines each of a specific subroutine (the screen of which is longer than it should be, almost taking up the entire space of what would actually be the keypad). It sounds like an East Indian name to me, and I assume it is a male’s, likely a college professor’s. “His” name seems to be Padmé Amidala (which is actually the name of the young female in some of the “Star Wars” movies, and I had not at all thought of “Star Wars” at any point recently).
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