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    1. cclx. To the three distant stars, Drawings on the bed, Hail

      by , 05-05-2021 at 01:56 AM
      27th April 2021


      Something about flying through space. There's something like DSP to this dream. I am checking out a planet, but as I approach it, I realise with some surprise that it's one of the Deuteria systems I'd already built on (in the dream). I then set course for a greatly distant star system? In the galaxy map, I can see this system has three stars.

      I arrive there pretty quickly despite the distance. The dream is not fully like DSP and the three stars are in odd placements around the system, sort of hiding within tight clusters of planets. There's an interesting play of light and ambience as a result.


      I'm in the context of old home but the dream location details are vague now. I remember being in something like my room(?) but the house layout feels different and on a bed or a table there's a number of my drawings. Some are explicit but I don't try to tidy it up. Something about being called through to another room, by dad?

      In the dream, there's an implied sense that my parents know about the type of things I draw sometimes. I feel some discomfort about it but in the dream it's more like the general discomfort or embarrassment from parents trying to be a part of things you don't necessarily want them to be a part of.

      Something about going to meet up with L?

      (I left recall too long and allowed myself to be distracted)


      In the van/car and it's overcast; hail is falling.


      - Some days later, there was hail, but I don't remember looking at the forecasts.

      - L is the only person in the family who knows that I draw explicit artwork now and then.
      -- Part of that dream certainly relates to my feeling of isolation from being unable to discuss the subject very openly with most people.

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    2. Strange star | [25.04.2021]

      by , 04-25-2021 at 04:44 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Strange star
      I am viewing stars in a sort of program, but it's somehow also real, as if I am flying through space myself. There is a sort of feeling that is somewhat scary, and also a bit exciting. I come past stars that look like normal stars, glowing in their usual red, blue and yellow. But then I come across a massive structure. It reminds me of the death star, but as I look closely, the structure is much different. It seems artistic, with abstract geometry.

      There was something that happened before that, but I don't quite remember.
    3. Kyte and Fronz, A lucid from awhile ago (#249)

      by , 09-03-2015 at 12:48 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Kyte is a volcanic moon orbiting far from a large reddish brown gas planet with an apperance not unlike Jupiter, only it is larger and has a higher percentage of heavy elements. Only the planet is closer to its parent star. The parent star is an orange dwarf with a little less than half the mass of our sun. It is a part of a binary system with a red dwarf, but the red dwarf orbits far out and is barely visible in the daytime sky. However, at night, it is quite visible, meaning that there is a sort of "twilight day" when the smaller and more distant star has risen but not the primary star.

      The moon is much smaller than earth. 0.22 earth masses and fairly low gravity. There is an atmosphere with a high amount of noble gasses. Notably argon and xenon. The atmosphere is a snowy grayish color at sunset and sunrise and has a slight purplish tint during the day. There are clouds but they are often very thin and wispy. At the lowest points the atmospheric pressure is about 0.7 atm.

      The terrain varies little, though the entire surface of the planet is black and gray, due to very high carbon content. There are a few deep canyons and impact craters. Though most of the planet is relatively flat and sandy. Sand is carried by the strong winds and occasional storms that blow through and made into dunes.

      Though the moons' most notable feature are the large volcanoes spread out across the surface. They are concentrated near the equator but are present nearly everywhere. They have an unusual sweeping shape, beginning with a shallow slope and sweeping upward to nearly vertical chimneys miles tall. Most of these volcanoes are dormant or extinct but a few are quietly erupting small amounts of magma in deep channels running down the side.

      The planet generates anomalies in the magnetic feild of the parent gas planet. This coupled with tidal heating and heat from the sun ensures that the moon is rather warm. Due to its dark color, it has a very low albedo and surface temperatures range from 80-150 degrees.

      The moon has its own sub-satellite, an asteroid known as Nobal. It is only a few miles across and spins too fast for gravity alone to be keeping it together. It is theorized that it is one single rock being held together by chemical bonds.

      Fronz is another moon in a very close orbit around the gas planet. Due to its orbit, it is believed that in a few million years, it will pass the roche limit and be torn apart by its parent planet.

      It is much larger than kyte, about .43 earth masses, but still small. The moon is made mostly of water-ice with trace amounts of ammonia and oxygen in the atmosphere. Though the moon is mostly covered in ice, near the equator the ice melts resulting in a narrow band of water. The moon has complex weather patterns including snowstorms and snow-hurricanes.

      There is a third major moon orbiting the gas planet between Kyte and Fronz, but no information is given, though it has importance. There are also dozens of smaller bodies, presumably captured asteroids. Kyte and Fronz are very important because together, they posses all of the necessary resources for long term habitation. Bases will be set up on both moons, but a large orbital habitat will be constructed between the orbits of Kyte and the unnamed large moon. Supplies will be mined from these moons and shuttled to the orbital habitat.

      I close my laptop and abandon the project. It is something akin to Kerbal space program with is somehow also 'real' at the same time, and I feel very frustrated/sad that I have abandoned it. I 'remember' having worked on it for a very long time. I have to go to the store to look at quartz crystals with my mom. Should have become lucid. Space/planets dream sign.


      I was on a beach with Manei. Same beach that my first LD took place on. She gives me one of those 'broken heat' necklaces that light up when the two halves are put together. She has the other half.

      I ask her why. This seems like a really cheap/gimmicky thing to show love or friendship. I'm generally bothered by this and ask her what her reasoning was, and to be honest I'm still walking a tightrope on the whole 'being in love with a dream character' thing for reasons too complex to go into detail here. She explains that I should ignore the physical aspect of it and focus on the meaning behind the object. Oftentimes, objects with little or no monetary value can have great personal value and vice versa.

      Okay. Makes enough sense. I then commented on how I like the fact that my dreams do seem to periodically explore new morals and themes, and sometimes offering differing perspectives on old ones. I also like the fact that I am not always the fool when these morals are taught, and am sometimes the teacher rather than the student.

      I think the necklace had some kind of voice recording that would play when the two halves were put together. I can't remember. This dream was very faded, and I recall their being much more to it. It may be getting mixed up with a fake lucid dream I wrote for the sake of visualization set in the same location. I feel as though I actually had it about two weeks ago but only recalled now, as if it were buried in my mind somehow.
    4. "Mortal Kombat 10"

      by , 05-03-2015 at 05:50 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream

      Non-Lucid. I was watching someone play "Mortal Kombat 10" which I purchased 3 days ago, but it seemed more like a Soul Calibur game with characters from the Mortal Kombat series. Each character had 2 or more "icons" to represent them, and I remember that Sonya Blade had a green star and a gray skull to represent her.
    5. Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids)

      by , 12-12-2014 at 12:00 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids) (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening and I was about to write down my dream, when I felt very fuzzy and like everything was wavy. I was moving but I was falling alseep and having a chain of spit-second FAs. Until I had a more abrupt false awakening and I was altered and nervious so I did a reality check because I literally had no idea in what realm I was!

      I could not see, so I got off bed and jumped a couple times, gravity was not acting normal so I turned lucid. I also checked my hands (now vision was clear) and I had six fingers. I was going to exit the house until I faded out and I was back in bed.

      I knew I was still dreaming, checked my hands again and remained lucid. I existed the house and took of to fly. The sky was full of stars, but it had stars of many colors, like neon colors. I took a fly to make the dream stable and it went crystal clear. I then saw that the stars started to explote like if they were fireworks, but the colors were much more vivid than real fireworks and there was a like a chain reaction.

      I decided to do an easy dare, as I did not find my dream stability to be at its finest, so I decided to:

      Quote Originally Posted by anyone dare
      Put some flowers on the graves of a cemetery at night. (Box77)
      I started to fly looking for a graveyard, but once again, I faded out.

      I was back in bed, still knowing I was dreaming, I was starting to get annoyed with the false awakenings. I had a successive chain of 2-3 more false awakenings. Always knowing I was dreaming, they happened fast.

      During one of them, I managed to exit the house again, but I was in a void of nothingness for a few seconds until I faded out.

      One more False Awakening with reality check. I exited the house and started to fly. I saw a huge neon sign in the sky, made out of stars but also with many colors like neon. As I approached at them, they exploted again and made tons of colors. There were some x-mas trees and decorations. I got stuck with a x-mas ribbon
      (talk about dream coontrol on this one... meh... the whole dream was a mess anyone, probably REM was ending.) After a while, I managed to fly away from it. I felt I was waking up, tried to rub my hands and had another false awakening, where I was still rubbing my hands and I figured I woke up like that, but I did a reality check and I was still asleep. I did not bother anymore in getting out of bed, as the dream quality was awful and extremely unstable. A few seconds later, I woke up for real.

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    6. Lucid Dream #90 and some other things

      by , 06-03-2014 at 03:46 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: I am trying to create a solar system. I create a star but fail at creating planets to orbit it.

      I am at some kind of gathering in an unfamiliar home. I cannot recall exactly who's it was or what the party was celebrating exactly, but it's not important and does not interest me. I do however that it felt like I was near my own home, as if I was in the same sub or something.
      What I do recall was that this home had a very large basement, being much larger than the above ground portion of the house. I never fully explored the basement but from what I could gather it was three or four floors deep. I couldn't identify any of the dream characters as friends or family.
      There was however a very annoying dream character, a young boy who kept on complaining that he was hungry asking me for various food items. At first I tried to politely direct him to the food trays set out for the party, but after awhile it became clear that his intentions were not to get any food but rather simply to annoy me.
      I cannot recall what happened for some time after that.
      I was still in the same dream, and was in the deepest reaches of this multi-leveled basement. I encountered a trio of dream characters who stood out from the party. They were wearing dirty clothes and overall had a very rugged thug-like appearance.
      And sure enough, they start to harass me. It starts out with verbal taunting, and then they grab me and hold me against the wall. I become partially
      lucid at this point. The two smaller thugs have me held against the wall, and the biggest one (presumably the leader) is preparing to punch me in the jaw.
      I spit in his face.
      He swings his punch, but I duck out of the way. He punches through the drywall behind him. I push the two smaller thugs away and float up away from the wall. What then proceeded was a long fight with the thugs where I dominated. After they were thoroughly beaten, I began making my way back up out of the house.
      This was strange as well. I floated just about a foot above the ground, and instantanieously smashed any doorway I came to. I passed other partygoers who looked on in amazement and confusion as I floated by. I eventually found my way outside and became properly
      lucid. I looked at a nearby house and decided to manifest my dream guide, but instead found that I was waking up. I tried to hang on to the dream for some time. (I'm not kidding, I fought waking up for probably a whole minute.) Before properly awakening.

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    7. The past few days

      by , 03-26-2014 at 11:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      These are dreams from the past couple days. Because getting on the internet is a pain right now, I wrote what I could recall in here.

      Too Many Cats

      I come home and I see that there are six cats in the living room. I see that there are even more cats all through the house. I run into my mom who says that she has decided to become a cat hoarder.


      In WL, I recently wrote an autobiography cataloging everything that happened to me up until the end of high school. It contained many personal things that I never wanted other people to see.
      My parents had just sent this off to a publisher and collected a large check, about $1500 on the counter. There was also a bill showing that they had spent the money on expensive wines.
      Okay, I don't care less about what they spent the money on, but the autobiography I wrote contained a lot of personal information, and it should not have been published. I get very angry and trash my own home.

      Cosmic Forest Fire

      Now onto the good stuff. I am flying through space, getting some guided tour of the galaxy from what I have been noticing more and more, the "presence" in my dreams. It flies me past a large blue star that is surrounded by this disc of gas and dust. The star looks beautiful and very realistic.
      We fly past that to another white star. And (enter dream logic) the star is shaped like a skull rather than just a ball. This was a really interesting and strange sight. There is also a large disc of white clouds around it. The presence flies me toward the clouds and deposits me on them.
      As it turns out, I am in a very strange, interesting world. The skull-shaped star is the source of heat and light and the entire ring of gas and dust is the world. Most of it is white, and the white gas turns out to be snow when you actually get closer to it.
      I was cold, so I tried to make a fire with some spare wood laying around. There were actually small clusters of pine trees all around. I got a fire started, god help me how. But the fire quickly spread and started burning down all of the trees.
      The presence took me out of that location and left me at my house. My parents were there and they were scolding me for starting a cosmic forest fire. After a minute,
      I started to realize how absolutely ridiculous the situation was. I didn't make it to full-fledged lucidity before I woke up.

      Car Chase
      Me and two friends are chasing a large truck through a city. We are driving a black corvette. I try to open the door and jump from the corvette onto the truck, but the truck turns away down a side street at the last minute.
      I get lucid at somepoint after that, but the dream falls into chaos. I am in some large red cave looking through a satchel full of weapons. I then walk around on stilts in an attempt to fly. I feel like there was much more to this than I can recall right now.

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    8. September 8, 2012 - "Hide Under the Stars"

      by , 09-30-2012 at 01:25 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      September 8, 2012

      I am with people. A hotel. A desert. Burning? I am falling. The Tower. I raise my hand and point up. The power of The Star. I stand. Running. Someone summoned a demon. H-A-B-R-A-T-O-S? I am running away? People are running away from it. In a house. I hide under the stairs. A woman was looking for me. I don't want her to find me. I wanted her away. If I am with her, the demon might find me as well. She sounded desperate. I just want her to go away.

      NOTE: Ghaddar. Marbas.
    9. Stardust

      , 06-18-2012 at 08:01 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I haven't posted in a while.
      It's kinda difficult to find the time to do so with my current health issues. (It's nothing too serious I think, but it impedes me from doing activities that require a decent amount of brain power)
      The few moments where I feel alright and I'm motivated to write, I spend it trying to somehow finish my masters thesis in time.
      It's quite frustrating to know that it is going to take some more time until this will be resolved, because apparently it's perfectly normal to have to wait 10 weeks to get an mri done in this country. :/
      Then again, we got fantastic healthcare, so I shouldn't complain.

      Anyways, I don't really have the motivation to properly write down things that have happened in relation to the Templar story arc, but I figured I'd at least post something.
      Something that is much easier to write.
      So here's a random dream from last night which I thought was really cool, though I now realize that I'm going to have a hard time explaining why.
      It's weird how that works, sometimes a seemingly normal event can be very emotional in dreams.

      I'm in my bed, trying to fall asleep, when I notice that something is off with the lighting.
      Normally my room is really dark at night, there's a few very faint green and blue lights from a switch and a file server in the room, but that's about it.
      You really have to navigate the room by memories (if you don't turn the lights on), because it is too dark to make out anything.
      But for some reason I can distinguish everything clearly, even though it's all pitch black.
      What a contrast!

      Fortunately I know this look very well.
      Dark dreams! In my dreams darkness is usually compensated by a ludicrous amount of contrast, so I can see very clearly, even though it is really dark.
      It is rather astonishing how many shades of black there really are, and how easily they can be distinguished if you aren't limited by the human eye.

      I get out of bed and start exploring the house.
      I don't bother thinking about my current situation or dream stabilization because I'm under the impression that I'm fully lucid.
      This is however not the case.
      I'm not thinking clearly, as I would in a "fully" lucid dream.
      Yes, I'm aware that this is a dream, but I'm not thinking about doing cool stuff. No epiphanies or anything.
      Just a mindless zombie strolling through the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of something extraordinary.

      Once I am downstairs I notice that the scenery outside has changed rather dramatically.
      This is not where my house is in waking life at all!
      I go outside to explore more, and find that my house is now placed right next to a rather large lake.
      It is perfectly still and reflects the sky like a flawless mirror.

      I start walking over it, something I often do in dreams.
      Walking on water is really pleasant, if you do it barefoot that is.
      The water is really cold and I get chills up my spine during my first few steps.

      The sky is cloudless. It is perfect! There is no light pollution whatsoever. What a sight!
      But then I realize that I'm not really lucid.
      Or rather, I realize that I'm not thinking.
      Exploring your own thoughts is an amazing thing to do in dreams, and has become my favorite way of stabilization.
      If you're thinking clearly, dreams receive a huge boost in stability.
      It's also a good way to calm down if you are easily excited.

      Anyways, after some thinking I feel like I've gotten my brain to work adequately.
      But oddly enough I'm not in the mood to leave this place, even though I am now fully aware that I can.
      There is something very special about this scenery, and I'd like to stay for a bit longer.

      I take off my t-shirt, noticing that it's a bit odd that I'm wearing one.
      I never wear shirts to bed, especially not in the summer.
      I lie down on my back.

      It feels sooo good. My back touches the extremely cold water surface, which carries me easily.
      I feel very floaty and stretch out my arms.

      But even though this sensation is very enjoyable, blissful even, I cannot help but feel sad.
      Because in this sky I can see so many stars.
      Billions of them. And beyond them are billions of galaxies, containing billions of stars each.
      And I'm here, on this rather insignificant piece of rock: planet earth.
      Insignificant. That's really all I can think off.
      In comparison to the size of planet earth we have explored less than a single grain of sand.
      I feel alone. I feel stuck. I want to leave this planet.

      I stretch my right arm out and grab onto the stars in my field of vision with my hand.
      It's odd how I feel compelled to make this gesture even though nobody can see it but myself.
      I want to go there one day. I want to go within my lifetime.
      I want to explore this seemingly endless space.
      But I realize that I have most likely been born too soon.
      Why could I not have been born later, in an age where we are space explorers?


      Well, that is just fucking depressing.
      What is wrong with me?
      I'm dreaming. It's all about experiencing the unimaginable. It's about having fun.
      Yet here I lie, acting all melancholic.

      But then one of the stars becomes slightly brighter.
      For some reason I know that this is a super massive star that has just reached the end of its lifetime.
      Its core has collapsed, releasing a massive shock-wave. A supernova!
      During its lifetime it has fused hydrogen into heavier elements.
      Helium, Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and many more.
      And now, as its final act it is launching all of it into the vastness of space.

      But these elements will inevitably find others. They will attract each other and slowly but surely clump together.
      Some of them will turn into planets over the course of millions of years.
      And with a lot of chance, one of these planets will be at a certain distance from a sun.
      Maybe another smaller body will orbit it. A moon.
      And maybe, if everything goes right, some of the elements this planet consists of will combine in a certain way.
      And then there will be life... there will be another earth.
      Because that's what life is.
      That is what we are.
      We are all made from stardust, forged within the cores of super massive stars.

      And that is a really beautiful thought.
      Because even though we might appear insignificant compared to the vast size of the universe...
      we are special!
      I mean seriously. What are the fucking odds?

      And that makes me feel really great and I cannot help but smile.

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    10. June 2 Dreams

      by , 06-03-2012 at 11:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Helping Out (Non-lucid)


      I'm at a building, but some parts of it transferred me to a random house that I assumed was mine.

      Anyway, there were a group of young teenage boys walking and talking with each other. One of them was asking the other one why they didn't post their defense level to whatever site or group he was talking about.

      The building inside was one of those structures that you could hear the footsteps of people quite well slamming on the tile floor. There was adequate lighting, but not a lot, probably because it was still daytime when I looked outside.

      But even when I did, outside was a little darker because the clouds were covering the sun at the time.

      The guy said he'll do that, and the other guy asking him said there's only 2 spots left. Out of randomness, I wanted to help the guy, but I had things to do on my own.

      I'm going to assume they were talking about Runescape. Anyway, I tell the guy who has to post his defense level or whatever to follow me, and then we're transferred to my room in a random house. I have a T.V., and I can't really remember what game console I had in the room.

      From what I recall, there was a controller I gave the teenage boy to, and it looked like a XBOX 360 controller. I tell him to grab that, and then find a way to connect to the Internet, and do whatever it is he needed to do.

      For me, I believe I had to go to a school at around 11:30 AM-12, but going at 11:00 AM would be better to prepare for some things. After helping that kid out, I think it's close to 11:25 AM, so I started to worry a little bit if I'll be late to whatever it is I have to go to a school for.

      I can't remember what happens next, but the dream shifts to where I'm in the room again, with different people. There's one child in my room, and he's standing on those chairs that you see director's sitting on in movie production.

      I tell him in a slightly heavy and angry tone to get his feet off the seating area, and put them on the level slightly below it to rest them. He looked exactly like one of the children I have to babysit when one or two of their parents come.

      Finding Someone (Non-lucid)


      First, I was riding my bicycle with someone who looked like my Psychology teacher in the last High School I attended before. I believe we were looking to see if someone would come near the oncoming traffic. The environment looked almost the same as the area that's a little far from where my apartment is at in waking life.

      The guy I'm following decides to go on the other side of the road, and once traffic clears up a bit, I ride my bicycle to follow him riding his own too.

      I had a little trouble pedaling it, the gears where shifting a bit, and I tried ignoring it, but it kept doing that for a while.....

      There's another dream fragment where the same guy was wearing a shirt that said "Gay" or "Gays"????

      You Can Sit Here!! (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm in a lecture room in college, and I think I either tripped or something, because I landed on a random seat somewhere, and a blonde in a pick shirt I believe is right next to me on the left side.

      There's another girl on the right, but I don't pay attention to her, I apologize to the blonde girl in the pink shirt on how I didn't mean to sit between her.

      She said with a really enthusiastic voice,

      "That's okay!" and she really meant it. Her smile, her facial expressions, it was as if she was glad I was sitting next to her.

      I can still feel some of the positive energy from her. I don't know.....I could imagine hugging her and her showering me with wonderful energy...

      Star in Space (Non-lucid)


      I remember walking with someone, and it was near Traditions at Northgate at College Station. It was a little dark outside, maybe in dream time, it was associating that with early morning in waking life or probably just the type of 6PM-8PM darkness here in Texas.

      I look at the sky and see some kind of orange-red star in space, it continues floating slowly, and then as it's fading away,

      I take my right hand,

      formed it into a gun gesture and said,


      I said it with weird confidence, as if I felt alive, as if I........

      I don't know...
      Any Life forms on other Planets? (Non-lucid)


      This dream was weird lol.

      I was at a void, and I could select which any planet within this solar system I wanted to explore. I was excited but also afraid as well, since I felt that when I do choose one, the sensation of going to another planet, and seeing the mysteries my mind could come up with would probably be too much for me.

      It was set up where I could mentally scroll which planet I wanted to go to, and I wanted to check Uranus,

      Lol, I wonder what would be in Uranus....looool, anyway, mind out of the gutter Link!

      I asked someone in the void if there are lifeforms in other planets, and they showed this screen panel of examples of lifeforms from other planets including humans from Earth as Well.

      How the entities were portrayed was like seeing an Anime representations. Kind of like the Chibi-style anime, and the entities varied from looking like Humans to completely different forms.

      They were all cute though, but something that made it weirder was that a penis related to their own kind showed up, and a female of their kind was giving them a tugjob.



      It just didn't match having a Chibi-style portrayals giving tugjobs penises that would match their type.

      All of them had the same animation of giving the tugjobs as well.

      Faye Valetine and wine (Non-lucid)


      The environment I'm in is a cold one, at least it looks like it would feel cold because the whole setting was slightly dark, and the overall colors were different hues of blue.

      I'm walking with someone again, and it seems it's Faye Valentine. My recall of this is decent, but who I actually was with still confuses me, so I'll just go with Faye Valentine for now.

      I believe I'm holding wine bottles in my hand (that's something new, never drank alcohol in my life, or even in my dreams).

      I poured out some wine, and I'm not sure if I took a sip or anything, maybe I was pouring it out for Faye. I then decided I should mix the two bottles of wine together.

      Faye basically tells me,

      "No! Don't do that!" while smiling at me.

      I mix them anyway, and she just responds with a "whatever" look on her face.


      Hmmm, wonder if I was setting up a roofie on her. LOL.

      Nah, I wouldn't do that, and I wouldn't know how to do that anyway.
    11. the night star

      by , 05-21-2012 at 02:36 PM
      as with most of my other lucid dreams i begin in the front of my house towards the door. i do a reality check and my two fingers pass slightly through the palm of my other hand letting me know then and there that i am dreaming and in the usual routine i speak it "I AM DREAMING!" i open the solid door to reveal the screen door. as i look outside i notice that it is nighttime, i would go outside if it where daytime so i decide to make it daytime. i put up my hands, close my eyes, and focus on making the sun rise while imagining it. i open my eyes to see a luminescent blue star at about 2:00 in the sky. as i break my focus it shoots back down leaving no moon nor star in the pitch black sky. i go back inside and notice my "parents" in the kitchen so i attempt convincing them that it is a dream. i walk into the room and ask, "do you know this is a dream?" they don't believe me and respond with a,
      "Naaaa" as the dream fades out in my memory the only other thing i recall is something about me not being from this planet.
    12. Halo Star Wars, Lying Mexican RV, Wall Explosives, Normal Stuff ;)

      , 04-12-2012 at 12:18 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      April 12, 2012
      School Pickings
      There was something going on in my school and people were being called up. This happened twice in the dream. During the second time, they tried to seperate the kids from the high schoolers, but the tallest person in the high school wanted to stand with the kids.

      Exploding Wall
      I was inside of some room that, apparently, was attached to my bedroom. I had never gone in the room, but someone used to sleep in there, because there was an empty bed frame and some of the drawers still had clothes in them. There was a wood lining just above the floor, on the wall (I don't know what it's called, itís just wood at the bottom of a wall that goes around the room.) There was one piece of that lining that my mom was suspicious about. She thought there was a gun behind it! I was like, yeah right, and I picked it up, it was loose. There was a small explosion, and I went back a foot or two. (Just from fear, not the explosion; it was a small "Boom!") It kind of burnt my hand. It looked like there was a piece of sandpaper, a lottery ticket, and maybe a match was back there. Then people were being chosen for something outside the room I was in, and they said too bad you have to be in there!

      Halo Star Wars Map
      There was some big map I was in, kind of like in a Halo game. There was me and some other guy fighting. I was blue and could summon a force field that went in the middle of the map so he had to stay on his side. But he was red and he had a light saber, so I constantly had to lure him over to his side, then run back to my side and summon a force field. He would just start attacking the force field with his light saber, even though it did nothing. Then somehow, I broke the rules because I just stopped whatever I was doing with the red guy and picked up some box person. Everyone was looking at me and whispering as if I did something wrong.

      Lying Mexican in an RV
      I remember there was some guy in an RV telling me about what I needed to type in his thread about how I had a lucid dream. He gave me the basic script but I had to add in what the dream was like. He wanted me to lie saying I had a LD using his method. Also I think the guy was Spanish because I remember the word "Oramos". I thought in the dream it meant Christmas, but it actually means "we pray".
    13. Jan 13

      by , 01-13-2012 at 01:50 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Banana Grams (FRAG)

      The beginning of the dream is a little sketch, I mostly remember how I was wondering around the citys parking garages but I'm not exactly sure how I got to the end of the dream. That was a game of capture the flag except instead of flags the other side had different stands of vegetables. There were corn stands, banana stands, and one other I think. You would run over to the other side and try to grab the banana/s (a bunch was preferable) and then run back to your side without getting tackled. We didn't play with those stupid flag belts that you may remember from your childhood. And we were on cement. Also, if you went to get the corn, and cracked it on either side, coins would spill out (like mario coins) and when you collected them you would get a star for every certain amount of coins you had. the part I mostly remember was it was near the end of the game and I got some corn, which was really close to the middle line, and then I was able to get three stars. I got really deep back into my territory. Had the three stars, one in my right hand, 2 in my left. I then charged the other side. As soon as I got to the middle line, I snapped the right hand star, making my skin glow like in mario. With this, I pushed my way through their team, 2 girls, and a younger gentleman. I snagged a bunch of bananas, enough to surely get us the victory. I could hear the other team yelling two things. One is that they were surprisingly close to victory (surprising because they were indeed the underdog by far), and another thing: that the banana champion from years past was on their team and he was coming for me. I immediately started the sprint back to my side when I saw an old dark cuban man, about my height and bald, running at me with the agility of a teenager. We almost came to gether, when I cracked another star to keep up my strength. I juked left and he followd. I juked right and he kept up to me. Finally I dove straight at him landing right on the other side of the line, and when I did he tried to push me to the other side. The ref stopped him and declared my team the winners. I got up, feeling the excitement of victory flow through my body like never before, running towards my team and yelling like mad. There was inspirational music in the background and it was all very touching. We had won.
    14. Transformers Battlefront Game

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:50 PM
      I was in my bedroom and saw my Mum and Dad, I then activated my PS3 and started to play some Transformer game. This game was weird it looked liked Star Wars Battlefront 2 mixed with Transformers:War For Cybertron. First I was Starscream and as I was flying over a planet's blue atmosphere I saw two Imperial Star Destroyers, I somehow switched to Megatron and transformed into his tank mode. I then fired at both ships and they exploded.

      As I fell down a victory message from Star Wars Battlefront 2. It said something like "Victory or "You Won".
    15. Dryspell Broken! Star Wars TOTY...7/29/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 07-29-2011 at 08:08 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dreamed that I was in a modern city. I think it might've been New York. I'm bot too sure. It was currently evening. People were in a fuss, and running for their lives. I went to see what the problem was. Then, I became lucid without dream signs! Yeah! I fly high up and land on a skyscraper. I see that the demon InuYasha is about to fire a giant-ass missile that'll destroy Earth. What the fuck? Screw him, I now remember I have to do the Star Wars TOTY. I look up in the sky and see the Death Star. I get in a fighting stance as I keep my eye on it.
      "Kamehameha!" I shout. I fire a large blue ki beam at the Death Star, and it is obliterated. Hell yeah! Time to handle InuYasha I guess. I look down at him, but then I
      have a series of false awakenings. Then, I awake for real.
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