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    1. Death of a Starfish

      by , 01-11-2019 at 08:15 AM
      Morning of January 11, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,016-02. Reading time: 40 sec.

      I am at a dinner party with unfamiliar people in a dimly lit room, seemingly at night. I had been aware of being in the dream state, but I choose to become passive to the scenario.

      There is a glass of cola to my right. Before I consider drinking any, my right hand becomes a starfish. It squirms and detaches from my arm, spurting cola from several holes. It tips the glass over and dies.

      Even though I am aware I am dreaming, I briefly consider what I will do without a right hand. There is only a slight surprise (no emotion), but I choose to pull myself out of the scenario to enter another.

      Message: Donít drink cola. (I gave up cola as a habit about two years ago. It is not worth the health risk and I cannot believe how stupid I have been in that department, and for the record, in addition to having an awful taste making them pointless to drink, diet drinks are much worse.)

    2. Starfish Bikinis

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:48 AM
      Starfish Bikinis


      My friend and me are in a holiday complex/park. It is unbelievably big. It turns out to be a big island which simulates women, the beach, the ocean. Like a holo deck. Or a lucid dream . We find out that there is a millionaires lounge and decide to break in. They see us and we hide in the closet. They find us quickly, but they show mercy and even pay for our stay here. We get invited to join a bike race and I actually do kind of good.
      When we go back to the beach I see a box with starfishes. I wonder what they are for, look closer and see a sign which says "For Bikinis".
    3. Fragments of dream last night

      by , 07-02-2011 at 05:08 PM
      I went with Mr. Anello and this woman to a gynocologist appointment, because she was pregnant or something. The woman said that she was going to take about 3 hours, so I went with Anello to get lunch at an asian restaurant nearby. For some reason he had to leave and my friend Julian was there. I went and got some more food with Julian I believe..I remember saying that I felt like a hamburger for the bus ride home, but we happened upon a Chinese restaurant that had a bowl of 5 starfish in a soup like broth that interested me for only 3 dollars. I decided to try it, and remember not liking it very much while waiting for the bus.
      Tags: asian, starfish
      dream fragment
    4. Transforming Beetles, The Hookah Bar, and More (Lucid and Non-Lucid)

      by , 04-08-2011 at 04:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was at home. I remember my brother being there. The movie Leprachaun was on TV, though I doubt it was the actual movie (I've never seen it in waking life). It was in black and white, and started with some dude wanting his girlfriend to go down on him. I stopped watching it, because I knew it was a bloody movie, and I can't stand bloody horror movies.

      Then, I got on my laptop, and the movie popped up. I couldn't close out of it, no matter what I did. In fact, the movie was on every TV and computer in the nation, and everyone had to watch it. I tried and tried, but I couldn't close out of the movie. I said something about not wanting to see it.


      I was laying in bed, looking at my ceiling. I looked at my air vent, which was right above my bed (it's not above my bed in waking life), and there were two ladybug-looking beetles on it, each sitting on opposite sides of the vent. They were red with black spots. I noticed that the one on the left was male, and the one on the right was female. I kept going to sleep and waking up with them still being there. I was confused, I didn't think my air vent was right above my bed. I, however, accepted that it was.

      I noticed the male going over to the female. He mated with her.
      "Great," I thought, "that thing is going to lay eggs in my room."
      I wondered how long it would take for that to happen. I remember calling my brother in at some point to show him the beetles.

      Then, there were more beetles, some big, some tiny. They all looked different too; they were differend colors and such. I remember one being huge with a flat, white body with some light blue markings on it. All of the beetles were trying to mate with one another. A tiny one crawled into the back end of the big flat one. I then saw inside of the flat one; it was all mechanical. The tiny one was trying to implant something inside of it. I noticed that the tiny one had a human, female head.

      Then, they all fell from the vent and turned into my friends. I remember one being Rachel. There was a reason for this, but I can't remember it. I knew they would eventually turn back, though. They all seemed dazed, but happy. They almost had a blissful, naive look. I then remember them being in the kitchen. Something about having to feed them.

      Then, I remember being in my car, driving. It was pre-dawn, and I had left the house to drive around for some reason. I thought about me turning off the house's security system so I wouldn't set it off while leaving. I was in a really bad part of town. I saw a couple drunkenly fighting ouside a trailer. There was trash scattered all over the yards and the roads. I remember, at some point, being out of my car, but I knew I was in a horrible part of town, and was suddenly back in the car. I knew I needed to turn around.


      I was at a hookah bar with some of my friends. We were in a foreign country. The sky looked like it might storm. I looked up, and saw a huge flock(?) of flying starfish. They were flying with their arms. They had their formation set up so the middle formed a big, empty star. They were keeping the star intact as they flew. I pointed them out to the friend that was with me. I knew that these creatures were native to where I was.

      Then, we were inside with our waitress, who was seating us at the hookah bar. There were a few people there, but I noticed a little later that they had all left. We were then outside, getting seated. I remember my friends Kayla and Caitlin being there. They wanted to sit out there, but it was very windy, and the clouds looked ominous. We were moving tables around so we could fit everyone in. I remember Caitlin wanting to split a hookah with me, while the other people had their own hookah. I opted that we sit inside, because it looked stormy.

      We went inside, but then I noticed we were still outside. There were many more of us now, I remember Brittany being there too. We moved again, and were finally inside. We were all sitting at our tables, which were pushed together to accomodate us. While we had only started out with 4 or 5 people, there were now 8 or 9. We got our hookah, which looked odd; it had two seperate parts sitting seperate of each other; the hose was attached to one part, and the water vase was completely seperate. Oh well, I thought, I guess that's how they do it here.

      The hookah went around a couple of times (we were smoking tobacco, by the way). I was sitting by Brittany. She took a hit, and had the hose positioned weirdly, so the mouthpiece outlined part of her face. She passed it to me, and I took a hit. It was very hard for me to breathe in for some reason. I took another hit, and passed it. It went around again, and got to Brittany, and she laughed and said
      "It's out! Hahaha...I knew that would happen. It's out!" I knew we should have gotten two hookahs.

      Then, the clouds came down on us. The ceiling wasn't covered all the way, and some cloud leaked in. I took a huge chunk of it. It was like sunset clouds, colored orange and pink, and felt like cotton candy.

      I must be dreaming! I got up and walked off, going outside. I saw a house that I wanted to enter. I walked in, and I knew the family inside only spoke Spanish. I told them they had a beautiful house. They seemed ok with me walking in. In fact, in their culture, they didn't care who walked in, the door was open to anyone. I walked around, admiring the royal blue tiled countertops and the rest of the house.

      Then, I woke up. I didn't move, and went back to sleep.

      I was lucid in the house again. I was scolded by one of the male family members for something, though I don't remember what. I think it had something to do with me coming into the house. I started to feel everything around me, feeling for the vividness. The refrigerator felt so real. So did the beautiful countertops. I touched everything around me.

      Then, I woke up again.


      I was on the computer, and Austin wanted to come pick me up for lunch. He said he was on his way. I told him to give me an hour, because I had to get ready or something.