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    1. lxxviii.

      by , 02-05-2020 at 12:15 PM
      Just some short dream fragments. Woke up but didn't get out of bed for a while and got distracted so didn't retain many thoughts.

      Dream Fragment:

      Something in space. Felt a bit like Freelancer but I think I could command ships that weren't my own? I remember an asteroid field and an asteroid space station. The system looked like it had a light source coming from underneath but was mostly black space with stars with some blue-ish nebulas on the lower hemisphere. The system felt "sunny". Omega/Sigma/Tau type system. Earlier I had a clearer idea of which it reminded me most of.

      Dream Fragment:

      There's a bridge that I'm trying to place somewhere. I sort of have some kind of visual interface to move it around and rotate it but I struggle for a while to get it to a position I'm satisfied with. One of my siblings (T) is in the dream somehow but I think only in some form of chat. I remember having a conversation about the bridge and how it wasn't quite working out. I remember I then had to add some extra support pillars.

      The bridge location was some kind of crude game-like valley. It looked like the type of terrain/landscape I might roughly make before having worked on any detail for it. The area seemed to be covered in shadow, like there were other objects above.

      No notes.
    2. 19 Nov: Dad using crutches and sleepover with friends

      by , 11-19-2019 at 08:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Meet my father at a train station. He is using crutches and we need to take elevator down. Problem is, dozens of people are taking the elevators and at some point they break. The other people could use the stairs but most just wait for the technician to fix it. Meanwhile we all stand at a balcony that is dangerously giving in to the weight of all the people waiting. My dad assures it is safe, but I try to really stay out of it.

      Meeting a group of friends. V. Palmeirim and some other famous dude join in the group. They don't seem to know me. I notice we all are wearing shirts with white and blue patterns, stripes, waves and checkers. I suggest a group photo and we make some nice poses.
      We then stay at someone's place. A couple of my friends, Zilla and some other, want to go on an urgent mission to Porto, but it is late in the evening and I warn that we will be out all night if we go now. We take a cab, but the driver stops somewhere to pick up something and delays us even further, so the girls change their mind and agree it is too late to go out on such journey. Back home they are still making contacts and checking other ways to go, but meanwhile we start watching "Across the Universe" on tv and time passes. I say "no way we are going now. It's 10 pm." Then I notice Jaime is among the friends and he also just spotted me watching the film and singing along and he looks like his heart melted. In the morning I go out to the nearby chinese supermarket to buy some stuff. The staircase and lobby of this building is from the 50s and majestic. Everything is grand and high ceiling and huge open space. I am joined by my dog Hachi who is hanging around for no reason. We hug really tight and then he joins me for a walk in the garden of some museum close by.
    3. 4 Feb: I am a persecuted android, train station and skipping classes

      by , 02-04-2019 at 02:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's the future. I am a sentient android. Some bad dudes are kidnapping androids of my type and reeducating or damaging us to become obedient and enslave us. They test us afterwards with a simple reaction test but I fail, so they want to eliminate me because I can't be trusted to obey. Then Evangelion is there, but he is one of the bad guys. He provokes me with abuses to see if I react. I know I have to endure or I am dead, but they can tell I am faking and the procedure didn't go well. I beg for my life, I promise to be good and obedient, but a guy keeps saying I will probably turn against them. So while I am being rounded up by them, I spot a chance to escape through some window and I run, get into some garden. Then enter some door into a building, don't know what it is.
      People react naturally to my presence. So I follow some people and end up in some auction place. To blend in, I look at the pieces with interest, an android would not buy, but could be at the service of an owner. I spot a couple antique Buddha figures and it reminds me something of past lives. I pay homage to the Buddha, feel familiar with it. The walls of the front of this place are glass and I see my chasers looking for me outside across the hallway. I also see some stairs leading to an exit and lots of people going up, so I run to disappear in the crowd and reach the surface exit. I notice I am surrounded by university students. A lady engages with me, asks me what I am studying there. I make up something, she believes. I guess androids also can go to school. Once out, there is a bit more garden and some gates to a road. The road seems to lead to either nowhere or to the city and I choose the city but it is far away still. I go back when I realize everybody is actually going the other way to a subway station. Meanwhile I notice a big dog tied up in the garden and he barks at me in a very familiar way. It is my Hachi and I just have to go get him, but he is in a part of the park that is being locked down for the night. I jump the wall cause there is no way I am leaving my dog there.

      Taking a train in Lisboa at Santa Apolonia station with my dad, but all is so different. He can't find our train, the old line we used to take is no longer there. Instead there are some stairs that bring people in from the houses on the hill. And there are lots of people coming through there so companies have some marketing stands in the way. Today there is a table with offers from some cosmetic and accessories companies. Basically they have boxes and people can take what they want. First nobody touches anything, feeling suspicious or not wanting to look greedy, so I start hoarding it, that's when they decide I have to share and start taking things to. But many ladies basically start ruining some items instead of taking them, like notebooks, on which they write messages and leave it there anyway.
      Some ladies are gossiping and say that Michael Fassbender lives nearby and sometimes they see him crossing the station.

      Studying at a university abroad with friends: Zilla, Licas and some others. Our math teacher is horrible, so we decide to skip his class and meet at the movies. We discuss how stupid it is that those classes are mandatory. We arrange ways to escape classes multiple times without being noticed but we have an enemy that does his best to expose us. Once he finds me on the street, he is on a car, he films me with the phone, but I film him back. If I am exposed so is he. The campus is totally high tech, with hologram concert shows in the hallway of new upcoming bands and other dazzling tech stuff.

      I live in an improvised room at an attic, a really cozy place, which has basically a mattress on the floor and where I can't even stand up. It has a skylight as only window and I have the company of pigeons.
    4. #16: Driving / Leaking

      by , 10-22-2015 at 08:34 AM

      Dream 1: Driving
      I'm driving my old moped. I've got my Indonesian classmate on the back. We're going to the train station. She handles navigation but is not too good with left and right. It's mostly a curvy road with just a few options to go left or right. Ahead of us we see her [so she's there twice] going to the left on her bicycle, while the train station is on the right. I mention that that is what happens when you leave navigation to her. Luckily I know the way a bit. Just before the end there is a small uphill part. I struggle with it, as if I'm bicycling instead of using my moped. As soon as I'm on top I smoothly park to the right side, just left of an orange beat down motorcycle. Another Indonesian classmate and one of my best friends show up with another moped and park to the left of me. I open the seat of my moped and allow for them to put their helmets in. My helmet is too big to fit, but my classmate and my friend can easily stuff their helmets in there.

      » It's daytime and I'm sitting on the couch with my girlfriend. On the right side of us is my little brother. My girlfriend and I get a little bit flirty. On the left is another block of houses. There's a dude with an afro who spots us and says something. I think it's about something sports related, though I don't remember what exactly.

      » It's daytime and I'm riding a bicycle, with someone on the back. Perhaps my girlfriend. I'm going through a neighbourhood and a part of the road has been blocked for construction work. I take another route.

      » Still daytime. Walking outside, I think with some friends. We pass an intersection where a car accident has happened.

      » I'm having a fight with my mom, though I don't remember what the fight was about.

      Dream 2: Leaking
      » Daytime again. I'm sitting in a public transportation bus with one of my best friends. It's just us and the bus driver. There is a pipeline similar to that of a sprinkler system on the left side of the bus, near the ceiling. It's leaking in several places, causing gas to come out. I mention that it's dangerous as fire is put out by taking away oxygen, exactly what this system does. I turn one of the handles to close it, but this just increases the pressure on a different leak. I don't wanna close them all, afraid of what all the build up pressure will do. In the end we exit safely. I remember the bus driver having brown hair, almost shoulder length. With curls. [aka: he had a mullet].

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    5. Train Station and the Dorm Cleaning Crew

      by , 01-14-2015 at 03:36 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a dorm. There was a cleaning crew. I was worried they might be killers or something. The other people I was with in the room kind of read my mind so they stayed. Some of them reminded me of theater ensemble in college. Some are from my LGBT friends. I felt anxious.

      I was in the train station. I was going to ride one. I went up the escalator, and the train just arrived. I was with Sharon, and she was on a call standing on the left side after the escalator. The train waiting area is on the right. She was still talking on the phone. When she was done, the train already left. I was going back, because I forgot my facial cleanser or something. I needed some "class." She said not to worry; she brought some of her own and she can lend some.

      Just to note that when I was going "back" to the escalator, it was again going up, not down. I saw some food stalls up there.


      I slept for 1.5 hours starting around 7 p.m. I was very sleepy.
      I woke up alarmed hearing the alarm.
      I worried I might forget the dream, but I thought of the keywords.
      I wondered for several minutes how I lost the monsters in the dreams and they're now replaced by feelings of foreboding, monsters that I cannot challenge or hug. It's unnerving.

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    6. 16/09/2014 Big juicy dream

      by , 09-16-2014 at 02:59 PM
      - I was watching a League of Legends match, but instead of the usual map, it was a piece of a world map showing land a lot of ocean. Weird.
      - We were going on a field trip with my college classmates. The research site was really damp and a storm was on the way so we took refuge in town. After doing some shopping and get something to eat we found an abandoned house with a sealed door. We use the rails nearby to send a train flying through the door (yeah).
      Inside it looks like a normal house but we know it's the hideout of a dangerous band of criminals. After some action we manage to escape.
      - I'm riding my bike on my way home. It is nightime, apparently past midnight. I take a turn into a deserted street and i'm able to look at the sky. There were 4 moons! I realised that was strange (yay for awareness practice!) but i got distracted by the dream and continued my way. After a while it starts to get clear, and a bunch of drunk people are following the same path as me. I arrive at a station, i meet a lot of people i don't see anymore, and i even fight a (really dumb) thief.

      These dreams were really vivid and long, so i'm happy my recall got better and this was the second time i remember noticing something strange while non-lucid. Lucid dreaming i'm almost there!
    7. Alone

      by , 08-03-2014 at 12:20 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in an unfamiliar store (white theme). I was alone. It's facing some sort of field, and then beyond it, I can see the mountains. The sky is blue with whispy clouds. Then, there were invaders. Boneys? (from Warm Bodies) I tried to run. I tried to close the door but there's no lock. I ran to the back, and tried to close the door. The lock was a small, flimsy hook that's upside down. I can't escape. A Boney went through. I wasn't afraid. I was like, "Oh, well, what did I expect?" I died, but I didn't see how. It's like a game. I died and then I try again. This time, I hid below the desk, and then rolled out. I closed and locked the door behind me as the Boneys got inside. I then somehow made the place a trap, and explosive. I ran to the train station. From their, I saw the explosion. Somehow, I thought of Ukraine.

      I was in the train station, waiting for the train, going somewhere. I was alone. Then suddenly, there were lots of people in the station. We were waiting for the train. Someone needed to pull the lever, and somebody called and instructed Mark. The train the showed up was on the other side, going to the left. After a while, a train from our left arrived, which is weird; we're at the end of the station, supposedly, so we're in the wrong place, but it went back (left side, facing the tracks from the side) after we boarded. People seem to be in a hurry to board it but I was just not in a hurry. When we were inside, there was still a lot of spaces, as if the people didn't board, or went elsewhere.

      I went around, looking for cooler area in train. I was going to the mall.

      I was with friends (suddenly). We were looking for a place to eat. KFC? Others (Mang Inasal image but different name)? Leo was there, I think, and so was Jen.

      Then I was in the mall, but I was alone. My friends were gone and so were all the people. There was nobody there. I was in a part of the mall that was familiar. I was there in another dream before. I believe it was attached to a port: once a boat port and then an airport. I was thinking that something was a trap. Everyone went to attend an event, but I didn't go. Then I saw (in my mind) a snake man. Poison. I called the president asking if the event had something to do with snakes.

      I saw the snake man handling a cobra. It's still wild, not a pet, but somehow, they understood each other, so it's not biting him.

      A parking area, like the gravel parking area "behind" our university.
    8. Friend & Officer

      by , 08-09-2013 at 01:38 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Aug 8, 2013

      Third person view of me. I was in a train station. I saw myself come out of the train with another guy. An acquaintance? His face was unclear. Someone (a friend?) was being interrogated by an officer just outside the train. I asked 'What's going on, officer'? He said something about the friend, and I crossed my arms and faced my friend, asking 'What did you do [this time]?'

      A map. Top-down view. A town. Various locations we passed by. There was a lake with monsters.

      NOTE: I was partially aware that I was dreaming. In fact, I was interpreting the dream while watching it. I see it as a battle between my ego, superego and id. The officer is obviously the superego, id the erring friend (although I was unclear what he did wrong), and 'I' was the ego, trying to work between the two, but obviously downplaying the id's desires.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Stealing a Slave Train

      by , 04-21-2013 at 07:43 PM
      The whole dream was oriented around a Train.
      Me and my dad were in a train station, and I knew I needed to take over the train because it was full of slaves (the slaves were like little goblin/oompa loompa things).
      The train station was like a post apocalyptic settlement. (a bit like a Fallout 3 settlement, kinda reminded me of a lighter version of the Metro 2033 station)
      We stole the train, but it was coming off the tracks like they weren't even there, it was like spinning and stuff.
      We were then in another train by the slave train suddenly driving near where I live down a hill past tree's etc... we then jumped into the other train and started riding it down the hill, although, it was hard to stop.


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    10. Auckland NZ explore,weird begger, journey to countryside, see quad bikes and desert

      by , 06-09-2012 at 07:38 AM
      (DILD Low level Lucid, little control)(From last night, tried WILD earlier)
      I'm with my sister, and were on a train to Auckland New Zealand, we've still got a while to go .
      The journey passes (story jumps) We arrive at 'central station' and get off the train.
      The station has a glass canopy roof, like they do..
      I recognise the "GLASS" (dreamsign), I start to question my reality & perform an RC using the text on the train info boards
      (They're the old fashioned 'split flap' mechanical displays)Low level Lucid!!

      We walk into the city and explore it on foot for quite a while & see famous sights like 'the skytower',
      the harbour with all of the yachts with there sails up, and in one of the side streets we get burgers from the 'white lady' burger bus.
      <<Never been to NZ in waking life, flight too far & expensive, but would like to go & have read stuff about Auckland>>

      We meet an old woman beggar, who waves a wet-wipe/baby wipe at us,
      and mumbles something about it.
      .. I reach into my day napsack and give her a large paper cup, and then she wanders off
      <How random's that?!?>
      Lost Lucidity during this encounter

      After a short while, we've decided we want to do something else..
      ... So we find some transport to go elsewhere.. Soon we find a small terminus halt, which has tram track, and a very low platform (about 3-4 inches)..
      At this platform, there is a queue of two seater'bubble cars' on the track, we get into the front one, close the doors and get transported away...

      ...We end up in the countryside, with rolling hills and grass meadows.
      We get out and walk for a while, and find people riding quad bikes over a rough terrain course

      A guy comes up to us and tells us we will have to wait 3/4Hr for the bikes, and we can wait over there, pointing to the edge of a desert (we didn't notice before)

      I walk over to the desert edge, and walk on the sand for a while. (Don't think my sister joined me here)
      I can feel the sun on my back & can see shimmering heat haze on the sand.

      <Recall and/or dream itself faded here>

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    11. My Coolest LD Yet

      by , 11-19-2011 at 02:39 PM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      Alright, this makes up for the nightmare LD I had last night. Oh MAN this dream was great. The dream was as realistic as real life. I know that probably isn't a big thing for you, but I am pretty fricken excited. I have never had such a vivid LD. Alright, I guess I should tell you about it now!
      Also, my next goal is getting better dream control.

      Alright, I should probably give you quick backstory. This dream was actually a bit longer than I thought. You see, I lived with my parents, but they weren't really my parents. They were different people entirely. And one day someone came to our door and trapped us in. The guy somehow was scamming us for money and when he left we had nothing. Then the world got upgraded with these high-tech items, but they didn't work, and this was causing a global outburst.

      Well, the dream starts with my friend and we need to stop everything that is happening. We go to tons of places and start to take care of what is happening. We leave the house and start to cure the world of its problems. We end up with another one of my friends and we enter some sort of casino. People are crowding for money pouring out of machines and I suddenly become lucid.

      I have never had an LD like this. Everything was so vivid. There were no blurry views, and the world was so active. We ran out of the building in the the town I was in during about two past dreams. I will find out which ones later. Suddenly we realized the guy that started this all was in a gas station about a mile away. Due to my poor LD skills I wasn't able to fly.

      Oh well, I was running with my friends. Suddenly a goon comes up and tries to kill us, but I think up a strange beam coming from my hands to kill him, and thank god it does. We continue running and one of my friends runs faster and ends up at the gas station. Suddenly the gas station begins to crumble. We run faster and actually make it as the place is falling apart. I noticed my thoughts were getting cloudy so I shouted for clarity. Nothing too strange, except for a few people staring at me like I'm an idiot after yelling that.

      We try to talk to the bad guy, but he won't listen. I realize if I go to my parents I could prove what he has been doing, and report the cops. I run out and run to my house. I quickly run to my parents working on the house and loose lucidity.

      I tell my parents about whats happening and they want me to help around the house. I do a small job and go behind my barn and see my dad working on a fence. I realize that if I stay there I will have to work, so I run. I suddenly remember I am dreaming again.

      Alright, time to get my dream flying down. I go behind my house and attempt the jump. It doesn't work, but the jump actually felt like I was using my muscles. The dream was so realistic. I decided to climb to the top of my house and attempt it. I got on top and started to run. I turned my head for a second and this moved my real head.

      Coolest dream ever! I loved it! Totally makes up for the horror that was the mirror in my last dream. Man, I am so excited right now!
      lucid , memorable
    12. Megan Fox Diving in a Pool and Huge Fight

      by , 11-14-2011 at 11:51 AM
      [U]Dream 1[/U]
      Megan Fox was in a pool and she kept diving in. She was wearing a black bikini (she looked HOT) and after that she was interviewed so everyone could find out why she kept jumping in.

      Dream 2
      I was on the bus with some friends I can't remember how many but we were going down to East Ham and we went into a tunnel (that isnt usually there) and we saw some girls getting r*** we got off the bus some how (we didn't even walk out the door) we beat up up the r****s (I think) and then we went to a train station and as we walked up the stairs of the station we saw about 40 guys who were friends of the guys we beat up.

      I went back down to talk tactics "There's about 80 guys up there, I'll have to stab all of them."We walked up the stairs and I threw the knife at somebody and then I started kicking the biggest guy there, I know him but in the dream I wasn't lucid so I couldn't control what I was doing.
      Tags: bus, fox, megan, station, train
    13. Organization (Between 20th July 2011 and 21st July 2011) First Dream

      by , 10-19-2011 at 12:50 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm with A. M. in the former home of my grandmother. He has a son.
      The kid is blonde with blue eyes.
      It has a yellow babygrow.
      A. M. turns to me and says that today we gonna playing football.
      When we arrived to the football field, I realize that the field is a mixture of petrol stations and a dirt field.

      One of the football poles (of my team) was between two gasoline stations.
      I fail some goals but a little later i score one, the ball goes very slowly between the legs of the goalkeeper.
      I start running and screaming goooooooooooaaaal!
      However A. M. wonders where his son is, and he says that the child is with T. A. , he's taking take care of him.

      Suddently the police or some sort of a special force appears... and suddenly I'm in a helicopter with the leader of this special force ...

      Barack Obama is the commander of these special forces. He's about to throw me from the Helicopter. He as metal discs
      in his hands and feet,they function like the Iron Man´s propellers.

      I put some metal discs in my own hands and feet too.

      He dominates that technology better than me. I try to take a swing at him...but he suddenly disappears.
      The Helicopter lands and a white-coated scientist comes to me and says that F is expecting my orders.

      It´s seems im some kind of leader of some sort of organization.

      I grab some propellers, put them in my pockets and go away.

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    14. Train Climbing and A Station of Light

      by , 09-12-2011 at 09:38 PM (The Imaginarium)
      I’m on a train, but it’s the outside of a freight train. Either I had this dream another night, or I had it earlier this night. There were others with me on the outside, incl. (I think) Homer and Marge Simpson. We’re just powering through country in a wide, gravelled, multi-track rail path. At one point, Homer jumps off and into a bin (green recycle, and the lid closes on him). I tell Marge to do the same.
      I make my way along the train to the front – the engine seemed to be at the back. I don’t remember feeling wind, or fear for that matter. As I get there, someone cries “look out” and a brace myself for another tunnel (from earlier in the dream?). Actually it’s a very small looking station, and we stop at it. I remember seeing the orange, hanging board (what for?) past the traffic lights and trying not to hit it when we stop.

      As I get off the train, I fall and get entwined with a black/yellow striped pole. I don’t know where it came from or what it was for. Someone I knew helped me out of it. As I was leaving the platform, I saw an old friend cross in front of the entrance in official rail uniform. I saw another old friend and female looking down the tunnel so I veered off right. Ticket office? I may have asked where the toilet was, then went to the right passageway, maybe to the toilet. I came back and Lily (from HIMYM) was at another counter sorting out ‘papers’ for this other girl e.g. Passport, driver’s license, ID. I went somewhere and come out on the roof where she was standing, facing away from me.

      She was maybe wearing a fishing hat and some form of baggy dark trousers. Over them she had some sort of green and yellow baggy short shorts and her top was possibly one of those tank tops with straps. The view looked Tuscan, or Renaissance, partly reminiscent of Dubrovnik, but with towers and such. She turned round and maybe smiled at me. Not sure when, but probably at office with Lily: There was a flash when I said something about her dancing. It was all blue and monochrome – high angle, tight cropping – she may have been wearing aviators, and she was dancing. Then cut back to the rest of the dream, whatever it was.
    15. Exam & School Security

      by , 07-16-2011 at 06:10 AM
      I was with my friends in school/college walking down the hallway to the exam hall. The hall looked like a train station which was weird, a straight up dream sign but I didin't notice.

      Then while I was walking a police officer I think he was the security in the school or college and he told me that I had to go to a room after I did my exam. He was holding a piece of paper with my name on it. I wish I could remember the number of the room he told me.

      Dream Fragment
      I was a MetaJet flying around in a jet.

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