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    1. #276 - I died

      by , 09-03-2017 at 10:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It's been 3/4 of a year since I stopped lucid dreaming, lately I've been making an effort to take it up since I can fit it into my life again. I've made no real attempts, just meditating and going to sleep earlier... But last night I got home late and had one heck of an experience.

      Dream - I Died
      I'm in a museum with someone else (a friend I think), it's no where I know IRL. I look up and see a huge dome shaped skylight and on either side of the room there are stairs spiraling up. Me and my friend move on to another room where there's a lot of clockwork items behind glass display cases. I look around a bit and see that they're really varied in purposes, I thought at first they were actual clocks but begin to see that they're actually ancient and steam-punk.

      (gap in dream/memory)

      I'm at my friends place in their living room, it's a small flat with simple furniture but the place has a lot of character (dark goth art and melted candles, looks like a witch's coven). My friend and his gf who live there together have gone somewhere and I'm sitting on the sofa, it's dark and wet outside. The front door bursts open and my friends GF's dad walks in and sees me - he thinks I'm a burglar. (IRL I know he's a gang member and he's the standard 'big dude with a motorbike and leather jacket' type). He's instantly mad and rushes up to me and pulls out a gun - I panic and put my hands up saying "No don't shoot I'm Daniels friend!" but he doesn't hear me. He just screams "What the F*** are you doing here and who the f*** are you!", but he doesn't wait for a reply - his gun fires and shudders my ears. I feel the hole it ripped in my chest, and the blood spilling from it. I'm breathless and in shock, I knew I was going to die.
      I wake up but I still feel like I'm dying, the memory of being shot was so vivid that I was confused about where I was - am I in hospital? No.. I'm okay. I had to physically check my chest was okay since it seemed so real, I think this is the 3rd death-by-gunshot dream I've had and it's the most vivid one too.
    2. Monster Beneath the City

      by , 03-03-2014 at 08:24 AM
      What I can remember of the dream starts off with me talking to my boyfriend. We're in our apartment and we're talking about moving somewhere together, but I tell him that I have a job that I have to go do first. I have to go to a different city and investigate some strange disappearances where none of the locals can figure out what's happening. I walk over to my laptop at this point to check my email, as I at some point earlier had emailed the mayor of the city I was checking out to try to make accommodations for living arrangements. I noticed the mayor had messaged back and I was stressed out to realize that it was my ex, and the message he wrote was this:

      Hello [Name],

      You know you're always welcome here. I have made arrangements for you to stay in the best place I could grab for your temporary visit. You know I look forward to seeing you.

      It made me a little antsy and my boyfriend even more so in my dream, but I told him that he knew I had work to do, so go I must. There's a brief period where I'm packing up my things, and then the dream skips.

      It now goes to my ex and some other man at the city. It almost seems like old-timey western, but with a high flair of Victorian steampunk. The second guy present is rather lanky and tall, and everything about him is dark. He's dressed in all black and with a bearded face, dark hair, and the only thing bright about him are his green eyes. It's night outside, and him and my ex are standing just outside a fenced area and just inside is a baby elephant. It's walking around inside as the two men talk. They discuss my coming to town, and the stranger looks very happy while my ex does not.

      "You don't have to do this," my ex says as he watches the little elephant graze around inside the fences. The other man just laughs and keeps his gaze ahead as well, "Except I do have to, she stands in the way of my future plans." Not long after the man speaks, a small area of earth crumbles in on itself just behind the elephant's back feet, and it cries out as part of it slides in. It recoveries briefly and prepares to pull itself out, but it cries out again as something seems to grab onto it and drag it inside the hole. The cries of terror quickly die out and are instead replaced with low squelches and gurgles. The two of them stand there a little longer after the sounds die out before the stranger says, "And this will help me take care of the problem."

      It then goes to me once more, perhaps the next night, getting settled in my temporary place in my pajamas, and for some reason I have brought my dog Chad with me. I am putting away some of my stuff when I find a note in one of the drawers in the bedroom. It's from my ex, and it's warning me that someone is trying to kill me and that I should check for something I didn't pack and hide soon. I don't see anything unusual in my bags, so I go looking through drawers until I find what seems like a large slab of raw meat, and it completely reeks. Who knew how long it had been in there! I was going to simply remove it and disregard the message when I heard and felt a low rumbling in the floor near me. Extremely frightened, I grab my dog by the collar and run to the bathroom that's interconnected to my bedroom. I shut the door quickly and sit on the floor with my pet, my arms wrapped around him and my heart beating through my chest.

      The loud crack of large wood splitting comes from the room and I wake up just as I actually see the shadow of some large creature from the crack underneath the door.

      Amount of time slept: 2 hours
    3. Nov. 18 Dream Journal: Should've set traps in case of raiders

      by , 11-18-2013 at 07:51 PM
      My MILD mantra before going to sleep now is "If it's red, I'm in my bed." I'm worried it's too catchy to do what it's supposed to do. ANYWAYS...

      Dream one has me in what looks like a steam-punk/apocalypse world (no real visual proof other than I just know), and my home is the remains of half of a jumbo plane. It's night time, and I'm sitting by a fire cleaning/fixing some sort of a tool or machine. (Edit: I now remember that I have a red bandanna with a flower motif around my head. Missed MILD cue alert!)

      A single-row character select screen gets juxtaposed over the top of my "vision," as if I'm quick-selecting something in the middle of game play. As I browse the portraits (which are in DOS 256-color again), they are associated with my actual friends. Towards the right end of the screen, the portraits are grayed out; I guess in this world, friendship is an achievement you unlock.

      Each individual friend has their associated stats according to Dream Knowledge. Sadly, my dream is not vivid enough for me to see detailed stats. But I do get a general associated sense of it according to certain traits. There are at least 10 characters, and I "know" there's more if I scroll to the right. But these are the ones I could still remember:

      • My friends B and K, brothers who power lift and play organized football in real life, have really high Strength scores. I also Dream-Know that their abilities are offset by low their movement rate, which I lol'ed at because I guess I'm just a dick.
      • Girl-R and Boy-R both can cast spells (Looks like I associate artistry and creativity with magical ability. Or maybe just people whose names starts with R.), while Girl-R also shares the ability to charm animals with Girl-J.
      • Boy-R, I should also note, is the Ken to my Ryu in real life, and that carries over in this dream in terms of "knowing" our stats are similar.
      • Sten from Dragon Age was there. No, I don't know him in real life. Go home, Sten, you are drunk.
      • Boy-J has rogue-like stats, possibly because he's shady. And he'll flaunt said shadiness, which makes him all the more shady.
      • Poor, poor A. In real life, he's slightly taller than me, but possibly twice my weight -- but he doesn't have the physical abilities of B and K. He'd go down in the initial wave of a zombie attack.

      And wouldn't you know it, the second I think of being attacked, my camp is raided by the Mohawked raiders from Fallout (they have red pants. Missed MILD cue alert!), only my vision is obstructed by the character select screen -- which has now taken over my entire "screen" like the overlay in Steam -- and I can't seem to find a way to hide it again. That's karma for A, I like to think.

      ANYWAYS, so I'm running around blind, and my vision would flash red (possible missed MILD cue alert) on the edges like a FPS as I keep getting shot. I know I'm also doing a lot of damage to them (also, I'm dual-wielding pistols -- flashy, but not terribly effective), only none of them are going down, and I'm reloading a lot even for dual wielding. I fall back to a part of the airplane, and I know I'm not going to be able to hold off the raiders for long like this. In which my brain -- my asshole of a brain -- goes "lol! Know what would suck?" and plays that scene from Robocop.

      Well, I guess it worked, because the raiders are now focused on poor Murphy (who materialized in my dream JUST to suffer a horrible fate). I theorize that there's a sidequest in Fallout New Vegas that references this, so my brain went there. Either way, the scene abruptly ends to the sweet sounds of gunfire and torture screams.

      We're skipping dream two because that's Willy's time. There was a missed MILD cue in there, and I will also partially hint that towards the end... well, has anyone seen those troll-ish Photoshop images where they take the inside of a lotus flower pod and superimpose it over someone's flesh so it looks like there are tiny ho-AHHH, FUCK, I JUST GOT A MENTAL IMAGE. NEXT DREAM! NEXT DREAM!

      Dream three was barely there, and all I can recall was that I'm on my motorcycle (edit: my motorcycle is red. Missed MILD cue alert!) on a highway next to a forest, and the weather is gray and shitty. And all I have for dream four is that I knew I had four dreams.

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    4. Oct 20 Dream Journal: Take me home to where the grass is green...

      by , 10-20-2013 at 08:11 PM
      I dream of a really beautiful, tropical paradise, like the Hawaii scenery you'd see on postcards. The beach is perfect, and there is exotic fauna and grassy fields. Off in the distance I can see clear skies over sapphire-blue oceans. The ends of two islands frame the edge of my view, and they are equally lush and picturesque; but I know I'm on the "main" island where everyone wants to be. The colors in this world are way to crisp and vivid to possibly exist, like someone is drunk while playing with Photoshop.

      I turn around, and there is a cliff/overhang that has the sun peaking through the top. A stream and pool bubbles at the bottom, and there is a small waterfall. I had to wade through some relatively thick foliage to get through to the edge of the pool, which is an emerald green. A path has already been made in the foliage to reach it. The sunbeam perfectly illuminates a set of wooden stairs that's built into the cliff, and I notice that the moisture gives the rocky walls a nice little glisten.

      I walk up the stairs, and after reaching the top of the cliff, I am now on Woburn street, across the street from my friend P's house and next to the Haggen's grocery store. This is not at all an accurate map of my old home town. I turn around, and the cliff is gone, though I'm back on the same level as the grass area of the beach. It is now more of a park now, and I can see people playing. In the middle of the field is an asphalt basketball court, and my friend E is playing on it. I jog over to join him, but the dream fades before I could reach the court.

      Dream two got pretty fun! I'm in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but the people have regrouped to a Victorian steampunk setting. It's a clear, sunny and beautiful day, because I'm zipping around in my own goddammned-right-it's-an airship! The airships in the world comes in all shapes and sizes, and seem to be relatively common. I also know being in the air is much more preferable than living in the surface, because the surface is a harsh world of destruction and mutant monsters.

      My gear seems to be inspired by WWI pilots. I know I have a scarf and goggles on, and I have what appears to be a bomber jacket. I also have two belts around my waist: one is around the belt loops of my pants, and carries some light gear, while another one hangs off it and holsters a Wild West-styled six-shooter, only I know it fires lasers in a shotgun-like spread that resemble golden needles despite me not once using it in my dream. I also have a large object strapped on my back with a handle, so I assume it's a thing I use to smash jerks who got into melee range; because that totally is common in aerial dogfights.

      ANYWAYS, the airship I pilot is unique in that I operate it like a motorcycle, and is custom made by -- oh yes -- Nikola Tesla (David Bowie version) himself. First, in this world, Tesla is also kind of my employer/dispatcher, and I receive jobs from him via a communicator like the one Mr. House uses in Fallout. Second, when I realize that Tesla designed my airship, the balloon part of my ship gets damaged; I'm not sure if it's a malfunction, or did someone shoot me, but either way, I say something lame to the effects of "time for plan B!" and transform my ship into an electric hovercraft like the ones used in The Matrix, complete with the electric coils. The ship is supported in the air by the electricity that ropes out, and my ship "swings" from these beams. I dive down towards the surface because NOW I'm sure I am being chased, but this sequence fades as I'm diving.

      In my heart of hearts, I like to think my dream self is being challenged by my Thomas Edison-supported rival in a race across the world, and the ensuing awesome can't be comprehended until I shed my physical form.

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    5. from karaoke to spaceport salloon

      by , 07-27-2013 at 05:43 PM
      last night I ended up into Karaoke restaurant in Kualu Lumpur. It was a high standars place were they didn't look all to well at hanging outside the tabbles or disturbing the singers. Restaurant came haunting me in my dreams

      first fragment that I recall is me sitting in Karaoke bar that didn't look a bit like Malaysian restaurants. Customers were European looking or American ones. I thought I was on vacation and wondered was I in states or Paris. I wondered the absence of black people. There were some steampunk cosplayers and I tried to make my way towards them but ended up talking with punch girl soccer players.

      Only Karaoke piece that I recall was "Power of Love"... how neat

      after a while I recalled the lost steampunk gang but at this point I was deep in dreaming. I wasn't looking for cosplayers but some steampunk gang with all too reasonable explanations and worldviews. I was in some kind of danger. Then Akari came chrashing in. I was in some kind of mixture of steampunk karaoke bar and spaceport salloon. Name of the place was really: Club Afterlife...
      I remember it from Mass Effect

      Rest of the dream was like adventure / thriller scifi movie but I'm unable to move any real happenings. Just the atmosphere, two locations (computer gamelike) and feeling of important mission while being hunted
    6. 12th Feb 2013 'Ice Element', Distractions in the school, Steampunk Heli, Sharks and Short DILD

      by , 02-12-2013 at 08:38 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      An awesome recall for once.

      I am at home, i discover some sort of mechanical thing in the rest room, i call it 'Ice Element' for some reason. It looks like small blue toy soldier like thing, that slowly grows and transforms into some blue mecha thing size of the whole restroom when the restroom door is opened.
      I don't seem to recall much after this point, only that i was in some sort of village, talking to various people, but i recall this part ending with me watching grandiose battle in some sort of water cave with number of big waterfalls, between 'Ice Element', which was transformed into some huge mechanical light blue 'core' thing surrounded by many huge mechanical floating constructions/parts size of at least half of the cave, and something else don't remember what sadly. Dream skips.
      I seem to be in school(there was something between dream skip and that, but i can't recall anything particular at that point at all) and there are some computers on tables, i go to one and chat with some people on skype. After some time i notice some people on different computer are watching some battle between an ship and an submarine. I feel like helping the ship for some reason, and i contact some pirate through skype, and shortly i look at that screen on which people are watching battle. Pirate indeed comes on his sailing ship, which apparently is more powerful than more modern ship which is being attacked.
      Soon submarine gets into alot of trouble and i am now being contacted by submarine crew through very same skype(), but they don't seem to have idea that i am the one who called pirates and are asking about something else, and at same time some other people suddenly decide to chat with me on skype, including Rock Lee(I am not sure if it was indeed character from Naruto or just someone using his name as nickname), i am getting distracted in different chats and suddenly one of people from the other computer comes(I think he looked like one of classmates from the time when i was indeed in school IWL) and says that he knows that it's me who called pirate. I dunno what to say, mostly because multitasking in a few chats, and he goes away and talks about something with other people on that computer. He goes back and screws up the phone number note or something that i had, using luting. I get angry and end up 'cleaning' my note all over his face. Dream seems to get distorted and shortly-...
      I abruptly 'wake up' due to being attacked by half-life 2 zombie, i kick him down the hole in the floor and look around(And forget to do an RC...). I was in some sort of rusty steampunk-ish cargo area, there are few more of those zombies, also looking down the hole in the floor i notice that this area is part of some sort of flying vessel. Some other person enters the area through the only door and gets rid of zombies, we talk about something and i follow him through the door and some stairs.
      We enter control deck and i realize that the flying vessel we are on is some sort of huge steampunk helicopter and it's flying above the sea, view switches and i see it from the outside for a while. After view switches back i notice that there's a tree in the control deck and some fantasy elf is standing by it. I talk to him and he's apparently commander of this helicopter.
      View switches and now i see some arabian city near sea. There are two people that are trying to hide from army of villagers. They talk to each other and one of them mentions that all the villagers are possessed and they are last ones left who are not. View switches back to me, and now i was in some boat with paddles under the helicopter. There was some other person who used said paddles, and also there were many more boats with people around. Apparently our mission was to save those two people that i saw during an view switch earlier. We start moving towards that arabian city, but rather slowly, so i say that it will take ages to get there. Someone else says that it will not be a problem, and shortly some wild dude appears, riding some sort of brown shark. The shark summons an huge wave that speeds us up quickly to the beach. On the way i see 'Ice Element' again, it's standing in water and this time it's in huge mecha form and it's attacking some ships that look like the modern ship from earlier on.
      As we get to the beach, i run into the town and quickly find the people we were searching for. I rescue them while everyone else is fighting the villagers. As we go on the boat into the sea, suddenly scene dramatically changes and i suddenly go underwater. I am surrounded by those brown sharks, but i feel to fear or anything. They vary by sizes and by form, there's also some voice in background(don't seem to be able to recall what it was talking about). Shortly one of the sharks comes to be and bites my right hand off, i feel no pain and i still feel no fear or anything, the ring appears in the place of hand and an huge red gem grows out of it. I get great power and end up compressing that shark into nothingness. The sharks are still all around, scene fades out.
      I wake up, this time in my bedroom. I start recalling the dreams i just had and shortly go to the restroom(forgot to do reality check mk2). As i enter restroom i see... 'Ice Element'! I close and open the door a few times, don't i was like just now recalling seeing it in dream, wait a second...
      I do 'looking at the hands' reality check, right hand is fine... but left one has six fingers, so i am dreaming indeed!
      I haven't recalled any goals for some reason(and i forget to stabilize dream as well) so i end up just doing random stuff. I enter the restroom again and grab 'Ice Element', it starts forming into some sort of weapon around my hand, i feel it's metallic nature. I went to different room, the Chandelier(the recurring 'DC of sorts' in my dreams) was there and it was transforming to be ready to something. For some unknown reason i decide to throw 'Ice Element' at it, they end up transforming together into some sort of weird steampunk-ish panel that hangs onto the wall. I feel that it's unfinished and notice a lamp to the right from me. I decide to practice dream control and decide to try to use telekinesis to move it to the panel. I pull the hand towards the lamp and attempt to use telekinesis. At first i am having hard time, but then i recall that for dream control i need to know that it will work and to be perfectly sure. I get more confident with telekinesis and end up moving the lamp towards the panel. It merges with the panel and the panel starts working, shortly i hear some noise in my head and dream ends.

      I seem to have some problems recalling my goals while lucid, still was fun though!

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    7. Initiation

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:19 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      7:15 a.m. - day dream + MILD

      9:23 am

      {An initiation in Tibetan Buddhism? (no idea what an initiation in Tibetan Buddhism is like, or even if there's one) I was lying face down on the floor/mat. One man stepped on my back to massage me as well. It didn't hurt, and I barely felt anything. There was chanting that I don't understand, and an instruction that I should hold the paper with some characters on my toes. I find it hard to hold on to them, but I persisted. Then I was taught the first character: "Ba". I was shown how the character is written, but one of the guys there is blocking my view, with his legs. I think it was unintentional. I was asked what it means, and I think I know, but I simply forgot. I was chastised, and reminded with clues. It ended with the meaning 'store,' like a place where you buy stuff, but it seems it has also the meaning of 'storing energy.' It was just one character out of a whole set. I think 'te' means hands, like kara-te. But I never got to that point.

      I was in a place where people are racing in toy cars. Supposedly for kids, adults are the ones driving them in a race track.

      I was at home in our hometown. People were talking inside the house. Outside, I noticed some peculiarities. It was barely visible, but I saw the shadows of planets on the sky, and one huge planet in particular. Or maybe it was a black hole. All I know is that there are small black circles and one huge black circle on the sky. I tried taking them on my trusty camera, cursing myself for not charging the battery before. Fortunately, it still works. I captured the photos. The sky looks different. Instead of the usual blue sky and white clouds, it's mostly dark violet, with a ranging yellow and orange sun that looked more like a moving painting, a few points of lights that must be the stars, and the black spheres that must be the shadows of the planets, or probably black holes. And there's the huge one. I'm positive it's a planet, and not the black hole. I showed everyone, but they can't see them. I showed them the pictures, but they said they're tricks of lights or just unclear.

      Some friends and I are playing a computer game. A shooting game with robots and all in first person. We were losing to an opponent who can summon small robotic allies that have low health but are annoying. Together, they can defeat every single one of us. I think my robot was defeated and I watched a friend's robot trying to escape the small black robots. I got so irritated, I brought them out in real life. They were standing on a ledge just under the roof of the mall. I challenged them and threw a basket at them. It almost reached them. I saw the traffic nearby. There's a cop stopping a car for something. I was thinking of grabbing that car and throwing it up. I just walked away.

      I think there was some sort of panic. I am looking at a blonde boy. He received some sort of package, but were told (not sure by who) not to open it. Then everything just went wild, with friends and allies walking around in some sort of middle-age market, along with the people already present. The 'owner' of the town was talking with a guy, both friends of mine (don't know them irl), and the guy asked if there's lotion around. The owner just talked mostly nonsense. He talked so much he didn't notice that guy already went away. He talked about how rude that was, etc. We met with another friend, who owns a caravan, and we talked a bit. S/He looks dressed in maroon, looking very rich. He reminds me of an image of one of the reincarnation of a Hindu deity, except that of the usual blue, he's brown. After a while, we came across the guy looking for a lotion, and he just smiled shyly and walked away. Then the owner met with two of our fiercer friends who enjoy challenges, and who challenges each other quite often. They ran around the market fighting (not sure how), overturning and/or destroying everything in their path. One reminds me of Hercules, not the cartoon one. He has long, dirty-blonde hair, a strong almost-wild face, and muscular body. The other guy was not so clear, but I think he has black hair. Both have incredible strength. At this point, the owner's features are clearer. He has a mustache, with a top hat? His clothing reminds me of Steampunk, and I think he was riding a vehicle that is very much Steampunk.}
    8. Dragons and Lightning!

      by , 09-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
      I haven’t had any dreams that I can remember for the past few days, but I finally had some memorable ones this morning. And I was lucid during one of them!

      Or well, it was kind of like one big dream but with two parts. And one of them was like, a dream within a dream. So yeah.

      Two of my sisters and I are sharing a room together, and the room only has one bed that we all have to sleep on. It’s the morning, and two of my sisters are arguing because there’s not enough room on the bed. One of them gets out and lies down on the floor instead. I curl up at the foot of the bed and I’m like, “I’m going to have a lucid dream now.” And then I fall asleep within the dream and have another dream. A dream within a dream. Oooh.

      So anyway, during this part of the dream I was aware I was dreaming and could control aspects of the story. I was sometimes a character in the story and sometimes just an observer.

      So, there’s this guy and this girl who are a couple. And they have a pet dragon because … that’s cool. The girl wakes up in the morning. They live in this small wooden house, where sunlight streams in between the planks of wood. The girl walks out the front door, and the dragon is waiting there. It opens its wings––which kind of look like they’re made of lace. That is, they’re black and have this cool transparent pattern on them. In the background, the sun is rising and the sky is red and cloudy. And the girl is like, “Ooh, pretty.”

      The guy comes outside to join her. They have some conversation where the girl is like, “Mehhh I’m so ugly!” and the guy is like, “I think you are very attractive!” and whatnot. Then they decide to fly around on the dragon for a while.

      So, they get on the dragon and take off. But then suddenly there’s a storm, and they get struck by lightning and fall out of the sky. The guy and the dragon are okay, but the girl goes missing, and all the guy can find are pieces of her shoes.

      Back at the cabin, the guy just sits around and cries with the pieces of the girl’s shoes all around him. He has a friend who also lives there, and that guy is sitting by a wood stove and pretends to be crying whenever people stop by so that they’ll leave him alone, or … something. I don’t really know what the logic is.

      There were two other parts of the dream, but I don’t remember which part of the dream they were part of, or what they had to do with anything at all. In one part, I was watching this weird steampunk golf tournament on TV. And in another part, I was a man who had to dress up as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” for some unknown reason.

      So yup! That’s all, folks.

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    9. 7/29/11 Steampunk Batman

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:44 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) WILD. -Skip- There is an urban cityscape built from stone bricks. Gray. I am Batman, sneaking in a room of villains at a poker table. Penguin, joker, others. I jump out the window down into a void, covered by fog. Joker jumps in after me.

      The two of us are on a stone roof top. Joker is half mechanical. Looking almost Mysterio like, with green glowing hands and head. I start chasing after him. I see over the buildings a massive robot, with a glowing green "heart". I believe they're souls, powering the two. As I chase him, I tell him that of the two of us, he's the one supporting order. He forces the guard to escalate in their conflict. As I talk, "-700" pops above his head, and souls fly out of him. "-200" pops up repeatedly. I'm convincing him I am correct.


      I am suddenly inside one of the buildings, fighting a group of guards and enchanted statues. They are unbeatable while "normal". I am controlling the dream like a video game, and the fight goes like Arkham Asylum. I walk forward. Suddenly, I am Darth Vader. As I round the corner, I run into Yoda and Mace Windu. Eep... I quickly walk off to the left, past the doorway. They didn't see me, but noticed SOMETHING, so they start walking after me. I throw a towel with the force, but they detect me calling on it and continue on. I get around the corner and try something different. Directing my attention to a wall behind them, I pull force from around it, intending for it to explode outward. It eats away at the wall and ceiling around it, spreading along the surfaces like a fire. I jump down a floor onto a balcony. I try the door, but it seems sealed off till the whole building collapses. A guard of a sort is down here. I go back outside, and am now Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. Six is instructing me about something...

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    10. Continued

      by , 02-10-2011 at 01:08 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Went to my friends house (S) with another friend (J) I checked out his house, it was pretty small, the kitchen was connected to the lounge and to the right was the backyard. To the right of the sliding door to the backyard was another door to a bedroom, to the right of that was a tv. Opposite was a couch, (J) was sitting there I sat next to him and saw he was on his iPhone. I pulled out an iPad it was just a white screen though :/

      We go outside and see his dad, they go into a garbage truck and drive off, I try to keep up but no luck it turns left - I see an alleyway I could use to catch up to it but two ladies with dogs were blocking my path.

      My brother bought a small tablet?

      We are in a mechanical room that has metal walls, gears pistons, steam and large chunks of wall moving around.

      I was shooting a guy on top of a roof he had body armor I almost killed him when it changed to another scene, something about stealing blood from a 60 year old? Random :/
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