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    1. A Fist Full of Peridot

      by , 02-09-2017 at 12:04 AM
      All I remember is being escorted through an underground cavern. The cavern was brightly lit and the rocks were a bright red not unlike the stones at Garden of the Gods. I remember being led to a small radial dale wherein there were several peridots (from Steven Universe) dancing and having a good time. They were all in good spirits and had differing hair styles. I remember one in particular who was jumping up and down. She was wearing pig-tales. We moved past the dale into a closed off area and that is where the dream ended.
    2. Disjointed Fragments

      by , 12-04-2016 at 11:09 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My dream recall had been in the shithouse lately, so here are just some things I remember:

      There was something about Pearl from Steven Universe not taking her meds.

      I was Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie, other people with me were... human? I think? Maybe some of them were Gems from Steven Universe. I flew up and tried to land back on the ground.

      I was able to spawn objects from a floating meu.
    3. A Visit to Alternia

      by , 10-06-2016 at 07:36 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      (Alternia is the planet of an alien species known as "trolls", from the webcomic "Homestuck")

      Before all this, I vaguely recall in my dream going on Bay12forum and finding that a new version of Dwarf Fortress was released.

      My dream is set after the ending of the webcomic, Homestuck. The main characters have settled in a village. I am Vriska Serket, one of the characters. For some reasons I am seen as a bad person in this dream and so I can't live in the village. There are snow everywhere and the village is consisted of straw huts and bamboo houses you would expect to see in seaside communities, except that it is in a... tundra? taiga? instead. (There are trees) When I try to approach the village, Bastion (from the game Overwatch) who was situated on the perch of one of the bamboo houses, shoots at me with his machine gun, so I escapes and hides in the thick snow.

      At some point the dream transitions to an adult troll, an alien, landing in a building in what I believe is Beach City (from Steven Universe), there was some links of him to Steven Universe but I'm not sure what. In my dream, he was an adult troll, even though he had fruit-green skin and was completely hairless, like a Namekian from Dragon Ball Z.

      We end up being in a car with him. I am now John Egbert (also from Homestuck, getting tired of my references yet? I didn't ask for this either) and the car is travelling through space to Alternia. I ask him a lot of questions. I don't remember most of them, except that when I ask him about Her Imperious Condescension (the Empress) he does not appear to be much of a fan of her.

      When we reach Alternia, we must present ourselves to a man, who is apparently the highest ranking officials who would deign to deal with visitors. We have to dance for him, and the dance was supposed to have been prepared, but I didn't know what to do. I became semi-lucid and I "cheats" and goes on autopilot. I dances very well and some people throw money at me.

      My dream transitions again. I recall meeting a small shapeshifting creature, who apparently gets special "birthday candles" when it is older. The dream transitions to a third person perspective of Route 66, a map in Overwatch. Overwatch heroes run over and are stunned by a multitude of giant pink birthday candles that explode into harmless but dazzling pink light.
    4. A Date in the Neighborhood

      by , 09-21-2016 at 06:12 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This batch of dreams was remembered sort of all at once this morning!
      I was on a date with a random dream character, and we were spending time at a house I didn't really recognize. A lot of the time consisted of binge-watching episodes of Steven Universe (and wouldn't you know it, I watched that the night before). Eventually we grew tired of watching that and instead began to... kiss.

      ... After that we sort of explored the surrounding neighborhood, though it was hard to see, as it was surrounded by tons and tons of trees. We ended up stumbling upon an abandoned house somewhere. The interior looked kind of like the house I lived in for most of my life, but much larger. We proceeded to play some games and then, you guessed it, kissed some more. Not sure what can be taken from this dream, but it wasn't terrifying or weird like some others I've recalled, so that's nice.

      The second dream:
      I was in a computer room (it kind of looked like a computer lab that my high school would've had), and using the computers were a group of four YouTubers I watch called the Best Friends. They were playing games and recording commentary, and me, I was just sort of beside myself, trying not to annoy them but amazed that I got to meet them. Suddenly, something distracted my attention: a commotion out in the connecting hallway. I remember exiting the room to go see what it was, but the recall drops there.
    5. Spell's Comp Uhh... What Night are we on?

      by , 08-08-2016 at 03:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Tendon problem on my leg from running. Been bogged down with that. Plus my parents and grandparents got in a huge fight (fortunately I haven't been dragged into it but the atmosphere around the house as been tense, further details witheld since its a family matter.) Man something's always gotta mess with my mojo when its lucid dreaming comps. Last time it was KSP, exams and sickness. Now it's ankle injury, family fight (ahem, dreamsign) and inevitably some other third thing to come...

      Night 6

      A dream (more a fragment really) that A college class was taking place in the basement of my house, and something to do with registration.

      Something do with another piece of a bismuth crystal, one that had to, once again be inserted into some kind of alien machinery. This time I even recognized the crystal. It's the one I keep in my room. I attained some level of lucidity here and decided to question why I was dreaming of the crystal.

      Night 7

      A dream that one of my cats (who has a habit of bringing in animals) brought in many, many animals. The basement was full of frogs, rabbits and mice, and they were all alive. Hijinx insued as my mom and I tried to catch them all with butterfly nets and take them back outside. Actually was a very lengthy dream that involved of us disposing of four of the frogs and three of the rabits, at least that I can remember. But was fairly repetative and the details bore me.

      Night 9 (last night)

      I remember I was being attacked by a white horse that was apparently demonic. It was chasing me around some kind of ranch environment. I shot it with arrows and managed to kill it.

      I remember attaining some level of semi lucidity and thinking that there was a particular way that I had to dispose of the dead demon horse so that it wouldn't come back as a poltergeist. I remember burying it in the ground and putting a circle of salt around it. I then drew a dreamcatcher web in the dirt. That was apparently supposed to capture the evil soul when it would rise from the ground and purify it in the sunlight, just like a functional dreamcatcher, while the salt prevented the evil soul from circumventing the web.


      The dream continued. I was in some desert environment, but it was like a lakebed or a dried up ocean. Had some fallout vibes. I got attacked by a cowboy guy that was supposedly the owner of the demonic horse. He pushed me down and tried to shoot me with his revolver, but I pushed the gun away from him. I messed with his hand and tried to make him waste all the bullets by shooting them off away from us but he pushed my hand away when he had two left.

      Garnet from SU appeared behind me and I again attained semi lucidity. I thought of the dreamcatcher shield as a personal goal from the comp to block the bullets but I got Steven's shield instead*. There was some fault in my confidence but it worked anyway and I blocked both shots with no cracks in the shield.

      There was some kind of theme/amusement park that we were supposed to go to, but I didn't want to because I knew I was going to lose the dream and wake up because I hadn't been practicing these past few days. I remember thinking to myself "Tomorrow I'll get back to it."

      Spoiler for *:

      I wasn't properly lucid in any of these though though, my head wasn't in it, so I'm only scoring them as NLDs. Apologies to all my teammates who are competitive and want us to win, but it's too much of a stretch to call myself properly lucid in any of these.

      Night 6:
      Frag 0.5pt*2=1

      Night 7:
      Dream 1pt*1=1

      Night 9:
      Dream 1pt*1=1

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    6. This is a dream alright

      by , 07-25-2016 at 04:31 PM
      I was walking through the woods near my house and then I heard really loud chanting. I was curious, so I walked towards it.
      Michal Jackson was wearing a priest outfit and leading this cult ritual where they were trying to save the jellyfish, and they forced me to help. I didn't want to help, so I shot down a bird and put it one the ground and said that the bird would watch over the jellyfish so I could leave.

      Michal Jackson was totally cool with this and he invited me to sing for their cult choir sometime, and left.

      So I went to my old bus stop, and waited for the bus to come. When I got to school, it wasn't actually school it was prison, and eventually we broke out by rolling up a giant ball of mud. (?) Once everyone left, I went into the cafeteria to find Peridot (From steven Universe) Making macaroni and cheese. I ate one bite of it, so she got mad and chased me out of the school. I got in a car and drove to the cult's meeting place in the woods, and all the cult members were super happy to see me and they let me play piano for their play. I don't know how to play piano, so I messed up, and the cult got mad at me and called the police. when the police got there, I jumped in my car again and drove to this research lab place that is close to my old friend's house, where the scientists put me on a rocket and made me watch a youtuber speedpaint a political map of the USA.

      the rocket failed and blew up a lot of stuff, but I was taken underground to this cavern full of undertale charecters.

      This demon guy showed up and introduced himself as the "other devil" and showed me around, only to figure out that I ate Peridots macaroni and turn on me, gathering up random people to beat me up. Then I woke up.

      I promise that this isn't a random = funny joke, this was a legitimate dream. It made a lot more sense while I was asleep.
    7. Garnet, spider, dye and music class

      by , 03-22-2015 at 06:32 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      new here :D-avatar_3afcbb41af4f_128.png

      1. Steven Universe dream, it ran like a typical episode, but all I remember is Garnet saying some motivating line.

      Inspiration: Iím up to episode 23 now!

      new here :D-boompardosascan.jpg

      2. Thereís a ~deadly~ cave cricket (jump spider) in the (not WL) kitchen, and it will.not.die. I smash it with a broom a number of times but it keeps coming back. I finally smoosh the broom over it and think I get it, but then Smoke (passed away IWL) comes over to check it out. I panic and kick my foot towards him.

      I wake up, kicking something at the foot of my bed. Once I realize what happened, I try to figure out what I kicked, because I definitely felt something solid. I worry that I kicked Jazzy but I think the door is still pulled two from last night. Then it creaks open and answers my question for me.

      Inspiration: There was one in the house last week, and me and my dad fear them sooo much that I was worried Iíd have a bad dream about it. Welp.

      3. Melly, me and Rane are getting our hair dyed. Itís in our hair and weíre just waiting for it to settle into how dark we want the colors to be.

      Mom is with me and points out Mellyís, she says itís too much, so I need to be careful. I look at my hair and see the purple and pink dye on each side of my head. I canít remember if it was my hair or someone elseís but the right side was way too much pink, but I thought that maybe different hairstyles would fix it.

      Inspiration: Thinking about dying my hair yesterday.

      4. Iím in a class. The teacher starts handing out papers. I look at the heading on the top of mine and it has ĎChristianí in the title. I think to protest that Iím not even Christian, but for some reason give up on the idea.

      Weíre supposed to fill in information on this guy. The teacher comes over and leans over me, and starts to explain how I need to fill out certain answers. As she does, I worry that the other students canít hear her, so how will they know what to do?

      She says that his website has changed to the .com extension. I look at what it was before Ė something like .co.mt. She points to where he went to school and tells me what to put. I look at whatís written (in pencil) but canít remember what it says.

      Sheís back to where she started and talking about how she changed a few things about Ďthe songí, because it was a ballad, and she didnít understand why he had to include a curse word. I think that it isnít right.

      She goes around watching over the students, and suddenly starts singing. The class joins in, me especially loudly, though I donít remember the lyrics now.

      Then Iím working on the second worksheet, itís something about health. Weíre supposed to answer what foods have certain things in them, like GMOs. Iím stumped.

      A girl comes into the class late and sits across from me. I wonder if sheíll get into trouble but the teacher doesnít seem to care.

      new here :D-androssi_portrait.jpg

      The girl had short (almost chin-length) light brown hair that had a bit of a static electricity problem. She says that she was fixing it up. I feel like I should complement her even though itís pretty plain looking and strands are sticking out. As she starts working on the papers, I wonder how sheíll know what to do.

      Inspiration: the Ďmtí part of the extension comes from a reviewer of a manga I linked to somewhere. The censoring is from me thinking about this song I was listening to while exercising yesterday. The girl is definitely inspired by Androssi in the Tower of God webtoon. The school part might have come from me thinking about college. ĎChristianí may have come from me thinking about the radio station dad listens to.