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    1. Laputa

      by , 02-11-2016 at 10:31 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a field again, green wispering grass, low rolling hills. There's a light breeze, pushing white clouds in the bright blue sky. As I look around, the ground starts to shake; I hear a low rumbling and crackling, peebles rolling. Out of the hills rise giants; giants of white stones, with bells for heads. Dust billows from them as they slowy get up, the air filled with a loud grinding sound made by their limbs moving.
    2. The Abyss and the Celestial Highway

      by , 08-12-2011 at 09:26 AM
      I had a dream I was at this strange festival, where random people danced about and performed in different themed costumes. There were pilgrims, knights, scientists, Indians, and all other types of ‘characters’ roaming about. In fact, I had noticed a few family members of mine around as well. I wandered about until I was surrounded by this woman and her elderly parents. They had “selected” me, for whatever reason, taking me to a quiet corner of the convention. The woman gave me a map of some strange floating land in a blue abyss. Part of it was a large island, then a burning mountain, then a smaller island with a figure of Jesus on it. I asked what the fuck that was, and was told it was a map of “Paradise,” a place once only accessible through death. For whatever reason, they knew I had the capacity to build some ship that could ferry living souls there without them having to die, and they were offering a large sum of money. For whatever reason, I stupidly accepted.

      The dream fast-forwarded to my completion of the vessel, and passengers were already boarding it—people from all walks of life and often families that wanted to remain together for eternity. I felt compassion for their needs, and carried on with the mission into “the Abyss,” some realm the ship was able to enter through this weird, spontaneous portal. This Abyss seemed to be nothing but an isolating expanse of blue, appearing to be water without being so. My ship sunk lower into this Abyss, throwing passengers into a panic, until the vessel landed on this strange stone structure whose length was indiscernible—our greatest telescopes could see neither end. It seemed to be shaped like the back of a dragon, and some sort of “Celestial Highway.” Two arms stuck out, allowing me to tell which way was forward. I had the boat travel that direction, as the crowds were finally relieved.

      The boat, however, needed occasional maintenance. A Head Engineer besides being Captain, and being the one who built it, I ventured into these hatch divers would use to explore the outside of the ship. Donning a suit, I had to fix a piece of the exterior wall before it could compromise the ship’s infrastructure. I opened the hatch and swam out further, noticing the many pillars adding stability to the Celestial Highway. It was puzzling and difficult to comprehend how far down the pillars seemed to reach. Their height was blurred by the sheer depth from which they came, like how neither end of the Highway could immediately be seen.

      In my state of awe, I dismissed strange movement behind me. In that very moment, a colossal stone giant that was arcane in texture with eyes set ablaze emerged from the depths I failed to perceive. It let out a roar loud enough to nearly tip the vessel off the highway, so my only choice was to lead the beast way from the ship, and deeper into the abyss in the process. My suit allowed me to swim as fast as Namor and Aquaman, at least, but that barely led to my survival as I fled from the giant. It constantly tried to crush me within its hands, as it strangely began to slow down gradually—as if running on some battery that was running out of juice.

      I continued to let it chase me until it stopped on its tracks. Then, I sped back towards the direction of the ship. Unbeknownst to me, the monster had released these freakish, angular tendrils spewing lava. Once I noticed, I fled faster until I had reached the hatch from which I came. I shut it quickly, initiating all locking procedures. However, that did not seem to be enough. The tendrils shattered what defense remained, as I tried to climb out from the chamber. I managed to, despite an entire torrent of lava flying in my direction. Before it all could, I shut another hatch and turned on the “decompression chamber” effects. With the tendrils still in that room, they would be affected and hopefully neutralized.

      When I stepped back into one of the larger rooms that contained a massive panoramic window, I noticed that we were no longer in the abyss. It seemed to be a view of the Atlantic, with various cruise liners in the horizon. People all around me were in a state of delusion and panic, having bought into this quest to Paradise by sacrificing all that they had. I was breathless before that fact, and knelt down trying to comprehend everything that had occurred. It still made no sense.

      Returning home, I was thrown a party by friends and family. It was all nice and peaceful, able to take my mind off the whole ship ordeal, until a small girl wanted to join us. She was a neighbor who complained that her parents were fighting, and needed a place to stay until things simmered down. I let her party, and all was well until gunfire ensured absolute silence. I ventured with a few of the adults to the mansion down the street—knowing it belonged to that arguing couple. We brought guns of our own; knowing neither of them was alone.

      Within the foyer, we were already attacked by these men in Power Ranger costumes, carrying their own guns as they attempted to kill us. I fired back, taking down several as I ran about the whole mansion. I hoped to find the arguing couple, but all I found was more Power Ranger weirdoes trying to kill me. I shot down enough of them until time fast-forwarded again.

      I later found myself in some generic comic/video game/anime convention, but wandering through a mechanical hedge maze. There, I met Chris-chan, who was acting creepy towards a random girl. I punched him in the face, though not with all my strength, and yet he fell over bawling like a shitting monkey. I climbed over the hedge wall to flee from the scene, and hopped over the gaps until I reached the exit, knowing that Chris was pursuing me with this “autistic anger” face. When I made it to the exit, Chris was there, waiting for me, and delivered a kick to my stomach. It only pushed me backwards a little bit, but it gave me an excuse to just beat more shit out of him.

      When the sun had set, I visited this cul-de-sac expecting my dad and sister. Only she had waited for me there, though, and I had assumed we were in front of our house. I looked at her as she sat in an unfamiliar car, wondering what was going on, until I noticed several middle aged ladies walking into what was supposedly my house. I pursued them, telling them to leave, until I noticed that it wasn’t my house after all. It looked too wide and had two stories, making it rather strange that I somehow confused it for my own house.

      The dream fast-forwarded once again, and I was then on a rooftop in some Iron Man costume. I was suddenly in regret for the whole Abyss dilemma, and numerous Avengers had arrived to console me. I don’t what the fuck else happened, but that was it.