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    1. February 8, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-09-2018 at 12:28 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My morning dream was sort of stressful. In the dream I had to keep waking up for class. Originally, I had to wake up pretty early at around 5am or so. I was at my high school or middle school (i think they were combined in the dream) in the gym area. Attached to the gym area was a bedroom that I was staying in. It was very similar to my IRL bedroom. I was in and out of it going outside and seeing a lot of traffic on the road in front of the school. In my room, I was talking to my friend Sam h about something. My room was very large and open. There were these metal beams high up in the room. There were these steps in the top left corner of the room that led up to a window showing white light. My friend Mason was also hitting me up on my phone, texting me something like "I doubt you're awake but..." and I responded telling him that I had been awake for a long time for something. He suggests we go to McDonald's for breakfast though I don't think we got there. There was a room in the gym that had bunk beds. I was laying in the top of one and he was poking me in my leg which was disturbing. He was with this girl krista w. from my school. They were being very obnoxious together.

      My nap dream was a little strange. I was at my buddy Moo's parents house. He nor his parents were home yet, I was the only one there. The idea was they were going to come home. I also had the idea that I was stoned. I was in the upstairs part of his house which looked like a kitchen where his dad's room was. I was jumping and rolling around the kitchen, bouncing off the ground. It seemed I was also in my guild voice chat and one guy was quitting for some reason. I was just listening along.

      Eventually, I was alone lying on the ground when I was frozen. They have two weiner dogs IRL so I had my eyes closed but could feel the dogs jumping and licking on me as I was on the floor. Moo and his mom come in and we talk. At some point I'm in his game room and there's this large bed on there. My head was facing the front of the house as I was lying on the bed. Then, I was shocked frozen. My eyes were open but I could not move a single muscle. It seemed there was this powerful energy in the room. This sounds weird, but it looked like a girl but in my mind it had no gender. It was standing to the right of the bed.
    2. Stoned Sex, Ice Cream Shop Horror

      by , 09-12-2015 at 02:46 PM
      Dream 1

      I was at a party. I was getting drunk and stoned with some people I just met. We were talking and laughing the entire time. Eventually, I started talking to one of the girls a lot. She was white and had blonde hair and blue eyes. We hit it off, and I eventually ended up in her bed, fucking her. It was in the missionary position, and the nighttime.

      Dream 2

      I was working for an ice cream store in my hometown. There was a white, slightly plump girl there, who was apparently the boss. She was walking in and out of the store and telling a bunch of people what to do. For some reason, there were some workers outside, building something, it looked like. The boss was very mean, and kept telling everyone to hurry up. I also found out she was literally a monster in disguise as a human, and she started eating some of the workers. She just formed her giant monster mouth, and put it fully over them, and closed it, and ate them.

      Eventually, after I had enough, I found a manhole that I wasn't supposed to go down, and went down it. I found an underground factory with many more workers working in unsafe conditions. I guessed they were underpaid, too. Soon, the boss came down to check up on the factory, and I hid behind the machinery. She talked to a worker, ate him, and went back up. I found a wrench and started sabotaging the machinery by smashing the wrench onto the machinery and jamming it in a few places. The boss came back down again soon after that, and started wondering what happened to her factory. I then sneaked up behind her and mauled her with my wrench. She died, and the workers were free. End of dream.
    3. [X-3]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 01:32 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012]
      (No dream recall. That's what happens when you get drunk and stoned before bed. AND stay up too late. Like always, I'll try to nap later around 5-6PM.)
      (Gonna try to use 4 dream signs today...)
      Tags: drunk, stoned
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    4. Super high dream

      by , 11-23-2010 at 09:09 PM
      drempt i was with some friends walking on a trail around dusk riding on bikes looking for some dope ass jumps. We rode and i pulled out a jay and we sparked it and got really high. The sky started changing colors and the clouds glowed a dark and light purple color that flickered upon view. I was like shiiit lets get outa hear and see a movie. We tried to bike back down the trail which was down hill and we keptt seeing trippey ass waves that changed the way the road looked making it very bumpy to ride upon. After that our bikes flied straight up in the sky in a purple beam of light. At the top of the light was the movie theater lobby which we shot right into casting wood and sparks nd shit to shoot out in a circular direction. UHHHh then i went in the movie theater but there was barley any one in there so me and my friend decided to start screaming shit out loud cant remember what.then we left the movies and mooooommmmh is how i was feeling complete glowing pride ahhh shiit
    5. 01/06/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 03:14 PM
      Girl Scouts Slumber Party

      This starts weird. I'm in a public bathroom somewhere. I don't want to sit on the toilet seat so I'm straddling it, however, I'm hovering with my one foot against the wall and the other is trying to get to the side of the stall to prop me up right, but my pants are at my ankles and it's difficult. Then a little girl comes into my stall!!!

      Now I'm in like the den of someone's house. I still have to go to the bathroom. So I find the bathroom here and go in. I sit on the toilet and I'm trying to go but can't. I can hear people yelling for me outside the door. Then this girl from grade school, Renee, pokes her head in the gap between the door and the floor. She is lying on top of a brown paper grocery bag. I told her she could use that as a sleeping bag. She said something about using my green girl scouts card. I said I could only think about yellowcard right now.

      I'm over trying to go to the bathroom. I walk out of the bathroom and Emily says to me that while I was in there her mom made us stuff to eat. I look on the mantle over the fireplace and there is a bowl full of cinnamon rolls. I'm really excited about this. I haven't had one in a long time! I look around some more and on a table are cheese danishes. On another table is a glass jar full of what looks like peanut brittle on clear glass rectangles. Then Mallory walks by me completely naked and asks why I haven't picked something to eat yet.

      Stoned With Danielle and The Creek

      I'm at Danielle's apartment. We have to go somewhere so I'm looking for my clothes to put on so we can get out the door. But I'm already clothed. I find a pair of socks and put them on over top of the socks I already have one. I feel like I'm stoned. Everything feels heavy and extremely difficult to do. But I don't remember actually smoking anything. I think I stared at the coat rack for a good while until she snapped me out of it. I put on my black and white Adidas coat and went out the door. As soon as I got outside I realized that it was summer and took off my coat.

      Danielle says it's so nice that she wants to go for a ride in the convertible. I ask her when she got a convertible! I was looking for her silver Acura. She jumps across this creek that is in the middle of the parking lot to get to the other side to her car. I tell her she's crazy and I'm not jumping across that creek because I'll just fall in and that would suck. Then this car pulls up and parallel parks next to the creek. Ok, maybe creek doesn't describe it well enough. It's much deeper than a creek. Like six feet deep. There's like an embankment on each side that's grassy and then the water in the middle. So this car parks and is hanging over the edge like it's going to fall in. I'm watching it and sure enough it falls right in. Then three guys get in and try to get the car out. One guy gets the entire top of the car like it's a toy race car that you can switch the tops on. He pulls it out and comes over to my side of the creek and puts it over my head so that we're both under the top of this car. I'm kind of freaked out by this because I don't know what this guy's intentions are.

      Next thing I know, I'm throwing my two sheep that I sleep with out from under the car so that if we fall in the creek they won't get wet. I have no idea what happened to Danielle and why she isn't helping me. So this guy is walking too close to the edge of the creek and I feel like we're going to fall in. Like I'm on the very edge. Then everything stops and the guys acted like it was a joke. So I ran away.

      Board Shorts in the Locker Room

      I'm in a locker room and some girl says that I have to try on all these board shorts that someone left in there. So I do and they're all huge on she and I. She said they were some guy's and they were a size twelve. Which is weird because I wear a size ten jeans and guys shorts are in waist sizes not whatever made up sizes girl clothes come in.