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    1. Basement Storage/Seeing Myself in the Past, Elmo Toothbrush, and the Long Beach Honeymoon

      by , 08-19-2014 at 03:09 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was talking to this lady about this storage area that was underground. If you wanted one, you'd have to go underground and put whatever it was that you wanted under there in this basement/sewer like area. She was telling me something about some test as well, though I can't remember much of that part. I saw pictures of the storage area, and people down there storing things.

      I was then talking to someone else, maybe my mom. She told me that the pictures were bright, but it was pitch black down there.

      I decided to go to the storage area and put some things there. I was then in my car sitting in the back seat to the far right in the parking lot of the storage area at night. I was with some other people; someone else was driving. We were in the past for some reason. The parking lot was quite crowded, with many people bustling about. I then saw a group of my friends walking up. I was in the group towards the back speaking with a friend. I had a pixie haircut (which I've never had IWL). They approached our vehicle, and I said
      "They can't see us, or there'd be a time paradox!"
      I tried to be quiet as they walked past us, but the other me looked in the back window. She now looked like me normally, without the pixie cut. She saw me and we both looked at each other. It then looked like her head had phased through the glass of the back window. She smiled; she looked excited. I wondered how this would affect the future, and also if maybe it did happen in my past as well, but I didn't remember it.

      We then were down in the storage area. It was storage area 6. I had thought that when you wanted to store your things there, you got assigned an area. That wasn't the case, however. People just kept storing them in open spaces until that particular unit filled up, and then we'd go on to the next one. I had actually used this particular area before for storage, at the time in my past of when I saw myself walking in the parking lot. Everything still seemed intact.

      I then was thinking about the other storage spaces. I was worried about getting into a sewage area. I then saw in third person, kind of like a video game, me (though it didn't look like me) being in storage space 1, which was just pure sewage. I was in the middle of it and covered in it. It was so gross. I felt grossed out like I was in first person, even though I was in third person. Then, it went onto storage area 2, which was still kind of sewagey, but not as bad as 1. It then continued, and got less and less gross as we went on.


      I was looking through old things of mine to sell or donate, things I had as a baby. I got together an old Elmo kid's electric toothbrush with an oversized-looking brush and some other things. I needed to give them to Caitlin.

      I then was in my brother's parked car in the daytime in the back. I was getting something out of there when I saw a gallon of milk underneath the passenger's side seat. I wondered how long it had been there, and if my brother knew about it.

      I then was giving my things to Caitlin. They were in a white plastic shopping bag. She said something about my donations...nobody would want a used toothbrush.

      I also remember being inside a store that I used to work at that is now closed. I saw signs about it being final clearance because they were closing.


      I was on honeymoon with Dallas. We were in a nice hotel overlooking a beautiful beach. We had been there for so long, Dallas had gotten a temporary job while we were there so we could pay for everything. Today was his last day, and then we would have to go home.

      I was outside by the pool area on a beautiful sunny day. I don't remember anything else about this part of the dream.

      I then was inside the hotel, thinking about how long we had been there, about how every day we anticipated the next day, and now, we were finally on the last day. I then thought about how long we had been there. We had been there for almost the entire month of June (it was June 27th in the dream). Dallas was there getting ready to go to work. I then realized that I hadn't gone to the beach once since I'd been. I asked Dallas if he wanted to go. He said he had already been. What?? I didn't know he had already been to the beach. I asked him about it, but I don't remember his response.

      He was then gone for work. I was wondering if maybe we could just move to the beach since he already had a job there. I didn't want to go home. I don't remember if I asked him about this or not via text. I then "remembered" that a woman from my old job, Tanya, and her husband, had gone to Hawaii for a honeymoon, and wanted to move there as well, but the feeling eventually faded when they had been back for awhile. I then saw an image of her in my head of her walking around with a shopping cart full of something, though I can't remember what. She was in a grocery store. It had to do with moving to Hawaii. I then decided to take a nap. My hair was wet; I guess I went swimming or took a shower. I had it pulled into a loose bun.

      The next thing I remember is waking up and getting out of bed, ready to go to the beach. I walked by a mirror, and was shocked at what I saw. My hair was now dry and SUPER curly, with many beautiful ringlets. It looked short, like a little boy's haircut that I see frequenting the bakery with his mother IWL. My face also looked different too. I had to keep looking at myself. I thought people would mistake me for that little boy. My hair was then much longer, but still curly. There were little straight parts in it too. I figured my hair got this way from sleeping with it wet and pulled back. I actually really was liking it! It was quite different. I wanted to take pictures to show Dallas, but I remembered I wanted to go to the beach. I looked out from the balcony at the beautiful beach below. The day was bright and sunny, and the water was blue and beautiful. It looked like schools of small fish were swimming in it. The waves were pretty big as well, and you could see the undercurrents flowing through the water. They must be quite strong. Nevertheless, a few people were in the water.

      I then went to go find sunscreen. I then saw that Dallas's sister was there. She asked me if I could tell that she had put on sunscreen everywhere. I looked at her hands and saw small white streaks of sunscreen in between her fingers. I then looked and saw lots of white patches on her chest that weren't rubbed in. I told her about them.

      I was then alone again, I guess. I already had my bathing suit on under my clothes. I had my shirt off; I looked down and noticed the bikini top I was wearing. It was white with maroon floral patterns on it, similar to one I own IWL with blue and green floral patterns. I was thinking about all the bathing suits I had. I then thought about whether or not I should take my 2DS with me or not. If I wanted to go in the water, I probably shouldn't, or someone might steal it if it was just laying about. I was still looking for the sunscreen, and then I was trying to take my pants off, but I couldn't get them to come off my ankles.
    2. Vacation and Clothes

      by , 09-02-2013 at 06:18 PM
      September 2, 2013
      Technique: MILD & WBTB

      Dream 1:

      Dreamed I was talking with my best friend and then she turned into Jada Pinkett Smith. We were staying at a hotel on vacation and she was asking me about my children (age, school, etc.). We had such a great time by the pool reminiscing about how grown up were now.

      Dream 2:

      I was with my niece and we talking about cleaning out our closets. I recall that some of my clothing was in some type of storage so we went there to find the clothes. We found my extra clothes and started trying the clothes on (which is one of our favorite past times). I remember most of the clothing was from the GAP clothing store. I finally found something to wear but can’t remember what occasion I was dressing for.


      Baby sitting a child for someone and I didn’t like it

      I was so desperate to leave some place, but every time I would leave, I would keep coming back to the damn place.
    3. 14th Mar 2013 Platformer game, Ice storage area, Visiting dreamviews, Helping Yogscast

      by , 03-14-2013 at 07:50 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)

      I was watching something, possibly some kind of video game, i also recall some sort of metallic place.

      Dream 2:

      There was one platformer game i was playing, which had both 2D and 3D levels and also it had level creator/editor. Can't recall much details but i was playing it for the most of the dream, i can recall that one of the enemy types was some kind of darkred colored dragon with five heads and it had also smaller and less difficult version of itself.
      Then after i finished i was watching someone else play it, he was on ice level and in one area there were three floors filled with various boxes and the objective was to get to the top of the area. There were some blue energy dudes spawning at random through the level and they had an attack that launched an homing plasma cloud. The problem was that there were some powerful enemies on top floor and the player had to retreat, and when he did he was ambushed by blue dudes that randomly spawned through area. He had to repeat it a few times but then he was able to go through.
      Then after i finished watching i visited dreamviews and shmup forums. Dreamviews had much more different look than IWL, background was completely black and it only used simple colors for everything else, as in if it was 8 bit or something. There were two new threads to both which gab had replied, i recall one of them had something to do with highscores which would be more fitting in shmup forums, haha.
      After that i was helping Yogscast to do stuff in that platformer game before and was suggesting a few custom levels, later they invited me to their minecraft server to record something, but we were shortly out of time. Then dream ended.
    4. Searching For Heather

      by , 01-12-2012 at 08:36 PM


      Notes: I was able to sleep in and ended up snoozing or resetting my alarm like 8 times. This gave me a lot of opportunities for DEILD or WILD. The dream lasted fairly long, but I can't recall a portion of it. Also, it wasn't very vivid; I had to stabilize a bunch of times to stay in the dream.

      I woke up and tried to DEILD. I felt the rush come on, but it dissipated quickly. I felt like I was still awake so I stuck with it. I am pretty sure the dream started in this warehouse. I don't remember the transition, but I recall that in the dream I was happy I DEILDed.

      The dream started in a large, gray warehouse building. There were a few people working around. There large crates on top of high shelves. I see a pretty attractive girl so I go up and start making out with her. The dream becomes pretty blurry so I stabilize by staring at one of the crates. I decide to try and find HM. I ask a nearby DC if she knows where HM is. She says yes and walks me under one of the shelves. It led to a narrow passageway that opened into another room.

      This was another storage area. There was a girl working on one of the shelves and the DC said that was HM. We make eye contact and it takes me a second to realize it isn't her. However, she is really hot so I take it anyway. Her face gets somewhat fuzzy when she gets close so I rub my hands together. They feel abnormally soft but it feels good. She starts kissing me and then goes down on me. We were talking dirty the whole time. I lose the dream before it finishes.
    5. A Nice bit of Recall

      by , 12-01-2011 at 06:43 PM
      Dream 1
      I was in my living room and my family was there, the time was early morning. I picked up the sky remote and pressed a directional button, I believe it was up and I saw the info bar it said Old School Cartoon Network. I pressed the info buton and it said something like "Watch Old School Cartoon Network for shows like Ed,Edd & Eddie and Dexter."

      I changed the channel and saw Megan Fox swimming in a nice ocean. She was wearing a black bikini. I was surprised that her voice in the dream sounded the same as her voice in real life.

      Dream 2
      I came home from college for break and saw that my whole family was there even my grandma. I was there with 2 of my friends. I had to move something with my Dad and when I went back to see how much time I had until my next lesson started, I was late.

      It's a bit like an FA.

      Dream 3
      I'm now a white guy in a storage room wearing overalls. I spoke to a guy who wore grey overalls, he went on a bit of a rant of some sort.

      Then a group of teenagers burst in and I fought them. I have no idead what they wanted or why they came but 2 of them ran away and one of them, who looked like Chris Smalling got a Stone Cold Stunner from me. I turned around to see him on the floor motionless.
    6. Barely Dream Fragments

      by , 08-26-2011 at 11:00 AM
      I was in a warehouse (some kind of storage building).
      I saw Mordecai and Rigby.
      I was fighting some guy.
      He ran out onto the street.

      Side Notes
      Its like Memento, I can't remember anything. I need to piece together the fragments.