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    1. Was That the Fourth Wall Back There?

      by , 04-24-2018 at 02:10 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      This dream was interesting: it was like I was playing out a role in a story, aware that it was a story (but not aware that it was a dream). It was being narrated—not by anybody present, but a voice that I could talk to and that seemed to be indicating what I should be doing as much as describing it.

      The setting was a building like an airport - at least, in the only part I can remember. But it only appeared that way from the standpoint of the people there: it was really two separate buildings, split by a wall they couldn’t see. Inside the wall were rooms where there were people—people who could see through the wall and observe what was happening on both sides, and people in offices who were presumably working to keep the place going. The camera—for lack of a better word—seemed to make a point of showing this area, even though nothing much was happening there. At one point, it slowly panned across it so that you could see all the people as well as a window showing an entire world outside that didn’t exist from the standpoint of the people in the building where I was.

      Right now, I’m concerned with getting into a special event that’s being held by people whose land borders mine. I approach a man I know—maybe in his late 30s, wearing some kind of complex, vaguely tribal outfit—and ask him if he can take me along. He’s happy to accept. He just seems to be a good-natured person who likes helping people get what they want. He probably thinks I just want to get in with a certain crowd, but I have other reasons for needing to be there (unfortunately, not ones I can remember after waking up).

      He’s going there now, and I’ll be coming along on a – well, I’m not entirely sure what it is. It has a special name (that I forgot) and seems to be a bit like a jet ski, but attached to a helicopter and with things like leather shields I’m supposed to hold onto. As I look it over, I’m glad this is going to be broadcast over the radio because that gives everyone in the audience a chance to imagine something less stupid-looking. But I get on it, and we head off.

      Tags: narration, story, wall
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 2017.04.10 - Was this once a book?

      by , 04-11-2017 at 01:14 AM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Recall Begins:

      I am a young girl, perhaps 13~15. I find a family that lives in hideaways and works in large steel barns, creating dubious devices. They are a form of Mafia, but take me in as one of their own. One day, I walked out to the barns to see the things they were creating there. This was a heinous act against the rules, as I was told many times to never look there. I walked straight into the final barn in the row of perhaps 6 barns and saw something that attested to the evil of the family. What it was I can not recall. When I saw it, I ran from those who were in the barn, but they've got backup from where I came from before I could push through that way. Instead, I turned my path toward the nearest person coming, jumped into the air as I traveled, and attempted to land a curled fist straight into their face. However, I have troubles aiming in dreams. Extreme problems. I may have become moderately lucid at this point, as I rewind the dream repeatedly until my fist connects, hard. More backup arrives and I take a similar approach with these men, utilizing attack moves that look more like break dancing than fighting, but it got the job done. I continue to run, and make it to the children's dwelling area.
      I can see that some of my friends want to help me, but also fear greatly the punishment for disobedience. The dwelling itself is technically hidden within a secret chamber, but enough people knew about it that I knew at least someone would know where to find me. I am most certainly lucid by this point, as I vividly recall declaring within that this is a dream, and that if I expect to find another, new hidden passageway in the wall I was reaching for, that I would find one. Lo and behold,
      the solid wall I was fast approaching gave way as a door, and I was able to slip into a new room.
      I am not sure what my state of lucidity is from this point on, but I know that the thoughts as they occur do not reflect either my waking state thoughts or that of the dream character I had become. Instead of remaining in secrecy, by some thought,
      I decided to relinquish dream control, and the walls of the new room faded away. Some children found me, and reported me, bringing me before the council. The punishment for this crime, and I knew it before I had done the thing which I did,
      was as thus: to receive a bite from a highly venomous snake which they nurtured in a fountain centered in the council circle. I felt a sense of deja vu at this point as if I had experienced this plot before somehow, perhaps having read it in a book at some point. Knowing what would happen next, I stepped, with some trepidation, into the fountain. I backed out a few times, but the third time I boldly stood as the snake latched onto my right index finger.
      The pain hurt greatly, but also not at all. I knew that it was a dream again, and knowing that my fate involved a painful and long duration of agony, filled with feverish fits, pain, loneliness, and thoughts that I would likely die, I choose to dissolve the mafia, their council, and evidence of their ever existing from the dream. Again, these thoughts do not reflect my own as I would reason but seemed to be of the dream character this time. With the Mafia's influence erased, the steel barns were re-written as the new setting for the rest of the dream to follow.I am no longer lucid after the jump,
      and unsure of what character I am. There are two other individuals with me, one 20-year-old junkrat who's crazy blond afro gave her a reckless air when combined with her ratty tank top and torn jeans. She had a natural affinity for taking apart and building things with total junk, which may have included the Gatling gun slung on her hip like I had my handguns. The other appeared to be aged 28, darkly moody, and dangerous. Like me, he wielded dual handguns, which were concealed within his black coat. I presumed the coat's color was picked to match his hair color, but he corrected me in saying it was to match his pants. Aside from that, he was in charge of carrying around Junkrat's tools, such as a tremendously oversized bolt-cutter used on my highschool's pop machine. It was as we were taking parts out of said pop machine that we were rudely interrupted by about half the student body. For some reason, I think some of them had guns.
      They surrounded our group, with the likely intent to either take us custody or kill us, neither which option seemed particularly appealing. I tried a desperado to fend them off, which failed and I had to reload. After the reload, I was on the other side of one of the groups surrounding ours, and from this spot, I noticed a little girl, perhaps 8 years old. She wore a distinctly colorful outfit, that gave off an anime character vibe. She then merged into the story as if she had been there the whole time, and was a part of our ragtag trio. She then proceeded to "help us out" by emitting a voice which had the effect of paralyzing all the other students. Somehow, the next thing I can recall is one by one shooting each student in the head,
      possibly because the paralysis has a limited time effect, and this would be our only chance (but why not run?). After dispatching most of the students there, I walk up the ramp and head to Math class like nothing happened. Principal M is teaching the class, and I see my old buddy Del there. Principal M gets after him, probably for being a trouble maker,
      before beginning the class. I take a test for a few minutes, before the entire east wall dissappears, and we are very high up. The class notices some power line workers standing in this weird contraption, where two guys have to hold up each side which they're standing in, while the other works in the middle. The are also very, very high off the ground, about 100 meters up and 100 meters away from us. Suddenly, one man loses his position and tumbles off. The contraption is no longer stable, and the other two fall off as well. The entire class watches in horror as these guys fall to their deaths far below. Somehow, it was much more shocking than shooting half the school. As we look at their corpses below, suddenly,
      they stand up, perfectly fine. Principal M then explains that he had given each of them a wind rune, so that they wouldn't be hurt by falling.

      Recall Ends.
    3. Book Chaser

      by , 10-16-2016 at 07:17 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a story. I was looking for a book or a series of books. It slowly slips away as I type. But I was on some sort of small island, but it's developed. There were buildings, houses, towers. Even a mansion I think. But there were still a lot of trees. I was traveling from one area to another looking for something. Or avoiding something. The mood was mysterious but not scary.

      Inside a house/building, I talked to a woman and a man (a butler?). I forgot our conversation but it's about the "mission." I think of gathering books.

      I remember mentioning I was in the part "The Tower."

      I roused myself from the story and "woke up." I was walking and a dog was jumping about nipping me by the hem of my shorts or by the legs. It wasn't painful except for the feeling of anticipation that it's supposed to feel at least painful.
    4. Chased by ghosts; rather long story-driven dream

      by , 03-07-2016 at 12:34 AM
      This post got refreshed by mistake, here's the cliff notes version.

      The dream starts with me in a parking garage surrounded by people on their laptops. I somehow know that I'm supposed to steal a flash drive. Sneak over to guys laptop, look through his computer when he goes to the bathroom.

      Dream fragment about a beach boardwalk that looks like a video game.

      I'm in an SUV with a woman driving and three other people outside my house. My neighbor yells at her for stealing pizza. We then go to a museum, inside dinosaur statues are moving by themselves and behind us a mob of zombies starts chasing us. We run into a bathroom and manage to find an exit. This chase actually went on for a while, at one point we were cut off by two mobs of zombies and I had to dash past them. We manage to find the exit to the building and get back to the SUV and drive off.

      I'm now back at my house, but it's still part of the same dream. I then have a false awakening and I'm sleeping on the living room couch. Dad asks me if it's because our dog is sick and I'm depressed, I say that I am scared to go into my room because these snakelike creatures with hooked heads are in there, and they are haunting our dog and not separate creatures but all part of one creature. He then leaves and I get off the couch and see that my dad's truck is parked right in front of the front door. This is weird enough for me to do an RC
      I do three reality checks and they all fail. One where I try to blow through my closed, one where I overlap my fingers and count the spaces formed, and one where I look for my palm lines.

      The living room looks very realistic too so I accept that I'm not dreaming. Shortly later I wake up.
    5. Too many people at my house; Fighting Shapeshifting Aliens on a yacht.

      by , 03-02-2016 at 09:13 PM
      Before this, there is a fragment about my uncle and his dog, and also my comic book shop.

      The dream begins with me at my house when suddenly my Dungeons and Dragons Playgroup is there and like completely filling up my house. Random people are showing up and my house is suddenly much larger and more luxurious looking. Someone mentions how if we stay here we'll miss the session.

      I then wake up and go back to sleep, but this time I'm dreaming I'm with Batman and he's on his Yacht throwing a huge party. But, there are these alien creatures with massive jaws that are disguising themselves as people around. A butler near me suddenly starts chasing after me and I know he's one of them. I run past a poker game and am running all around this massive yacht while everyone around is yelling and panicking while these aliens are attacking. I see Batman get attacked by one, but I figure that he will be okay. I jump out the side and manage to get on a Jetski, I turn back and I see that the Yacht has many levels to it and is in some shallow swampy area. As I'm riding the jetski, I start doing jump and thinking about how any number of the aliens could escape from the yacht and disguise themselves as people, causing a massive alien invasion.
    6. Woke up twice, 3 very detailed dreams.

      by , 02-04-2016 at 01:36 AM
      In the first dream, I was walking down the street at night when I found a girl, who I offered to help escort home since it seemed like some guy was chasing her. She led me to a trailer where she lived and showed me inside, and I remember being introducted to her parents, and the whole trailer suddenly shaking. She explained that there was a curse upon her family that was summoning two different ghosts, one was the "Tricker" and one was the "Killer." She explained that when she let new people into her trailer, it summoned one of them at random. The ghost who identified himself as the "tricker" appeared and explained that he was harmless, but if I hung out with this girl for too long it would summon the "Killer" ghost. I remember feeling like this dream was some sort of movie, because it seemed to feel like it was following a plotline and I knew that it would probably have a conclusion.

      I remember trying to get more information about why she was cursed from her, but then suddenly the killer ghost, who took the appearance of an older woman appeared and I felt myself explaining to the girl that I understood that this ghost didn't want to hurt us, and was cursed and forced to kill people. We managed to escape from her, but suddenly ran into the "tricker" ghost who also was suddently coming after us. As we opened a door to escape, the "killer" ghost was right there, and the tricker ghost explained that the killer ghost was too old and frail to catch us, and she needed his help to capture us. That's when I woke up.

      The next dream I was near a street I usually hang out at in real life, but it was now being turned into a mall and all the shops were being re- arranged. I went to a comic book store, and all the people I know from there were there and five random new people and we were about to start a session of Dungeons and Dragons, but that's when I woke up.

      In the last dream I was reading Simpson's comics and that's all I did for like 5 minutes. I remember them not really having a plot, but just being Bart Simpson doing things like riding a balloon that looked like a cat and spray painting on the chalk board.
    7. Some Fragments

      by , 12-23-2015 at 06:16 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a •. )
      * I'm in what looks like a department store and I'm trying all the couches.

      * I've written a story in Microsoft Word and I can't delete it.
    8. The Devil Tells A Story

      by , 04-30-2015 at 07:52 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall at night. I was in the entryway. I sensed that someone or something is after me. I started to run away. I went to the back part of the mall, and it's no longer night. It's daytime. The place just opened, and there's a small crowd gathering during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which concluded just as I arrived. I vaulted over an obstacle and jumped around. The place looked like a mini-forest and obstacle course. I passed by (I was moving around all the time) a lot of net and adventure-like structures.

      I was then kong-running (quadrupedal) along the road at night. It's a small two-way(?) road. I was running on the road itself, so I moved to the side (right) to avoid vehicles. I got tired and had to pause but worried that whatever was chasing me would catch up.

      I ended up in some dorm or mini-mall. It was dark inside but daytime. I was hiding. I saw some people run. I also ran and jumped up a fence with spikes. Daytime. That's where the thing chasing me caught me. It turned out to be a devil. It wanted to kill me or possess me for some reason. I didn't feel fear but I felt so sad that I cried hard. I said something like I don't fear dying but I dislike the fact that I will no longer know/hear/learn of stories. I told the devil that I will willingly die if it will tell me a story.

      He told me a story, I think, but I cannot recall. When it was time to die, I complained at first that the story wasn't done yet. He gave me some sort of ice-pick-looking knife with a flat and thick black handle. I was about to pierce my chest with it when the devil disappeared, cursing (or shouting?). I was in the living room in our hometown. I saw that the VHS tape got entangled. I got frustrated that it happened. My sister was there and asked her if she played that before and she said yes. I told her the last part got entangled.



      - Slept at around 2 a.m., woke up at 8 a.m. due to alarm, slept, woke up at 11 a.m.
      - Drank milk before sleeping
      - Slept listening to Sam Harris' 26-minute meditation audio

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    9. Being a Samurai! Every asian probably will facepalm at my story...

      by , 12-06-2014 at 11:25 AM
      "Here it comes, here it comes..." I said to myself as I awaited to be launched into the world of dreams. Suddenly a huge sensation fills me up as
      I lose, what I only can describe, my weight of my body and leave it behind. I find myself standing in my bed, shrugging off the sensation as I always
      do. Neither unpleasant, but transcending from a body like that will always feel alien to me.

      I jump off the bed and land with perfection next to a window over looking the streets. Snickering to myself I remember the days I actually went down and opened
      the door to get where I wanted. That was before I realised the rules of the world didn't apply here at all. I place my hands gently on the window and push it out.
      It falls below on the ground with a crashing sound. As I looked down at the depris I created, with any lack of care of my actions, I remembered the time I used to
      punch the glass out instead of pushing it gently...

      This all changed after a dream I had where I had cut myself on the glass doing this. I've been punched in the face, broken my nose, getting
      stabbed and got my eye gouged out by an assasin... Pain-receptors usually let me feel a sensation how it could feel like if those things would happen to me,
      but because I never got disembowled or anything like that I only felt 'What it would have been like'. Not really painfull at the end, altough everyone has cut
      themselfs before and that caused the pain to be so real that I had to remember myself the whole time I was dreaming so I didn't yell it out.

      I jump in the air out of the open window and fall down. As I see myself falling at rapid speed to the many sharp glass pieces below I can stop myself just
      in the nick of time before hitting them. Letting out a delightfull sigh, I fly away into a random street leaving my house behind. I stop and land in a random
      garden next to a house. As I'm wondering what to do I decide to call in a DC. For a while I wanted to experiment to bring other then the normal norm of DC's
      in my dreams... Like animated characters. The idea of calling in Saya from Saya no Uta came as an idea, but I leave the idea behind for another time...

      "Sarah..." I say into the air and turn around and there she is. White short hair as always, but she looks a little bit different. Her clothes doesn't seem
      to fit her at all and she looks rather dull and annoyed. I close the gap between me and her and give her a hug. "What are you thinking you're doing?"
      She suddenly asks. Stepping back out of surprise I said carefully "Just giving you a hug, is that so bad?" - "Don't!" she exclaims. Surprised by this
      I recall a time when I had far less respect for Dream-Characters. How I often would punch them or let them do humiliating things for my enjoyment. I shrug it off
      but couldn't stop thinking that Sarah is not behaving as her normal self.

      My actions were interrupted when suddenly a TeamSpeak window opened up in front of me, floathing mid-air. Apparently a discussion were made by WolfedOut
      and 2stickmen about something of Minecraft... That is if you could describe it as a discussion, more a fight who could yell the loudest through their mic.
      "Stop it you two!" I yelled getting angry. "I'm in the middle of a lucid dream and I have wasted enough time without you two disturbing me. Minecraft is the last
      thing I wanna do now. In fact, I created Minecraft before so been there, done that." I said without a tone of respect as I close the application before they
      could do a retaliation to my words. In real life I'm much nicer to them, but in dreams I'm more egocentric. Why not? It IS my dream after all...

      Looking through the air I remember having difficulties to know the rules to control a dream before... That was before I watched Star Trek from TNG, DS9 and Voyager
      back to back. As I used to describe the experience to people before as an Oculus Rift experience, I now laugh how idiotic that comparison was. This is no
      Oculus Rift experience... This is a holodeck from Star Trek I tell them. So from that point on I used that to my own advantage. "Computer..." I start off,
      "Load previous save, setting ancient eastern-japan, samurai time..." Suddenly the whole environment changes in a white fog as pieces of the setting fall in Star Trek
      wise. "The only thing missing..." I think to myself, "are the 'whoosh-whoosh!' sounds and the 'bring-brong!' sound effects from Star Trek... I'll add that in
      next time!"

      As the setting completes itself I find myself in eastern-japan back in the old times. I face a shop that I know sells Samurai Swords so I gleefully enter the shop
      with Sarah reluctantly following me in. "Kombanwa Genki-Desu!" says the owner. Probably some japanese, or words resembling them, from various animes I've watched
      thrown in together in a sentence. Am I glad no japanese people are seeing this dream. "Genki-desu!" I yell back. I pick up a katana and see a price tag of 100.
      "hmmm..." I let out. Not knowing if 100 yen is much or not. Probably it's somewhere of 100 dollars or so I think to myself. Japanese people would probably facepalm
      themselfs if they knew I actually tried to cut the price lower then that. But talking to the owner was no easy task, so I quickly gave up on it.

      Going outside, I immediately took the the katana out of it's sheath. I'm quite fond of katanas, they are nice swords and I can't help but smile at the reflection
      of this elegant weapon. The next scene what I did with it I will not include in this story as I probably humiliate every asian person and dishonour every japanese
      person as I played with it like a lightsaber from Star Wars or as a Bath-leth from Star Trek... Probably even Sarah was ashamed of my actions, but I never looked at her.
      I was way to bussy cutting trees and shortening everything down in size I could find. I stopped my child-play when I heard the sound of fighting and swords clashing down.
      I ducked behind a wooden-gate that looked like the gates you see in cowboy movies entering a cafe (don't ask me...) and peeked through a hole. "Sarah!" I yell, "You gotta
      see this! This is some real Rurouni Kenshin shit going on there!" Sarah didn't even reply as I kept watching the fight.

      It ended with a knock-out of the left guy with the other guy towering above him ready to give the final blow. I couldn't hold it anymore, I gripped my katana close to me and
      as a wild-lunatic I rushed through the cowboy-gate to the garden with my katana holding up as a madman yelling 'Deeeeesssuuuuuu!' along the way. Our swords clashed
      in the air, we pushed eachother back, dust following in the air as we slid around the garden... if it even was a garden at that point. Next you just need to imagine
      the most clumsiest sword-play ever. At the end I thrusted my sword in my opponent stomach. Blood flew out in every direction as my enemy fell deeper in my sword and came
      to rest on my shoulder. "Konbanwa friend.... Desu..." I whispered and pushed him off my sword.

      I woke up in a shock. "No!" I cried to myself. "It just started to be so awesome..." I thought to myself. I smacked my hand on my head and held it up in the air where I was
      holding the katana in. "What the..." I exclaimed when I suddenly started to notice something strange. There, a little sixth finger was hanging from my hand. My confusement
      ended shortly and I began to smile. "Oh dear false awakening... Not this time you won't!" I stated. I jumped right up and said with proud (now shame)
      "Watashi wa Samurai Kasper desu!" as I did a superman pose. There was no hesitation, I flew out my bed, crashed through my window and as I was falling down I yelled
      "Computer! Continue story!" The dream quickly changed back and I landed on one knee and in my right hand I held my beloved katana again. "Oh, almost forgot. Computer,
      load character Sarah." She suddenly appeared again, dressed the same and with even a worse expression then before. "Let us move on, Sarah-kun! Our story has not ended yet!"
      Said I. I quickly noticed the wounded guy I saved and ran towards him. "Dai...dai...daijo...aaargh... Are you ok, dude?" I rambled. He opened his eyes slowly and said in pain
      "Yes. I am fine. Thanks". He got up and looked at a building that came up from nowhere. I looked too at, what I think, was the entrance of a japanese palace.

      Noone said anything. For some reason I knew it too. There, our arch-nemesis resides. All three of us marched to the entrance... Well, all two of us, Sarah was more
      dragging her feet around. When we came inside it looked more like a dojo. Or what I think a dojo is. Guessing back again it probably looked nothing like a dojo. When we
      reached the middle of this place, I turned around to Sarah who calmly walked towards me. Being happy that her pacing changed, I tried to say "Sarah, maybe you should..."
      when suddenly I got interupted by her grin. A grin so wide it made me sick to my stomach. Actually, I did feel something in my stomach, when I looked down I saw a short
      knife going through me. Blood started pouring out as I walked backwards to the wall and looked in horror what was happening before me. "Sarah... why did... why?" I asked
      shockingly as I pulled the knife out of me and held my wound. She answered with an eerie laugh that made my bones freeze, like a maniac-laugh from an episode I remember
      in Higurashi no koro ni.

      Confused and in shock, I watched as she tears her clothes apart. Her nude body quickly changed into a white-like dress. Her short white hair changed into messy long black
      hair and her grin was the only thing you could see through. Genuinely terrified I was thinking about shutting the story down, ask the computer to delete Sarah. But on one
      side I wanted this to go on so I watched as a sword in her right hand came out of nowhere. A sword so thin and long, but quickly that changed too. The sword was made
      up of hundreds of razor blades that suddenly came free, attached at eachother with some kind of wire. As she swung this devilish weapon, the razors roared through the sky.
      It looked like a combination of a sword with a whip, with razor blades attached on it.

      "That's not Sarah!" yelled my partner. "It's her! The mastermind!" he declared. Suddenly it all made sense. It was never Sarah to begin with, her attitude, her clothing...
      I called up someone entirely else from in the very beginning. Suddenly I was disturbed by a painfull sensation. She swung her sword while I was off-guard and her razors
      pierced through my left hand. I bit my lip, this 'being cut' feeling was more intense then the stabbing. I gripped my sword and wanted to end this as quick as possible.
      While rushing her she swung her sword again, ripping through my flesh. I stopped in my tracks as I held my arm. "You're going to die" she said snickering behind her black
      hair. Suddenly I realised something. "No, I'm not..." I said calmly. Suddenly I started to grin and looked at her, which made her drop her smile. "You see..." , I said
      "I CAN'T die... If I ignore the pain, you have nothing against me." I rushed again towards her. In a frenzy she swung her sword again and again, cutting into my flesh. But
      to no avail, it didn't matter anymore. In a sense, this sensation made me even go faster. In a short second I almost imagined I saw horror in her face when my katana sliced
      off her head. As her head fell with a tud, her spraying body collapsed with no sound.

      As we walked outside, my partner gave one final thanks before dissapearing in his tracks. I sighed and said "Computer, activate Sarah". Suddenly Sarah in her normal self came
      running towards me "Let's go! Let's go! I wanna go someplace else!" She said enthoustiastically. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked. "Anywhere but here." she said. So we walked
      onwards. Not much happend then, except me losing my precious katana in a well, buying a new one that broke soon after and me waking up and looking at my hand for a sixth finger
      but this time it was done. I was awake.
    10. Quelling the Storm

      by , 11-05-2014 at 02:39 AM
      In the beginning we were in a house that seemed familiar but didn't happen to be a place I had ever visited. On the wall behind me, stretched a large picture window, almost taking up an entire wall, except for the door to its left. Someone is telling a story, and quickly the telling becomes reality. The house became ill-lit and cold. A dark brown curtain still covers the window but the window itself is broken. I took a peek outside, and see that the landscape is devoid of life, all dark grey dotted with the crumbling black husks of plants and debris. Though it is midday, the sky remains heavy and overcast, with the horizion a barely distinguishable line in the distance. I drop the curtain, reminding myself that it this is how it was before, just after the storm. Now the landscape is alive and green and the clouds blown away. I settle onto the floor next to two other women, one of them the storyteller, the other a dream relative. The three of us are wearing drab colors, all browns and grays, all of us in long skirts and sweaters and thick scarves. Of course. It's cold now. I lean back on a mound of dirt underneath the broken window, then realize there is dirt on my sweater sleeves, sit up, and brush away the rust-brown particles.

      She tells us a story about a girl that I knew when I was young named Des. She was my next-door neighbor all the way through middle school. Here it becomes a little...convoluted. It's very difficult to separate the details because, as you know, events can seem to happen before, after, and also at the same time as other things.
      As the storyteller speaks, I find myself once more transported to the time she speaks about, so now I am at a wide island across from the unbroken picture window. The door is cracked open.
      "Des, now moved to madness by her time in the storm, darts past the open doorway, and ducks in for just a second, gasping a curse. She sounds breathless with terror. Her eyes are wide and they sweep the room, "Fuck." she says again.
      I turn to find her fleeing from the doorway, I call out after her. I hope that I can bring her back to herself, that I can change the story, which dictates that though she ducked in and cursed, no one was quick enough to catch her and that some time later she was found dead at the top of a hill. I think that I have missed my opportunity...but then she comes back. I almost wish she hadn't. Her unseeing eyes dart restlessly around the room. Des does not respond to anything I say.
      I get a sense of how she came to be this way. The storm bore down on the world, an endless and violent torrent, but it did this slowly. It descended from the atmosphere in great sweeping movements, taking its time to reach us, its presence moving people to madness and previously unwanted notions. "And in the end, Des fled to the hilltop to meet the storm, hand in hand with her older brother. They kissed each other goodbye and consigned themselves to the storm. I see it then, a great sphere of dark grey swirling clouds, shooting lightning at random, descending onto the hill. That was how she died, not how she became insane. I have a moment of clarity, and try to put together the prophecy into poetic verse but I can't seem to make it worth. "The end will come when these truths subside, when brother and sister together lay..." And then "The parent will be taught by the child."
      I see her in the week before the sphere ravaged the landscape. She stands by the kitchen island, a steak knife in front of her. Afraid that maybe she means to take her own life, I wait until she is distracted by the front door opening to take it from the counter. Des screams in a terrifying way, eyes stretched so wide that they are mostly whites, pupils shrunk to pinpoints, her hands out in front of her in disbelief.
      "I'm sorry." I say, startled by her reaction. "I'll give it back. Just tell me what you need it for."
      "KNIFE." Des responds in a low, fervent voice.
      "Yes, why do you need it?"
      Well, that didn't work. I hand the utensil back to her, she holds it in both hands and sits back on her heels, staring at the thing intensely. We don't really have time to deal with her. Now there is a moment where she is both alive, and she has already died. i think that I don't have time to deal with her craziness, and become aware of all the people in the room. They are, at first, saddened by her state of mind, and then that she has died.
      There will be a procession soon. I feel out of place here. I spot a pretty woman in a wedding dress, she has pale skin, black-brown eyes and curly black hair. She has fallen down and I go to help her stand, but by the time I get there, someone is already picking her up and heading for the door, she throws her head back and laughs. I then notice how many brides there are in here, and that we are all preparing for a mass wedding procession down the main street of town. The numerous bridal parties and their guests will walk together and then the brides and grooms will be joined under a clear patch of sky. There is suddenly a weight in my chest, a vast well of sadness and bitterness and unwillingness. I am standing by the door, waiting for people to clear away from it so I can step outside. There is a man in a black pea coat, wearing thick grey mitts.
      "Hey, you okay?" He asks me. We don't know each other, I appreciate his concern though...
      "It's...I just noticed how many brides there are." I scan the room and find five other women. My own situation is so complicated. He presses a mitted hand to the center of my chest, just below my collar bone but above my breasts. Like with most Liam-echo encounters, I can feel the fabric of the glove, the slightly scratchy wool and the cool bite of the snow dampness on my skin. With this casual comfort he has quelled the storm in my chest, replaced with a pulsating feeling of well-being and lightness. It's beautiful. I sigh with blessed relief and raise my eyes to his face. He gives me a kind smile...there's something familiar about him. Because of his coloring I immediately want to compare him to Liam, though this man's eyes are ice green instead of blue and though he also has red hair and fair skin, his face is not nearly as angular as Liam's.
      "I would be happy to walk with you." He says, assuming that I am part of the bridal party (he isn't wrong) but have no one to walk with in the procession. I can't tell him that isn't why I'm sad. It's that I'm getting married tonight, but I don't want to be, and seeing all these women so happy to be on their way to joining with their fiances is like a spike in my chest. I can feel the weight coming back...but his hand is still on my chest and it disperses the depression like mist in sunlight. I rest my hand on his chest and he smiles, turning his eyes back to the room. I worry that this has gone on too long and will become awkward, but I'm loathe to give up this new peace. So our hands remain. I notice that we are preparing for a picture. I move my hand, gripping the side of his coat and move to, maybe, rest my head against his thick coat-arm. Instead I fall through the gap between his coat and the goddamn door which is still cracked open. I nearly go head over heels, one leg kicking high as I grab his coat and the door frame, I notice that I'm wearing a long dark purple dress. I lift myself to my feet. They snap another picture.
      I worry that my fiance (my WL boyfriend) will hear that I told someone I had no one to walk with. I go over what I just said in my head, trying to figure out how many people heard me, and what it could do to our impending...wedding. I decide what will be, will be.

      Oh, I forgot something but I can't remember where it fits in. One point, after Des had gone mad, but before she died, we were all standing in the house and one of her brothers (in real life she only had one) who was a martial artist was posing in the middle of the room. I was impressed by his manliness....hahaha
      I also want to add that today at work, when I started to feel overwhelmed, I recalled that release of pressure and my mood would temporarily stabilize. It's rare that my subconscious gives me gifts like this.

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    11. Doctor Who-Themed Dream Fragment

      by , 09-30-2014 at 05:03 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary written while awake]

      I'm in an episode of Doctor Who that takes place in a big, artificial, vertical column that connects the center of the earth with outer space. I am the current companion, but I'm still me. The conflict in the episode centers around whether or not to set off a bomb at the bottom of the shaft that will blow up the Earth. Different characters present convincing arguments for both setting it off and not setting it off. The Doctor and I, of course, are trying to stop it from being set off. Also, there's a time loop, so we get to go back to earlier in time and get a second chance at stopping it from being set off. At some point [I think during the second loop], I become lucid and enjoy the experience. At the top of the shaft, which is in space, I have to jump through empty space and through a small, circular hole to get into an enclosed space that has air. It's a little scary, but I make it.

      [This was a pretty cool dream, and I wish I could remember it in more detail.]
    12. Wrong Story

      by , 09-11-2014 at 03:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This is a big mish-mash of stuff from the last couple days. I've been caught up with college.

      I am at S's house. But it feels more like my grandmother's house mashed with some completely unfamiliar elements. S is having a birthday party, and has invited only me and seven or eight very attractive girls.

      S is in his room all alone, and the girls are doing shots (and drunk as all heck). The invite me to try and drink the most, and give me a big glass of tequila. I take it, and when nobody is looking, pour it out the open window.
      S calls us into his bedroom, that looks more like a hotel room with two beds. He sits everyone down and we start playing apples to apples.

      My extended family (so a lot of people) are being taken to a very upscale movie theater by my cousin to see Divergent. We get there and the movie starts by explaining the post-apocalyptic setting. But then it begins to deviate from the plot some.
      Man, why does this always happen? A dream glitch occurs and I become a character the movie.
      So it turns out this isn't Divergent, but rather some other movie. The plot is as follows, and it's complicated.
      Meteorites containing an unknown alien element come crashing to earth. There are just a few at first, but slowly more and more of them begin to arrive. When the meteorites impact they create what are known as psychic wormholes. These are portals intertwining the planets of the inner solar system (that have also been hit by these meteorites) as well as the distant origin star system. The portals can effect a human's consciousness by hypnotizing them to walk into the portal, turning them into a zombie, or just trying to kill them.
      Humanity built anti-oribtal laser cannons to combat the meteorites and prevent the portals from covering too much of the earth's surface. Although a large percentage of the earth is already under the influence of these portals, there are small zones where the remaining humans live that are free from the psychic effects of the portals.
      Occasionally scientists and others go outside of the safe zones to study the portals and look for ways to destroy them. But only people with what's known as a 'psychic resistance' can leave the safe zones and study the portals.
      I can remember that I am one of the people that is going outside the safe zone. I am waiting in a field alongside others. Some people are saying goodbye to their families and hugging one another and what not, because of the people turned into zombies, going near the portals is dangerous.
      My character is however, an orphan. I have nobody to say goodbye to.
      While I am waiting in the field, I notice the surroundings. I recall there being a huge concrete pedestal in the field with a telescope observatory dome on top of it. But rather than a telescope there is this huge steel cone with prongs on the end of it. There is a red conduit going up the side. I think to myself that is probably one of the anti-orbital lasers.
      A small boat pulls up in a lake by the field, and people start getting on. That is the boat that take us outside the safe zone. I take note of how cramped the boat looks but then remember that the ride is not very long. I get on-board.
      It was at this point that I met a character called The Marshall. He was this huge, brawny man who wore a cowboy hat and motorcycle goggles. He divided everyone up into groups, each one of us was to investigate one portal. They needed as many people as possible for these missions so anyone with psychic resistance had to come.
      My group wound up being with a very young, brown haired boy, probably six or seven. An elderly woman, at least 70. And a woman with short black hair who was probably in her 20's. She looked like as though she was very experienced with going outside of the safe zones.
      I can remember the Marshall passes out a printed test to everyone to make sure that they have the psychic resistance that he needs.
      The dream skips ahead to my group walking through the streets of an overgrown city. The black-haired woman has a detector used for locating the exact location of the wormhole. The old woman, who was around before the meteors struck, knows this city because she used to live in this town.
      We end up finding the wormhole on the floor of an abandoned Cafe. It is a small blue energy vortex bound onto the floor, perhaps a foot in diameter. It seems to distort the tiles around it, making them appear to twist with it.

      I walk into the cafe, through the broken front wall, and the black haired girl tells me not to go too close. Even though I have psychic resistance, I can still hear the wormhole calling to me, telling me to jump in. I decide to give in to it, even though I could easily fight off the desire.
      I can remember walking over to the spot on the floor. I look up at the ceiling and see a small hole, no bigger than a baseball with sunlight streaming though and think about the meteor falling through it. I then jump into the portal.

      I am high above the earth's atmosphere. The moon is huge and very close to earth. Mars is smaller and visible on above the moon. I start falling toward the earth and burning up in the atmosphere.

      I am standing in what feels like the entrance to an ancient city. There are roman-styled buildings made out of a white crystal all around. They appear crumbled and in a state of disrepair but are still beautiful. There are cherry blossom trees everywhere, and the air is thick with flower petals. There are so many petals that they form a thin layer, perhaps an inch thick on the ground.
      Hands break through the thick mat of petals and grab me around the ankles, and start pulling me in. It feels like the petals are much deeper now, and the scent of them is overwhelming. I struggle and scream but it is muffled.
      I start to become lucid. I wake up.

      I am at my university. I am walking around and come across this very odd dorm building that looks like a motel. It is supposed to have really fancy dorms but looks very junky and beat-up.

      I am having a fight with somebody. We both have mild superpowers. I can recall we are fighting in the parking lot. I pick up a small white car and try to throw it at him.
      I recall very vivid imagery as the car skids down the parking lot hitting another car and then my opponent. I can remember hearing one of the car's alarms going off.
      I then tried to chase the opponent who as acting like he didn't want to fight anymore.

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    13. Spending time with Yuya & Crow

      , 08-27-2014 at 01:27 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm a bit disappointed in myself for managing my time so poorly lately.
      Somehow I have picked up a really bad habit of procrastinating.
      And because of this I end up spending much less time on LD activities than I intend to.
      I'm seriously considering to block reddit/youtube like sites for a few days a week...

      I find myself on a beach. It is quite late, the sun is going down.
      I should probably walk back to the hotel before it gets too dark...
      Unfortunately I don't recognize any of the buildings alongside the beach.
      Am I lost? How does that even happen?

      Realizing that the situation is somewhat out of the ordinary I try to increase my awareness.
      However, my thoughts feel scrambled. I am unable to come to a conclusion.
      Now what? Am I dreaming or not? This does feel pretty real...
      I decide to fall back on a more robust technique, the nose plug RC.

      I can breathe normally through my plugged nose. This is a dream.
      Wait really? I look at my hands and they seem perfectly normal.
      I walk over to the first person I find, which is an elderly man, whom I assume is walking back to his hotel.

      "Excuse me."
      "Am I dreaming?"

      The man seems rather confused by my question.
      In retrospect, that was probably not the most intelligent thing to do.
      I decide that the answer to my question should be behind myself.
      I turn back towards the ocean.

      This is no longer the beach I was on previously on.
      This is my beach!
      I must have changed scenes during the short moment when I was turning.

      I try to remember my dream goals, and for once I actually manage to remember them!
      My only dream goal at the moment is to "calm the fuck down".

      (Lately I often forget to properly stabilize my dreams when I become lucid.
      And then to make up for it, I rush through the dreams out of fear that they might end prematurely,
      which is of course the worst possible thing to do.)

      I slowly walk towards the ocean, taking all the time in the world.
      The sound of the water is very relaxing, and I love the contrast between the warm sand and the refreshingly cold ocean breeze.
      Eventually I take a few steps into the ocean, getting my feet wet. The water is very cold.

      As I look at the stars, I feel a familiar presence.
      It's Yuya! This is going to be a great night.

      Ever since I found this picture and felt that it reminded me of her,
      she's been playing around with hair colors a lot.
      Today it's mostly orange and blue.
      She can change it simply by shaking her head.
      She's smiling at me the way she always does.

      "Come out and play?"

      At first I find it a little amusing that she phrases her question this way.
      But then it reminds me of when I was very young, and I'd go knocking on the neighbours door to ask them to come out and play in the street.
      Back then there was nothing to worry about, no important decisions to make.
      I'd ask my friends to come out with the sole goal of having a good time.
      Perhaps what I initially found a little odd, was after all the perfect way to phrase it.

      This starts off a series of DEILDs.
      I've written down the fragments I remember.
      Unfortunately I don't remember them very well.
      The last few moments before I woke up are quite clear, but everything before that is a bit of a blur.

      Fragment 1:
      I help Yuya prepare dinner at her place.
      I'm not of much help though, given that I don't know any of the herbs and spices she has, nor the meat that she wants to prepare.
      She is very patient with me, and explains how to prepare everything,
      even though she knows that I probably won't remember any of it.
      It takes us a good hour to prepare everything.
      Liv joins us for dinner. (And there was someone else as well I think.)
      Everything tastes absolutely wonderfully.
      Later, I help Yuya to do the dishes.
      She knows that my dream time is limited, and I can feel that it makes her really happy that I spend it with her,
      even if it means doing something as mundane as doing the dishes.

      Fragment 2:
      In my scribble DJ I wrote "Dance" "Leaf in the wind" and "Happy".
      I don't remember anything about this fragment though, and I don't recall taking these notes.

      Fragment 3:
      We're at a Café, sitting outside, enjoying the good weather and some amazing drinks.

      Crow joins us. He felt my presence so he came by to say hi.
      Since there's drinks and Yuya and Liv are here, he obviously decides to stay.
      He ends up ordering something that isn't on the menu.

      They bring us a plate with very small pipettes on it, all containing a small amount of a yellow liquid.
      It's quite fun really, you use the pipette to place a single drop of the liquid onto your tongue.
      It immediately gives you that cold chill / frisson feeling all over your body.
      It also tastes rather sour. Perhaps a little like lemon juice.

      Fragment 4:

      Crow, Yuya and I are on some sort of airship.
      It looks more like an old sail ship though, nothing like an actual airship.
      Does fly rather well though, even though I'm sure this violates a few laws of physics.
      According to Crow, there are very few of these, and it is very difficult to get a ride on one.
      It is quite late and we all sit on the front deck watching the sun go down.
      Yuya leans against me because she is really tired.

      Crow is telling a very captivating story about love and betrayal.
      It is quite an emotional story.
      Usually his stories are about himself, and he exaggerates... a lot, I'm pretty sure he even makes stuff up on occasion.
      His stories are quite amazing though, I'll give him that. Plus, he's a fantastic story teller.
      I don't mind that he does this, we all know that it's for entertainment.
      But this time around he claims that it is a fictional story about another person.
      And then there's the way he narrates it. It is quite different. More serious, and seemingly less exaggerated.
      I'm convinced that this time, he's actually telling a genuine story from his past.
      The story eventually comes to an end. (It was a little sad, but I recall that there was a silver lining)

      "Say, aren't you supposed to wake up or something? You've been staying for an awfully long time."
      "Oh Crow... you're not supposed to remind dreamers about that."
      "Why not?"
      "Waking up is not something you want to think about."
      "It could make you wake up."
      "It can?"
      "Unfortunately, yeah."
      "That is rather inconvenient."
      "It is."
      "Seriously though, isn't it bad for you to spend entire days asleep so that you can be here?"
      "Haha, I appreciate your concern Crow, I really do, but fortunately it doesn't work quite like that."
      "I assure you, on the other side I've been asleep for a few hours at most."
      "Huh, that is quite fascinating. It is good to know that I don't have to worry then."
      "I'll make sure not to mention anything about waking up in the future."

      "Thanks mate. I appreciate it."
      "Sure... mate."

      (There was a joke earlier in the dream about saying "mate", but I cannot quite recall what it was.)

      "Anyways, I'm afraid I have to get going. I'm running late."
      "Take care."
      "So long."

      Crow charges forwards and disappears in a cloud of colorful particles.
      I think that's the first time I've seen him do that.
      The dream is slowly becoming unstable.
      I can no longer see beyond the airship.
      The airship itself has also become somewhat blurry and desaturated.

      Only Yuya I can still see clearly.
      She seems to have fallen asleep, resting her head on my shoulder.
      I can feel her chest expand against me as she breathes.
      Even if it is just for a short moment, perhaps for just a fraction of a second,
      it makes me really believe that she is out there somewhere, and not a construct of my own mind.
      Sometimes I wish I could entertain this thought for longer, because I find it quite beautiful...
    14. 'Old Geezers like To Sit by the Pool'

      by , 07-22-2014 at 01:17 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: I am in my SOPHMORE YEAR social studies class talking about the midterm that takes place on a saturday with the teacher.

      Fragment: I am at S's house. His house is not normal. It is this huge mansion that is white both inside and out.

      Fragment:I am working on a graphic design project. I have two identical laptops and my files appear to be split between them.

      I am talking with a dream character who is writing a novel. The title is 'Old Geezers like To Sit by the Pool' and the premise of the novel is as follows. There is a young boy who was born with a birth deformity on his stomach. This gets him made fun of by other kids, and he does not like to take of his shirt and swim in the pool. So whenever his family goes to the pool, he ends up sitting by the side of the pool and talking with old people.
      Over the course of the novel, the boy has many life-changing discussions with various old people while sitting by the side of the pool. They help him correct mistakes in his life, such as getting married, choosing the correct job, raising his kids, etc.
      Eventually the boy himself becomes an elderly man, and while sitting by the pool one day he sees a young girl getting made fun of...
      Anyways the DC has written a rough copy of the novel and they want me to help them revise and edit it. How? By becoming a character IN the novel and experiencing the story firsthand. The DC writes my name in the first chapter and ZAP, I'm a part of the story.
      So I get teleported in. This is the opening scene, where we see the boy getting made fun of. He is perhaps 8 years old. And, just as described, several kids make fun of him. He starts to get out of the pool, then one kid pushes him over the edge and the main character tries to drown him. The bully's parents intervene, and they get mad at the main character. He gets out of the pool and walks over to where the old people are sitting.
      The writer starts talking to me, and asks me if I thought that was an effectively sad scene. I tell him that it really makes me feel more angry than sad. I almost wanted to hit those bullies even though they were probably half my age.

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    15. Mongolian story

      by , 02-09-2014 at 08:09 PM
      Date: 30 Jan

      Pre bed: 400val, 45 mg B6

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte

      Overall impressions: vividness high, recall below average, pre wbtb recall close to zero

      DILD: I am walking down the corridors of my school (DS) and we are supposed to have another class in a different classroom, so I don't know in which one we are right now (DS). I go to the where the teachers' room is and enter. It turns to a classroom from another part of the school and I examine the faces of the kids sitting there to determine if I'm in the right place. I see this small boy who has the features of my classmate as if he is 1st or 2nd grade and that jolts me into lucidity. The room is full of kids and I closely look at their faces trying to identify and expecting to see all of my classmates here (as in trying to recreate the past accurately). Most importantly, I am trying to recall and see exactly where is everyone sitting. There's a guy that looks like _ and _tells me that he sits alone, which I doubt, knowing he sits next to another guy. I start calling out names of particular classmates while trying to determine if the seating is correct.

      For a second I think I see a doppelgänger of a classmate. I look at the first desk where at least according to a vague memory _ may be sitting or a dream memory, I have dreamt of that room so many times that my dream memories are also partially accessible and get mixed with real ones. There's another girl that doesn't belong here so I move her to the side leaving only _ here and contemplating. The teacher is about to begin the class, but with me acting so commandingly she seems to pause. I make an announcement that the class won't start until I identify and arrange all the classmates and continue looking around. As I stare at this classmate, I finally remember that I wanted to try to read a book and tell her to give me something to read. She hands me/I notice a paper notebook on the desk. I'm slightly uncertain if this will work, as I may run into some school materials. Anyways, I start browsing the notebook paper pile and get my hands on some sort of book. I try to read the title, which is a mix of words that don't make sense and I make an effort to understand what the book is about - something about hands, there is an illustration at the front cover and it looks like some sort of karate manual. I find this pretty cool and look forward to learning karate from this book.

      If I'm not mistaken, I take another look at the front cover title and try to reason it out but it changes again as I try to assign some meaning to it. Then I begin browsing the pages and read one of them. The text stabilizes and I read the first sentence with great effort, but I get the meaning without actually reflecting too much on the words. It's a Mongolian story about one of their leaders. I browse more and every couple of pages there are beautiful manually drawn pictures, that look like little paintings that show what's happening in the story. He was supposed to participate in a horse racing in the village. I see a picture of the place after the race, empty now. I look at couple more pics but it's hard to memorize them all, then do back to the front page and title that I am still trying to figure out. Now on the cover is a very peculiar drawing of a house attached to a sleigh or whatever that thing is. The part of the title talking about hands now refers to bamboo and the act of practicing with care. I keep wondering about the title while the dream fades away.

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