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    1. A lot of pressure DILD

      by , 05-22-2019 at 09:41 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I got out of bed and the strong urge to check under my bed occured. I check under my bed and say a man body underneath the dark corners of my bed. I felt shock and suddenly out of no where a hand comes and grabs my ankle and starts pushing inside the bed. The shock causes me to gain lucidity and I tell myself there's no way this can be really happening. So I tried to wake myself up but instead the dream scene changes. I still have lucidity and can see myself in a dark hallway where I saw on the wrote something about incest. I decided to run up the stairway and see no way to cross over. I then hear something behind my and decided to jump off a high point in the stair way to the bottom of the floor. Once I hit the bottom after feeling the gravity bring down. Everything went black and then I woke up and check my phone. My phone showed that the only friend I ever had deleted me and this caused me to feel a sense of dread. I then wake up again
    2. Why Smoking Marijuana is considered as the Best Narcoleptic Treatment

      by , 04-22-2016 at 07:44 AM
      One of the chronic neurological disorders that have been spreading across the world is Narcolepsy. It is the loss of brains function to have a peaceful regular sleeping cycle. There are different signs and symptoms associated with it out of which the most common is daytime sleeping. People usually don’t understand if they are the victim of narcolepsy unless they stay awake for 24–48 ho without sleep but later start feeling fatigue in the day time. It is more of a disturbed sleep and has different treatments associated with it. Failing to take right treatment on time can lead to moods wings, muscle weakness and stress. Recent study has proved that smoking marijuana is considered as a narcoleptic treatment.

      Know more about Sleeping Disorders:
      Issue of Insomnia or Narcolepsy is top rated sleeping disorders for which people might have tried enormous treatment options. Such disorder results to sleeping issue and asked to buy modafinil online UK, fatigue, and being lethargic for the entire day. This makes even the daily simpler task kooks complicated. People who suffer from such type of disorder are also the victim of depression, stress and anxiety issue which needs immediate attention. It has been estimated that nearly 10-340% of people opt for supplements to get rid of this problem. The fact is any treatment you follow beyond the limit causes problem.

      Everything you need to Know about Marijuana:
      Marijuana also known as ganja, weed is an herb that has a greenish-gray mixture of leaves, flowers and dried Cannabis sativa. This hemp plant is for many people one kind of addiction while other uses it to deal with different health issues specially sleeping disorder. It holds a great importance for recreational purpose. Marijuana has a significant impact on sleeping cycle. It also reduces other signs such as depression, memory loss and stress.

      How Marijuana Helps in Dealing with Sleeping Disorder?
      In the old traditional records, it has been found out that marijuana s an Ancient sleeping aid that has been followed on the large scale in India to deal with Narcolepsy. Insomnia is a common sign of sleeping illness. It is endocannabinoid that controls the sleep of human body. Dysfunction of endocannabinoid in the system can lead to many problems. Marijuna increases the sleeping time of patients and reduces the problem of insomnia. It does not have any sort of psychoactive effects and is completely safe to consume. It reduces the REM stage of sleeping and provides as slow-wave sleep. To avail its effect in the right manner, the REM sleep must be achieved with caution. It is the stress reliving option only if taken in a right manner.

      A regular dose of marijuana can control the sleeping issues. There are many professionals who don’t completely support this fact. So far, this type of treatment has offered a relief to the patients dealing with insomnia problem. These users have given a positive feedback claiming that marijuana does help in fighting against sleeping issues. Although there are different effects of it but if you consume it in the right quantity, you will get good results which stays for a long time. Overall it seems that marijuana is the best alternative to those rigid sleeping treatments.
    3. [Dream #1 - 1/12/2016] The Stress of Life and Wanting to Escape

      by , 01-12-2016 at 06:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is Shadow the Hedgehog

      I had a dream that involved me in an environment quite similar to the apartment space I live with my mother. It was warped in a way that the area inside (my room and living room) were much larger in space and taller in height. My mother told me to get the mail which I did even though I didn't want to and was completely annoyed. I went and got it and gave it to her. She was on the phone chatting to her friend and making comments about how worthless I was and my failure at my previous college and when she looked at the letter and she saw that it was about my other college I applied to and saw I wasn't accepted, she criticized me for it.

      However it happened, the next moment I was sitting on the couch with her as there was a TV playing some reality type of show of a guy in a lab coat wearing goggles. It mimicked that of the same scenario in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the lab room and transportation of a chocolate bar. The guy from my dream had amiibos, one with Samus in a top hat (much like the video of one from YouTube that I cannot find right now) and one of Sonic the Hedgehog. The scientist spoke about bringing them to life and he did so by inserting their information into some device that brought them up onto his television screen. Eventually, Sonic was standing out of the TV set, spouting the same phrases as he usually does and the crowd behind the scientist grew ecstatic over it.

      I was bothered by it, I knew that I didn't like people who spoke or did stuff dealing with anything Sonic the Hedgehog related since it never seemed to go down the right path nor resonated well with me. It was also something I passionately connected with and seeing that made me feel awkwardly torn. I wanted to go hide in my room and my mother, knowing how I felt about it, started an argument with me. She said stuff like, "Stop being weird!" "Stop acting like a baby!" but I ended up locking myself in my room anyways blocking the door with some sort of umbrella shaped object. (Here comes the most vivid part of the dream) I can remember feeling a strange breeze as if the window was open. I then could see Shadow the Hedgehog. Much more dark in appearance, so dark that his face became almost impossible to register. Shadow's fur was very much slicked down in a somewhat jet black glossy finish. He was standing around half my height and he looked emotionless and almost lifeless, very still like a statue perhaps. Think of it like a ghost/spirit from a horror movie that stands in front of you movement-less. My dream self knew he was alive though but I was too afraid to act since I didn't know what he would do.

      Next thing that happened in a split of a second, I was in his arms, carried in a bridle position. Shadow was perched up on the windowsill of my room as he opened the slider mechanic underneath. I looked out to see a large crowd of people. Civilians, paparazzi and news reporters and even the police. They had guns pointed at us ready to shoot. I didn't feel afraid at that moment though, strangely. I looked up at Shadow and I could see a smirk form upon his muzzle as I caught a glimpse of his teeth.

      Anchoring himself along the sill, he pushed himself forward over the crowd of people keeping his grip tightly on me. Then I woke up back into the waking world.

      Notes — I figured this dream was reflecting the negative parts of my life (more so currently happening) and how I always wished I could escape and leave this planet. Shadow, being someone I wanted to fulfill my wish, it's no surprise to me for him to appear and carry me out from the apartment. In the end, I will say that the ills of my current life are still a main focus in my mind but the chance of being able to achieve the desired freedom is still in reach of hopes.

      Date— 1/12/2016

      Went to bed — 2:30AM

      Woke up — 9:50AM

      *Time logged — 9:52AM

      Total sleep — +8 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Moderate (I kept having flash backs of past events from being cyberbullied and discriminated in physical life but nothing that brought me into tears)


      *Daytime — Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow The Hedgehog)

      *RecallMantras (Stated to myself that I would see Shadow the Hedgehog in my dream and that I would remember it)

      *Inducing Method — I listened to some traditional asmr and looked through various picture I had of Shadow The Hedgehog. One in particular is the one I added to the very top of the post.

      Dream Signs — Overly large version of my house, the scientist guy bringing to life amiibos and Sonic showing up, Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in my room, the crowd of people outside my window in a parking-lot type of area where in this physical realm (my window only points out to a bit of grass, a fence and another apartment complex).

      Perceived Length — 15 Minutes

      Emotions — Depressed to Emotionless

      Awareness — None

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      side notes , memorable , task of the year
    4. All these boxes!

      by , 11-14-2015 at 04:56 PM
      Sorry I've been inactive the last couple weeks, I've been super busy with school so the stress of it has made my dream recall poor, and my lucidity even worse. However, I managed to recall a bit of a dream I had last night...

      I remember being in a two story building, almost like a warehouse, with very high ceilings, large windows used for the walls, and you could see the outlining infrastructure of the building. This was were my work was (while IRL my work is a small business in a one story building), my boss was getting upset with me because there was an overflow of cardboard boxes, and I guess it was solely my job to clean them up. He kept getting pissed that I wasn't working hard or fast enough and even threatened to fire me if I didn't work faster. (Luckily, IRL my boss is nowhere near that demanding or rude).

      What's funny is that this morning I had a rehearsal for a gig in a church that looked a lot like my work in the dream. This church is modern so it had high ceilings, large windows acting as the walls, and exposed infrastructure. And later today, while I was at work, I realized there was a lot of cardboard needing to be taken out.
      dream fragment
    5. MILD day 1

      by , 06-26-2015 at 07:05 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      Fell asleep at 00:00
      Intention: "I have lucid and memorable dreams every night"

      Woke up with an alarm at 7:00, recorded this fragment:

      The Road:

      I'm walking up a road with my mother. The road is your basic asphalt road, and it appears to be a road that I know well IRL. My mother says something about cars, and a red SUV appears from nowhere and almost runs me over before parking on a dirt road that branches off the main road. (Memory gone)

      Went back to sleep, then woke up at 9:15 recalling this fragment:

      Martial arts embarrassment:

      I'm in the martial arts studio, and its a black belt only class. The ceiling is much higher than IRL, and there's a large stone slab extending from floor to ceiling where the weapons rack should be. The Instructor(Master Pattison) says something, but I don't quite understand him and continue with my form. I then notice that everyone my rank is leaving, so I sneak out behind them. While walking through a hallway with bright light at the end, Pattison spots me through the glass door behind me. I feel embarrassed, and he orders me to perform the combat form Ro Hai(which is a rank above me IRL). I feel my mother behind me, and Pattison looks up and says to her:

      "It's alright if he makes mistakes, but it isn't if he tries to hide them."

      The dream ends.
    6. #88 - Just a catch up

      by , 05-21-2015 at 12:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      So I have had a lot of dreams lately, of which I distinctly remember 2. I still haven't been free enough from university to dedicate any time to lucid dreaming but my stress dreams are pretty memorable.

      Dream 1 - A plane ride
      It wouldn't be memorable if it was just a simple plane ride... I'm on an airport runway and a small plane the size of my room zooms towards me (imagine a real life boeing 747 scaled down a lot to the point where no one could fit inside), I grab hold of it for dear life as it takes off into the sky. It's hard to explain what was going on, I wrapped myself around the plane with my legs tucked under and arms over the top, the wing of the plane pressing into my thigh. I knew this was completely impossible and everytime that thought crossed my mind I would realize how fickle the situation was and start slipping a bit, only to grip on even tighter. I note the intense realism around me too, the whipping wind and clouds of moist air, the yellow light that beams from the horizon... At some point the stress must have been too much because I ended up getting inside somehow, the airplane was roomy and the story arc for the dream took a more sinister turn

      I walk along the aisle of the plane and I know that there's aliens outside, evil evil evil aliens. Why? Not a clue...
      I hear knocking on the airplane door, it opens by itself and a flight attendant is standing there.
      She probably would have looked good if she were in a less condensed form, it was like her entire body was a slinky that needed to be stretched out, I instantly knew that it was an alien in the guise of a human being. I point out its flaw to it, not really realizing that the flight attendant was actually hovering on what seemed like nothing, and also that the scenery outside gave the impression we were on a countryside train. She disappears quickly with a smile, a moment later a grey-brown veiny hand with extremely long spindly fingers wraps its hands around the door frame as if pulling itself inside.
      I don't remember much more than this though...

      Everything in this dream seemed so fuckin' intense... yet I don't feel like telling it did much justice haha.

      Dream 2 - Trying to protect someone
      I seemed to be on a mountain with my daughter and some friends, the scenery is beautiful and stretches on for miles in some directions. In one direction there seemed to be a large valley, across of which there was a large mountain with a lot of scree on it. I remember yelling and showing to the others that we could make it echo, then they copy but I tell them to stop or they'll make an avalanche...
      They didn't stop in time though, the ringing of our voices in the mountains was met by a grating, crumbling, ground shaking movement. I picked up my daughter as the ground slid beneath me, I see in the distance the scree on the other mountain turning into an avalanche too... I only slide a few metres before sliding into a pool at the bottom of a small slope I had been on, but the rocks keep piling up and I worry about my daughter as I hold her high above me so she doesn't' get hurt.

      I woke up shortly after this, sad and disturbed, wishing I could have finished the dream with a happy ending
    7. Notes on dream recall

      by , 04-05-2015 at 09:19 PM
      Recall: 1/10. Another night of shitty recall. It looks like 3/26 was the last day where I would say my recall was up to par, so this has been going on for a little over a week now. I was sure it had been a lot longer before I checked my DJ... being cut off from my dreams night after night like this is unpleasant to say the least.

      I've tried variations on bedtimes, alcohol, caffeine, and supplements, with no effect on dream recall either way. It's starting to look like stress might be a critical factor, though, and not the way you might think. I've heard some people say that stress kills their dream recall, but for me it seems to be just the opposite. In the past I've noticed that my dreams become intensely vivid at times when I'm under a lot of daytime stress—and some of my most amazing lucid streaks have occurred on nights when I had absolutely no time or intention to practice because I was under so much pressure WL. Conversely, during periods when I'm under very little stress and I think I'll be able to devote my full attention to dream practice, I tend to end up in a dryspell.

      This pattern holds true for my dream experiences over the past month. Early in March I was under unbearable stress at work, and yet I had my best lucid streak ever, with ten distinct lucid incidents in the first half of the month. The last night I dreamed vividly was March 26, an extremely stressful night due to daytime anxieties. Since then, WL pressures have eased and I've been much more relaxed and mellow... and at the same time my dreams have become wan and elusive, despite firm waking intentions to remember them.

      Last night the terrible recall was made even more obtrusive and aggravating by the inexplicable failure of my attempts to counter it. I went to bed and set a strong intention to remember my dreams, and here's the kicker: I actually do recall a point before I was actually awake, where I still remembered the dream I'd just had and was going over the details to fix them in memory... and then somehow on the transition to waking all the details dissolved anyway.
      side notes
    8. Night of a Few Short Lucids

      by , 01-10-2015 at 12:27 PM
      Dream 1: The Great White Shark and Dreamer the Judo Master

      I was on a deck that sitting on the ocean with Dreamer. She was showing me the Australian ocean and I went swimming in it for a minute. When I got out, a great white shark followed me up onto the deck and started to chomp at my little toes. Dreamer calmly walked over and pushed some pressure points while leaning onto the side of this shark that was wildly biting at the air. She then used a masterful JUDO move to redirect the shark's force and push it back into the ocean. I looked around and saw some young kids playing a game where they threw a bunch of golden coins into the water and then dove in after them. I thought about diving into the water to join in the fun but thought twice, considering the recent great white shark incident was still on my mind a bit.

      The dream suddenly changed drastically. The kids swam to the surface and began to swim away with coins in their mouths (they were chocolate I guess). They were fleeing from old 17th century frigates that had appeared on the horizon, sporting the insignia of the knights templar on their sails. The ships quickly came to the shore and I became semi-lucid. Ninjas, ogres, and pirates came flooding out of the ships in waves. I mounted a machine gun turret and started firing away at the waves of advancing enemy hordes. I felt pretty bad about it, but I just reminded myself that it was a dream and that I could pretend it was like a video game. The dream started to get bloodier. This one two-headed ogre got really torn to shreds by my bullets and blood went everywhere.
      My line of men started to get overrun by a wave of nodachi samurai. I woke up soon after that.

      Dream 2: Rec Center Battle

      I was in a recreation center that was set up like an obstacle course. There was a pool of water below and there were these narrow walkways for maneuvering around while above the water. A battle quickly ensued. I was running on walls and shooting down the other people playing, knocking them out of the competition. I started shooting at one guy that was invincible, a hacker. He laughed at me as I shot at him and the bullets did nothing to him, then he pulled out a giant gun and I dove into the water to hide. I swam around looking for a gun to use that might be able to get around his invincibility hacks, nothing.

      After looking for awhile, there were only 3 people left in the competition: me, the hacker, and some random dude. I swam to the surface and started to run on the walls again. The hacker guy started to chase after me, laughing because he knew that I couldn't fight back. I swam into the water and found a grenade launcher that looked like an old nerf gun that I might have used when I was a little kid. I noticed that I could breathe underwater and thought that was strange. I quickly loaded the nerf gun grenade launcher and I noticed that it wasn't working very well. The hacker was running towards me so I shot it at his feet and he got launched into the air and into some machine that crushed his body. Both me and the random guy were happy that the hacker guy lost, but I was pretty sure I was in a dream at this point. I dove into the water and saw all these pills bottles with lucid dreaming pills in them. One was prescribed to OpheliaBlue, the drugs were called Dream Cosmos. There were three others but that was the only one that I remembered

      I started to pick up money on the floor of the pool and thought about why I was doing it, considering it was only a dream, but I decided that I was having fun so it didn't even matter if I wouldn't get to keep it when I woke up. I left the rec center, arms full of loot and with a big smile on my face. I woke up.

      Dream 3: Forgot it :'( Was lucid though

      Did a small WBTB and told Dreamer that I would have a dream with her.

      Dream 4: Element Bending in a Forest

      I was walking down a path with some random Dream character that had some kind of bending powers that I can't remember. I remember that I had power over water though. I lost the other DC somewhere along the way and Dreamer appeared next to me. I was lucid at this point and it is really the point where I started to remember the most clearly.

      We were walking down a forest path together, next to a river. Trees were above us, giving us some shade, and the sun was shining down on the river, illuminating it. There were obstacles that we had to get past and I was letting dreamer use her earth bending skills to do all the work, I was feeling lazy.

      We eventually reached a crevasse. I decided that I wanted to practice some dream control powers for fun. I made the river water rise up in giant waves and flood the crevasse so that we could cross it. We were completely submerged in water though. I tried to hold Dreamer up above the water, she was having difficulty swimming. I changed the salinity of the water to be extremely high super saturated so that we would both float with no problem. We floated along in the river until we reached a giant, golden gate. I made the water level rise even higher so that we could just float right over it. On the other side was a colossal hydra which we then proceeded to battle together with our bending powers until I woke up.

      Dream 5: School Stress Dream

      I was in one of my old classrooms in high school, but it was a cooking class. My old teacher that taught in that room was there as well. I was making cookies with a couple of other people at the table when I looked to my right and saw someone being awkward and anti-social. I wanted to make them feel like they were part of the group so I started to talk to them and make them feel included. I noticed they were making meat cookies with ground beef that they had brought to the class. I guess they would just be called hamburger patties but they were meat cookies in the dream. I think that I told him that they looked pretty gross and that what he was doing made me feel a bit sick but I wanted to let him know that I didn't judge him for it, but he got kind of awkward and moved away from me. I realized I was dreaming and stopped interacting with the DCs, then looked around for something yummy to eat. I then had the instant reaction of sex that I usually have in low level lucid dreams but I remembered that I wanted to change that and so I stopped it from happening and I was really happy about that. I continued searching for food and I went up to the teacher DC to ask her to show her secret stash of candy to me. I looked around on her shelves and there was nothing but super healthy food there. She said that she was going to lead me to her secret stash of delicious cookies and I began following her when I woke up.
    9. Proto-Lucid: Half Memory, Half Dream

      by , 08-27-2014 at 08:00 PM
      NLD fragment, early: There was a band of Thai Buddhist monks in Bangkok called "Sacred Light." Contrary to what you'd expect, their music was surprisingly harsh and experimental. A musician from another band commented about one of the group, "His music has an edge of irrancidity." I woke up and for a few minutes I remained fully convinced that "irrancidity" was as much of a real word as "rancidity" (sort of like how you can legitimately say either "regardless" or "irregardless").

      NLD: (I'll gloss over this since it was tedious and contains a lot of RL details. It was a basic anxiety dream: I was performing a task at my workplace and I was ill-prepared, everything was going wrong, and a senior colleague was observing the whole fiasco.)

      Proto-lucid: After the anxiety dream I half-woke and was reminded of my speculations lately about the degree to which increased stress in waking life might actually be a condition actually favorable to lucidity. I slipped from these musings into a proto-lucid event—I don't want to call it a "lucid dream" per se because it felt too superficial and unformed. It started when I transitioned from my half-awake thoughts into walking past the house where I grew up. The back door was wide open, including the screen door, and this bothered me. Was the house abandoned? Or were the people who lived there now just careless? It was not a good idea to leave the door open like that because the nearby wetlands meant that the summer air was always thick with mosquitos and biting flies.

      I stepped up to the threshold and called out, "Hello? Hello?" There was no response. The interior was decorated differently than I remembered, which I attributed to the fact that other people lived there now. I was reminded of the last episode of "The Leftovers" I watched Sunday night and figured that with the door wide open like that, even a large animal like a deer could wander inside. I decided not to go in—it didn't feel like "my" home anymore and I would be intruding on someone else's space, even if they weren't present. However, the wide open door still annoyed me, so I closed the inner screen door. Then I mostly closed the outer door as well. If the inhabitants came by and found their door unexpectedly closed it might startle them, but they should know better than to leave it open in the first place.

      I continued walking around the side of the house and headed down toward the chicken house and barn. I was impatient to cover the distance so I started running, and I was reminded how good running felt when I was living here in my teens. Sometimes I would just run across the grass with sheer exhilaration and excess of energy. It's been a long time since I've felt like that—especially when running! When I got to the space between the two buildings I peeked into the chicken house, but it was empty so I went into the barn instead. I had noticed some people in the pasture so I crept quietly through the barn to the lower area where it connected with the pasture and peeked around the wall. Yes, there were definitely a couple people in the pasture, about a hundred yards away. I was pleased that the dream was finally starting to take some initiative and manifest something other than the basic environment. However, I didn't want those people to see me, since I still felt like an intruder now that they owned the place, so I remained hidden.

      I went back inside the lower level of the barn and headed for the stairs that led upstairs. Meanwhile I reflected on how muddy and vague the environment still was, despite the fact that the dream had been otherwise stable so far. My senses were crap. I had experienced this in plenty of WILDs—which in hindsight this might have almost been, though since it had started in a non-standard location (my WILDS typically involve me "getting up" out of bed) I simply might not have recognized it as such. But at that time I still didn't want to give it credit for being a real dream at all, because I felt that it didn't quite measure up. Maybe I'm getting too critical; on reflection it looks more like a real dream than it felt at the time. But that's probably just a trick of print: the dreamstate was not really rising to the occasion, and I felt too much like I was "working the controls," as it were.

      Anyway, I was contemplating the muddy, vague environment, which I felt was being shaped almost more through my conscious memory of the place than through the independent activity of the dream. Last night I had been reading a thread on DV about ADA, which included claims that greater awareness in waking life can also sharpen one's dream senses, and I couldn't help but acknowledge that my ordinary level of perceptiveness in waking life is probably much lower than most people's—because in effect I've spent most of my life practicing how to filter things out, not let them in. That said, my dream senses are usually reasonably sharp (with the exception of taste and smell) and my recall can be quite good, but I thought that perhaps the muddiness of the environment this time had been conditioned by that chain of thought.

      I headed up the stairs to the upper level of the barn. I wandered around a bit more but don't recall encountering or thinking anything else of note before I woke up.

      On waking, I realized that the circumstances were now all in order for a proper WILD attempt, but although I went through the ritual in a way that felt like it should have been successful, in the end I just fell into a period of regular sleep without even an NLD to show for it. This has actually happened several times over the last couple weeks, which is irritating given my satisfying successes earlier this month.
    10. let's start this shit up 4/7/14

      by , 04-08-2014 at 12:36 AM
      really fragmented stuff. I don't remember it being in first person; never saw my hands. felt there were classes the next day, had trouble falling asleep, so this may have contributed.

      playing modded fnv/skyrim

      subreddit about "not funny but i get it" - real subreddit i think but not like in real life.
      50% of posts filled with ugly naked girl trying to be funny
      also filled with angry exes trying to get revenge

      as if watching lost
      tina from survivor accusing holly michaels

      time passes?

      tina has a golden idol, sets self on fire, vivid flames
      shootout occurs

      jack has an orange safety vest on inside out

      new dream?

      walter white

      music on computer somewhere - was messing with foobar the night before.

      new dream

      old man with rotting casino tries to take me in, felt a bit rapey. gambled together, no one else in casino, outside, night


      that's all i remember
      man maybe i should spend less time in front of computer

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    11. Dreams (Cranberries reference)

      by , 07-19-2013 at 05:19 AM
      I... have this strong wish to transform everyday images, the sporadic imagined ones and the thoughts that go along with them, into.. well a dream like the ones at night: into a (visual) manifestation of all the thoughts, wrapped into a whole dream world. I know this is what happens at night, but I seem to be looking out the other end of my subconscious then, and not back onto my everyday life. I want this simple transformation of thoughts into images, essentially into actual daydreams, something that seems to be suppressed in most people generally, and inhibited further through tension and stress etc.
      The way I picture it is that I take some Choline, (in some idyllic place or peaceful room), and then start consciously molding my imagination once it comes, expanding fragments behind mere thoughts into lively (as in subtly changing) images, creating spaces beyond all these compressed thoughts and impressions of the day.
      Unfortunately I don't dare touch my Choline when I'm under stress, which I always am, and loosen the inhibited images out of hiding, because I fear.. hallucinations. That's what I fear.
      My dreams at night are pretty harmless so I don't understand this fear.

      But supposing it would actually release such things as visions of horror and violence - are these bad for you?
      Because with this issue in particular I feel that dreams are not just dreams.

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    12. Teeth Fragment

      by , 05-22-2012 at 07:59 PM
      A recurring "subject" of my dreams are teeth. A few days ago, I experienced the next dream fragment in a non-lucid state.

      I stand in some sort of a jail, I think, with another guy. I don't pay any attention to him and move toward a window.
      The window looks out on a river passing right by the buildings' wall. There's a kid across the river. He notices me and throws something towards me.
      I manage to catch the object and inspect it. It's a golden necklace or something like that. There's a row of teeth hanging on it, with jawbone and all, fully made out of gold.
      It looks like a series of teeth as if it were to come from a person that would get multiple teeth renewals.

      As you can see here, a baby's adult teeth are already there, waiting for renewal.

      In the particular case of this dream, there was a line of 4 teeth, attached with bone, though all made out of gold including the bone structure.
      I can't remember doing anything after looking at the teeth.

      I have already dreamed about teeth before. Once I dreamed that my teeth were falling out for no apparent reason. I run to the bathroom (the house looked pretty much the same as my real house as far as I can recall) and watch into the mirror. I see myself as I was expecting, nothing special. I open my mouth and blood slowly pours out. It runs into the drain. Can't remember anything further than that, dream happened a long time ago.

      I notice that these teeth dreams mainly appear when I'm experiencing stress or sadness in the wake life...
    13. Stress of work gets in the way of dream recall?

      , 01-09-2012 at 04:42 PM
      I do find the added stress of an impending work day keeps me from being quite so able to recall my dreams or even make myself dedicated enough to wake-up and journal what I do recall.

      I went to bed at about 4:30AM

      There was one dream in particular I remember. I was at My dad and sisters house and I seemed to be living at home again. Nina from The fringe seemed to be there using our upstairs bathroom (LOL) the door to the crawl space kept opening as I tried to sleep. My dad came upstairs and made some humorous comment about it I think, the fact it kept opening kept making it colder in the room...

      Another dream my dad, sister and I happened to be in Lockport and somehow my dad and I started talking about some business development organization, he ended up going there, (I was using some electronic device while he drove) phone maybe. We got to this place and it happened to be the same place as where the entrance for the Lockport Caves were however they were closed for the Fall a signed said, it was mostly a disappointing for my dad and sister I think, I believe I was more interested in the business development place which we never went to...

      Got about 6 hours of sleep
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. window.

      by , 05-20-2011 at 04:15 AM (a teahouse inside my head.)
      Dream 1
      I was at my friend Jacob's house and we were talking about some TV show and he said he hadn't seen the new episode yet because his TV was stolen. I looked over and there was a stand for a flat screen TV but no TV. He told me that he left his window a crack open and they got in that way. Then I freaked out and went home because sometimes I do that. I got home and closed the window, and then looked out the window for a moment. (I live in an apartment building and my bedroom window looks out onto the balconies of another apartment building) I looked at one balcony that had the actors that play Serena and Eric on gossip girl and waved at them (Or it could have been the characters, I'm not sure because I only waved at them) and then I looked at the other balcony and just stood there staring at the people on it for a while.

      Dream 2
      Kind of a fragment, I made some kind of study guide for my english final with my friend Maxx. There was some kind of panic over it either going missing, messing up the information, or just the test itself. I don't remember.
    15. Bureaucratic Wedding Nightmare

      by , 04-28-2011 at 04:11 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Another wedding, I am the bride, but in a different body. Everything is going wrong, all the paperwork is out of order, we're being told we can't get married because of some bureaucratic translation issue. I go downstairs to check on the dress and it's completely ruined. My hair is completely ruined from running around like a lunatic.
      I can't find the groom.
      Tags: stress, wedding
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